Brad Pitt is either casually double-dating or just hanging out with ‘friends’

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Last week, Page Six suspiciously reported that Brad Pitt has already started dating. While I believe that Brad probably has been seeing women in the past few months, the way Page Six framed their story made it seem… odd/gross. Like, woohoo, STUD Brad Pitt is back on the market and every time he walks down the street, ladies throw their panties at him. Like, all of his exes are calling him up and wanting to see him now that The Leg of Doom is gone. Well, People Magazine waited for a week and then they basically confirmed Page Six’s reporting – Brad is dating, it’s nothing serious and friends have been setting him up.

Brad Pitt is single for the first time in over a decade – but is he ready to embrace it? The actor, who split from wife Angelina Jolie last September, “has been dating a bit,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“It’s not anything serious,” the insider adds, however. “He doesn’t have a girlfriend. It’s more of a way to get out and be social.” Part of Pitt’s return to the dating scene was because of the influence of his friends, who “don’t want him to sit at home alone.” The source says, “He seems more comfortable double-dating and friends are helping out.”

[From People]

No drama and not as gross as Page Six’s story. Apparently though, someone wants us to know that Brad is NOT dating. Entertainment Tonight published this story after People Mag’s story:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are keeping the focus on their children. Sources tell ET that despite reports, both 41-year-old Jolie and 53-year-old Pitt are still very much single after their split in September. ET has learned that Jolie is not currently dating at this time, and that she hasn’t dated anyone since the breakup, as her main focus is on her children. Meanwhile, another source tells ET that Pitt is also not dating other people, but is spending time out with friends.

“Everything is going well; the family is getting along and keeping things private,” the source says. “That is his sole focus right now.”

On Tuesday, a source close to Pitt told ET that the actor spent time with all six of his children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8 — at his home in Los Feliz, California, on April 2. According to the source, it had been a while since the six Jolie-Pitt children had been back at his home, quite possibly not “since the week before news [of the split] broke.”

It appears Jolie and Pitt are now committed to resolving their issues privately after an intense custody battle. Last month, a source told ET that Pitt has been speaking directly to Jolie, as their divorce has died down in the media, adding that the two are focused on doing what’s in the best interest of their kids.

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Meh, I think this is basically a semantic difference. “He’s been spending time with friends” versus “He goes on loose double dates with friends and it’s nothing serious.” Both can be true. So, Team Pitt wants us to know that he’s sort of getting back out there but it’s nothing serious because he loves his kids so much but of course he’s such a stud and his friends just want him to meet some nice ladies. I still wonder who Brad’s next official girlfriend will be. I feel like she’ll definitely be in her 20s. But will she be blonde? That’s what I can’t figure out. He doesn’t seem to have a real type when it comes to hair color.

Also: Brad was photographed a few days ago looking “gaunt.” I would say he just looks “thin” not gaunt.

'Allied' UK film premiere - Arrivals

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  1. KB says:

    Brad is dating or not dating and has a girlfriend or is single! Juicy scoop these tabloids managed to get!

  2. vauvert says:

    I honestly never saw him as hot even in his heyday. So obviously I am not finding him hot now – the only time he ever appealed to me was as Angie’s partner and devoted dad. He’s a movie star, I’m sure he won’t lack for offers both casual and serious, and he will eventually show up with a GF – but he knows everyone will compare her to AJ so it might be a while until he finds someone he wants to be exposed to that comparison. IMO he will keep his flings on the down low to protect his image, and to shop around for someone who will be perceived as a good enough replacement.

  3. adastraperaspera says:

    Not sure how he and his people think these stories are helping his image. They aren’t.

    • AlmondMilk says:

      Pretty sure this kind of thing is CYA for Brad and whomever he might hook up with.

      He has no intention of living his dotage fighting off tabloid reports about another triangle that makes him look insensitive and shady or whomever he ends up with.

      The real issue with he and Aniston, was not that there was infidelity, but that supposedly she felt he hadn’t let a sufficient mourning period for their relationship elapse before he went chasing after Angelina. Some claim there was a casual agreement that they wouldn’t be seriously involved or date people right away. Brad told the director Innaritu that he couldn’t wait for Angelina. This led to Aniston’s years long cold shouldering and bitter. She didn’t like how it made her look.

      Because Angelina is the one who filed, i maintain he was never going to have that same issue with her. But it’s probably less her and more how concerned he is about what his children and the public think. So this time he and his camp want everyone to understand that IF there is ever any semi-public or public dating, it’s all been sanctioned and no one is going to be going on Oprah crying into her bosom about it sipping champagne.

  4. Beth says:

    Would it really matter if he was dating? Him and Angie broke up. They’re both allowed to move on. I never found him to be a hottie that made me drool, but I’m sure some do.

  5. Mildred Pierce says:

    I’m more interested in why he’s only just started spending time at HIS home with his kids 7 months later. I thought he was cleared?

    • abby says:

      Exactly! IMO that’s a much bigger story.

    • bap says:

      @Mildred Its been up to the Therapist how much time he could spend with the children set up by children service and court ordered documents.

      • LadyT says:

        I’d like to refer to your own statement below.
        That’s what PR is for- to distract from what is really happening with the visitation.
        The therapists do not have custody of the children. Jolie does.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        This story is based on custody issues from October/November/December. That was when both Brad and Angelina had issues with the therapists–Angelina wanted to follow the therapists guidelines i.e. once a week visitation, but felt that the kids were not opening up to the therapists, while Brad felt that the therapists were not taking his needs into account, and wanted more visitation with the kids that would see him. However, this is a moot point because all of the court docs, etc have been sealed and they have a private judge now.

        And unless a lack of pap whoring out your kids i.e. Robin Thicke after he was accused of child abuse (based on his son not wanting to go back home with him, etc) and given supervised visitation, and then proceeded to have that supervised visitation in park crawling with paps means that you aren’t seeing your kids, then I guess Brad isn’t. Given the paps have only caught him going to and from an art studio once in a blue moon, I wouldn’t rely on it.

        We have no idea what is going on with custody, because it is all sealed.

      • LadyT says:

        Virgil- So if Brad is seen with his children its extreme pap whoring but when Jolie is out with them it’s a lovely family outing? I hope all is well but Pitt looks like crap and I have my doubts.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        I am not talking about Angelina being seen with them, etc. I’m saying that for months and months the rumors have basically said that Brad was either a child abuser, or someone who cares more about his dating life or Hollywood life than his kids–but frame in a “poor Brad” way. there has been a lot of speculation about how much of the kids he has. Speculation because he hasn’t been seen with them, and beyond Angelina bringing them on vacation and then to promote a film that some of her kids worked on (first they killed my father), they haven’t been seen either.

        What I am saying is that we don’t know. Because neither parent is bringing the kids out for the paps–they have gone when they had to. So all of these comments about Brad wanting to be seen as the Man, etc………all of the tabloid stories have painted Angelina as this evil person who’s keeping the kids away. All Brad had to do to reinforce that is get pap’d with the kids at a park or something. And then all of the stories would revolve around a count/watch of when Brad had the kids–like when the tabloids did a count of how long it had been that Tom C. had seen Suri. Tabs can’t do that now, period, because the JP kids have not been seen in months.

        All I am saying is that you can’t judge on pap pics. and that I would have thought that people on here would be glad that neither Brad nor Angelina were doing daily pap walks like Jennifer G or Ben.

    • LadyT says:

      I’d like to know also. There is obviously WAY more to this story.

    • roses says:

      Does seem strange. Makes me think all this talk about him dating is really just a diversion to keep eyes and ears off of his custody situation. To just get an at-home visit with your kids and it’s been 7 months and you were supposedly cleared definitely doesn’t add up unless something pretty serious went down. Hopefully though things are getting better for them all.

      • bap says:

        @roses That’s what the purpose of PR is for Distract of what really is happening with the visitations.

      • LadyT says:

        To just now get at-home visits after seven months is extreme to say the least. For the parents to just last month start communicating directly is extreme, especially with Jolie’s talk of healing. Really? Not speaking to your children’s father? Contrary to popular opinion here I just don’t see Pitt as an ongoing raging, abusing addict. I also can not fathom what could have happened on the plane that was so horrific that he’s practically lost his kids and yet he was cleared by investigators. I know it’s all sealed now and I’m glad for that. But this is a gossip site and I do wonder just how ugly these proceedings continue to be and why.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        My whole point is that we don’t know what they are/aren’t doing, because the court docs have been sealed since early January. That was when they released a joint statement. I would say, based on the joint statement that they are directly talking, but that is just me speculating. I would be shocked if they were not.

        My interpretation of the court docs is this–the once a week, supervised visits was the court order when Brad was under investigation. That was when the court’s therapists came in. After Brad was cleared, he wanted more/increased visitation. Angelina didn’t want to do that because she wanted to follow what the therapists said. The therapists didn’t think the kids were ready, for whatever reason. But Brad wanted different therapists because he felt that they weren’t taking his needs into account, and his lawyer reminded Angelina’s lawyer that this was VOLUNTARY, and that if he went to court and requested more visitation (instead of just asking Angelina to let him have the kids more), then he would get it, because he had been cleared. that is where the parenting comments came in. That was basically the friction between them in the fall of 2016–they disagreed with how to proceed, basically.

        And your last sentence–you wonder how ugly the proceedings will be. They aren’t. Not that we know of. Not since January. Just because we don’t see them (which isn’t exactly rare, bc. we actually only really get a flurry of pics when they are promoting something or filming–they are doing neither), doesn’t mean that they are fighting, etc, and that is my point. We have no idea what is going on. We could wake up tomorrow and the news be that Brad and Angelina finalized their divorce and they have 50-50 custody.

        So yea. Again–I would think people on here would be glad that when he is pap’d, he’s by himself. He’s clearly not using them for his own PR, so I don’t get those comments either, because the tabloids have always portrayed Brad as a spineless loser (just pretty words, but yea everything is EVIL ANGELINA’S fault)…… why these stories are a surprise (bc. they are pathetic), is weird to me.

      • Paige says:

        How legit is this source? If everything is sealed now and the kids haven’t been spotted in L.A. since Angelina returned with them nearly three months ago how do they know how often the kids have been with their father? Everything is private now and a judge is involved so I doubt a judge especially one in the state of California would allow Angelina to keep Brad from the kids. I know people want to make assumptions and brand Brad as a horrible father and Angie as a horrible person keeping the kids from their father, but we don’t know anything. Brad and Angie have always been able to get around L.A. without being seen. I doubt that changed since the divorce. Celebs can have privacy in L.A. if they want to.
        The story about them only speaking to each other last month is BS. I’m not a therapist or lawyer but I’m sure if they didn’t communicate before last month therapist or the judge would have stepped in.

      • LadyT says:

        Paige- I know nothing. It’s just been a long, long time. If Brad had more access to his kids currently I personally think that good news, positive news would be out there some way, some how. Perhaps I’m wrong and a clean, clear divorce and custody settlement is just around the corner.

      • Gunnar says:

        @VirgiliaCoriolanus “his lawyer reminded Angelina’s lawyer that this was VOLUNTARY, and that if he went to court and requested more visitation (instead of just asking Angelina to let him have the kids more), then he would get it, because he had been cleared”

        Again this is a misrepresentation of this case. Pitt was not cleared with regards to the plane incident as had he done nothing wrong DCFS would have closed the case at that stage. Further if he disagreed with their recommendations he could have gone to court/argued his case with a judge. Instead he agreed/chose to follow their recommendations. Why would he if he did nothing wrong? He had two options, fight or accept punishment, to suggest that accepting the latter was voluntary is parsing/softening language. He didn’t have to, he chose to. The confusion for some however, exists because the agreement signed between the two parties (Pitt/Jolie) was voluntary in so much as a stipulation and order is a voluntary but nonetheless legally binding agreement.

        Also if memory serves me correct Pitt did file an RFO but there was no order meaning whatever he requested was not granted by the court. Pitt likely then thought better of going down the litigious route and instead finally agreed to mediate with Jolie (the favoured/better choice), hence the private judge.

    • jinni says:

      That’s because the kids didn’t want to see him. Plain and simple.

      Like another person pointed out, all these Pitt’s too hot to trot and he’s a hot piece that has all these women feenin’ for him stories, are cover-ups for the real story which is why hasn’t he been with his kids.

      Plus Pitt knows he can no longer build his public image on being a dad since that image is tarnished and now hinges on whether the kids want to be seen with him since he can’t just parade them in front of the paps to bolster that image whenever he wanted like he use to. So he and his team are falling back on the Pitt is so sexy; “other guys want to be him and women want to have him” image he had for years before trading it in for the super daddy image he used while with Jolie.

      • bap says:

        @Jinni His image is everything to him and his team.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Loving the fact that we are not hearing anything from Camp Angelina Jolie… Brad and his team are so desperate and people are clearly seeing through it and not buying what he is selling even on people’s website people are complaining.

      • bap says:

        Andrea1 Angelina side has been silent. Angelina’s children are more important to her than hollyweird image.

      • Mildred Pierce says:

        What are People posters saying? Shouldn’t they be happy he’s dating?

      • Andrea1 says:

        @Mildred Pierce i saw some comments saying people’s constant stories about Brad is making him look pathetic.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        Correction (I read the TMZ court docs): in October/November/December of 2016, the two older kids i.e. Maddox and Pax did not want to see Brad. Which given what happened is not surprising. Brad fucked up, their parents separated shortly after that, and then they had to have CPS talk to them. They are moody teenagers to begin with, and I don’t think going from living full time with your father being in your life, etc, to only seeing him once a week in therapy to talk about what happened when your father fucked up, helps the relationship.

        If you read the court docs from October/November/December 2016, Brad wanted increased visitation, because the four younger ones wanted to see him (there was something about how if one of the kids didn’t want to see him/couldn’t make it, then he wanted more time with some of the others to make up for it)………..

        ……….but that is from 2016. January 2017, the court docs were sealed, so we have no idea how much brad has the kids or not.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        And some of these comments are wow. Again–I read the court docs. Their initial disagreements over custody was the fact that Angelina wanted to rely on the experts (even when she disagreed) and Brad did not. If you read the letters–Angelina felt the kids were not opening up to the therapists. Which…………their entire world has just changed and they are reduced to having a once a week visit with their father, while they talk about why he’s not living with them anymore. I would imagine, not far out from my teenage years that that doesn’t help with Maddox and Pax, because they’re moody teenagers to begin with. Now they have to sit and talk about what happened. I didn’t want to do that at the best of times, let alone at a time like that.

        Am I disagreeing that Brad fucked up and he needs to make it right? Absolutely not. But most of these comments are acting like Brad is one step below a pedophile, when he what happened was he lost control and messed up. Once. Which we know that because while they were going back and forth via the supervised visits, Brad’s lawyer told Angelina’s lawyer that Angelina specifically told the judge, CPS, et al that it was a one time incident and that Brad is a wonderful father, period. So some of y’all need to stop acting like he’s the mom from A Child Called It, especially since these stupid stories are based on court documents from last year. They have no idea how much he is or isn’t seeing the kids, because he’s not pap whoring them.

  6. jinni says:

    His skin looks raw and roasted in the set up papwalk pics.

  7. Adorable says:

    I like Brad & All but lately these “is he dating”..”isn’t he dating”..have further added to my turn off with him,it’s like he almost wants us to think he can get anyone he wants(sure he can)but don’t be so desperate about It!…

  8. Renee2 says:

    In the images with the beige shirt he looks like the Truvago commercial guy.

  9. Rhiley says:

    He doesn’t look healthy :-( I am sure it is hard for him to really eat right now and he is probably working out some and maybe he isn’t a twelve pack of beer a night, but dang, he looks sickly.

  10. PettyRiperton says:

    His team is so ass backwards you would think after being accused of child abuse and email with info that some of his kids don’t want to be around him. That his PR people would want to push the devoted father storyline. This current narrative makes him look very desperate. Brad should focus on his kids and his health the hoes will always be there.

  11. deevia says:

    He looks like someone sucks all the juice outta him in that candid pic. Choose the face or the @ss, Brad?

  12. Fa says:

    The dude did not sort out the custody of his kids yet, tabloids and his teams want him to date..

  13. Noelle says:

    “I feel like she’ll definitely be in her 20s” probably and that would be a 30 year age difference. I know it happens all the time in Hollywood. She will cheat on him.

  14. Del says:

    What I would like to know is that who is this people leaking stories from people mag and giving this exclusives on et… I do think brad still loves angelina. He did something really wrong there on that plane… If brad really loves his family then why he’s doing this instead repairing the damage that he caused.. He said Angie is the love of his life and then this!.. Maybe casually dating while everything still hanging…

  15. Jess says:

    I think he looks gaunt, you can see his ribs in one of the pics, which aren’t normally visible on him. He looks sickly to me. But, he most likely brought this on himself so I don’t feel bad for him. I’m in the camp of people who never found him overly attractive anyway, and I love Jennifer Aniston but Angie made him look better, and I’m straight as can be but I would without a doubt hook up with her if ever given the chance, lol.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      He has been thin for a while, but I am wondering if it is for the movie that he’s doing…it films in June/July………because he’s been maintaining this weight for a while, and it’s not just weight loss i.e. he doesn’t have skin hanging off from rapid weight loss via dieting/the bottle (my grandma was an alcoholic, and she looked awful bc. we used to be the same size, I could wear her tshirts, jeans, shorts, etc……..after her divorce she went on a “liquid” diet of beer and cigarettes and she lost soooo much weight in a few months, that it was freaky seeing her)……..

    • Noelle says:

      Of course! What is interesting is the reasoning of why these stories are coming out now/what and who is behind them. It just feels like somethinh doesnt add up.

    • bap says:

      Andrea1 The media never brings up the Plane incident nor the Make it Right Law Suit. Lord if it was Angelina media would be on top of it everyday to destroy her image. He is a very Weak Man, he obeys his Handlers to much.

    • bap says:

      @ VirgiliasCorilanus Pitt’s Nonprofit Facing Tribal Housing Lawsuit
      LAURA LUNDQUIST February 8, 2017
      MISSOULA, Mont. (CN) – Poor management and financial trouble plaguing a nonprofit organization started by actor Brad Pitt have resulted in unpaid bills and budget woes for Montana tribes, according to a lawsuit filed by a modular home installer. In the search block put brad pitt

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        Interesting (I hadn’t heard about this, so I googled)………and it……
        I wonder if it is a case of Brad (as the face of it) hiring someone bad who half assed it, because the article says that the person named in the suit is an attorney, Samuel Whitt, who has been at MIR since 2008. He signed the agreement with the tribe, didn’t register MIR in Montana as a business, etc…………and then it sounds like they are still dealing with the rotting wood and rebuilding that, as well as fulfilling the original contract. Then I am seeing that a lot of the board members have left due to these issues.

        It looks like MIR took on more than it could handle, because issues keep piling up, and then people are leaving. I guess when we see the end of the lawsuits (both of those and the wood rotting), we’ll see if the issue is Brad or bad management. Could be one, could be both. It looks to me like they had issues with the wood, started fixing that, and then Samuel Whitt screwed up stuff with the home installer company by not paying them, etc………. we shall see. I would imagine nothing is being said in the media, because neither sides are talking to the media, probably because they are in court right now. This would not be the first time Brad or Angelina have messed up or been taken advantage of, charity wise—Yele Haiti comes to mind.

        That and of course the clickbait media doesn’t care about NA Tribes unless they’re getting paid to talk about a stupid pipeline.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        And to make it even clearer–they are right to sue. MIR hasn’t fulfilled its contract, and given that he is the face and founder of it…….it’s on Brad. To me, it is looking like they tried to do too much, when they still had issues with other projects i.e. were still in court over the rotting wood in the houses in NOLA. We’ll see how this is resolved, and how Brad/the company handles it. But I don’t think it’s the scandal you make it out to be, in terms of gossip. It’s not like he or anyone else (that we know of) was stealing the money or something like…… seems like they got in over their heads, in terms of trying to do too much while resolving an issue with another company over them ripping them off.

        Maybe this is something that contributed to the breakdown of Brad and Angelina’s marriage. Who the hell knows? It’s a lot of pressure for everyone. But they’re in court, so it’s being handled. If it ends up badly, then we’ll see.

  16. KB says:

    I don’t really get why he would date someone in his 20s. The argument from the people who don’t like him (who are the ones saying he’d date a girl in her 20s) is that he’s hyper-concerned with his image and it’s all he cares about, right? Why would dating a 20-something help his reputation?

    His core audience is women not men. The “minivan majority” or whatever would hate him for dating some girl that could be his daughter. I’m just trying to understand what his motivation would be to date someone in his 20s. He’d look so old.

  17. Del says:

    Brad deserve to be happy…. Angelina deserves more. And hope find Angie finds better man than this coward. His silence somehow speaks how value his family.

  18. bap says:

    He is filming a space AD ASTRA movie in July. He is working again.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      And Angelina is starting to work this fall (LSE classes). She turned down a Ridley Scott project that goes to start in May. I would imagine that they coordinated this–they might try and do what they have always done i.e. only one works at a time, and base custody around that. Something like that.

  19. kate says:

    Brad is still beautiful and everything will be fine !!!!!

  20. Eva says:

    Wishing only the best for Brad as he navigates his new life

  21. Sage says:

    So, he’s socializing. Is that an issue?
    His mansion is empty, the kids are with the mother, so his friends take him out so he’s not sitting home alone and to keep his spirits up.

    He is a good looking, wealthy single man. Does he have baggage? Sure. But he’s still a catch for a lot of young starry eyed starlets or even established actresses. Brad Pitt will be just fine.

  22. Candies says:

    I don’t mind him dating right now public or not personally…Many did right away starting from Marc and j.lo..
    Angie and him did it then so she must and shouldn’t be unhappy about it after their 7 month split and vice versa no?

  23. Dttimes2 says:

    C’mon you guys….he’s dating casually and Ben Affleck is dating casually….its obvious Brad and Ben are dating each other !!!

  24. Paisley says:

    My opinion, which is not worth anything, is he’s not dating. Curious as to who his first girlfriend will be.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, Brad. I’m dating Nikki Sixx. No Jennifer for you!

  26. Tiffany says:

    Dude, take some time for you. I mean, really.

    Has he ever not been in a relationship.

  27. bluevelvet says:

    I’d hit it. Boy, would I hit it. Tom Hardy is still my main crush, but he’s soooo married. boohoo

  28. Gunnar says:

    @VirgiliaCoriolanus “Brad’s lawyer told Angelina’s lawyer that Angelina specifically told the judge, CPS, et al that it was a one time incident and that Brad is a wonderful father, period”

    With all do respect I think you have completely misread the emails. BP’s lawyer was attempting to persuade (really emotionally manipulate/pressure) Jolie/her counsel into abandoning the terms set forth in the stipulation and order and even clearly stated that BP would disregard the therapists and persue litigation. BP’s lawyer was referring to Jolie’s past statements as to Pitts parenting, she did not speak to a judge (there wasn’t one involved) at that stage and he himself asserted that it was a one time incident not Jolie.

    As to your other speculation, with cases like this where one parent has their children detained and is subject to monitored visits, the road back to custodial normalcy is long and graduated. We don’t need to see Pitt with his kids to know they are seeing their father but I would bet that his access is still pretty limited. In January he was seeing them for five hours a week with a new s & o filed on the 31st, whilst a custodial evaluation began on the 24th meaning that during that period there was unlikely to be significant changes to his visitation schedule as the evaluator ascertained where everything was at. If the evaluation is now finished (limited ones take 60 to 90 days) then things can move forward as regards to custody/visitation. So yeah, we may not know what is happening but given the nature of these cases we can speculate as to the legal proceedings. After all Jolie’s lawyer who is well versed in these matters (see Britney etc.) did say it would take 6 to 9 months for things to resolve themselves.

  29. Pant says:

    Oh mannn- i still keep wishing they would get back together

  30. serena says:

    God, I really hope he won’t be dating a 20something years old.

  31. Abc says:

    maybe his people just want everyone to forget about Marion and the baby.