Nicole Kidman in McQueen: one of the worst looks of the Golden Globes?


Nicole Kidman was nominated for a Golden Globe for Lion. She’s probably going to be the only actor from that film nominated for an Oscar. Nicole LOVES to campaign for an Oscar. She loves it. I suspect she loves it because she loves a good fashion show throughout the awards season, but the days where Kidman ruled the red carpet are long over. This McQueen gown was easily one of the worst of the night. Everything about this look was terrible, from her fried, too-light hair, to that fug dress, to her marble-like forehead. Nicole, please change this mess.




Gal Gadot in Mugler. I was disappointed in this, even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a ton of options in maternity wear.


People were losing their minds about Naomie Harris in this custom Armani like Cate Blanchett had just dropped the fashion-mic. And all I can say is… really? Naomie is pretty and she’s great in Moonlight, but this dress is not all that.


Teresa Palmer in Armani. I sort of liked this? She didn’t get a lot of love on the red carpet, but this was lovely.


Janelle Monae in Armani. I wasn’t feeling it. I like her a lot, but I’m really tired of her black & white dressing, and God help me but I’ll never love a mullet dress. This is an okay mullet dress, to be fair. But I’m still not a fan.


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  1. Luffy says:

    I don’t mind the dress but I dislike it on Nicole. Maybe it would someone a little younger?

  2. Nicole says:

    Yes really. Naomi was a stunner last night. Nicole looked AWFUL and the close ups on her were equally terrible.

  3. Locke Lamora says:

    Janelle looked awful. Even worse than Kidman, who also looked awful.
    Naomi looked amazing. Simple but stunning.

  4. Sam says:

    Naomie looked good. I wouldn’t say it was one of the best dresses but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Either way she gets a pass from me because of her reaction to Tom Hiddleston’s speech.

  5. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Get rid of the sleeves and Nicole would be on my best-dressed list. I like everything else about her look though.

    Naomie looks fantastic here.

    Janelle’s dress gets a no from me. The outfit she wore to the after parties was cuter than this and it was a jumpsuit. I have an immense dislike of jumpsuits.

  6. ds says:

    Nicole looks so plastic and when she interrupted Hiddleston on the carpet I was like, wow woman what did you take? It’s like she was already wasted… but then, good for her. It’s such a snooze fest of an award show I’d probably be wasted too

  7. Loo says:

    Tom Hiddleston is a silly guy.

    I’ve never liked Nicole Kidman’s fashion sense. Everyone kept raving about it in the early to mid 2000′s but I never liked it.

    I think Gal’s dress was cute, not stunning but cute. I certainly preferred it over Natalie Portman’s, if we’re talking about pregnant women. And Naomie Harris looked sexy.

  8. ElleBee says:

    TF is that? It’s giving me mermaid-in-polluted-ocean-vibes

  9. lightpurple says:

    There was way too much going on with Nicole’s dress. And she seemed drunk or high when she arrived, interrupting other people being interviewed on the red carpet, and then when she was presenting with Reese, she was all over the place.

    Naomi was stunning. And Janelle’s dress was crazy but looked fantastic when she moved because she knew how to carry it.

  10. What-was- that? says:

    Naomi looked beautiful and the dress was wonderful…most of the rest were dreadful..What do these women see when they look in the mirror because they are kidding themselves…
    The fashion industry has lost the plot in order to be edgy and different..what is wrong with just dressing the woman to flatter her in the flashlights?

  11. LAK says:

    Janelle’s black and white dressing is her signature. It’s her thing. Like Sophia Vergara and fishtail gowns.

    That said, Janelle’s dress is the worst of 80s fashion. This is something that should remain in the 80s.

  12. Goldie says:

    Nicole’s dress would be more appropriate at one of her husband’s country music awards shows than the golden globes. It has that sparkly, pageantry look that’s popular amongst country stars.

  13. Nicole says:

    I still haven’t seen a post with one of my favorite looks tonight which is Brie Larson!

  14. Lucy2 says:

    Naomi looks gorgeous, I really like that dress. Nicole’s is such a mess! I wish she would go back to red hair, and different fashion choices. She carries herself so well, she would make almost anything work, but instead chooses the worst.
    Janelle’s I would normally dislike, but she seems to make these quirky dresses work.

    • Ankhel says:

      I wish I was Nicole’s get-a-grip friend. “Nic”, I’d say, “your body deserves so much better. Hire a stylist. Also, cut back on the injections – everyone talks about how you’re overdoing it. Now. Let’s see about getting that hot red hair back. No. I don’t care what Keith says about the blonde. He’s sweet, but don’t take any hair tips from that man.”

  15. Elle says:

    I remember when she dominated the red carpet when she was married to Tom Cruise. I adored her. Then it was Brangelina. I wonder which couple will dominate next. Any bets?

  16. robyn says:

    I think Nichole and all the women looked absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine what in the heck I’d look like under all those bright lights and I would hope that whatever shimmering cloth I choose to wear it would not be contingent on my age or body shape. But I have to admit Nichole has a good long tall body for such a dress and she doesn’t look too old to pull off the whimsy. Many of these dresses made me think or mermaids. Lovely!

  17. Hejhej says:

    Naomi looks very beautiful and stylish. She’s wearing the dress and that’s what makes it work because the dress isn’t perfect. Something about the fabric isn’t the best, I think.

    Gal looks ok to me, I also agree that she picked a better dress than Portman. The belly cup looks a wee bit silly though..

    Nicole.. it seems she hasn’t just lost her face now, but also her red carpet magic. That’s sad :(

  18. gene123 says:

    If Nicole had her red hair and removed the sleeves, I wouldnt hate it.

    Gal Gadot- I had no idea she was pregnant. She looks pretty but basic and I dont blame her. Maternity red carpet gowns are impossible to find apparently.

    Naomie Harris looks amazing. She has the most stunning face and I hope we start to see her in more stuff. She reminds me a bit of Gabrielle Union. However, I am so over “nude” colored dresses like that. All the taupe, champange, beige etc. If her dress had been in a jewel tone, it would’ve been mic drop worthy and really stood out in the see of blah

    Also I am OBSESSED with Janelle Monae and I thought this was an interesting deviation from her menswear look but I hate mullet dresses on principle and I wish it wasn’t B/W

  19. Oriane says:

    Nicole’s dress is so delightfully bonkers that I like it. But the best dressed overall was Octavia Spencer, hands down.

  20. Millennial says:

    I like that Nicole took a risk, it makes the show interesting

  21. Anitas says:

    I don’t mind Nicole’s dress so much, I’d never want to wear it but for some reason she can pull it off. But her hair and makeup let her down, she needs to tone down on both.

    Naomi’s dress is fab and she looks amazing it in.

  22. Carmen says:

    Naomie Harris’s dress is drop-dead gorgeous and she is wearing the hell out of it.

    OTOH poor Janelle Monae…

  23. Barrett says:

    What bothered and distracted me most was Kidmans jacked granny freeze face. Stop!

  24. QQ says:

    Naomie Looks Like a Million Bucks!, Janelle Looks like a black tiny ballerina, I Heart that she is Now Golden Globe having- person

    I’ve got No Words for wtf is happening on Nicole Kidman’s face, She looks grotesque and I’m kinda high not wearing my glasses and its giving me Ghost Bride

  25. hey-ya says:

    …but Naomie’s frock campaign for the globes has been fabby…thoroughly enjoyable…including this one…Go Naomie!…

  26. Shambles says:

    I saw Keith perform in Nashville on New Years Eve, and at the end of his set she popped up on stage to smile girlishly and dance.

    I feel the same way about her dress that I do about her dancing: I am embarassed, confused, and slightly horrified.

  27. siri says:

    Too much going on with this dress, and the non-color washes her out. But even more annoying was when she interrupted the Hiddleston interview- high or drunk, or just over-exited, I wouldn’t know.

  28. mary simon says:

    When I saw Nicole’s dress, I thought “another Marchesa disaster”! I was surprised it’s another designer. That dress is a horrible, busy mess, just like her hair. Not a good night for Nicole.

  29. Anilehcim says:

    Nicole Kidman’s dress is OMG bad. Belongs on the list of all-time terribly bad dresses. Her love affair with botox and whatever the hell else she has had done needs to stop immediately. She looks like her face can barely move.

  30. Marianne says:

    Nicole was the worst of the night. Im surprised it wasnt Marchesa because it has “ice skater fug” all over it. the sequins looked cheap and tacky, the sleeves are awful. Just ugggh. I physically recoil looking at it. I liked the little baubles or whatever they were in Janelle’s hair, but the dress was awful to me. Teresa looked so classy. And Naomie looks like a bombshell. Gal’s dress is ok.

  31. KiddVicious says:

    Nicole’s dress would look much better without the sleeves.

    I love Naomie’s dress but the top looks too small. I wonder if she could breathe in it?

    Mullet dresses need to go. But that one is one of the cuter ones I’ve seen and it fits Janelle perfectly, she’s wearing it really well.

  32. Boxy Lady says:

    In Nicole’s defense, she said it wasn’t the dress she would have chosen but her daughters picked it. They called it the “fairy dress.” The things we do for our children :)

  33. serena says:

    Honestly, Gal Gadot looks amazing in her dress. It’s not underwhelming at all, it’s very sophisticated and I love it. Same with Naomie, classic choice but gorgeous result!

  34. someone says:

    I didn’t like her hair, but the dress wasn’t so bad, she shouldn’t wear such light colors, sometimes it clashes with her pale skin.

  35. Velvet Elvis says:

    Nicole what are you wearing?! Girl stop.

  36. dumbledork says:

    Janelle is so beautiful, but not sure on that dress. She seems to be able to pull it off though, so good for her.

  37. starkiller says:

    Atrocious. Mr. McQueen must be rolling over in his grave over his name being attached to this monstrosity.

  38. hey-ya says:

    …actually I thought Biels frock was fug too…the bonkers width of the thing…the slits up n down..

  39. Beatrice says:

    I would name Nicole’s dress “Miss Kitty (Gunsmoke) goes to the Golden Globes” or Old West Dance Hall chic. Shame on McQueen for this tragic look.

  40. CItyHeat says:

    Ugghhhhh…….did Nicole borrow that dress from Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke?

    Soooooo bad.

  41. violet says: