Us Weekly: Jennifer Garner is about to file for divorce from Ben Affleck

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: Jennifer Garner’s people talk to US Weekly. They had the insider story of what happened on their breakup vacation over a year and a half ago, where she figured out that he was cheating with their nanny. US’s stories are often sympathetic to Garner and they have regular updates on her state of mind and whether she’s ready to file for divorce. Last summer, a year after nannygate, US said that the divorce was off because “things changed” and that “Jen seems to still be in love with Ben.” Sources were careful to mention that Affleck still stays in another bedroom however. After their tentative truce and show of togetherness this fall, things seemed to have changed again because US reports that Garner is about to file for divorce and that she means it this time.

Nearly two years after they first announced their split, Jennifer Garner is gearing up to file for divorce from Ben Affleck, Us Weekly can confirm.

Garner and Affleck, both 44, revealed in June 2015 that they were going their separate ways after 10 years of marriage. The pair met on set of 2001′s Pearl Harbor and fell in love while starring in 2003′s Daredevil. They tied the knot in June 2005 and share three children — Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 4.

“No matter what happens, Ben and Jen are committed to raising their family as one unit and will continue to do so as it has worked for them,” a source close to the couple tells Us in regards to Garner’s plans to officially split from the actor. “They are both committed to their family.” A second source adds that Affleck has since moved out of their shared Brentwood home.

[From US Magazine]

Incidentally, the Enquirer claims in this week’s print edition that Affleck must have moved back into the main house because the guest house on their estate is under renovation, as seen in aerial photos. I guess Affleck just moved out of the guest house and Garner is gutting it. So what changed? Affleck’s career is on the downswing (relatively speaking, I mean all he has to do is keep plugging away because he’s wildly successful by any standard) and he’s probably miserable and difficult. Live by Night tanked, he announced that he’s no longer directing the Batman movie and rumor has it he doesn’t want to be Batman any longer, either. I see Affleck chasing a lot of demons and imagine he can take that out on people close to him. Garner tried over and over, they were in therapy for years, and ultimately things didn’t change. I think this is the right decision for her and that it was a long time coming. However, I’ll believe it when I see it. Is she going to file the papers today or is this just a final warning to Affleck? Why not just file and let the press pick it up?

Here’s Garner doing a 5k with her kids on 2-12. That dog is so beautiful. Remember when it was a puppy?



photos credit: FameFlynet

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  1. ctgirl says:

    She just can’t with that phoenix tattoo.

  2. Moana says:

    I guess her people really do leak to US and they are letting them get the scoop instead of just filing and letting TMZ or someone get it? Who knows. On one hand, I totally believe it because they’ve only been doing the church stroll since XMAS. The paps can’t find him anymore which leads me to believe that he moved out. On the other hand, this is the Doormat that we are talking about. She’ll never get a more famous husband than Ben. He and those kids are basically her career at this point. I’ll believe that she will file when I see it.

  3. JoJo says:

    Timing makes sense given the vacation week coming up, if she does file today or next week. If she did this as a “final warning to Ben”, then she’s more desperate than I ever thought given how long this has been going on and also she would just be pulling her kids into another drawn out, confusing public spectacle. My guess is this is the agreed upon approach with Ben. He needs to let her look like the one who’s doing the leaving/filing. Even if this is some kind of strange tactic on her part, let’s face it, this marriage is dunzo.

    I said this before. I think the dinner with her parents in November was probably to talk about how they’ve decided to take next steps. That is very likely also the reason for that 2-hour long counseling session recently, although stans wanted to believe it was all for a reconciliation – even though in both (and pretty much all) cases, they look completely disconnected.

    • Kate says:

      JoJo – this marriage was always “done” you were the one that was always in denial, but leave it to you to blame Jen and not Ben, the dude slept with his kids’ nanny!!! Do you you need anymore proof he’s a douchebag? You will continue to be an apologist, you be you, and Ben is a weak human being that couldn’t do the filing himself even though he wanted out. US will probably have the Exclusive next week about who Ben has been dating, poor woman.

      • Kate says:

        Up until this day, I do not understand how Garner waited so long to file after the nanny banging happened. Plus, leave it to Affleck to sleep with the least discret woman in HW. Girlfriend was papped more times in a week than Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie together.

        Edit: And I just realized I’m responding to another Kate.

      • JoJo says:

        @Kate – Really no need to be nasty. I’m not sure why you can’t understand what I’ve said from the beginning. I was never in denial about their relationship. I always thought it was over and done – for years. But I DID think that Garner would keep it going and try to reconcile no matter what. As for who’s fault it is, I’m not an affleck apologist at all. I do like him, yes, but I’m not oblivious to his demons. But while Ben has demons, at some point you also have to realize that Jen stayed in it and continued to have child after child. I don’t blame her for that either. She loved him. But I’m just saying, it always takes two to keep a long-term dysfunctional marriage going.

      • KB says:

        If I recall correctly, Jojo was cynical about Jen actually leaving Ben and filing for divorce. And so far, she’s been right. It’s been two years and neither of them have filed. According to Jen’s sources to Us Weekly, they did put the divorce on hold at one point – as this post clearly states. Their exact quote was “Jen seems to still be in love with Ben.”

  4. mia girl says:

    I’d take a blow torch to my guest house too after Affleck lived in it. Gut it Jen. Who knows what kind of sh*t he brought to that place…

  5. ell says:

    can you imagine being their child? those 2 are exhausting.

    as a child of divorced parents, it gets to a point where all you want is peace and stability. they should have already split by now. telling your children you’re separating then being wishy washy is confusing and incredibly selfish, those 2 are the worst.

  6. Dlo says:

    I agree with CB, don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen 😁

  7. Manjit says:

    She’s done the right thing by her kids. They’ve been able to get used to their mum and dad not being together and so divorce won’t seem like an end to anything for them. The trouble for their family is going to come when one or both of them find a serious partner.

  8. Joni says:

    Just do it then. Has People said anything about this?

    • JoJo says:

      I think US has been the one Jen’s team typically goes to like cb mentioned, so this likely came from her camp. I bet People will have a story soon too, with some inevitable insights from Ben’s team. Both outlets have been pretty quiet on these two lately, so my guess is that they were promised some inside scoop like this.

  9. Kate says:

    I cannot believe these two are still married. Like The Town was shot in 2009 and with everything that happened at the times, the rumors about Blake Lively, the flirting on set and during interviews, the nude pics (who leaked them?) and all, I tought she would have kicked him into another timeline. But no, they had another kid. And then the handpicking of Emily for Gone Gril and then … the nanny.
    She is very forgiving.

  10. Rhiley says:

    That dog is precious. Who needs a man like Ben Affleck when you have a golden retriever like that at home. Golden in the bed, Ben in the dog house.

  11. Arock says:

    Hasn’t this happened already? This is the worlds longest breakup, someone just move to the summer home or have the locks changed. I’m beginning to think Jen is one of those people who always want to “talk about us” ; the Chinese water torture method of emotion then snaps you back with “how could you do this, were finished”. (10 min later his phone rings and she’s like, oh hey I miss you)
    He’s douche just pull the trigger, sister.

  12. Lalu says:

    Wow at the comments disparaging her for trying to stick it out and make it work etc. Divorce is a big deal to some people. Being in love and having children makes people do things that might not make sense from the outside looking in. It’s their lives. I am sure they are doing the best they can with the situation.
    I don’t care anything about her but the comments on this subject are usually just gross. Like she’s some desperate little woman that needs a man.

    • Hannah says:

      “Like she’s some desperate little woman that needs a man.” I can only speak for myself but that’s pretty much my opinion of her. She’s been clinging to him for years, keeping him around with Band-Aid babies and media manipulations. I don’t feel sorry for her because according to her, her eyes were open the whole time. She knew what she was doing.

    • Kate says:

      “Like she’s some desperate little woman that needs a man.”

      No, she is just a multimillionaire actress who acts like she needs a man.

    • Anon33 says:

      The comments are only pointing out what her own actions show. If he cheated once and it truly was a mistake, and he truly was repentant, then sure-work that right out. But this is entirely different-the man is basically a proven serial cheater with an alcohol and gambling problem, to the point where he is allowing himself to be papped with his sober coach. I’m sorry, but theres a point at which “being in love” and “wanting to preserve the family” no longer make sense, and she’s reached it.

    • ell says:

      i take it you’re not a child of divorced parents, right? trust me, every child who had to deal with divorce would tell you more or less the same thing. if it doesn’t work and it’s making everyone miserable, it’s better to act like adults and give peace and stability to your children by making a choice. it’s selfish to force your children into situations that can be very confusing because ‘being in love’ makes you act in ways that make no sense.

      my parents did the whole we’re separating, no wait, oh wait we’re separating thing for a couple of years before finally pulling the plug, and even though we were sad, once they actually did it we all felt lighter and eventually happier. love doesn’t have to be super dramatic and difficult, and that’s what you teach your children when you stick with a partner that cheats on you.

      • Lalu says:

        Lots of women stay with men for all sorts of reasons, I guess.
        I am the child of a divorce and the drama didn’t stop after the divorce so I didn’t see the point. But everyone’s experience is their own.
        Kind of funny how you guys see her as a doormat. Do you see Hillary Clinton the same way? Pretty sure her husband has always run around on her and humiliated her. Yet a lot of people want to make her out as some great feminist. I am not judging her… I just don’t see the difference.

      • Christine says:

        Clinton never tried to sell her marriage as some kind of fantasy Camelot like Jen did. The entire world has known that Hillary stayed in the marriage for her political aspirations.

      • Lalu says:

        Christine… There is absolutely no difference. Both chose to stay for some reason even though their husbands cheat and humiliate them. Acting like Hillary is better for whatever reason doesn’t make sense. It is the same thing.
        I am not judging either one. Different people have different ideas about what marriage means and different standards for their partners. My pride wouldn’t allow me to stay with Bill Clinton or Ben affleck… I think too highly of myself. But I am not either of these women. They live their own lives.

      • Kate says:

        The day Garner goes on national TV to defend late term abortion (one of the most heartbreaking, shattering decision a woman has to take) the way HRC did during the third presidential debate, I will consider her a feminist icon.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Wow, lots of unsolicited HRC hate today. Thank goodness we dodged that bullet and got our amazing president that even FOX NEWS SHEP SMITH hates.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Definition of feminism
        1) the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2) organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

        Definition of role model
        a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others

        @Laluu and any “anyone but anti-feminist HRC!!!” you really don’t understand that feminism is a social-political movement just like liberalism or conservatism. You can be a jerk and still be a feminist, you can be a housewife, a man, a wimp, a woman living with either a cheating spouse or a faithful one and still be a feminist.

        You are confusing being a role model with being a feminist. HRC can be a bad *role model* for her daughter and other women in regards to staying with a cheating man and still be a feminist. She is considered a strong feminist because she has always legislatively advocated for and done actual work for making women be treated equal to men in pay, personal health decisions, education, sports etc. That all you need to be a feminist.

        I don’t know much about Gardner so I don’t know if she believes in feminism but I find her footsies of “we are getting divorce”, “no we are not” harmful. Children prefer structure and defined rules. And her children are too young to bring that level of insecurity into their life. You will find later that one child may develop anorexia or maybe a hoarder as a way of coping.

        Bill and HRC, I always found to be on the same playbook as to what they were doing in their family and Chelsea was old enough to understand and express her feelings in regards to her parents’ behavior. If Bill died today, HRC will still be HRC. She is her own person so IMO *I* have more respect for her than I do Jen Gardner. A personal opinion having nothing to do with feminism.

    • Annetommy says:

      The scorn that used to be reserved for women who left their marriage now seems directed at those who stay. It seems we’ve just swapped one form of name calling for another. “You slut” has become “you doormat”. It’s jen’s choice either way. Hillary was also entitled to stay with Bill without being disparaged for it.

      • YeahRight says:

        I think the scorn for Jen centers around her use of the press to extend her 15 minutes of fame. It’s obvious that she’s not going anywhere and these many articles are planted by her PR team to keep her name in the press. She is welcome to stay in her sh*tty marriage but spare us the tears when he cheats and the “we’re so happy co-parenting” media tour. It’s all as fake as that upper lip of hers.

  13. Jenfan says:

    Timing does make sense – I agree – before Holiday weekend and no movie promotions for either one in the near future. It’s interesting that Jen is the one filing, as I thought the story went – that she was going to make him file. Maybe she has been with someone new (covertly) and wants to finally move on. That would also be in line with him moving off the property – especially – since when we do see him – he seems to be seen with new cars (previously with the exception of his classic cars, they seemed to be Shari g the same set of cars).
    Good to see them moving on one way or another.

  14. Pandy says:

    Non story of the year award. But I covet the dog – the golden retriever, not Ben.

  15. Hannah says:

    Who wants to bet that nothing will come of this story? True it is US Weekly and her PR people basically use it as another social media account but — watch: another year or two will pass and still no one will have filed.

  16. Zoologist says:

    I feel like something must have happened to have finally triggered this. I wonder if that pic of him in Cabo with another woman was legit and he spent Valentine’s with her? And moved out because of her? Jen may have finally realized that she’s not going to get him back and is going to file. Should have done this years ago, IMO. It has dragged on for way too long. He would have been served with divorce papers after the whole nanny thing if he were my husband. How do you even consider taking him back after he was caught sexing the caretaker of your kids? Does she not have any pride or self-respect?

    • Kate says:

      . He would have been served with divorce papers after the whole nanny thing if he were my husband. How do you even consider taking him back after he was caught sexing the caretaker of your kids?

      This. Sleeping with your kids’ nanny is a few steps shy from sleeping with a family member. It’s so ;ow. He should have been showed the door after that.

  17. Who ARE These People? says:

    If she were waiting to find a bigger news story to hide behind, she couldn’t have done any better.

  18. Christine says:

    Wait, so she never filed before this?!? Wut? Admittedly I don’t follow all of this that closely but he cheated with THE NANNY and she never even filed?! Insane. For some reason I thought that she had filed for divorce waaaaaay back when they issued that press release and had been working out the divorce details until now. That was years ago. Wow. That’s pathetic. lol

  19. The girl with a horse says:

    Well I see the DM and everyone else jumped right on this. Will Gossip Cop post anything or have Jen’s PR people abandoned that sad little site? I wonder what happened that she is finally filing now?? One of the DM comments speculates that he impregnated another woman. That would be such sweet irony, considering that’s how JEN got Ben to commit to her in the first place. That would be awesome.

  20. Kate says:

    A BIGGER story is coming I’m sure, that’s how this usually plays out, and it will be about Ben’s new love no doubt, that’s how US Weekly treated their break up, a few covers of them splitting up and details then BAM the real exclusive”nannygate”. The timing is perfect, as far as no movies coming out anytime soon, kids are on winter break, they’ll probably lay low. Ben is nowhere to be found, probably shacking up with his girlfriend, he spends more time with his new gf than he does his own kids.

  21. Libra girl says:

    Is it wrong that I can say with conviction that I could give a dusty fart about either one of them? She’s not going anywhere just like his hideous carpenter crack.

  22. Ash says:


    i was on this site and someone says she must be comforting to him in times of scandal….like a comfortable pair of shoes… I HOLLERED at that comment like tears of laughter….jeez love this site

    but back to Jen….girl gtfo and live life, ben not really checking for you.

  23. cindy says:

    I wonder if she is still in love with him. I know she’s “addicted” to him as far as her image goes, and wants to always be perceived as a wholesome mother, etc., but is she still hoping he will finally want to be with her? Or maybe the hideous back tattoo killed it once and for all……

  24. mel says:

    Celebs usually file late on Fridays or on Mondays, so lets see. There were pics of Jen with the kids and Ben’s mother watching the sunset from Sunday. It looked like a nice family moment so I though it was odd that Ben was nowhere to be seen. Makes sense now.

  25. A says:

    There’s another scandal coming. They definitely gave things another try last year but there was a change after Christmas.

  26. Lena horne says:

    They gave it a good try. Kudos to them. They will stay close.

  27. Jenfan says:

    Interesting that almost every news outlet has picked up this story except – People, Enews, ET – my guess is they are trying to get independent confirmation.

    I also believe they are probably both out of town by now – kids have school break next week.

  28. sofia says:

    Watching the sunset? I saw pics of Jen, Chris and the kids at a community fun run, what are these sunset pics?

  29. Amelie says:

    Whatever happened to her white lab Martha Stewart? I know she still had her when she and Ben first got together but after she had Violet the dog seemed to disappear. I’m assuming the dog has probably died since then, labs live about 10 years give or take. But I always got the feeling she rehomed Martha after she had kids because you never saw her ever when Garner was out and about with Baby Violet and Ben.

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      No she had her all along. She referred to her on the Martha Stewart show and on an appearance on Ellen a year or maybe even more ago she referred to losing a family pet so I think that might of been Martha. They got the kids a hamster or something to distract them from the loss or something along that line IF I recall right.

  30. sofia says:

    Now blind gossip is getting it on the action with an item that is clearly supposed to be them. Some of this stuff is just totally NUTS. A fourth kid? WHY would any sane person bring another child into a situation such as this? Where one spouse has to publicly threaten the other with divorce in order to get him to stop drinking, gambling, drugging, cheating, etc?! WTF is wrong with these people? They are clearly horrible for each other and need to find new partners. Sorry for the lengthy rant.

    • JoJo says:

      Totally agree. The blind item sounds pretty spot on, and this is why I have always sort of put more of the onus on her – especially at this point. I mean really, they’ve been up and down this road how many times now, and she just never stops hanging on. It’s ridiculous. If you have to threaten and push someone that hard – especially after everything they’ve already gone through – youhave to face what that’s telling you. Things aren’t going to change at this point, and if they do change for a while, it’s not genuine and probably won’t be for the long term. I’ve always said – she can’t let go, and he seems like he wants to but is afraid tof the repercussions. Someone cut the cord on these two.

      • Kate says:

        JoJo – Now you’re gonna take a blind item on Blindgossip as gospel? Jesus Christ, listen to yourself!! Ben Affleck could murder Jen and you’d be the one saying it was all her fault that he did it. Is Ben like a God in your eyes? like you never acknowledge his responsibility in his own f@ck ups, read laineygossip’s take and be enlightened, please.

      • YeahRight says:

        I’m not Jojo but I agree with her point. Yes Ben is a f-ck up but Jen is the one who puts up with it. I mean, are we supposed to feel sorry for her or something? JFC leave him or shut it. And “enlightened” is like the last word that I would use to describe Lainey and opinion about this. She really thinks that Jen is some master manipulator — I find her dragging this out in the press for her kids and family to witness rather pathetic and desperate but mileage varies.

      • JoJo says:

        @Kate – I don’t know why you keep repeating the same thing. I never said Ben wasn’t the one screwing up. But what I am saying now – and have been – is that, yes, at some point it becomes Jen’s responsibility to leave the situation. At a certain point, you have to start wondering what’s wrong with her as well. This looks like another desperate public threat on her part, and I’m surprised she’d do it yet again after seemingly already doing it nearly two years ago when they announced the split.

        It’s like that child in Chuck E Cheese throwing a tantrum, where the mother keeps threatening that they’re going to leave if he doesn’t stop – but he never does, and she never leaves.

  31. JRenee says:

    Almost 2 years later and this still gets a ton of comments, wow.

  32. sofia says:

    E News and their source have chimed in and I don’t think the source is so well-informed as the US source. lol There’s a lot of hedging.

    • Jenfan says:

      This enews article is very interesting. In the past enews always stuck with they are not getting back together, even in May when they were in Europe and every other semi reputable source (people, U.S., et etc) was saying they were cozy, getting back etc. Now they talk about a new information – affirming that Ben and Jen have actually be working on their relationship – even going on several trips alone together last year – with this source saying that at times a reconciliation looked very likely. Crazy!!! Cuz in the same article it says that the house is his “primary” residence – ie he has other places he lives. And then it altogether hedges and says even if Jen files for divorce – they will always be a family. Whatever

      • banana says:

        It doesn’t seem like the enews source has any real info at all. It’s deliberately indirect and just repeats the same stuff that we already know. But if I had to categorize it, I would say that it confirms that the relationship is dunzo and that she’s going to file. That’s the tone that I get from it.

  33. banana says:

    When it comes to the living situation, I think it was all speculation and no one ever knew what was really going on. First we heard that he was in Brook Shield’s old house next door. Then he’s in the guest house. Then he’s in the main house but a separate bedroom. Then the Enquirer is claiming that he “must have” moved back into the main house bc aerial pics (lmfao!!) show renovations. Now we have alleged info that he’s already moved out. I mean, come on. Everyone just needs to admit that they do not know for sure where he was living the past year or two. He could have moved out ages ago and who would have really known? My own theory is that he had people move him out when the paps knew that they were out of town and thus not watching the house. Maybe over Xmas break, when they were in Europe filming or something.

  34. YeahRight says:

    Call me cynical but I think this is a(nother) ploy for attention. The Daily Mail stopped running daily coffee/gym stroll stories on Jen maybe a few weeks ago. I wondered if she was hiding or something but no, she’s still getting paped, the pics just aren’t selling like they used to. The Valentine’s Day pics with Middle Child weren’t even deemed worthy of a recycled copy/paste DM story. I thought those were the latest pics of her this week but no, after US posted this story this morning, there are now Jen pics from yesterday that have surfaced of her leaving a nail salon or some sh-t. The world lost interest in these two and their drama for about a minute and then boom, someone’s PR is running to a tabloid with an alleged exclusive just in time to revive it all.

    I’ll believe it when I see the actual divorce filing, a judge signs off on it and they are officially divorced. The Doormat doesn’t have any better options than sticking it out with Batboobs and being his long-suffering wife. This are-they-or-aren’t-they story is the only thing that has kept her relevant for the last two years (until recently).

  35. BW says:

    *cups hands around mouth* Fake story! lol She will never divorce him. My guess is he’s been seeing someone and this is her public threat to get him to stop. Maybe she’s worried that it’s getting too serious. Either way, this is a baseless story… let’s say she files. It still has to be approved, etc. She can drag that out, as well. They’ll never divorce. How does anyone really believe this tabloid stuff? This dialogue has been repeated for the last 18 months.

  36. jccw says:

    So…any guesses on how the Oscars/ Vanity Fair party will turn out? (assuming they both partake in one/both of the activities)

  37. Dannie says:

    What is the point of the US Weekly article exactly? It’s just another vague update (I guess it’s news that he moved out?). She’s gearing up to file but hasn’t actually done it. And? The other semi-reliable sources (ET, eonline) are vague with somewhat misleading headlines (“nothing has changed,” “they’re obsessed with coparenting” “it’s a fluid relationship” lol at that last one). But like, is it too much to ask that they cool it with these endless articles until someone actually, literally FILES for divorce? I reason that US Weekly must be certain of this scoop otherwise they will lose all credibility concerning these two in the future if she doesn’t actually file. So what is the truth and again, what is the point? Like someone else speculated, is there a scandal coming and this is to head it off?

    • JoJo says:

      Agree, that was the first thing my husband said when I mentioned it – “I guarantee you Ben did something major, and now she’s trying to get out in front of it.” Just like what she said about the nanny and how they had already decided to divorce. Also agree that US likely has something solid if they ran with this story, and so far nothing from Gossip Cop. Not that GC means anything at all, but at the very least it means their reps aren’t talking and aren’t denying it.

      • Tina says:

        I think things have been on a downward spiral since Christmas. He acted like a pig during the Live By Night tour, he was papped with the sober nurse while Jen was in NYC, quitting the directing job, and now he is basically out of sight. I agree something bad happened and it is only a matter of time before it hits the news.

      • Ana says:

        Yup! Remember about Ben being totally rude in Montana to Jen and staff. Bad mouthing her in front of their friends and family. If he hated being married to her, dude should have filed a long time ago. Jen left the marriage a few years ago but worked it out. This is it for her

  38. Velvet Elvis says:

    Oh god, just let this be over already.

  39. Suzanne says:

    Remind me why they even told the press they were separating in the first place if they weren’t going to bother to divorce? Or why their PR have dropped these stories into the tabloids to feed the frenzy for two years? It’s really sick and selfish when you consider that they have kids old enough to google and read all of this. All could have been over and done with if they had filed, settled, and taken care of all of this back in June 2015 instead of doing a gleeful coparenting TOUR. Yet here we are again, another speculative story, will-they-won’t-they. I am disgusted with both of them at this point. No one looks good.

  40. Kate says:

    People must have the exclusive about Ben and his new girlfriend, maybe there was a bidding war for the photo of Ben with her in Cabo, they have exclusive rights to it and will drop that bombshell in their next issue. They were the only major gossip site that didn’t pick up the story about Jen ready to file for divorce. Jen was probably given a heads up about People’s scoop and to save face again, she had to go to USWeekly and give them the exclusive that she’s ready to file for divorce. I wonder how long Ben will go into hiding, maybe he’ll go public with his new girlfriend at one of the Oscar parties, I wonder who she is, sober nurse? Christine Ouzounian? 21 year old model? Ben is living his life!

    • tina says:

      Kate, I think you are on to something. The timing of this announcement is odd with Casey’s Oscar Night coming up. Something prompted her to go public with the filing – especially since it was always suggested that she was making him file. The very public display of unity with his mother last weekend also suggests that she is saving face.

  41. Eden says:

    Odd. Things were quiet in the tabloids for once until this story came out of nowhere. I’m guessing she didn’t actually file on Friday? Also unusual that People mag didn’t mention it at all. What is going on? lol I’m of the mind that even if she files, she’ll prob give him another chance. Divorce petitions expire (or people withdraw them) all the time. She’s forever giving him another chance — that’s why he will never improve while being with her. He knows by now that it doesn’t matter WHAT he does, she will take him back as long as he promises yada yada yada. She is spineless. When they commit to other people I’ll believe that it’s over.

  42. TheOtherOne says:

    Kid no. 4 is on the way….for him! He probably got his new girlfriend pregnant.

  43. Natalie4 says:

    I’ve always seen Ben as someone who needs to hit rock bottom before he’ll seriously consider giving up the booze, drugs, women, etc and settle down. Jen enables him, always has. She’s covered up his messes for the past 10+ years and pretended that everything was rosy, popping out band-aid kid after band-aid kid. Whenever he’s effed up in the past she might banish him to Matt’s house or whatever but she always let him come back. He clearly doesn’t take her and her threats seriously. I mean here we are 1.5 years after the separation press release and she still hasn’t pulled the trigger. I think he has been testing her to see if she would actually file and he’s been right, she hasn’t. It’s more convenient for him to stay in this marriage bc that way he gets it all: he can do whatever he wants, treat her like crap and she will look the other way and pretend all is fine for the media. This cycle will continue until he meets someone else & has a relationship that he doesn’t want to screw up, someone who will not put up with his lies, holds her ground and makes him accountable. Then he might straighten himself out. He’s like Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good As It Gets. He needs to find someone that he loves so much he wants to take his meds. But IDK, he’s so selfish and self-obsessed and there are plenty of women who would want to be with him and willing to put up with anything.

    • JoJo says:

      Yeah, now the Enquirer has a story that Jen is getting flirty with Vartan and that Ben doesn’t like it and that’s “OK” with Jen. Not that I’m putting credence in the Enquirer, but hey, they’ve been right before. Either way, it’s like – how old are these people?! They’re middle-aged! Way too old to be acting like this. It’s like one of those toxic relationships we all had in high school or college that dragged on way past its shelf life. At this point, it’s a joke. On the surface, Jen seems to have it all together, but underneath it all, Ben is her biggest weakness, always has been, like a drug she can’t and won’t quit. There is no great love story here – it just seems bizarre, unhealthy and sad.

      • Kate says:

        And Ben Affleck slept with his kids’ nanny, doesn’t get any worse than that, well I’m sure it does, and Ben has done worse I’m sure, what a sad, unhealthy, perverted, sick, no morals human being Ben is, huh? His poor children, one or two will for sure inherit all his bad vices, they don’t stand a chance with their father…. Ben’s weaknesses? drugs, strippers, alcohol, hot nannies, co-stars, gambling, hookers, sober nurses, etc. Good thing Jen’s divorcing him, isn’t that the title of this post?

      • JoJo says:

        Yes, agreed. And hopefully they won’t inherit her inclination to keep taking someone back time and time again, for years, having more kids and staying in a bad relationship despite what’s right in front of them. Hopefully she really is filing, but time will tell.

      • Kate says:

        I think I’d rather inherit her willingness to forgive and put her kids first, than all their father’s nasty vices. Neither are perfect, no one is, both are weak, but he banged his kids’ nanny!! OMG he slept with her in the Bahamas while his kids slept in the room next door!!!! This spell of bad luck he’s experiencing now is karma to the max, for all the bad he’s done to others. I can’t wait though for the real story coming next week, you know Ben got himself into more SH!T. what a disgrace he is to his children!

      • JoJo says:

        I guess we’ll see if they try to play happy family at church tomorrow.

      • Jenfan says:

        It’s vacation week – they will not be at church tomorrow.
        Bracing for the next scandal. Poor kids

      • JoJo says:

        Right, but we don’t know that they’re away for vacation week, so if they’re in LA, there’s no reason they wouldn’t go to church. If there’s a scandal coming, I’m doubting Jen isn’t going away with Ben – even as friends.

      • BW says:

        I honestly do feel sorry for the kids. Their parents are more interested in playing media games and dancing in front of the paps than raising them in a peaceful environment. Jen’s career is over, move out of LA. She enjoys those gym strolls too much. As for tomorrow, who knows. Might be the last bit of good PR he can get doing the united front church stroll before… whatever’s going to apparently hit next week happens.

      • Jenfan says:

        She could take them out of town by herself – rich people go on vacation whenever the kids are out of school. Last year they got papped by the airport on their way out
        I was thinking another possibility – maybe someone finally pushed Ben into rehab (he has not been seen in a while). and all this is to deflect attention from press finding that out.

      • Tammy says:

        @Jenfan I don’t think they would use the divorce (and ensuing media frenzy) for that purpose. It invites a lot of negative attention — there is a video of Jen and Seraphina leaving someplace yesterday and the paps were swarming and asking Jen if she was okay. I don’t think they would invite that. No one knows where he is right now. That new home of his must be away from the paps’ usual places. He might not even be in town right now. Off to Cape Breton again?

      • JoJo says:

        @JenFan – Ben hasn’t been seen much in LA in general since Montana. I do believe the US story that he’s now moved out of the family home. It seems hard to believe Jen would make up such a major story that she was filing that would draw such a media frenzy upon her kids – only in an attempt to hide a rehab stay. Plus, there’s really no need. Ben has always been good at hiding from press when he wants to, and he goes for long periods without being papped, so I don’t think suspicions are aroused when he’s not papped for a while anyway.

      • Jenfan says:

        I know everyone is convinced her PR dropped this story on US mag – but I don’t know – why would she do that – especially since obviously had not left town yet. If people has a story on Ben it would not be out until next Wed.

        Also why plant it in US, why not just file and let the press pick it up – after 20 months those divorce papers have to be ready.

        I just watched that video of her and Sera being mobbed – I don’t think I have seen anything like that since she came back from Europe with the kids. Awful for that child.

      • Tammy says:

        @Jenfan I think if People has something they will just put it on the website, like US did with this. As for the timing and purpose, I mean… why did they announce their separation when they did? To get it out ahead of nannygate. Why did she do her big interview with Vanity Fair instead of keeping her private thoughts to herself? It was a career/PR move. *shrug* It’s what they do, air their private lives in the public. I don’t understand it myself.

      • BW says:

        @JenFan I suspect that someone is laying the groundwork for something. Maybe the timing couldn’t be helped. Not sure tbh. US has been her PR team’s go-to source all along, what is your alternate theory about this? They could have written the article differently, like “Jen has been hinting to friends that divorce would be the best option” or something. That would at least give them some wiggle room. They’ve painted themselves into a corner by writing this big, attention-getting exclusive story confirming that she’s going to file. They will lose all credibility if she never does. Seems like a risk for a tabloid to take IMO unless they are certain.

      • Jenfan says:

        @BW I really don’t know. I’m not saying US is making it up – but they have made up other stuff – about these 2 and others.

      • JoJo says:

        Although I will say, I just went back and read the US article again. Their choice of content is interesting since the “band aid baby” and “Ben stayed longer than he wanted” quotes aren’t really Jen-friendly messages. That said, it does seem like there’s something to the story, if nothing else because they seem to have completely stopped being papped together in recent months. Also, clearly Gossip Cop is getting complete silence from their reps on this.

      • BW says:

        @jojo Yeah, the stuff that they added about Sam and Ben — it’s like they really wanted to hit it home (hard) that the marriage is over. Acknowledging that Sam was a band-aid baby? lol That’s the kind of thing that people like us talk about on a forum like this, it’s funny to see it printed in articles like that.

        I looked at the last significant Ben/Jen story on US Weekly’s site and it’s actually that highly unusual sitdown interview that Ben did with them for Live By Night on 1/11. I remember we were all suspicious of that interview bc he would never deign to give a tabloid like that such an extensive interview. That was right after they returned from Montana and there was this talk that it had been a disaster with Ben being belligerent and then there he was pap’d with the detox nurse. Suddenly US gets an exclusive interview and still has never said a word about her or ran the pics. I think they must know something and have maybe been sitting on it for awhile now.

      • JoJo says:

        @A – E! was the one outlet that stood firm against all others all summer on the fact that there was absolutely no reconciliation at all. Ben was not trying to win Jen back. It was just coparenting – nothing more. In fact E! was the one that immediately came out to completely deny the story about the divorce being on hold, citing Affleck sources. Did you believe E! then?

        As for ET, they wrote a story in May/June of 2015 amid all the split speculation that everything was just fine and that they were all planning to spend the summer as a family. And we see how that turned out. A week later they split and Jen went to Atlanta that summer.

        And nothing from Gossip Cop. This means their reps aren’t saying a word – even to deny the Vartan/Enquirer story. Last time their reps went completely dark was before the split news. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it’s definitely something. Even if Ben is in rehab, it wouldn’t make sense to try to cover it up with a story like this.

    • Kate says:

      Wild card guess? The new girlfriend ran to US with the exclusive, it wouldn’t be the first time a side chick of Ben’s ran to a tabloid with an exclusive coughNANNYcough, positioning herself, moving things along, so that both Ben and Jen have no choice but acknowledge who she is now and piss off Jen and get her out of the picture for good. Confirming Ben moved out, that Ben never wanted to be married to Jen and that Sam was a “mistake”, you’re right not Jen friendly at all, someone that would benefit from Jen filing for divorce? The next future ex wife of Ben Affleck, Elizabeth Weaver? Christine Ouzounian? And Ben would benefit too, he finally get what he wants, freedom.

  44. BW says:

    There is more attention on them right now thanks to the US story than has been in a while. It will be hard for them to leave town without anyone knowing. She could take them away by herself, possibly to visit family. The paps are not going to West Virginia, lol, as much as she likes to say that they would follow her anywhere. But I would think that if there were a scandal coming that involved their dad he would want to be with them when it does.
    Also, I was surprised to see that she was still in LA on Friday. Her MO has been to drop a story and bolt. I figured she/they were already out of town when the story hit but no. I mean, why didn’t US wait until Monday to release this story (if they are going out of town)?

  45. A says:

    Starting to doubt US’s credibility on this story. Jen and Ben announced the divorce just after school broke up for summer and skipped town. This story came at half-term so I’m surprised that Jennifer didn’t file on Friday afternoon and head out of town. Leaking a story about intention to file would make no sense – it just keeps it in news for longer than necessary. She wouldn’t still be in LA with a normal routine if she’d planned for bad news to break. No way she would knowingly subject her daughter to a pap storm outside her dance class.

    E and Entertainment Weekly know that Us is generally credible and yet felt confident enough in their sources to deny any imminent permanent split, and to confirm reconciliation attempts.

    Only pause for thought is People’s silence. However, I don’t think the story is related to a new relationship. Ben can be stupid but not that stupid. He can get his shit together when he needs to.If he had a new gf, sources would have been telling tabloids over a period of months that he and Jen were now at peace with decision to split, then that he was ready to date, and then that he had a new gf. On LbN tour, he was still in Win Jen Back mode.

    If a story is coming, I think it’s related to rehab.

    • girl with a horse says:

      Going to have to disagree. I don’t see how snuggling with Sienna Miller and flirting in interviews is evidence of him being respectful and in Win Jen Back mode. The times that he did speak about her it seemed to be in past tense. I never bought his very generic declarations (“she’s the best cook I know! no one cleans a bathroom like her!” etc) as anything other than playing the media game, trying to make himself look good and get a good soundbite.

      Enews and other sites and their “sources” — those are the ones whose credibility I doubt. Firstly it sounded like they use the same one person as a source. I thought they were very hedging and generic and ‘whatever happens they will always love their children’ — read to me like they were covering all bases in case their source just didn’t have the same info that US has.

      They’ve not been seen together this year at all outside of a couple of church strolls. You have to go back to November to get pics of them together when they aren’t going to church with the kids. I think it’s fairly obvious that he’s moved out. As for the presumed coming announcement I don’t think releasing a story about filing for divorce can reasonably set up an announcement about rehab. In fact, I would think that they would take the opposite angle, that he’s trying to win her back by going, he’s very serious this time, etc etc. That way, rehab has a positive connotation. In fact it might even make her look bad to finally pull the plug when he’s at his worst and struggling and checking himself in somewhere, instead of being the endlessly supportive wife. No, not really buying that…

    • BW says:

      “Ben can be stupid but not that stupid.” Nannygate? lol He officially blew his life up by dating the nanny. I mean I think the point here is that he CAN screw up and won’t get to control the narrative. And I think he and Jen agree on one thing and that’s that they want to control the press that’s out there about them. ‘They enjoy co-parenting. They’re putting the kids first. They are great friends and supportive of each other.’ Blah blah we all know the lines by now. I don’t think they care if the tabloids print things that aren’t necessarily true anymore, such as that he’s living in the guest house. They aren’t going to go out of their way to correct that because it makes them/him look good and it’s one less thing to have to talk about. And as long as things look copacetic, they can ride this co-parenting wave and no one will suspect that anything different is going on behind closed doors. There have been rumors about both of them seeing other people. There may even be a pic of him on vacation with another woman. He’s proven that he can sneak around and keep secrets but she can, too. Stuff is starting to leak and it may have reached the point where they have to change the narrative.

      Us got to break the story about the divorce. In fact, it was the same writer (Stephanie Webber) who wrote this latest piece. Us also broke the story about the nanny as well as that they had been in couples therapy forever. They also ~somehow~ got him to give them an exclusive interview last month in the wake of Sober Companion pics. Us seems to be a few steps ahead of the rest IMO. The rest are still repeating the same tired lines — united front, kids first, will always love each other.

    • BW says:

      I did want to add one more thing but I can’t edit my previous post. I’m no expert but I think releasing a divorce filing story because the real story is that Ben’s going to rehab is the worst way they could possibly handle it. Which is why I don’t agree with that theory. They’re much more savvy than that. A guy in Ben’s position wouldn’t really do it that way. He’d probably quietly go and then much, much later talk about his sobriety (like Casey has) or he’d start setting up family-friendly stories about how he’s wanting to improve himself for his kids, etc. allude to his vices and talk about how it’s time for change. Then when he goes to rehab these tabloids could point to that and put a positive spin on it all. But “she’s going to file” setting up “he’s going to rehab”? No offense but that’s absurd.

    • A says:

      I didn’t suggest they leaked a divorce story to cover up a rehab stint? I posited that Jennifer didn’t purposely leak the divorce story because it has no advantage for her. If she intends to file, a tabloid prewarning simply extends negative news coverage. The story only made sense when there was a possibility that she’d file on Friday night.

      Yes, Nannygate is an example of him being a dumbass. But he has shown in the past that he can control dumb impulses for a long stretch after erring. You’ve said yourself that he can be media-savvy. The media rollout you outline for rehab also applies to new partners. I’m doubtful that he was in Cabo. The two commentators who saw the picture admitted that it could’ve been a case of misidentity and just another man with a similar build. If he was strolling around Cabo, there would have been more social media chatter.

      Us didn’t break the story about therapy. It wasn’t a secret that they were in couples’ therapy. They had been photographed leaving their therapist’s office on many occasions. I think Jennifer even discussed how helpful it was in an interview.

      Ben also gave an interview to People. He’s willing to give interviews to anyone to promote films he’s directed.

      • BW says:

        Leaking the filing story ONLY benefits Jen. Currently most people either think they’re going to get back together or that they’re already divorced. Not anymore. The story only makes sense if she would have filed on Friday? Absurd. Cling to that if it makes you feel better, I guess! The purpose of the story is to remind people that yes, the divorce is still very much ON despite what you may have been led to believe. Mission accomplished.

        It was certainly not common knowledge that they were in couples therapy for so long. Maybe for stans who saw pap pics and googled doctors’ names or something. Us Weekly confirmed it and made it a permanent part of their narrative.

        People and Us Weekly are not on the same plane. He’s too important these days and doesn’t do interviews like that for Us — their articles normally consist of quotes and things he gives to other outlets. Until the Jan 11 one, that is.

        You did suggest that they leaked a divorce story because a rehab story is coming, so IDK why you’re bothering to say you didn’t.

      • brigid says:

        He prob agreed to throw the tabloids a bone (or an interview) in exchange for not running his detox nurse pics. Because last I checked none of them had. Even leaving out the woman’s occupation, they still didn’t run the pics. They’ll post Ben walking from point a to point b like it’s news, but out and about with an attractive detox nurse doesn’t make it onto the site? It is obvious that this is what transpired.

        Idk about cabo and pics (?) but he was in Atlanta on Jan 20 visiting a film set and only one person posted about it on social media. No chatter otherwise. Not everyone runs to social media about everything they experience in life, just sayin.

      • A says:

        “The purpose of the story is to remind people that yes, the divorce is still very much ON” The most effective way? To, y’know, actually file for divorce.

        I absolutely did not suggest the divorce filing story was leaked to distract from a rehab story. As I’ve made clear upthread, there was no logical reason for Jennifer’s team to leak that story if she wasn’t imminently filing. It looks sloppy and amateur.

      • BW says:

        “If a story is coming, I think it’s related to rehab.” February 19, 2017 at 1:48 am

        Why did Jennifer issue the press release (three days after she found out about the nanny) that they were getting divorced if she did not intend to file right away? Hm? Her entire PR game has been amateur and sloppy. They have dragged this out and in fact USED it to generate press, all while subjecting innocent kids to media scrutiny.

      • A says:

        I think a story about Ben is going to break mainly because of his low profile and People’s silence. I stated this on CB even before Us Weekly’s story broke. It makes no sense to leak a divorce story to distract from a rehab story – I have never, ever said that.

        Many celebrities issue statements at the time of the split and officially divorce later. There’s no way to avoid an initial media storm and there’s nothing sloppy about that. Gwyneth is a recent example – the actual divorce ruling wasn’t much of a story because they had new partners and were coparenting amicably. Since summer 2015, the Affleck divorce hadn’t been a huge story either.

        However, if Jennifer intends to file soon, this second media storm could’ve been lessened by just filing rather than creating an unnecessary round of stories about the mere intention to file.

    • brigid says:

      If E News were really so confident in their sources why did they have people down at the courthouse all day to watch for Jen? lol They don’t know.

  46. brigid says:

    My first thought when I saw this: what did Ben do now? lol When he wants out of something, he sabotages it. It’s not opinion, it’s fact. He’s a coward who doesn’t want to be the one who ends things bc it’s easier to say ‘you gave up on me’ rather than leave (and bc his father left and Ben has never forgiven him or gotten over it). He cheated on Goop until she dumped him. He cheated on JLo with strippers so she would end their engagement. He cheated on Garner with literally all of LA, got thrown out of casinos, got drunk, did drugs, smoked like a chimney, ignored the kids, spent too much time away working, embarrassed her in his Oscar speech… he’s thrown everything at her over the years and nothing worked. So he effed the nanny. That she would not be able ignore and he knew it. Three days later she announced their divorce. So again I ask, what has Ben done now? He has done something to trigger this exclusive scoop and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

    ETA: For the record I dont think Ben is horrible or damaged or even terribly complicated. I think he’s unhappy and doesn’t know what to do about it.

  47. JoJo says:

    @A – I posted a response to your comment about the US story and E! And ET’s articles – but I somehow mistakenly posted it in the wrong place. It’s above (posted at 8:52 a.m.). :)

    • A says:

      ET and E! may well have this wrong but, if they’re just making stuff up rather than checking in with legit sources, I’m surprised they didn’t go with the percieved wisdom, which is Us Weekly’s take.

      I didn’t take much notice when E! denied reconciliation rumors; they were towing to the official coparenting line. From all the photos and stories over the past year, my read of the situation has been that they were at least considering a reconciliation.

      Something is going on right now and it should break within the next week – People’s silence, GossipCop’s silence, Ben’s low profile, Us Weekly’s story. If it’s nothing more than divorce filings, the rollout has been really sloppy. If it’s a new partner, the rollout has also been sloppy (especially given his experience with the clusterf*ck of Nannygate). If it’s something to do with addiction or depression, it’s sad smut as far as I’m concerned.

  48. Jenfan says:

    @jojo. I agree with what you said about E! – even when they were papped going out to dinner alone – E was the only one that said – no big deal. That is why I find their article so interesting, saying how their working on their relationship, even taking multiple trips alone together. It’s so contrary to everything they have been saying.

    Do you think she will actually file?

    • Diane says:

      For what it’s worth, in the video on E! online, they say their source doesnt think Jennifer is going to file and nothing is imminent.

    • JoJo says:

      @JenFan – I think US must have “something” in order to run an article like that that they had to know would get picked up on such a massive scale as nearly the initial split announcement. And I do think something has shifted – there are no more displays of “togetherness” with these two. That said, I don’t necessarily think she has it in her to file, but I would be pleasantly surprised if she does. I don’t see the advantage of leaking it in advance except – as we’ve all said – maybe to head off a bigger scandal that’s coming or maybe some kind of public warning shot to Ben, which, if it’s the latter, that’s just sad at this point. I truly believe these two are the epitome of dysfunction and enablement. Even what the E!/ET articles said about their relationship being fluid – I mean, really? At 45, with three kids, you’re going to put up with a fluid relationship with your own spouse? I just don’t see any kind of love story here. I see sickness. So, I guess my thought is, I don’t know if she’ll muster up the strength to file, but I do think there’s something major going on behind the scenes – TBD what that is.

      • Jenfan says:

        I was just thinking before this story broke Friday – how quite things had been on their whole relationship front. Lots of news about Ben and batman but nothing about them.

        With the oscars a week away – how will that all pan out – will either or both go? With Casey’s nomination I have to think Ben will be there and Hen basically goes every year

      • Kim says:

        I think Us has a story (or knows that one will break elsewhere) that is going to make Jen look like a pathetic, trampled-on doormat unless people have it in their heads that she’s going to file. Most logical imo is Ben with another woman. It’s possible that they are trying to negotiate burying said-story and if they are successful, we won’t see her filing or hear anything else about it and they’ll continue with their co-parenting media tour. But if it runs it’s fresh in everyone’s mind that she is done with him. It’s like her VF interview all over again — she tried to pretend that the nanny didn’t matter bc they had allegedly been separated for months at that point. lol This marriage has been long over but they are going to make sure that it plays out in the press how they want to and they get maximum press from it.