Pippa Middleton is quietly closing down her tragic ‘publishing business’

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend an event at Kensington Palace

Pippa Tip: When one marries a terribly moderately wealthy man, a woman no longer has to keep up the pretense of “working.” In the years since then-Kate Middleton married Prince William, the Middleton family has used their royal connections for many things. Carole Middleton mainly uses the royal connection to behave like she’s royalty now and deserving of all the same perks as her daughter. James and Pippa Middleton – Kate’s younger siblings – chose to cash in on their connections in more obvious ways. James tried and failed at several businesses (losing huge amounts of money in the process) until he settled on Boomf, his marshmallow company, which is also losing money hand over fist.

Pippa was a different story – she tried to have it all. She tried to “land” someone titled and rich, and eventually settled for someone terribly moderately wealthy (and his father “bought” a title too). Pippa tried to be something of a socialite and celebrity columnist, writing stupid essays for Vanity Fair and assorted publications, until she was quietly fired from all of those gigs. Pippa tried writing a party-planning book and it was the worst. Pippa tried to become, like, an on-air correspondent for NBC News. Her audition went terribly. It feels like a weird dream to think of all the ways she tried to cash in on her royal connections now, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s what Pippa was thinking too. She’s apparently closing down her “publishing business” now that she’s Mrs. Terribly Moderately Wealthy.

Newlywed Pippa Middleton has applied to wind up her publishing business. It comes after Prince William, 35, was said to have “quietly and diplomatically” reined in her business ventures over fears they could embarrass the royals. PM Enterprises was set up in 2013 and a year later recorded profits of £115,000. That fell to £50,700 in 2015.

Pippa, 33, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, wed multi-millionaire James Matthews, 42, in May. But she gave no indication of her plans to quit her own business life. PXM managed Pippa’s “publishing activities”, included a party planning book and writing for Waitrose magazine. Accounts were due to be filed with Companies House this week. Instead, she applied to have PXM struck from its register.

[From The Sun]

The way this is being spun is that Pippa will obviously get pregnant soon and so she’s just preparing for that shift now. But really, it’s because she’s more like her brother than we previously believed – she sucked at everything she did, work-wise. Thank God she landed James Matthews, or else she’d still be trying to make “Pippa Middleton, columnist, book writer and socialite” happen.

Also: you know Pippa was getting paid for all of that stuff ahead of her wedding and during her honeymoon. Those were clear product placement advertisements and pre-arranged pap strolls. I wonder how much money she made off her wedding? I would say… probably millions. So tacky.

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  1. Maya Memsaab says:

    Her business went boomf, then?

  2. Kristi says:

    Tacky is the middle name of all three siblings.

  3. Runcmc says:

    I know it’s tacky but if somebody wanted to pay me millions for my wedding, SOLD!!

  4. Ashamed 2 b a FL Girl says:

    “sucked at everything she did, work-wise”.

    So, basically the Middleton kids are 3 for 3 work-wise.

  5. jeanne says:

    she’s already pregnant. tom sykes at the daily beast is alluding to it and she was seen out bike riding today in what the daily mail called an “oversized shirt”. she’s probably further along than kate and will only announce when it can’t be hidden anymore.

  6. Margo S. says:

    I’m so embarrassed. She embarrasses me.

  7. Marion C says:

    I don’t see the difference between the Middleton sibs and any of the nepotism models/actors, leveraging relationships and connections, yet they get so much more hate. While I may not think any of them have the skills/talent to succeed independently, I also kind of wish I had those connections and income.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I think they get a lot of hate because they rip the benefits from the royal connection in terms of perks: improvements of private residences on public funds for example. I give major shade to that. Why have the private residences of Keen Katie’s family the royal protection treatment when the taxpayer already funds official royal residences? Any time Kate is with either member of the family at their residence, it is the taxpayer that funds the security operation. Why cannot the Middletons spend more time at KP or Amner? Keen Kate only needs the title and the perks. She’s better off with her family at their family home.

    • Enough Already says:

      I’m in complete agreement with you here but don’t neglect to throw shade at other royals for doing the same thing. Anne’s children live on her compound and receive tons of perks, protection and largesse because of mummy. Camilla and her kids/grandkids benefit tremendously because Charles can’t bear to live with her fulltime and has thus set her up on her own estate with duchy funds. There’s no way we’ll know how much Andy siphons off to his daughters via perks and favors. Would Camilla’s son have sold as many cookbooks without giving interviews about the royals? Would Camilla’s daughter be as well known? What about her interview where she said Kate doesn’t have great style? Why would someone speak publicly about their mom’s step daughter-in-law? Would Zara’s equestrian clothing line be as successful if she weren’t Anne’s daughter? Does anyone believe Charles waited until Camilla was his wife before he lavished her with diamonds and other gifts paid for with Duchy funds? Would she and husband Mike have been paid nearly half a million pounds to promote for the at Australian brand over Christmas holidays a few years ago? Would Camilla have received the Range Rover from one of Charle’s business connections?

      They all do it and it’s gross because they can all afford to pay their own way.

    • DanielleStl says:

      I agree, I also wish I had the same connections and opportunities.

  8. Enough Already says:

    I don’t like shading Pippa for her dating life. It feels insincere and mean-spirited to keep insisting she kept trying to land someone with a title. She has been in several, long-term, commited relationships that simply didn’t work out. Yes the men were affluent but she moves in those circles and was never going to marry the bin man. And if we’re going to throw shade about cashing in on connections let’s not forget Zara, Peter, Charles, Andy, Fergie, Anne etc etc.
    Otherwise glad Pippa’s cringeworthy efforts are no longer in play to find a career centered around crap she’s not good at.

    • yanni says:

      Enough Already – very well put!

    • hoopjumper says:

      I agree. Some of criticism here is totally merited–the Middletons did try to push the narrative her husband was crazy rich, which is why it’s kinda funny to refer to him as moderately wealthy even though he has millions. That said, other stuff, like the fact his father purchased his title (heaven forfend) or the use of the nickname Wisteria Sisters (by commenters, I don’t think I’ve seen that in a write-up), seems like a weird vein of genuine snobbery being directed at her.

      • LAK says:

        The (bought) title is mocked because for a minute there, her PR tried to sell it as a genuine title and Pippa was going to be a titled Lady.

        ‘Wisteria sisters’ was actually coined by Tatler Magazine in their annual hot sloanes list one year. It was intended to be celebratory because “like wisteria the Middleton girls are fragrant and ferocious climbers”, but ended up being an unfortunate double entendre because wisteria is also hard to remove and is essentially a weed no matter how pretty or fragrant.

      • GiBee says:

        Tatler referred to the two of them as such, but I’ve heard that as a little sobriquet for a certain type of woman for ages – “pretty, thin, and fond of climbing”.

      • hoopjumper says:

        @LAK and @GiBee Yup, those are exactly the connotations that I think the phrase has. Nailed it. The phrase “climbing” has pretty clear classist undertones. Not that you’re using it that way; I just mean you’re 100% correct that that is the text/subtext.

        What is the difference between a “bought” title and a “genuine” one? Does it not get passed from generation to generation, or something?

      • CaptainMonkeyFarts says:

        Pips does have ties to Hello magazine. This is well known, right?
        Well, Hello in Spanish did have “Pipa becomes Lady Whatever” on the cover. The Midds did push that narrative.

      • LAK says:

        Hoopjumper: Firstly, all titles are genuine.

        However, there are differences between old ones that have been in families for generations vs those recently purchased at auction or tied to estates such that any buyer of the estate also gains the title in the sale.

        James Mathews’s father purchased such an estate-with-a-title in 2008. As long as the estate remains in the family and passed onto James, then Pippa can look forward to being Lady Glen Affric. If not, the new estate owners will have the title.

        James’s family is lowkey about all this, but Pippa’s PR tried to imply that the family’s title was as long established in the family as the old generational class of titles.

        It’s very Hyacinth Bucket of her.

    • Enough Already says:

      Some don’t like the Mids because they aspire to be seen as aristo instead of just being themselves. This is valid but the whole bloody aristo milieu is snobby and pretentious. I think a lot of people hate that Kate’s waiting game paid off and she skipped the line. Meh. Will is no prize and royal life seems dreadful in many ways but I guess the perks make up for it. All that to say that the Mids are doing what the nobility and the aristocracy have been doing for centuries.

    • Olive says:

      @Enough Already love your pragmatic comments in this thread!

  9. Liberty says:

    My guess is we will hear about:

    (A) baby Jambo on the way.

    (B) she is going to be doing decorating and event ideas for the Moderately Rich Hotel Group. If you own a hotel, it is very nice to have sheets on every bed, not just some, for a welcoming look. And don’t forget to offer coffee, tea, and a range of fresh juices, especially in the morning. Top businessmen and other guests will appreciate such a keen sense of fine details, as well as having their own key card to their room, for a lovely sense of privacy. Balcony screens to prevent against random nude photos are also a lovely amenity that say, “Have fun, you lot! Oi! Wink, nudge!”

  10. Jane says:

    What do these royal people even do? The boys cash in on their family’s wealth, and the girls get married and produce babies. These people are supposed to be in a position of wealth and influence, yet instead of doing anything worthy of being viewed as an example – get more educated, adopt kids, marry outside their class/race – they seem to be taking the world ten million steps back.

  11. Bobby says:

    Pippa, Pippa.

    At least she tried and tried and has now given up.

  12. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    My guess she is pregnant and it’ll be announced soon. God, we’re now going to have to put up with both of them shoving their pregnancies in our faces – the PR Pippa is going to milk will be worse than her wedding.

  13. Zapp Brannigan says:

    #pippatip If one wants to have a baby, start by getting pregnant.

  14. Merritt says:

    Well she tried. She is not a skilled grifter. Maybe she should have asked Earl Spencer for tips.

  15. Maria says:

    She failed at everything she did, except land a rich husband. The one thing I admire her for is her skill and endurance at extreme sports. My guess is she planning to continue with this for the Micheal Matthews Foundation which was set up in memory of James’s brother.
    With her other endeavours, she is well educated and intelligent. But she didn’t want to start at the bottom and gain experience that way. That’s how one learns, but both she and her brother don’t seem to realize that, or don’t want to slug it out with the plebs, and with a limited amount of time off.
    Anyway, good luck to her.

    • Zondie says:

      I agree with the posters who point out that Pippa didn’t want start at the bottom and gain experience in her field, (publishing or writing was it?) This should be some comfort to those who are currently struggling to get ahead without connections or family money to support them. There is no substitute for drive and talent.

    • Hanny says:

      Didn’t Pippa work for a couple of years post-graduation for the party-planning firm, Table Talk? I recall at the time she was regarded as being pretty good at it. Witness her own wedding. She wasn’t curing cancer, sure, but wasn’t that a real job?

  16. HollyG says:

    I’ll be a mild Pippa apologist and say that I think she’s been picking the wrong careers–if she did something with sports, like running a sports philanthropy or even a for-profit, she’d be much more successful.

    Somehow she got into a bunch of genteel Sloaney jobs that never meshed well with her apparent interests. Maybe nepotism, but nepotism isn’t worth much if it makes you miserable.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      She’s been trying to fit in to the “passive and posh” mold of her wannabe-social peers.
      Square peg, etc. But these gigs she pines for – no one wants her. She has no talent in those directions. Connections help but if there’s no there there, between her ears – these ambitions of hers are never going to be realized.

      These 3 Mid Kids all seem as vapid and self-important as each other. And thick as whale omelettes, all of them.

      Is the arrogance they all display chiefly due to Carole’s influence? How much was due to their dad? Never heard as much about him but always wondered if he could have been a more grounding influence, or was he just as bad as his wife in this regard?

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yeah, Pippa’s love for extreme sport events, marathons, etc. seems very genuine, but the bottom line is she doesn’t want to work hard. That’s why a bona fide job in the sports field isn’t her cup of tea. All three Middleton kids love to live leisurely lives and coddle themselves.

    • Enough Already says:

      Pippa sucks at certain things but was always known for her intelligence, good grades, athleticism and friendliness in school. Her nickname was ‘Perfect Pips’ while Kate was the gangly, reserved mama’s girl. Many were surprised when Kate blossomed, then surpassed her sister. The reason Pippa has failed at a career is because she is trying to copy the Sloanie playbook and skip over the part where you train and study until you’re actually qualified to do something well. But no, she’s not “thick” or without skills. She’s just entitled.

      • Jessica says:

        I’m borderline obsessed with famous sisters (Venus & Serena, Beyoncé & Solange, Jenna & Barbara, Malia & Sasha, etc.); it’s interesting that Pippa was overall more popular, smarter and athletic and Catherine is getting all the attention just because she married well.

      • Kate says:

        She’s thick. An intelligent person would have realised she needed to put some work in or at least network properly instead of just relying on being total adjacent. An average person would have figured that out after a failure or two.

        Pippa spent years making the exact same pathetic attempts at clawing back the 5 minutes of fame her ass got her, never once deviating from her pattern even though it so clearly wasn’t working in any way. She’s either stupid or she was very actively sabotaging herself.

      • Enough Already says:

        You should read about the famous Cushing sisters – excellent vintage social climbing. I’m sure Jackie Kennedy’s mom took a page from that book, not to mention the Miller family.
        You are welcome to your definition. I don’t see Pippa as thick, especially as some of her machinations were successful and/or lucrative, even if they weren’t sustainable. The fact that she also raised a lot of money for charities is also jot inconsequential.

  17. AmandaPanda says:

    I think this is off base. My guess is that TMW James, as both a hedgie and a trust fund baby, has sophisticated, likely offshore, corporate structures in place already and she’s just streamlining any business activities she has into the Matthews family structures.

  18. Sharon Lea says:

    There was one other failure, or something we never heard about again, her nutrition degree. According the DM, she was halfway through the degree and wanted to be a food blogger or qualified health writer. I thought she put her name round to some posh (of course!) health clubs to be a nutritionist on site? Anyone remember?

  19. DanielleStl says:

    At least she tried and did work. I like Pippa and I think she did pretty well for herself, all things considering.

  20. Wow says:

    I wonder sometimes if the same people who criticized Kate for not working before marriage are the same ones who criticize Pippa for working before marriage? With that way of thinking, no one would be in favor with society. Some people in life don’t need to have jobs (I.e. due to family wealth, trust funds, lottery wins, who they marry, some type of inheritance or by being successful in their own right) and there are a lot of people who actually need a job in order to take care of themselves. Their parents are rich enough to where neither of those ladies (nor James) necessarily had to work. At the very least they didn’t have to settle on a job that wasn’t in some field that they didn’t enjoy.

    I’ll give Pippa some credit here, she created additional income for herself with the business she formed. I see no issue with her wanting to shut it down now that she’s married or whatever the real reason is. Her type of writing doesn’t usually involve having a huge personal staff under you so closing her business will mainly only affect her.

    • Enough Already says:

      I agree and I think it’s hypocritical to condemn Pippa for trying career paths. What I lament is her unwillingness to study or gain credentialed expertise/knowledge in those areas. Hustle is great but it takes commitment to grow your skillset. No one respects a dilettante.

  21. hoopjumper says:

    @LAK and @GiBee Yup, those are exactly the connotations that I think the phrase has. Nailed it. The phrase “climbing” has pretty clear classist undertones.

    What is the difference between a “bought” title and a genuine one? Does it not go from generation to generation, or something?

    This comment is in the wrong place and duplicates the one I made above. Can’t figure out how to delete-sorry!

  22. Green Is Good says:

    Like her sister, Pippa is useless. Their entire lives have been spent husband hunting.

    • Enough Already says:

      Very, very few people in the world can be called this, imo. Frivolous and unfocused? Yes but the Mid sisters are not useless. Kate, especially, as she is a mother to two children who almost certainly need and adore her, a wife, daughter and sister. I’m not thought policing you, just giving my unasked for opinion lol. If we’re not careful valid criticism can easily turn to knee-jerk spite and contempt.

  23. Soothie says:

    He lives in a 17m quid house! I think that’s not even moderately rich by any standards, no matter how much you want to push that he’s ny that rich or great. C’mon. She got a nice rich bloke. The end.

  24. Soothie says:

    Not sure where the proof is she profited off her wedding? Considering CB and everyone else was wrongity wrong wrong about EVERYTHING to do with the wedding (ahem, horse and carriage) I’ll take that with a huge grain of salt!

    Of course she’s closing the business. James Is loaded and she will never have to work another day.

  25. HK9 says:

    ummm, she still had a publishing business??

  26. Chaine says:

    LOL that only NOW Prince William is starting to have fears that Pippa will embarrass him…

  27. Amelie says:

    Well you know, at least she tried to work! And she had game. Can’t hate her for that. Something her sister Kate never really did. I think she got a better deal. She’s moderately famous with her moderately wealthy husband and doesn’t have to put up with fake royal work and can come and go as she pleases.

  28. raincoaster says:

    She really is extraordinarily charisma-free. She makes an Abercrombie and Fitch model seem like Slavoj Zizek.

    If you can’t make a success of a ghostwritten column in a glossy magazine, and you can’t even read teleprompters while smiling, you probably should just withdraw from public life. Except she is very, very thirsty.