Hypocrite Mel Gibson pissed that estranged wife Robyn has new boyfriend

Mel Gibson is the process of divorcing his wife of 29 years and has a pregnant girlfriend who comes with him to his ultra conservative Catholic church every Sunday. Mel’s girlfriend, 39 year-old singer Oksana Grigorieva, accompanied him to a premiere in April and Mel confirmed the relationship, and Oksana’s pregnancy, to the press. He also said that his marriage “ended three years ago,” around the time of his anti-semitic rant, implying that he wasn’t technically cheating. In the eyes of the Traditionalist Catholic Church Mel built, which doesn’t even grant annulments, he was definitely committing adultery though.

Meanwhile Mel’s estranged wife of 28 years and the mother of his seven children, Robyn, 53, is finding a little happiness of her own. She has a new boyfriend and unlike Mel she’s trying to keep the relationship under wraps. That doesn’t matter to her estranged husband, though. Cheater Mel is reportedly livid that Robyn is moving on and doesn’t think she should have a boyfriend:

After being married to the serial cheater for 29 years, Robyn Gibson has finally found a man who makes her happy, and Mel is outraged, a family friend told The Enquirer.

“Robyn is in love and having the time of her life with a new guy from northern California,” the friend divulged.

“She’s introduced him to her children, and they think he’s great. But hypocrite Mel has made it clear he feels mothers should NOT have boyfriends!”

The “Passion of the Christ” star – whose mistress is pregnant with his eighth child – freaked out after he learned his 53-year-old estranged wife was dating.

“Mel had the nerve to call Robyn and actually proclaim that mothers shouldn’t date. All Robyn could do was laugh!” the source confided.

The Enquirer adds that “Robyn has been very discreet,” that she wears a blonde wig when she’s out to avoid being recognized, and that she’s only introduced her boyfriend to her kids as a “friend.”

Compare how considerate and classy Robyn is acting in her new relationship to Mel, who issued statements and went on “The Tonight Show” to announce Oksana’s pregnancy. He’s even using his fame to help Oksana’s career, and her singles and music video are getting play on People’s website.

Robyn needs to pull some kind of stunt to rub it in Mel’s face, like being photographed out at an outdoor restaurant having a great time with her boyfriend. Shania Twain basically arranged for the paparazzi to catch her out with her new boyfriend after her husband betrayed her. In Shania’s case she was hooking up with the hot estranged husband of her husband’s mistress. Now that’s revenge.

Robyn Gibson is shown out in 2000. Credit: Fame Pictures


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60 Responses to “Hypocrite Mel Gibson pissed that estranged wife Robyn has new boyfriend”

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  1. dg says:

    Mel you bloody mysogynist bastard!!!!!

  2. PrincessJay says:

    He’s such a selfish man. He can have his cake and eat it too but she can’t? Fcuk that! Go Robyn! Do your thing and enjoy it!

  3. lulu says:

    what an idiot, if mothers shouldn’t date, then what the hell’s he doing with his single mother of a girlfriend. What an utter waste of space he is.

  4. OXA says:

    What a funny little nutjob Mel is, someone bring him into reality and the 21st century. I would like to see Robin out every night with a string of interchangable hot men, let Mel see how that feels. Also I think at least one date should be with Timothy Dalton and photgraphed going into a hotel suite.lol

  5. YT says:

    Mel’s world is all about him. How dare Robyn have a life not centered around Mel. It’s just wrong! *snort*

    Yea, Robin! Way to go! Enjoy yourself!

  6. Victoria says:

    Oh Mel is just so sad! He blows my mind and NOT in a good way. I used to think he was so funny, cool and hot. Now he just grosses me out with this WHORE girlfriend, anti semetic rants, cheating on a women who bore 7 kids for him AND his “Ive chain smoked all my life” grey skin.

  7. Iggles says:

    I hate this a**hole. Team Robyn!

    Remember Ivana Trump’s famous advice on divorce, “Don’t get mad — get everything!”

  8. Izzy says:

    He is going to go postal one day. He is so far right wing that Cheney looks like a Liberal. People like that implode.

  9. danielle says:

    Of course Robyn is going to have a boyfriend/s! She’s attractive, apparently a saint to have put up with Mel for so long, and tee hee, she’s going to be extremely rich!

  10. Giz says:

    Apparently, since Gibson owns his church he can thumb is nose at it’s very policies. ‘Must be nice to be his own God in his house of worship. Do as I say, not as I do. Blah, blah, blah.
    And what commandment hasn’t he broken thus far? Me apparent sees himself as an early day Medici cousin!

    He’ll choke on his own hypocrisy eventually.

  11. Green Is Good says:

    Piss off, Mel. The gold-digging trick your with now will end up screwing you over for cash big time.

  12. Debbie says:

    Robin should re-marry in “Mel’s” church!

  13. the truth says:

    lol @ debbie. mel you are an idiot. robin spend his money on your new man see how he likes it..

  14. wow says:

    Life doesn’t end after divorce. She is going to date other people. More than likely Mel couldn’t care less about Robin dating whoever and at the same time Robin probably doesn’t give a good squirt on Mel’s relationship with Oksana.

    I think its as simple as they have both moved on.

  15. sayrah says:

    I said I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike him more in April, but he just keeps adding flames to the fire.

  16. j. ferber says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t beat Robyn. He seems just like the type. This dude really deserves to be taken down a peg (or 2,000 pegs). Life will do that to him, no doubt. If not, then maybe Robyn’s lawyers will.

  17. Aspen says:

    Oh, Izzy…I’m with you, but

    I’M right wing.

    Mel Gibson isn’t right wing. He’s a freakin’ space cadet. You can only go so far out on the fringes of either side before you graduate from “political” to “crazy sick lunatic”

  18. so what says:

    Im glad she found someone special..she put up with Mels drinking and carousing for too many years. Its time to be happy!

  19. so what says:

    Im glad she found someone special..she put up with Mels drinking and carousing for too many years. Its time to be happy!

  20. TaylorB says:

    Just out of curiosity, since there is no prenup, and CA is (if memory serves) an equal property state, wouldn’t Robyn technically own half of that church?

    Aspen, I agree. I hate when people try and paint someone like him as either right wing/left wing loon. He is an anti-semetic, misogynistic, self obsessed, hypocritical wackadoodle, who considers himself above reproach, and is apparently tone deaf to boot (have you heard Oksanas music, that he produced and co-wrote?? Yikes!); that has nothing to do with his political affiliations, it just means he is a jerk, who may or may not be missing some cards in his deck as well.

    Too bad. I really used to like him, back when he showed tact, humility and didn’t refer to women as ‘sugar tits’.

  21. cd says:

    saw this quote the other day, can’t remember by who or who it was about, but it seems fitting: “he’s so heavenly minded that he’s no earthly good.”

  22. Uzi says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Hope this guy treats you with the respect you’ve never gotten from Mel! You’ll get the last laugh while his golddigger whore takes his money and makes him look like a male menopausal fool!

  23. oh my says:

    actually, he’s extra hypocritical if he’s saying *mothers* shouldn’t date. . .after all his knocked up gf has a child with Timothy Dalton

  24. CathyT says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Mel told Robyn that “mothers shouldn’t date.” He’s *dating* a mother right now, and anyway, Mel’s always seemed rather intimidated by Robyn. I don’t think he would tell her what to do.

    But I love how the National Enquirer says that Robyn is discreet. I bet she’s sooo discreet that they can write whatever they want without fear of contradiction.

  25. colorado says:

    Mel, you appear to forget your gold digger has a son.
    Alcohol injures the brain.

  26. dirty martini says:

    The whole world is Team Robyn.

    Apparently Team Mel consists of 2:
    THe preggers GF and her gabby mom

  27. Nony says:

    Way to go Robyn! About time she gets to spent time with someone attentive and fun.

  28. REAL YOU says:

    WOW that i call sweet revenge!
    i never thoguth he cared that much and even less that he will dare telling he rit was wrong!
    him who invitred a whore and fc her in frotn of his kids before any divorce was signed nor mentioned-.
    And him who is showing those videos that we all know were filmed in mexico in january, where he spedn time with her at a hotel… and from the pornographical side of the latest one, we can only imagine how porno and slut she was when the cameras were off!
    cant get your dress higher than your crotch! and thats what she does in those videos.
    So how can he act the choked saint, when he has been provocatign her every single week, and even days, since april?

    He thought she got immune maybe?

    i dotn get that expression “mothers dotn date”
    oh, menaign what? that daddy dotn date eihter?
    or its only a one way street?
    hello mel, wake up!
    Take a mirror and look at oyurlife the past 4 years
    how many months didnt oyu cheat on your wife?
    Was there one month when you didnt lied at all?
    chosing a cheap russian whore was your biggest mistake cause that kind comes with a big tube of Tesa glue, enough to stick oyu with an elephant on oyur face for lifetime.
    so oyu better begin to pull out now, while the shit is still fresh.
    Youdidtn knew you werent cheatignher?
    you didnt knew she had feeligns and needs too?
    you werent aware seh was dating aside too?
    nor that she could also wear wig JUST AS YOU DO AND LIE TO YOU JUST AS YOU DID TO HER FOR SO LONG.
    At least she isnt goign around pregy og the guy and she isnt shooting pornographic video of him in sexy underwears, and she isnt paying him a house nor diamonds, nor givign him money and making cotnracts nor givign interview with intimate details to the press.

    you are right, mother shouldnt date, if theior husband was doing the right thing and not cheating on them nor divorcing them… unless they are a slut and a goldigger who only pop out kids like pop corn when ever they see a way to squeeze soem dollars out of a rich and famous guy’s willi.


  29. Oh no says:

    Controlling men are always like that — they can do whatever they want, but they’re never okay when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I’m happy to see Robyn living her life happily.

  30. linda k says:

    let’s hope the new boyfriend isn’t after the upcoming money…… but i’m sure mel really didn’t say those things…she does do a lot of charity work, and i hope perhaps someone is at least seeing her for companionship.

  31. Revel says:

    Team Robyn – go Robyn, go – and don’t look back because Mel isn’t worth it. I think she’s out from under a huge rock and is finally seeing sunlight and sanity for the first time in 30 years.

  32. carla says:

    I look on the national enquirer but couldnt found that article nd jn fact all media who talk about the national enquirer article are refering to here. To Celebitchy.
    But where is that article? Do you have a link?
    Cause if the National Enquirer had such a story, it will most certainly make the head lines. But it doesnt, and isnt even mentioned on their website, so thats weird.

    Could you please provide a link or a copy paste of the entire article?

    Thanks. :)

  33. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    He is such an utter twat.

  34. annie says:

    I don’t know if mel said that, but it probably does bug him to no end that she found someone. Watch, robyn’s romance will last while mel’s will be over in a few years.

  35. JohnnieR says:

    Well, as a guy, I’m going to have to speak up on Mel’s behalf here and agree with his views.

    *Tee hee*

  36. RubyKaur says:

    I have a hunch is a “girlfriend”….just a hunch.

  37. y says:

    How nice to hear that ms. robin have a boyfriend and have happy time with him. and also her children admit him is nicer than mel hell. to hear that about children, they are very loves her. have a happy life from now on. and go away mel hell with digger. don’t want any photo and film of you. people don’t forget your behavior to robin. i hate you, and your selfishness. nice Ms. shania!! please help other wives who suffer of humiliated her hudsbands in hollywood. how nice to hear this news.

  38. Anoneemouse says:

    Go back to your cave, Mel, or alternatively, welcome to the millenium where caveman laws don’t exist!

  39. Sarah says:

    Gosh, hypocrite is the perfect word for Mel!

    What ever happened to Mel anyways? When did he become this helluva douchebag? I mean, seriously? In the 80s and 90s, he was famous for being the nicest guy ever, playing everybody a good joke on set and all his costars loved him and he was this perfect family man. He became even more recognised for his directing jobs and then?? What happened then? When did he turn into this stupid SOB? The Passion of Christi must have been a turning point of some kind. I guess, he either was a douche bag all his live, but PR ppl made him lovable to the public, but after that movie, ppl start to turn against him anyway or he used to be a decent person but then his mind just took off. In any case, I really wonder what made happen this total turnaround of his public persona…

  40. Aspen says:

    Honestly, Sarah? I think he went nuts. His father is clearly a lunatic, and mental illnesses CAN run in families. Perhaps he just…lost his mind and was in too much denial to get help for it.

    I honestly think he lost his mind. What else explains such a 180-degree personality switch?

  41. Carolyn says:

    When his new girlfriend finds out it not as fun being cheated on as it was being the one he was cheating with, they wil break up. He has a long history of cheating.
    They are both playing each other. He is being seen with a woman alot younger and he is advanceing her career. It doensn’t matter if they are together or not she will still get child support, a nice home and money to support her.

  42. linda k says:

    well, annie, i’m not sure mel’s will last a few years….it will turn into his marriage,,,,see the kids when able and see her when able…and see others

  43. annie says:

    linda k., I was giving them a benefit of a doubt. Yep, he’ll always have his extracurricular activities.

  44. Heather says:

    Well… bad light on the catholic church, eh? They preach, and preach, and preach about morality, yet, turn away and fail to step up and speak up when one of their own blatantly breaks the rules. I hope his career goes into a major flaming downward spiral… he deserves that!
    And what a greasy loser jay leno was for having him on his show so he could brag about his new relationship. SO GLAD JAY IS GONE!!! Hope his new show fails… never did find him funny or interesting.

  45. annie says:

    heather, they have spoken to mel, he cannot recieve communion and will not recieve absolution unless he breaks off his relationship with oksana. The church does this privately, it’s not a public affair.

  46. Snoopchew says:

    I have stated many times that Mel is a so far “helpless” alcoholic. He has never found an effective sponsor through the AA 12-step program. He is in need of an intervention which hopefully will happen soon before he scowls any more hateful things…especially towards his family. Alcoholism is a disease which can be cured only through abstinence. He must stop drinking!

  47. assistantrachel says:

    Fuck you Mel, you sorry piece of shit!
    Go Robyn!

  48. linda k says:

    again, i’m not sure mel said this, sounds weird to me he would, especially from these “sources”. i’m not defending him in any way for his behavior and disrespect shown during this time to his wife especially on the leno show === when talking about his girlfriend and baby,,,,just ho hum,,, just a joke….if he did say these things, he definitely needs some help…

  49. Uzi says:

    Hey Heather…I totally agree with you about the Leno appearance…so much so that I actually sent an e-mail to NBC expressing my disgust. I plan on boycotting any TV show interview Mel does. Normally I don’t care about a celebrity’s private life to that extent, but his…pardon the pun…cockiness is too much! He doesn’t seem the least bit embarrassed or shamed by his current situation. Skanky Oksana’s vanity project CD is being released on the 28th, so I wonder what kind of b.s. Mel’s PR people are cooking up, trying to make her look like a real singer/musician and loving mother/girlfriend. I feel so sorry for his kids, epecially the 10-year-old!

  50. CathyT says:

    They are streaming Oksana’s entire vanity album for free online, so I’m not expecting much of a PR push. Clearly they are cutting their losses and dumping it.

    And Uzi, I disagree about Mel not being ashamed. I think he is embarrassed, but because of his personality he deals with his discomfort by trying to crack jokes. He had the same problem in his Diane Sawyer interview after his DUI when he sounded flippant to some people.

  51. jordan says:

    I always thought ole Mel was a bit of a dummy. As in not that intelligent. His black and white thinking and goofy religion bears witness to that!

  52. linda k says:

    i have to agree there cathy…sometimes people will make jokes when nervous or not liking tthe situation…i saw on a tv show a body language expert who said that when he made the speech about blaming him and to judge him on the failure of his marriage he was acting…and when talking about the baby he put his head down which showed embarrassment until the audience clapped and cheered then he said how happy he was….

  53. Sincerity says:

    If Mel Gibson actually made this remark, he probably regrets his actions and wants to reconcile with Robyn. He’s probably realized that Oksana simply isn’t worth the grief that he’s been experiencing professionally as well as financially. Spiritually, he’s also taking quite a beating, too. I read he actually had a serious “meltdown” at his church in front of the members. Mel Gibson may be many things but he’s a survivor. He’s going to do whatever it takes to reverse his fortunes. If it means dumping Oksana and going back to his wife, he’ll do it. It’s all about the money and times are hard!!!

  54. SixxKitty says:

    LMFAO… isn’t his tart a mother?

  55. Irishlass says:

    ABSTINENCE is the answer for Mel Gisbson. Mel has many addictions: drugs, alchohol, sex, rage, tobacco, religion. Mel needs to abstain from all of these permanently, and surround himself with accountability partners. He needs a 12-step program and a sponsor. Mel has to get right with himself before he can get right with others. When his family sees him making real changes (giving up sex forever), this will have a positive influence on them more than anything.

  56. MukaTingo says:

    Flame me if you want, but Mel is right. Mothers shouldn’t really “date” unless it is with their husbands. Robyn is being very irresponsible. Yes, Mel has made a mistake by going off with his mistress and knocking her up, but Robyn needs to take the higher ground and prove just what a classy lady she is by not playing “tit-for-tat”. This is very reckless on Robyn’s part and I think she should cease seeing this new man and confirm this (but not apologise, as Mel doesn’t deserve it) with her husband.