Megan Fox “just isn’t interested” in having female friendships


This is the cover shot for the March issue of W Magazine. Megan Fox! What the…? If you remember, right after the Golden Globes, a report came out that Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston were supposedly doing a “racy” photo spread for the magazine. I just double-checked, and it looks like I just assumed it was going to be for the March issue, but could totally be for the April issue. That’s what I’m going with now, especially since I get to enjoy another Megan Fox film promotional cycle.

I can’t hate on this cover. It’s kind of cute, she doesn’t have her tongue sticking out, and they covered her up and didn’t Photoshop her into oblivion. Yes, my standards are that low. W Mag hasn’t put the full interview up, so here are some of the highlights from other sources:

Megan on looking good in underwear: “There are some women you could put in underwear and photograph them, and it looks really classy and it doesn’t necessarily provoke a pinup image. But with me, it does, immediately. As soon as I’m in underwear, I’m a Vargas girl.”

On being a “model”: “I feel intimidated by fashion. I hate doing photo shoots.”

On self-confidence: “My main weakness is nerves…I have no confidence, and because of that, I’m always second-guessing myself.”

On female relationships: “I especially don’t trust girls in this industry, because it’s incredibly competitive, and I’m just not interested.”

On being “maternal”: “No one believes me when I talk about this, but I’m really maternal… I worry that because I’ve always wanted [kids] so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won’t be able to have them, even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.”

[Assorted quotes via People, Us Weekly]

Well, it’s not as ridiculous as some of her past interviews. Once again, my standards are pretty low. There’s no mention of her “schizophrenia” or her constant verbal tick of mentioning Angelina Jolie’s name. She’s still ringing that “I have no confidence” thing, which is weak, considering she plays both sides of that. In some interviews she’s all “I’m a powerful, righteous feminist” and in others, she’s all “I’m such a weak little girl.” Blah, blah, blah. I also think it’s interesting that she’s “just not interested” in having female relationships. Do you think that’s really the case, or do you think Megan has just alienated every possible girlfriend she ever had be the sheer quantity of inane bullsh-t that comes pouring out of her mouth? Yeah.

W Magazine cover courtesy of Megan‘s A Fox fansite.

Megan Fox and Josh Brolin film scenes for the upcoming film Jonah Hex based on the DC Comics book in downtown LA

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27 Responses to “Megan Fox “just isn’t interested” in having female friendships”

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  1. Constance says:

    She is more marketing than Human. She is incredibly useless.

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    “I worry that because I’ve always wanted [kids] so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won’t be able to have them, even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.”

    And just what ~*~amazing environment~*~ are we talking about here? She’s about as maternal as a tray full of ice cubes, and twice as cold and plastic.

    Also Kaiser, your standards must be lower than you thought, because she looks SO photoshopped to me. Her whole face looks flat and dead.

  3. embertine says:

    Of course she’s not interested in having female friendships. She’s a bitchy little slapper who validates herself solely by the opinions of men. Other women are to be hated and feared, not befriended.

  4. Peach says:

    Does she know that there are girls hotter than her? Does she realize that they have friends?

  5. Kaiser says:

    Gatsby – But she always looks flat & dead to me, that’s why I didn’t think they did too much to her!

  6. Constance says:

    @Peach So true. I think that’s what poor little plastic Megan worries about. Natural beauty.

    @kaiser I agree. It looks like they only did their normal “no pore, no line, no texture, enhanced lighting” washes.

    However, that expression of “I’m not sure why I’m here. Where is my Whip-It can?” is all 100% real.

  7. GatsbyGal says:

    @Kaiser – Hahaha, touche, well played. <3

  8. Macheath says:

    I got that she was referring to women in the industry but maybe she meant all women. Who knows? She’s actually not very interesting, even the stupid things she says feel quite staged now.

  9. Sudini says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth! It’s so messed up that she equates self worth with having the approval of men. Gross.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Um… Megan Fox is NOT a Vargas girl! First of all, Vargas girl were WAY before the advent of boob jobs, nose jobs & lips plumpers. Second of all, Megan looks like a hooker in lingere photo shhots. Wargas girls do not look like hookers.

    … end rant

  11. Solveig says:

    I know that sometimes she gets on our nerves, but I think that some of your judgements are quite exaggerated.
    She’s saying that she’s not interested in female friendship in HW industry, not in general. And how can you blame her considering the level of nastiness and duplicity in HW?
    Actually I think that she really is an insecure girl and no matter how famous or beautiful a person is if that person has no self confidence.

  12. clare says:

    She should just quit giving interviews period.

  13. Allison says:

    Someone once said “never marry a man who doesnt have any friends”. I think the same goes for women…if you cant have female friendships that says something about a woman…like maybe the fact that shes so insecure she can only have sexual relationships

  14. snapdragon says:

    she seems like the kind of girl who hopes to get on the good side of men by bashing other women. no wonder she has no female friends.

  15. Sam says:

    I watched about half of Jennifer’s Body before my brain went into a coma from Megan Fox’s acting.
    The more she talks in these interviews, the more obvious it becomes how stupid she really is.

  16. nnn says:

    Some of Megan die hard fans always say that we talk bad about her because we are jealous of her.

    Well isn’t that what Magan is doing ? Talking and bashing women in general, mainly those of Hollyood (yet she never mentioned any other female friend nor a member of her family). Is that because according to that same logic she is jealous of us ?

    I beleive that she is very insecure and that she i scared of others, hence she doesn’t want to take the chance of risking betrayal in friendship.

    With men it’s easier for her cause she just relies on physical beauty to ease the way to a friendship, then when she realize that most of them only want her booty, she say things like ‘all men are pigs’ or something along the way.

    That girl, if she doesn’t toughen up, grow up and discover inner beauty relying less on her physical beauty to build any kind of relationship, that girl will be finished before she turn 30 when her physical beauty will fade and when she will have nothing else to rely on.

    Also i beleive that her relationship with Brian keep her grounded. I am not sure that she will keep strong in her private life if she ever become single.

  17. imo says:

    interesting *blank stare* somewhat off topic but I LOVE that leather blazer in the second pic. Wonder who makes it?

  18. georgia says:

    This bird is a joke.
    Sweetheart in ten years,when you get crowsfeet and saggy skin…I’m glad you’ll be all alone.

    Get over yourself!!

    Ps: I’m pretty sure its just sad, sad old men who want to ‘know’ you anyway.

  19. georgia says:

    Jealous of her??
    Hrmm, well I’ve the same messurements.
    Im happy to have girlfriends..
    like the men actualy want her..they just wanna have their way with her the one time and move onto the next easyscore.
    Sorry fux..i mean fox, i dont envy you. You seem like a pretty shit human.


  20. Lil says:

    Well, as much as I don’t apreciate her, I’ll have to agree, female friendships are mostly for convinience and suround of jealloussy!

  21. M says:

    @ Lil

    I feel sorry that you’ve obviously never had a true female friendship.

  22. Zebra Hat says:

    I’m with Lil. I am not anything special, but other women are ALWAYS mean and nasty to me. I get nasty looks and smirks everywhere I go, for no reason at all. I mind my own business, I do not look at them or try to start anything, and I am always with my husband so it is obvious that I don’t want their man, but yet they always want to try and make me feel like sh*t. Why would I want to attempt to start a friendship with people who act like that? Why am I a weirdo for not wanting to have “friends” who would just backstab me like all the women I have been friends with in the past? Why am I the problem and not the women who apparently derive some sort of pleasure out of trying to make another woman (who is NO THREAT to them at all) feel like sh*t?

    I don’t blame Megan Fox one bit because I know how she feels, although I am nowhere near as beautiful as she is, so I imagine it’s a million times worse for her. But at least she KNOWS why women hate her, I still can’t figure out why they hate me? Maybe it’s because I don’t really have anything in common with any of them and they somehow know it? It kinda makes me sad because it would be nice to have a femal friend besides my mom, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. What’s wrong with me that other women hate me so much? LOL

  23. oh hey says:

    Zebra Hat, you find women that you do have something in common with. If you’re not the kind of chick who doesn’t make a life decision before reading Cosmo first, seek out other women who aren’t either.

  24. Zebra Hat says:

    oh hey-

    But my point is, I haven’t ever MET a woman that I have anything in common with yet. They seem to be more rare than unicorns. Mostly I just want to know WHY women hate on me so hard when I don’t know them and pretty much ignore them (but not in a mean way). Why do women do that? Insecurity? Self-esteem issues? WHY? I’ve always wondered and nobody ever seems to have an answer so I thought y’all might know.

  25. Katty says:

    I was quite a fan of Megan fox, as a b rnette myself I thought she gave blondes a run for there money!!!that was until I read one of her interviews, she mite as well be a blonde, i really think she lacks comman sense , and she totally contradicts herself,but at the end of the day she is still young at 23 she has achived what most of us will never!! you have the looks megan but not a brain!!!