Us Weekly: Christina Aguilera is a boozehound monster


This Us Weekly story should only surprise Christina Aguilera’s hardcore defenders, of which there are many, as I recently found out. I assumed that Christina’s drunken shenanigans were pretty obvious to everyone, what with her flubbing the National Anthem, drunkenly falling on stage at the Grammys, bitch-fighting with Julianna Hough at the Globes, and passing out in Jeremy Renner’s bed during an industry party. Not to mention her weight gain, much of it looking like booze weight, and her general state of disarray which I tend to attribute to her always being three sheets to the wind. Plus, you know, there are multiple reports of her being a boozehound diva who threatens to fire anyone who suggests that her drunk ass might want to sober up. Still, defend away. Us Weekly has a new story about Christina’s behind-the-scenes boozing and diva shenanigans. It’s a really long story! LMAO. Here are the highlights, all from Us Weekly’s print edition:

*Christina spends most of her time “boozing it up with new boyfriend Matthew Rutler.” A friend of Christina’s says: “Her drinking is out of control” and that Christina has become “less attentive” to her son Max. Oh, and Christina is “alienating most of her friends and leaving the rest of them worried… She’s a total mess.”

*Us Weekly has extensive details about all of Christina’s public boozing post-split from Jordan Bratman, including the beginning of her courtship with Rutler, which seemed to only take place in bars.

*The full-blown boozing started during the Burlesque international tour. A source close to Rutler says: “Every city they went to – London, Tokyo – Christina was pretty drunk, and Matt had to carry her home.”

*On New Year’s Eve, “Christina was so wasted before her guests arrived [for a party] that her mother told her to lie down and sober up,” says a source. “Christina yelled, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Then she called her brother’s girlfriend a whore. It was crazy!” LMAO. Christina is so much fun, for real.

*Re: The Renner-bed incident. Us Weekly reiterates that it actually did happen – Christina showed up to Jeremy Renner’s birthday party (“uninvited”) and got so trashed she climbed into his bed. Renner was overheard telling people the story, and he’s quoted as saying “Who comes to someone’s birthday party that they don’t know and gets in their f–cking bed?” A source says: “Christina was a disaster and acting like a total fool.”

*Another day – January 25, Christina is “knocking back vodka sodas” at The Dime. She’s “crying uncontrollably” and complaining to her bodyguard that Bratman refuses to leave their home. “She was hysterical.”

*When her team tried to stage an intervention, “Christina found out and threatened to fire everyone.”

*After the SuperBowl, Christina stayed in Dallas for two days. “She drank and was devastated by her humiliating performance.”

*Three-year-old Max spends a lot of time with his dad and with the nanny. Christina is “a loving and devoted mom… but she doesn’t spend a ton of time with him. If she knows she is leaving town, she will take him on some big outing, like Disneyland, because she feels guilty. Jordan is much more stable.”

*Sources credit Jordan Bratman for keeping Christina under control for so long. A source says, “She was still a huge drinker, but he kept her under control so people didn’t know how bad it was.”

*An insider says Christina and Rutler had sex ina bathroom at a recent family gathering: “Her friends are fed up. Nobody can get through to her. They think she’s trashy. And her ego is out of control.”

*Christina’s main source of income: her perfume lines. Not her albums, not her tours, not her acting.

*Differing views about what’s next for Christina. A Rutler source says “I think she’s just going through a phase, we’ve all been through a breakup where we went crazy.” A source close to Christina says: “She’s really spiraling. I would be shocked if she’s not in rehab in the next month or so.”

So… yeah. Christina is a mess. I’ve felt that way for a while. But if there are Christina Defenders out there, I’ll listen. Explain all of this to me. Explain to me how she’s not a complete disaster who seriously needs help.

I will give Christina a little bit of credit though – that one story about calling her brother’s girlfriend a whore is hysterical. The Renner story is funny too, or it would be if Christina was younger. At her age, she really should be able to hold her liquor.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. carrie says:

    awful pix

  2. brin says:

    What’s with all these crazy divas? I was surprised with Christina because she always seemed in control and seemed happy in her marriage. She is really screwed up…sad.

  3. beth says:

    if there’s one thing i always envied about christina, apart from her fabulous wealth and talent, and ability to get away with drunken shenanigans, hehehe, it’s her perfect skin – i envy how well she carries that shade of red lipstick.

  4. Johnthing says:

    That white hair and red lipstick is so trailer trash. She could be so pretty. Wonder what’s her natural hair color?

  5. Meow Mix says:

    I hope Jeremy Renner had his bed fumigated.

  6. Hautie says:

    I am waiting on her to pull out a pink wig and get serious about it all.

    Because I am sure she would refuse to half-ass do this melt down and have it not top the epic breakdown of Britney’s.

    And there is not topping it without a pink wig! :) Cause that ratty blonde thing she is wearing is just a cheap budget-looking thing.

    Seriously though… if she really is drinking this much, it is alarming.

    I am getting the impression she is drunk, daily. Versus doing some harmless partying on the weekends.

  7. Lucy says:

    Hold on…She is out of control after the divorce? I thought she wanted the divorce. *Confused*

  8. Rita says:

    “…she’s a loving and devoted mom” who doesn’t spend time with her child?

    Who ever said that needs rehab as well.

  9. SoulLovah says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s a natural blonde, but a dirtier sort of blonde (how fitting…)

    This really makes me sad, I really thought she would always have a 1-up on Britney in keeping her life outside her career in check, and now her lifestyle is screwing with her career which is just making matters worse. Sigh.

  10. beth says:

    some women carry the trailer trash look really well – and i’m not being sarcastic, here. i don’t need *my christina to be perfectly behaved all the time, but i do wonder what’s going on in that head of hers nowadays…

    * :D

  11. Roma says:

    At her age you invite people to your home to drink and call it a “dinner party”. That’s how grownups get drunk.

    Seriously, I stopped moonlighting at clubs last year but there was nothing worse than seeing some chick in her 30s so drunk that she couldn’t walk.

  12. serena says:

    I like Christina but she is a mess now. She needs to be sober for her son, for herself and her career.
    And I hope she does because she is an amazing singer, but prefers to drunk her ass off and be a crazy trashy maniac.

  13. Marjalane says:

    Too bad. Christina used up all her fun at such an early age; Money, fame, a marriage, a baby. Guess it wasn’t enough. I also guess that her new boytoy won’t be staging an intervention any time soon either. She’s probably more generous with a good buzz on. Someone does need to hide the peroxide and red lipstick from her though….

  14. HEB says:

    …the perfume lines? seriously? I thought she only had one and it bombed…

    Oh and I believe everything they said about Bratman keeping her under control.

  15. CandyKay says:

    Reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. At the end she was consuming two bottles of bourbon a day…and nothing else, to keep her weight under control.

  16. sickofit says:

    once i thought she was the only Disney Girl who came out without drug problems etc. how wrong i was…

  17. Wiggles says:

    No love from me, just pity. She’s always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Always two steps behind and a couple fries short a happy meal. If she had any brains she would drop the bottle, pick up a phone and hire a decent PR person. She needs help finding some kind of original identity, and FAST before she pulls a whitney or blohan.

  18. Glyrics says:

    She’s an alcoholic. Jordan managed her forever. The new guy must have access to her money, because he’s an enabler. The thing is, I don’t see her pulling out. Her career’s over, really, with gaga and she’s drinking herself out of everywhere. Britney had wonderful people around her, and fans who loved her. That helped her. Xtina has neither. Sad but true.

  19. Isabel says:

    @Rita – my thoughts exactly. A loving and…ESPECIALLY…”devoted” Mom does not dump her kid on her ex and nannies, then try to buy back affection with occasional big outings.

    The girl’s face is just so incredibly bloated, as is her body. I’m not saying this as a criticism of weight…it’s more along the lines of real physical evidence that she is drinking far more than her body can process. She looks so, so unhealthy.

    And sorry, but the Jeremy Renner story makes me giggle. It’s so inappropriate for someone her age, but I can only imagine what Jeremy’s face looked like upon this discovery. I wonder if her pancake makeup stained his sheets.

  20. Isabel says:

    Side note…does anyone remember the 2007 Grammys? When she rocked that white suit on stage and absolutely killed it with her performance?

    I think of that when I see her now, and it makes me sad.

  21. TQB says:

    sigh, I do love her for her voice and the way she’s always sorta owned her trashiness. But I have no defense, just concern. For a long time I insisted she was preggo, but that’s clearly not the case. I can see how if you have a meltdown and decide to leave your husband for another dude, but the hubby refuses to leave your house, that’s pretty stressful. But come on, you’re rich. Buy another house to live in for a while.

    I hope she gets her shit together sans rehab, because stone-cold-sober Xtina would be a snooze.

  22. DorothyZbornak says:

    Another product of the Disney machine is a complete and utter mess–they sure know how to mold ‘em over there, don’t they?

  23. Sumodo1 says:

    Fantasia should have been onstage for the Grammy tribute to Aretha, not Aguilera.

  24. Mimi says:

    I’ll say it again, my experience with her was awful. She is the rudest, nastiest woman I have ever met. But, does any of this really surprise anybody? I have always gotten a really “dark” vibe from her. I think she is a much deeper person than most people realize. She had a pretty messed up childhood too, so… I sincerely hope she gets her shit together for her son and herself. What a waste of such amazing talent.

  25. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    Defintately is a waste of amazing talent if she doesnt get it together

    The idea that her perfume is the best income she’s ever had is completely inappropriate. Its her voice. Period.

  26. Gabriela says:

    When and how did she get so ugly and fat? Straight up trailer trash, really…

  27. heatheradair says:

    I guess I fall in that defender camp. ONLY because when I split with my husband I went through a big, ugly, protracted “ick” phase with random hookups, falling-down drunk ugliness, smashing into things and ending up with black eyes.

    HOWEVER – that lasted all of a month. AND, I didn’t have any kids to take care of. AND, I felt horrible about myself the entire time (though lost a TON of weight – perk!).

    AND, if anyone had suggested I was a mess, I’d have agreed. I got myself back on track.

    SO, that’s not necessarily meant to defend ending up in Jeremy Renner’s bed without an invitation. OR screwing up the national anthem. OR falling down any time I don’t have the boyfriend’s arm to hold me up. BUT, I can sort of understand how the spiraling out of control happened so quickly.

    And when you pay the people you surround yourself with, you’re not going to get the help you need.

    So, she’s f-cked up, she needs rehab, she needs to ditch the jump-off man-child boyfriend and she needs to lay low for a few years. BUT, I can empathize with being temporarily out of control…..

  28. beth says:

    “I’ll say it again, my experience with her was awful. She is the rudest, nastiest woman I have ever met.”

    @mimi: you’ve met her in person? details, please!?! :D

  29. normades says:

    Bratman prolly doesn’t want to leave the house for the sake of their son. Good for him

  30. Cherry Rose says:

    I really wish she’d get her act together. She’s one of the few popstars out there with actual talent.

    However, like someone else said, she has kind of been in the shadow of other popstars, and it always seems like she’s a step behind and trying to catch up with the rest of them.

    When Britney was still highly popular, there were always comparisions made between the two, which probably irked Christina a lot.

    But she doesn’t help herself any, because she’s always too over the top, and it just comes off as trying too hard.

  31. RHONYC says:

    sounds like she dumped the 1st hubby cause he wanted her to stop the partying and become a more responsible mom, only to get with an enabler who supports her drinking, partying which in turn neglects her son.

    stupendous. :-(

    i recall her commenting negatively on britney’s troubles a few years back.

    guess people living in glass whorehouses shouldn’t throw stones.

    karma b*tch.

  32. Lauren says:

    Britney never has looked that bad, and she had two sons in less than 2 years, plus Brit has manic depression, like her dad. Christina is just a horrible, angry person..she comes from a family that was abusive (her dad), and i think that messed her up. I think marriage stifled her, and she wanted to be free to party.

  33. Liana says:

    I can see how if you have a meltdown and decide to leave your husband for another dude, but the hubby refuses to leave your house, that’s pretty stressful.

    It’s their house. Not hers. It was purchased by a corporation in both their names. Jordan Bratman is worth quite a bit on his own and that house is community property. I’m sure he’s still there for two reasons: his attorney told him to stay put since SHE’S the one who filed for divorce, not him, and he’s protecting his son.

  34. harfang says:

    I don’t really listen to current pop music, like at all. And I LOVE this woman’s voice. Her talent is extreme and unique. And I liked her nastiness and/or sass, before it became a joke. Where’s her family? When she was younger, she used to talk about how important her dad was; I don’t know if he’s gone or what, but she seemed grounded for quite some time. I will continue to hope she’ll get enough support to recover and regroup. Her singing is worth a lot of effort from multiple people to help save her.

  35. Patricia says:

    So strange in the last picture – her boyfriend if helping her out of a car and her hand is in a fist…?

    I noticed that the last time these pics were posted. It looks plum crazy.

    I think that body language says a lot about her state of mind.

    Unless she is holding on to something – like maybe the phone number of the driver :)

  36. TeeTee says:

    If he let’s her sober up, he realizes she may dump him, LOL!!

    He wants to keep her trashed and OUT of rehab.

    guess, I won’t have a vodka shot in my gatorade now.

    thx xtina

    this was hilarious! I do hope she pulls it together though.

  37. ThatBoyLuke says:

    @Somodo1, PLEASE! Christina was amazing at the Aretha tribute and even Aretha herself basically said Fantasia needs to STFU about not being involved because she’s already been in 2 tributes to her and Fantasia was just dumb, why would you miss picking up YOUR grammy because you couldnt be in a tribute to Aretha AGAIN? #FAIL

    Anyway, i am a Christina defender but i also realise she has problems at the moment too. I do think she’s drinking too much and i do think her being with that Ruttler guy isn’t helping BUT i don’t like the way everybody is so malicious about what she’s going through, It’s not like she’s Lindsay laughing in everybodies face and i think there are times (Superbowl, Grammys) when she wasn’t drunk and people just say she was to stir some shit up and i can’t imagine her talking to her mother like that either she’s always SO respectful about her and isn’t her brother like 15 or 16? i HIGHLY doubt she’s calling a 16yo girl a whore.

    Also there is no way her perfume line is her main source of income, she’s sold 65,000,000 been on 3 world tours that made over $230,000,000 and makes like £1,000,000 per private show not to mention investments and endorsements etc.

  38. Cha Cha Loca says:

    The clothes, the ten tons of make-up, the hair. HOT.FUCKING.MESS.

  39. becky says:

    no her dad was an abusive dick shes been quite outspoken about it

  40. rissa says:

    is hilary duff the only disney chick thats not a total mess…

  41. mimi says:

    @ beth
    from what I’ve encountered with her, I can tell this woman has no soul and no kindness. good grief, we were at a commercial set years ago and she slapped my hand when i was reaching for some of the snacks on the buffet line. and she told me i should “ahem. stick to carrots.”

  42. Nikki says:

    She’s a disgusting trainwreck.

  43. Any iota of sympathy (that I’d ordinarily have with someone going through a divorce and being temporarily reckless) completely disappeared when it was revealed that she’s basically ignoring her child. Kids aren’t stupid, and Max probably realizes that “Mommy” is only taking him to Disneyland so that she can ignore him for the following week. He’ll remember this crap someday, and she needs to grow the hell up before it’s too late. When you’re a parent, getting drunk on a nightly basis and falling asleep in a stranger’s bed shouldn’t be an option.

  44. beth says:

    @mimi: you two sound… well-acquainted, ha! :D

  45. Liron says:

    i am not surprised, this screamer has always been crazy.

  46. lucy says:

    At least she hasn’t shown us her vagina.

  47. grace says:

    now it is your turn to tell her to ahem, stick to carrots!

  48. M says:

    Her voice is already in the toilet. Have you hear her sing live in the last few years? Her vocal chords are really damaged and it definitely comes through when she sings/screams on stage.

  49. Guesty says:

    @Mimi – karma, karma, karma. Look at her legs in the last picture – knees the size of basketballs times piano legs plus tree trunks on a midget. She’s fucking ugly, and I’m glad she’s ballooned.

    The stories of her being nasty to waitstaff have been legion since about 1999. Whatever her childhood, Aguilera is a fucking bitch. Keep the stories coming – and I hope Max’s father keeps on keeping on and protecting their kid from her selfish bullshit.

  50. matt says:

    @ TQB
    She didn’t leave her husband for this new guy, as i understand it he is just a convenient distraction that came along. Christina was hooking up with other people in the summer when she was still married to her ex. I think they were broke long before this guy came on scene .My friend watched her spend the evening in some west hollywood bar making out with some girl forever. Lol!

  51. darkmermaid says:

    She looks like Hatchet-Face from “Cry Baby”. Seriously, she does. If you Google image “Hatchet Face”, a couple of X-tinka pictures would be there. But, she could be a lot worse off (see: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan).

  52. Wellwellwell says:

    Remember when everybody thought Britney did drugs and how they attacked her for being such a bad mother? Why doesn’t this happen to that idiot now?

  53. ThatBoyLuke says:

    I still think it’s lame that people are saying she’s a bad mother because of what “sources” say, if she was a shit mother Jordan would have filed for sole custody which he has not.
    It’s basically like a neigbour i don’t know taking her kidto Disney land and then me telling everybody that she’s only doing it coz she neglects the child (which i would have no idea about).

    people need to stop believing everything they read.

  54. KMags says:

    Well, apparently people have to be “drunk” in order to “trip”. Then I must be drunk every single day of my life.

    Until I see the videos/pics of her supposed crazy drunken nights, then it’s all complete BS to me.

    And I agree with the comment that Jordan would be filing for custody right now if this was true.

  55. Snookielera says:

    My goodness she’s soo ugly, those bowed legs, can she get rid of Matt and get rid of this tiring look?.The Marilyn Monroe look needs to go quick she’s no Marilyn.I think she can sing but singing isn’t everything in life alcohol will ruin it because even though in the past she admitted to oversinging now she tends to scream at times.Christina used to be cute and talented but she needs help she needs to change her attitude,her look and be a better mother she’s been hanging around everywhere with Matt so how does Snookilera have time to spend with her boy?she should be there everyday not when she has time or feels like it.Christina has no friends real friends don’t talk about you to sources and say that your skanky real friends don’t talk about you period.Just because her father abused her when she was a child doesn’t mean she has to act all crazy alot of people are abused so I would know and they don’t act like that, she needs to get it together and stop using her father as an excuse to keep messing up leave the past where it belongs she wants people to feel sorry for her I have gone through worser things and she should see that she’s messing up her life.It’s karma baby she can’t think she can go around treating people like crap and behaving this way because she can do it to everyone but karma.

  56. Annie says:

    Christina’s brother? She doesn’t have a brother. Or is he a half-brother from his dad’s new family?