Tilda Swinton in black and white Yves Saint Laurent: perfect or too plain?

Tilda Swinton did her did her hair and makeup earlier this week for the NBR Awards, and while she looked lovely, she’d had enough of that muss and fuss, thank you very much. So Tilda (who was nominated for Best Actress in We Need To Talk About Kevin) decided to go back to her androgynous roots for the Critics Choice Awards. As such, she donned a Yves Saint Laurent three-piecer in black and white, which has the look of a tuxedo but the flow of a typical Tilda outfit. She also chose YSL platform heels to match and accessorized with a Pomellato opal ring and very little makeup. This outfit is classic Tilda, and I love it.

Jessica Chastain (nominated for Best Supporting Actress in The Help) seriously overdid the carnation pink on the red carpet last night. This was a Balenciaga column dress that looked like a too-sweet version of an Angelina sack dress. Further, it’s waaay too pink, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing with redheads, but this is just too much, especially when coupled with a bit of a Croydon facelift hairstyle. The blue sapphire earrings seemed really “off” too. Obviously, the actress who favors busted gift wrap is in dire need of a new stylist.

Looking at Jessica’s outfit was fairly painful, so I’m relieved to move on to Berenice Bejo, a.k.a., “The Chick from The Artist,” who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress as well. She went for a flapper look with a short, beaded blue Elle Saab dress and a (mostly) matching Edie Parker clutch along with Jimmy Choo sandals. The v-neck works for her and the slightly messy hair compliments the polished makeup. Most of all, those earrings just slay me. Berenice was one of the best dressed last night, which made for a stunning awards show-oriented, red carpet debut in America. She might not win the acting awards this season, but she’s going great in the fashion race.

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  1. a nony mouse says:

    holy hell, swinton’s eyes are impossibly green. amazing.

  2. Maya says:

    Berenice is so gorgeous; I just love the color of her dress.

  3. Monkey Jim says:

    Draco Malfoy called, Bitch wants his look back

  4. Jules says:

    Would it kill Tilda to put some make up on? Nothing drastic, just to accentuate her gorgeous eyes and skin! She would look really gorgeous with a more made up face.

    • jay says:

      she is probably wearing foundation or some sort of powder. But I do think she could do with a little something just to give it a finished look.

  5. MJ says:

    Jessica Chastain’s makeup is really well done. Tilda looks awesome, as usual. And BB’s earrings slay me, too! I wonder if they’re aquamarine.

  6. Ally says:

    Tilda has a strangely morphing eye color….but still beautiful. I’ve seen her in pix, with much darker eyes.

  7. eileen says:

    I LOVE that someone as exotic as Tilda can be successful in Hollywood-it almost gives me hope for the future….ALMOST. Tilda is so cool-what I wouldn’t give to go to lunch with her and HBC.

  8. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    To me Tilda looks a little scary and I wonder how she is in real life, anyone have inside stories, those are always a good read.

  9. Shelly says:

    Tilda’s outfit suits her. But she always scares me a little. She is so severe looking.

  10. joxjooze says:

    Jessica Chastain looks really good here,
    I love her make up aswell!

  11. BELLA says:


  12. Nanea says:


    Tilda can do no wrong, no matter if I like what she’s wearing or not. She’s in her own league, much like Cate Blanchett. Those two are so different from people who try hard and fail majorly, as they’ve got that certain <i<something, charisma or whatever, even if their clothes can be a bit of an acquired taste at times.

  13. Jackie says:

    tilda puts the others to shame.

  14. DreamyK says:

    Tilda is divine as usual. My god what a gorgeous creature she is. I love how she is so comfortable in her skin she can just be herself. Very other worldly looking. Love it.

  15. Katie says:

    I never realized just how GREEN Tilda Swinton’s eyes are. Gorgeous.