Radar: Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson because of John Mayer

Oh, snap! I hope at least part of this true just because it’s such good gossip. According to one of Radar’s sources, Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson after he found messages from John Mayer on her phone. Apparently the idea of Jessica “cheating” on him with Mayer was enough to send Romo into some kind of angry, disgusted tailspin and he “dumped her right then. He walked out and that was it.”

If I remember correctly, Mayer and Simpson had broken up just a few months before she met Tony. The shared Simpson-Mayer history is a little sketchy – at times, Mayer has gone out of his way to defend Jessica, and yet at other times it seems like he was a real bastard to her. John Mayer alone is enough self-perpetuating drama, but add in some confusion with Jessica and Tony, and this is juicy:

Dumping someone before their birthday weekend seems especially harsh, but a source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that Tony Romo had good reason for calling it quits with Jessica Simpson the night before her Barbie and Ken-themed bash. He found messages from her ex John Mayer!

Flying into Los Angeles on Thursday, Romo quickly made up for lost time with Simpson but their reunion quickly took a turn for the worse. “They were hanging out and he picked up her phone and she got defensive about it,” the source revealed. “Tony found messages from John and went ballistic.”

While the couple has had their fair share of rocky patches during their relationship, the idea of Simpson possibly cheating with Mayer was the straw that broke the camel’s back: “Tony dumped her right then. He walked out and that was it.”

Since them, Romo has been taking comfort in his group of guy pals who are in town with him while he films a Pepsi commercial and attends the ESPYS on Wednesday. Since the breakup, he and his crew have been spotted all around town from club MyHouse to dinner at Yamashiro to partying at the Key Club.

[From Radar]

It’s perfectly possible that Jessica and Mayer are still on speaking terms, to the point were they text message or talk on the phone occasionally. I’m not sure that I buy that Jessica was “cheating” on Romo with Mayer – or are we considering texting (or sexting) cheating at this point? I suppose it depends on what Jessica and Mayer were saying to each other. Mayer seems like a good candidate for phone sex (especially if he’s paying with a credit card), but I don’t see Jessica doing that. My guess is that Jessica and John still have some kind of friendship, and that it totally annoyed Tony, but that probably wasn’t why he broke up with her. I think Tony was just looking for a way out.

Thus far, the gossip surrounding the split hasn’t been too bad – probably because Jessica hasn’t really talked about it yet. When she gives her first post-split interview, I have a feeling it might get dirty. Not sexy dirty, either. Bad needy/clingy/crazy dirty. Meanwhile, various gossip sites are running comments from people in the Romo-Simpson orbit. I liked this one, from one of Tony’s Cowboy teammates, Ken Hamlin. Ken claims he’s “shocked” with the split, but continues “there is a reason for everything, and you never know what is going to happen. His personal life is his personal life. [Jessica] was a good person and a good friend. I didn’t give her no flack. Every time I met her, I had nothing negative to say about her. She did a good job.” Dude, Jessica didn’t die. She just got dumped. What’s with all of the memorializing?

Here’s Jessica and Tony out in Dallas on May 26th. Images thanks to Fame.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are shown out in Dallas on 5/26/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. FashionChallenged says:

    Are Tony and Carrie still on speaking terms? this could get really interesting if they are. I wouldn’t put it past papa Joe to try fake something like that either. Actually, if this is true, that would be the perfect way to brand Tony a hypocrite, excuse Jess and get her some sympathy, and take a few knocks at Carrie. Possibly even get Carrie in some trouble with her current bf. Wait for it, wait for it…

  2. Bec says:

    Why was he checking her phone? I’m married and I don’t check my husband’s phone. You suspect something, open your mouth and ask.

  3. Annie says:

    John Mayer? Unlikely.

    He probably has been dying to get out, and just needed an excuse.

  4. mel says:

    I dont believe it! Man up Romo!

  5. Fan of None says:

    So is HW full of dummies who don’t know how to delete messages on their SMARTphones and men who are SOOOOO wonderful, that the women never fully recover from the “Split/Seperate Lives” headlines?

    Romo = Jolie, Simpson = Pitt, Mayer = Aniston…switch the date and place.

    These tabs/websites aren’t even trying anymore…

  6. Shelly Shellz says:

    I could totally believe John Mayer was sweet tlkn her w his pathetic lines & her being her usual dumb & ditzy self ate it all up. She may not have thght much abt it…until Tony got hold of her phone. Then she freaked out. She might look thru his phone & he may have looked thru hers in the past (sumthin they always did) except this time she had sumthing to hide.

    Soooo possible…I c it going down like that.

  7. sarcra says:

    This story would contradict what Jessica told a magazine not too long ago – that she changed her phone number so that none of her exes could ever contact her again. IF this was true, he could be mad because John Mayer messaging her meant she had given him her new number.

    Although, if Tony was still calling Carrie Underwood back when she said he was — while dating Jessica — then he really wouldn’t have a right to be mad about this unless they were intimate messages or something.

  8. Linda says:

    I wouldn’t doubt Jessica’s cheating for one moment – she cheated on Nick. As the old saying goes – once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Although I would have loved for Romo to dump her for the whole Barbie and Ken birthday theme.

  9. Ned says:

    You see the reaction of people? It’s because she is a nice person.

    I told you, that’s why people like her and have nothing mean to say about her.

    I don’t know what’s Tony’s problem, but you don’t break up with someone before her birthday, and certainly not such a serious relationship.

    Perhaps cold feet?
    Important dates like a sister’s wedding and a 29 years mark, makes him a bit nervous, since he is scared of getting married?

    By the way, it sounds like the source of the text message rumor is John Mayer.

    The guy never misses a chance to get his name in the mix.

  10. hello! says:

    John Mayer strikes again! I really hate that guy. But, everyone he has dated is a TOTAL and COMPLETE IDIOT. So, they kind of deserve what they get (Simpson, Aniston, etc).

  11. CrapOnACraker says:

    Who gives a fat rats ass if it was her birthday? That’s stupid. Dump her ass on Christmas eve, I could give a poo less. No guy can stand her clingy dumb butt long. She’s a fried squirrel.

  12. Tia says:

    yeah riiiiiight, he couldn’t wait to get out. Nice job though of making her take the blame and deflecting from himself.. he is ugly and gross.

  13. Nebraska says:

    Sometimes you can pick better partners in your 30′s. It seems like Jessica is still caught up in the princess fantasy and that is why she keeps on choosing loser players like Mayer and Romo.

  14. Tazina says:

    No, he dumped her because she’s too needy and clingy…you can even see it in these pics. You just can’t hide that. Plus it was either s*it or get off the pot with regards to a wedding. He probably felt that pressure building.

  15. DD says:

    well the stage is now set for a Jessica and Nick Lachey reunion.

  16. Blumbles says:

    Tony is Italian. He’s going to be possessive. I don’t doubt this story. there’s really no other reason to dump someone the night before a birthday.

    Maybe he did want out for a while, but any kind of texts from an ex would infuriate an Italian guy.

  17. Ana says:

    If she was really trying to hide something wouldn’t she delete the texts or whatever. Put John under a different name?
    Remember when she said that she checks Romo’s phone and that Carrie was lying. I laughed because I figured he deleted it, but Carrie later said that she hadn’t talked to him in a long time That the interview was from months before it was published.
    If she wants her career back, she needs to get back together with Nick. It would work professionally, not sure how it would be for her personally. But whatever.

  18. Tony says:

    Romo is not Italian, he’s American.

    As far as these idiots go, who cares? Romo and Simpson are a couple of media whores.

  19. crab says:

    Maybe Mayer text Jessica to say happy birthday!

  20. Nev says:

    Wow…Tony had the nerve to dump her.
    Congrats to Tony! Yeah I agree with the poster that said the Barbie & Ken theme party should have been enough to send Tony running. What is she 13 years old. I feel he was wayyyyy past done with Jessica.
    I don’t understand any woman having any thing to do with John DoucheMayer. I believe if Tony found a text on Jessica’s phone from Mayer then that’s grounds for immediate dumping.
    I guess that’s why Mayer like stupid chicks, you can always have your way with them any time you want to. I remember the pictures of that NYE party when he treated her like a dog. He made out with Perez while she joined in–Yuck! After that she should have never answered a phone call or text from Mayer again. I really believe women that deal with Mayer have low self esteem.

  21. pam says:

    Tony is third generation Mexican American. They broke up because she didn’t get an engagement ring for her birthday. Don’t believe the John Mayer crap for a minute. Just some uncreative gossip monger’s little story.

  22. tasteT says:

    Simple he wanted out!!

    its his option, all the pressure, cameras and her clingy butt…

    I always wondered when eh would tire of her and all of the baggage.

  23. Champion says:

    Jessica was getting lots of sexting from John Mayer that is why he dumped her on the spot. He used to talk to Carrie underwood but not dirty filthy texting. He was more mad to see Jessica replying in the same manner. Oh Well…she did it with Nick so she did it again.!!!

  24. shyna says:

    jessica is a hyprocrite. when tony was call’n carrie she started acting like a bitch to carrie on live country radio agreeing w/the dj that carrie was classless mocking/laughing w/the dj’s while they make fun of her last name “underwear” instead of “underwood”.saying “if tony wanted carrie he’d be with her”(carrie was over him it wasnt tony’s choice idiot)she said she checked his call log so its not true,so she was implying that carrie is lying.yea she laughed after realizing she made a fool of herself after that comment.she called her classless,insulted her name(because joking/laughing at someone is is agreeing),called her a liar,not to mention her remarks were rude and catty she was threatened by carrie, she was the ex that tony was still calling he was still hung up on her, carries beautifull,talented, and now she was going into a genre carrie dominates,she was intimated and she was not at all secure with tony thats why she put a stop to his friendship with carrie she was jealous and couldnt handle her man being friends with her.carrie didnt even say anything for jessica to react that way all she said “tony calls and i may not answer”…she didnt say she had sex with him…whats the big deal anyway..jessica is a drama queen and blew up something so small, so now the bitch thinks its okay for her to be texting john shes such a whore she was probably sexting, shes cheated on nick why wont she cheat on tony…once a slut always a slut.

  25. bella says:

    jessica dumped nick a day before thanksgiving and now tony dumps her a day before her birthday, it came back to bite her on the a$$, aint karma a b*tch

  26. kaela says:

    jessica was jealous,threatened,and insecure about tony’s relationship with carrie and when she found out he was calling her she put an end to their friendship.carrie is classy and has respect for herself she wouldnt talk dirty to him he was just a friend after they parted ways. of course jessica being the drama queen that she is was not having that. jessica put carrie down on country live radio every chance she got she really showed her true colors and it was not pretty. being the girl who is insecure jealous, and threatened is never attractive and thats why she cant stand carrie,not to mention it didnt help her insecurities that she wentering a genre that carrie dominates, having to compete with the beautifull talented and successfull ex girlfriend intimidated her and she should have been because she sucks vocally she has nothing on carrie. what i find very hyprocritical about jessica is that she turns around and keeps her friendship with mayer yet tony couldnt keep his friendship with carrie and all because she has insecurity issues..if you cant trust someone then move on…she disgusts me and once a cheater always a cheater this seems like a pattern with her…
    com’on tony wanted out and he used her texting oe sexting that wouldnt shock me to get out while he can..good for you tony…your too good for jessica anyway

  27. justine says:

    applause and cheering for tony!!! he finally had enough of her and the simpson clan.dating jessica comes with a lot of baggage because whoever dates her dates joe simpson..what guy wants their girlfriends father involved and throwing his 2cents in…it must have been irritating for tony and im sure nick remembers how that feels,tony probabaly got a taste of what nick went thru. she’s a clingy/needy/insecure/jealous girl remembercarrie??need i say more. shes the type of girl who pressures a guy in marriage and she whines and complains a lot, remember newlyweds??and tony didnt want or need that, what guy wants a clingy needy dramaqueen jealous girlfriend right? jessica makes the independent woman such as myself look bad. tony and nick run run and dont look back…there are far better woman out there who have a mind of their own and they dont let daddy control their decisions, who are beautifull, intelligent, successfull and educated..jessica has her looks but when that fades she will be useless because thats all she relies on and we all know that looks fade.

  28. aubrey says:

    i hope nick moves on to a nice classy woman. “the simpsons including jess do not have any respect for him and their is to much bad blood between nick and joe.they wouldnt allow it and jessica would never consider reuniting with him or even think about that”…question to the self centered simpson camp…”who said it was her decision anyway??”…Nick doesnt want her back,and he definitely doesnt want joe back either. the simpsons flatter themselves dont they?. nick is probably thinking of vanessa before h’d think about jessica..she was like forever ago and vanessa was his current love so if anything he’s missing her not jessica. “please” i started laughing after they released this statement…NICK DONT WANT YOU GET IT NICK IS OVER YOU, NICK WANT A SMART, BEAUTIFULL, CLASSY, INDEPENDENT WOMAN AND JESSICA HAS NON OF THOSE QUALIFICATIONS, if he wanted a one night stand then he would be calling otherwise he is soooooooo over this trashy girl, she cheated why does he want a cheater back?

  29. brielle says:

    she failed in pop music/ failed in marriage/failed in acting/failed in country music/failed at love again and again/…

    she is the joke of the industry and her career is as dead as her brain cells.whats next for jessica ,a reality tv show “the price of beauty” this should be interesting jessica trying to act smart and since she cant act i doubt she can pull that off. reality tv aint that sweet thats how she got her fame to begin with,shes going back to her roots, she was good with entertaining people with her stupid comments hope this works out for her because i can always use a good laugh.

  30. faith says:

    the jessica simpson fans are so sweet they give me a toothache!..HAHA yeah right!~ they are tone deaf and love stupid acting as well as stupid girls, not to mention they love girls who dont have their life together, and they love the girls who are dependent on daddy and the kind of girl who is weakminded…way to go JSimp fans way to support the untalented media whores !!…do you all love paris hilton and lindsay loahn too just curious?…because jessica fits in their category you know, dead careers and reality tv stars?

    theirs a site called “sweetkisses.net” this is a site dedicated to jessica and her fans..its so funny how these fans fight tooth and nail for her the question is why? she cant sing, cant act, she’s a struggling singer what is 10 years now i dont see the appeal of this stupid girl. yet the comments they are posting are downright hilarious, “be strong jessica”,” their writing poems to her and their even fighting amongst each other its hilarious, they are as brain dead as she is, i guess for every artist who are idiots there are the idiots that follow them. check it out if you want a good laugh these fans are dislusional.

  31. Snoopchew says:

    I just love your sensitivity.

  32. CONSCIOUS says: