Jared Kushner wants to get more ‘aggressive’ with the press on the Russia stories

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in Poland

Donald Trump is so stupid. That’s a given. But how stupid is he? He honestly believes that Jared Kushner is one of the brightest guys he’s ever met. Jared Kushner is so, so precious to Emperor Bigly, almost as precious as Precious Ivanka. Bigly pretty much prefers Precious Jared to his own sons. Bigly believes Precious Jared can solve Middle East peace, reorganize the federal government and run the White House policy shop AND the press room all at once. There’s some question, for me, about Precious Jared’s intelligence. Is he truly a dolt, or is he just some privileged, average-intelligence guy who used his daddy’s connections to carve out a life for himself? I ask because Precious Jared is in the middle of ALL of Bigly’s controversies, and he’s showing the political and legal instincts of a deer caught in the headlights.

Politico has a new story about how Precious Jared has been trying to organize the “push-back” on the Don Jr.-meeting-with-the-Russian-lawyer story. You know, the “oh right, Donald Trump Jr. was actively looking to collude with a foreign government to find damaging information about Hillary Clinton” story. Jared Kushner went to that meeting. Jared Kushner went to ALL of the sketchiest meetings. All roads lead to Jared. So how is Precious Jared trying to push back? He wants to get more aggressive with the press. He wants an overhaul of the White House communications office. He wants White House people going to Fox News 24-7 to lies their asses off, basically. This is the same guy who encouraged Donald Trump to fire James Comey! I’m just saying, Jared has zero political instincts. You can read the Politico piece here. Some highlights:

What happened after Don Jr. incriminated himself on Twitter: Kushner spoke with Spicer and deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. During the conversation, Spicer and Sanders made the case for crafting a longer-term battle strategy, according two White House officials and an outside adviser familiar with the conversation, but Kushner called for full-on combat, according to a White House official. A source close to Kushner… said that while he doesn’t have an exact plan for an overall Russia response, he was angry that there wasn’t a more robust effort from the communications team. Kushner wanted them to complain about chyrons on cable news, call reporters to update stories with White House statements, and unleash surrogates immediately. He was angry that there were no talking points offered to surrogates, the source said. One senior administration official suggested that two aides from the communications shop be dedicated to updating chyrons.

Jared is the guy who rushes onto the battlefield (haha): “Jared didn’t like the idea [of chyron-dedicated people], he wanted people to get aggressive,” said an outside adviser who was briefed on the meeting. “Jared’s the guy who is rushing the front lines, and other people are saying, ‘See, wait, hold, and let’s get a battle strategy.’ Jared wanted to get surrogates, he wanted an op-ed in The [Wall Street] Journal and The [New York] Times, and we said, ‘Wait, we have to talk through how that will play out. Who is going to say it, who is going to put their name on the op-ed and what baggage do they have?’”

Kushner has been blaming the messengers for months: Kushner, who has his own spokesperson, has been frustrated about the level of pushback on the overall Russia controversy since former FBI director James Comey’s firing in May. He’s been calling for a reorganization of the communications shop, according to two White House officials, and has directed some of his ire at Priebus, because many of the people in that office were brought into the White House from the Republican National Committee, where he was chairman. “He’s been legitimately speaking about that for months, that’s why he got his own [PR] person,” said the senior administration official about the need for a more forceful approach to tackling the Russia controversy.

White House communications people don’t want to get caught in Precious Jared’s web of lies: Some White House officials have purposefully taken a step away from the issue, as they don’t want to implicate themselves legally. Knowing less is more in the White House, aides have said. “That’s the other problem is that some of these staffers can’t afford lawyers. You’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, how is [deputy press secretary] Lindsay Walters going to pay for that? How could Spicer pay for that?” the outside adviser source said….[One] adviser said Spicer has privately griped about the demands from Kushner.

[From Politico]

When you’re the senior advisor to the president and you’re sitting in a meeting with the press secretary and communications director and you’re bitching about the cable news chyrons, you’ve lost the thread. The problem is not with the communications office, although I’ll say this: Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer are not making things easier on themselves or on the White House. But that’s a symptom of the larger cancer on this presidency, the original sin of the Trumps’ collusion.

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    The noose must be tightening.

    What a slimy little psychopath. He is the Patrick Bateman of DC.

  2. Eric says:

    A fifth person, who is described as a former soviet FSB counterintelligence member, was at the Jr meeting???
    No WONDER Jared wants to get more aggressive per the Russia story. Domino, meet domino.

  3. Basi says:

    How is this guy still there?? (Kush)
    I want to get off this ride.

  4. Maya says:

    Bring it on you satan’s son in law..

    The media, except Fox, are being the true heroes and patriots in America.

    Even Democrats are not fighting back as much as they should but the media definitely is.

    Fake vs facts, good vs evil, racists vs humans, white sexist men vs women – time for America to stand up and fight for herself.

    • Plibersek says:

      Hmm. I wonder what the political landscape will be like a year from now once the dust settles on this investigation.

      • Lynnie says:

        Honestly I don’t even think the investigation will be fully revealed/underway a year from now. If it’s taking the organized crime/money aspect everyone thinks it is that’s going to take a WHILE to sift through all the people/businesses involved and I’m sure this stuff spans decades so even more to go through. I’ve been reading more and more things that link a tech element in, namely with the fact that Jared might’ve been head of an operation with Cambridge Analytics/Russians in providing info/locations for the Russian troll/online misinformation team to exploit which could lead to further investigations and charges as well.

        If this scenario unfolds and midterms occur this might have the effect of increasing voter anger/turnout amongst Democrats, but if Republican support holds steady like it has for the last few scandals I wouldn’t be surprised to only see a few more Dems come in 2018 because…

        In terms of messaging/cohesion the Democratic Party is a lowkey mess rn. There’s obviously the very left of the wing who is pushing more and more for resources and priority, but they’re at odds with the establishment part of the party. Not to mention the independents who don’t support Trump anymore don’t necessarily like the Dems either. I can so see a bunch of them sitting out 2020 or going third party again, because I can’t see the idealogues in the Dems letting Pelosi and her crew normalize the party enough to invite the Independents in. In short, the stage is being set for more intraparty squabbles like Bernie vs. Hillary that played a part in defeat.

        Secondly, increased voter turnout is only as good as the options to vote for. This is less so a problem for midterms as it is for 2020, because I suspect everyone and their mom will throw their hat in the ring because they feel the country needs something “fresh and revolutionary” when in reality we’re gonna desperately need something stable. I can see nominations going towards the latter type in the primaries which depresses/spurs rebellion amongst the former and then it’s 2016 all over again.

        Whoever is president at the time/how the economy is doing will play a big role as well. If the economy is doing bad, no matter who’s at the top the Republicans are out in midterms. If the economy is fine, but Trump is president the races will be tighter. If the economy is fine, and someone else is president (Pence or Ryan) I wouldn’t bet on much change.

        It doesn’t help that gerrymandering is such an issue, and who knows what that fraudulent voting committee will push as nationwide “reforms” to limit even more votes.

        In short, a perfect storm of things have to happen for people to get out of their fog and vote. The investigation by 2018 and 2020 needs to have reached the point where it’s VERY clear what went down and implicate everyone involved/supported it, so that people will have no choice but to not vote Republican and Dems need to figure out what their schtick is and start selling it.

        (Sorry it’s so long lol I’m just really passionate about this stuff)

      • Lacia Can says:

        Lynnie- hey, we’re all passionate about this, or we wouldn’t be here! 😀 I watched a news program this week that said the Russia scandal isn’t resonating with a majority of Americans (which is scary). As you indicated, people care about the economy. Healthcare is another big one, though, and I get the sense the Dems are letting the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot on that. Trump’s budget proposal has been heavily criticized by the CBO, which said the economy would be hurt by it. So it’s possible that by 2018, the message will get through – the Rs have no clue about the economy and they’re taking away your healthcare. That’s my hope for you, anyway.

  5. lightpurple says:

    How does it feel to want, Tom Malevolo Riddle? I want Congress to get more aggressive with you, revoke your security clearance, and demand you be nowhere near our government.

    By the way, Jared, what are you doing at that business thingie out in Idaho? It isn’t part of your “job.” You and Princess Nagini claim you are paying your own way for this trip, although I’m paying for the Secret Service detail the two of you insist on having, and, if it has nothing to do with your “jobs,” than it raises serious ethical questions about why you are attending business thingies because, as White House senior advisers, you shouldn’t be having anything to do with your personal businesses.

    • Megan says:

      Kushner has no damage control instincts. Attacking the media is the wrong way to go. An unapologetic Don Jr defended by his daddy is the wrong way to go. Everyone in the meeting needs to fall on their swords, apologize profusely, and insist it has been a tremendous learning opportunity. I am not a PR pro and even I know the more you poke sh$t, the worse it stinks.

  6. Indiana Joanna says:

    Jailbird Jared knows he’s in big trouble courtesy of his frantic search for a loan for his bad real estate investments. He would do (and did) anything illegal to secure his loans. He’s horrible. Scum.

  7. Catherinethegoodenough says:

    I know people who went to college with Jared and to grad school with Ivanka. Ivanka was considered to be reasonably intelligent. Jared was not.

    • Luca76 says:

      He’s literally in a book about mediocre kids who’s parents give huge donations in order to get their kids into Harvard. His teachers were apparently in shock that he got in.


    • lightpurple says:

      When and where did Ivanka go to graduate school? She only lists a bachelors degree in economics.

      • Catherinethegoodenough says:

        She went to business school at Wharton.
        ETA: Just looked it up and you’re right, she was apparently in an undergrad program at Penn/Wharton which I didn’t realize existed. But she was in at least some classes with my friends who got their MBAs there, because by their accounts she held her own.

      • bros says:

        she didn’t get a master’s. She has a BA from Penn and was in the Wharton undergrad program, which any undergrad can join. it’s just a track at the school, like being an Annenberg undergrad (communication school). She has no great skills or education, just connections and family money.

      • Lady D says:

        The very first time she was on the Apprentice, Trump introduced her as a recent graduate of the finest business school in the country, the Wharton School of Business. That was at least 10 years ago or more.

      • Catherinethegoodenough says:

        Yeah, let me be clear, nobody said she was outstanding or even particularly impressive in that peer group. Just that she (surprisingly to all) could hang with some competence in the discussion. Whereas Jared by all accounts was dumb as a stump.

      • Emma33 says:

        Yeah, the guy who does Trumpcast (one of my favorite podcasts) talked a few weeks ago about a dinner party he went to with the Kushners a few years ago. He said that Ivanka was quite charming and likeable and able to contribute to the lively discussion but that Kushner was almost impossible to engage in conversation. He said that Kushner didn’t seem shy or snooty…he was just a big ball of blah. (I’m paraphrasing but that was the gist).

        It struck me that to survive psychologically in the screwed up relationship Ivanka and Trump have, Kushner couldn’t be the alpha male type; he would have to be more or less submissive to Trump, and it sounds like that’s what he’s like…just a very beige personality.

  8. Karen says:

    I can’t think of any country having a senior advisor to the head of state that needs both a personal PR representative and a criminal lawyer.

    Usually, either would get you fired because 1) it’s not about you, you’re not the head of state you’re just supporting, and 2) criminal charges pending looks bad for an administration and they distance themselves from squeaky wheels.

    • bros says:

      It’s also not appropriate for the white house staffers to be involved in responding to and developing a strategy to deal with the president’s and his family’s personal legal issues-that is, it’s a misuse of government funds to be having them get involved in this, which is why Kushner is under fire for using white house staffers to respond to the Don Jr stuff when they were on their way back from Europe last week on the plane and Trump’s lawyer wasnt there to deal with it. This is not the job of gov. employees to deal with the personal legal problems of Trump and co.

  9. RBC says:

    Maybe Jared should be concerned that getting more aggressive with this story and wanting an overhaul of the White House communications department could backfire? Some of the leaks coming out seem to be from someone in the White House or close to the family. Does he really want to make this person(or persons) more angry?
    Or is this just a deflection and preparing himself and the rest of the family for more explosive information to hit the fan? Maybe about Jared himself? Or Eric Trump?

  10. adastraperaspera says:

    The Trumpinovs are inciting violence against our free press every day. Bannon’s filthy hand is in much of this. Jared intends on being the king one day. None of this gang can be reasoned with. They are so far into this evil plan that they will do anything to complete the coup.

  11. Christin says:

    How desperate for a job could someone be, to have aligned with this administration in the first place? Yet they now worry about speaking out or knowing too much?

    It’s like willingly entering a giant web and then worrying about getting to close to the poisonous spider(s).

  12. Plibersek says:

    Maybe Jared should hire the guy that helped get Abby Lee Miller prison ready.

  13. Annetommy says:

    There’s defnitely an obsession with “chyrons”, which I didn’t know until recently was what you call “the ticker tape thing that slides along at the bottom of the screen”. It was referenced again by the horrible trump stooge Gorka – the one who wore the medal given to his dad by the Hungarian Nazis – in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN the other night. Gorka must have got the memo, as he was even more obnoxious and spoiling for a fight than he usually seems like to be. It’s appropriate he sounds like a character in a Godzilla film. You really would have to be a deplorable to be impressed with his performance. Kushner is like a Ken doll that has been possessed by a demon. That expression…

  14. Giddy says:

    And now it comes out on MSNBC that there was a fifth person in that meeting with Don Jr. and Jared; a former Russian counter-intelligence agent who is now a lobbyist. Then while that was being reported, Don Jr’s attorney called in to say that there may have been a sixth person also. It’s the cover-up, stupid!! Mueller is going to love this.

  15. Jayna says:

    Ugh. When I see Jared so pivotal in running our government, I want to puke. He is unqualified, period. All the titles Trump gave him is like some sitcom, but it’s real life. This administration is killing me mentally.

    • holly hobby says:

      The fact that he thinks all of our personal identifiers (SSN whatever the govt has on us) should be loaded onto a cloud gives me pause. He is so unfit for any job.

      Why doesn’t he just stay at home and roll around on top of his money? Why does he need to work for the govt?

  16. homeslice says:

    I wonder who Ivanka’s second husband will be…

  17. CynicalAnn says:

    He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and because he’s always been at the top of the food chain, has no clue how things work. I don’t even think he and Don Jr knew what they were doing was wrong-winning is everything to them. Just like Trump Senior, everything always goes their way by hook or by crook-and winning means everything. They’ve never had any consequences. Fox is still holding the line that they’re being treated unfairly because “Hillary’s emails” but at some point they’re all going down.

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t know, I get the sense he’s pretty insecure. Remember when he spoke at that tech meeting? He struck me as tentative and uncertain. Maybe he only thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room when he’s with real estate people but in other areas he strikes me as obviously way out of his depth.

    • holly hobby says:

      What drives me crazy is Orangino’s sister was a Circuit Judge. If anything they should have taken legal advice from her. I heard she was actually sane and a moderate judge. She’s been surprisingly mum. She’s currently an inactive judge (meaning she isn’t taking any cases and she all but quit).

  18. mayamae says:

    Kushner really reminds me of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones. Passive asexual weasel of a man who sneaks around whispering. He talks tough but could be beaten up by a child. He betrays everyone around him (including the woman he claims to love) with only one goal – to sit on the iron throne.

  19. Bonzai says:

    Does anyone watch Bojack horseman? He looks like Vincent Adultman. A little boy standing on the shoulders of another little boy in a trenchcoat going to work at the business factory.

  20. holly hobby says:

    I don’t feel sorry for the 2 S because they knew what they were signing up for. I’m surprised they didn’t quit yet. However I’m going to go back again how these people are incompetent (not the WH Comm Office but the idiot family in charge). Usually smart crooks who eat a stolen pie would wipe the crumbs and stains off their face. These people just smacked the whole pie on their faces and are proudly walking around with the evidence for all to see. What is wrong with this picture?

    Jared should stop blaming staff. He is the cancer to the admin. If he didn’t push for the firing of Comey, none of this would have happened. He can point the ole finger on himself.

    As for the 2 S they would be smarter if they distance themselves. Anyone who lies about it would be caught up in a legal net.

    Jared is what some people at work would call an inept manager who got there through connections. No respect there.

  21. dhfsfc says:

    The thought that this little twerp who grew up in the town next to mine could possibly think he is competent to bring peace to the Middle East is just delusional. But in the midst of this cluster-f***, with all the dirt on his father-in-law, brothers-in-law and most of all him, with transcripts and tapes to back it up, he wants to fix it with the chyrons? Wow!

    • Lacia Can says:

      WaPo ran an opinion piece by a woman who worked at a paper that Jared bought. I can’t remember all the details, but the gist was that he was a terrible businessman. He had no experience in newspapers or publishing yet refused to listen to advice. Sounds like he didn’t learn from the experience. Still has that misplaced confidence in his abilities and refuses to learn. No wonder Cheeto Von Tweeto likes him!

  22. nicole says:

    I think I hate this little prat more than Trump, which is saying something because I despise Trump so much, but that little prat is a real sleazeball.

  23. Jezza says:

    I have a hard time taking him seriously not just because he’s shady AF, but because my voice is even deeper than his.

  24. Rapunzel says:

    The Steele Dossier (about the pee pee tape), is slowly but surely getting confirmed, bit by bit. But I wonder why a golden shower tape scares Trump so much. Were the hookers underage? Was Trump actually caught on tape with Ivanka? Pedophilia or incest seems to be the only thing worth kowtowing to Putin, if this is about a sex tape.

    But maybe it’s not Putin but RICO Trump is scared of? That certainly has to be Jared’s fear, right?

  25. why? says:

    Some are speculating that it’s Jared who is leaking these negative stories about Donald Jr and that he is trying to throw people off by releasing stories about how he is pushing back agreesively against the press on these Donald Jr and Russian stories. See, it can’t possibly be Jared leaking these things about Donald Jr because he is working so hard to fight back against the press! After seeing how Jared has targeted his own brother-in-law, I’m starting to think that it was Jared who leaked the information about Flynn to WaPo. It had to be someone very close to Trump because Trump has a direct contact to WaPo via Robert Costa. Someone argued that it couldn’t be Jared leaking these stories about Donald Jr because leaking information about Donald Jr and Russians would also put Jared in jeopardy. The other person pointed out that the people in Trump’s administration aren’t very smart. Remember it was Jared who egged on Trump to fire Comey. So Jared would be dumb enough to leak this Russian information about Donald Jr.

    • why? says:

      When given the chance to do the right thing, the GOP refused to revoke Jared’s security clearance. When is enough going to be enough for the GOP?

      Jared is now saying that he didn’t include all those contacts because his assistant hit send too fast? That’s the lie that Jared wants to stand by? So why did he only amend the form after the press started exposing him for meeting with the Russians?

      What is up with Katy Tur? She is constantly making excuses for Trump and giving him the benefit of the doubt. Didn’t Trump verbally attack Katy Tur, yet every chance she gets, she is spinning for the Trumps.

  26. Jerusha says:

    Precious jared gets to do with ivanka what bigly always wanted to do. That’s why he’s so special.

  27. jferber says:

    Don’t forget that it was Jared’s idea to put Clinton’s former sexual accusers in the Trump family box at one of the debates. This wasn’t allowed, but that’s how this slimy little bastard thinks. He’s such a slinking little weasel, I’d like to see him fend for himself in ANY tough situation.

  28. Deeanna says:

    Trump’s sister who is a Judge has an adult son who is a clinical psychologist working at a neurological institute. So there’s no way that branch of the family doesn’t recognize just how demented Trump is.

    White House stories say Trump obsessively bitches and fumes around for hours at a time throughout the day, day after day. What a nightmare to be around that all the time!

    Anybody else notice how much MORE miserable Melania was looking in photos of her standing beside the French president’s wife?

    Trump can end this. All he has to do is RESIGN. He can go back to New York and he and his family can return to their happy life there.

  29. Franny says:

    All of the worst, most inept managers think the messaging is the problem.

  30. Deeanna says:

    It is just so amazing to watch the White House “spokespersons” spinning and spinning and spinning. Today, Sunday, one of Trump Sr’s lawyers, Jay Seckulow, (a real piece of work if you read in depth about him) appeared five different Sunday political talk shows. And the dude is reaching so hard that he went and said that the Secret Service didn’t bother to vet Jr’s Russian visitors.

    Within hours the SS put out a statement that in June 2016 Trump Jr was not under their auspices.