Mackenzie Phillips’ family bars her from Thanksgiving dinner


In September, Mackenzie Phillips went public with allegations that her father, Mamas and the Papas member John Phillips raped her and committed incest with her for many years. Mackenzie was releasing a book at the time, and got a huge amount of press for her explosive allegations. Many, including her stepmother (Mamas and the Papas’ Michelle Phillips) said she was wrong to accuse her father of incest now that he’s dead, and if she was going to bring it up she should have done so when he was alive. Not surprisingly, the whole thing has created a huge rift within the Phillips family, and not everyone believes Mackenzie, who has a long history of severe drug addiction.

As a result of all the tension and accusations, Mackenzie has been uninvited to the family Thanksgiving, and is pretty distraught about it.

Actress MACKENZIE PHILLIPS has been told to stay away from her extended family’s Thanksgiving Day get together on Thursday (26Nov09) because she’s not welcome after going public with incest claims against her late father. Phillips stunned the world earlier this year (09) when she revealed she and her father, Mamas & The Papas star John Phillips, had a decade-long romance, which began with a non-consensual sex encounter.

She went public with the shocking revelation in her bestselling book High on Arrival – and then appeared on U.S. TV shows to discuss her twisted relationship with her late dad. The big reveal split her family, with half-sister Chynna supporting her decision to come forward and stepmother Michelle Phillips insisting MACkenzie was wrong to go public with the incest claims.

And now it seems John’s Mamas & The Papas bandmate and ex-wife is having the final say on the controversy by insisting MACkenzie stays away from the family over Thanksgiving. MACkenzie says, “I have been uninvited to the family Thanksgiving, which is very difficult.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, Michelle states she still struggles to believe her recovering drug addict stepdaughter’s incest story: “I respect John, I will always respect him as a musician and a man… If these accusations were gonna be made, they should have been made while John was alive.”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Monday (23Nov09), Michelle states, “I really don’t wanna discuss this at all. I refuse to get drawn into the controversy.”

[From Contact Music]

I doubt this could have been that surprising. If Mackenzie’s version of events is true, then obviously what she wants and needs is for her family to rally around her and support her. Being without your family during the holidays is incredibly hard, even if you don’t really like your family. You can pull it together and deal with it once or twice, but it’s one of those things where time doesn’t really heal the wound, it just grows deeper and hurts worse.

Hopefully Mackenzie has other friends and family she can spend the holiday with – ones who are supportive and want her around. Her accusations against her father are much bigger than your typical family drama, and I’d imagine it will be a good long while before they all gather around a holiday table again. Making her own new holiday traditions would be a good idea, instead of relying on her family to provide that right now. I’m sure it’s not the worst thing she’s gone through, but it’s a special kind of ache if you don’t handle it right.

Here’s Mackenzie Phillips signing her new book ‘High on Arrival’ at the ‘Booksoup’ in West Hollywood on October 25th. Images thanks to .

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Seriously, should she be shocked at this turn of events?

    Doesn’t she have a husband and son to spend Thanksgiving with? Isn’t that family?

  2. Sumodo says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay! No icky Auntie MAC coming for Turkey Day! (Michelle Phillips’s grandchildren rejoice!)

  3. snowball says:

    If I remember correctly, when she came out with all this, only Chynna supported her and even that was half-assed.

    I like most of my family and I have no intention of traveling an hour to eat a turkey with them. Mackenzie, if you’re alone on T-day, get yourself a TV dinner or something and talk to your pets, if you have them.

  4. katie says:

    there just simply must be much more to the story. period. from what I read Bijou and Chynna both believe her and they would be speaking from a perspective more like hers. It sounded like it was the ex wives who were against her story and how reliable are they?
    Well… how reliable are any of them!
    the whole thing is just really sad.

  5. RobN says:

    Is it really Thanksgiving if the family drug addict isn’t there causing a scene?

  6. lilred says:

    what a tit. I wonder why she is surprised by this.

  7. Popcorny says:

    She’s such a skank.
    Even if her claims were true, that’d include many years of her willingly dogging her dad, Michelle’s husband.
    Pathetic scum, probably called the tabs to report Michelle’s (good call) disinvite to drum up more much desired pity and attention.

  8. crash2GO2 says:

    She should have expected this.

  9. Babs says:

    For someone who has smoked more then a semi truck’s load of crack cocaine, and has probably shot up more then a barrel of heroin, I think Mackenzie Philips is looking H-O-T.

    (Not to make myself sound too much like her father when I say that, of course.)

    I think she looks a hundred times better then Lindsey Lohan!

  10. seven says:

    @RobN… No its not. Celebs, like us, all have a family crackhead that brings the laughs to any get-together.

  11. Firestarter says:

    LOL@Babs “father” comment! Tee hee!

  12. Samantha says:

    I can’t believe some of the disgusting comments on this page… Seriously. The only people who know the truth are her and her father. Willing “dogged” her father? Thats pretty sick. You obviously have absolutely no clue what this kind of twisted sh does to a person mentally and emotionally. Of course she is screwed up now, if said accusations are true. And if they are true, of course it is going to hurt when your whole family turns their back on you. Something she obviously held on to alone for years, finally getting it out and this is what she gets. Ugh… horrible situation. And I dont want to hear crap about “well she is exploiting the situation, blah blah.” Other people come out with books about painful life events and everyone wants to be all, “oh wow, so brave.” This take a lot of guts, to call out a man of such fame as her father, knowing it would follow her the rest of her life. If her story is true, I am glad she finally got it out, and f- her family if they wont support her.

  13. Lem says:

    that is almost exactly what I thought Babs.

    it’s sad. no way, in that family, is this the biggest drama they have faced.
    That has to be one twisted extended family, Mac fits right in.

  14. MizzExpert says:

    How can anyone not point the finger of blame at her abhorrent ‘father’ for the heinous crime he committed against his daughter? She let this POS get off easy by dying first!

    No wonder this poor, messed up woman put off the obvious for so long with such a loser family bringing judgment against her.

  15. Sumodo says:

    You know what happens on Thanksgiving? There’s very, very little celebrity gossip. So, like the junkie featured in this thread, we Celebitches will probably be a little antsy for our fix. To all my online buds, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and to Mackenzie Phillips: didn’t you realize that spilling family secrets is the fastest way to eating TV dinners alone on major holidays? What a wacko.

  16. moo says:

    Mackenzie… WTF did you expect??? Idiot!

  17. moo says:

    Hey MizzExpert – at what I am not sure, but I couldn’t help but notice your rant. Besides Mackenzie, who’s been able to confirm this “story” she’s come up with after his death? We’ve only heard her side, right?

  18. Eileen Yover says:

    I agree she deserves support from the family, I’m sure talking about this kind of abuse is extremely hard and she needs everyone’s support….but knowing her family, she shouldn’t be surprised she’s not getting it. If she was close with anyone she was related to, someone would have known about all this BEFORE it came out in a book. Or at least she should have had the decency to tell whoever in her family she is close to before they get bombarded with questions.

  19. seven says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Sumodo :) Ill be printing out pages of Dlisted ahd CB and smoking them for my Gossip Fix on Tday :D

  20. CadieBelle says:

    I feel sorry for Mackenzie – she should find friends that love & support if her family isn’t going to.

  21. wow says:

    It’s more “gutsy” for the accuser to do so while the person is question is STILL ALIVE. However her father is dead, so her claims come off as office gossip occurs when a coworker leaves.

    And further more, it’s puzzling to me that she would even WANT to be around people who did nothing while her Father supposedly abused her sexually. If it were true, and if that were me, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with those f*&ker’s.

  22. FLO says:

    Time to create herself another family and leave the relatives to themsleves.

  23. Popcorny says:

    Yes, “willingly dogged”, as in “10 year long adult consensual sexual relationship”.
    I don’t give a free pass to that just because she did drugs and/or that was her father.
    You don’t lay your dad and expect to break bread with his wife … then call the tabloids when you’re not welcome.
    I’m sure I read this in Dear Abby somewhere.
    This latest tidbit she offers is completely in following with that she is devious for the attention and very non-credible.

  24. california angel says:

    I don’t understand why she chose such a public way to (edit) address this, but to each their own i guess. Also, I disagree that she should have confronted the issue when he was alive. I mean, with all of her drug use and supposed trauma, she might not have remembered it until recently, or she could have still feared him when he was alive so it would make much more sense that she might feel closure enough to talk about it upon his death. I dunno. I really hope she’s not making it up though because that’s just f***ed.

  25. Lenore says:

    Jeeeez, I can’t believe the bile dripping from some of these comments. How fortunate everyone here is, to be so wise that they can comment so knowingly on how she should’ve spoken up when he was alive, or how she’s a skank…

    Because of course we all know just how danged easy it is to know how to break out of an abusive relationship, or come clean about incest, or deal with your addiction, or any of the other things Mackenzie Phillips has had to do. (For those who think she’s lying to get attention – I’m curious to know what EXACTLY is she getting out of this, except to alienate her whole family?)

    And of course I’m sure all the commenters dissing her have had long, drug-addled sexual relationships with their own fathers, and can speak from experience. No? No. Then show some compassion, why don’t you?

    I hope she and her family can get together and come to terms with this and try to heal, even if the wounds are too raw to be doing it over turkey this year.

  26. Dirty Martini says:

    I read the book. After a while it grew tiresome reading about ongoing, constant, extreme drugging….and daddy, daddy, daddy.

    Unfortunately I believe every word of it. Because this woman did nothing to make herself look better, and she did not make excuses for herself. But she seemed to try and find the good in everyone around her to this day.

    Despite the incest allegations, she also tried to find the good in her dad.

    Candidly it seems that several people knew about tis when it was going on. Most of them not alive today, but she did tell several then who are. And when he was live.

    If she’s been disinvited its likely by the ex wives who blame themselves on some level. They seem to be the ones denying it cant be.

    Things that make me go hhhmmmm.

  27. Cath says:

    Classic blame the victim bullsh!t.

  28. Sumodo says:

    Thanks, Seven. I’ve been over on where they’re dishing on Paula Deen. They may have some celebrity chef rantings tomorrow…

  29. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn, you guys DO realize she’s the victim right… and that it would be unlikely for anyone to lie about something this disgusting… On top of that, to be shunned by your family when you probably need them the most? man, that tops the worsest worse day I’ve ever had ben many order of magnitude :/

  30. Rosalee says:

    methinks that most of you are lucky, lucky enough to be in or have grown up in a home where the dysfunctions were limited to harmless episodes involving your dad being goofy and sharing cornball jokes with you and your friends. Many young women are not as fortunate, many have fathers who share drugs, alcohol and their daughters with their buddies these stories don’t often reach the front pages of newspapers or the lead story on the television news. This time it is a woman who grew up with a famous father and her story hit the news big time. I know as I go out the door to my office I will hear far more then many of you and I for one believe her as I believe so many be thankful today and tomorrow that you will never know the pain, shame and sorrow attached to incest. By the way since McKenzie went public our calls regarding incest have increased substantially because she had the courage to speak out. You all have a nice Thanksgiving.

  31. Ophelia says:

    Some of the comments on here are disgusting. No f*cking wonder it’s so hard to come out and say these things. Why the hell do you think she did drugs? Most children of incest do. Christ.
    She can come to my house for Thanksgiving. :-) Those who stood up for here on here, good on you. All of you standing up for her said it better than me, but I’m seeing red so it’s hard to think.

  32. Goddess711 says:

    Who said she wanted to be with them? That ain’t family, and there would be way too many turkeys at the table.

  33. gg says:

    I’m with Samantha, Lenore, Dirty Martini and Ophelia on this. The woman has been through several hells. She didn’t want to shame her dad while he was alive, and I don’t blame her. I think she’s brave to face them now and if that’s what it takes for her to get over it, then blast away.

    The bitchy ex-wives who don’t want any tarnish on their names are showing their pettiness. She needs support and she has suffered enough. If they’re going to be like that she’s better off without them right now.

    Bile is bad for you.

    Meanwhile, she looks wonderful! Perfect example of a becoming haircolor on her.

  34. GatsbyGal says:

    I kind of agree with her family…the man is dead and can’t defend himself, so why do this now? She should be talking, privately, to a therapist about it and that’s that.

  35. Popcorny says:

    Some keep using the phrase child when ALL of what she claimed, true or untrue, occurred when she was an adult.
    Accountability, repercussions and consequences.
    So many folks get blindsided by the fact that she was (as an adult, not ever a child) “doing” her father -because it’s revolting, unnatural and taboo, something 99.9% wouldn’t do (even on drugs).
    But this adult made choices (allegedly along with another) and those choices, true or untrue, also victimized others including Michelle.
    Mackenzie long ago took the route of forsaking family.
    She was vile lonnnng before this Thanksgiving -and continues to be so.

  36. ccoop says:

    I think Michelle Phillips is living in Denialsville.

  37. Ophelia says:

    Popcorny, You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about or you wouldn’t say things like that. People like you are the reason it’s so hard to come out and talk about it. It’s truly sick to think she is to blame and to say she was “doing” him. Also, it started when she was a child, it didn’t stop when she got older. That’s NOT her fault. If a father has sex with his daughter, that’s abuse. No matter what. A parent has a kind of relationship with a child from birth that makes this kind of abuse so sinister, to take advantage of that trust. A lot of child victims of incest also describe it the same way she did, as a kind of relationship almost. Jesus god, you really don’t see this?

  38. Popcorny says:

    She was an adult, from start to finish (obviously) of her allegations.
    If true, the father is one type of evil bastard himself … but that doesn’t negate her vile scumbaggery, the individual (and destructive) choices she made.
    If not true, then she’s still a scumbag.
    As far as the assertions that I “don’t know what (I’m) talking about”, I could easily make folks eat those words, but I’m not dragging out personal sob stories here to validate my opinion.
    She was an adult, not a child -and there is a BIG difference.

  39. You Go Girl says:

    Yes that makes sense, punish the victim…unbelievable!
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  40. You Go Girl says:

    Yes that makes sense, punish the victim…unbelievable!
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Ophelia….I agree with you 100%.
    There is something that I read a while ago, about your name, that’s bugging me though…they say, that your name is the name given to a 1st born female child, of a pedophile.
    This is not meant to offend, it’s just something disturbing, you can find for yourself on the internet. Hope it’s not true.

  41. Baho says:

    This is PRECISELY why victims of child sexual abuse don’t disclose. They end up being a pariah.

    My heart goes out to Mackenzie, she’s dealing the best way she can, and that for her (and many, many others) is to talk about it. Her family knew, that is the sense I get from some of their comments in response to her big reveal.

    To exclude her speaks way more volumes about the people in that so-called family than it does Mackenzie.

    Sometimes when a person is excluded, it’s because they’ve done the right thing; they’ve just had the temerity to make self-righteous people feel uncomfortable. Boo-effing-Hoo.

    And I would like to echo the sentiments of some other posters on this thread and say there are some really, really holier-than-thou judgmental know-nothings here. Cold, people. Some of you are really cold.

  42. GatsbyGal says:

    I’m with Popcorny on this one.

  43. jzhz says:

    I can’t believe how many people are blaming HER for this mess! Incest is very, very common. So this isn’t that out there in terms of family drama – she was just honest about it. I feel sorry for her, for what she already went through and what she continues to deal with.

  44. Dirty Martini says:

    Yes she was an adult.
    Yes she was drug adled.

    Yes her father was an adult.
    Yes her father was drug adled.

    But he was her father. You remember what fathers are supposed to do–protect your child as best as you can, at all costs, including your own life.

    Her father was a monster.

    Read the book. He dropped his kids on the drop of a dime (Bag). He brought them back only for his short term selfish pleasure

    This woman was f’ed up from the get go, and never stood a chance for a normal life.

    But some of you try and apply normal thought processes, and normal people standards to her life.

    Get over your judgmental, never been there, and will never undertand selves.

    She’s turned out remarkably KIND given all she saw as a child.

    Too bad many of you didn’t.

    ANd oh–Mac is welcome at my house for thanksgiving too.

    For the first time in a while, my screwed up childhool looks remarkably sane.

  45. Essie says:

    I’m with Popcorny on this one . . . the “sex abuse” began after MacKenzie reached adulthood. She said she agreed to sex with her father (and others) for drugs. That is HER fault. She was not abused, she chose to have sex with her father (if she indeed did have sex with him). Stop calling this child abuse because it wasn’t.

    I also agree with Michelle Phillips . . . John is not here to defend himself. All we have is the word of a hard core druggie and, to me, that is not enough!! I don’t believe a word MacKenzie said in that book and on all the TV shows she was on. As someone said during one show “She said and he’s dead” so how fair is that? She offered no real proof. How can you believe this? It’s ridiculous and completely unfair to John Phillips.

    It’s not just the lying about the sex but MacKenzie has stolen money from her stepmother and half-siblings; she has lied to them time after time about giving up drugs; and she has done other hurtful things to them over the years (all according to Michelle). I don’t blame her family for not wanting her around and I don’t see how anybody with a brain and common sense can believe anything she says.

  46. Baho says:

    Obviously Popcorny and GatsbyGal don’t know what ‘Grooming’ is.

    Jagger banged her when she was 13. Her father shot her up under the age of majority. That was her “normal.”

    Go lie down on your pink canopy beds for a mo’ and take some vampy self head-shots for Facebook. Y’know, cuz you’re big girls right?

  47. Yae says:

    This should have never left the therapists office.

  48. tinarog says:

    I highly doubt tht she planned to spend Thanksgiving with her stepmother anyway. She has her own family. Just a made up story.

  49. CB Rawks says:

    My heart goes out to Mackenzie.
    If my family turned on me and abandoned me over that, I would cut them all off. She is better off without them. They have sorely let her down.

    Just adding, sometimes people don’t feel safe in telling their story until the monster is gone. In my own family, I learned only recently that my grandfather was a very abusive man, and that his immediate family feared him. When he was alive no one told me, I suppose because he was gentle with his grandchildren, and we liked him.

  50. Ophelia says:

    @You Go Girl-
    I got my name from Hamlet, actually. I tried to search for it, but it kinda freaks me out. Thanks for hoping it isn’t true. I wish it weren’t.
    I’m a survivor of incest.
    A lot of women on here, strong women, write about being physically abused and I want to just hug all of ya. When people like Popcorny say bullsh!t they couldn’t possibly know about, it really pisses me off, because there is so much shame. After years and years of therapy, I can say I’m a survivor now, not a victim, and not I nor anyone else including Mackenzie Phillips should ever have to feel shame about this issue, because it wasn’t our fault. I’m just lucky to have a family that understood and didn’t abandon me, and to have friends that didn’t judge me. I wish she did too. More than that, I wish the shame put on us would stop because it’s cruel and that’s the only word for it.

  51. DJ says:

    Thank God for the comments here from compassionate people who are not rushing to judge MP. Until you have lived through what she has HOW DARE YOU sit in your ivory tower and throw your hatred and bile at her. She obviously feels the need to tell her story, which happens to be something vital in the process of surviving what she went through. Do you for one minute believe she is the only person on earth to live through this? Or is she possibly the only one brave enough to publicly admit what happened to her and take the heat from what she obviously knew would be a judgmental mob of haters.

  52. crash2GO2 says:

    For a hauntingly well written read on a story of incest between father and daughter, I suggest ‘The Kiss’. It’s obvious from a lot of the posts here that many have no idea of the kind of Stockholm Syndrome that occurs in these relationships and how the perpetrator constructs a glass prison around his victim.

  53. blind item reader says:

    Other people, including the daughter of one of John Phillips’ bandmates, have come forward to say they knew about this. Also, Bijou has written coded songs that suggest that she may have been a victim, too.

  54. Now Now Girls says:

    Ophelia…..You Go Girl, luv yer guts babe x

  55. Jag says:

    Exactly. More people than just Mackenzie have said things to support the allegations.

    I’m with those who consider her a victim, and cannot believe people blaming her for her father’s monstrous behavior.

    As much as I wanted to change my parents, I couldn’t, and I wasn’t sexually abused by them. Perhaps she couldn’t change her father, either, and didn’t feel safe speaking about it until he was dead.

  56. Firestarter says:

    To be honest, I can’t stand any of the the Phillips’. I think they are all trash and publicity seekers whose careers have been less than stellar.

    I have tremendous sympathy for those who have had terrible childhoods, that have been raped, molested and beaten. I have a gf who was the victim of both molestation and incest, so I do have a vague understanding of what they go through, by virtue of her sharing her horrible experiences with me. For me, something with this has never set right. I too, am of the opinion, you bring these things to light while the person you have accused is still alive. She was not scared of her father hurting her (as in beating her), and while I can see some victims being petrified of their abusers, she remained in contact with him up until the day he died. She also allowed her minor sisters to be in the company of the very man that molested/raped her. I do know, from watching many documentaries on child abuse, that the one thing many victims say made them confront their abuser and expose them was the fact that the abuser went on to have children with someone else, or was around other children, and the victim realized that they could not allow another innocent child to be the victim of such horrifying abuse.

    IMO, she is reprehensible for allowing her 2 half sisters to be around a man she claims seduced and continued to abuse her throughout her life. She is a victim, but she also had no problem with allowing others to be put in harms way. Yeah, she was on drugs, but she also knew what was what, and during the Oprah interview admitted that she knew it was wrong.

    Yes, I guess I am heartless, and yes, I grew up in a normal home with a loving family. I have a problem with her book, the timing and her story in general. My opinion and I shouldn’t be faulted for it.

  57. MizzExpert says:

    OK, let’s assume she’s telling the truth. How many of you would ever believe that John Phillips would have come out on his own to admit what he did to violate his biological daughter? Step-dads are the usual suspects.

    Seems as if the benefit of the doubt is being thrown to someone who supposedly can’t speak for himself, but when he was alive how much of an opportunity did he have to claim the truth and choose to go to jail for it? Or better yet not continue in his depravity.

    So this is a predator and perpetrator and pervert who slinks around in the dark and uses his victim’s silence as his protection.

    How can you deny that evil doesn’t take place in too many homes even if you were one of the lucky exceptions to grow up in a ‘normal’ environment? I would throw a bone to someone who even at their sickest, lowest point would be hard pressed to come up with something this unimaginable if there wasn’t some basis of truth. Better to err on the side of the child who says something untoward is going on between themselves and an adult than to first deny them the truth without ‘proof’! If I stubbed my toe do you want proof? If someone lied to me how do I prove that? Just because the evidence isn’t there doesn’t mean the ACTION didn’t take place.

    Pete Townsend of The Who is a convicted pedophile found with child porn. What’s his name from Peter Paul and Mary is also a known pervert. Fame and rank don’t give these deviants the right to claim innocence. Michael Jackson died without ever going to jail because of his fame.

    I find that those who point-blank refuse to believe accusations and put their sympathies with the accused have something in common with them. You’re guilty until proven innocent!

  58. snowball says:

    Ah, nevermind, I’m deleting 99% of what I just wrote.

    People, please – remember you don’t know what your fellow posters’ life references are. You may be going off on someone who’s been through something worse than Mackenzie. We’re all entitled to comment and ripping on each other and making assumptions about where we’re all coming from is just not right.

  59. GatsbyGal says:

    Wonderfully put, Firestarter, took the words right out of my mouth.

  60. Overit says:

    The only “scumbags”, as you so eloquently put it, in this situation were her parents who were basically drunk and stoned throughout her entire childhood and giving her drugs from a painfully young age. It’s a wonder she’s still alive after that kind of upbringing. Cut the poor woman some slack and understand that that level of dysfunction in a family creates horribly screwed up children who, unless they get away from the situation, will end up as horribly screwed up adults who eventually need to atone for their perceived sins. I’m sure her father is cringing in his grave or hell or wherever for what he inflicted.

  61. Popcorny says:

    I also second Firestarter’s posting -and I did not grow up in a normal home with a loving family. My family would’ve made Mackenzie’s look like the Cleavers. Same for countless other families. Give products of broken homes more credit instead of giving them a card carryin’ right to be unaccountable for their acts (and, AGAIN, she was an ADULT, not a child when she scumbagged).
    She’s not getting a pass from me, I’ve been there and worse -and deal with others who’ve been there and worse- and there’s no excuse for the acts she alleges that she did while as an adult.
    Firestarter said a mouthful when she spoke of how victims find the courage to rise up when it comes to protecting others.
    The only time Mackenzie “rose up” was to $$$ELL A BOOK -only after exhausting the reality tv circuit, for MONEY and ATTENTION (and $alaciou$ly ba$ed on heinous acts she allegedly committed as an ADULT).
    -not to mention that she then turned and called the tabloids to whine about not being invited to Michelle Phillips’ table (more attention, sympathy, $$$).
    It’s all the druggie scumbag ever wanted anyway, nothing’s changed.
    Nevermind pedophilia, grooming and all “child victim” talk -she was an adult and so was her father (if it’s true).
    Vast amounts of kids had it farrrrr worse than she did (as a kid) without doing what she did (as an ADULT).

  62. valerie says:

    thank God for a few compassionate people to calm me down from reading all these horrendously cruel comments..i was gonna go off! once again, all u “perfect people” with “perfect ” lives need to just shut the fuck up!! u JUST DONT KNOW until u been there urself…u simply have no right to judge if u haven’t gone thru it, u may think u know but u have no idea…

  63. ? says:

    @firestarter – dating someone who was molested by a relative and watching documentaries on abuse does not make you a credible source of information. Not everyone is strong. From what I read she put herself in a self inflicted drug coma for years after the abuse. She was not capable of taking care of herself or anyone else for that matter. She came from an abusive and neglectful home and never had a base from which to make sound judgment calls. Your foundation is formed in childhood. When you grow up with a daddy that allows his friends to F you it messed with your values. It seems to me that was the only way she knew how to get his love and attention as icky as that is. Kudos to abuse survivors that find the inner strength not to use drugs and alcohol as a bandaid – and I bow to those who are able to confront and alienate their families by taking an abuser down so that history doesn’t repeat itself. Unfortunately that is not the norm. Most incest/molestation cases are swept under the carpet. Never to be mentioned again. For exactly these reasons – people suck.

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for someone who can come forward with their story. Her father’s death probably gave her a place of safety from which to tell her story.

    Bijou Phillips has also alluded to this. There is an interview out there that paints the picture John Phillips the molester long before – and let’s face it it’s not normal to tattoo daddy on your A$$… ever.

  64. Firestarter says:

    ?- Excuse me, but where in my post did I say that I dated someone who was molested and a victim of incest? MY GIRLFRIEND, AS IN “FRIEND”.

    Second, I did not speak as an authortity. If you read my post and understood it (which you obviously didn’t since you immediately got the first part of what I said wrong) I stated that it was MY OPINION, which I am entititled to.

    I have said this 100 times on here, NO I have not been a rape victim, or a victim of child molestation or incest, but I have been the victim of domestic abuse, at the hands of my ex boyfriend, so I do know about abuse in some form. The mind of a sexual or physical abuser is basically the same:It’s about control.

    I also speak from information I got from therapy sessions that I went through after I was able to get myself out of my relationship. Yes, there are different forms of abuse at the hands of people we trust and love, and while the form is different, abuse in any form is the same. It is designed to control, humiliate and dominate someone who is weaker or who is perceived as weaker than the abuser. This empowers the abuser and satisfies whatever urges they have.

    So please do not tell me what is what. Abuse is abuse. Some forms are worse than others, but at the end of the day they are scarring and life changing, so do not preach to me what I do and do not know. I have been through some terrible things at the hands of another and to this day I do not sleep well as a result.

    I have never said I was an authority on anything. I speak from my own experience with domestic abuse, and I speak from things I have gleaned from other sources, the same as anyone else has. To fault me for having an opinion, or anyone else is hypocritical and unfair.

    And I stand by what I said today and in the past regarding Mackenzie Phillips: I find her a reprehensible human being for allowing her younger siblings to be in the care of their father, knowing what she did and not saying anything to either of them until they were grown adults. If her accusations are true, then maybe her sisters suffered the same fate that she did and she did NOTHING to help them, nothing! Where is her caring for them?

    In the future, please read my posts before commenting on them and getting statements I made wrong.

    I am not going to argue the point any longer. Say what you will about me and anyone else who has a problem with this woman and her story, but we are entitled to express ourselves just as you are.
    I respect what others have to stay regarding this subject and I ask the same in return.

    Popcorny- I am sorry that you have gone through such terrible times in your life. It would seem that you have overcome them and gained a lot of wisdom from your experiences. ITA with the things you have posted!

  65. ? says:

    @firestarted lol please. Girlfriend in my mind = significant other whatever. Anywho it matters not. I have no idea who or what you are and rarely post as I am a busy lady.

    It just seemed from you response. that you were indicating that your insight into the world of molestation and incest gave you some sort of unique perspective.

    I never said that you did not have a right to your opinion I am just in complete and utter disagreement.

    Not everyone has access to psychoanalysis to put abuse into its correct context and not everyone has the strength of character to seek out treatment and support for themselves. Years of physical, psychological and substance abuse alter the way people deal with situations. If you were to do a study of the population as a whole you would uncover a staggering number of incest/molestation cases that have not been reported or even addressed. Family members living in denial, allowing the abuser to continue to perpetrate horrible crimes on future generations.

    It’s not a socially acceptable thing to talk about and many victims know this and live in denial. It’s difficult to reconcile oneself with the fact that someone that brought you into this world would do something so vile and of course there is always the disbelief factor. Many abusers are charming well liked members of society.

    SO – my point was – reactions such as yours and popcorny are why so few people come out to fix this problem. The lack of empathy is really sad and judge not lest ye be judged.

    Oh yes and as for the “she was an adult” arguement. I would beg to differ. A drugged out 17 year old in not an adult. This was a girl that was having sex with her fathers friends at the age of 13!? with his knowledge (btw no law suit from Mick Jagger) – this was a teen who was shooting her dad up at 10 and herself at god knows what age. This was not a consensual situation and as she herself admits – this was the first time as far as she could remember. Victims block a lot.

    No one knows what they are going to do in a situation until they have gone through it. It is easy to sit by on the side lines, read this story and ponitificate about how we would have done things differently. This woman has to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

    I feel for her and that family and hope they all receieve the help and support they need.

  66. ? says:

    Oh yes and the arguement I have been through worse doesn’t fly. Popcorny who are you to make that call? We are all different. Some are unbelievably strong and can get through situations that seem impossible whilst others commit suicide over something that may appear inconsequential. Your statements are neither charitable nor intelligent.

    It’s amazing that you have managed to transcend your abuse and not fall down the rabbit hole of repeating your history – but you are not representative of everyone. Showing weakness and making mistakes should not prohibit someone from moving on and finding peace. None of us are in the position to judge others.

  67. gg says:

    whoa, whoa — @MizzExpert – you said, “Pete Townsend of The Who is a convicted pedophile found with child porn.”

    whaaa? He was not convicted of anything I know of. Several of Townshend’s essays have been posted online, including “A Different Bomb”, an indictment of the child pornography industry in 2002. He’d been writing about it for several years.

    Not convicted. He got in trouble for the research but he’s got his writings to back that up. He was cautioned after a sting designed to catch actual offenders showed he was doing his research and has been exonerated of any wrongdoing.

  68. fizXgirl314 says:

    jesus christ people… you do realize this is not a case of “I was horny and there was no one else around besides my father” right? You’re talking about a case of extreme mental fuckery… You can’t judge this by the standards of “she’s an adult” yadda yadda… if this is true, then this woman was obviously so screwed up and screwed over that she found it within her “means” to accept this as a part of her life…

    she was obviously sick and needed help… and, you know, since fathers are completely replaceable by some hobo on the street, we can totally blame her for not using all her many wonderful and helpful resources (aka all the hobos on the street) to her advantage to get better STAT… I mean seriously, considering all the hobos on the street totally ready to act as loving guiding father figures, how can anyone have an excuse to be messed up?

    the level of ignorance here is just astounding :/

  69. fizXgirl314 says:

    popcorny, so if somebody doesn’t change their ways according to YOUR timeline, then they are worthless human beings? the fact that she DID end her drug use and her strange relationship with her father doesn’t matter to you, because she didn’t do it at some arbitrarily proposed time cut off?

    It’s not like this woman hurt anybody but herself… what is the POINT of judging her!?!?!? you say you’ve been there and worse? I don’t see how that is possible if you can’t find any empathy… I haven’t been anywhere near this kind of abuse… but I totally sympathize with this lady becuase I can’t imagine it has been easy for her… whatever mistakes she has made, you can rest assured having to deal with this kind of BS has made her pay for it and then some…

  70. fizXgirl314 says:

    how much worse than, drugs, rape and incest can it get????? I mean seriously, if this woman doesn’t generate sympathy, then who does? the handful of people who’ve had it worse than she did? so she’s the cutoff point or something?

    I have to say, these comments are really cruel and tasteless… It doesn’t matter why she came out now or why exactly she came out… if she’s vilified, then people in a similar situation she is will see that, and just that, and shy away from coming out… they won’t think “oh she was raged against because her situation is different from mine in some subtle way”

    I’m a little baffled… people were giving brooke shields major props for coming out with her problem so that she could serve as an example… Why is this woman not getting a break? Her story is so tragic…

  71. Popcorny says:

    ? -Mackenzie wasn’t 17 -she was 19.
    She was an adult.
    She said the sexual relationship was consensual.
    She said ” (she’d) realized that (she) was sleeping with her father, on the night before (her) first wedding at the age of 19 …”.
    That’s an ambiguous statement that doesn’t say she was victimized.
    You folks are championing a non-victim.
    You’re championing someone who had an adult consensual sexual relationship with her own father.
    You’re confusing child/childhood victims of sexual (and incestuous sexual) abuse with the repugnant behavior(s) of an adult degenerate (2 degenerates if it’s true).

    PS. “Who (am I) to make that call”? -did she not write a book detailing her claims?

  72. Firestarter says:

    @ned nifty- Actually MacKenzie claims that she did indeed get pregnant by her father and had an abortion, which, as she said, was the reason she decided to stop effing her father. She said that the event “woke” her up to what they had been doing and that is when she severed the sexual part of their relationship.

    This was said during her Oprah interview, which I watched.

  73. CB Rawks says:

    “She said the sexual relationship was consensual.”

    Mackenzie realises now that is the wrong word for it.
    She was discussing it with that lady that wrote The Kiss, and they both realised they were not of sound mind in their situations, and therefore could not consent. They were both manipulated and messed with and desperately needed to escape the sick bastards that were messing with them.

  74. Popcorny says:

    Oh, you mean she better learned how to downplay her responsibility for her own immoral acts as an adult (via another author)?
    She knew what she said and felt when she used the term “consensual”.
    Same as she also knew what she was doing when she reported to the tabloids that Michelle Phillips (John’s wife and not Mackenzie’s mother) did not welcome her at Thanksgiving.
    Mackenzie was an adult when she said her sexual affair with her father began. It went on for 10 years, she said.
    That is consensual, that is willing and that is what she said, and meant, it was.
    I’m sorry but the whole “she JUST changed her mind” or “used the wrong word” (after talking to an AUTHOR and deciding it wasn’t sympathetic, dignified, exonerating or saleable enough) is absurd.

  75. Judy says:

    LOL people find these comments tasteless?? Well welcome to her family now you know how they feel about her comments. Comments that she cannot prove at all. She waits years after he dies to come up with this crap. At least she didn’t say she was 4 yrs old, no she made a romance out of it for cripes sakes..dogging her dad for 10 yrs and it sounds to me like she is bragging about it. I am sick of her BS. She is nothing but a drugged up drama queen who wouldnt know reality of it hit her in the face. All she manageed to do with this is soil her father, and hurt her brothers and sisters. Period.
    I wouldnt have her at a local homeless shelter for Thanks giving..she needs to shut up. I personally dont care about her dad or mother or step sisters yadda yadda I am sick of these useless addicts destroying other peoples lives and making money off the lies.

  76. fizXgirl314 says:

    i’m glad ned nify’s post was removed… that was incredibly disgusting…

  77. Lita says:

    Pete Townsend is absolutely not a “convicted pedophile” – he was arrested for accessing a pedo site. The London police investigated and then *completely* aquitted him of any wrong-doing. Not ‘we can’t prove it’ but said he categorically is not a pedophile. Pedophelia happens but people need to be careful of spreading BS interweb rumors that tarnish someone’s name.

    I think it shows growth as a person that I forgo making some sort of snipe about MizzExpert’s screen name ;o)

  78. Firestarter says:

    Yes, I think there is a great amount of misinformation going around about Pete Townsend. If you have access to the internet, which is obvious since you are posting, then you should look up the actual TRUE story about situation in question. You might be surprised to find that reading the actual account is far different from the b.s that has been bandied about here. He is NOT a convicted pedophile!

    Do some research before commenting on things that are incorrect.

  79. CB Rawks says:

    It’s so disturbing that people think the father has been unfairly besmirched by this. He was sticking it in his daughter, his own flesh and blood! He is a crazy monster, no doubt at all.

    Popcorny, I can’t understand how anything like this can ever happen, and continue to happen. Both parties would have to be demented.
    It is possible to re-evalute your part in something, though. You might consider that, from a human perspective.
    For example, I was abused by my mother throughout childhood, and I blamed myself for years, even though it wasn’t my fault. I know it now, but at the time I was sure I was just a rotten kid, like she said. (From 4 years old onwards, my earliest memories.)

    Regarding Mackenze, it is certain that waking up from sleeping to find someone inside you means you did NOT consent.

  80. Firestarter says:

    The thing that has always disturbed me is where was her husband on the wedding night that this heinous act happened? Wouldn’t one assume that when your brand new wife is nowhere to be found, her husband might be curious and have gone looking for her?

    If her account is true, I would like to hear her ex-husband chime in and say that he was alone on their wedding night. I mean it is odd to me that she nor anyone else has addressed this. I know if I had just gotten married and my spouse never showed up on our wedding night, I might be a little curious as to where they might be.

  81. MizzExpert says:

    Whoops, my mistake for not ‘researching’ this on the internet. Yeah right~blame the ‘I was spammed’ or ‘I was doing research’ for the porn the cops find on your computer. Once again, defending the accused…makes sense.

    Cheap tactic to deflect your dumb-a$$ postings and throw blame on faux experts! As this site speaks for itself, how much BS do you think is on the web? I’m glad we have the BS monitor looking after us…

  82. lway says:

    They have a point. She’s accusing her father of something as horrid as incest. Poor thing cannot even defend himself.

    Also – MacKenzi was quite proud of it when she first made mention – always smiling – like she was chuffed with herself or with the publicity that she was getting. Either way – that is quite an accusation for someone with no proof?

  83. candy says:

    To all of you that have never walked in her shoes!!!! Who are you to judge?
    The truth of the matter is that the incest with fathers has been going on for many years even before I was born.
    The way people dealt with it in the past was to deny it and say you were the liar. In my case I had witnessed my dad cheating on my mom and her catching him and taking him back. These men are very emotionally powerful and when you spoke against them they beat the hell out of you! How could I say anything to my mom? Knowing that she was helpless? I found a boyfriend and married him at 15 to get out. It was never spoke of until we were leaving his funeral to go home and that is the first time I told my mom.
    I was not on drugs or alcohol so I had more power than Mckenzie. The drugs and alcohol also made her feel helpless because she was dependent on them to live with the shame and disgust that she felt. I am proud of her for being honest and trying to heal her soul!!!!

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