Kate Gosselin’s hair: reverse mullet or trendsetting style?

Kate Gosselin
Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star Kate Gosselin bragged last week that her bizarre asymmetric long in front-spiky in the back hairstyle reflected her attitude and that “everyone wants it,” claiming her hairstylist “gets calls from across the country.” It was a moment of levity amidst a couple weeks of scandal for Kate, although she didn’t seem to be in on the joke.

US Weekly has solicited experts’ opinions on Kate’s much talked-about hair, and they’re not complimentary. The style is too inconsistent, hair experts say, and Kate needs to either cut it short or grow it long, not try and have it both ways. It just doesn’t match up and the result is jarring:

Kate Gosselin recently told Entertainment Weekly that her spiky, asymmetrical hairdo reflects her “attitude,” but that “it’s not going to work for everybody.”

Celebrity hairstylists, however, don’t think the cut works at all.

“The style seems almost punk 1980s, which might be cool if it was 1985 and she wasn’t a mother of eight,” Jessica Gillin of NYC’s Sally Hershberger Salon tells Usmagazine.com.

Gillin’s gripe? “The back is way too short,” she tells Us. “It is almost a men’s clipper cut.”

Gosselin would look cute with a pixie cut, but “she’d have to cut the front shorter,” says Gillin. If she wanted a bob, “she’d need more length in the back.”

Right now, Gosselin just looks like she “has two haircuts going on that don’t blend at all,” says Gillin.

Says Valery Joseph, owner of Valery Joseph Salon in NYC: “The only aspect of this look that works are her side bangs. But her smooth, long bangs just do not match with the short, spiky back.”

Joseph adds that the look is “definitely not appropriate for a woman of that age.” (Gosselin is 34.)

Joseph jokingly calls the look “the modernized version of the mullet — business in the front, party in the back.”

Matthew James Fugate of NYC’s Sam Brocato Salon tells Us there is a plus side to Gosselin’s ‘do: It won’t take long to style.

“Hold your super long bangs in your hand,” he jokes, “and put the rest of your hair in a salad shooter.”

[From US Weekly]

I live in Germany and it is much more common here to see women with streaks in their hair, bright red hair, and variations of buzz cuts, mullets and hair sticking out all over. Sometimes I point out odd hairstyles to my husband, who then proceeds to stare in that completely obvious way guys do while thinking they’re being subtle about it. He then tells me I’m wrong and their hair looks fine, which makes me question every time he’s ever complimented mine. If Kate likes her hair and thinks it looks great that’s all that matters. That security guard she’s rumored to be banging probably doesn’t mind that her hair isn’t stylish. Guys rarely do.

Kate Gosselin and her most likely estranged husband, Jon, celebrated their sextuplets’ fifth birthday with a big party at their Pennsylvania estate on Sunday. The festivities were complete with a big castle bounce house.

Header photo credit: PRPhotos. Photos of the sextuplets’ birthday party on Sunday credit: INFphoto.com

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47 Responses to “Kate Gosselin’s hair: reverse mullet or trendsetting style?”

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  1. Lori says:

    Ick Nast. Ugly hair Kate. Maybe she can get a doctor to do a freebie surgery to tighten up her neck.

  2. sam says:

    Not a new style and unflattering on her. Sorry, but why is this even a story?

  3. RAN says:

    I hate the hair, but this line is ridiculous:

    Joseph adds that the look is “definitely not appropriate for a woman of that age.” (Gosselin is 34.)

    So… Joseph… we bow down to your expertise. Please tell us what exactly IS appropriate for a woman of that age…? A bun perhaps? A short curly haircut, cut close to the head in preparation for old age?

    Whatever… I think anyone can wear anything they want to wear when it comes to hairstyles, as long as it’s a complimentary look for the person wearing the style. In this case, Kate’s hair looks stupid, but that doesn’t mean her ‘age’ is a problem.

  4. saintdevil says:

    That is not a hairstyle (for _any_ age).
    I call it “The Great Flowbee Massacre of 2009″.

  5. Kat says:

    Horrid, horrid, horrid.

    Fire your hairdresser, immediately.

  6. Ophelia says:

    I’ve seen similar styles on girls my age (early 20′s) and on some it looks stupid, but on some girls it looks hot, it just depends on head shape.

  7. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I’m convinced her hairstylist secretly hates her and cackles with glee everytime she leaves his or her chair with that screwed up mess of a cut.

    If it were more in proportion, it might be ok. But it’s so completely out of proportion, it just looks ridiculous. Whoever said it looks just like Woodstock, the bird on the Peanuts, is so right.

    But honestly she has MUCH bigger problems than her hair. Like her whole family being screwed up.

  8. Lem says:

    jon has said in episodes he likes it longer that it’s too short. Reminds me of when my husband says he doesn’t like blonde so I go blonde. Or the time he said just don’t come home with bangs, so I did. (he was totally right about the bangs)

  9. Mairead says:

    If the layers in the back were longer and the side-sweep more graduated it might … might work. As it is, it’s two different haircuts that have no business being on the same head. I remember a similar type of haircut, but with a much smaller and shorter fringe, being popular in the mid-90s. There’s vintage, and then there’s unflattering.

    She’s lucky that either a graduated bob or a pixie cut would suit her, so she should stop taking the mick and pick one cut or t’other.

  10. Cinderella says:

    Check out Kate in the last thumbnail. Don’t worry about the kids on their birthday. Be more concerned about your boyfriend/bodyguard flirting with that brunette.

  11. HEB says:

    I really hope it doesn’t turn into a trend, the spikiness is just weird.

  12. HairGenie says:

    um…WHO? Who on earth is this person?

  13. mamalama says:

    Two things, neither about her hair: I think her bodyguard looks abit like James Brolin (especially in these pics) and I like the care Jon took in getting dressed for the bday party – “Yeah, I’m headed out to clean the garage later.” Not that he should have been dressed up, but…you know. But maybe he wasn’t allowed into the house to get anything better!

  14. Tia says:

    It would have worked in 1985.

  15. naive_charm says:

    I had that hair cut… in highschool around 1999. Until I realized I looked like an idiot, and grew it out!

    Hers isn’t even shaped nicely in the front.. it looks like a big blond heavy chunk.

  16. abbizmal says:

    I hate it. It looks like one of the kids put bubblegum in her hair and it had to be cut out.

  17. miss x says:

    I haven’t seen that hairstyle since the mid-90′s when every hot girl from my jr. high school til mid-teens had it –

    It was always highlighted, like Kate’s and lets be honest – its a disgusting hairstyle.

    She should really do something about her eyebrows, and stop tanning so much, she looks older than 34, and she isn’t aging well in my opinion. With her nannies & a cook, you would think she had enough time to moisturize her skin better.

    Overall – her style needs adjustment, she’s stuck in the 90′s, I saw her wearing espadrilles the other day – tacky black ones, again from the 90′s with khaki pants and some mom shirt. She really needs to put herself together – she has the money.

    Instead of acknowledging her dated “style” she insists she’s great and everyone wants it. Also, tabloids & online rags are not slamming her for it like they should, they just bring a little attention.

    Take the kid gloves off, and let her know her style is idiotic & horrible!!!

  18. cakes says:

    There’s a picture of what her hair looks like in the back on d listed.

  19. vagtastic says:

    that last image is priceless. At the top Jon is looking on with that ‘Duh’ look on his face (which all of the boy children seem to have inherited, pity) and Kate has that crooked super B***h face (that all the girls seem to have inherited, again, pity) and she’s looking at the body guard chatting up the other woman. It just tickles me. The setup is too good.

  20. s says:

    I really hate it – she needs to spend less time on that hairdo and more time working on her personality and image. Word! Can I get a what what?

  21. vagtastic says:

    she needs to spend less time on image, hair and scandal and focus on her EIGHT kids. sheesh!

  22. TaylorB says:

    Taste in haircuts is a funny thing, I have a client who is in her early 40′s she is statuesque, very pretty woman, with nice features and lovely skin… and a mullet that is permed Sophia Patrillo style on top and shoulder length and carefully curled under in the back. She has been intentionally doing this to her hair for two decades, she seems to like it, but I always have wondered if her hair stylist were to retire and she went to someone new and requested this style what their reaction would be.

  23. OXA says:

    I think it would make a great Pinata.

  24. Gerinda says:

    Jon is going bald from all the stress of having to live with his bitchy control freak wife. Her bleached smile is so fake it makes me want to puke. Jon should tell her that her hair would look good long, so Kate will shave that thing off of her head.

  25. velcrodots says:

    I swear everyone’s mum has one of those haircuts in NZ, have done for about 2 years now. Never thought of it as a “reverse mullet” before, mabey you’d call it a “frullet” haha

  26. Ana says:

    It’s sad but she’s probably right about people asking for it.
    I was googling the other night out of boredom and one of the suggestions was Kate Gosselin’s hair. Some women on the message boards were considering getting her hair. BUT I am not sure if it was this horrible haircut or the less offensive one she used to have. I have seen many women with a haircut similar to this but the flap of hair she has going on is just weird. It’s just a random flap!!!
    The shorter in the back SLIGHTLY longer in the front hairstyle is fairly common around here so I think it’s funny she seems to think she is a trendsetter.

    Personally, I think Aeon Flux did it better.

    Does anyone else think that she smiles like the Grinch now? I think she’s had some work done other than teeth whitening.

  27. Ana says:

    Oh and I seriously question the sanity of the women wanting to get the haircut.

  28. Persistent Cat says:

    Die it red and she looks like all the french secretaries at my work in 2002.

    I truly believe Germany is the worst dressed country on the planet.

  29. Ally says:

    In the 50s, that rockabilly hairdo with the poofy front and slicked back part down the back was called a DA or Duck-A$$.

    Kate’s hairdo would be a Turkey-A$$.

  30. CeeJay says:

    About a year or so ago her hairstyle worked, but that was before she let half of the front grow five times longer than anywhere else. It’s a case of letting a good thing go too far until it goes bad.

  31. gg says:

    It WAS a trendy haircut – went out of style at least five years ago, and didn’t last long. It looks as silly as a ziggy stardust mullet. Girlfriend needs an update BAD.

  32. Michelle says:

    A Flock of Seagulls did it first and did it better, Kate.

  33. maggie magil says:

    Leave Kate alone! I think she is beautiful-especially after taking care of 8 kids all the time! That is hard work! At least she tries to look nice. I think she is doing the best she can and everyone needs to back off! She is the one who made them famous- Jon would be lost without her!

  34. Sara Tinely says:

    Her hair is terrible. I live in Hamburg and German women really do have bad hair.

  35. bros says:

    outside of britain and france, european hair leaves much to be desired. especially eastern europe-worst hairstyles ever.

  36. Magsy says:

    What hairstyle…it’s plumage.

  37. liza says:

    Maggie Magil how much did she pay you to defend her…she has nannies..cooks..housekeepers and gardeners..What the hell does she do for her kids..she is absent from home all the time chargin pple 150 dollars to see her lie!!!Wait ..Kate is that you..pretending to be Maggie..We all know you have time you never take care of your kids..Are fix your hair!!!!

  38. Chica says:

    Ok, I’m going to treat myself and slam this fugly porcupine…
    #1: Her teeth look like chiclets – so white they’re almost bluish
    #2: Yes, her eyebrows are kinda wonky
    #3: She has serious neck rings going on
    #4: Her hair?….too numerous to mention, although it does appear she has a theater curtain she’s hiding behind with that hideous uni-bang
    #5: Off the topic but I must say I don’t the bodyguard is that great looking. But for her? Yeah…

  39. Ana says:

    Lol! I noticed the neck rings as well!!! She’s gonna give Kimora Lee a run for her money!

  40. jenn says:

    I call that hair style “trailer park” hair. Victoria Beckham had something similar but she didn’t tease up the back or streak the ever loving hell out of it, making it look all trashy. But that’s just my opinion.

  41. Jill B says:

    It wouldn’t be nearly so bad if we didn’t have to watch her push the long, stringy part behind her ear 1,000 times every interview. Either cut it where it will stay in place or grow it where you can keep it out of your eyes but this is driving me to distraction. If you husband has to watch you do this 24/7 he must be considering a good pair of scissors while you sleep.

  42. Chica says:

    I know!! And to think when she took the kids in to get their hair cut she DEMANDED that Cara get hers cut because ‘it was always in her eyes and covering her face’!!!
    I don’t know what kind of mirror this woman looks into each morning but I can bet she’s looking at the wrong side.
    Had to laugh, I read somewhere that her hairstylist was Helen Keller

  43. Macus says:

    I’m sick of that hair. Did she invent that herself? It sure looks like it. And she will not change it for anything. She actually thinks she looks hot in that hair. A frumpy mommy of 8 kids. You lost the ‘hot’ factor when…oh wait..you never had it, Kate!

  44. Chica says:

    Yes, she was bragging that it was her invention…
    I can just see her daughters in a few years sporting the same ‘do’, wearing crocs of course while mamma is wobbling around in heels

  45. meg says:

    Her hair reminds me of raver chicks in the late 90′s. All she needs to do is pump up the aqua and string one of her kids soothers around her neck.

  46. Grace says:

    I LOVE THE HAIR STYLE!!! Just because you don’t like how she treated Jon on the show doesn’t mean that you should relate that to her hair. It’s Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle and nobody is saying anything against her. Please don’t hate on the haircut and ruin it for all of the ladies that have this cute cut.

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