Tina Fey says she was a virgin when she got married at 24

Tina Fey is the thinking woman’s pinup girl, but the “30 Rock” star wasn’t always so glamorous. In a recent appearance on David Letterman, Fey admitted that she was a virgin until the age of 24 – not because she was religious or saving herself, but because she was “homely.”

Tina Fey may be one of the most popular girls around these days, but as she reminisced to David Letterman Wednesday, she was a virgin until she met her husband when she was 24.

As Dave read a list of people who stayed virgins from a tabloid, like Brooke Shields (22) and Adriana Lima (27), Fey’s name came up as having been 24.

“[I] Couldn’t give it away,” Fey sighed. “That’s just good, Christian values, or, being homely.”

She also talked about wearing fake hair for her Bazaar cover shoot.

[From Huffington Post]

Tina’s come a long way in the last few years. The stories floating around from Tina’s old SNL castmates and a 2008 Vanity Fair article reinforce Tina’s “homely” claims: she used to come to her job there as head writer wearing sweat pants, a ski hat and no makeup (you can see an older photo of Tina here). Once she started appearing in front of the camera, however, everything changed. Now she’s being photographed by Annie Leibovitz and wearing couture! But luckily for Tina, her husband liked her before the makeover.

Along with the critical success of “30 Rock,” Tina is getting her film career off the ground too: she’s currently shooting “Date Night” with Steve Carrell of “The Office.” The film is about a married couple looking to spice up their relationship with a trip to New York City – and of course, things don’t go quite as planned. The film is set for release next year and also stars Kristen Wiig, James Franco, Mark Ruffalo and Mila Kunis.

Tina Fey is shown outside The Late Show on 10/14/09. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. ligeia says:

    she seems modest enough for that to be true *shrugs* whatever works for her.

  2. ToddRH says:

    I do! She certainly was the “ugly duckling” that now is a swan! I recall seeing a few “SNL” epi’s when she was the head writer and she would appear as an audience member during monologues and she was very chubby. She seems like a person who would just focus on her career and so she probably didn’t even look to get laid as she probably thought she wouldn’t.

    IMO, the scar is a turn-on!

  3. dude says:

    Good for her, Im glad she is talking about. She is a good role model for young girls. It just shows that you dont have to be a model or a loose goose to be successful. Just being a good person w/ a good/funny sense of humor.

  4. princess pea says:

    mae – why not? I had a friend who had been waiting for the ‘right guy’ and he hadn’t appeared when she was 21 and she was really self conscious about it. But all the dudes who approached her were creepy weirdos; I don’t know why, she was the nicest person ever. (Actually, I think that’s part of why. She was the only person who was nice to the creepy weirdos… so they loved her). Seriously, like two posts away commenters are ripping into Madonna and LeAnn Rimes for being “too ugly” right now, and you cannot believe that Tina Fey had a hard time getting laid?

    Honestly, youth is overrated. I got way better looking in my mid twenties than I was as a teen. And more confident. Seems like Tina was the same way.

  5. Howie says:

    Tina Fey is the coolest woman alive – she’s insanely smart, funny, talented and gorgeous, to boot. If I could switch places with someone, it would be her!

  6. annie says:

    Mae, you sound really closed minded.

  7. MizzExpert says:

    Tina Fey is awesome!!! 30 Rock is back~Hurray!!!

  8. random says:

    God, WHO CARES how old she was? Leave her alone.

    It’s sad when young girls who are 15 or 16 just give it away to “get it over with.” Good for people who wait and make sex mean something.

  9. Enonymous says:

    Adriana Lima lost her virginity at 27 years old? Is that right? Which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  10. Lisa says:

    I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her !

  11. Trillion says:

    Let’s hear it for nerdgirls!!!!!! Tina is awesome and her husband is one lucky dude.

  12. Sigh. says:

    She’s at the top of her game;
    Money, power, critical success, awards, mag covers/articles, good off-set rep, largely positive press, and the most important thing in HW — TOP BILLING.

    There is no need for her to lie…

  13. NJMDPS says:

    Who cares. What a tacky thing to talk about on national TV. Apparently there is nothing more interesting about her?!

  14. Delilah says:

    I am a Nurse Practitioner in a family practice. While many teens have had sex, I have quite a few patients in their early/mid 20′s who either haven’t had sex or recently became sexually active. To each their own, I think it is ridiculous to call this abnormal or express doubt about it.
    I just love Tina Fey. Beauty and brains, can’t beat that.

  15. mae says:

    I don’t believe her because I think she said for PUBLICITY, period.

    And I am tired of these celebrities trying to sound good.

  16. Tina says:

    wow if she says it. then it must be true. not cool for ppl to say that shes lying!

  17. Star says:

    She is really hard on herself! She wasn’t ugly, she just wasn’t striking but last time I checked not being striking didnt mean you’re ugly. I’ve met plenty of ugly creepy people who get laid before 24 so why would she attribute her not getting laid to her looks? Maybe she just had high standards.

  18. mimi says:

    her body language said it all.. as soon as david started talking about the article, she started shifting around and jiggling her leg.. she looked nervous (but covered it well!) and probably didnt want to talk about it too much. there’s no way she’s lying.

    either way – she did what was right for her, and thats awesome. i love tina fey!