Judd Apatow: Lena Dunham ‘is the greatest person I have ever met’

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Several weeks ago, Lena Dunham was more awful than usual. She and Jenni Konner issued a joint statement on behalf of Girls writer/producer Murray Miller, who had been accused of raping Aurora Perrineau. In 2012, Perrineau was 17 years old when, she says, a 35-year-old Murray Miller raped her in his home. She went to the LAPD to make a statement, she took and passed a polygraph, and the police are currently investigating the situation. Lena and Jenni issued a statement claiming that having known Miller for “more than half a decade,” they could say with perfect certainty and “insider knowledge” that Perrineau’s “accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year.” Miller’s legal team also smeared Perrineau in the press, making it sound like she was a thirsty famewhore just looking for attention and money. Except now Miller’s legal team is admitting that Perrineau has never sought any kind of settlement or payout:

Lawyers for “Girls” writer Murray Miller — who has been accused of sexual assault by actress Aurora Perrineau — had initially claimed that Perrineau had demanded money from Miller. Now his lawyers are apologizing, saying that claim was incorrect — and that she’d never requested damages. In a statement to Variety, Donald Walerstein and Matthew Walerstein wrote, “In a previous statement to the media, we stated that Ms. Perrineau sought substantial monetary damages from our client Murray Miller. Neither Ms. Perrineau nor her attorney have ever made a demand for money. Our previous above statement was incorrect and the result of a good-faith misunderstanding.”

In their initial response, Matthew Walerstein had denied the allegations against Miller and said, “After being contacted several weeks ago by lawyers who—on Ms. Perrineau’s behalf—sought substantial monetary damages from him, Mr. Miller’s legal team gathered overwhelming evidence directly contradicting these false and offensive claims. Only after her demands for money were rebuffed did Ms. Perrineau go to the police.”

[From Variety]

Murray Miller sounds shady AF, and his lawyers sound like they’re cut from the same cloth. For what it’s worth, Aurora Perrineau is the daughter of a well-known and respected character actor, Harold Perrineau. Her dad recently broke his silence on social media about his daughter’s case:

My heart breaks for Harold, Aurora and the entire family. Imagine trying to deal with all of that privately and quietly and then imagine Lena Dunham shoving her face into your life and claiming that you’re all liars because she has “insider knowledge” of the case. Imagine that. Lena Dunham is done as far as I’m concerned – she’s not coming back from this, ever. If it had been her first time screwing up, then there would have been an outside chance that she could come back. But for years now, she’s been f–king it up over and over again. People are really done with her. Still, never count white privileged mediocrity down for the count, because those people like to protect their own. Judd Apatow just had to offer a comment on Lena’s current situation, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

“Len is the greatest person I have ever met. She fights so hard for so many important causes. She really sticks her neck out. She cares about people. She started this amazing Lenny newsletter, which has created a platform for all sorts of different women to speak and be heard,” Apatow told THR on Dec. 3 at ACLU of Southern California’s annual Bill of Rights dinner. “We’re all kind of trying to figure out how to navigate this best. It affects all of our lives and touches all of our lives in all different ways. She apologized for speaking too quickly, but I think many of us are in that situation. And I think overall she is one of the great people in our business fighting for very important causes. And I appreciate that.”

[From THR]

No, she’s not one of the “great people” in Hollywood “fighting for very important causes.” She’s only fighting for her own sh-t, and she’s only doing it for attention. She’s not a newborn duckling who can’t comprehend her brave new world – she’s a 31-year-old woman who proclaimed herself to be a woke ally, a feminist and a strident advocate for women and victims of abuse. She made a conscious choice to publicly call a young rape victim a liar in a public forum just because Lena can’t comprehend that one of her dude-friends might be a rapist.

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  1. Izzy says:

    Well, he must know a lot of shite people then

  2. Valois says:

    I guess that means Apatow has only met truly, truly awful people in his life so far.

    I don’t give a damn about her apology, she apologizes all the time and never changes her behaviour.
    Cancelled, over and over again.

  3. lightpurple says:

    So, Judd lives in near total isolation and has met very few people in this world?

    Don’t mess with Augustus Hill (Oz!) My heart goes out to the Perrineau family.

  4. Mrs. WelenMelon says:

    Nope. You can’t get under, over, around, or past this one, Lena.

    I don’t know defamation law but I hope Aurora can sue LD.

    • Louise177 says:

      I was wondering if she could sue too. There may be an intent requirement. Notice how the lawyer said “good-faith misunderstanding”.

      • Nicole says:

        I think she could actually sue. Esp since they threw out the money thing weeks ago

      • ELX says:

        Of course his lawyer would characterize it that way-doesn’t mean it’s true. LD is a public figure so the standard for libel is actual malice and on the face of it, AP has a potentially winnable case. LD wrote what she did knowing there was a police investigation involving a business colleague from whom has and stands to benefit, claimed to have special knowledge of the case that she doesn’t have, was colorably intending to bias people such as police or potential jurors or intimidate witnesses, and averred that AP’s accusation was categorically false and that she was lying. I think you could potentially prove intent and actual malice.

    • INeedANap says:

      Lena Dunham being praised by Judd Apatow makes them both suspect, but the way Apatow writes women…this doesn’t surprise me. If this is what he considers a “great person” his standards are unacceptably low.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think she can sue all of them. I hope she does because it is slander and defamation I believe. She could pull a Melania and sue in Britain where the laws are laxer. Funny how Melania didn’t take on the American system because you know her origins aren’t exactly a secret and she knew she couldn’t win here. However, the victim here I think has a good case.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Then you need to meet some new people, Judd.

  6. lisa says:

    i guess he lives along in his cave writing his crap movies

  7. laulau says:

    I do get that if someone you know to be good is accused of something awful there is an instinct to side with the one you know. I even think there is a place for her opinion in the right venue. In court she could have been a character witness if she wanted to but after her twitter comments she will come across as too bias to consider. She spoke against this woman by taking sides in a way that could have really (and may have actually) affected the victim and public perseption of an ongoing case.
    I’m so glad the public saw this whole thing for what is was: More dumb Lena-speak.

  8. grabbyhands says:

    God, what is it with people. She is NOT one of the greatest people you’ve met, and if you really believe that, you’re as much of loser as she is.

    I just need her and all of her apologists to go the f*ck away. This article brings back all of the rage I felt at the shitty little statement she and her buddy released and one of the things that made me angriest was the tone of finality about how they’d determined that this was one of those misreported cases and that was pretty much the end of the story as far as they were concerned. No need for the police, no need for an investigation – as long as you’ve known someone for “half a decade” you really know better than literally anyone else.

    Everyone needs to quit giving this trick the time of day.

  9. QueenB says:

    I mean it could be a possibilty that Lena really is the greatest person he ever met. Dont know what this says about the other people in his life or how his wife and kids feel about that.

  10. Tiffany says:

    So, he gave this quote at ACLU dinner where Colin Kaepernick, a black man was being honored. And you chose that event to say that about someone who is problematic as hell especially when in comes to black men and women.

    Yeah, take a stadium Apatow.

  11. Nicole says:

    I’m so happy that these two are making my decision to never support them sound.
    Lena is a terrible person who tried to discredit a rape victim.
    All these white feminists can have several seats
    Side note: always been a big fan of Harold

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Lumping all us white feminists in with Lena…nice… I could care less what some fake wannabe writes in her newsletter. She has no idea what it means to be a feminist so any time she opens her mouth, I tend to shut her out. I probably dislike her more than anyone on this site does. She does so much damage. She’s a privileged jerk who writes racist pieces and calls it art…she needs to go away. Judd Apatow is a fraud, always has been…like many in Hollywood he’s after money, power. He doesn’t care about issues. Neither does Lena. She’s never had to struggle with any issues she writes about, the privileged jerk. But I’m white, so I must be the same as her, right? Not even close. Far from it.

      • Littlestar says:

        Calm down with the white fragility there. Look up the terms “white feminism” and “intersectional feminism”. Hint: white feminism refers to being exclusive when it comes to who you empower with your feminism and excludes based on race, ability, sexuality, etc. Lena is very much a white feminist.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I’m pretty sure I don’t need any hints on who Lena Dunham was. This isn’t about white feminism or intersectional feminism to me…it’s about being a survivor of sexual assault for me…every day I wake up I am reminded of it. Every new allegation is a trigger…keep that in mind next time you’re debating about feminism.

      • Shan says:

        What does being a survivor of sexual assault have to do with discussing the term white feminism? You were objecting to the term like it was a personal attack on you. Hint: LOADS of us have experienced sexual assault. I certainly have been, on multiple occasions, but I don’t believe that means my feminism is beyond scrutiny.

      • Ange says:

        Eh I’m a white feminist and I agree with Nicole. White feminism does have an image problem but if you’re working towards intersectionality then the term isn’t about you.

  12. Reef says:

    Every time Judd Apatow opens his mouth, I wonder if Leslie Mann is trash too. Otherwise, how is he bearable?

  13. Myhairisfullofsecrets says:

    He must not get out much. He needs to broaden his horizons and meet some new people.

  14. Mia4s says:

    I’m sad to hear Judd Apatow has only ever met one person ever in his whole life. 😒

    Seriously he’s supposedly a writer? That is one of the worst crafted statements I’ve ever read. A teen girl would use less hyperbole.

    In contrast that is a powerful statement from Mr.Perrineau. All respect to him and to Aurora.

  15. Neelyo says:

    I wonder if he still stands to make money from her.

  16. Nikki says:

    Gotta say, if my husband said another woman and fellow actress was the greatest person he’d ever met, I’d be PISSED.

  17. The Original Mia says:

    Expand your circle of friends and aquaintances.

  18. ellieohara says:

    Honestly, this tells you everything you need to know about Hollywood. They’re all trash people. Burn the thing to the ground.

    • kNY says:

      As long as Terry Crews and, like, Sandra Bullock stay safe, I am all for it.

    • K says:

      That is painting an entire industry and group of people with a really bad brush, and when you consider the same article highlights another person from Hollywood being the exact opposite, you we see that frequently it seems wrong.

      I know I wouldn’t want my industry categorized by the worst representation of it so I don’t think it’s fair to do to Hollywood. Lena’s trash so apparently is Judd call them out but don’t attack all the people who work in it.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I agree with you. These stories are about 3 or so percent of people in a huge industry of talented people who aren’t in front of the camera and even then there are plenty of actors and actresses who don’t do this stuff. Maybe he and Lena do get along well. *shrug* I doubt he reads all of her statements are even pays attention to them.

      • Kitten says:

        ITA. Plus every time someone mentions Hollywood as being a cesspool or whatever, I feel compelled to remind them that this kind of sh*t happens EVERYWHERE. Just look at the White House FFS.

  19. Patricia says:

    Wow Judd, you need to get out more.

    The statement by Harold brought tears to my eyes. A strong man, a strong family. I wish them as much peace as they can have as they move forward. They are setting a beautiful example.

  20. PeaceOut says:

    Go away, girlfriend! Does anyone care what she says? NEXT!

  21. SM says:

    If young girls are supposed to believe that Lena is the greatest and a fighter for himan rights and a worrior then the next generation is in trouble. Good job, Judd, thanks to people like you the progress is being set back again and again. By the way isn’t Judd making a meniocre rom coms, who gave him the memo he is a feminist and that his voice can contribute to the change we need?

  22. Brittney B says:

    Harold sounds like such a good man. I’m glad Aurora has her family’s support right now, even as people with more privilege & power continue to let her down so publicly and cruelly. I hope she gets justice.

  23. FishBeard says:

    As much as I love a lot of Judd’s films, I resent him for bringing Lena Dunham to everyone’s attention.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your daughter’s truth be denied and tainted by an imbecile over Twitter. So kudos to Harold for putting out a statement, I can’t imagine it was easy.

  24. Lindy says:

    Go back and look at the crap that was shoveled at Kathryn Heigel when she dared to make a feminist critique of the Apatow movie she was in. She called Apatow out for writing female parts that were one dimensional and challenged him to better, and everyone jumped on her. Her career was never the same, in part because Apatow blackballed her.

    Not shocked that he’s championing this racist faux-feminist. They can both go away, and Apatow can take his “it’s just a joke” bro comedy with him.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She is a HUGE jerk, and the lines of people saying so is not limited to Judd. If you have a problem with a script, don’t do the movie and it was the movie that even gave her a film career in the first place. If she had issues, you don’t slam the film when no one knew you had a problem in the first place. That is like me as a vegan going to a steakhouse and then criticizing it for serving meat.

      She blackballed herself.

      • Ksenia says:

        @magnoliarose: Completely agree. I think Heigel is full of it: if the movie was so offensive to her feminist sensibilities, it was beyond clueless, hypocritical, and ungracious of her to bring it up when she had already taken a starring, paying role in it .I think she did something similar when she was in Gray’s Anatomy: claimed the series did not deserve its award (or nomination) b/c it had poorly written scripts/ characters? (I’m not sure of this, I did not closely follow this particular incident.) She did, indeed, as you say, blackball herself. She deserved it.

    • holly hobby says:

      She’s not a good example, unfortunately. Katie Heigel has killed whatever good will left for her in Hollywood. That is one person that did not get the white privilege treatment.

      I agree with the other poster. She got the script. She could have said no. Anne Hathaway was offered that script before her and she turned it down because it was too raunchy.

      It’s not just this movie too. She was bad to the staff at Grey’s and her mother doesn’t help either (who yells at craft people? Seriously?).

    • GreenTurtle says:

      I agree that Heigel is a jackass, so it’s a shame that the very valid notion of Apatow’s movies being sexist is tainted by her participation in the narrative.

      She ain’t wrong, though.

  25. Cheche says:

    Dude, you need to get out more.

  26. Theodora says:

    Lena&friends have officially hit rock bottom, still digging.

  27. lunchcoma says:

    Judd Apatow needs to meet more people.

  28. nicegirl says:

    “Len” fully disgusts me. I am not a fan. And as for Judd Apatow, I’ll be spending my entertainment dollars elsewhere. What a bunch of serious crap.

  29. Valiantly Varnished says:

    All this says to me is that Judd knows a lot of trash human beings. And it also shows how utterly tone deaf and out of touch he is. Which isn’t that surprising. He is completely ignoring not only her hypocrisy but the very obvious and real racial implications. Liberal white people are some of the most low key racists you will ever meet. Just look at Lena as proof.

  30. mtam says:

    He needs to start meeting better people

  31. K says:

    First Judd’s got to expand his circle of people, because if she’s the best then he’s in trouble. Branch out sir because you’re surrounded by the horrors of society.

    Second Harold’s letter made me almost cry at work. It was so amazing and touching, and just so lovely.

  32. holly hobby says:

    You go Walt’s Dad (I’m a Lost fan)! I knew when I was reading the beginning of this article that the last name sounded familiar. It was until I got down to the part about Aurora’s dad that it clicked.

    I’ve been asking about this awhile. Why is Lena a thing? Why is she famous? She should just shut up. Aurora, I believe you.

  33. Littlestar says:

    Wow, must be so nice to be such a special snowflake (Dunham). Her body of work isn’t anything particularly fascinating, but she gets recognition like she’s Charles Dickinson or something.

  34. ariel says:

    Lena is not worthy of our attention (that she so deeply craves). I wish no one would ever respond to her, speak of her, or re-tweet, etc her mundane, myopic views.
    Bless her simple minded heart.

  35. BaBaDook says:

    I’m actually someone who had a lot of tolerance for Dunham: I’m her demographic – chubby caucasion feminist gal who was exactly the right age when ‘Girls’ came out. I liked her book, I enjoy Lenny Letter and honestly I put a lot of the Lena hate down to sexist attitudes about women in media. Dont get me wrong, I still think some of the vitriol comes from that but holy hell, she’s not helping herself is she?

    She just displays her cluelessness and narcissism again and again. Her wokeness only extends to what suits her. I know I’m ranting but I’m just furious that A) she would even think to put out a statement about a situation she knows nothing about except from the alleged perpetrators side and B) she would go so far as to use her clout to undermine a victim when she’s painting herself as an advocate of women and girls. The veil of wokeness slips again.

    • slowsnow says:

      I am not dismissing Girls altogether. I still think it is a good – albeit clueless regarding issues of race, for instance – series with some good humour and very typical situations that kids are going through nowadays. BUT Lena herself is terrible, the worst. And it does reflect on some of her work unfortunately – the character she built for herself is that narcissistic friend you end up not hanging out with a lot anymore because you grow up. That person who will end up playing with your insecurities while pretending to help you. But in a series, as a character, it can be interesting. As real person not so much. Just like the Louis CK characters or conscious stand up flow that ends up tackling real issues that we thought were there as food for thought only.

  36. HoustonGrl says:

    What a beautiful statement by her father.

  37. paddingtonjr says:

    To Judd: if Lena Denham is the “greatest person” you’ve ever met, you may want to re-evaluate the life choices that have led you to that conclusion.

    To Aurora: I’m sorry you had to go through this, both the initial assault and the cruel, ignorant statements and actions by fools such as Lena. Stay strong and know that many see Murray Miller for the abuser he is and he and those who support him by tearing down his victims will be dealt with by a power higher than any of us. Also know the thoughts of many are with you and are rooting for your continued healing.

    To Harold: thank you for reminding us that for every #metoo story, there is a parent, sibling, friend, child, spouse or significant other who is also affected, whether it is by seeing a loved one attacked or feelings of rage/guilt for not being able to stop it from happening. Thank you also for recognizing the strength and courage of survivors, including those who can’t or won’t speak out and for reminding them that they are not alone. To truly help people heal, we must be there for them and respect their right to speak out or remain silent. Keep loving and supporting your daughter through this time.

  38. Close to a nervous breakdown, says:

    How fucked up is it, that a woman, after being raped, can’t ask for damages, because otherwise she won’t be taken seriously???? Lena is so canceled, I can’t with her.