Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon supposedly went to church together

Jake Gyllenhaal supposedly went to Catholic church with his maybe-girlfriend Reese Witherspoon. The paparazzi have photographed Reese outside of church before, so it’s suspicious that there are no photos or other details. These two are said to have entered separately and to have “prayed together.” This is worded ambiguously and it’s hard to figure out if they regularly going to church together or if it was just a one-time thing. I doubt it’s even true.

Episcopalian-raised Reese is a regular at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills and now Jake, reportedly a Buddhist, has been joining her. In fact, Reese, 31, and Jake, 26, helped to keep their romance quiet for months by avoiding most public places – except church. A fellow church-goer confirms the couple has been spotted there while an insider explains their secrecy. “They didn’t go in together because they didn’t want to draw attention,” says the pal. “They’d meet at church and pray together.”

[From In Touch, print edition, November 19, 2007]

It probably never happened. There was a huge hoopla over the fact that they left the same office building 45 minutes apart, so if it was true that they were going to church together there would either be separate pictures of them entering and/or leaving the church or In Touch would add the actual date of the supposed church attendance to backup this story. As it is, there are only vague blurbs from a “fellow churchgoer” and an “insider” and In Touch is the only tabloid to cover this.

These two were photographed holding hands all over Rome after their movie came out – and bombed – at the box office. But apart from those all-too-perfect photos there’s nothing. They supposedly went to Kate Hudson’s Halloween party together, but there are only photos taken outside a car of two people in costumes and masks who are unrecognizable. The paparazzi do follow Reese to church, but maybe they stopped out of respect or boredom or something and didn’t catch her this one week with Jake. I’m sure that’s how it happened, since this report sounds so believable.

How much do you want to bet the story of their “romance” will fade and we’ll have another tabloid breakup in about a month? By that point most people will have forgotten about them.

In related and more amusing Reese Witherspoon news, she recently told Britain’s Daily Express that her four-year old son, Deacon, wanted to be a pizza delivery boy. Pizza Hut was all over that and sent Reese’s son a bunch of pizza vouchers, a little mini uniform, and a mini delivery car. It sounds like an actual small delivery car replica that he can ride around, because the press release from Pizza Hut encourages Deacon to follow his dream of becoming a pizza delivery boy and says the car is “to polish your driving skills.”

Sorry for the same damn header image of Reese and Jake, but apart from these photos at the Rendition photocall there’s nothing of the two of them together in any of the agencies we subscribe to. Thanks to Splash News for this photo from 10/22/07.

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