Is Duchess Kate giving herself facials with chocolate & oats? Eh, no?

2017 BAFTA Awards - Arrivals

The British papers keep talking about how the Duchess of Cambridge has taken years off her face recently. I tend to believe her “new look” is a combination of factors. She finally toned down her makeup a little bit, or perhaps she’s invested in a makeup artist who knows what they’re doing. She seems to be taking better care of skin overall too. And yes, I also believe she’s found some non-surgical remedies, like Botox and fillers. But Kate apparently has a facialist and that facialist wants you to know that Kate’s skincare involves products you could find in your refrigerator.

She looked radiant at the BAFTAs at the weekend, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s beauty therapist says our kitchen cupboards could hold the key to a similar glow. Deborah Mitchell used chocolate spread, porridge oats and even a sock full of mashed bananas as she demonstrated the type of techniques she uses on her clients in a royal beauty special on This Morning today.

Deborah, 51, who has also worked with the Duchess of Cornwall and Gwyneth Paltrow, demonstrated a bath filled with oats and a chocolate facial on the show, and said: ‘This is something that we can all do at home, with no cost.’

[From The Daily Mail]

You can see more “tips” from Mitchell at the Daily Mail link. Do you really think Kate is sitting around Anmer Hall, mixing up chocolate and oats and applying it to her face? No. I do not. I even have my doubts that this woman has ever worked on Kate’s face. I think Kate probably has a professional facialist who gives her regular treatments. Plus Botox. Plus a new makeup artist.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror wrote a funny/cheesy story about how Kate needs to ditch the skinny jeans. It’s not a matter of skinny jeans being unbecoming on a duchess, or the fact that Kate seems to find the worst pairs of skinny jeans, or that she wears her skinny jeans with horrible cork wedges. No, Kate should ditch the skinnies because, according to the Daily Mirror, she’s always hiking them up. It is true that there are a million photos of Kate adjusting her jeans at events, and the Daily Mirror suggests something with a higher waist, or maybe something with less stretch. The whole piece is basically an excuse to passive-aggressively “suggest” a new look for Kate.

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge visits RAF Air Cadets at RAF Wittering

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge visits RAF Air Cadets at RAF Wittering

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. astrid says:

    She should be eating the oats and chocolate LOL

  2. sarri says:

    That pic is hilarious. Thanks for posting it, Kaiser! lol

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    Did she change her teeth? Has she always had an underbite like this? Maybe there really IS a chin implant? Anybefote/after pictures at this angle?

  4. paolanqar says:

    No sorry. That face has had surgery.
    Her cheeks look rounder and higher and her eyebwows are arched and pulled.
    No miracle facemasks but plenty of surgery.

  5. PIa says:

    Honestly, “skinny jean-gate” has gotten a bit out of hand. It is 2017 people. I wear skinny jeans, I can see why she’d wear them for an event like this.

    I would only say that she could get a belt.

  6. MunichGirl says:

    Botox and fillers are her friends.. she still manages to look over 40.

  7. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    Does she have an underbite and I just never noticed it? Or does she purposely jut her jaw forward to ensure her jawline looks perfectly sharp? I’m so confused.

  8. bellebottomblues says:

    my goodness, the 1st photo almost looks photoshopped, and I dont mean in a good way….if her head looks that disproportionately larger than her body in a photo (which adds weight) what must she look like in person?
    I almost wish she would get pregnant, at least then she looks healthier.

  9. Sam says:

    I dont understand your obsessive insistence that she’s had work done. Her face looks the same as it always has. Her makeup is no longer a matte finish, she’s not lining her lower lids, and she probably does give herself facials. Oat flour masks are unreal. Sleep and a good diet do a helluva lot of good to one’s skin. She isn’t three weeks post-partum, she’s getting regular sleep, and doesn’t smoke or drink nearly as much as she did in college. She looks healthy and happy.

  10. Lorelai says:

    Hahahaha! Oats and a sock full of mashed bananas?! Give me the biggest break EVER.

  11. Pip says:

    I am literally about to immerse myself in a bath full of porridge (Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Treatment which is meant to be good for eczema) – I’ll be back shortly looking at least twenty years younger …

    Not entirely sure what I’m meant to do with the banana-filled socks?

    • Sixer says:

      Let me know how that goes cos I have the occasional outbreak and when it comes, it’s nasty.

    • Gippy says:

      The Aveeno bath treatments really are great, my skin feels so silky afterwards! Too bad the bath water looks gross, nothing a glass of wine won’t solve ;) She’s still skinny as all get out, but her skin is looking much better! I think it’s a combo of new makeup, chemical peels, maybe some laser treatments, facials, Botox, and fillers! I don’t think she’s had actually surgery, to me she doesn’t look different, just fresher.

    • Pip says:

      Hmmm. Well, sadly, despite taking out my contacts before peering into the steamy mirror, I’m not sure I’ll be asked for ID anytime soon :-D

      Can’t see any instant difference but my skin was in a baaad way. I should have done something ages ago: taking Tamoxifen has completely desiccated my skin & it itches constantly, but I simply can’t be bothered to slather stuff on every day. Plus almost everything brings me out in a rash. No rash yet from the Aveeno, so that’s good. But instant youth in a bath of beige sludge? Not so much.

      I’ll persevere with it though.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Aveeno is good – I used to body lotion. Have you tried Rosehip Oil? I used to have problem skin and that stuff is great – its also good for scars as well.

      • Pip says:

        D’you know Betti I’ve tried Rosehip Oil numerous times – the last time just a couple of weeks ago. I don’t get on with it at all unfortunately – the skin on my face reacts to virtually everything & I’m yet to find an oil that doesn’t make it sore & tight. I come back to Simple & E45 every time but every so often lash out on some lovely facial oil & regret it every time! You’re right though: great for scars so I’m using the latest bottle on my mastectomy scar.

        I’d love to be able to use Essential Oils & facial oils without reacting – I’m very envious of anyone who can.

      • imqrious2 says:

        Eucerine has a body cream for eczema skin. I tried it because I have *realllly* dry skin, and it is a miracle cure! Seriously, the “crepey” look that my skin started to take on is GONE! Having tried just about everything, I’d say this is by far the *very* best cream I’ve tried.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Here is my secret after years and oodles of $£€
        WASH: Mix dab of castor oil, 2 dabs staflour oil, few dabs hemp Castile soap, some sugar and 1-2 drops tea tree oi(oil should be smallest part of ratio) Mix to your exfoliating liking
        TONER: distilled water with cider vinegar and drop of tea tree
        MOISTURIZER (this is for everyone) raw shea butter- it comes in a brick. Warm with hand motion and appply in face and all over.

  12. detritus says:

    At no cost?
    ummm… not sure about the duchess, but where I live cocoa, oats, avocados, honey, turmeric, coconut oil, they all cost money.

    powdered oats in your bath do help though, it’s a major part of aveeno’s sensitive skin bath formula. And I use cocoa, coconut oil and sugar as a lip/foot scrub. For feet I add cinnamon as well.

  13. Adele Dazeem says:

    I wear skinny type pants and jeans (against my better judgement lol) but I feel like hers are…something extra awkward I can’t explain. Like, she is skinny as all get out but those pants manage to make rail thin legs look…odd. I can’t put a finger on it.

    Honestly if she’d just switch to straight leg (gasp) or even just Audrey Hepburn esque cigarette pants (J Crew does them very well) I feel like this debate wouldn’t be happening.

    • Deedee says:

      Exactly. Nobody’s saying she should switch to baggy bellbottoms. Just something that looks polished and professional that she doesn’t have to hike up all the time.

      • Maria says:

        Totally agree. Those skinny jeans are totally inappropriate for a royal event. They don’t even look good on her, doesn’t she get that? And pulling them up in front of press people is beyond gross. Can you see Princess Anne or Sophie Wessex doing that?
        Honestly, the woman had no class. As for fillers, she doesn’t need them, just put on some bloody weight.

  14. burnsie says:

    What is going on in those red jacket pics at the bottom? Why is she so manic??

  15. notasugarhere says:

    As expected, Inaki is going to prison and Cristina of Spain gets off with a fine. Pays to be the born royal instead of her married-in spouse. Let’s hope she sticks to her statement of leaving Spain and never going back. I feel sorry for Lisbon already.

  16. kay says:

    i use a facial mask made with plain yogurt and cocoa powder and that shiz is like an insta face lift.
    not saying she is really using home made face masks, but i can attest to the power of cocoa for a temporary fullness to facial skin.
    also: oats are magic for sensitive skin.

  17. Joannie says:

    She has narrow hips. That’s why she’s pulling them up. I have the same issue and it doesnt matter what brand you’re wearing when you bending over or getting up from a sitting position you need to pull your pants up. Not everyone has wide hips or a big butt!

    • C-No says:

      Same. If you don’t have a butt or hips, your pants are gonna slide off — and no belt will help, because there’s nothing for it to rest on. HOWEVER. I just got a pair of Old Navy “vintage” flare high-waisted jeans and I tell you what, Joannie, these things are a miracle. I’m also super tall so I got the tall/long inseam, and they. are. great. Highly recommend.

  18. Emmy says:

    The first photo tho…she is all skin and bones. Horrifying.

    • Zardi123 says:

      Thats what I see she doesnt eat properly and is not a good role for young girls promoting being painfully thin its so apparent she doesnt eat good nourishing meals as in that god awful dress she trys to look even thinner by putting her body a certain way in photo showing her very thin waist well she does not have a waist its skin and bones very anerexic. … how is this girl child never learing how to dress correctly and put some weight on to look normal … her behaviour is so odd and her constant gurning and jumping around is totally bizarre for the position in BRF she should not be in BRF as is totally not suitable for this role and should not be let out without supervision on an engagement as doesnt know how to act with decorum

    • addie says:

      Very concerning. Not only is she a poor role model for young girls silly enough to look up to her, but God help Charlotte if she intends to peddle this way of thinking.

      The manic open-mouth antics – I really don’t know what to call them – are circus level grotesque. Even the boys next to her look unnerved. The whole performance was unnerving.

  19. Bubbles says:

    I believe the image where her chest looks concaved is b/c the man’s shoulder in front of her is blending in with her dress. I know she is skinny but I don’t think she’s THAT skinny.

  20. jeanne says:

    anyone read the latest laineygossip blind? it appears kate might not be playing nice with meghan at kensington. i’d always heard she was crusty to other women but didn’t really believe it. why be awkward with megan though? she’s probably going to stick around. the brothers are best friends. wouldn’t you think she would know mean-girling megan is a losing battle and could create a rift between brothers? kate is just an odd bird.

    could be nothing though. maybe i’m reading too much into it.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Thats totally Kate and Meghan and totally something Waity would do – she’s done worse. She told Chelsy that ‘cheating was part of being with a Royal and that she needed to get used to it’ – implying that Harry was cheating on her. Wasn’t true – Harry gets around but there has never been a sniff that he’s a cheater. William – now we all know he is a cheater and one who never bothered to hide it either.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      I was just about to post about that. Totally Waity behavior. I can’t wait to see Charles take Waity and her mom down.

    • bluhare says:

      Well, I guess I could believe it’s them too.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Is Kate ever at Kensington long enough to mean-girl Meghan? Especially over something like this? I know there’s talk of them relocating to Kensington once Willy is done this summer with his day job but I didn’t think they’d moved to town yet. Given the frequency with which Kate and Willy use the helicopter to commute from Anmer, I assumed they pretty much always flew in for any events in London and basically flew home within a few of hours.

    • Lorelai says:

      There was also this on gossip cop, but since I highly doubt anyone from KP would speak to gossip cop (😂), giant grain of salt. About the original story as well, which was in Life & Style:

    • notasugarhere says:

      The brothers being best friends is debatable. They do not appear to spend much time together, aside from family requirements, work, and the occasional hunting trip. William has spent his free time with the Middletons for the last decade.

      KM wouldn’t welcome another woman taking the spotlight, that’s for sure. Whomever Harry marries, the four need to get along publicly and be civil privately. They aren’t required to be friends or spend free time together.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        The used to be close – in fact Charles was very close to both sons before they went off to Uni. I’ve often wondered what cause the rift between William and his father/brother. While I think the Middletons have a part to play in that – there is more to it than just the death of his mother. His distance is just another manifestation of his ‘running away from his role’ behaviour that’s become more apparent since he left Uni and enabled by his wife and her family. He wants out but isn’t man enough to admit it.

  21. Starlight says:

    I think Kate has a brighter look because by putting false eye lashes on top lid only it makes your eyes bigger and lifts them, she has always had her fathers rosy plump cheeks and she probably sticks with bee sting cream which Camilla advised. I don’t think she has had Botox and probably wears tons of foundation – guessing by the way. I cant see Harry marrying till later in life he is a player according to the tarot readings on you tube. As for pulling up her jeans I was just thinking, you would never see Melanie Trump doing that!

    • msthang says:

      Starlight , seriously girlie, she has been getting botox since her mid to late 20″s, and the sad part about getting botox at such a young age is what on earth is she going to use when she is well into her 40′s , I really wonder how effective. When the tabloids are mad at her they don’t photo-shop her, and when she is trying to get preggers, she backs off of the botox, and you can see pocked marked skin and crooked lines on her forehead, so she regularly has stuff done. Quenn Letizia an Queen Rania regularly have stuff done all though they both have pretty good skin. I think she regularly pulls up her jeggings because she wants the world to know see how skinny I am !!!

  22. TyrantDestroyed says:

    If only she could wear a belt. And c’mon, is not chocolate and oat the equivalent of the magic potatoe? Give me a break.

  23. HoustonGrl says:

    It’s fine if people want to comment on the work ethic and the way the royals interact with the public and how that can be improved. But strictly commenting on the way her face looks? That’s cruel and destructive.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think it is cruel and destructive for her obsessive fans to photoshop her beyond all recognition, insist she is physically perfect, and refuse to allow her to be a human warts and all. To only like the Barbie version of their Golden Idol. Ultimately, it is that behavior from the unrelenting obsessive fans that does the most damage.

      Funny. The fans who attacked Hilary Mantel for saying KM appears to be a machine-made mannequin? They’re the ones who only like the mannequin version of her.