Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 7.6, ‘Beyond the Wall’ & the icy grave

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SPOILERS for Game of Thrones, Episode 7.6, “Beyond the Wall.”

Some Sundays, I fall into a deep, contemplative sleep after watching Game of Thrones. I have dreams full of Greyjoys and Lannisters, Starks and Snows, direwolves and hot pies. But not last night. Last night I was restless – restless from the bad storytelling, the stupidity of the Sansa-Arya storyline, and mostly restless because of the dragon ex machina, aka the Ice Dragon of Doom. Let’s get to it, this penultimate episode of the year. I can’t believe there’s only one more episode this year! Ugh.

Sansa’s Many Faces. I want to believe that GoT is pulling a fast one with the Arya-Sansa story, that they’re secretly on the same page and that this is all some elaborate plot to trap Littlefinger. I seriously doubt that’s the case, although I do think it’s suspicious that Littlefinger was like “maybe Brienne could help” and Sansa promptly sent Brienne away. Anyway, Arya was like “you’re a traitor, maybe I’ll tell the Northern lords” and Sansa was like “Bish, you don’t even know what I’ve survived” and I was like “will you two just sit down and really talk to each other about everything you’ve been through, for the love of God?” Arya came close to doing that by telling Sansa about becoming No One/A Girl, but Sansa is still hiding behind her many faces.

Tyrion’s Wait-and-See Approach. I think we’re supposed to be on Tyrion’s side, the side of diplomacy and wisdom and “understanding one’s enemy.” Dany has little patience for it, which I understand completely – she wants sh-t to get moving and Tyrion IS being too pro-Lannister. I mean, Tyrion makes good points – if Dany conquers Westeros the wrong way, she’ll only be queen of the ashes, beloved by none. But Tyrion knows Cersei really well, and I feel like he’s giving Dany some sh-tty advice about Cersei.

Beyond the Wall: the chatter. There are more than seven people in the caravan now, right? I think Tormund brought along some extra helpers/Wildlings. As the men set off past Eastwatch, the men break off into separate conversations. Jon Snow offers Jorah his family’s sword, Longclaw. Jorah refuses to take it (and I totally forgot why Jorah was disowned, btw). Beric Dondarrion talked about being blackout drunk during one of his bravest moments of Robert’s Rebellion. Poor Gendry was still whinging about being sold to Melisandre, and The Hound called him out on it. The best part was when Tormund started telling The Hound about the girl he was in love with, and Tormund starts describing her and the Hound is like “OMG BRIENNE OF TARTH.” And Tormund is like, “Yes, I want to make gigantic babies with her.” That was A-plus.

The Ice Bear. They see a bear and they’re like, “oh, cool, a bear.” Gendry is like “are bears supposed to have blue eyes?” ICE BEAR. Ice Bear attack! He got Thoros of Myr, the Brotherhood priest, but Thoros survived. The Ice Bear did not. Also: The Hound’s face when the flaming Ice Bear was coming for him: Rory McCann is such an amazing actor.

The Mission Goes Sideways. Here’s what I don’t understand… the mission was always going to be a disaster. They could have just left a message for Dany at Eastwatch and told the people there, “Wait a day and then send the raven to Dragonstone for help.” That’s how f–king inevitable it was – they were always going to need Dany’s help. The army of the undead were always going to outnumber this small, mostly drunk and half-assed party. They managed to set a trap for a small group of wights, and Jon showed off how killing one of the big White Walkers will kill off the ones he “changed.” They capture one wight and he lets off this horrifying scream to alert the rest of the undead, who obviously start marching towards the screaming. The party of the living – the Band of Brotherhood Without Banners – start running and they end up on a frozen lake. The dudes end up on a rock in the middle of the lake while the ice has broken in a circle around them. The undead wait.

Gendry is a fast runner. Gendry was sent back to Eastwatch before the sh-t hit the fan, they told him to send a raven to Dany. Dany – wearing her “beyond the wall” white and grey couture – tells off Tyrion before she leaves. He wants her to stay and do nothing. She’s like, “Nope.” The three dragons set off to rescue Jon Snow and the Merry Pranksters.

Back on the rock. The men have been waiting for God knows how long. Thoros has died from his wounds (ice bear wounds) plus he probably froze to death too. Jon Snow pours Thoros’ wine on his body and sets it on fire. The Hound starts throwing rocks at the undead, and then a rock slides all the way across the now re-frozen lake. Oh sh-t. Game on. The undead start marching towards the rock. The fight commences.

Dragon Telepathy. It’s widely believed – perhaps it’s even GoT canon – that Dany can “call” her dragons just by thinking about them, or communicating with them telepathically. I wonder if it’s Dany-specific, or if it’s Targaryen-specific. Because I felt like Jon Snow had a moment where he was calling for the dragons to come telepathically, and like a homing function, they found him. The music recalled the “all is lost” moment from the Battle of the Bastards, where Jon looks around and realizes how bad it’s getting. Jorah, The Hound, Tormund and Beric are all amazing warriors though, and they keep saving each other.

RIP Viserion. The dragons start burning wights all over the place. Dany lands Drogon on the lake and calls for the men to ride on his back with her. Jon Snow is the last one fighting, trying to ensure that everyone gets on safely. The Night King and the White Walkers are fascinated by the dragons, and they throw an ice javelin to Viserion. Viserion goes down, breaking the ice and crying as he falls into his icy grave. Jon is still fighting and he yells to Dany that she should go. He plunges into the lake as Dany and the men ride off on Drogon.

Jon Snow survives. He gets out of the lake, half-dead and mostly freezing. The wights are like “well, sh-t, I guess we should try to kill him.” Suddenly, Uncle Benjen rides up, puts Jon on his horse and BenJen stays behind to kill wights. Jon rides off, watching his uncle die.

Dany mourns Viserion. She is really sad that one of her dragon babies died, and she waits at Eastwatch. Jon Snow comes riding up, almost catatonic. They get him warmed up and Dany sees Jon’s scars, from where he was stabbed in the chest. When he wakes up, she tells him that they will fight the wights together, side by side, that she’s with him until the very end. She tells him that the dragons are her children – her only children. Jon is mourning Viserion too – he feels so bad that Viserion died. He tells Dany that she is his queen, that he will bend the knee when he’s feeling better. They hold hands and it’s a really lovely moment between these two characters.

The Ice Dragon. The final images from the episode… the Night King has gotten the wights to drag Viserion’s body out of the lake. The Night King touches the dead, frozen dragon. Viserion’s eyes open. And they are ice blue.

Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015

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  1. Lori says:

    So you didnt like it? I loved it 😊

    • Megan says:

      I was wondering if they hired Mark Gatiss to write this season.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      I loved it too, to me it’s the best episode of the season so far (except for the Arya-Sansa scene). I was so stunned by the ice dragon I think I uttered a what the f**k but I am not sure. It did upset me that 1. Danny lost her child, 2. it became an ice dragon 3. I can’t tell exactly *how* it will play further on. I doubt they will use it in the next episode, I anticipate it will come a comeback next season. BUT I really hope there will be a cure to get him back. Good MUST win against evil.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I didn’t hate it, but I thought it was silly. A few things that bugged me:

      * No-one thought of bringing a raven with them north of the Wall? But they brought booze, because of course. Apparently the word contingency is not well known in Westeros.
      * No-one other than Jorah thought of bringing any dragonglass? I know the stuff is rare, but surely not so rare that only one person has a decent weapon?
      * Why didn’t Dany just have Drogon (or either of the other two dragons) just swoop down, scoop up a walker, and dump it wherever? Why did they HAVE TO go and try to trap one? Okay, maybe Jon asked and she refused, but at least suggest the idea. I thought of it, and I’m hardly a Rhodes scholar.
      * After Viserion was killed, why not roast the freakin’ Night King on his super-obvious platform of obviousness? Why just sit there while Jon fumbles about and nearly gets killed again, and give the Night King another shot at you? You have fire-breathing dragons, roast every undead thing within roasting distance!

      Also, as others have pointed out – where did all of those chains come from?

      So yeah, I was not enamoured of this episode. It seemed like silly / shoddy writing to me.

      • JeanGrey says:

        The producers said the chains cane frkm the docks at Hardhome

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        The Night King and Whitwalkers are immune to fire. They can only be killed with Dragon glass or valyerian steel. Remember past episodes when they have walked through fire?

        The Wights (who are mindless zombies reanimated by Whitewalkers) are the only ones you can kill with fire.

      • LadyMTL says:

        @JeanGrey Did they? I guess that could make sense, if in a slightly far-fetched way. If the NK can throw an ice-spear like an Olympian, then they can get chains from Hardhome. :P

        @Original TC I remembered that the NK and walkers are immune, but surely it was worth a shot. At the very least it might have destroyed some of their weapons? It just struck me as silly that Dany – who presumably knows next to nothing about the NK / WW – wouldn’t even have tried it.

      • hnmmom says:

        Seriously, I’m with you on the poor dragon usage. Why was Jon not working Dany to just send her Dragons beyond the wall to take a peek for an army of undead? For god’s sake, based on last night it would not even take an entire day. Then she would’ve been convinced and who needs Cersei? They KNOW dragon fire is one of the few things that kills them. And YES, you’ve been mining all that dragon glass, why the frick didn’t you BRING ANY WITH YOU?!?!? So frustrating.

        I did not love this episode. Honestly, since the show has gone ahead of the books the writing is lacking, there’s no subtlety that made the first seasons great, and the characters are getting flat.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        I see your point and agree:) In keeping with Dany’s character she would have tired attacking all of them with dragon fire, she had nothing to lose! Stupid writing is stupid.

      • Horse Marine says:

        Such shoddy writing. I can’t believe the idiocy of the Arya/Sansa feud. It’s out of character and feels completely forced. Oh well. It’s nice to see Littlefinger smirking and plotting again. Sexy mofo. Rrrrr.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m glad someone is as ticked off about all of this as I am. Also, TIMING! Hello! how long did it take them to hike as far north as they did?? From the changing light, it appeared to be days. Yet Gendry can run back to Eastwatch in a matter of hours?? And Dany can get a raven and fly to where they were in another few hours?? Look at a map of Westeros… neither ravens nor dragons are that fast. I’ve been willing to overlook timing issues in the past, but at this point they’re straining credulity, and the writing is suffering so much, I’m unwilling to suspend disbelief.

        Also, how the hell does Gendry, who has never been north of the Wall, find his way back to Eastwatch?? It’s not like there’s a path, and everything looks the same. It’s not like he’s some great tracker or has google maps to show him the way back. And I’m willing to believe that the dragons could find Jon, but if that’s the case, they need to allude to that in the show because otherwise it just looks ridiculous for her to show up when she should have absolutely no idea where to find them, as I go back to my point it’s not as if Gendry could give her coordinates.

        I’m also still not buying the Jon/Dany romance they’re trying to cram down our throats. Even the actors are struggling. They just can’t sell it. There is zero chemistry there.

        I’m so mad at the Sansa/Arya storyline. Part of my wants to believe they’re actually playing Littlefinger, but I know he’s playing them. I’m not surprised Sansa fell for it. She even let him manipulate her into sending away Brienne, the one person who truly has her back, by planting that kernel of doubt about Brienne’s divided loyalties. What kind of person let’s that schmuck turn her against the one person who’s had her back without fail?? I am disappointed in Arya though. I thought after everything she’s been through, she’d have matured. But she’s gone right back to where she was 6 years ago. Refusing to even consider what Sansa has been though. It’s childish.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Thoros, Beric, and The Hound went north on their own first and didn’t know about dragon glass and Jon didn’t know he would meet up with them

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        I keep reading people commenting that fire can’t kill the Night King or White Walkers and that’s not necessarily true. Yes, they are immune to regular fire, but there is no indication that holds true for dragon fire. In fact, I’d say it’s more likely that dragon fire can harm them. Dragonglass and Valyrian steel are the only PROVEN methods so far, but WW’s have never been faced with actual dragon fire before. All three substances are connected to Old Valyria, dragons, and magic. If the first two have an effect I’d say it’s likely the third one will too.

      • Lady D says:

        Sir Jorah loaded a box of dragon glass into the boat before they sailed for Easthome, while Jon was greeting Gendry. There were several other similar boxes in the dingy. I thought they were bringing dragon glass for Tormund and his band of wildings.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @Lady MTL: your comments are soooo funny…lmao about the NK throwing like an Olympian
        @ commenters annoyed at the timing irregularities and frequent use of deus-ex-machina story telling tactics: we are all enthralled by a story where fire breathing dragons, fire proof princesses and monstrous, centuries old, undead, night crawlers are the order of the day…..I think the producers have correctly assumed you’re probably ok with the concept of “suspension of disbelief”  

      • Lukie says:

        Many believe the Night King is a Greenseer like Bran and knew he would get that dragon…

  2. Bex says:

    Poor Viserion. I have a wack theory that the Night King knew what was going to happen the whole time. He was waiting for the dragons to show up.

    Between Jaime, Bronn, and now Jon, Westeros has its swim team for 2020 locked. Night King for Javelin. Gendry for marathon.

    I think half of my issues with Daenerys might just be with Emilia Clarke’s acting. You’ve just lost one of your children! Emote! I’m not buying her and Jon either tbh- yeah I see chemistry but I feel like the show wants me to buy that it’s love. Idk, I just found the whole ‘Dany’ scene a bit forced. Maybe I just need another episode or two.

    Tyrion is giving some terrible advice and should be called on it, but that was a perfectly reasonably query he had about the succession and for Daenerys to suddenly go ‘what, have you been talking about my death with your brother now?!’ was…a bit of a leap.

    • Honest B says:

      100% of my issues with Dany are with Emilia’s consistently poor acting. Her scenes with Jorah last week were the only time I felt any acting coming from her in 7 seasons. So disappointing.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Oh my gosh, I totally share your wack theory that the Night King set up Daenerys. He wanted a dragon and apparently the Westeros Times has let everyone know there are 3 dragons! The Night King’s like “hey, I want a dragon too!” This mission had stupid written all over it.

      Last week’s episode was the beginning of the end for poor Daenerys. Her only claim to power is that she is the last Targaryen and the only one with dragons or who can communicate with them. Jon Snow is now a legitimate Targaryen with a higher claim than Daenerys , the dragons like him, he came back from the dead AND the Night King also has a dragon now. Did I mention he can fight and Daenerys has no fighting skills? Oh and Bran is getting better with warging into animals, how many bets that Jon rides one dragon and Bran controls a second?

      Also according to the last of her 3 prophecies, there is one more person who is going to betray her and this time for love. The Prince that was promised needs to kill someone he loves to activate the LightBringer sword to kill the Night King.

      Yeah the writing is on the wall, but she was a contender. I predict Queen Cersei and Queen Daenerys are gone mid-way Season 8. But Jon is not safe either. Isn’t he alive due to magic? When magic dies with the death of the Night King, don’t Jon and Bran too?

      • Snappyfish says:

        The “Ice dragon” will be the end of the Night King. I believe come the end battle that the Dragon, dead or not, will not harm his mother. I was so upset over the dragon death, I too had restless sleep

      • Bex says:

        I’m totally with you Original T.C, I’ve felt since I saw the show’s intepretation of the House of the Undying when Dany turns away from the Iron Throne without touching it that her ultimate fate will be to save the people she came to rule, and there’s zero chance that GRRM intends for Jon to escape resurrection with no consequences. There’s going to be tears.

      • Shijel says:

        The theory is that the Night King has similar powers to the 3ER (Bran). So it’s likely that yeah, he knew this was going to happen. If that theory is true, however, then there’s another question: why are the White Walkers coming south all of a sudden? They were created by the Children of the forest to protect against the invading Andals. Why are they coming again?

      • Mermaid says:

        I had heard the rumors of the dragon dying but damn it was hard to watch. I too think Visierion will have a hard time harming his mother. How did the Night King know to have three javelins? Is Bran the Night King?

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        This wasn’t the first time someone thought he could fully possess and control one of Dany’s dragons . I have hope the Night King will eventually learn “a dragon is not a slave” as well.

    • Lauren says:

      He did know dragons were back in the world. He is a greenseer just like Bran and was ready to take a dragon and was prepared with his spear and chains. And in the books the long winter talks of ice dragons. I believe that Viserion is what he needs to finally break through the wall.

      • Shijel says:

        Spot on. Above I asked though, why is he coming South all of a sudden? They were content to hang in far North for thousands of years. What’s got them on the move?

        I bet there was some pact there that humans have been breaching. Might also be the dragons and the threat they pose.

        So many theories!

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        If the NightsKing can break through the wall it kills the lie that ‘Bran the builder’ built the wall with protection spells to keep out the Whitewalkers. A dragon can’t break a spell. For sure wights can’t pass through the wall but wights are dead. What if the spell only kept out the dead?

        Whitewalkers aren’t dead and if the NightKing got Viserion before braindeath, touching him produced a Whitewalker ice dragon. Can ice fire break down the wall? Also why is the wall made of ice, isn’t that Whitewalker tech? Is the wall protecting humans from Whitewalkers or did Whitewalkers build it to protect themselves from humans (faster breeders, larger population advantage)? Questions, nothing but questions.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Not to be flip, but should an Ice Dragon still breath fire???

      • M.A.F. says:

        @NotSoSocialButterfly- from a poster I have seen (or fan made poster) the Night King’s dragon was breathing ice, not fire.

        Isn’t there a fan theory of a dragon BEING IN THE ICE hence the wall & magic keeping it up? Or did I make that up myself?

    • M.A.F. says:

      “I think half of my issues with Daenerys might just be with Emilia Clarke’s acting.”

      She has always been an issue for me since day one. And she apparently went to drama school too. I haven’t minded her much this season but then I remind myself that the writers aren’t pulling dialogue from the books.

  3. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Random thoughts:
    Where did the NK get those huge ass chains? I didn’t know that they had a home depot so far north of the wall. Another question: Wights cannot swim; how did they find Viserion and pull him up?

    I guess the show is confirming that Dany can get pregnant in the book and the show. The writers are not being subtle either. When she loses something she gains something else on the show. They haven’t talked about Dany’s infertility in a while and then in two different episodes they bring up her inability to have children. Fine. I won’t get attached to this because it probably won’t end up well for her in the long run. She’ll probably end up dying in child birth (like her mother Rhaella) or being sacrificed/murdered “for the greater good” like so many people want her to be. The only part I like at this point is that she gets to go into battle. She is there instead of standing on the sidelines watching the action. If she is supposed to be a conqueror, she should get to act like one more often.

    Dany not getting to have a real reaction to Viserion’s death makes me mad. She should be furious at both Jon and Tyrion for coming up with this stupid plan. I have to keep reminding myself that the writers only write for plot and not to have any expectations for consistency in character behavior. Having said that, why would the writers have Dany ever risk one her children to save one person? She loves those dragons so much that she treats them like family, yet all of a sudden she would put those feelings aside for HIM. Bitch Ass boring as dirt Jon Snow? He knew what he was getting in to when he crossed to the other side of that wall; SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT HIM THERE TO DIE. Why does he almost always need to be saved by someone or something else? The women who help him almost never get anything good in return for their efforts. Sansa is getting so much grief for wanting to get more respect and power from the people around her. She didn’t have it for so long, I don’t blame her for enjoying what little she has. Ygritte got an arrow to the back. EH. I didn’t like her but she didn’t deserve that. The red woman gets banished. Now, Dany loses another child.

    This is another of Tyrion’s plans failing spectacularly. Smartest man in Westeros just keeps collecting those L’s like Pokemon cards. He knows for a fact that Cersei is a vindictive and impulsive narcissist who no one would be able to work with because she only thinks about herself. Why would she help them? It would have made more sense to try to convince all of the other families in Westeros plus the Maesters at the Citadel that the threat was real instead of convincing her of anything. It was mentioned on the show three or four times that she does not have all the other kingdoms in check. They don’t really need her. Robert was right: the fist is stronger than the finger. I realize that is butchering the line, but basically they should have been both focusing on the battles and convincing the other families to revolt by talking to them in secret. Tyrion could have been doing that instead of coming up with one stupid plan after another.

    I didn’t miss Cersei at all. Someone pointed out that her dresses make her look like Pinhead from the Hellraiser series and I cannot get it out of my head.

    Arya’s paranoia is not a good look at all. Listen, I have not always been a fan of Sansa because I found her boring in comparison to almost every other white female on the show. Having said that, Sansa has done nothing wrong to warrant Arya’s antagonistic bordering on violent behavior. If she was able to calm down long enough to not kill Ed Sheeran and co, why can’t she put two and two together and think that Sansa may have been forced to write that letter. She should remember that Cersei is manipulative trash and would have had no problem coercing Sansa into writing that letter.

    Arya was Tywin’s cup girl/boy when he was at Harrenhal(?). If she poisoned him then and there instead of playing around the Red Wedding may never have happened. She’s too much like that idiot Ned; she emphatically believes that everyone should adhere to the same stupid rules that the Starks have created for themselves. She needs to take off those blinders and get off her fucking high horse. She is just as morally compromised as she believes that Sansa is. Ned would have hated what she has turned into. Not because she can fight, but because she has turned against everything her father believed in. Sansa was damn dead on that Arya didn’t do anything while Ned was on that chopping block. Neither she nor Sansa could do anything because it was so shocking and it happened so suddenly. She knows for a fact that LF is not trustworthy but she readily assumes that her sister isn’t either based on so little information. Arya needs to sit her ass down and shut the f-uck up.

    • Maiden says:

      She saved Jon because she’s in love with him. That’s all there is to it. This is the first time Dany has ever fallen in love, like naturally and truly in love. She made herself fall in love with Drogo and adapted to her environment. She never felt anything for Daario. It’s Jon who is her equal, who doesn’t cower before her and doesn’t flatter her to get into her bed. It’s Jon who is brave and honourable and doesn’t let anyone take his place in the face of danger. It’s Jon who never wavered in his stance that the real danger was beyond the Wall and was unwavering in his mission to help and protect his people.

      She’s so in love with him she takes her three children to save him the moment he asks for help. That’s a major shift in Dany’s character arc considering how she’s been so focused on the Iron throne for 7 seasons now. She knew the risk of coming to save Jon Snow but for the first time, she is ruled by her emotions. That boat scene showed how vulnerable she can be and only with Jon Snow was she able to show her insecurities about her worth and how deserving she is of Jon’s loyalty. That’s Dany being human and it’s a good thing.

      • JeanGrey says:

        That’s exactly how I looked at it @ Maiden

      • Diana B says:

        This! this! this! I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about all this!

      • jj says:

        Agree about Dany and Jon. I just can’t believe that Arya can be so easily manipulated by Littlefinger, I think she is testing Sansa to see if she is truly loyal to Jon. And what is up with Tyrion? He is not getting that Cersei doesn’t care that White Walkers are coming. She doesn’t have to do anything, just wait until Dany’s army is destroyed by the White Walkers. Wake up Tyrion, be the smart dude you were in Season 1 and 2. And for goodness sake, where is Bran when you need him?? Can’t he see what Littlefinger is doing? Loved the show, glad that Tormund survived. So sad about Puff, even though he was just a cgi dragon, it was hard to watch him die. Can’t wait until next week, can someone kill Cersei or the Mountain, please.

      • Cobra says:

        Nicely put. I get this, and the boat scene is tender and lovely. But I wish we have better actors for Jon and Dany. Kit is not satisfying at all. Disappointed with Dany’s lack of emotion for her child’s death. It looked like she emoted only for Jon. Maybe I have to watch it again without CC. I am not excited anymore at all for GOT. The first few seasons were so good and epic, good times!

      • JeanGrey says:

        @Cobra, I think Emilia is doing great with the subtle expressions when it comes to Jon. She is hiding her true feelings because she doesn’t think he feels the same (as per her convo w/Tyrion where she coyly asks “Jon’s not in love with me?”( he??)
        Also Jon is being guarded as well. He is all about his mission and though he did not deny to Davos that he is attracted to Dany, he doesn’t feel there is time for it. And as I mentioned, since Dany is trying to hide her feelings, he’s not sure of her feelings for him. Also, he is just like Ned when it comes to coming across as cold and no nonsense. He has a poker face and solemn demeanor. His feelings started coming through in that boat scene. Between referring to her as “Dany” and calling her his Queen after seeing her impressive dragon ride earlier and reaching out to hold her hand then his fake sleeping when Dany told him to get some rest and then when she leaves he opens them to follow her out and sighs. They are both head over heels for each other.

      • Patty says:

        Agreed on all fronts. And the show is throwing anvils left and right about Dany not being able to have children. My prediction, the child of Jon and Dany will get the Iron Throne. No idea what will happen to Jon and Dany but I would not be surprised if they both died during season eight (although they better not kill Dany during childbrith, gag me).

        Dragons? I stand by my assessment from a few weeks ago, they better not kill Drogon. He’s my fave. He’s also a lot stronger and bigger than the other two, since they were locked up for so long. Ugh.

      • isabelle says:

        Actually don’t know if she its solely romantic love with him….. but she has found a kindred spirit, someone like her, except the “good” side of her. She found something much more deeper than love, her equal and someone she can relate to admire, trust and those things are a lot more powerful than romantic love.

    • Tan says:

      I likes that Dany gets to lose her child
      Too much power on one side.

      I don’t know how her mourning was shown not watched the episode but when she was far younger and far more vulnerable she has amazing control on her grief at death pf Drogo and her baby. I think being a ruler who everyone bends down to has its downfall, you cannot grief as freely and openly as a layperson.

      Also remember Jorah was in the team too. Not just Jon and it was important for her to go and see how really dangerous it is from a plot point of view.

      Dragons are different from humans , I suppose he is a whitewalker with wings now

      At this point it is pretty ridiculous the way Aarya is after Sansa. I find it stupid. I mean a Trained assasin like her cannot believe Sansa was coerced as child? A letter 7 years old to judge? Its as if the writers just want them to fight for the sake of fight.

      It was heartbreaking.

    • tegteg says:

      EVERYTHING you said. Seriously, is there some White Walker blacksmith? There are so many plot holes this season it is driving me MAD. For instance:

      -WHY did anyone agreed with Jon Snow’s plan, aka THE STUPIDEST PLAN SINCE NAPOLEON INVADED RUSSIA DURING WINTER. Honestly, was it worth losing a dragon? Also, I feel like if Daeny had gone on the offensive, she probably could’ve wiped out the NK and his army right there with her three dragons.
      -How the EFF does Jon Snow that Gendry is “the fastest”? They just freaking met and have been on a boat for the majority of the time!!
      -Gendry seems to run back to the Wall in 5 minutes.. in the middle of a blizzard.
      -A raven is sent ACROSS THE CONTINENT to Daeny, she receives said raven and flies across the continent on her dragons…. all of this takes place in less than a day????
      -Jon Snow should’ve died of hypothermia. You fall in arctic waters and then are out in arctic temperatures… you’re going to get hypothermia in about 2 minutes. (The same way that Jamie should’ve died when he fell into a lake with a full suit of armor on, yet somehow managed to swim across the lake with Bron’s help)

      Also, it annoyed me how characters had to keep pointing out the “chemistry” between Jon and Daeny. If the acting and writing are strong, it should be obvious. And was that the whole point of Uncle Benjen’s storyline? He’s some weird mysterious half white walker thing that saves Bran, then saves Jon and then dies? It just seemed very hollow.

      Now for the positives: Tormund’s crush on Brienne is GIVING ME LIFE. It was my favorite part of the show and the only part I wasn’t critiquing. (“Are you the one they call the Dog?”)

    • lightpurple says:

      They may not need Cersei but they also need her to be out of the way so they can focus on the North instead of having to defend themselves from her attacks. Jon and Dany need the Unsullied, who are currently under siege by Euron. They need to get Cersei to pull back so the Unsullied can go north. They also need supplies and food that Cersei may be hording or trying to take from them.

    • tifzlan says:

      I agree on your points regarding Arya. I found her little temper tantrum towards Sansa very unfair. It’s really not a stretch to think that Sansa may have been manipulated and/or forced into writing that letter – with or without knife to the throat. She needs to get over herself, these plot points are getting really annoying to watch.

      Also, if i was Dany, i’d be absolutely furious at Jon because if he hadn’t decided to play hero and go off fighting those wights when everyone else was ready to fly, Viserion wouldn’t have been struck by the javelin and they would’ve all made off safely to Eastwatch.

      ALSO – why the F did Jon bend the knee? Dany already agreed to fight for him, there was no need for him to bend the knee anymore. FFS Jon, you never learn.

      • JeanGrey says:

        The Wights were coming for Drogon from his blind side. he doesn’t have a 360 neck. Jon was trying to fight them off so the rest of them could hop on and fly away.

      • Diana B says:

        And Jon bended the knee beacuse he finally saw Dany’s leadership and that thing everyone who follows her see, he truly respects her now. That’s why he did it.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        Any one else think this Arya vs. Sansa drama is because HBO couldn’t think of anything creative for the Stark kids while Jon is out killing Whitwalkers?

        Bran already let us know 2 episodes ago he knows LittleFinger is shady. All Arya has to do is go to Bran and ask for him to concentrate his visions on finding the the truth of Sansa and LittleFinger. Bam! 5minutes later LittleFinger is hanged or gets his head cutoff for conspiracy against the North and House Stark.

        Then Arya could take have taken off for Kingslanding and killed Cersei before Jon ever sees his first Whitewalker. You feel me?

      • magnoliarose says:

        It makes no sense Arya wouldn’t believe Sansa. She knows Cersei is an evil manipulator. I hate that storyline. Unless I get a payoff I am mad at this turn.

      • The Recluse says:

        My guess is that Arya is setting a trap for someone, possibly Baelish. There has to be a reason why she handed Sansa that assassin’s dagger.

    • Tamingroman says:

      The Whight walkers got them from “Wall” mart. 🙃

  4. Sayrah says:

    I loved the conversation between the hound and tormund.

    • Bex says:

      I love Tormund, I find him as hilarious as everyone else, and I was heartbroken when I thought he was toast, but I can’t be the only one who’s starting to feel that the writers are taking this whole joke with him and Brienne a bit too far (and it is a fan service joke, because there’s absolutely no way in hell they get together in the books and it all started because of a one off improv moment) Like, she’s shown precisely zero indication that she appreciates any of his attention and she’s always seemed uncomfortable with it. I think the reaction to it all would be very different if it were say, Sansa, or one of the women the narrative deems more conventially attractive who was the subject of it.

      I think I’m feeling a bit defensive of Brienne today :p She deserves better than to be trailing after Starks who don’t appreciate her as well (I know, I know, Sansa’s probably plotting something and needed her out of the way, but couldn’t she have been a little less mean about it?)

      • Jenns says:

        They give way too much fan service. That is why no one is dying. And while I don’t want to see people die, the fact that all of them got out alive(except Thoros) is a joke.

      • Bex says:

        It’s still an incredible spectacle, but I think it’s really really showing in the writing that they’ve no source material left. Obviously characters like Jon (because he’s Jon and has plot armour thicker than any of them), Jaime (because Cersei’s got to be dealt with) and Tormund (because he’s the only link to the Wildlings) can’t die just yet, but if you’re going to put them into impossible situations and they escape it’s going to feel cheap when they really are in trouble.

      • Anitas says:

        There’s no way Brienne and Tormund are getting together, and if they do, it’ll be a travesty, the equivalent of taking a dump on her character development until now. You’re absolutely right about the fan reaction being different if he leered over Sansa like that. But show fans started rooting for him because hey, Brienne is a big warrior chick and he’s a big warrior dude and they should make big warrior babies. I think he has the role of Hyle in the books, the first guy who openly takes interest in her, and that can empower her, but he’s not her match.

    • norahb says:

      They are the Summer Buddy movie I didn’t know I needed!

  5. Tan says:

    I only have managed to watch Youtube Clips.
    It seems this episode , next and even season 8 episodes have been leaked. How true is that? I saw apparently Dany will know Jons parentage in season 8 episode 2. I am trying very hard to stay away from the spoilers, nearly impossible task . How true are the season 8 leaks?

    On topic, from what I gathered, show makers have gotten on track a bit with Dany. So the feelings for Jon and him staring longingly is explicitly mentioned.

    Atleast Jon called her his Queen. It took the death of her child to get King of North to pledge to her.

    Viscereon dying and becoming ICE dragon seems good plot balance. Dany with 3 Dragons was too much power on one side. It means cersei is fast coming to her end. If Main game will be Dany and John vs Night King on Dragon, I doubt KL issue will be much big of issue. Already it seems Unsullied and Tyrion will fight somewhat somewhat in KL.

    Finally Jorah’s dream of riding pillion with Dany came true. What if it was a huge dragon and there are 4 others behind him. It counts

    Dany diving in with dragons to the rescue was such a bad ass move

    It reminded me of Indian Mythology where the Goddess Durga or Kali is always coming to the rescue of the male Gods and saving their ass

    I cannot go into in depth analysis

    But whatever I saw in the clips, Dany’s snowy Targ Costume was awesome

    And I really like Emilia Clarke’s acting, really do.

    • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

      Those scripts that leaked for season 8 are a fake. Some loser on 4chan admitted that they are fake. I don’t even think that they are scouting for locations yet. I could be wrong about that though. But honestly, after watching this season, I would not be surprised if that loser with so much time on his hands is very close to what they are planning to do next season.

      I thought Viserion would be called a wight dragon. An ice dragon is made of ice and breathes frost. It also melts when it gets too warm. Viserion is now a reanimated corpse, like the polar bear.

      I didn’t mind Emilia’s acting this episode. She did fine/well for what they wrote for her. The coat she had on was AMAZING.

      Tormund was funny though.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        Agreed the Season 8 “leaks” are fake but I’m kind of unsure if Viserion is truly a wight. What if the frozen ice sort of kept him alive but unconscious? Like frozen water drowning? The NightKing only physically touches the living to reproduce a White Walker (like Crasters sons). The Whitewalkers are partly living. He creates Wights by force of his will, they are mindless easy to reanimated, easy to kill. I am signing up for Team #iceViserion and #icefire. I’m considering going #TeamWhitewalkers, LOL!

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ Aiobahn Targaryen:

        How weird that everyone likes Daenerys white winter coat….it’s nicely cut, but….it’s giving me the creeps because the patterns/lines on it look similar to the patterns/lines on the white walkers and night kings face. (Goose bumps…)

    • Honest B says:

      Season 8 leaks are way to early to be real…it took til about 1 month prior to season 7 to run (this May) before accurate leaks on season 7 came out. Those season 7 leaks on that reddit forum though have all been correct so far – huge death next week then if the spoilers remain true.

    • Mel says:

      Yeah they don’t start shooting season 8 until October. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said it on the late late show.

    • msd says:

      Every year some idiot on 4Chan does this. The S8 stuff is fake, although the person probably got 10% right just by guessing.

      There is a Spanish (?) guy somehow connected to show who leaked a detailed S7 outline to reddit many months ago. That could happen again when they go into production.

      I wish they wouldn’t do this. Leak full eps by all means but not scripts.

  6. Jenns says:

    It pains me to say this, because I was so looking forward to this episode, but I was really disappointed in so much of it. This is going to be a nit picky rant, but here it is:

    The wight hunt was such a dumb idea and a total plot hole. There was no reason that they couldn’t have executed some massive a-hole in the North and waited for him to turn into a wight. Let’s not forget that Jon’s terrible mission handed the enemy a nuke.

    The fact that killing the NK will kill all the wights and WW is lame. This now isn’t a great war–it’s just a fight against one dude.

    That bear CGI was sh*t.

    Benjen said last season that the dead can’t go past the wall. But they’re bringing the dead past the wall.

    Sansa said last season that you can’t trust LF. But now she’s trusting LF.

    How did they sit on that rock for all that time with the NK just watching them? He can raise the dead and has superpower strength, but he can’t freeze the water?

    Gendry, who has never seen snow, somehow manages to get back to Eastwatch and send a raven? And they don’t freeze to death without a fire while sitting around waiting for Dany?

    I hate that there was yet another last minute rescue.

    Where did they get those chains?!? Icy Walmart?

    I don’t know. The writing was just so lazy and that really bothers me. I feel like they are rushing to the end, so they’re just going to break the rules that they set in place and expect us to overlook it. And while I can overlook some things, what happened in this episode was just too much.

    For the positives:

    I loved the all conversations in the beginning. Tormund and The Hound was the best.

    I usually don’t like Jorah, but damn if he didn’t look fine as hell last night. Between his voice and Beric’s voice, both of those dudes can GET IT.

    And I have been waiting for an ice dragon for years. I’m sorry that Viserion dies, but holy f**K ICE DRAGON! You know Drogon is going to fight that thing.

    And finally, I laughed so hard when The Hound threw that rock and hit that wight. He really is my favorite character.

  7. CidyKitty says:

    ICE DRAGON! (sorry, sorry, I know that was supposed to be sad but I’m really excited for it.)

    I live for Tormund and Brienne vibes, but Brienne is about to be back in Kings Landing where Jaime is.

    Sansa and Arya have no idea who each other are, and they are both on top of a really high horse. Sansa needs to stop with the “I saved Winterfell” Bullsh*t because, while she was a really big help, Jon nearly lost his life and countless others lost their lives, she wouldn’t have gotten ANYWHERE without Jon. I know she operates on fear but she has to start figuring out when she’s being manipulated. Arya, needs to understand that Sansa has been through … a lot, and she’s not the same lady that she used to be. They have no idea who each other.

    I cringe though, at the Jon/Dany, I know that that is everyone’s main Ship but I can’t. I want them to be friends, and I want them to allies, and I want the North to be it’s own Kingdom. The North shouldn’t have to bend the knee. And they’re not going to be happy when Jon comes back and says he did that. If he isn’t already married off to Dany and leaving Winterfell for Sansa. We’ll see.

    Suspicious lack of Cersei, I kind of live for crazy Cersei.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Here’s what’s been bugging me: Dany rides up with three dragons and they start setting fire to every wight. Why not really f–king go for it? Why not shrug and say “while I’m here, let’s really do this sh-t”? Dragon-bomb the sh-t out of everyone and everything. That would have been the end of the Long Night, right?

    • Jenns says:

      Exactly! And considering what we found out last night, all she needs to do is fly back north and roast the NK. Bam. Story line over. And even if there is some complex way of killing him, you can still take out his entire army.

      Also, why didn’t the NK just take out Drogon while they were in the middle of the lake like sitting ducks?

      Ugh. It’s just so dumb. The never expected GoT to go full stupid.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I said the same thing in my post up top: she has FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS. Burn every undead white walker thing to ash, for eff’s sake, and don’t forget about the head honcho. Especially after the NK just killed one of her “children.” I would have been Dracarys-ing until I lost my voice.

    • Maiden says:

      She didn’t believe the truth about White Walkers and the army of the undead so how could she plan an attack to kill the entire WW and wights? She had no idea what was waiting for her beyond the Wall. She just knew Jon and co. needed her help and so she went. Her mission was to save Jon and the others. It was why she didn’t even see Viserion getting shot: she was busy saving the rest of the suicide squad and watching out for Jon that she didn’t realize the White Walkers were about to kill one of her children. Daenerys did not know who the Night King was. She didn’t know who to attack, just that she had to attack. There was no planning involved with this rescue. Nobody has seen the Night King except for Jon Snow and Tormund. And had Viserion not been shot and killed, she probably would’ve laid waste on the wights, too, if she had a chance to think on it.

      Also, consider that Drogon is the only one who has a rider, meaning Rhaegal and Viserion would have been harder to control because she could command them to breathe fire but could not command them to fight the way she can with Drogon. Dragons bond with only one rider. That’s what makes Viserion’s death more devastating because had he had a human rider, he probably would’ve avoided that ice-magic spear.

      But even that just drove home the point that Rhaegal needs a rider if he is to fight next season. He flew off when Viserion was shot and fell down, and has not come back to Dany since. Again, that shows thst Daenerys doesn’t have full control of her dragons the way she does with Drogon.

    • Tan says:

      White walkers cannot be killed by fire as mentioned up thread
      Only dragon glass ans Valyrian steel can kill them
      They can stroll through fire like its nothing.

      Only wights die via fire

    • JeanGrey says:

      NK and his lieutenants can only be killed by dragon glass or Valyrian steel.

    • Lauren says:

      Exactly! I Think she did such a poor job of training her dragons properly. She assumes that just because she is a Targarygen that is all the work she needs to do but her ancestors spent time training their damn dragons!

    • Horse Marine says:

      Yeah, it makes no sense that she wouldn’t try to nuke the NK et al. Of course, we know the mofo is immune to fire, but she doesn’t.

      You have three dragons! Engulf every single one of these walking corpses in flames, girl!

      Ooooh, I kinda love this theory that Arya is really the Waif. No way it’s true, but that would be some kind of something.

    • isabelle says:

      welll…. its possible the Knight King isn’t even effected by fire the royalty walk through fire all the time, the fire goes away and it has zero effect on them.

  9. lightpurple says:

    Run, Gendry, run.

    Benjen was already dead so he didn’t actually die again. Maybe he’ll just keep showing up in sentient zombie form to rescue Stark boys from wights.
    Where the hell did the wights get those very long, very shiny chains?
    Kept thinking of Wind River while Gendry was running through the snow.
    And The Hound now gets the row boat.

  10. wood dragon says:

    Danys’ grief reminded me of Leia’s grief when Han went into the carbon freeze: not full on blubbering because she has too much self control, but there right on the edges/in the inside. You could see it in her eyes.
    Poor viserion. His sibling was crying for him at the end.

  11. Louise says:

    Most reviews are moaning about GoT now but I still love it and its great!

    Is it the character of Arya or is Maisie Williams just not that good of an actress? (see Doctor Who).

  12. Talie says:

    I have to believe that this is all part of an elaborate plan to snare Baelish, otherwise they are really making Arya into a villain for no reason.

    I do wonder how the sisters will react to their brother choosing his queen though…will they be on board with Daenerys?

    • nona says:

      I want to believe that it’s all an elaborate plot to trap LF, but if that’s the case, then why are all the conversations between the sisters private? If it’s a plot to trap LF, shouldn’t Sansa and Arya be fighting in public so that LF either sees it or hears about it?

    • Zondie says:

      The Sansa/Arya storyline has become ridiculous. I would suggest that the sisters have an elaborate game to try and trap Littlefinger, but then I remember that mess from Season 6 where Arya sauntered aimlessly through Bravos, got knifed, and lived to fight and bounce all over the place before defeating the Waif. I kept thinking the writers would straighten out the logic of that mess this season but no, we are suppose to believe that Arya was both dumb and invincible. So, not holding out hope for a logical storyline this time around.

    • Annie says:

      @Talie: They could have written it in many better ways but anyway.
      Interesting question about sansa, arya’s reaction to Dany. Considering Dany’s father burnt Stark kids’ grandfather and Uncle (Ned’s father and elder brother) beginnings cannot be warm welcomes.
      And when Bran enters the scene Dany will no longer be only Jon’s queen but Jon’s aunt!!!…. I would like to know Jon’s feelings then about the incest.

      And this whole relationship – incest notwithstanding is so boring, why cant 2 leaders be friends and war buddies like Ned and Robert…why they have to be in looooove! Argh!

  13. SF says:

    Everyone: Sansa should be Lady of Winterfell. She’s competent and sane and even if you don’t like her personally, her experiences have given her the skills necessary to hold Winterfell.

    Arya: BUT HER EMAILS!!!

  14. mumbojumbo says:

    It would be about time that Danaerys gave her dragons a fucking armor.

    Arya is clearly testing Sansa, now that she knows that Sansa is totally clueless with regard to Little Finger’s plot, she will take care of him alone. And probably wear his face in the future.
    I don’t know why Arya gave Sansa the dagger though.

    It would be nice if Bran started talking. Jesus he pisses me off…. But it was probably Bran who told Benjen to go and save Jon.
    I have just realised that he is literally watching Game of Thrones. Just like us.

  15. Maiden says:

    Losing Viserion meant Dany is no longer invincible and you see that in her body language in the boat scene. First time Daenerys looked so small and defeated. Emilia did a fantastic job with the micro expressions. I liked that there were no hysterics and loud sobbing like in many shows. She looked shocked at Viserion dying in front of her but there was no time to grieve properly as she had to leave and save herself and the others. She looked broken at that scene with Jon even without tears, and when Jon said he’d bend the knee if he could, her first reaction was to almost cry and say she hopes she deserves his and the North’s loyalty.

    That’s a complete change from the way she demanded he bend the knee in the past. That is a complete change from any of Dany’s usual “fire and blood” demeanour. That was all gone now, replaced by a Daenerys that was humbled and devastated by losing one of her children and realizing her dragons can be killed and so she can be, too.

    Dany had seen what the fuss was all about with Jon Snow. She literally saw the “dagger through the heart” scar and now she understands just how far Jon will go to protect his people. She lost Viserion but she “had to see” what the White Walkers are truly like and now she’s seen what Jon is truly like as well, how he was willing to be left behind so others can escape and be safe.

    “Only death can pay for life” – Viserion dying means Dany will have another child. It’s why they’re having all this sudden talk about succession. Even Jorah was in on it when he told Jon to pass Longclaw onto his future children.

  16. Bex says:

    The Northern Lords (and Sansa, with good reason) are going to be so pissed at Jon for saying he’ll bend the knee without consultation. They’ve been fighting for independence for years and Daenerys just promised to help and didn’t attach a condition to it. I know she saved you all but come on Jon, sort all that out after the ice zombie army has been defeated! Perhaps then the North would be willing to accept her anyway. Even if he’s in love with her it just seems like a such a stupid move politically, especially when Sansa’s been pointing out how important it is to keep the Northern Lords on side.

    Shouldn’t Jon be offering Longclaw to Lyanna if he feels honour bound to offer it to Jorah? You know, the head of House Mormont who’s committed no capital offences?

  17. I doubt the wights/walkers will make big scene next week, but I know they’ll be there. They aren’t far from Eastwatch now and they have the dragon. I have a feeling the hounds prediction will be right and will come to past next episode…they will make it through the wall. Fade to black.

    The Arya/Sansa scene is just a buildup. I am sure next episode they’ll come to reason and realize Littlefinger must die.

  18. Person3514 says:

    Ok, so maybe I’m just being super desperate here, but Jon is technically a wight now right? Just maybe because of that and the fact that he is a targaryen and a stark, maybe he will somehow be able to end up riding that ice dragon. Maybe? I know I’m clinging to hope here, but I hate the thought of the knight king having him and even if that didn’t happen what damage could an ice dragon do against a fire one?

    As for the episode, lots of plot holes, but I don’t mind. I don’t watch the show with realistic expectations and I know they are rushing to wrap everything up. I suppose this is just me giving the show a pass since it’s so entertaining lol

  19. Incredulous says:

    There was a lot of dumb in the episode as things advance at the speed of plot but I loved the group North of the wall interacting with each other. Still, though, Drogon, turn your head to the right and exhale.

  20. JeanGrey says:

    The chains came from the shipping docks at Hardhome.

    For people wondering why they couldn’t just kill someone and have them come back as a white, they cant sit around and wait for the NK or one of his Lieutenants to reanimate a random body. as for Thoros, there is this honor thing, kind of like on Walking Dead, when someone gets bit, someone does the courtesy for killing them before they turn or give the person the option of suicide because they don’t want to come back as a Zombie. Beric even makes mention of Thoros not dying in a worse way.

    Dany didn’t just go to save Jon, but Jorah as well. He may be Sir Friendzone, but he is her friend. She felt a duty to be there and not just sit on the sidelines.

    I have a feeling Arya and Sansa are purposefully acting they way they are because they are trying to throw off LIttlefinger. I just don’t get why Sansa sent Brienne away.

    The Tormund convo with the Hound about Brienne was hilarious, He wants to make babies with her!!! lolo I was also holding my breath when the Wigths got him and I though he was gonna die. Thank Goodness the Hound snapped out of his PTSD.

    Jorah and Jon’s convo about Longclaw was a nice moment.

    Loved that Dany was sitting and waiting for Jon to come to. Love the handholding and love that he called her Dany, then not Dany and my queen. It was such a tender , beautiful moment. They are both in love with eacj other. The way Jon pushed Tormund out of the way to look at Dany swooping in and kicking ass with her Dragons he was in awe. Get ready for #boatsex

    Sad about Viserion but it was necessary for the story. It evens the playing field. Plus we lost so many Direwolves it was time for a Dragon to die. Now Jon will ride Rhaegal and tag team with Dany and Drogon. The dragons need a rider in order to properly guide them.

    • mayamae says:

      I’m guessing Brienne’s departure was so Arya and Sansa are forced to work together. I have a strong feeling Littlefinger dies in the finale. I’ve read speculation that Bran reveals LF’s betrayal of Ned and the sisters Stark neutralize him.

      • JeanGrey says:

        I sure hope so! I’m tired of Creepyfinger. he’s the architect behind all of the chaos and drama in Westeros. He convinces Lysa to kill Jon Arryn thus setting off all of the events that have come to pass. He set up Tyrion telling Catelyn it was his dagger that was used for Bran’s assassination attempt. He betrayed Ned, he st up Roz to get killed, betrayed Cersei and everyone around him. He has no loyalty to anyone but to himself

  21. WendyNerd says:

    So Arya threatens to murder her sister and cut off her face, but it is Sansa who is unreasonable. Okay

  22. Sara says:

    I think the implication of Sansa sending away Brianne is that she’s might try to harm Arya and Littlefinger pointed out that Brianne would interfere with either of the girls trying to harm one another. I find their petty sister infighting to be annoying. They both survived, they need to get over it.

  23. Maiden says:

    I’m just gonna address this here:

    - Why didn’t Dany kill the rest of the White Walkers and the wights? It’s simple. She couldn’t control Rhaegal and Viserion the way she can with Drogon. Dragons need to have a rider to control them. Just because she is their mother doesn’t mean she has a bond with them. Dragons only bond with one rider. Ever. She can command them to breathe fire but I doubt she can make them do anything else. Heck, Viserion and Rhaegal probably followed Drogon more than they did Dany. Only when Drogon breathed fire that the other two did. Viserion and Rhaegal are also newbies in battle. Those two had no idea what they were doing, the poor babies.

    Rhaegal flew off and left when Viserion was killed and had not come back since. Drogon was crying while flying above Eastwatch for 3 reasons: Viserion, Rhaegal, and Jon. Dany has not much control over Rhaegal as she could’ve summoned him home but now who knows where Rhaegal even flew off.

    - Why didn’t Dany keep fighting until the enemies were dead? Because if you watch the Night King and his generals closely, you’d see they have THREE ICE SPEARS. One for each dragon. Where did they get those? How did they know 3 dragons were about to come? The Night King is a greenseer like Bran. His powers are beyond dragons and dragonfire. He must have seen Dany and her 3 dragons coming.

    Viserion was already killed with one ice spear. Drogon came close to being hit had Dany not been able to swerve and fly away. Why would she stay and continue fighting when Drogon was literally a sitting duck there? Night King came prepared. Dany would never have won that battle had she stayed.

    Anyway, I feel like the show is now a think piece than how literal it was before. When they followed the books it was all quite straightforward. Now we have all these theories and speculations about what’s gonna happen and character motivations and whatever else. Frankly, I like it. We’re in the last stretch of what is currently the most entertaining tv series. I’m not gonna nitpick everything to death, especially the time characters take to move from one place to another. I don’t wanna watch Euron sail around for 6 episodes. This is much more preferable.

    • JeanGrey says:

      YES Maiden! Exactly.

      Also, is it just me or is NK starting to look an awful lot like Bran? There is a theory going around that Bran had some warg connection with the Human who was about to be turned by the Children of the Forest\, right at the moment the dagger was being plunged into his heart (kind of how he had that moment/connection with Willis/Hodor) and Bran got stuck in there and became the NK

      • Maiden says:

        That’s actually an interesting theory, JeanGrey! Bran has also been marked by the Night King so it would make sense if their visions are the same or if they both can warg into each other. Kinda like Harry Potter and Voldemort being able to see through each other’s mind.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Rhaegal and Viserion both fought when Dany fought back against the masters in Meeren and seized their ships last season. She summoned them and they crashed through the pyramid walls to get to her. She doesn’t have as much control over them as a rider would but she does have some control. They followed her summons then and when Drogon took off for the better part of an entire season, they didn’t go after him but willingly followed her into the pyramid where she chained them.

      She couldn’t wipe out the white walkers with the dragons because fire doesn’t kill them – only dragon glass and valerian steel. Although maybe a dragon could eat one

  24. magnoliarose says:

    The lack of GRRM source material was worse than usual last night and I had to force myself not to curse at the television and throw something.

    The entire time I was like why are they on a stupid trek to capture a wight when all Dany had to do was tell Jon to hop on a dragon and have a look see. “Hey Dany look down there see that lurching mob. Guess what? They are dead girl. Can we take a fly over Winterfell just to check on things? Since I AM the King of the North and all.” He could impress his banner men, so they know he hasn’t been just hanging out by the sea chilling for nothing. That is it. Simple and out.

    Those freaking chains. Unless I see some magic or some underground bunker I have a hard time believing some colossal chains just kind of appeared cause you know they tend to do that. WHAT? I need specifics. Who attached the chain, where did they come from and are there blacksmiths beyond the wall. Forges use fire. They can’t endure fire. Is there a conjurer on the side of the NK? Tell me where they got the chains!

    Tyrion needs to catch a clue or shut up. Forget the stupid Tarlys. Bend the knee or burn. They had a choice. Dickon wasn’t brave he was a damn fool so in his show of unity, he became a pile of useless ash. What were they to Tyrion that he can’t get over it? Coulda woulda shoulda. Old man Tarly was mean old body shaming turncoat anyway. Now Sam can be Lord Tarly and maybe his role is to help in the war. We shall see.

    Jamie should have died the last episode. What is his point now? I know he wasn’t in this one but it still grates on my nerves. Die useless character.

    I think that Sansa and Arya are playing LF. They couldn’t suddenly become dolts with no game. If they are then D &D suck butt forever. Seriously. But…when Arya gave Sansa the dagger I thought maybe just maybe it is a clue. Like your turn. Remember Bran gave it to Arya and LF gave it to Bran. Bran knows EVERYTHING. Since LF skulks around and probably has spies it would be a good plot to rid themselves of him with the dagger. If not and Sansa sent Brienne away just cause she can then all of this angst between sisters was a waste of time. Then the showrunners need to be run out of the business for being a-holes.

    Viserion. RIP The dragons are my favorite part of this season but I knew one had to die. Undead dragon is a little iffy and can go all sorts of sideways in the future. This led me to wonder if there are more dragon eggs somewhere or are they all going to die for her to get to the throne. IF she gets there.

    Tormund and the Hound have to make it to the end. The Hound has to beat the Mountain Monster and Tormund has to put his wilding moves on Brienne.

    The writing is rushed and lazy this season. Grand Canyon sized holes all over the place. I am only watching to see how it ends but I don’t enjoy it the same as before. GRRM has taken too long for the next book. He is slow but this is ridiculous.

    • Maiden says:

      Dany would never send Jon on his own with the dragons. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because she can’t. Dragons need to bond before they can be controlled. It’s why it’s such a big moment when Drogon let Jon pet him in episode 5. Anyone else would have been fried and burnt with Drogon charging them like that, so Dany was shocked that Drogon calmed down in Jon’s presence. It’s not all easy like sending the dragons on a reconnaissance trip with a stranger on their back and expect the dragons to just do what they’re told. That goes against the nature of dragons as written in the books.

  25. Lauren says:

    I am actually very upset about Viserion’s fate. The moment he was shot and Drogon started to shriek out and I believe Rhaegal did swoop and try to determine whether he could go under him and save his fall is when I lost it.

    I will never forgive Jon with his stupid heroics for not getting on Drogon’ s behind right away. I am attached to those dragons. Viserion in the books is the smallest and gentlest for a dragon but I guess he is named after Dany’s evil brother he will be causing problems now. I am assuming the NK will use the sentimental nature that Drogon and Rhaegal have for their brother against them.

    At this point the NK now has the greatest advantage. Again I will find it very hard to forgive Jon for what happened to Viserion. I cried over the death of a of a dragon for a good half hour lol. Why didn’t Jon tell Dany the dragon would have to be burned as he knows not burning bodies will bring them back?

    The writing is a bit nonsensical and D & D just needed the ice dragon so lots of stupidity happened to get to that end goal.

    I have other stuff I would like to rant about like the sanctimonus Arya and her incorrect memory of how Sansa reacted to their father’s death. For someone who likes to slander Sansa for her association with enemies she also forgets that she was a cupbearer for Tyson Lannister. I think they have Arya acting like a complete villian but I never cared for her I always preferred Sansa. Although Arya is all about girl power she represents all the ass kicking and “I am so cool cause I don’t like the traditional girly stuff”. I find it nauseating and always have. Sansa may not be a skilled fighter but she has endured and survived a lot too. I hate that Arya thinks she is the only one who did suffer. The truth is Arya could not survive what Sansa did and Sansa could not have survived what Arya endured.

  26. Svea says:

    Am starting to get a very sad, “Lost” feeling about the final season. Am losing confidence in the producers to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.

  27. msd says:

    This episode is getting a lot of criticism from fans and with good reason. So much silliness, so many contrivances and so much that’s plain illogical. Suspension of disbelief needs to be earned! Characters are just doing things because that’s what the plot demands.

    Of course I’ll watch to the end but what a let down these past two eps have been after The Spoils of War.

  28. Lori says:

    The raven/dragon journey didnt take less than a day. They clearly stayed there overnight, so lets say 24hrs. The distace from a little beyond the wall to Dragonstone by air isnt that long, it doesnt sound impossible at all to me.

    Dany wouldnt have flown north by dragon to catch a whyte for John Snow. Shes in a war, doesnt believe in them, and Tyrion would have protested too much. John had to try.

    And doesnt anyone else think the Night King might use the dragon to melt the wall?

    • JeanGrey says:

      People are forgetting Dany was in disbelief of these Wights for the most part and was more focused on the Iron Throne. She said herself last night she had to actually see it to believe it . Now she is 100% convinced and ready to go head on with the NK.

  29. tekla says:

    I have a crush on the actor playing Tormund. Kristofer Hivju is just lovely. That is all xD

  30. Diana B says:

    I think the Sansa/Arya situation is a lot more nuanced that everyone is seeing. I get both sides as well. Yes, Sansa did everything she did to survibe, but Arya did raise some good points about her excuses and her line about telling her reasons to Lyanna Mormont was brilliant. They don’t know each other; if both had taken the time to sit down and talk about what the other went through, they would not be fighting this hard. Also, Sansa and her whole, I saved Winterfeld pissed me off. She witheld information for Jon that I bet would have changed his approach to that battle. Arya was in the wrong to fight with Sansa about the note but I get her side. She’s a fiercely loyal child, Sansa was right when she told Arya she would have never survived what she survived, Arya definitively would have been killed if she would have been on Sansa’s shoes, but on the other hand I don’t think Arya would have liked to survived on those conditions. She’s green and her sense of loyalty would have been betrayed had she been forced to do what Sansa did to continue living so for her, death would have been preferable.

    Also, she did not used the letter to Sansa’s demised with the other families even though she could in an instant. I feel Arya is testing Sansa and noticed that when she told her about the masks, she was playing the truth/lying game. Everyone knows Arya would never in a million years persue power, and even less on Sansa’s place, that was the lie; she sealed that when she gave the dagger to Sansa.

    I would also like to think Sansa is playing Little Finger; I have never liked her character but not even I can believe she would be such a fool to fall for his machinations AGAING. If she is for real, that will be the last nail on her coffin for me.

    • WendyNerd says:

      ” but Arya did raise some good points about her excuses and her line about telling her reasons to Lyanna Mormont was brilliant.”

      Excuse me why I laugh hysterically for 35 minutes.

      Like, no? It wasn’t? Lyanna Mormont was never a hostage. Ever. I am so sick of hearing about Lyanna “Privileged” Mormont and how she’s some sort of judge for anyone, ESPECIALLY Sansa. A ten year old who has never been around anyone but those who want what is best for her judging a political hostage? HA!

      Arya’s arguments are overwhelmingly pathetic and hypocritical. But I guess it’s FINE when she spent a whole season having meet-cutes with Tywin Lannister despite having multiple chances to get rid of him.

      Arya has gone over the moral event horizon and lost about a hundred IQ points in the process. She’s not very bright. Not anymore. Both she and Lyanna Mormont need to go sit at the kiddie table. It’s the only place they’re qualified to sit.

      • TamingRoman says:

        You know this is a TV show, right?

      • WendyNerd says:

        Yes, but the attitudes fueling peoples’ real life reactions are real. Shows don’t exist in vacuums.

      • WendyNerd says:

        People cheering on Arya’s violence and cruelty just because she’s “badass” and Sansa isn’t is very, very disturbing. Especially since all we’ve seen Sansa do this season is help her people and act loyal to Jon. But of course, everything Arya does (including purposely misremembering Sansa’s behavior at Ned’s execution, acting like a flaming hypocrite, wanting to threaten and execute men for criticizing people, thus endangering the entire North, threatening her sister’s life and threatening to steal her sister’s face) is automatically just and right because she stabs things. And Sansa deserves cruelty because she acts feminine.

        (btw, really? Sansa’s “materialism” being the “sansa of today?” Because she took the Lord’s chambers as Jon INSISTED after she said he should take them? Because she wears dresses while…. you know… feeding and arming people? Sure. Arya is the one acting materialistic, verbally lusting after Sansa’s outfits and talking about murder and mutilation to get them. Sansa is the one actively contributing to the well-being of every Northerner. Arya is threatening Sansa, her ability to do her duty, and her life for no decent reason. But she doesn’t act traditionally feminine, so it’s TOTES heroic and all points against her are invalid because she was “BADASS” while doing it.)

      • Diana B says:

        “lusting after Sansa’s outfits”? she spent the entire chapter talking about how she always wanted to be a knight and how Sansa and her were so different because she never wanted to be a lady like Sansa always did, and you think she was lusting after her “pretty” dresses? that should be the first clue into what Arya was doing. She was lying and she gave Sansa the dagger; I think they are both playing Little Finger.

      • WendyNerd says:

        She mentioned being a knight once. Then talked about how she’d like to find out about “being Lady of Winterfell and wearing all those pretty dresses” after saying she CAN be whatever she wants. So, sorry, you can’t tell me they’re “both” playing Littlefinger and say that Arya’s attacking Sansa’s “materialism” is valid and how Sansa is supposedly materialistic “now.” Either they are both playing Littlefinger and are both innocent, and this is just a show, or Arya means what she says. If so, yes, she actually threatened to kill Sansa and cut off her face to see what it’s like to be Sansa and “wear those pretty dresses”. A person can want more than one thing and yes, Arya said several things to indicate that she felt as much jealousy over various things pertaining to Sansa’s “lady” persona— Her handwriting, her clothes, etc. She meant what she said, or it was all for Littlefinger’s benefit. If it’s not the latter, then yes, she was lusting for Sansa’s life and clothing, because she can be whatever she wants now. She outright said that she can be what/whoever she wishes now, then she talks about “being lady of winterfell and wearing those pretty dresses”. Why even bring that up?

        So either you think Arya meant what she said about Sansa’s clothes, or not. But you can’t applaud her for her calling out Sansa’s “materialism” and say Sansa is guilty of that if your response to an argument is that “They’re both playing Littlefinger!!!”

      • Diana B says:

        Uhm, excuse you? I never applauded Arya for calling out Sansa’s materialism. That was not even mentioned in my comment because I don’t think Sansa is materialisctic anymore after everything she’s been through, you brought it out. We are never going to agree because you choose your own version of my comments adding words and puntuation to what I say (They’re both playing Littlefinger[!!!]). Debate is not posible on those conditions. So have a good day. I will not be replying to you anymore.

      • WendyNerd says:

        @ Diane,sorry, that was directed towards tamingroman. It got misposted.

      • Tommy says:

        I agree completely, Wendy. Lyanna Mormont has never left the safety of her home on Bear Island until she followed Sansa and Jon. She would not have the first inkling of what it was like to be held prisoner by insane, cruel, manipulative, liars.
        As far as that old letter “damaging” Sansa —I think anyone with half a lick of sense would look at it and know from the timing of it that it was coerced. Sansa was only a child and doing everything she could to save Ned. Luwin and Robb immediately realized those were Cersei’s words in Sansa’s handwriting. I don’t see men like Bronze Yohn Royce and Lord Glover getting too worked up over it. HOWEVER….Sansa is trying to hold their Northern/Vale alliance together with duct tape and spit at this point —Arya AND Littlefinger making unnecessary waves and trying to stir up trouble only hurts everyone’s chances of survival. This needs to come to a head and be done with. Quickly.

  31. Zondie says:

    Some people complained that Ed Sheeran cameo interfered with the world building that GoF does so well. I actually thought Ed Sheeran cameo was well done. What isn’t done well is the constant fan service quips: Davis asking Gendry if he was still rowing, and the constant Tormund/Brienne jokes. The showrunners are winking so hard it is distracting from the crappy plots.

  32. Ennie says:

    I cried when Vyserion fell ti the ground. They miss the direwolves too.

  33. ViXi says:

    All I got from that episode is that Gendry better start making some armor for the Dragons because if they lose another one….I’m gonna cry, for real.

  34. TamingRoman says:

    So much weirdness in this episode.
    For instance:
    How does everyone travel so damn fast?
    Why did the Wight walker King go after a flying Dragon, and not Drogon, fully loaded with enemies when he is literally sitting 50 yards from him? He goes after him later, but why not then and there?
    How is the Army of the dead now all of a sudden no longer immune to water?
    Where the fuck is Bran while his sisters go at it?
    How did anyone die of the cold when you have not one but TWO fire starters?
    Zombies. Why does the Army of the Dead have to be Zombies. I’m Zombied out. What the hell, can’t we just have an Army of the Dead without them eating people FFS?
    As noted, where the hell did they get the ginormous big ass chains in the middle of nowhere?

    On another note, I normally find Arya boring. Like I fall asleep boring. I’ve had brief moments of routing for Sansa, but always short lived. Last night I cheered Arya for calling Sansa on all her entitled, materialistic BS. That is not the Sansa of old. That is the Sansa of today. She still wants to wear the pretty dresses and be the queen. Good for you Arya for telling it like it is! I especially liked the mention of Lady Mormont, and how she is also a child but a strong one.
    Can someone kill LittleFinger already?

    PS, I think Briean of Tarth gets killed next week. :-( I love her. I’m guessing that Cersie demands that Jamie kill her, which I think he will do, but will then hopefully put him against Cersie.

    That’s it from a casual GoT fan.

    • WendyNerd says:

      People cheering on Arya’s violence and cruelty just because she’s “badass” and Sansa isn’t is very, very disturbing. Especially since all we’ve seen Sansa do this season is help her people and act loyal to Jon. But of course, everything Arya does (including purposely misremembering Sansa’s behavior at Ned’s execution, acting like a flaming hypocrite, wanting to threaten and execute men for criticizing people, thus endangering the entire North, threatening her sister’s life and threatening to steal her sister’s face) is automatically just and right because she stabs things. And Sansa deserves cruelty because she acts feminine.

      (btw, really? Sansa’s “materialism” being the “sansa of today?” Because she took the Lord’s chambers as Jon INSISTED after she said he should take them? Because she wears dresses while…. you know… feeding and arming people? Sure. Arya is the one acting materialistic, verbally lusting after Sansa’s outfits and talking about murder and mutilation to get them. Sansa is the one actively contributing to the well-being of every Northerner. Arya is threatening Sansa, her ability to do her duty, and her life for no decent reason. But she doesn’t act traditionally feminine, so it’s TOTES heroic and all points against her are invalid because she was “BADASS” while doing it.)

      And people wonder why I find Sansa hate to be misogynistic.

  35. Amelie says:

    Unfortunately due to the HBO leaks, people have taken to posting spoilers all over the Internet /social media on Youtube videos/random Facebook comment threads that have NOTHING to do with Game of Thrones so I was spoiled a few weeks ago when some a-hole posted the spoiler about Daenerys losing Viserion to the Night King and I was beyond pissed off (and it was REALLY hard not posting here because I wanted to discuss it so bad so I had to avoid GOT posts for a few weeks). However last year even before the season started filming, one of those GOT Facebook pages (not sure if it was the official but don’t think it was) posted what looked like a promotional poster of one of the dragons in a snowy landscape with blue eyes. I dismissed it as fan art at the time but it looks like either leakers knew about it or just really excellent speculation? Anyways I went into the season even before I saw the Viserion spoiler half expecting Daenerys to lose one of her dragons to ice. And was super bummed when it did happen, the scene of Viserion being shot down with the icy javelin was beyond heartbreaking. Though begs the question, just one icy javelin to bring down a dragon?? Unless it pierced Viserion’s brain? It was so unclear and seemed a bit weak to kill him but as people have mentioned this season has been pretty inconsistent. So yeah the ending of this episode was not a shock to me at all.

    While the episode was full of some suspense and there were some great moments, the whole set up was such a fail. All Dany had to do was fly one of her dragons north of the Wall (preferably with Jon Snow to show her) to see the White Walker army for herself safely from a distance. I feel like the writers would argue Dany would not have bothered to go on an an excursion north to see them unless she had a motivation to actually go to save people but that’s a poor argument if that’s their logic. They didn’t need to send a party to “bring one back” because we all knew they would end up surrounded and Dany would have to go rescue them with her 3 dragons. It was the stupidest plot development just to bring Dany north of the wall with her dragons so the Night King could get one for himself.

    Some people commented on the White Walkers getting chains out of nowhere–Twitter commenters claim the writers said they got them from Hardhome but I’m side eying that too. They somehow knew ahead of time they would need chains to drag a dead dragon out of a frozen lake?? Sure.

    As for Arya/Sansa–I know where that plotline is going due to spoilers I won’t reveal but I will say a lot of commenters’ theories about that are pretty on point.

    Question about Jon though–he has survived encounters with the White Walkers 3 times now? Is he like Dany who can survive fire, his Stark blood lets him survive ice? Like if the Night King tried to make him a White Walker it wouldn’t work?? It would make sense since his uncle Benjen has been living north of the Wall and it seems the White Walkers have been unable to turn him too? So many questions.

    Also I get them wanting to wrap up GOT to move on to other things but the shortened seasons are really doing a disservice to the plot and consistency. In previous seasons it would take an entire season for characters to travel from point A to point B but due to the short seasons characters are appearing at different locations mere minutes later (so I guess that would mean a few hours?) really messing up time lines and such. Like it only took Gendry 20 minutes to run back to the Wall and Daenerys learned about the men stuck on the frozen lake in the same day?? Ravens surely can’t fly that fast.

  36. Kayzilla says:

    So… Jon is dead/undead… and also Targaryan/fire… and also Stark/ice… now has survived icy cold death/drowning similar to Dany surviving fire… so maybe… Jon manages to tame and ride the ice dragon?? There are still supposed to be three dragon riders, right? I’m still pulling for Jon/Dany/Tyrion.

    • WendyNerd says:

      No, that doesn’t work. Jon wouldn’t be able to utilize an ice dragon’s abilities because he’s literally going up against Ice. The Ice Dragon is the NK’s ace and a counter to Dany’s seeming invincibility. It’ll be two dragons on the side of the living. Tyrion has no Valyrian blood, so he can’t ride.

      Jon climbed out of the water, but while Dany survived on her own, Jon was resurrected before through Mel’s magic, and he wasn’t dead when he climbed out of the ice and was saved by deus ex Benjen. Jon is a combination of “ice and fire”, Dany is fire, and I think the Ice part is Bran (the third one to have supernatural abilities, all associated with the North). Bran might end up warging into Ice!Viserion, but otherwise, I don’t see the ice dragon being anything but an adversary. Jon will ride Rhaegal, the dragon named for his birth father.

  37. Maiden says:

    Where did the wights get the chains? Hardhome. All the other Wildling villages they ran over and decimated.
    They also have several giant wights to pull the chain or make the chain, and even pull Viserion out of the water.

    Honestly, I get the criticisms some people may have about the show…but the rest just sounds like nitpicking for the sake of it. This is a show with dragons, direwolves, undead people, and even more powerful and magical undead people, etc. and we’re all wondering where giant chains came from or how they can reach one location to another so fast?

    The answer lies in the fact that the characters are no longer in 100 different places. They’re all coming together now and you can’t expect the show to devote 5 episodes of Gendry running through the snow to send a raven to Dany. You don’t really want to watch Tyrion and Dany arguing on what Dany should do, or Dany traveling on Drogon’s back for 3 episodes just to go to the Wall.

    Likewise, do we really wanna see Jon mining dragonglass or spending his time sulking about Dragonstone just to say he and Dany had enough time to interact so their relationship doesn’t feel ‘forced’?

    In the previous seasons that was possible because the characters all had different arcs so they could be shown taking their time to move around and learn to fight, rule, kill, ressurect Jon Snow from the dead, etc. They also had a definite source material to follow from the 5 books already published. But now the creators are on their own and time is running out to tie up loose ends. I don’t think they have time to show wights looking for giant chains. If you’ve watched the show closely from the start, you will recall possible explanations to your questions.

    Is it so hard to fathom why Dany just didn’t send her dragons to see what’s up beyond the Wall? Maybe because she didn’t believe in the White Walkers to begin with which has been repeated over and over since she met Jon Snow? Maybe because her dragons don’t follow orders with the snap of Dany’s fingers and dragons need riders to know what they’re doing?

    IMO it doesn’t make sense to worry about these small things when there are even minute details that people seem to ignore. Like, the new revelation that killing a white walkers kills all the wights it created?!

    Or the exchange between Dany and Jon about her not being able to have more children and Jon just nods and accepts it. That’s a radical moment for GoT where everyone is focused on who is the heir of whatever family. Dany and Jon agree to an alliance that opens the possibility of marriage and Jon Snow doesn’t even care if he doesn’t father children to continue his line and legacy? Unheard of in GoT.

    Or the possibility that the Night King is a seer like Bran and came prepared for Dany and her dragons, hence the three ice spears and the giant chains? This is a zombie that’s been roaming around outside the Wall for almost 10k years. He’s had enough time to prepare for a freaking dragon and get all the chains he could find.

    • magnoliarose says:

      My biggest issue is they make a big deal of something like Jon mining the dragon glass and then nothing. Why make it worthy enough for him to leave Winterfell if it is not a major plot point? Just a scene or two of how they collected it and how much they gathered.

      We shouldn’t have to fill in so many details. It would have been cool to see in the beginning the wights dragging a chain or some foreshadowing. It would have confirmed the NKs abilities to see the future and heightened the suspense.

      They need 2 full seasons in my opinion. It seems as if the story is meandering without a point at times.

      • WendyNerd says:

        I feel like it might be redeemed if we had a shot/scene here and there of the Dragonglass arriving to Winterfell. TBH, I would MUCH rather have the activity in Winterfell be about them preparing for war and Sansa, Bran, and Arya dealing with increasingly dissatisfied lords who want their king back. That mention Sansa made about not hearing from Jon in weeks fascinates me. Like, the Northerners growing angry that they haven’t heard from their king and that he hasn’t returned even after getting the dragonglass and wondering if he’s betraying the North. Littlefinger fanning the flames of this, and Sansa, Arya, and Bran trying to quell the discontent and gather up as much evidence against LF and access to his resources/contacts so they can finally get rid of him without potentially losing control of his means (which, less face it, the North NEEDS). Like, have the dragonglass be a catalyst to people in the North wondering why TF their king isn’t returned now that he’s gotten the thing he left for. At the very least, it could be an actual legitimate basis for this BS “conflict” between the Stark sisters. Like maybe Bran tells them Jon is heading for Eastwatch, and Sansa starting to have major doubts and frustrations over Jon doing something so major, especially without at least writing home to tell them, along with the stress of ruling without proper correspondence and trying to placate the lords getting to her and making her outright voice her anger with Jon and fears of him ending up like Robb to Arya. All while they all try to recruit artisans to modify/build weapons with Dragonglass. Maybe even have a small scout group of wights/WW’s show up to Winterfell and them witnessing the power of the DG firsthand. Have it actually CONNECT AND PAYOFF.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Everything you said would have been great. I like a little more visual detail not only hinted or announced.

    • WendyNerd says:

      My thing is that I’m honestly wondering if perhaps Jonerys is meant to be a red herring at this point. This was a theory posed to me earlier when the spoilers came out, but I chalked it up to hopeful Jonsa, Jonrya, Jorah/Daenerys, and Tyrion/Daenerys shippers projecting. But now I’m starting to wonder. I can’t imagine the North being fine with kneeling to Daenerys, something Jon recognized, and I can only imagine that their animosity will increase once Ice!Viserion takes flight and attacks the North. At that point, what will Daenerys have given them? Yes, dragonglass, but also a giant epic mount for their worst enemy because she can’t control/keep her dragons well enough. Jon seemed pretty uninterested in Daenerys up until this episode. Despite all the other characters trying to insist to us that he likes her, it’s been more of an informed thing. We’ve never seen him relate anything personal to her despite several offerings on her side (she’s offered personal stories and tried to get some from him to no avail), he doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about her dragons as anything but a means to an end, he’s reticent to give her any advice, and even when she insists, he’s pretty vague about it, he continues to be evasive with her. He doesn’t so much as look back when he leaves her on Dragonstone (in contrast to Jorah). He jumps at the first chance to leave Dragonstone (even though the plan is stupid). He doesn’t even say anything in her defense or praise her at all when Tormund and the others ask about her. He doesn’t even object when Tormund more or less equates her to Cersei. He just goes along with it.He refers to them as strangers even after they’ve interacted a lot and he supposedly thinks she has a “good heart”, jokes about her wanting rid of him. All in contrast to her making plenty of heart eyes at him.

      Then the boat scene where, unprompted, he’s calling her “my queen”, is suddenly willing to brush aside the “Northerners won’t want a southern monarch” thing, and basically tells Dany everything she could want to hear without prompting. Even AFTER she’s promised him her help. And… well… It reminds me of him with Ygritte. He fell for Ygritte, yes, but all along he still remained loyal to the Watch. Then there’s how he pretended to sleep as she left the room, then immediately looked around the room in a sort of awkward/guilty way.

      Maybe the “forced” aspect could be on purpose, is what I’m saying. Jon goes from “Stranger” to “My Queen” in the span of one episode just because he saw Daenerys ride her dragons, the way he’s always known her to be capable of anyways? ESPECIALLY after seeing one of her dragons fall to the enemy? Then there’s the fact that he still doesn’t feel comfortable talking about the resurrection (despite the fact that he knows she knows at this point, and you’d think if he were really so Team Dany now, he’d be less skittish about it) and that he doesn’t know about the Tarlys.

      Oh, and then there’s the sword of Damocles that is his true heritage. Jon officially has a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys (a throne he doesn’t want, sure, but he’s a threat to her regardless). Considering Dany’s “cake or death?” policy thus far, I can’t see that revelation being devoid of conflict between them. Dany will want them to marry to “join their claims”, but I doubt Jon will want that, because he just wants the North. Then there is her (perceived) sterility. After all, if both of them die without issue, who will be left to a) sit on the Iron Throne and b) control the dragons, who have lifespans that last centuries. Jon won’t like this plan whatsoever. And when he resists, I don’t see Dany taking it well.

      So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a red herring, and if Jon might be honeypotting Daenerys at this point. Possibly to keep her loyal to the cause, possibly to keep her from harming the Starks or the North should they refuse her rule, possibly to eventually get her to agree to the North’s independence once the war is over, or to get her to at least not push the issue until then.

      There have been a lot of allusions/mentions of both Sansa and Jon not being “Northern fools” ie, repeating the mistakes of Ned and Robb. What was one of Robb’s biggest mistakes? Marrying the foreign Talisa seeming to forsake the wishes of his supporters for those of foreigners. Jon’s going to be wary of not heeding Sansa’s advice about not ending up like Robb and Ned. He’s said so himself. So at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing Dany a bit.

      The romance may seem forced because it should.

    • jj says:

      agree with everything you said. I think the Night King knew there would be dragons and brought the javelins for that purpose, like the chains. I loved this season so far, it is faster paced but they’re wrapping it up so it is harder to take everything in. I will miss it when it is over and can’t wait until it returns in 2018 or 2019. Gives me a break from our own reality.

  38. Julaho says:

    I thought we were going to lose Tormond and I was about done with this show. I’m a super fan but he’s my favorite. Literally let all of them die but Davos and Tormond and I’ll be okay.

  39. WendyNerd says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that Jon is playing Daenerys? That bit at the end gives me Ygritte-retread vibes.

  40. Nic says:

    How can mostly dead Uncle Benjin die? Also he’s been living north of the wall all this time only to be killed in 30 seconds? Does he know about Jobs real parents?

  41. Annie says:

    This whole mission- to capture a wight to convince Cersei is a so obnoxious. Cersei has an undead Mountain next to her at all times. She of all people would buy the undead theory. However she is also one of the people who will certainly not act on this information as long as she is not in direct danger, So convincing her of any of this is pointless. Tyrion truly is giving shit advice at this point. If only Ser Barristan was alive or Jorah came back earlier! And why doesnt Varys advice more….

  42. isabelle says:

    OK episode but seriously more biggies needed to die. Has GOT gone the way of TWD? Afraid now to kill off big characters until the end? What made GOT great, anyone can die, no one was safe. Its becoming pretty predictable this season.

  43. WendyNerd says:

    I love how pro-victim-blaming everyone apparently is. And how they’ve completely missed the irony in everything Arya said to her sister. But I guess cruelty, victim blaming, and hypocrisy are okay when it is employed against Sansa Stark. And people claim that it’s JON that these boards have the hate boner for?

  44. i_know_nothing says:

    (forgive me if this is a stupid question, as i am the Jon Snow of GoT knowledge) is that Night King dude supposed to be the reincarnated/reanimated Mad King?

  45. shelly says:

    I can’t get too excited over the White Walkers having chains, when I’m watching a programme with dead people coming back to life, and dragons etc.

    I love the Dragon Queens outfits, call me shallow but there it is. For me she is eye candy, and the actress playing her looks perfect. She does have some mighty stilted dialogue to deal with though. Hey writers, its not Shakespeare, and Cersei gets a lot of the best female lines anyway.

    The Hound and Tormunds bromance was great too.

    One thing that struck me, although the Sandsnake Mama is locked up, we haven’t actually seen her die. I’m hoping she escapes and has a massive bitch fight with Cersei, that would be epic.

  46. Nikki says:

    Someone please tell me: why is Dany so sure she can’t have any children besides the dragons?? I remember she lost her child with Drogo because of the witch, but is she certain she can’t have any more??

  47. A.Key says:

    Loved everything, but the Daeny-Jon love scene. It just feels forced and rushed and unnatural. Like two weeks ago they met and didn’t trust each other and now all of a sudden they’re madly in love and want to die for each other? Please. Soap operas have better love story and character development. Jon and that wildling had a good love story development and progression, even though I found her annoying. But this with Daenerys feels like fan fiction badly trying to get turned into something real way too fast. And the acting doesn’t help either. It’s no secret Daeny and Jon are actually the weakest actors on the show. Amazingly how they managed to cast the least capable actors for the most important characters. No wonder random minor small characters always steal the scene

    • Diane says:

      I agree. I am not buying them falling in love in three episodes. Especially with these actors. I like Emilia and Kit, but as scene partners…it is like a void of charisma and chemistry, but YMMV. Oh well, hopefully the books lays the groundwork better.