Sarah Jessica Parker launches her new reality show about artists

Sarah Jessica Parker Still Believes In Love At Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Well, I finally know why Sarah Jessica Parker has been cozying up to all of those Real Housewives. It seems like SJP talked her way into her own Project Runway-like show on Bravo, only instead of promoting up-and-coming fashion designers, SJP is doing a competition with artists. Like, painters and sculptors. It’s called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (WoA: TNGA, bitches). It premieres on Bravo June 9, and the show has already been filmed, with SJP as executive producer. The show had its “launch” last night in New York, and these photos of SJP in the off-white dress are at the launch. The winner of WoA:TNGA gets $100,00 and a solo show in Brooklyn. So, basically, Hipster Heaven.

By the way, do you think that f-cking heart pendant is big enough?

Sarah Jessica Parker Still Believes In Love At Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Being a devoted mother and glamorous career woman is just all in a day’s work for Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress, who welcomed twins Tabitha and Marion via surrogate ten months ago, spent the afternoon strolling through the streets of New York with one of her daughters yesterday.

The adorable baby girl, who was dressed in a white bonnet, pink jumpsuit and matching cardigan, smiled and giggled as Sarah made her daily trip to collect son James, 7, from school.

Hours later she had transformed into a red carpet star for the launch of new reality TV show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, which she is executive producing. The 45-year-old looked effortlessly stylish as she arrived at the Paley Centre for Media in an oyster jersey dress, chunky gold necklace and peep-toe heels.

She has teamed up with the makers of Project Runway to create the series, which will bring together 14 aspiring artists to compete for a solo show at a nationally recognised museum and a cash prize.

Of the new show, she has said: ‘There are also countless artists who are working in obscurity, and I thought there was a time in our country where we supported our artists and wouldn’t it be great it we could go support artists and give them an audience. And we could, as Americans learn about what it is to be an artist, and about art and how we feel about art.’

She is also gearing up to hit the promotional trail for the Sex and the City sequel, which is released next month.

The star, who is married to actor Matthew Broderick, has previously said she had ‘enormous regrets’ about agreeing to appear in the big screen follow-up because it took her away from her family.

[From The Daily Mail]

Before we all pile on SJP for taking on yet another project after she just had to have those twin babies, I should also point out that SJP has been spending a lot of time lately with her kids, as there have been about twenty million photos of her with one (or both) of the twin girls over the past few days. I have no idea which twin is which, all I know is that at least one of them has an adorable baby Mohawk. After the Mohawk outing, though, SJP keeps her babies bonneted. Seriously, this is just an adorable baby:

Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son James Wilkie to school whilst carrying one of her twin daughters on her front

Sarah Jessica Parker Brings Marion Loretta Elwell Along for the Ride!

Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son James Wilkie to school whilst carrying one of her twin daughters on her front

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  1. bite me says:

    my little pony needs a nap

  2. annaloo says:

    ok, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I stood in line on day 2 for tryouts of this show in NYC. I didn’t make it past the first round, (which hurt my ego & pride admittedly…)

    But, I didn’t know SJP’s name was on it… and not really sure what I think of that. It was Bravo, and it would have been awesome to get, but for some ODD reason, I think I would have felt a little more embarrassed than I had already felt. I don’t know why on this.. I don’t know why. TEchinically, any fame is better than no fame as an artist, but I am (as usual) conflicted about her name on it.

    All things happen for a reason.

  3. Trillion says:

    I’m a bit conflicted on this. I love Top Chef and PR but there’s a commercial aspect to what is produced by the contestants. I know there’s sometimes a commercial aspect to fine arts too, but it seems weirder to have a panel of judges critique it in the capacity we’re used to seeing on TC and PR. It’s 6:48 so maybe I didn’t word this quite right, but do you know what I mean?

  4. Just a Poster says:

    OMG Lookie that baby in the last pic!

    damn.. baby lust is tugging at me yet again!

  5. Sarah says:

    So, the show sounds interesting… but more importantly, that is the cutest, happiest baby ever!

  6. I Choose Me says:

    @Just a Poster. I know right? Too adorable. want to cuddle her. Gah!

  7. Red Folder says:

    I’m willing to give it a try. It’s always Hit or Miss with these shows anyways. . .

    Anyone remember how ghastly “Launch My Line” was? A train wreck.

    I’m hoping this goes more like Top Chef, Top Chef Masters (premier last night!) and Shear Genius. :-)

  8. Ron says:

    Anything that promotes the arts and artists in this country in wonderful! So much funding has been taken away over they years. Art is important and reflects who we are as a society.

  9. EMV says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this either. You can’t judge art like you can a hair cut or even fashion…who will the judges be? Maybe this is why I hate American Idol so much,bc the singers can’t sing.

  10. Stephy85 says:

    I love SJP and it’s soo great to see celebrity babies/children looking happy and adjusted…Ok, I mean, I hate the Gosslins and the whole show idea but those kids adjusted just fine to tv’s in their home. There is no reason why celebrity children shouldn’t be, at the very least, okay with cameras…Love this woman and her kiddies:):):)

  11. Stephy85 says:

    Also, though, this is just a very little baby and she can’t understand the cameras and the context just

  12. jover says:

    Don’t you have to know something – anything – about the arts to host a program like this. While I agree with other posters that we need to do more to promote the arts this is a vehicle to maintain SJP’s ego and relevance, not to help real artists. This has boredom and pretentiousness written all over it.

  13. Camille says:

    Oh looky, Jenny Anistons sister has a new show!

    Actually this show sounds interesting, if it ever shows down under I may have to check it out.