Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes celebrated his 50th birthday together

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Entertainment-dom’s most low-key couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, got together this week to celebrate Jamie’s 50th birthday – along with a bevy of famous folks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were among the guests in attendance at Jamie’s big bash, which was held at Paramount Studios in LA. Jamie entertained the crowd, rapping and performing a cover of the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” with the help of friends Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Ludacris. Katie was also on the guest list, and a source told PEOPLE that “They walked in together. They mostly mingled with other guests, and spent very little alone time. It was obvious that Jamie had a great birthday. Katie looked like she had fun as well. She looked gorgeous.” Party guests not only got an impromptu concert, they also noshed on nachos, burgers and burritos and Jamie indulged in gold-dipped strawberries to ring in the golden anniversary of his birth. One guest told E! News that “it was the best party ever.”

Entertainment Tonight reports that Jamie also took a moment to serenade his lady love during his b-day concert. An attendee told ET that “Even when on stage he would look over and point at her and then smile. She would smile back.” The Daily Mail posted some photos of the couple from the party and they really do look happy and in love. Speaking of love, Katie’s new short hairdo looks fantastic on her.

At an earlier celebration that night, Jamie, sans Katie, celebrated with family and friends, including his daughters, 23-year-old Corinne Fox and eight-year-old Annalise Bishop. They brought Dad a cake with a hilarious throwback photo and the frosting inscription “Happy 25×2.” Actress and Jamie’s co-star from The Jaime Foxx Show, Garcelle Beauvais, posted a pic of Jamie and the baked treat on her Instagram with a caption wishing Jamie a happy day. Enjoy the 80s deliciousness of that cake.

I’m sorry, but I kind of don’t get these two. Katie and Jamie pretty much made their relationship “paparazzi public” when they were spotted holding hands together back in September, but they’re still just at meaningful glances and smiles? It’s cool that they’re keeping things on the DL, but no PDA? At all? I do hope they’re happy. And happy birthday Jamie – he looks fabulous at 50 – and since escaping the grasp of Xenu, Katie has looked radiant. They seem to make a good couple, even if they are never really seen together.

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Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

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  1. Milla says:

    Both look decade younger. I need a true love…

  2. Cannibell says:

    Good for them. She’s still my hero for the way she got out of her marriage. Greatest acting job of her life. And happy birthday to Jamie

  3. elimaeby says:

    She deserves all the happiness in the world after what she went through with her ex and the “church”.

    They make a gorgeous couple. I’m 100% on board.

  4. Reef says:

    Wait…lol. Does Katie Holmes have THE Haircut? (S/O if you know what I mean by THE HAIRCUT) I have a real tears streaming down my face.

  5. Seraphina says:

    I agree with the posts here. She won my heart with her exit. And if that’s true love I need that youth serum as well.

  6. Skylark says:

    I don’t know why but I just love these two together.

  7. kNY says:

    Awww, I like them together. I remember way back when, Jamie Foxx was on The View and they were discussing Roman Polanski. Whoopi Goldberg (and maybe one of the other ones) was defending Polanski and Jamie Foxx said, “If it were my daughter, he would be missing right now.” And that was it. And I was like, “BOOM. Best answer.”

  8. monette says:

    She looks awesome with this haircut. The best she has ever looked!

  9. TTL says:

    Love them as a couple. She looks horrible with this haircut. Ages her 10-15+ years.

  10. Donna says:

    Love them together. Wishing them every happiness. She’ll always have my admiration for how she orchestrated her escape from Cruise.

  11. serena says:

    Finally some happy news, I like them together a lot and they both look fabulous!

  12. Veronica says:

    Heh, I was just wondering this morning if they were still together. It sounds more serious than it did a year ago, that’s for sure.

  13. Danielle says:

    I like them as a couple too. The haircut…sometimes it looks good, sometimes frumpy. Depends how she styles it. It wasn’t looking great at his party.

  14. Astrid says:

    Not feeling the haircut. Glad they’re having fun as a couple.

  15. Des says:

    She spent the last four years hiding the relationship, it’s gonna take them some time to get comfortable enough to the PDA stage. Even from beyond the divorce, despite her spectacular escape, Katie was being controlled by Xenu’s Favorite Sperm. Give her some time to really get free.

  16. Pinar says:

    I actually think they are only friends – thefed no burnin love in any pic of them. Only chattin pals

  17. annie says:

    I think they became good friends after the Hampton charity dance thing , but the pic of them in 2015 was a bit more than friends, and now i think it has really progressed into something more. Actually I think if Katie was wearing jeans and high heels, which you can’t see anyway, but i think she probably was, that outfit would would be great , ET showed her in a cami without her jacket , I love her but cant wait for her hair to grow again. She should start filming the movie soon where she plays a marine hence the bad decision to chop her hair, and altho it looks great when shes has it styled she cant do much with it on everyday basis, Surprised she cut it because the first time she chopped it off, she said she wouldnt do it again, because she couldn’t handle it… and the relationship must something because the father of Jamies baby mamma ( hate that phrase but its the quickest to describe what i want to say) has come out to say that relations between her and Jamie are very tense because of Katie. I got the impression , that even tho Jamie and her are not together they play happy families for their daughter, and she’s afraid that the little girl will find out . Also the father said that Jamie still supports his daughter financially but maybe if she got a job Jamie might respect her a bit more, However the article didnt seem to upset Katie much she is still with Jamie.

  18. Ashley says:

    Omg she looks like kris Jenner now hahahaha