Duchess Kate in a £3,450 Dolce & Gabbana to Royal Ascot: doily or cute?


These are photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Royal Ascot today. They promised the Queen they would finally make an appearance and so they did. Making this their sixth day of work in a row. They really are going to need an epic vacation after this!

Kate chose to wear this £3,450 Dolce & Gabbana dress and a fancy new fascinator. Is the dress worth that amount of money? I’m sure if we could see the dress in person, the lace would look beautiful and maybe the style is better in person too. But in photographs, this D&G dress does not look like it should cost £3,450. And yes, she looks like a giant doily. Kate has a thing about lace dresses, and she probably has four lace D&G dresses alone, plus another 20 lace dresses by other designers. Also: the skin-matching nude shoes are killing me.

It’s just a personal thing for me at this point, but I don’t like or understand the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. Every now and then, she’ll happen upon a decent look and she’ll get widespread praise, and then she’ll just return to this. Her default style, I think, is very lacy, very brocade-y, very pleats and ruffles, very “girly.” And what consistently looks good on her is minimalist style, everything clean and simplified and bright, but she doesn’t understand that, or she ignores the praise she gets when she goes for more modern and less fussy looks.

Also: the best accessory is good posture. Just a reminder, peeps!





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jane says:

    I think she looks lovely. No complaints here. I guess I just want to be positive considering the *** going on in the world today.

  2. Astrid says:

    Doily. Looks like something from Little House on the Prairie

  3. BooBooLaRue says:

    Hmm certainly those nude shoes will require an “epic” vacation soon.

  4. Nilo says:

    Reminds me of a tablecloth my granny used to have.

  5. HH says:

    I would have brought some color into the ensemble. A thin belt with matching shoes, and a patterned clutch to pull the look/colors together, without being too matchy matchy. And one of the accents on the hat would have been the same color.

    ETA: But I do like the dress itself.

  6. Imqrious2 says:

    Eh, she looks fine, if not a bit matronly. At least it’s an appropriate length to be with the Queen, nice hat, pearls… Would’ve preferred a colored shoe and accessories (personally, I don’t know how she walks on grass in stilettos! A thicker heel, which is very trendy right now, would be better). But I’m sure if she did a brighter drsess, everyone would get angry that she’s trying to steal the spotlight (as HM is in pale pink).

  7. LAK says:

    That dress should be burned. No one can look good in it.

    Her lace dresses tend to matronly or preserved young widow, but this flatters no one.

    GRRL needs some girlfriends to lead her away from this sort of eyesore.

    When your poorly paid bodyguard is better dressed than you…..

  8. Birdix says:

    William slouches too–isn’t that Princely 101? That dress wouldn’t be so bad if it had a different neckline (makes her chest sit too low) and without that awful ruffle at the bottom.

  9. Ankhel says:

    Oh, the Barbie feet shoes again. Joy. I do like that she’s taking some risks with her hats lately though, even if this one wasn’t all that great. The dress is meh.

  10. Lisa says:

    That dress definitely is not worth what she paid. It looks so cheap like it’s made of stretchy fabric. And those shoes! That fascinator! Her posture is horrible as usual. Well, at least she wore a slip. The bar is so incredibly low, isn’t it?

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Oh dear. What hast thou got on thy body? Burn ith.

  12. amanda says:

    I love that her hair is out of her face, it looks quite nice. This dress would look far better on her daughter.

  13. ClaireB says:

    I really like the hat?? That’s the only nice thing I can say. The dress is horrid (when will the dust ruffle trend die?), the shoes are awful, and her posture is ridiculous for someone in her position.

  14. MickeyM says:

    I don’t understand her style either. This is awful. It looks like a getup from the Lawrence Welk show. She looks so much better in sleeker styles.

  15. Tourmaline says:

    Like a prim nightgown.

    William looks passably attractive in that picture of them riding in the carriage. Maybe he should wear top hats always.

  16. Scal says:

    Meanwhile Sophie Wessex and CP Mary of Denmark brought it today. I just wish Kate would take some style pointers from them.

    This would have been better for the garden party yesterday with some bright flats or espradilles and a floppy hat, and the brocade coat from yesterday would have been better for ascot.

    • L84Tea says:

      IMO, Mary of Denmark ALWAYS brings it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that woman look shabby. Hands down, she’s the best dressed royal on the planet.

    • La Ti Da says:

      It took both Sophie and Mary a while to get to that point, though now they rarely disappoint. I think CP Mary is always consistently well dressed and appropriate, but its Queen Maxima who brings it for me every time. Even when its out there, its interesting and in recent years she is on point. I feel like Maxima’s style is what the fashionistas who follow Kate want to pretend she wears. Yes, Kate wears McQueen, and its always the safest most boring McQueen you can imagine. She’s wearing Dolce & Gabbana, and its a lace dust ruffle! Seriously when did the dust ruffle come back into style and when can we push it back under the mattress?

    • TeamAwesome says:

      YES! Nothing brings home how horrid this dress and overall look is like the pictures of her standing next to CP Mary. Kate looks so. much. better. in color.

    • India Andres says:

      Did anyone else notice how Mary is ten years older than Kate but she looks younger than Kate because she has a more youthful outfit?

      Kate needs to leave granny curtain sheers at home.

  17. Katie says:

    I typically enjoy lace more than most people, but this is just not a good look at all. It definitely needs some color. The beige of the hat against the white lace is both clashy and matchy at the same time – I thought that was impossible. I just can’t understand why she won’t employ a professional stylist. NO one would judge her for it.

    But bravo for six days of work in a row. Now, if you need a vacay, please just take a couple weeks and not three months. Baby steps.

    Also I know everyone is hating on the Barbie shoes – they’re definitely not my favorite, but I like them so much more than her dreadful LK Bennett sledge heels that look so cheap and plastic. I hate those heels!! I know she’s not a shoe person, but she needs to hire someone who is to pick out some better kicks.

  18. Coconut says:

    @Kaiser–Please post photos of CP Mary from Ascot as well (and the other royal ladies)! Mary looks amazing (and appropriate) in a cute red dress with an interesting neckline and OMG contrasting (texture!) high heel ankle strap sandals. LOVE Mary’s outfit. Kate’s? Dumpy as usual. My source on IG says Mary’s dress is Marc Jacobs.

    More at http://fashion.hellomagazine.com/fashion-news/201606155105/princess-mary-countess-of-wessex-ascot/

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      CP Mary and the Countess of Wessex looked spectacular. Katie Bucket pales in comparison to them, which may explain her reliance on lace and neutrals today.

    • Susan says:

      Omg you guys. I just got caught down a rabbit hole investigating CP Mary. Full disclosure: I really never knew of her until now…but have you checked out her Wikipedia page?? And all that she has done for her country, charity, refugees, etc? Not to mention she has four kids, two of whom are twins. And her style is bang on. And she seems to have a personality and spark. And shoe game.

      She and Katie Bucket are not even in the same league on ANY LEVEL. wow.

      • lozface says:

        Princess Mary is amazing. She has embraced her role as princess and all that she is able to achieve and uses the the power to help others.

        She is a very smart and educated lady – she was already quite accomplished when she met Fred during the Sydney Olympics, and comes from a beautiful family.

        I am a fellow Tasmanian and am so proud of her. The wedding was just so beautiful and romantic. You should look up Frederic’s speech at the reception – it was so beautiful. I cry every time I watch it.

        Man I sound like such a creep, but it really was such an exciting time for Tasmanians/Australians when they met and wed.

        Also, because they met at the Olympics, and both are very sporty, they have attended every Olympics since, and they always make special arrangement to meet with Australian athletes, in particular the Tasmanian athletes. My friends have been luck to meet them both, and Prince Frederic told them all to call him Fred.

        I love them!

      • notasugarhere says:

        “accomplished”? At 30 she was living in a rented house with a bunch of flatmates, working as an assistant in a real estate office. She had an undergrad in business and law, but never passed the bar or worked as a lawyer. Not exactly a Maxima, Letizia, or Mathilde career-wise.

        Her work record after moving to Europe is sketchy, with a job handed to her by Fred’s friend at Microsoft and no proof she ever taught English at some mystery school as claimed. She was clearly being supported by Fred while biding her time for the ring. And lying about the StarMakers thing was just stupid.

        I liked Mary at the beginning, but through the years of watching her and her peers, the others have consistently pulled ahead. Mary is overly-fond of cameras and designer clothes IMO. Yes Mary works – a recorded 90 days a year. I guess her behavior suits the Danish royal family, as Queen Margrethe is (IMO) adorably over-the-top in her I Am The Queen attitude.

      • Sarah says:

        I know, although the linked article says that they have so much in common and to catch up on!! Haha!!! Mary already got a taste of what Kate is capable of at a joint appearance a number of years ago for UNICEF, I think? Kate was just an ignoramus!

      • addie says:

        Mary looks quite brittle to me: hard eyes and pursed lips, playing the royal to the hilt. She does not seem to enjoy good press in Denmark.
        I’m not sure she was ever ‘accomplished’ pre-wedding; just a real estate assistant in Sydney. I’m guessing her background was heavily whitewashed to make her acceptable as a royal bride.

      • ArtHistorian says:


        Mary has had a lot of good press in Denmark recently – in proper news papers, not tabloids squabbling over ever decreasing market shares. Though she generally has good press in those as well. The tabloids have been very preoccupied with Prince Henrik and the former Princess Alexandra.

        I am Danish and have followed the press on Mary and the DRF (especially in the serious press). I do find it very funny when non-Danes (who don’t know the language) make grand claims about Mary’s reputation in Denmark on the Royal Dish, they really have a totally warped view on her and Frederik there that really doesn’t matched what’s in the Danish press.

        I know people who have met her and worked on their official residence. They have never had anything but good things to say about her.

        She may not have been a high-flying career women before her marriage but she has really re-defined the role of Crown Princess in a radical way in Denmark, especially with her humanitarian work. That is something that all the journalists with great knowledge of the DRF agree on.

      • notasugarhere says:

        AH as we’ve discussed before, the Danish press isn’t exactly critical of the DRF. Hard-hitting investigative journalism is never directed towards the royal family.

        I’m not saying Mary doesn’t work or do positive things, but 90 days a year for all of the designer clothes and camera-loving? End of the day she impresses me far less than the others of her generation.

        I have no idea what is going on with Henrik and Margrethe. I hope whatever it is they work it out, out of view of the public eye. They’ve seemed like a good partnership all these years but things are unraveling.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Well, we have to disagree here because there’s been a lot of press about the DRF lately in the biggest broadsheets – about Mary’s work (I’m talking a two-page in depth analysis of her social work that points out both the strenghts successes and the dangers in one of the biggest broadsheets in the country) as well as a comprehensive discussion of the financial support of the DRF in several media (including television).

        I know we disagree on this but as someone who is very familiar with the Danish media landscape and actually can read the press coverage that isn’t available to non-Danish speakers I can tell you that the coverage (in legit outlets) is well-balanced and critical when it calls for criticism. Their funding is very transparent, so is their schedule – so I suspect there isn’t much need for “hard-hitting investigative journalism” as you put it. That is more usefully aimed at our current government, which is knee-deep in special interests, obfuscation against the Parliament and individual members who don’t know the difference between public and private funds.

        I know well’ll never agree on this subject. You don’t like her for various reasons whereas I’m content with her work as a representative for my nation and she’s doing far more with her foundation than other royals. Their income is decided by Parliament and as the spouse of the Crown Prince a certain procentage of his apanage is stipulated for her use. How she uses it is up to her and I haven’t the energy and inclination to keep track of her purchases – and why is Maxima exempt from this critique. She is certainly another big spender – and how many days does she work? I suspect that has something to do with the fact that she appears much more approachable and charismatic than fx Mary, Marie, etc.

        How is she “camera-loving” and why is that such a sin? If my image was going to be splashed all over the news, I’d certainly do my utmost to make sure I’d look my best – and why is it so bad to acknowledge the presence of the photographers? Especially since Kate gets blasted for ignoring them and that is seen as disrespectful.

        Regarding Margrethe and Herik’s marriage. That really is a non-issue to me. We (as in royal watchers and the media) really have no idea what’s going on – apart from articles in a tabloid that is notorious for printing false info. The tabloid in question has done it is the past – but the retraction and slap on the wrist is a calculated risk in relation to a possible increase in sale. The Danish tabloid market is not in good shape and they don’t sell as well as they did a few decades ago.

      • notasugarhere says:

        AH, I’m not talking about what tabloids are writing. I’m talking about the facts that can be seen. The Queen announced his retirement, he’s saying there is no such thing as retirement and is sad that he’s not allowed on the recent island tour. Playing it out in public via the media is never the best plan.

        Mary appears more concerned with her image than her work. $70,000 in designer clothes a year may be fine with you. To me it speaks to someone who is obsessed with her image and thinks designer clothes are more important than the job. I liked her at the beginning as I’ve said, but to me her image-obsession outweighs the work she does. KM doesn’t ignore the cameras, she’s known for loving them even more than Diana.

        The DRF gets away with loads, from Alexandra’s annual payments to Joachim’s slap on the wrist for importing illegal farming chemicals. Nowadays all of that needs to be examined or you end up with a Cristina and Inaki situation.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Prince Henrik puzzles me. he has kept most of his patronages but he won’t do official events.

        Other royal women are also big spenders. I suspect Maxima spends just as much if not more than Mary on clothes and jewellery. Does that mean she’s more concerned with her image than her work? And why is it an either/or situation? A person can both be concerned with her image (looking stylish) AND her work! Fact of the matter is that all the royal women spends lots amounts of money on clothes and jewellery – and being stylish IS a significant aspect of their status as non-political national representatives. A constitutional monarchy is in part supported by the symbolic value of national cohesion and continuity they represent. They are, in a sense, a part of a living heritage and part of the mystique of royalty IS glamour – whether you like it or not. I just find it hypocritical when people only want to critizise certain royal women for something that pertains to them all – and that discernment between who must be blasted and who can be overlooked mostly seem to be based on a personal bias.

        Regarding Mary’s apanage. She get’s a certain percentage of her husband’s apanage – and as such she is free to use these money as she wishes. That is something that pertains to all people who receive public money whether it be pensions, student stipends, etc. The amounts may differ wildly but the principle is the same – there are no demands that a recipient of public money are required to spend their money a certain way. Parliament has set the frame for how much money she gets (in a manner that is quite transparent to the public) and she is free to dispose of her income as she wishes – just as my parents are free to dispose of their incomes as they wish even though their pensions are paid out from public money, where the amounts also are set by Parliament. I think it is perfectly sensible to debate whether we still ought to have a monarchy or the amount they ought to get in yearly apanage but obessively tallying up exactly how much money one person spends on certain things just comes across as petty.

        I think the most salient argument against a monarchy is the fact that the royals are not allowed to voice political opinions or vote. Personally, I’d hate to have to give up the right to vote and a significant part of my right to freedom of speech. A constitutional monarchy does in fact curtail the civil liberties of a specific group of people. Yes, they are amply recompensed with a life of privilege in exchange for public service but there is something cruel in the way that a the heir’s life is curtailed and mapped out from birth. Even a royal life of financial security can be a (gilded) cage.

  19. Boo says:

    She hasn’t had her down at all it seems in most outings lately. Between that and their amped up events, someone had a talk with them perhaps?

    This dress… seems very inappropriate for the event. A jacket at least might help a bit. This seems disrespectful to the Queen.

  20. Susan says:

    I used to love her style. It was never groundbreaking but always fun to watch. Reminded me of what normal nonfashion girls wear. Nowadays I’m rather bored.

  21. HK9 says:

    While I love the hat, I think the dress is a little too ‘girlish’ for her. It’s D&G so I’m sure the fabric is lovely in person but it does nothing for me in print.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    I don’t have the words to cover the epic awful of this whole look. Not those awful nude pumps again.

  23. Joannie says:

    I don’t really like the hat but she looks fantastic otherwise. Not sure why her shoes offend people. She has bunions as do I. One cannot wear any shoe they want. It sucks too because there are so many cute shoes. She’s a fashion icon to many young women. Everything she wears is sold out within days if not hours.

  24. Sigh... says:

    She looks…nice.

    I’m not a fan of the dress in general, but like most have said: a POP of color or “shine (metallics, beading, etc)” would give it a little edge up from her safe, matronly monochrome monotony. But the slouching, oh, the slouching…

    Princess Mary looked fun and fabulous, though!

  25. Lizzy says:

    The dress would have been fine without the bottom ruffle – it looks weird, like an afterthought to elongate the dress..no flashing in the Queen’s presence! Also what’s with the conical kind of bra she seems to wear with such dresses (including her wedding dress).

  26. hmmm says:

    Oy. Vey. Just. Extravagantly. Dreadful.

  27. M.A.F. says:

    It wouldn’t look as bad if the dress hit right at the knees or a little above the knees and was straight. The length makes the dress look terrible.

  28. Kris says:

    I like her style more often than not, even her shoes, but this looks like she wrapped a curtain around herself. You know, the kind of curtain your granmother had in the “good room”, which she crocheted herself back in the day, when daylight was sparse and winters were cold and so on?

    It’s terrible.

  29. Deedee says:

    Don’t get this at all. Reminds me of a cheap costume dress-up dress for a little girl. And whatever happened to promoting British fashion? This is not her first overpriced D & G lace dress.

    • LAK says:

      She’s taken to wearing dolce and Gabanna. Since last October. Many of her recent outings are in the label.

      • Amber says:

        1. There was the $3,495, purple-people-eater concubine LACE dress for the China state visit.
        2. The $3,175 black LACE dress at the Festival of Remembrance.
        3. That $895 wool blend skirt for the guest edit-hour with HuffPo. Hey, it was different! And looked like a cheap version of something you could get at NY&Co.
        4. She just wore the $5,995, LACE nightgown version of this to the Windsor dog and pony show the other day.
        5. Now this…

        Ya’ll, I think she’s worn $90,000+ worth of stuff this year… I’ll just let that sink in… That includes this new hat–And Lock and Co. hats like this http://www.celebitchy.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/wenn22586441.jpg start at $500, but could easily cost $2K. Just like the Treacy hat yesterday. Those can go up to $7K!–And the rest of my low estimate that she’s spent $20K in clothes/shoes/hats in the last week or so. Actually, no, strike all that. Because I forgot about the Cartier earrings. Okay so it’s a LOW BALL $140,000.

      • bluhare says:

        I thought it was the same dress she wore to that Windsor concert/show. It is a different one?

      • Megan says:

        They should let her take freebies. If she is going to look this bad, why invest in a royal wardrobe?

      • Amber says:

        It probably is the same dress, @Bluhare. I assumed that this dress had to be longer and thicker last time, because this is really not quite right (IMO) for either occasion she’s worn it. See, I was thinking that it would be too stupid to repeat the same doily Dolce within a month of wearing it last at another high profile engagement where she’s representing the royal family, when it was such a miss last time, and her patronage, repping Gabbana at that occasion, raised a few eyebrows then. Well, I’ll drop my total down to $136,000 now.

    • Starkiller says:

      I was really hoping someone would make this comment, considering how many people here were foaming at the mouth when she wore Banana Republic a while ago.

      I actually agree, though. Not only would it be a nice gesture for her to promote more British designers, I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to. If I had access to all the McQueen, Westwood, Burberry, Gareth Pugh (okay she’ll probably never wear anything by Pugh, but you take my point) that I wanted, you bet your sweet arse I’d be taking advantage of it, not these prudish D&G tablecloths that she favors.

  30. puffinlunde says:

    Isn’t it 8 events in 7 days?
    1, Thursday – Sport Aid gala
    2. Friday – Queen’s 90th birthday service at St. Paul’s
    3. Saturday – Trooping the colour
    4. Sunday – The Patron’s Lunch & birthday procession
    5. Monday – US Embassy visit & signing that Orlando book of condolence + Order of the Garter event at Windsor Castle
    6. Tuesday – Belfast garden party
    7. Wednesday – Ascot

  31. UESider says:

    This is the same dress that was hidden under that terrible red Zara coat, at the Queen’s birthday celebrations at Windsor Castle, right? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3591523/Long-rein-Prince-Phillip-goes-carriage-riding-checks-competition-ahead-Queen-s-90th-birthday-party.html

    That’s about the most interesting thing I can think to say about it. The ruffle at the end with the white lace… yikes.

    Also, speaking as a genuinely tall young woman (5’10″!) I have to be super careful about my posture when talking to people who are shorter than me, because it’s very easy for the slouch to turn into a habit. She’s not as tall but wears towering heels, which exaggerates the problem. And that, likely combined with over emphasizing core muscles to the detriment of her back muscles (for fear of exaggerating her broad shoulders, I guess?), is probably giving her that rounded look.

  32. Lainey says:

    God her postures atrocious! Makes me want to sit up even straighter.This is the dress she wore to the queens horse show thing right? With that really bad red coat.

  33. ReineDidon says:

    She looks appropriate and boring. As usual.

  34. whirldly says:

    She desperately needs to hike up that bra to get her breasts somewhere in the neighbourhood of where anatomy suggests and where the darts indicate.
    It just seems strange to decide to spend that kind of dough on an outfit and leave your breasts out of the loop.
    It occurs to me Duchess Kate’s wardrobe strategy is focused on ensuring absolutely nothing she wears is in poor taste and thereby ensuring everything she wears projects the gourmet taste equivalent of a plain low sodium, zero fat egg white omelette.

  35. Cerys says:

    Amazing – 6 days in a row for the Dolittles. Must be a holiday coming up as well as Wimbledon.
    I’m in the doily camp regarding the dress. Other posters have made some good suggestions on how it could be improved but It just reminds me of lace curtains. The Barbie feet shoes aren’t great either but it’s a change from the LK Bennett nude ones.
    CP Mary and Sophie looked lovely as usual. It would be nice to see more pics of them in the media.

  36. Roller74 says:

    Any item of clothing that makes your breasts look like they are closer to your abdomen rather then your sternum, should make a hasty exit from the wardrobe closet. Fail!

  37. MyLittlePony says:

    OMG! This is really quite bad. It is not only a very unflattering look for her (the proportions are all over the place) but simply plain ugly. I love Dolce and Gabbana, but this is a very difficult dress to accessorize and make look like it should look like. Kate got it all totally wrong. She did look stunning on Saturday, so maybe she simply thought any kind of all-white outfit would work for her. Also, she did look Vgood in that black DG lace dress but this is something totally different.

  38. Amelie says:

    This time I like the hat! I do not like that dress. I love lace too but this looks like a bohemian wedding dress from Free People or BHLDN.

    Also almost no one has commented that she has mostly kept her hair up in the past week! It’s got to be a record.

  39. mrwang says:

    that is the 100. time I see her pointing her finger at someone or something. Isnt that unpolite and against the etiquette for a queen to be? Also she seriously needs to work on her posture and heavily laughing. She seems like such a tipsy person and annoys me.

  40. Betti says:

    I’m over her style but i am not over how much of my (a British taxpayer) she is spending on new outfits that it seems she must have to every time she is seen doing her duty. If she’s not wearing a new dress worth thousands then she’s wearing new jewellery/accesories thats worth thousands. She really is making the most of spending other people’s money. But I guess that’s what it takes to get her to do anything.

  41. Nicole says:

    I’m a total old lady because I’d wear that to my wedding next year, but it is way overpriced and the shoes. Just, no.

  42. KiddVicious says:

    I hate any design with that ruffle on the bottom. It’s very 70′s budget.

    I’m impressed she found a strapless body suit/bra for her long body. Any time I’ve tried to wear something like that my boobs pop out if I raise my arms an inch. It took only once at a swimming pool wearing a strapless one piece bathing suit that I learned my lesson. Very embarrassing.

  43. Kate says:

    A subtly colorful shoe might have made this outfit quite a lot better.

  44. HyacinthBucket says:

    Team Doily here. I think the odd position of the breasts is due to her fidgeting with the waistline. She has a seriously overlong back, or seriously short legs, whichever way you look at it. So she moves the waistline and ruins the proportions.

    While I’m at it. Either choose a hat in a statement colour or a matching one. This one is horrible together with the dress.

    Nude pumps need to go. R.I.P.

  45. Feeshalori says:

    Love the hat, hate the dress. Too much lace and the hem looks like a dust ruffle on a bed. But kudos to wearing her hair in chignons lately.

  46. seesittellsit says:

    Total doily – just total. And while I think the hat is pretty in and of itself, her features aren’t distinguished enough to compete with it and it overshadows her. It’s the kind of dress a little girl would fall in love with for a First Communion. Pss. Mary of Denmark looked better – dynamite shoes.

  47. Liberty says:

    And what’s with him, her other accessory, the last couple of days? That is an Expression we are seeing.

  48. jammypants says:

    She wears only nude shoes. Boring.

  49. Minxx says:

    The dress with a ruffle on anyone over 20 is just ridiculous. It’s a First Communion dress worn with old lady’s hat and shoes. CP Mary looks good, as always, but this is an old dress on her. The hat is also recycled. Sophie looks very good lately, she’s really found her style.

  50. Merritt says:

    I like the hat. The dress would have been better in a different color. The skirt looks like 1980s bridal.

  51. Jana says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what everyone is griping about. Yes, it’s a thrift store-looking dress, but I think this the first time I’ve seen her in a daytime dress with this length of hemline! She’s always wearing daytime dresses which show off her gams (or will blow up to show her lack of panties), or evening gowns which show off her other parts. This is the first time I’ve seen her in a daytime dress which has no worries of Marilyn Moments! Because of that, she’s excused for the fugliness, in my book.

  52. Starlight says:

    Well I was there today and unwittingly stumbled upon them from a distance in the paddock area. The dress was interesting to say the least looked more expensive than in the photographs. I have to say that she Is very tall especially with the height from the heels and very very slim. The dress really emphasised her figure or physique I think she loves showing off her slim figure. She could have worn a coat dress it wasn’t that warm but I now really think she enjoys the attention and all eyes on her, she does not upstage Wills as Diana did with Charles maybe that is why her posture is not so upright, it’s like she is a delicate flower.

  53. cindyp says:

    Just awful, the only think interesting about it is the pop of color purple name tag.

  54. The Original Mia says:

    This dress is boring. There was a tiny bit of hope that there was something interesting under the red coat, but nope. Bland and boring. Typical Kate. If anything, it’s worse because it just screams Little House on the Prairie. Her hair looks so dull and lifeless when compared to CP Mary’s.

    Mary & Sophie looked good, though I’m not a fan of Sophie’s hat. Too matchy.

  55. Reece says:

    I think that dress would work on someone with the personality for it. And different accessories… not F_____ NUDE everything with white!!! OMG it’s called COLOR! And a better bra. Couple that with her generally bad posture and…Her breasts look like they’re attached to her stomach.

  56. Beatrice says:

    Dumb question: How does the fascinator attach to one’s head? A headband?
    Kate’s hair pulled back for several events is a major improvement!!

  57. what's inside says:

    Hate it. It looks cheap. Downtown Abbey this ain’t.

  58. Dutchgirlinchile says:

    I get where you are coming from and agree that she looks better in simple clean bright lines. But English girls are very “girly”. It’s all a bit flowery and lacy and sprigged and twee. She dresses to type. The shoes however are unforgivable.

  59. JRenee says:

    The hat is a total miss but she’s working. …

  60. HappyMom says:

    What the hell is going on with her boobs? She’s totally disappearing.

    • msthang says:

      Happymom, her boobs look the same in this dress as they did that green dress in India, she really needed a good push up bra. Love Lola blog, Lola stated she couldn’t stop staring at her chest in that green dress, it’s the same with this one. I took one look and went ICK !!!

  61. goofpuff says:

    Princess Mary was dressed better. I’d like to see coverage on the other royals esp as comparison to Kate’s awful style here.

  62. I like the nude shoes because then the feet don’t compete with the hat for attention. The hat is cool; it doesn’t want competition.

  63. Kaz says:

    Yes gods! What is this? A doily, a lace curtain, a nightie, a remodeled wedding dress, an extra-large children’s dressing up outfit? It is one of the WORST things I have ever seen her wear. It could have looked a lot more boho with some interesting shoes instead of more blah boring nude numbers, but basically it looks like a nightie. And where have her boobs slipped to? What was she thinking? Is she channeling pretty girlie princessy dress-ups? Grow up Katy Bucket and wear some grown up clothes from the fabulous designers you have access to.