Eddie Cibrian’s fatherhood defense & LeAnn Rimes plans their wedding

Eddie Cibrian
Oh, snap! Sorry for the outdated excited utterance, but it seems apropos for this utterly B-List scandal. Eddie Cibrian has released his first statement since officially filing for divorce from his estranged wife Brandi Glanville. He had previously released a couple of statements and one now-classic interview (referencing the infamous “unfair fishbowl”) before he filed for divorce. Meanwhile, Brandi has People and Us Weekly on speed dial, basically issuing one bitchy interview a day for the past week.

Previously, Brandi had said “Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other.” Then she told Us Weekly, “Eddie is a compulsive liar, cheater and a home wrecker, and he has been an absentee father. Eddie may just end up drowning himself in that ‘unfair fishbowl’.” After that, Eddie and LeAnn made several public outings, then Eddie officially filed for divorce. Brandi did another round of interviews (‘atta girl), but Eddie has been silent. Until now! Let me tell you… Eddie brings his inner bitch out:

Actor Eddie Cibrian is breaking his silence in wake of his bitter divorce from his estranged wife Brandi Glanville and scandalous affair with country pop star LeAnn Rimes. This past Monday, the CSI: Miami star filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to end his seven year marriage to the former model.

Now, in a statement released by Cibrian Thursday, the actor says: “From the outset I have made a conscious decision to try and keep this matter private and not discuss it in the press. While my wife and I are dissolving our marriage, we will work together to parent our two children,” Cibrian continued. “I love my boys very much. I want only the best for them and am committed to being a devoted father. I will continue to be respectful and sensitive to this issue by not doing interviews about this ongoing private matter. I wish everyone would do the same.”

Cibrian and Glanville have two boys, 6-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Jake.
In the past several days, Cibrian and Rimes have gone public with their relationship: playing golf and attending a concert in Los Angeles.

Rimes is currently separated from her husband, 28-year old Dean Sheremet.

Cibrian, 35, and Rimes, 26, reportedly starting having an affair after meeting on the set of the Lifetime movie, Northern Lights.

[From Radar]

So he’s basically telling his ex-wife to shut the hell up already. I’m sure Brandi will take that under advisement. Here’s the thing – I know that Eddie is a womanizing douche, a liar, and a pretty disgusting man. But I’m not so sure he’s a bad father. I don’t have enough information on that, so I think his positioning as the wounded, victimized man who is separated from his kids might work in his favor. Meh.

The tabloids are all over this story this week. Most of them are highlighting a very LeAnn Rimes-friendly version for some reason. Every source points out that Eddie has been spending most of his nights at LeAnn’s house in Brentwood. In Touch Weekly takes a more judicious point of view, calling in an “expert” to tut-tut that Eddie and LeAnn are “acting like teenagers instead of adults.” In Touch also points out that Dean Sheremet is moving into a New York apartment that LeAnn is paying for, but Dean still tweeted “Dishonesty is the most deplorable quality” the day after LeAnn and Eddie’s outing to a Kings of Leon concert.

Star Magazine has a source who claims “LeAnn knows she found true love with Eddie… Now she wants the rest of the world to know it too! She wants to be able to go everywhere with him… She feels like the worst is behind them and now they can be happy together.” Star points out that LeAnn is – wait for it – already making wedding plans. LeAnn has “already subscribed to Brides Magazine and talks about getting married in Las Vegas… as soon as both their divorces are done, they’re heading to Sin City! She’s dying to be his wife and call herself Mrs. Cibrian. She even wants to give him more kids!” Oh, barf. She and Eddie really do deserve each other… just wait until he gets another Lifetime movie, honey.

Eddie Cibrian is shown filming Ugly Betty on 7/18/08. Credit: PRPhotos. LeAnn Rimes is shown getting gas on 8/22/09. Credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. captain america says:


  2. Naomi says:

    LeAnn is clearly delusional. She is hooking up with an adulterer. So, does she think that if she marries him, he won’t do the same thing to her. Give me a break girl. You clearly need some counseling immediately. Remember, LeAnn ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’. Get a life LeAnn, and not somebody else’s.

  3. CYANN says:

    She really is a fool. When Eddie turns on her, she will want Dean back.

  4. ash says:

    looks like she forgot her pants.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Well, she is an adulterer too, so that makes them perfect for one another.

  6. Lem says:

    umm. why is she wearing someone’s husband’s shirt? outside? on purpose?

  7. wow says:

    Yeah, women like her are delusional. They view a situation like this as a competition. Even when he does move on from Leann, she will still feel like a winner (rolling my eyes) because he left his wife to be with her. Especially after his wife called her a stalker. Leeann is probably loving this because it makes his wife’s comments back then look silly. And I’m sure his wife does feel stupid for believing in his lies and being made a fool of.

    I also agree that just because he’s a cheater, doesn’t automatically exclude him from being a good father to his two boys. And I find it interesting that he filed for divorce. Once he started going public with Leeann, I would have thought she’d have filed right then.

  8. RobN says:

    Why do so many of you who love Tori Spelling hate Leann? It’s the exact same story, meet on a crappy tv movie, leave current spouses and children because you’re so in love, and never look back.

  9. Karen says:

    Thank you RobN for saying exactly what is on my mind. Of course, not every commenter loves Tori Spelling *pauses to dry heave*. But those who know exactly how those celebutards met, the situation Dean was in when he met Tori (just adopted a baby girl whom he quickly relinquished any rights toward) smells very similar to the Eddie and LeAnn story. I can’t stand Tori and Dean and I can’t stand Eddie and LeAnn. Ugh!!!

  10. Mave says:

    He is a fully devoted creep. Yes of course he wants to keep it out of the press….he did something wrong. How convinent. I don’t know how anyone could be attracted to him if he could ditch his children women can’t believe they are that great that he won’t beable to hurt them. Let the two of them live out their karma and hopefully the boy’s mom will marry a cool man and they can have a dedicated step-dad. I wonder how the boys will feel about LeeAnn when they find out how she killed their family. What jerks.

  11. nita says:

    people fall in and out of love…it happens…

  12. Firestarter says:

    @Nita- Agreed.

    I mean we are all sitting in judgement of these two, when we have no idea, outside of what the press tells us, what those two marriages were like.

    Yes, it is wrong to cheat. Yes, they should have left their spouses before their affair began, but Like Nita said, people fall in and out of love and sometimes it doesn’t happen at the best times.

  13. Ursula says:

    She is not pretty. She has that ‘I got him, I don’t care what you say look’. Well lets see where this B- List shinding will end. I thought Brange was annoying then we got Octo Mom, just when I thought the storm had calmed, we got the Gosselins, now it is these B-listers. Arrrgh, can’t life give me a break?

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I also agree that just because he’s a cheater, doesn’t automatically exclude him from being a good father to his two boys.”

    I see where you’re going there, but I don’t totally agree.

    he treated the mother of his boys like crap and disrespected her very publicly. and not just with LeAnn, but with other women, too. his behavior broke the marriage, and therefore the stable home the children (presumably) had.

    I don’t really consider those to be actions of a “good” father.

  15. buckley says:

    from a nobody to a full on douchebag…congrats Eddie!

  16. Realist says:

    I periodically read items from Celebitchy and in situations such as this LeAnn/Eddie item find that the author ALWAYS comes across as bitter and judgemental.

    Here are some words of advise to everyone – Grow Up. People cheat. It happens all the time, every day, every where since the beginning of time. Cheating is not the end of the world. Cheating often (MOST often) does not indicate that someone is a bad person or a bad parent. If you really take a look around you, 60-75% of all people have experienced cheating at some point. Sad, but true. It is not anything to be proud of, but these celebs are just like everone else – human.

    Moving on, being the one cheated on, or the person that has cheated is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. The children will be fine. Honest. So, get over it people and move on.

  17. Deb says:

    “respectful and sensitive”. What a douche!!!! What the action people.
    Hopefully “respectful and sensitive” mean he will crawl into a dark hole with his skank and stay there.

  18. Cinderella says:

    Her marriage to Dean was a sham, so she probably didn’t feel like she had anything to lose. Either way, she should have backed away from Eddie until he and his wife could reach a decision regarding their marriage.

    But it’s her battle to lose. For someone who’s been emotionally scarred by her own family, she’s about to step into it big time. She gets to be part of a nasty divorce, alimony, child support, visitation arrangements, and a husband that will probably cheat on her within the first year and blow through her cash. Have fun!

  19. annnny says:

    people do cheat…yes..fact of life.
    but be a man and own it!
    I would have more respect for someone who cheats and admits it than one who cheats and denies it.

  20. fern says:

    Eddie is upset because this is probably the one time in his life where his “great looks” couldn’t get him out of trouble. Now he wants privacy? He fell for the spin that People magazine put on the affair and now he is upset because he has been hit with a big dose of reality.

    Now he is “concerned” for his sons? Where was his concern when he was sucking on LR fingers? Don’t be fooled, Eddie only cares about Eddie. He is only using those kids as a shield. A devoted father who loves his kids would not continue to associate with a woman who takes pleasure in the pain that she causes others. A devoted father would have been at home with his kids instead of meeting his mistress at a hotel for sex. A devoted father would not put his kids in a position where they will ask, daddy why are you sucking on that woman’s fingers?

    So he thinks prancing around with a woman he denied ever having any interest in is more respectful or sensitive than talking about his affair? He has been respectful and sensitive? Is that what it is called when a married man goes public with a relationship he denied he was even having without filing for a divorce first? Nothing was standing in his way, so why couldn’t he have done the right thing and filed for the divorce BEFORE making those public appearances?

    When exactly has he kept things private? When he went to a public concert where celebs and paps would see him with his mistress? Or maybe it was when he continued to golf with his mistress even after he knew that the paps were watching him? Or maybe he was keeping things private when he was spotted coming out of LR house with an overnight bag?

    After declaring that he has kept things private and has been respectful/sensitive, his mistress undermines him by leaking details of their “romance”. So was LR offended because he stated that his kids, not her were his first priority or is she jsut worried that EC may have second thoughts? Or since she is going through the trouble to convince everyone that they are in love, perhaps EC is cheating on her and she is trying to send his other mistress a message. So now beign the devoted father that he is will EC issue a statement to his mistress telling her SHUT UP and be respectful or sensitive or is he going to allow her to keeping rubbing the affair in his wife’s face?

    This is why BG has every right to speak up because the media/press tells these women that there is something “romantic” about watching her husband lie and cheat. And all for a buck. Double standard, the man and his mistress get to say and do whatever they want, but when the wife does it she is being “******”.

  21. fern says:

    The stalker comments that his wife made were true. All you have to do is look at LR face. No woman would be gloating like this if she wasn’t doing those things that the wife said that she was doing. And to top it all off you can not deny that she canceled a concert just to be spotted with the married man so that she could rub it in his wife’s face. Eddie mught have given her his number,but that doesn’t mean that she had to call him.

  22. fern says:

    ” just wait until he gets another Lifetime movie, honey.”

    It might be sooner than that. Isn’t he starting on CSI, they have a lot of guest appearances and she can’t go to work with him everyday. By the way she is so desperately trying to sell this relationship, he may have started cheating on her. Just imagine she probably follows him around like a little puppy to make sure that he doesn’t have any chemistry with anyone.

    If he is staying at her home, it is not because they are oh so much in love that they can’t be apart. He is staying at her house so that she can keep a close eye on him and moniter his calls or because she is financially supporting him. He may have chemistry with someone else or worse start to regret his actions with her and try to go back to his wife.

  23. boo says:

    Nita said it – people fall in and out of love. Nobody “killed” a family.. It sucks for the jilted spouses but if Eddie and Leeann want to be together then so be it. If anybody is hurting the kids it is the Mom by dragging them into it..

  24. DonnaInMichigan says:

    Brangelina version 2009.

  25. fern says:

    What EC and LR have is not love and labling the spouses as “jilted” is the major problem with affairs. People want to call BG “*****”, but isn’t LR being “****” for releasing these “I won” stories to tabloids or EC being “***” for even having the audacity to tell his wife to shut up when his mistress is selling stories to tabloids.

    What hurts the mother and her kids is the mentality that she doesn’t have the right to speak, but EC and LR have the right to be together or “fall in love”.Why do you seem to think that BG owes LR and EC anything? BTW, everyone assumes that DS isn’t talking because he respects LR. But not one person mentioned that maybe his “respect” was because he didn’t want to offend his cash cow. This affair just highlights the double standards that exist within the media/press.

    Don’t be fooled, the only thing Ec loves about LR is her wallet and the publiclity that would have gone along with it had his wife “played nice”.

  26. Catherine says:

    Too many people got hurt by these two idiots fooling around. I only feel sorry for the kids.

  27. Moogirl says:

    I just don’t get it… people bash on LeAnn and Eddie and Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy for what? Falling in love? Oops – they fell in love while with with other people – it happens! And mostly when it happens the best thing for it is to shut up and move on – which Eddie is clearly trying to do. I don’t blame Brandi for being upset. She is hurt and angry. But like we said about Anne Heche’s cmments about her ex – their children are going to grow up and read what is being said. Knowing your parent’s marriage didn’t work out is one thing, but seeing your mom publically demean your dad is another.

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    Not only is she a lying, deceitful skank, but she also can’t tell the difference between a shirt and a dress.. :/

  29. nonok says:

    if you want to be able to say “oh, well people change who they fall in love with” then don’t get married. Why bother getting married in the first place if that agreement didn’t mean anything to you (or, more likely, meant “you’ll do until something better comes along”)? My issue with this is that he cheated on his WIFE and she cheated on her HUSBAND. If you want to be open to other possibilities, you can date people. Marraige is work, plain and simple. Lazy children (i.e: Eddie and Leanne) shouldn’t be allowed to make that vow.

  30. fern says:

    That’s the problem, affairs are not about falling in love or romance. It’s time that the media/press stop pushing this notion because it implies that the cheaters are not really responsible for their actions, even when people get hurt. I’m just tired of hearing how so and so isn’t responsible for their actions because they just couldn’t help themselves. We are humans, not animals, so we can most certainly control who we fall in love with. It’s called self-control and respect. If you know a man/woman is married leave it alone.

    Eddie is trying to move on? So that’s why he showed up at a golf course while still married because he was trying to move on. He had several instances to come clean and he didn’t. Now that the details of his relationship with LR are being leaked to press, he comes off looking stupid for making a statement like this.

    This is a two part thing. If he wants his wife to be silent, then LR and EC should not keep releasing the details of their affair and making any public appearances, even on her birthday. It’s simply because the public appearances and stories are just a means for LR to gloat about how she won a married man.

  31. faith says:

    i DO NOT get people defending people cheating? i dont! i mean the nerve of some people is just unbeleivable! i have been in situations where a guy was taken, and after me and i also liked him but what did i do? i ran away from that situation! why? because im human and dont wanna be selfish. if i was an animal then…i would go for it…but we all have choices, we do…love is NOT uncontrollable, i proved it. it feels like that but its not. there are so many people in this world, u dont need to hurt others like that!

  32. filthycute says:

    God, she’s ugly. Why does a hot guy go for THAT?

  33. MSat says:

    This whole story is bringing back a lot of unpleasant memories. Seriously, is there a Douchebag Adultery Handbook out there that my like my ex-husband and this a#@hole are borrowing from?

    My ex swore up and down he wasn’t boinking a woman he worked with, even though it was obvious to everyone else, including me. It finally came to a point where he couldn’t deny it anymore. Funny thing is, they just got married and now everyone seems to have forgotten how they got together. They have somehow successfully re-written history. But I will never forget.

  34. ozcat says:

    myself like a lot of people understand you can fall in love with someone while being committed to someone else…I just wish the unfaithful losers would at least be adult and end the unhappy relationship before jumping in the sack with the new improved version.

  35. fern says:

    No one is buying the “I’m a devoted father” card. This is what one blog had to say, “And he would like you to know that, while he is making panty gravy with another man’s wife, his two young sons are foremost in his mind.”

  36. sunseeker says:

    What I do not understand is that in August last year Rimes renewed her vows to Dean, if they had problems why renew your vows seems strange to me. Was not long after that she started her affair with Cibrian, and why if you care about your children would you already organise your wedding to somebody else. I would have thought you would give your children some time to get used to the separation.

  37. Sprmcandy says:

    The blond bimbo has great legs.