Fergie tells Josh Duhamel getting pregnant will help clean up her act


Back in July, we reported on an interesting little piece in the National Enquirer. They claimed that Josh Duhamel and Fergie were on the rocks after only six months of marriage. The reason? It seems that Josh really wanted to settle down and start their family, while Fergie was happy to go out every night and get smashed. A source told the Enquirer, ““He’s a traditional guy, and he wants a family… but she doesn’t seem capable of slowing down long enough to really consider children… She’s the toast of the music world… and has an incredibly hectic schedule touring, recording and performing. There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything she wants to do. Plus, she’s a major partier.” The gist was that even though Josh was “madly in love” with Fergie, if she didn’t “grow up” Josh would be out the door.

Now the Enquirer is reporting that Fergie has decided to try to get pregnant. No mention of whether she and Josh were really fighting, or if he was badgering her, they only say that Fergie has got it into her head that a baby would be cool or whatever. A source tells the Enquirer, “She says pregnancy will be a crash course in cleaning up her act.” That really bothers me, actually. I believe you should clean up your act before your pregnancy, not during.

Desperate to get her marriage to Josh Duhamel back on track, Fergie has agreed to get pregnant – and she announced her change of heart in the middle of a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game!

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the Black Eyed Peas thrush and her hunky thesp hubby were fighting just six months into their marriage.

Josh, 36, was ready to start a family, while Fergie, 34, continued to party. But after some soul-searching, she agreed to chill and promised Josh they could start trying for a baby after her tour ends in the fall, say sources.

“Fergie turned to Josh right in the middle of the baseball game and told him she wanted a baby to make their lives complete,” revealed a close friend.

“She says pregnancy will be a crash course in cleaning up her act.”

While Fergie had always planned to have kids, she wanted to put it off for a while.

Josh is thrilled by her change of heart, said the friend. “He adores Fergie, and he can’t wait for her to be pregnant.”

[From National Enquirer]

I’m still at a loss with this couple. I just don’t get it. Whenever I read or see an interview with Josh, he seems like a nice enough guy, though bland. How in the world did he end up with a girl like Fergie? And why does he think that she’ll ever be able to settle down and be this little wife and mother that he seems to want? In any case, even though I don’t get it, I wish them the best. They seem relatively harmless, and I do hope Fergie cleans up her act and gets pregnant, if that’s what she wants.

Here’s Josh and Fergie in 2008. Images thanks to WENN.com .


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24 Responses to “Fergie tells Josh Duhamel getting pregnant will help clean up her act”

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  1. RobN says:

    Why does he think she’ll settle down and be the little wife and mother he seems to want? We have no idea what he wants. All we have is the National Enquirer which is the same as saying we’ve got nothing at all.

  2. dfghj says:

    This does nothing for her. if she doesn’t grow up then everybody is going to go up a wall over how she doesnt take care of her kid

    And what’s with the picture of her sitting on his lap? he looks like he’s drunk!

  3. Ana says:

    “How in the world did he end up with a girl like Fergie?”

    Really? I always thought the opposite. How did meth face Fergie get a smokin hot guy like him?
    She really doesn’t seem that wild. You don’t ever see her coming out of the club drunk do you? Maybe I missed those posts…

  4. Bubulle says:

    She gonna ruin Josh great genes with her meth face.

  5. princess pea says:

    I agree that you should clean up your act before pregnancy, but I do have a few friends who only managed to successfully quit smoking when they got knocked up. Once there was a baby in there it was just about quitting for themselves, and they were able to go cold turkey.
    They do seem an odd match, but I like to imagine that Fergie is someone totally different from her public persona when at home. Otherwise she kind of scares me.

    edit: Bubulle, don’t be silly. You only get METHface from doing meth. It’s not genetic.

  6. abitbrit says:

    lol! did they deliberately call her a thrush?

    Urban Dictionary:

    Someone who is very annoying and irritating and could be easily described as an irritating c*nt!

  7. Cinderella says:

    All I can say is she looked a hell of a lot better in 2008. Something definitely is not agreeing with her this year.

  8. Bubulle says:

    You’re right Princess but I’ve seen pics of fergie before meth and she was a butterface so she still gonna ruin his great genes.

  9. Iggles says:

    Ugh, people should think having kids with fix their problems. My sister tried that. Trust me, it didn’t fix anything..

  10. Jag says:

    I hope he will like being a single dad because she won’t change for a child; as you said, she needs to change before even conceiving the child.

  11. gg says:

    she has busted face. i don’t get that couple.

  12. Firestarter says:

    First, it is in The Enquirer, so why do people tend to believe the rag when it is somebody else, but when they report trash on Pitt/Jolie is is all “lies”.

    So what if her face is busted, so what if she did meth, so what if she likes to party, so what if he is dull. I mean really, how is it bothersome to people?

    As with anything from The Enquirer, I take it with a grain of salt and nothing more!

  13. Leah says:

    eWWWW. So annoying! How does someone as trashy as HER get someone so freaking GORGEOUS (and apparently amazing) as HIM?!

    If she didn’t have her long hair and her whore-costumes, she would look like your typical Botox-ed woman from Suburbia, and then Josh might wake up and go, “Ew. Who is this nasty old lady, party-girl wannabe, striving to grasp for the youth that left her years ago? I married her?”

  14. luna says:

    ::sigh:: the second time i’m posting about sexism today.

    so what if fergie might have “meth face”? ugly dudes get hot chicks all the time. her face shouldn’t determine if she’s worthy of him or his genes…come on…

    and i’m not a fan of hers but she doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman who would get knocked up to clean up her act.

  15. loldongs says:

    Three words:

    Courtney motherfucking Love.

    This article really exposes the lack of maturity that a grown woman such as Fergie possesses.

    Employing logic such as this only further indicates to me that she’s probably the one causing the majority of the problems in their relationship.

    She’s framing her own selfish desire to have a child as a positive incentive, when in actual fact it’s just a thinly veiled, manipulative carrot-and-stick ploy.


  16. Cat says:

    Fergie’s admitted to using meth to help cope with problems. It was a long time ago though, and she says she’s stopped.

  17. mj says:

    Why all this Fergie hating? She has more talent than any of the Britneys, Mileys, Jonas posers. She is beautiful, takes great care of herself and just married Josh. Haters to the Left.

  18. Lovelee says:

    My heart aches for the child! She is not ready to be a mother. I hope she realizes that before it’s too late.

  19. lway says:

    I think that they would have beautiful babies :)

  20. embertine says:

    I can’t believe any of you seriously believe a tabloid rag knows what’s going on in a celebrity’s marriage. REALITY FAIL

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:


    sure, if by beautiful you mean “fucked up face so badly that she looks like Michigan J. Frog”, then I agree.

    she does have a great bod, though.

  22. tasteT says:

    Welp, a tabloid does not have to tell me she is a meth head..

    she admitted to years of meth abuse BEFORE her stardom..

    Why would she stop now???

    she is a meth head, literally.

    Josh is cute but boring, must be the no holds barred SEX.. :)

  23. Magsy says:

    Leave Fergie alone. At least she admitted her drug use and she’s a great performer. They’re a cute couple.

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