Page Six: It’s ‘too late’ for ‘user’ Angelina Jolie to hire a publicist

Angelina Jolie and William Hague in Sarajevo

Several days ago, Page Six had an interesting story about Angelina Jolie. According to their sources, Jolie has been discreetly reaching out to various high-powered publicists in Hollywood, likely because she wants professional help in revamping her image post-divorce, post-Brad Pitt. Angelina has almost always handled her own public relations when it comes to her personal brand. She reportedly works with studio-provided publicists and PR people when she’s promoting specific films, but mostly she does it all be herself. The Page Six story was weird though, because it felt like “sources” had an ax to grind, like no one wants to work with The Villainess Jolie because everyone in Hollywood is Team Pitt. Sure. Well, Page Six ran another story about The Villainess’s quest to find a publicist, only this time they quoted from a lawyer.

It’s too late for Angelina Jolie to finally hire a publicist — the damage is done, according to divorce lawyer Raoul Felder.

Felder doesn’t rep Jolie or Brad Pitt, but he says of the actress, who has said she only briefly had a publicist years ago, “Hiring a p.r. person now is like going for a checkup at the doctor after you’ve already had the heart attack.”

No stranger to spinning the media, Felder told me, “The real skill would have been avoiding the p.r. problem to begin with … Angelina has for years used her kids, and used the UN, for her own benefit. Now, even with great p.r., her image issues are not going to go away.”’’

[From Page Six]

Thank you, Raoul Felder, for your selfless and pointless contribution to this discussion. You will be receiving your check from Brad Pitt any day now. It’s already in the mail. Angelina TOTALLY used the UN. She’s such a greedy, spiteful, fake villainess. That’s what she was doing the whole time, visiting all of those refugee camps over the past sixteen years and donating millions of dollars to help refugees and people in developing nations. She just kept starting charities that did actual work on the ground in Cambodia and Namibia, because she’s of her terrible image problems. She was just waiting and plotting and using all of those helpless children because she’s a terrible witch.

And if you’re like me and you believe that it was Brad’s words and actions that got the ball rolling on this entire situation, how f–ked up is it to say “The real skill would have been avoiding the p.r. problem to begin with”? That’s like saying “The real skill would have been finding a guy who wasn’t abusive. Ha, now you have a terrible image, you’re so stupid.”

…And I’m pretty sure people who have just had heart attacks still go to see the doctor for checkups?

Angelina Jolie and William Hague in Sarajevo

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  1. Sera says:

    Thank you for keeping me sane. Brad has dropped so much in my eyes. His PR team is doing a great job of hitting at Angelina but not doing much to make him a good guy in my eyes. I am sad for Angelina that she was duped. I feel she will be stronger after this divorce.

    • Maya says:

      Same regarding Brad – he has fallen so low in my opinion with his media game.

      But one thing I noticed is that it’s only on gossip pages such as DailyMail, People, TMZ that they seem to hate Angelina. On other decent sites like here, The New York Times, The Guardian, Twitter she seems to have a fan following and not attacked.

      For the first time I asked my colleagues who don’t read gossip about what they think about this divorce. Almost all of them said that Angelina is a great woman and she did what a good mother would do. That there was a toxic situation and she took her children away from it to protect them. Not caring about her image has made few of my colleagues like her. Some of these people didn’t like her but do now.

      • Stacey says:

        Brad and his desprate PR games to discredit the mother of his children, yeah your 6 kids than you for that. Page 6 will forever remain PRESSED all things Angelina. Ans she keeps ignoring themlike she has been doing with all her TROLL LOL.

      • WTW says:

        @Maya Well, it’s interesting they feel it’s what “any woman would do,” considering many women allow men to be verbally, physically and sexually abusive to their children because they can’t bear being without a man. I’m glad Angelina did stand up for her kids, but so many women do not, and it’s not always because they’re financially dependent on their husband/boyfriend. It’s because our society continues to tell women that they’re nothing without a man, and some women can’t bear the stigma of being alone or letting the public know their family is not so happy after all..

      • xo says:

        @WTW Oh, that observation hurts my heart. // For anyone reading this: I’m “alone.” I’m thankful to have a life that is fulfilling to me, though I know it deviates from what some in our society expect fulfillment to look like. Never once felt a stigma about it. Can be done.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @WTW: Good point. I also think that part of the reason why some women can’t bear the stigma of letting the public know their family isn’t so happy after all is because a lot of the time, people put a lot of blame and shame on the famous women (and non-famous women too) for any serious real or rumored problems that come up in their families and personal relationships- whether it’s a patner/relative engaging in abusive behaviors with the kids, possible substance abuse, a spouse or partner abusing the woman, a spouse or partner cheating on the woman, or a relative engaging in bad/abusive behavior toward someone else. Bad behaviors of male relatives and partners of famous women often get treated as a character flaw (or in some cases, a ‘feminist failing’) of the woman- especially when the woman is disliked, or when the narrative around her was already misogynistic and/or racist before the relationship started or went south.

    • almondmilk says:

      Regarding Page Six – if you’d just dropped in from Mars, you’d think Angelina had been convicted of vehicular manslaughter or maybe investigated by four gov agencies for terrorizing her children on a plane then signing agreements for therapy and drug testing… Oh wait, oops!


      Nice smear job Page Six aka tool of the Huvanes and. CAA PR agency.

      See whats going on now, is PR firms, in particular CAA, are attempting to make Angelina a cautionary tale to talent who might get the crazy idea that they too, can go without handing over 10% of their income and still become a huge mega watt superstar and icon like Angelina without them.

      The message is duofold: 1) they want to spread a story that even the great and notoriously PR agent-less Angelina needs THEM (PR hacks/flacks) at some point. And 2) They want to issue warning shots to new and established talent tempted to keep their money and go it alone by saying: ‘if you don’t give us 10% we will attack you incessantly and smear you- sure, Angelina can ignore us and our page Six smears and tabloid headlines…but you’re no Angelina, she’s an anomaly. You IT girls and IT boys and actors trying to extend your career – don’t even think about it.’

      For years they’ve slammed her with awful headlines and contracted w/awful late night female so called comediennes/talk show hosts to attack her and have gotten no reaction from her. She doesn’t respond and hasn’t gotten a flack.

      It hasn’t worked. She’s remained without PR unless it was temporarily studio provided for her films she’s directed, or… only or in this latest incident for her children and her family as they made their way thru this latest Brad Pitt inspired minefield.

      But it helps the PR agencies and PR industry to spread probable falsehoods that Angelina is out there desperately looking and trying yet failing to get repped.

      The idea is laughable and preposterous that a flack agency would jump at the chance to get 10% from a d-lister known for dancing with the stars and proactive commercials but NOT a worldwide superstar like Angelina Jolie.

      So sick of being gaslit by tricky liars.

    • Lorna says:

      Agree so much, it takes 2 to tango why put ALL THE BLAME on Angelina.

    • cj says:

      I guess I’m the only one who thinks she didn’t handle that situation well.she wanted out and she used the kid.why not separate and explain to the that boy will carry the guilt.Brad had nothing to do with this story.You can’t blame him for how people see her now.

    • Carmen says:

      I’ve reached the point where I can’t stand to watch Pitt in anything any more. He’s just loathsome to me now.

      • ronaldinhio says:

        God. I work as a therapist for survivors of domestic abuse – including their children, because although we might kid ourselves the kids get it hear it feel it too.
        He might not have hit them. I’d speculate things were pretty bad on the plane to begin and contupinue an investigation. We constantly get he said she said as do child protective services – I believe there was much more to it for the investigation to have been more than quickly perused and noped. To get to supervised visitation over a period of time there must have been strong suspicions of domestic violence coercive control or psychological abuse.
        Only the worst cases go forward. You would be genuinely horrified by what is passed as was a concern but children now in a place of safety and therefore case shut.
        Interestingly the CpS involvement will keep Brad and Angie apart even if there was a rapprochement. Likely they will have closed the case as the parents and conflict were apart and ended,
        Please stop pretending because someone is handsome and acts he cannot also be an asshole.
        She did the right thing for her kids. It might very well have broken her heart to do so

  2. Melly says:

    If Angelina Jolie can’t have a good public image after ALL of the charity work she’s done, then the rest of us are f#cked. Why would her public imagine be irredeemable? She’s divorcing her husband, she didn’t kill anyone! Even if you don’t believe the domestic violence claims (which I do) there is no reason to hate her for her decision to end the marriage. People hated her for getting with Brad, for marrying Brad, for having children with Brad, and not for divorcing Brad. Can she ever NOT anger some people?

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I don’t understand what he’s talking about at all. Jolie never had an image problem, she had/has a likeability problem with some (!) rabid Aniston fans. And yeah, some people just don’t care for her but that’s the case with anyone in the public eye. If anything, she’s done a great job being her own publicist. You bet your a** that had she employed one before, that person would’ve never let us hear the end of her charity work and work with the UN. She does a LOT of it and we barely hear about it. I don’t love her as an actress but my god, what has she done to that lawyer???

      • neil says:

        She hasn’t done a “great job” representing herself; she has done the kind of job publicists would plaster all over the front page their company glossies as an example of THEIR professional prowess which is ironic because these same agencies would probably steer their clients away from the immersive route Angie took to get to where she is. They sell image and she is all substance and you don’t become a substantial person by expending energies on an image others are crafting for you. Her substance makes her the Queen of Hollywood; because she isn’t “Hollywood”. Because of that more and more actresses and actors are eschewing the “image” consultants for more narrow and specific professional help. Angie is a trend setter and the trend she has set this past decade must really piss these agencies off.

      • vaultdweller101 says:

        I know this is a small part of your comment, but I can’t even believe that Jennifer Aniston has fans, rabid or otherwise. I’m sure she’s a warm and lovely person with much to offer, but as an actress she’s about as compelling and exciting to watch as a piece of stale bread.

      • delorb says:

        I’m a fan of Jennifer not so much Angie as she seems one-note (why does every role require a scowl?). I think I’ve seen and liked almost everything Jennifer been in. As for her rabid fanbase, I’ve found that anyone who dared to disagree with the ‘Angie is great’ narrative got bulldozed into being part of the Aniston rabid fanbase crowd. So tired and simple. Much the same as bringing up Jennifer every time the subject is Angie and vice versa.

      • notasugarhere says:

        FemaleFirst is nothing if not a hive of rabid pro-Aniston fans. That site goes far beyond disagreeing with an ‘Angie is great’ narrative. Anything posted on here pro-Jolie is nothing compared to the seething, unhinged hatred of Jolie on that site.

    • LadyT says:

      “Domestic violence”? I certainly believe there was an explosive situation on that plane and Pitt was the problem. But I find that to be an overly harsh phrase to be used to describe it. BTW I’m also disturbed by the unwarranted character attacks on Jolie.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t love AJ, and I think most divorces are due to two people, but all you need to know about why Jolie is having trouble with PR is to look at Trump the Moron vs. Hillary. It’s very clear.

  3. Maya says:

    Well done Brad – not only did you ruin a family but you also ruined / try to ruin your wife’s reputation and goodwill.

    The truth will always come out and Angelina will be “cleared” in the media.

    Brad on the other hand should have just admitted to what he did and the story would have been done and dusted then. Like they said about Reagan, its not the actual crime but the coverup that got him in the end.

    Anyways – The King & Queen of Cambodia and several other prominent members are going to attend Angelina’s movie premier tomorrow.

    I saw the teaser they released few weeks ago and it looks amazing. I cannot wait to see it on Netflix later in the year.

    • Greata says:

      @Maya…absolutely…As MLK said, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”

    • deadnotsleeping says:

      @Maya – I think you mean Nixon, not Reagan. 😉

    • Michelle says:


      Couldn’t agree more; I’m looking forward to seeing Angelina in Cambodia.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      I”m not surprised at all at the slings and arrows coming Angie’s way. Where is Pretty Boy Pitt? Why isn’t he stepping up to the plate to defend her? Who in the hell is Fielder to voice his opinion of someone he doesn’t even know? All of this “let’s destroy Angie” rhetoric could have been avoided if PPB had stepped up to the plate and admitted, yes I made a mistake on that plane and I’m going to do everything to rectify it and make it up to my children. He doesn’t have to make it up to Angie. She could probably care less. But HE is the one hurting HIS children. I’m speechless everyone blames Angie for HIS behavior. Oh yes, let’s see. Angie forced him to drink, get drunk and act a fool on that plane. Instead, what did he do? He immediately demanded access to his children. The children who didn’t want to see him after the way he verbally attacked his mother. If he wanted out of the marriage that badly, why didn’t he file? Image is everything to him. He didn’t want to be seem as the bad boy walking away from the children he claims to love so much. And people applaud him for this? SMDH! i can’t get around this. Someone needs to give him a wake up call. He’s listening to the wrong people.

      • bap says:

        @GoOn Girl You have spoken the truth.

      • Carmen says:

        I think “Pretty Boy Pitt” (lord, what a sobriquet) is beginning to realize that a large part of his positive image was being the doting father of an adorable multi-cultural family, and since that’s no longer part of his image any more, what’s left is an aging, superannuated golden boy who’s stuck doing WW2 movies to stay relevant. It must burn like hell that Angie looks so radiant, and the kids look so happy, without him.

        I think there is a really spiteful side to Pitt which thinks that any shade thrown on Angie makes him look good by comparison. Shade like that never lasts, though. If he keeps this up, sooner or later the public is going to see him as just one more bitter ex who can’t deal with the fact that his family has moved on and are doing fine without him in the picture.

  4. runnergirl says:

    The NY Post is all about pushing DJT, and Jolie wrote a high-profile op-ed in the NYT against the travel ban. My guess: this is “payback” (but kind of silly–they had Page Six go after her? ho-hum)

  5. Kate says:

    The level of misogyny in the press and in this country is breathtaking. We were all very naive to think HRC could get elected.

    • Maya says:

      Frankly – the US election showed just how sexist America is. White men are on the same level with Muslim men for me when it comes to double standards, sexism and women’s rights.

      1 year ago I would have said that America is a country that helps women. But now – my eyes are open and women are treated unfairly and even inhumanly in the US.

    • Insomniac says:

      Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right.

    • IlsaLund says:

      You are so right. Misogyny is as big a problem in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world. I truly believe that’s the reason HRC didn’t win. The recent Labor Secretary nominee had to withdraw not because of domestic abuse, but because he was pro immigration. It was fine for him to abuse his wife, but damn you can’t be Labor Secretary if you’re pro immigration.

      • Kate says:

        And actually, the forme Labor Secretary nominee is not even the only one, outside of Trump, who has been accused of domestic violence or sexual abuse! Deplorable.

      • LadyT says:

        I’m only speaking up because I never, ever want a situation like Trump and his ilk succeeding in another election. Many people had many problems with HRC as a candidate that had nothing whatsoever to do with her gender. Misogyny is not the only thing that lost her the election. Way too simplified.

      • Kate says:

        No, you’re right, racism played a huge rOole in this election as well (thanks to the 53% white women who voted for Trump by the way). But, the fact that a man who boasted about sexual assault won the election against the first female presidential candidate for a major party riks of misogyny to me. Only a white man could get away with that.

    • WTF says:

      Nothing to do with misogyny. Regrettably. No one can erase the memory of her stupid blood vile (even in my goth youth stupidity I would have never done anything as ludicrous). Deal with it. People can’t forget…..Present Day – now If I made a mistake like Pitt (as a father), that wouldn’t undo the millions of diapers I have changed in my life and the loving baths and cuddles I have given my children. I yell too. I have thrown an object or two in my time due to this wretched thing called life and the stress of earning a living etc. So if I flew off the handle (even though I think I’m more maternal than my wife), does that warrant my children being removed from me (because they would honestly die). Not every male is a grotesque caricature as you all have conceived. FFS monitored visits?!!! How nurturing of Child services(?) how fun and spontaneous and loving and relaxed that must have been….(NOT) life is not a cartoon people. 50 billion shades of grey

      • Kate says:

        Nothing to do with misogyny. Regrettably. No one can erase the memory of her stupid blood vile (even in my goth youth stupidity I would have never done anything as ludicrous).

        But people can erase the memory of Brad Pitt fucking a 16 year old when he was in his mid-twenties? Talk about a double standard.
        And because Brad seems to have been a good father until that moment in the plane, he won’t lose custody of his kids, as it shoud be. This situation is temporary, until psychiatrists and the judge think he has got his shit together.

      • LadyT says:

        Has there been any suggestion anywhere that Pitt has made a single misstep since that one night 5 months ago? Not that I’ve seen. I certainly hope that the custody arrangement has vastly improved for him and his kids now that a judge is in charge.

  6. ctgirl says:

    If she is having a PR problem it is on Angelina since she handles her own PR. OK. So what. While she has done a great job on her U.N. and refuge work, she isn’t a saint and bad PR happens to everyone in the public eye.

  7. Izzy says:

    *cough* As someone whose family has nicknamed themselves “The Cardiac Commandos,” I can confirm that it’s the actually considered SMART to start going for checkups after a heart attack.

    But thank you, Raoul Felder, for your useless analogy and perspective on a case you are not involved in an are not privy to the facts of. Hopefully none of your actual clients are dealing with domestic violence, because you clearly do not get it.

  8. K2 says:

    I posted a long time ago – years – to say that a friend who works for an NGO had amazingly good things to say about Jolie and her attitude and commitment when doing humanitarian aid work.

    I’m not a massive Jolie fan or anything – I don’t comment that often on her posts. I just know that unless she’s had a personality transplant in the last half decade or so, saying she uses aid agencies for media is BS.

    • doofus says:

      gotta agree with you. if she was doing it for PR, she’d “throw money” at the problem, like so many celebs do. this is not to say that all of those celebs aren’t doing it for the right reason (so many donate anonymously) but Jolie doesn’t just give money, she gives TIME. she gives herself to these causes like almost no other celeb by being “boots on the ground” and actually going to the places she’s concerned about.

      she’s not a saint, she sure ain’t perfect (who is?!) but to malign her humanitarian work is just wrong.

    • G says:

      This report seems bogus and I wouldn’t say that she’s “used” aid agencies for good PR — but I think true altruism is rare, and that it’s likely that part of what drives her work is her own image. If the end result is good for others than it doesn’t really matter, but I would stop short of calling her a “saint” as some have.

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        @G, there are a lot of fans of Angelina Jolie here, and people do laud her charitable work, but I have not seen any of the posters (here, at least) calling her a “saint”. It usually seems to be the people who dislike her who say “she’s not a saint”, which seems a bit of a straw man argument, when that wasn’t an argument being made on her behalf in the first place. (If I missed a recent post about how she’s a saint, my apologies.)

      • G says:

        @Ducky la Rue: Talk about strawmanning. Maybe I worded my comment poorly, but the essential argument was not, “ooh she’s not a saint”. It was, “Part of what drives her work is her own image”. She has benefitted a LOT from the charity work she is so lauded for, and the image that has resulted is as carefully crafted as any out there.

      • Lady D says:

        She may have benefited greatly from her humanitarian work, but what she has seen has also hurt her heart and harmed her soul. Her work doesn’t come without cost. It’s others that have benefited a LOT from her humanitarian work.

      • G says:

        @Lady D: Ehhh… Agree to disagree, then.

      • K2 says:

        G, I agree with you that there’s a major image boost. But the point my friend was making is that a lot of the celebrities they work with are self-seeking nightmares, and the name recognition benefit is the only one, from her point of view. Otherwise, they are an exhausting PITA. She said Jolie is unusual in that she does her homework, listens, learns and doesn’t make princessy demands on the staffers. She actively engages with whatever the project is, and then goes away and tries to help. Basically she is professional about it.

        Or was at the time she encountered her, anyway – obviously this is now quite old info.

  9. Jayna says:

    Oh, bull. She’s an A-Lister. It’s their job. She would have no problem hiring one. Page Six is known at times to just put out falsehoods, like Brad got Marion pregnant and Angie left him because of that.

  10. bap says:

    Angelina does not need a publilist to save her image. Angelina has done nothing wrong. Angelina sole motive was to protect her children. If Angelina wanted to run a popularity contest she would be on Facebook and Instragram.

    Angelina is Admired ICON.

  11. Luca76 says:

    Ah yes we have a p*ssy grabbing president. Casey Affleck the sexual harasser about to win an Oscar and Mel Gibson in the midst of a comeback but Angelina is the one Hollywood can’t forgive. No misogyny here folks.

  12. Merry says:

    On balance, he isnt wrong regarding the purpose of PR. The goal should always be to avoid the negative publicity in the first place. As many said during last years incident, there were ways to avoid the bulk of the fall out. The first two of course being taking it to a private judge and not issuing anything other than the blandest of “amicable” break up statements.

    He may also have something regarding her having trouble scoring the top PR players now. There was a big article last year regarding how Angie wasnt taking Laura Wassers advice on how to proceed and how that was damaging Wassers brand. I cant imagine it helped Judy Smiths reputation either that she was on board during so much of that mess. It made us question whether Olivia Pope is really all that if Biebers crisis manager is getting the best of her. So I’m sure ALL the mid tier PR guys would love to land Angies account but I imagine the Best of the Best are reluctant to tangle with someone who may think they are better at your job and subsequently wreck your professional reputation in the process.

    • bap says:

      Who has temporary Sole Custody of their children ‘Angelina’.

      • Merry says:

        We dont know the answer to this anymore, which is as it should have been from the beginning. Had a PR professional had his way from the get go, we wouldnt even know there was a custody dispute. Thats my point, her team took a hit to their professional reputations for being party to that mess and the legit top dogs in the PR industry probably see her as more trouble than she is worth now.

    • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

      I will never understand when people try to make this argument. As if she is the sole reason why this mess was even started. Maybe, just maybe, her first thoughts were about protecting her kids and getting the divorce instead of worrying about the PR aspect of things. She did want to release a joint statement with him in the beginning but he refused, so she went on her own.

      There is nothing that Angelina could have done to avoid the negative press. Some people in the gossip world will never like her. Some people still want to portray her as a homewrecking homewrecker with no morals, who drinks blood, and kisses her brother, and pays people to say she works with the UN. She will always have her detractors because of ingrained sexism and misogyny and people’s reluctance to accept someone who does not want to fit into a mold.

      You don’t need to worry about Judy or Laura; they are excellent at their jobs and will always get work. If representing Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and several other high profile clients did not ruin Laura’s brand, Angie ain’t going to put a dent in her armour.

      Judy was able to help Pappy Bush through the Clarence Thomas confirmation and they came out relatively unscathed from that nightmare years later. Angie’s divorce must be a cake wake in comparison.

    • almondmilk says:


      As usual, the camp who refuses to actually call this what it is, pipes up. I know there are women here who only want this to be about a divorce, and a split they could have kept ‘private and amicable,’ but that’s a level of delusion and ignores the obvious: like…oh.. I don’t know…4 gov agency investigation of a reportedly drunk raving Dad who may have attacked one kid and terrorized the rest in public on a plane.

      Sorry, that this wasn’t your usual ‘they grew apart,’ ‘he cheated,’ or ‘she cheated,’ split that the haters and gossips could have enjoyed as Angelina schadenfreud.

      The notion that this could have been kept ‘private and amicable,’ as you say, was destroyed in the early days prior to anyone knowing about the plane incident. Angelina was taunted throughout the media for ‘losing her good thang’ to another woman, and it was 2005 all over again complete with ‘team’ this and that. As usual, Angelina was the one getting beat up in the press and social media, while Brad was the afterthought who flew under the radar and was left alone. How is that ‘avoiding the bulk of the fallout?’ Unless as many women do, you’re only referring to Brad skating by unscathed, not Angelina. Never Angelina.

      Pretty sure you need to step away from the gossip columns and tabloids yourself. As you’re just regurgitating rumor and innuendo.

      The ridiculous notion that had Angelina *somehow* managed to keep the public plane incident and 4 gov agency investigation of her husband purportedly attacking her child a secret, she would have been good to go and beloved by once and former haters is ridiculous.

      Almost as ridiculous as your parroting Felder that superstar Jolie is ‘more trouble than she’s worth,”which in and of itself is contradictory – she’s WORTH quite a lot – moreover, a PR flacks job is to increase the worth and get a slice of it themselves. What flack leaves superstar money on the table. Whether top tier or mid tier or bottom tier it’s the same agency. Felder doesn’t say Angelina only wants top agent so&so, and can’t score him/her..he’s saying she’s tried and no one wants her.

      If you can’t address the insanity of that notion, and have to parse words, and create your own version of what someone said which is different than what they actually did say in quotes – then don’t look now, but you’re pulling a Conway.

    • Anna says:

      Angelina will be fine. I understand her decision to be captain of her own ship and owner of her own destiny. It’s simple, no one can get her story across better than she. She has not gone the route of cheap publicity and social media BULLSH^T. For this, she was characterized negatively by an ass**le in leaked emails from the Sony team of monsters. They call her names because she marches to a non-conventional drummer. Tough sheet for them. I admire those that set the tone for their own lives rather than following an antiquated male run system. As for her not following Wasser’s advice, I believed this last year and I believe it now. Legal and especially divorce matters are entirely a different matter. If you don’t tread carefully, you can piss off a judge/magistrate and your case can be derailed. I think AJ made mistakes there.

      • Fa says:

        No she didn’t made a mistake look how thing worked out for her and the kids, by claiming sole custody on the divorce paper she pushed him to fight back what do you think they signed an agreement before his response her petition. She did this to help him and the kids to have a healthy relationship by doing therapy and him getting drug test monthly , if she accepts his way and release a joint statement what you think would happen with the kids? When there are issues in their family that didn’t get solved before the divorce. She wanted to help her family before they divorce.

  13. roses says:

    Meh don’t pay Felder any mind. He’s seems to be providing comments on this divorce to practically any tab that solicits his opinion LOL. Guess its a way to keep his name out there which is weird. Jolie isn’t the first woman to ever leave a man and won’t be the last. She’ll be fine, the woman’s pretty resilient.

  14. bap says:

    Dame Angelina is a Global ICON.

  15. Bee says:

    Brad basically hoped a fresh face would distract from those abuse allegations. Crazily, it seems to have worked. It really speaks volumes that both Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are going to walk away unscathed.

  16. Maya says:

    As you know I am a huge fan of hers but I also know that the media is the most powerful tool on the world.

    Yes Angelina has lots of fans around the world and will be fine. What I am angry about is that she used the media to bring awareness to lots of causes. Thousands if women and children benefitted from Angelina and her media power.

    It’s like we are back in 2005 and Angelina is attacked for something she didn’t do. I am just sick and tired of women being made into villains while the men gets away with murder in the media’s eyes.

  17. molly says:

    You should look up raoul felder. He is a fame hungry sexist pig. He does tv shows, tabloids , gossip blogs, has written 5 books & has his own column on things law but also pop culture. The guy is a douche. So where does page six main douche richard johnson go for comments? His fellow douches. Page six is like tmz, daily mail & other tabloids. Owned & run by misognist pigs who hate strong women & cut them down any chance they get.

    • LadyT says:

      There’s a comment I can get behind. I didn’t need to look up Felder the douche to realize he’s a fame hungry sexist pig. I don’t think Pitt has anything to do with this pathetic article.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        That is what I am not understanding about some of these comments. You can criticize Brad for not defending Angelina from these kinds of articles (I guess…)……..but how is this really any different from when they were together, and before they were together.

        Angelina has always been a tabloid target. Always. Part of that was how she lived her life i.e. unapologetic……..and the other part is tabloids being run by misogynists who will do anything to cut down a woman. Back when Angelina filmed “Taking Lives” with Ethan Hawke and Olivier Martinez——the tabloids there wrote a story that Angelina was having an affair with the both of them…..based on her standing next to her co stars at a baseball game………and completely missed the REAL story of Ethan having an affair with a Canadian model.

        So this idea that it’s shocking or coming from Brad, that tabloids are writing more BS based on the fact that they are now divorcing makes absolutely no sense to me, because they’ve always dragged her through the mud. And Angelina has said numerous times before that she doesn’t need defending, she doesn’t read tabloids, etc………which makes sense, given that neither she nor Brad really referenced tabloids while they were together. I remember Brad talking about the paps maybe back in 2007/8 a few times, but other than that they don’t address tabloids or rumors. So why is this a shock?

      • Kate says:

        True, the media never needed a reason to tear down a woman, any woman. But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because can you imagine what woud have happened if Angelina Jolie had been investigated by federal agencies because of her behavior in front of her kids, was not even able to clearly say that no, she has not hit them and was still forced to undergo regular drug testing?

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        That is exactly my point. Tabloids bring up Angelina’s drug history, using 20+ year old pics as though they were taken yesterday. So why people are wringing their hands and acting like there is some nefarious takedown, when Angelina has always been criticized even when she didn’t do anything is stupid to me. It is what it is. Tabloids do not go after the men, unless it is a civilian/non famous man OR the famous man in the situation screwed up in a way that is profitable i.e. Tiger Woods in his affairs, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, Jon Gosselin and him being a fameho and dating different women, etc after his divorce and getting in trouble w/the police. This is standard procedure. If Brad and Angelina had simply filed quietly for divorce, the first thing the tabloids would do was bring up Angelina’s drug history and say Brad should take the kids.

        And Brad was not forced to undergo regular drug testing, he did that voluntarily. We don’t know what happened on the plane. We know that a line was crossed and it was probably Brad’s worst moment as a parent. So DCFS was called. DCFS can be called literally on anyone by anyone, for any reason. I know this from personal experience. The FBI was involved, because the incident in question took place on a plane. That is literally all we know.

      • LadyT says:

        VC- I’m not sure how these comments landed as a reply to mine. I don’t think Pitt is behind these stories nor do I expect him to jump in and defend her.
        I very much appreciate your last comment. One of the rare objective ones that simply states the facts as you see them. I wish there was more of that on here.

  18. molly says:

    @Merry That garbage about angie not listening & ruining wasser’s reputation also came from page six. Not exactly a beacon of truth.

  19. Lalu says:

    Do people really believe that Pitt is behind these stories? Not a rhetorical question.
    I thought the tabs just write whatever to sell mags. Just like all these years people saying that these two had been at war with Jenn as far as pr and the tabloids. I never believed that.
    I think they care about their images… They have to… But this sounds a bit over the top.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t believe Pitt or his team is behind this particular hit job. The press loves to eviscerate women for no good reason while giving the man pass after pass.

    • Carmen says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me. A very nasty side of Pitt has come out and showed itself during the proceedings.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        @ Carmen. I have to agree with you. All this because Angelina filed for divorce and left him? Wonder if it would be different if Pretty Boy Pitt filed and left Angelina. I can hear it now. . . He should have left her years ago. Nevermind people want him to take only the “biological” children. Seems to me Pitt can’t bear to lose.

      • Carmen says:

        All his life Pitt’s been the dumper. This time around he’s the dumpee, and he can’t handle it. His pride was shattered. He wants payback. So he hits back at Angie in passive-aggressive ways so that it looks like he’s keeping his hands clean while somebody else does the mud-slinging.

        If they are going to help the kids get through this, and resolve their own anger issues at each other, they need to start communicating. I’m willing to bet they haven’t talked to each other since she took the kids and left him. The anger has probably been building up ever since. For the kids’ sake, they need to put their anger aside and start talking to each other like rational adults.

  20. serena says:

    Who the hell is this guy and above all, who f-ing cares about his opinion?

  21. Roci says:

    I understand Angelina feels a special connection to those countries and has donated millions to programs in Cambodia, etc, but it seems to me that many celebrities love getting involved with international causes, which is commendable, and forget or ignore domestic issues. I guess going to a native american reservation or an impoverished rural community with a camera crew to document the appalling conditions these forgotten people suffer is not as cool as being an UN ambassador and wearing a blue tshirt to prove it.

  22. bap says:

    BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 4h
    4 hours ago

    All eyes on Angelina Jolie, ahead of her Netflix Cambodia debut.

    Our exclusive interview airs at these times:

    Sunday 22, GMT UK and 23 (Global)

  23. Zut alors! says:

    Angelina is premiering her movie in Cambodia this weekend. The mud slinging is to to throw a damper on that. Did anyone who has followed this divorce expect otherwise?

  24. Libra girl says:

    It seems so many people in Hollywood dislike her for one reason or another, they have been waiting for this moment, for her to fall. Now it’s like everyone is jumping on the hate bandwagon and voicing their opinion of her. It amazes me how many people in Hollywood are Team Brad. It definitely takes two to tango and I am on neither side but it’s quite obvious who the “trash” news sites are siding with. I just feel for the children.

  25. Adorable says:

    You just gotta laugh at People who think Angie’s reputation or career in Hollywood is over thanks to situations around the divorce….uh..ill say it again..This is Angelina F’n Jolie!…She’s gonna come out better than ever after this…& regarding Angie having no publicist etc..were it a man he’d be the “Boss”on “his game”etc…but because she’s a female she’s cunning and controlling GTFO🙄….Can’t wait to see her(Angie)premier her movie..& secretly(not so secretly)..hope she removed That Brad Tattoo

  26. missgeist says:

    I have had a philosophy about Angelina for awhile. I think she and Bethany Frankel are cut from the same stone. And that is a plus and a minus. Both are strong, smart, funny, and ambitious women who have carved their own path. However, they both completely reject any kind of routine and structure. When they are done with a situation they pack up the bare minimum and flee. They want no attachment to their past. I think that is why having to share custody and having some tether/commitment to another person is unacceptable. Neither wants to have to ask someone before they can move to a new city for 5 months or do the next thing. Also, both of their ex partners are responsible for their actions and have gone of the handle. But it makes you wonder what it must be like trying to reason with either of them.

    • Kate says:

      Let me play the world’s tiniest violin for Brad ‘I didn’t hit my son in the face’ Pitt.

    • Lola says:

      Angelina never denied him custody or tried to cut him out of the kids lives, sorry but wasn’t her lawyer begging his lawyer for cooperation.

    • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

      I get your comments bout Meth Beth, but not about Angie. She stayed with him for 12 years and had 6 kids with him. If she did not want commitment, she would not have had all those kids and would not have stayed with him for so long. Not to be rude, but kids kind of force you to commit to some routine. Yes, they moved around a lot for work, but they were often times together and she always talked about her family in sincere and warm terms. I don’t think she is as sentimental as others, so I can see your point on that. I do agree that when she is done with someone, she removes herself from the situation as best she can.

      But even then they don’t truly stay out of her life. Look at her other ex-husbands; they are still in touch with her and speak warmly of her. The only person who I think she is officially done with is her father. I would be too if Jon Voight was my father.

      • missgeist says:

        her other exs she has no long term commitments with. she can be as friendly as she please because can still do as she pleases. her father is a natural tether (and she has a right to not associate).
        also she was with him for 12 years and had kids with because they were in love. when she was over it she ended it. fine. but you have 6 kids together… i think letting the divorce leak the way she did shows she wanted a public outcry to make her case for sole custody. I find it funny that her defenders who have always complemented her PR skils now think this wasn’t intentional. I dont question her humanitarian values but i see a pattern that she gets what she wants, when she wants, and their is no compromising on that.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Friendships are commitments-especially friendships that started way back in 1996 and are still going today.

        Angelina is not responsible for accommodating Brad’s every need- especially if it means her kids come second.

        If she wanted sole legal and physical custody, she could have easily had her lawyer file for it in court; she did not do that. She filed for shared legal and sole physical custody. If she wanted sole custody, why would she want to have her lawyer file documents that say otherwise? Why not leak what happened and then go and tell her story to anyone who would listen? She did not do that either.

      • missgeist says:

        what is really the difference to between sole legal and sole physical. in the day to day life of kids. if you have sole physical you call the shots of when your ex sees the kids. and i am not saying brad is innocent but lets not forget one story about his outburst on the plane was told initially and the rest has been rolled back sign. did he loose his cool? absolutely. i am not saying she has to accommodate his needs but it is apparent that her needs are first. when you are dealing with someone who prioritizes themselves first of course you are not going to easily give in to their demands for sole physical custody. because you will never get a fair and balanced schedule with your kids. he knows her personality.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        No, it doesn’t; a simple google search will show you that you are wrong. Physical custody just means that they live with you. Sharing legal custody means that they both have to make decisions together for the kids.

        How do you know it was one time? How do you know this has not happened several times over the last several years and this was the final straw for her. Just because we heard about this one does not mean that others did not occur. She didn’t backpedal on anything she said. She has kept her commitment to keeping the kids safety in front of everything else. That is why the kids were seeing a therapist. That is why she only refuted claims that he was being kept from the kids. She never addressed the ad hominem attacks. If she did, we would have heard about it often because there were so many to choose from.

        First, you will never have a fair and balanced schedule with your children once a divorce goes through. When raising kids there is never a 50/50 split married or divorced. Life will always interfere in every plan that you try to make. Not just life but different parenting styles and views on how you want to raise the kids. You try to make things work as best as you can though.

        There is nothing apparent about anything that you have written. It is your opinion that is not backed up by any actual facts that have been presented.

        You are right, though; dealing with someone who prioritizes themselves first is not easy to deal with that is why Angelina is getting the divorce. She wants to dump the selfish tool and move on for the health of the rest of her family, just like she said from the beginning. If he really knew her and cared about her, he would have worked hard to clean himself up and stay in the marriage or expected the divorce. He was “blindsided” by it. If you know someone, you should not be blindsided by their actions.

        He is not the victim. Stop trying to minimize his action and place the burden of his terrible behavior on her.

      • Erinn says:

        “How do you know it was one time? How do you know this has not happened several times over the last several years and this was the final straw for her. Just because we heard about this one does not mean that others did not occur. ”

        By that logic though, we can’t assume he’s done it more than once. If we’re going only by the facts that have been presented – this was a one time incident and it scared the shit out of her. I don’t think that a) she would have put up with this for multiple incidents since she has every option available to her based on status and wealth and b) it’s fair to assume that he’s been doing this for ages in the same way it’s unfair to assume that she did something to cause this mess.

        At the end of the day, we know that he did something completely unacceptable on the plane. That’s about it. Other than that, it’s all based on assumptions – and for the people who are tearing posters down for making assumptions about Jolie – there’s an awful lot of assumption going on about Pitt. We just don’t know. We don’t know if he’s an alcoholic, or if he on occasion is unable to control himself when mixing emotions and alcohol. It could be a long-term problem, or it could have been a terrible isolated incident. Maybe he’s moody under normal conditions, and booze and travel turned this into a perfect storm of terrible behavior. We just don’t know. But there needs to be a lot more measured response when it comes to other posters on this site. I’m not saying you’re a part of the problem – I’m speaking generally. There’s a lot of projection and emotion involved with topics like this, and there needs to be a bit more separation on BOTH sides of this thing.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        I honestly don’t see a lot of posters in these threads openly attacking others. I do see people attacking others’ arguments on both sides, but rarely do I see posters attacking others personally. Unless you count being condescending as attacking someone, then yeah, those sort of attacks happen often around here.

        You are right though that we don’t know all the information from that night and will more than likely never know what happened because everyone’s view of what happened from that night will be different. for example, each dribbled out response to what happened that night. Him saying that he did not hit his son in the face and some people (me included) believing that this is not an appropriate answer to being accusing of hitting your kid. My questions here are rhetorical and meant to open a conversation and not my own belief in what happened that night.

        Just because Angelina or any affluent woman has access to many choices, it does not mean that a) she will always make the right choice the first time around b) she believes that she has an option to leave or wants to start off by leaving before they try to work things out c) that she is aware that there is a serious problem when it initially presents itself or any other time she sees something.

        He has dug his own grave given some of the things that he has said in previous interviews. I do see your point in not jumping to conclusions in general, but I still believe that it is fair enough to assume that incidences have happened in the past due to his negligence while being high. He admitted that Zahara choked on a piece of ice while he was not looking. He also admitted to being high when this incident happened. He has admitted to doing drugs when his life gets too stressful for him; he is an admitted life long pothead. 6 kids, a wife who had to deal with cancer, and decided to get a double mastechotomy, running a thriving production company= lots of stress. Bad habits don’t go away if they are not seen as bad habits.

    • Greata says:

      @missgeist…Are you trolling? This comparison is absurd.

    • almondmilk says:

      Everything you posit according to those who know her best is the antithesis of Angelina. You might be a Real Housewife expert but you are 0 for 0 regarding Angelina Jolie.

      She’s highly structured and organized, as per Brad Pitt. Who says she’s the scheduler, and run things like clockwork enabling them to efficiently travel abroad with their large family. He gave her all the credit. As for them having ‘no routine,’ just because they travel abroad and don’t have a conventional life style like you and your friends, that doesn’t mean they are without routine. Several first person interviews from her and/or her husband mentioning their family, details a routine and structure of which Angelina is largely responsible for.

      As for your ‘when they are done with that situation they pack up and flee, ‘ is a strange way to describe the actions of a parent caught up in a purported public domestic abuse situation by a possible alcoholic partner. You don’t know what preceded that traumatic incident or how long she did hang in. We do know she got him to agree to help, therapy and treatment and drug testing.

      Pretty structured eh? Many are saying he looks cleaned up and sober and the best he’s looked in years – maybe he can thank Angelina for laying down the law and getting him dried out?

      Don’t look now, but that’s more routine and structure she was advocating.

      Finally, the sole physical custody was a direct result of a purported unstable partner/parent who was being publicly investigated by no less than 4 agencies. A parent who himself must have agreed he had a bad problem as he quickly signed up to get therapeutic help and be tested regularly. The *custody arrangement was always temporary* up until the therapists/professionals involved said otherwise and Brad got his ish together.

      Many women here love to infer Angelina wants to deprive Brad of raising his kids by and sharing custody, but it’s only because they like the Maleficent imagery for her.

      As for lack of committment and fleeing – that’s also some BS. Angelina has been a committed humanitarian and UN Ambassador for almost 18 years, committed for 12 and counting to one man, and she still has loving relationships with both of her exes.

      Brad Pitt can’t say the same. So maybe he is more like Bethany.

    • EM says:

      I think you’ve made valid observations. They think that they can pick up and go wherever, and they don’t stop to think how this would affect their children. In a way, they haven’t really grown up fully – emotionally at least.

  27. Jaded says:

    I always found it gross how BOTH Angelina and Brad toted their kids out whenever they convently has something to sell.

  28. Lola says:

    Angelina reputation and image is damaged beyond repair you say, what did she do??

    Was i in a coma and miss some terrible thing she did?

  29. Lorelai says:

    Honestly, as someone who doesn’t particularly dislike either of them but isn’t a super fan of Brad or Angelina either, I don’t know that the whole divorce mess really did much to change the minds of people like me. It seems to have driven the “Team Brad” and “Team Angie” fans into even more entrenched positions, but I don’t know that most people thought much beyond the fact that it was celebrity gossip- and there was the shock factor when it first happened.

    I was slightly surprised that Brad got such a warm reception at the Globes, but as someone else pointed out above, this is HW. They let slide Polanski, Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, etc. etc. and Brad has always been a golden boy.

    It will be interesting to see in a few years how each of their careers looks. I think they will both be fine – as for their kids, we just have to hope they haven’t been too damaged by all this.

  30. Lorelai says:

    Honestly, as someone who dislikes neither of them but isn’t a super fan of either Brad or Angelina, I don’t know that the whole divorce mess really did much to change the minds of people like me. It seems to have driven the “Team Brad” and “Team Angie” fans into even more entrenched positions, but I don’t know that most people thought much beyond the fact that it was celebrity gossip- and there was the shock factor when it first happened.

    I was slightly surprised that Brad got such a warm reception at the Globes, but as someone else pointed out above, this is HW. They let slide Polanski, Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, etc. etc. and Brad has always been their golden boy.

    It will be interesting to see in a few years how each of their careers looks. I think they will both be fine – as for their kids, we just have to hope they haven’t been *too* damaged by all this.

  31. Sera says:

    I still love her and my opinion of Brad has changed. I thought he was a different kind of man but he I s just a man and has more concern for his image than his kids.

    • Lola says:

      I honestly use to love Brad and only liked Angelina but now ugh I seriously can’t look at him and Depp. These guys ruined my 90s hotties fantasy.

      Leo is a momma’s boy- could never take him.

      Keanu- pls keep it together you’re my only hope 😂😂😂

    • Maggie says:

      She accused Brad falsely. And your opinion has changed about Brad? Great logic.

      • graymatters says:

        Brad is legally denied contact with most of his children most of the time. Fact. The legal system believes there is enough truth in her accusations to separate a parent from his children. Gossip says worse, but the facts indicate that he’s far from perfect.

      • Ana says:

        @graymatters he’s not legally denied to see his children. He has a voluntary agreement with Angelina that during the divorce and custody proceedings, he’ll have supervised visits with the kids for five hours a week, and the children will be assessed by a therapist in that duration. I’ve never liked Brad Pitt, and I’m sure he has some substance issues, but I think his willingness to accept those terms can only come from his desire to protect his kids and not have a full blown fight with their mother. And before you say it’s about his image, he had requested those records to be confidential and Angelina leaked them anyway.

    • EM says:

      Both of them are concerned about their images. Come on. Their image is their bread and butter.

  32. Zut alors! says:

    Pray tell, what were these “false accusations” she leveled against Pitt? #alternativefacts.

  33. Angelica says:

    This is stupid. If, say I was Angelina, doing humanitarian work, extremely charitable, maternal and such, etc, and my life was based on my goodwill, I would want my public persona to reflect that. It is “using” in that sense of the word, but what’s wrong with that? Why is this a talking point? So she’s been using her kids and humanitarian work for years. So what? To show that she’s a good person? Is she spinning a falsehood? Despite anything else in the tabs regarding her divorce and relationships, Angelina is a good person. In a world of crap people doing crap things on the reg, I can’t for the life of me, see how this woman gets as much negativity as she gets. It may be less than the vitriol of most others but still too much. Just my opinion…I’ll go now. Ugh, not today Satan…not today…

  34. Ramy says:

    I live in Jordan in the middle east. And believe me on actress is more famous than angelina jolie in the region.. she’s a global star who doesn’t need this PR game . Her name is more than enough

  35. Joannie says:

    She looks very pretty in the photos above. I do think her career is coming to a halt. It really took off when she hooked up with Pitt and they sold their lifestyle and brand to the public. I dont know what’s in the cards for her but I dont think she’ll ever get to that level of fame she once had. I think she’s a very dark person and could be difficult long term. Three marriages over with by the age of forty isnt a great track record. JMO

    • bap says:

      @Joannie Angelina achieved more Great things by the age of forty, than most celebrities could ever dream of. Angelina is an ICON. Like some would hope her career to be over, it will never be over.

    • almondmilk says:


      As someone who’s been around these last 13 years as bitter women wished her career over for almost that entire time, then had to see her get her second Oscar nomination shortly after the birth of her twins, go on to become the youngest recipient of the Jean hercholt Oscar, and awarded by the Pope and be ordained a Dame by Queen Elizabeth – i do have to wonder why they just don’t give up.

      Maybe you don’t remember or weren’t old enough but when Angelina and Brad Pitt got together she was already considered an effective and influential humanitarian Oscar winner. Brad Pitt was not. In fact most people readily assumed he was a) trying to become ‘Angelina Jolie’ talking about Africa and orphanages and humanitarianism- traveling with her abroad to help refugees and earthquake victims (i recall the Aniston fans ridiculing him) or b) they thought Brad was trying to literally bask in her already esteemed humanitarian spotlight after having been thought of as a kind of lazy pot smoking guy saddled with a tv sitcom ensemble player.

      So i would agree that Brad most definitely built HIS then newfound humanitarian brand in her sweat and talked about her influence over him.

      But HERS, everyone knows, was already well established. She was awarded by the UN, International organizations before she and Pitt even became a thing.

      As for her “darkness,” there are people, usually women, who want to keep Angelina 19 and cutting. To them, she doesn’t evolve or mature like others. That way they can attempt to smear her by constantly referring to who she was as an adolescent. It gets tired and is symptomatic of some women’s collective misogyny.

      Lastly, as Dave Chappelle once said. You can get famous, but you can never get un-famous. Angelina is iconic. Sorry to disappoint. Her marriages and relationships are her business, much like Elizabeth Taylor (11) and Marilyn Monroe’s (3) multiple marriages were theirs. Angie regrets none of her previous partners- they are good friends and loyal to her and love her right back to this day.

      Again, can Brad Pitt say the same? Nope.

      Maybe start writing his eulogy in the business. Since he’s closer to 60 and purportedly terrified his kids due to dependency of some kind.

      Or is the vitriol not there because he’s a man?

      • bap says:

        @AlmondMilk WOW! Truly truthful words!

      • Joannie says:

        I agree Pitt became more famous when he hooked up with her but she wasnt an icon prior to that. She has achieved great things. I dont think she’s completely washed up either. I’m just saying I dont think she ever attain that level of celebrity again. And saying someone has a dark personality isnt throwing shade or referring to her cutting or drug use. I dont particularly like Pitt or think he’s a great actor but he has been part of some very successful movies. I dont think his career will suffer. He just made smarter, wiser career choices up to this point. And men do seem to be able to maintain their careers longer and with more success than women in HW. Unfair I know but some things are just what they are. Maybe more women need to invest in women instead of waiting for men. For some reason storied about women dont sell as well? I dont have all of the answers just an opinion wrongly or rightly.

      • EM says:

        Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t married 11 times.

    • EM says:

      Her career didn’t take off when – as you say – she ‘hooked up’ with Pitt. Her career took off way before she got together with Pitt. If anything, the marriage and children, slowed her career and , I’ll be bold enough to say it, her film career has nosedived since she officially hooked up with Pitt. That ‘By the Sea’ film was terrible in more ways than one. It was as much a bomb for her and Pitt, as Boom was for Taylor and Burton. Her two directorial films were bombs.
      Yes she had great potential as an actress, but her father will always eclipse her in terms of acting.

      • Stacey says:

        He actually held her back in more ways than one, she sacrificed years and took a back seat for him. What did he do in return, had a drug drink meltdown went nose to nose with a 13 year old minor child and blamed her for protecting the children from being taken away into care. Angelina whilst married to Brad has had more hits movie wise than him, so sorry his movies tanked at box office apart from WWZ and BTS .The only success he’s had is producing.

  36. Cinderella says:

    Has it been confirmed that no PR firm wants to take her on? I can’t imagine that no one will touch her because of BP. She was Angelina Jolie long before she was Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  37. Alora says:

    well, the media is just waiting to write negative story’s about angelina. Its not like this is something new to us. U all know that they always tried to make her look like the villan but now you say all this comes from Pitt?
    Does he need this to do by himself after all these years full of negative homewrecker storys? I really don’t think so! And i think angelina knew this from the beginning when she separated from Pitt that this will happen. To assume that this comes all from Pitt is pretty naive. I don’t think Pitt is innocent but he really just needs to wait and see, there’s nothing much to do for him.

  38. Mich says:

    I know I always go to a divorce lawyer first when I want top notch PR advice.

  39. Lauren II says:

    This breakup is very sad for the children, and stressful. Not taking sides, although this marriage/relationship has seemed strained for at least 3 years.

  40. Drakes says:

    I agree that America, and a lot of other places, have become a very misogynistic country. The attacks on Angelina are terrible, and blatantly misogynistic. I admire her greatly,( and I am a man, BTW). Her tireless work for others is inspiring, and her strength of character to go her own way is most admirable. She was not the one ‘smearing; Brad; his PR firm has done nothing but smear her reputation from the beginning. She is a rarity in Hollywood; a woman who forges her own path and does her own work, artistically and on a Global front, without worrying about public opinion. She does what she needs to do and I love her for that. I hope this divorce is over soon so she can get back to making movies, if that is what she wants to do, or directing and writing and working for the UN.

  41. Barbara says:

    For the Pitt bashers….do you not remember him at the begining of this mess saying he did not want to hear anyone bashing Angie. That msg was for everyone, including his friends.

    • almondmilk says:


      Really? I must have missed that.

      Link please?

      While you go get that – I will say, I’m not saying Pitt is behind these stories in Page Six. I’m more inclined to believe it most definitely is CAA who’s most likely been rejected by Angelina.

      I don’t know if Pitt is back with Bryan Lourdes of CAA, but before getting inspired by Angelina and dropping them in a PR capacity, Lourdes served as an agent and had been w/Brad for a long time -I have a feeling that’s still the case. As recently as 2015, it was confirmed Brad was still at the agency. You never really truly leave the fold.

      Either way, since Page Six is in CAA’s pocket, one call or text from Brad Pitt would shut the Page Six Angelina attacks down.

      • Stacey says:

        @almondmilk , Brian Lourdes still is Brads agent and very much involved in his daily life , last seen mollycoddling his client at Allied Premiere making sure his client gets photographed with a bottle of water. Brads still with CAA and I would say page six is actually doing all this Angelina hit job with Brad and Brains blessings, he has teh power to shut this down, he isnt , so what does that tell you.
        PS Barbra is quoting the brad source that spoke to People Magazine in the beginning when he was trying to cover his ass by hitting and not hitting Maddox to going nose to nose with Maddox, it then they said Brad didnt want to bash Angelina, at the same time I just saw a pig fly by.

  42. graymatters says:

    How does NOT hiring a PR professional turn someone into a fame-hungry “user”?

    This is Trump-worthy fake news.

  43. Ana says:

    I don’t know about those comments about the “expert”, but I do know that Angelina is hard to work with. Not because she’s a villainess or mean, but because she’s a control freak and likes to handle and decide everything, which isn’t very pleasant for the PR people who can’t really do their jobs as they want to. I think the problem she’s having with not finding an agency is on her part, not on the publicists. I’m sure there’s lots that would like to work with her, but it’s Angelina who isn’t finding someone suitable for her.

    • Cirque28 says:

      I can see that. But aren’t most of the people who breathe Jolie’s rarefied air control freaks? I don’t think you get to that level of success by being all, “Sure, whatever.” Yet it’s OK for the dudes. I mean, people adore Tom Cruise and he is clearly VERY tightly wound. But on a man, it’s his passion for his craft! People feel excited by the challenge of pleasing him. And a woman is just considered a difficult bitch.

      • LadyT says:

        No one should call her a bitch. Being controlling and decisive is part of her success. She’s always been a master at PR. IF she is in fact looking for a publicist and has not yet hired one it’s because she hasn’t found one that SHE wants, NOT because they’re refusing her.

      • Ana says:

        Actually, people who work in the industry always say that Tom Cruise is like the most professional guy around. He lets everyone do their jobs and he focuses on his. Which is why he keeps getting hired despite him not being the box office magnet he once was. I’m not saying that Angelina is a control freak in a negative way, but in an industry like Hollywood you need to delegate and rely on the people you hire, and you also need to play nice or they blacklist you. It’s awful, but that’s how the business is. Angelina doesn’t like to be told which media she should give interviews to, or what projects she should take or pass on, and she likes to choose the directors she’ll work with and have veto decision on everything she gets involved with. Which is fine, and commendable of her, but it still makes her hard to work with. Not to mention, she might be a celebrity but as an actress she’s really gone down, her movies make no money or awards. To bring her back to a “popular” place in terms of dollar signs, it would take a revamping that I’m sure she doesn’t want to do. Hence, she can’t find a PR.

  44. EM says:

    The facts are that Angelina’s image in Hollywood has taken a huge hit – not just now – but during the Sony email scandal as well as prior to this. Her work in Hollywood was infrequent and I doubt this is because of some coincidence. Whether unfairly or fairly, it’s not the question and is irrelevant. When Pitt walked out on stage to present an award more recently, the entire audience of Hollywood’s Who’s Who applauded him. This is an indication of who they support more and Hollywood works like a little town this way. They’ll get behind the person they support and ostracise those they have no desire in supporting.
    I see Angelina taking up residence in Europe in future and working on her own projects. Hollywood has been ostracising her for while and if anyone hasn’t noticed that, they have their head buried in the sand.

  45. Billy says:

    I think that whoever looks after Brad’s career was primarily concerned with the image. Brad had a problem with drinking and drugs should not be in charge of the main decisions.

    Angelina would not wait for divorce knowing that the children’s safety were in danger. Because with DCFS involvement they could be taken not only from Brad but from Angelina as well and be put into foster care.

    Stop reading gossip, or people who have no knowledge of the case.

    Just read the e-mails from Brad and Angelina’s lawyers. Brad’s own lawyer admits that there was an incident, that the children were traumatized, that the therapists even with Brad’s requests did not agree with what he demanded. And not counting how much DCFS imposed Brad’s contact with his own children.

    Through the emails they were interviewed as soon as they landed in LA, as this I think they were so picky about the 4 drug tests in the month and several therapies for Brad because whoever interviewed Brad must have seen that he was under effect Of drugs and probably all the fear that the children are of him.

    Since September 15, the therapists began to treat the children and only allowed the contact with some of the children on October 8 …. this everything says everything if Angelina had not requested the divorce everything would be much more complicated and traumatic for The children …… with the DCFS is not kidding, even though you’re the relative who did not commit anything if you do not prepare the children are taken away

  46. Billy says:

    Brad can have all the affection of strangers, fellow actors, producers …. after all he has a producer that is with all success with projects everywhere TV, cinema, internet …… but the brad even already Said that no movie is more important than being a father and being with the children ….. and knowing that by his own actions he was responsible for all the suffering of his family, that maybe some of the children do not want to talk to him.

    Brad said that Angelina did not know the old brad, who lived a false life, drugged and wasting time hiding and not complying with things.

    What we saw from afar before everything happened … it was brad doing 2 movies in a row as the protagonist thing they did not do, we did not see the kids almost with him alone, Brad showing up with several bruises on his face, his leg, his shoulder .. .. Brad passing the “Father’s Day” traveling to France away from the children, brad traveling non-stop alone

  47. TOPgirl says:

    I still love Angelina. She’s a beautiful soul and a lovely woman. I’d love to have someone like her as a friend. She seems to be so genuine and so selfless. God bless this woman!

  48. bap says:

    Angelina and her 6 children are with her in Cambodia for the premiere of her new movie FTKMF.

  49. bap says:

    Angelina movie premiere was beautifully showcased. Maddox and Shiloh spoke at the premiere, shiloh spoke in the Cambodian language. The King and Mother Queen greeted the family.

  50. Cirque28 says:

    I can’t believe how misogynistic our society still is. Not that I think Angelina is Saint Jolie, but my god, the comments on the Daily Mail are so viciously against her. I just read the phrase “selfish adoptions,” I’m not even kidding. Selfish adoptions??? A person who could so easily be living an amazing, admired life without EVER giving back finds various ways to give back. Including literally bringing the less fortunate into her family. How selfish she is!

    I guess the last year has really revealed how we’re STILL viewed as inferiors as women. Just be pretty and shut up, don’t run for president, don’t leave a man who leaves a iPhone imprint on your damn face, don’t protect your children from someone who terrified them at least once. Then MAYBE we’ll like you. (Oops, nope, you got old. Better luck next time!)

  51. GreenG says:

    First of all, English is not my first language so plz excuse my poor sentences.
    AJ is not the reason or start of this situation.

    He let the media attack mother of his children and his chldren in spite of his being the start of this situation.




  52. Dolores says:

    I always thought of Brad Pitt as the user. He was pretty and had some talent. But dating famous women such as Juliet Lewis, Paltrow, Aniston and then Jolie gave him great deal of the step up. Being good looking is the norm in their business. Being talented can get you far, but being with the right person gets you the publicity you need to be noticed and keep the momentum. He latched on and climbed to the top. But the top is the highest place to fall from. He’s not even a great actor. Anyone would admit that. I’ve seen him in some of his most successful films and he’s cool, he’s all right. But in 50 years will people think of him the way they see Humphrey Bogart, Claude Raines, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, William Powell, Spencer Tracey, Montgomery Clift… (the list is endless; i’m only writing some great first examples here.) No. Personally I don’t care if he and Angelina Jolie didn’t get along and she got tired of his selfishness or whatever it was that contributed to their breakup. She does a great deal for someone who came from fame and money and you can’t even say that about most of her contemporaries.

    • Cara says:

      Agreed with you about Pitt’s minimal talent. I can’t think of one movie of his that I would watch more than once. None whatsoever. His interviews were meh to say the least. They were boring AF. He’s definitely a user who also happened to be a phase dude. He took on his current woman’s characteristics and interests at that moment in time. Does he love his kids? Sure. Does he want to be with them all the times? Hell NO. He said himself he could only handle four at a time. So all this fighting for joint custody is just a smoke screen to project what the mini van hens want. Good daddy figure. I do believe his image and career are everything to him. It will be interesting to see what other studios will greenlight his future projects now that his buddy Brad Grey at Paramount is set to exit the company sometime next week. The industry is going through some tough financial times right now and with the alleged reporting of using, studios are gonna be more careful with stipulations to ensure their projects to be successful if he is to sign on. We will see.

  53. sage says:

    I saw some photos of her in Cambodia and she looks stunning in the pink dress!

  54. MAC says:

    Brad must be in a lot of pain. His zombie movie mock 2 is not being made.