Has Jessica Simpson moved from Billy Corgan back to Dane Cook?

MTV TRL Presents Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook

This is what they call regression. Always trust Jessica Simpson to regress, to never learn from her mistakes. So, back in the day (circa 2007), Jessica had a rumored affair/relationship with her Employee of the Month costar (and I wrote that “Employee of the Mouth” at first, which is appropriate for both of them) Dane Cook. Whatever happened between the two them, it didn’t last for very long, but Dane never really said a bad word about Jessica, and she stayed pretty quiet about him too, so whatever. Although there was a rumor that she was planning a tell-all book last year, in which she would detail her relationship with Dane, John Mayer and Jude Law (seriously).

In any case, Jessica may be feeling a little down in the dumps because her ex John Mayer won’t shut up about her, or because she and Billy Corgan aren’t really dating. So Jessica needed an ego boost, and she may have gotten it from Dane Cook. Oh, girl. Get it together!

John Mayer’s “sexual napalm”—otherwise known as Jessica Simpson—hit the town in Los Angeles last night, and the seedy singer was the last thing on the blonde’s mind.

It seems Jess was more than happy to focus all her attention on her supposed former flame…Dane Cook!

Simpson watched her rumored ex-lover perform at the Laugh Factory Tuesday, and she was all smiles.

“She came in to see [Dane] with two girls and two guys,” says an eyewitness. “They snuck her into the back door right before the show began, and she sat at a table on the floor level.”

Our spy says Simpson, dressed in a Rolling Stones T-shirt with jeans and heels, looked very natural and relaxed as she laughed, dined on cheese pizza and drank Stella Artois beer.

Was the admiration mutual between Jess and Dane? It seems like Simpson has been the media’s mini Jennifer Aniston lately, always being portrayed as the lonesome older sis after splitting with Tony Romo.

Well, we hear Dane was happy to have old flame Jess there and even sent over a round of drinks to her table. He then invited her backstage after the show, natch.

“After the first round of drinks, the waitress went over and said, ‘This round is on Dane,’” dishes our source. “Jessica seemed so excited. Once the show ended, Simpson was taken upstairs to the VIP area where she and Dane flirted and had another round of beers.

“The staff left, but Jessica, Dane and her four friends stayed in the VIP section after hours.”

But not everyone had a great evening.

“Jessica didn’t tip the waitress at all!” adds our sassy insider. “Dane paid for the first round of drinks and then the Laugh Factory comped the rest of the check…But she’s still supposed to leave a tip, and she didn’t leave anything.”

Maybe she was so focused on Dane she simply forgot, right?

[From E! News]

Honestly, I’m constantly surprised that Jessica Simpson is able to manage and function in society so well, considering the staggering breadth of her stupidity. Of course she forgot to tip the waitress. What’s shocking is that she doesn’t walk around naked covered in butter, just because she “forgot”.

As for Dane and Jessica, Agend Bedhead summed it up nicely: “It’s all very repetitive and inane and a little bit sad, like a Dane Cook comedy routine. But on the plus side, this job will get a lot easier if we can just start recycling material from 2007.” If Jessica is regressing, perhaps she’ll go back to Mayer after this?

MTV TRL Presents Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook

MTV TRL Presents Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook

Premiere of Lionsgate's "Employee of the Month" - Afterparty

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36 Responses to “Has Jessica Simpson moved from Billy Corgan back to Dane Cook?”

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  1. Samantha says:

    I don’t know…I think they would be good together. Their personalities…she seems to like really childish humor crap and that is all he does, so I could see them being happy for a long time.

  2. bo says:

    John Mayer drove her to this. He goes and says that overly creative despicable stuff about Jessica Simpson, and this makes Dane Cook look appealing because at least Dane Cook doesn’t say original things.

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Didn’t Jess recently say she wanted to be with an “artistic” guy? Whatever.

  4. LolaBella says:

    I think I may be one of the few people who actually like Dane Cook. LOL.

    I think he’s funny (yes, I like frat boy humor) and he’s cute. Plus he and Jess have what looks like genuine chemistry.

    I say go for it Jess.

  5. danielle says:

    Possibly she just went to see an old friend’s comedy show? (really like her hair in that last picture – wonder how much styling it would take to get straight hair to do that?)

  6. lucy2 says:

    Well, as we’ve talked about previously with her, all of her self-worth seems based in male attention, so I bet she was downright giddy, whether it was friendly or more than that.

    He annoys the crap out of me. But at least he’s not John Mayer, so bonus points for that. I just wish she’d find some guy like herself, stupidly sweet and harmless.

    Kaiser, you crack me up.

  7. Telebrands says:

    I’d be happy for them. I think Samantha is right, they are perfect for each other.

  8. Maleficent says:

    Dane Cook is gross and a HORRIBLE actor!

  9. Bam Bam says:

    Sad, she’s got that candle in the wind thing going on.

  10. elina says:

    why is it that people keep implying that she is unhappy because she is single? can you not be single and just enjoy the time….the same goes for Jennifer Aniston….people think that shes miserable becuase fatso butler isnt with her. she probably doesnt care! and like a modern woman, they can also just get some and be done with them.

  11. Maritza says:

    I like them together, they would make a nice couple. If she is looking for a guy to settle down with I think Dane Cook is a great choice.

  12. Goosie says:

    I think it could be a good fit. She needs to be with a guy who isn’t ashamed to been seen in public with her, and my initial reaction is that Dane would be proud to hold her hand on the street. I don’t know much about him, though, aside from some of his comedy routines and whatnot, so maybe he’s a total turd, too.

  13. Corina says:

    Dane seems to have similar ummm sexual tastes as John Mayer seems to have, so perhaps it would work. He also does several jokes about safe sex so I think that puts him in a good place too – somehow I doubt John Mayer is all that worried about keeping things clean you know? But yes, I think Jessica could fart in front of him and he would work it into a bit and they could both be very happy together. I say get these two back together!

  14. gee_gee says:

    Ugh. This one will probably make jokes about her and include them in his “act”. This woman needs an intervention. Please spend six months in relationship rehab without a boyfriend.

  15. anonymous says:

    I agree give the girl a break here. Just because she goes out for an evening with friends to see an old friend comedic act does not a romantic relationship make. Dane has always said good things about Jessica. Right now she needs that. If she wants to have a little fun so what? She’s a grown woman. I doubt Dane would splash it all over the media because he was mad or bitter about something. Dane never has in any of his relationships really spoken about any of them. I think he is probably an OK guy here so let Jess enjoy if it is something but Im saying its just a really good friendship that has lasted for a long time. Dane is being supportive to Jess.

  16. Joseph says:

    Wow, she gets around as much as that Jennifer Aniston broad. Talk about needy! Just take some time off and learn to love yourself first!

  17. georgia says:

    Still sporting a massive nose.
    Get that nose job jess!!

  18. Shannon says:

    Actually, since I’m single and searching for Mr. Right, I’ll say that I have developed a fondness for Jessica that most don’t share. She seems like a really nice, totally over-exposed personality who can’t find love. Yet, I think the real issue with her is she/her father sell her supposed love to the tabloid press so she can still remain relevant. I mean seriously, what has Jessica done recently to even deserve a mention in the tabloids? The sad thing is I think if she focused more on herself instead of snagging some attention-whore guy then she would find love in a heartbeat.

    My advice to her would be to focus on her career then some douche bag. Personally, I think she could do so much better than Cook.

  19. Kevin says:

    Dane Cook is Seal in the white. Either could host a monster truck rally in those craters.

  20. jzhz says:

    Maybe she just likes to have sex! What’s wrong with that?!?

  21. Trillion says:

    Perfect couple. They’re both so mundane and derivative yet they crave the limelight. They’ll prob. get married and have a horrible yet popular variety show when they get old. Like in 10 years. When it cancels they’ll bring it to Vegas. After that, they’ll become plastic surgery addicted televangelists.

  22. Dr Remulak says:

    Maybe they will breed and create the least talented human being EVER!

  23. No One says:

    This is interesting seeing as there have been rumors that Dane is married and has been since December of 2008.

  24. Dhavy says:

    Give the girl a break! and how is it that she craves the attention like JA? I haven’t seen her pose half naked everytime a birthday comes around and I also never see her try to grab the spotlight everytime her ex and g/f are around, gee I think I would be insulted if I get compared to desperate JA. Just because she grabbed Jessica’s leftovers (aka Meyer) doesn’t mean they are alike

  25. Dirty Martini says:

    For some unknown, inexplicable reason (PMS? Menopause? Alzheimers?) I’m developing a soft spot for Jessica. Glad she and Tony are over, because she truly messed up a couple of Dallas Cownboys seasons….she and Tony aren’t a good match. But this is now, she’s a single woman, she’s free to date and so let her. I’m in agreement–she’s doing so in a kind of classy — but ditzy — way. Hanging with the ‘rents, hanging with her friends, occasional nights out and reconnecting here and there with old friends. Let the girl be. Unless she reconnects with John Mayer…in which case, kidnap her for her own protection.

  26. Meow Mix says:

    John Mayer is so douchy that he actually makes Dane Cook look like a decent catch for her. Christ…just slipped on the ice in hell.

  27. bo says:

    I love Jessica Simpson because her shoe line makes me want to live. That’s also why I like Carlos Santana.

    Georgia, harsh about her nose dude.

  28. San says:

    I think a lot of men will be calling Jessica up for one night stands since Mayer broadcast to the media that Jessica was good in bed. Jessica should definitely not have sex with any men.
    Since most are trying to see if Mayer
    told the truth. I hope her mother informed her of that.

  29. Ally says:

    So it’s embarassing that John Meyer talked about her… so she might be hoping for a future with a guy who will use stories about her in his JOB to pep up his lame routines forever? Ugh. Dumb doesn’t begin to describe this kind of bad judgement. Can someone get this girl a PR firm/therapist/secondary school tutor?

  30. canadianchick says:

    Cheese pizza and beers-a celeb who eats like a normal person, she should be given points for that though not tipping is not cool.Sometimes I wonder why celebs just don’t date regular people to decrease media attention and hopefully find actual love. Maybe they just want too much to stay in the limelight or fear financial problems. I think JS and JA should try dating civilians.

  31. Mary Jones says:

    Just what her fat ass needs beer and cheese pizza.

  32. Michelle says:

    I’m no Jessica Simpson fan, but I’m tired of people saying she’s stupid. She has one of the most successful merchandising empires in the entire entertainment industry. Stupid people aren’t as successful as Jessica Simpson. Playing the “dumb blonde” role is simply part of an act.

  33. t says:

    You don’t have to be smart to cash a check from a company that bought the rights to peddle your name as a brand to fashion manufacturers looking to market their stuff.

  34. Maybe they will breed and create. Sure!!!