Tom Cruise to ‘rehabilitate his public image’ in bid for future full custody of Suri

Tom Cruise

This week’s tabloids have taken a new twist in the “Tom Cruise is spoiling the hell out of Suri” theme. Yes, he’s still obviously ruining the poor child with by doing things like whisking her away to Disney World in a private jet and then granting her an evening in the non-purchasable Cinderella Castle Suite, but that’s not the problem, according to Tom’s team. The issue at hand? Tom just needs an image makeover, similar to the one he underwent for the MI4 promotional tour to ward off the 2005 crazy. See how well that particular makeover worked? Well, it actually did work (in a way) because MI4 made more than any of the previous movies in the installment. As a result, Tom has gained even more confidence than usual and believes his “wonderful Daddy” routine will work wonders in achieving his true goal of full legal custody of Suri.

I can see why Tom believes he would benefit from such an image overhaul because the crap that’s come out lately has damaged his reputation even more than the aforementioned 2005 insanity. Thanks to the dissoluation of Tom’s marriage to Katie Holmes, we’ve learned that Tom was verbally abusive to Katie, and she was so frightened of him (and the CO$) that she felt the need to use burner phones while organizing her divorce game plan. Katie also felt like she was in Rosemary’s Baby while she was married to Tom because he belongs to a dangerous organization that the media is finally exposing as a cult. At this point, Tom’s reputation is probably the lowest that it’s ever been, and he’s willing to flash that creepy smile of his as long as possible to make us forget.

However, I do doubt that any makeover could make us believe that Tom would be a better parent than Katie Holmes has been and will always be to Suri. We already know what happened to Nicole Kidman, and if that happens to Katie, the public (and the media) won’t stand for it. Tom is trying very hard though, and this week’s issue of In Touch lays on the scorn by bearing the (appropriately) revolting headline, “Forgetting Mommy Already?” Here’s some relevant excerpts from the story:

Tom Cruise

On the surface, Tom’s behavior is similar to that of many divorced dads who, faced with limited time with their kids, yearn to be the “fun parent” (and in Tom’s case, the one with millions of dollars at his disposal). “I saw him go into a store and come out with a huge bag of toys and treats for her,” says another witness. “You could tell he was trying to make sure she stayed happy.”

But according to sources, Suri’s happiness isn’t all that Tom wants.
Sources close to Katie fear that even though she got full custody in her July 9 settlement, Tom is out to steal more than the heart of a little girl who has already told her mother she’d rather live with Daddy. “Katie takes her to museums and zoos. Tom takes her to a theme park for a whole week,” says a source close to the former couple. “He’s not parenting her, he’s entertaining her. And he’s overdoing it.”

It’s all part of Tom’s master plan, sources say: spoil his daugher rotten, get his own lavish home nearby and rehabilitate his public image so he can push for legal custody in the future.

First, in preparation for her future visits to his Beverly Hills mansion, an insider says, Tom has been making “special renovations to Suri’s room” so that whenever she goes to her dad’s house, the child will always feel like a princess.

Tom is also planning a complete overhaul of his public image, which includes taking a break from movies after his current crop of projects ends so he can spend more one-on-one time with Suri. “He needs to prove he’s just as reliable as Katie,” a confidante explains, “that spending time with his daughter as important to him as having a hit film.”

“Tom is absolutely planning on going after custody of Suri in the future,” says an insider. “His plan is to wait for now, and then fight for it down the line.”

While Katie is upset that Tom undermines her attempts to give Suri rules and structure, she’s determined to expose her daughter to modest new treats like playdates with kids who live in their building. And she “is not going to change a thing” about the way she’s raising her daughter, says a source close to the actress.

“She’s working hard to get Suri on the right path: school, friends, playdates, normalcy,” says the source. “Then Tom comes in and changes all of that.” No matter what Tom may try, the cources says, Katie will stay strong for Suri’s sake. “She will always be the mother. She knows right from wrong. Hopefully one day Suri will recognize that.”

[From In Touch, print edition, August 20, 2012]

This story makes a lot of sense and covers some ground that we’ve already theorized about here — particularly in regard to Tom playing the “full court press not only in regards to winning over Suri but also in trying to convince the public (by way of graciously smiling at the paps and inviting tabloid reporters for a swim) that he’s the best possible parent ever to Suri. The thing is — we’ve all watched for the past few years as Tom’s been consistently absent from both Katie and Suri’s lives while he’s been actively playing the role of Mr. A+ list movie star. So it’s going to be fairly impossible for Tom to convince the public that Suri should live with him on a full-time basis. Of course, that won’t stop him from trying. And yes, he’s probably already using CO$ slave labor to remodel Suri’s Beverly Hills bedroom. Douche.

One part of the story that I don’t buy is the bit about Suri allegedly telling Katie that “she’d rather live with Daddy.” At least, I don’t buy that it happened yet … although it seems forseeable after a few more years of Tom laying things on thick. What may have actually occurred is that Suri may have wondered aloud why she’s not living with both Daddy and Mommy. Because kids do that during a divorce.

This week’s Enquirer takes the same basic story (Tom spoiling the hell out of Suri) and adds an eyewitness statement that, during the Disney trip, “Suri was at the happiest place on earth, but at times she looked like the saddest little girl in the world. It was heartbreaking” The tabloid also talks to some “experts” who point out the obvious — that the drastically different parenting styles of Tom and Katie could “psychologically scar” Suri, and guess who will probably be responsible for most of the damage? Gollum.

Meanwhile, People has a bit of a throwaway story about how Katie and Tom “are talking” and trying to get along for Suri’s sake. It further follows that Tom is “fine” with Katie’s decision to enroll Suri in a private, non-CO$ school. This seems like some Cruise propaganda and an effort to convince the world that Tom only wants what is best for Suri and isn’t some cult-driven freak. I think we know better than to fall for that one.

Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Alexis says:

    Goodness, creepy pictures of Tom get me every time. SMH.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      I hear ya’ on that, but I can never get enough of Katie giving him the WTH look. haha.

    • Ojulia says:

      Yes!! That Over-Smile makes me think of a serial killer. Like that’s the smile he would give you right before he bashed your head in with a hardbound copy of Dianetics.

    • corny says:

      Yes, definitely reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in the Shining…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Add that to the hedge maze at the property he’s looking at and, well…The Shining was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read that.

  2. ZigZagZoey says:

    Yeah, that ought to do it…..

    I don’t think there is anything he could ever do to make me like him again. Maybe if he gave all his millions to something really worthwhile, but that isn’t gonna happen.

    • gg says:

      His millions are already tied up in donating to the Org of Graft.

    • Call Me Al says:

      If he came out, I would be able to have more sympathy for him. I think that would be the only thing to rehabilitate his image.

  3. Incredulous says:

    Spending time with your daughter should be more important than having a hit film, Tom.

    That last picture of Suri checking out her left red shoe is hilarious.

  4. brin says:

    Can’t imagine him getting full custody of Suri. *shudder*

    • Liv says:

      I can totally imagine that! And then he parks her at his sister’s house like he did with his other kids. Unbelievable. I hope that doesn’t happen, but we all know that he will try to get full custody in a few years.

      • Vesper says:

        I believe this entire story is bs. The reason being is that Tom’s lawyers must have already informed Tom of the reality – he has zero chance of obtaining full custody of Suri.

        A judge is not going to uproot a child and take her away from her mother, who has always been the primary caregiver (with very few exceptions – i.e., Katie becomes a unfit parent). It doesn’t matter how responsible, and how committed Tom seems, it will not happen. The best interests of the child is always the primary goal of the court, and once custody has been decided, it is very unlikely to be changed. Stability and consistency is what the court aims for.

        In fact, attempting to gain full custody of Suri down the road could completely backfire. Tom already has a history of parental alienation, and trying to bribe Suri with expensive trips and gifts could be seen as manipulation, and an attempt by Tom to repeat the past. A court could limit his visitation if he gives Katie enough ammunition.

        Tom just needs to accept that this is a battle he will never win. Karma is sweet.

  5. Rhea says:

    Does this mean that we would see a lot of trip to Disney in the future for Suri and Tom???

  6. miss t. says:

    Stories like this are stupid. It’s not up to the public to decide who gets custody of a child.

    • gg says:

      It’s also not up to the dad. No way will a court award him full custody over the mother of the child. It rarely happens. Maybe when she’s older and sucked into the vortex of materialistic existence Tom lives in and decides she’d rather have diamonds and cars than her mother’s love, it might happen. But I doubt it. Every single dad I know is under the fantasy assumption they can just file for full custody and get it, if they tie up their ex in court long enough to wear them and their finances down, and it just doesn’t happen. Worst case scenario at present is joint custody and I don’t see that happening either.

  7. Julie says:

    Sadly, it will probably will work out for him. I know it’s out of the question but I wish Katie would take her 25 mil that she is supposed to have and leave the country with the kid. CO$ is illegal in Germany. If she doesn’t do something strong he’ll get the kid. The average movie going person isn’t paying much attention and if he stays out of the limelight everything about the burner phones will fade from memory.

  8. DEB says:

    BARF, just BARF. I’ve watched interviews where he laughs for no reason and very inappropriately, very. It’s downright c-r-e-e-p-y. And mental health terminology has a name for it.

    • Turd Fergussen says:

      +1. Sociopath? Narcissist? Both?

      • DEB says:

        Narcissist, yes. Sociopath, perhaps. The way he can “clinically” end a relationship with no remorse whatsoever is disturbing. Type A Control Freak, yes. He also has a lot of repressed anger inside him due to his childhood. He is very easily rankled. If he really wanted time with his daughter (away from the paps), he would do that in a second instead of always being off shooting movie after movie after movie after movie. Creep? YES. Liar? YES.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Narcissist. $cientology arguably instills behaviour that has sociopathic tendencies though.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    Fine with her in a non-Xenu school? Hahaha yeah right, tell me another one. Also there is no way Tommy cuts back on the workload, at least not by choice. He is way too obsessive for that. I just shudder to think what he will get up to if that Reacher movie of his bombs or even underperforms. Such a creep but particularly when he feels the STAR label is threatened.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree. His ego won’t let him step away from the movie making spotlight for any length of time, not even for his child.

      And the SMILE!!! is getting very scarey.

    • bluhare says:

      Speaking of Reacher, I can’t think of an actor who is less appropriate to play him, except for maybe Danny DiVito.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        So true..I am a huge Reacher fan, and I was actually pissed when I read that he will be playing him. All that manic Tom energy is totally wrong for the character. It was like when Tom Hanks played the lead in The Da Vinci code, when the character was clearly described as a “Harrison Ford” type in the book.

        Why does Hollywood ruin all these great characters???

    • CC says:

      I know, right? He wants her as a part of the cult. Daddy’s little princess, when the daddy is the organization’s #1 or 2, not belonging to the cult? Yea, like that’s something he wants. *cough*

      And he also wants to retain that mystique of A+ movie star that it’s so hard to come by and even harder to retain.

      Besides, Tom wants to win at everything, at all costs. Suri is something that he wants to win, because that’s all he does.

  10. RHONYC says:

    yeah, uh-huh…in more about ‘me’ news, lol…i wonder if i could pull off Katie’s adorable polka-dot halter with my tig ol’ bitties?

    love that look. :-)

    • gg says:

      Hm, the cut of that top is problematic if your puppies are big. Tends to make them look monster-sized. I have 3 tops like that and every time I put one on I change my mind.

    • Pia says:

      Funny, I admired the shirt too and thought “no bra, not an option” *sigh*… I love my boobs, but I wish I had more freedom with what I could wear without looking obscene. (Instead of doing it anyway and looking like a I have no self-pride like so many other women these days, because… women’s rights and all! you are free to look like crap if you want!) lol

      • gg says:

        Whowee I hear ya. You know what else – it’s getting very hard to find bras that are non-push-up, or made of unwanted molded foam, making one’s too-large boobs yet another size bigger. I lament the advent of the foam chests people sport today.

        And if you sit slouchy, you can see the chasm between the foam and the skin, which looks very strange on smaller chests.

        I wish I were flatter. :: sigh ::

      • Trashaddict says:

        Serious question: where do you get your bras? My daughter has the same problem and likes really plain, nonfussy bras but unfortunately she’s hard to fit.
        Every bit of lace or the strap not feeling right drives her crazy.

      • gg says:

        @Trashaddict: I troll Target because they sometimes have a large selection. My old standby favorites were Lily of France I used to get at department stores in the 70s, 80s and 90s – the shimmer ones. Nothing but stretchy fabric; no foam, no pushup, great cut – nice V shape in the front so it doesn’t show with a lower neckline, fasten in the front and last forever. I do not love Victoria’s Secret because there is way too much unwanted, scratchy frou-frou, lastability is not that great, too pricey, and I have no use for electric blue or red bras, but I think they just released a line that looks exactly like the old Lily of France ones. My sister, who is larger than I, swears by those european bra shops that specialize in hard to please customers, and I think she pays about 35-50 bucks for them, which isn’t too bad if you get exactly what you want.

        For sports bras, I love the brand: Basics. Carried at Target. Very comfy, great coverage and last forever.

        Happy shopping and good luck! :)

        p.s. sorry to be so off topic – thank you posters for your indulgence.

  11. eska says:

    What a mindless father. He is ready to spoil (and make unhappy in near future) own daughter just to win his public image. This little girl is a human being not your golden ticket to be popular again!

    • Lauren says:

      Everything TC does is for his fake image. Where is Isabella? I think TC is a fine actor, but his personal life is more frightening than Ted Bundy. Actually, TB had more Education than TC..why do women keep marrying this brainwashed man? Fame * Mon$y.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Isabella is living in an apartment off of Skid-Row in LA with her mutually deeply-ensconced CO$ boyfriend, attempting to pursue an art career.

        Conor, of course, is trying to become the Next Big Thing by trying his had at DJ’ing and he also has a role in the re-make of Red Dawn. (I just CAN’T with that remake.)

  12. Jaded says:

    The only image overhaul that would work is if he hauls his image away from Co$ for good. We’re on to your whackdoodle “religion” Tommy-boy and your sick, sycophantic relationship with Miscavige. Best to leave the sinking starship.

  13. DanaG says:

    How many movies has Tom got lined up? When is he going to be spending all this time with Suri could be awhile away. I don’t think anyone is going to be stupid enough to believe Tom Cruise again. But I can see him doing everything he can to win over Suri and I bet at some stage in a couple of years he probably will do it. Katie is aware no doubt aware of what Tom is up too and there is very little she can do about it. I hope Suri works out what Katie did was for her. I get the feeling Tom is recreating that Disney themed room for little Suri. She is going to have problems with such vastly differing parenting styles.

    • Intercontinental says:

      Not if Katie is smart enough to bring a child psychologist on board for Suri, like now! That would also be a great way to keep Suris head clear of CoS!

      • Tara says:

        I’m still hoping Katie had information/leverage to somehow install some ironclad tripwires into the settlement. I don’t know if such a thing is possible… But I hope there’s some way she has made sure Tom will NEVER get legal custody and that there’s no way Suri is ever without her nonCO$ bodyguards

  14. Hautie says:

    Nothing perks up my morning more… than a glimpse of our favorite maniac, Tom Cruise.

    I swear, I can hear that laughter of his… every time I see one of these bizarre pictures.

    • Sugar says:

      same w/me I can hear him smiling. Only it is an evil “yeah-nooo” laugh.
      There should be a ringtone made from it so ex’s can use it as a heads up like a danger danger evil ex intimidator manipulator BSer calling!

  15. Riana says:

    Katie looks so much happier now that she got that 150 LB midget off her back. She even stands up straighter!

  16. mewmow says:

    That picture of the two of them where she is looking at him like he is insane makes me laugh every time! ;-)

  17. Relli says:

    Ugh is man is so delusional and disturbing. I really think that he believes that he is still a Hollywood heartbreaker that every woman wants and every man wants to be. While I have no doubts he has loyal fans (gross) this situation is going to be completey different then the custody battle with Nicole because of the Internet alone. When he and Nicole split there wasn’t an common place for all who think he is crazy to gather and discuss. With just the usual rag mags controlling the information it was easy to spin that he’s the perfect father and Nic was an ice queen who only cared about her career.

    I hope that Katie prevails and gives the kid the stability she needs. Children aren’t stupid.

  18. Chatcat says:

    Dear Tom Cruise’s PR Team,

    I am writing in response to recent reports that your client, Tom Cruise, aka Tiny Tom, Tom the Tyrant, TommyGirl, Man Without a Beard (to name a few), is looking to rehabilitate his image. As a completely disinterested party into what this narcissistic little tormentor actually does, but as a member of the human race who believes spaceships are for astronauts only, I just wanted to give you fair warning that some things cannot be fixed, and your client’s reputation of not being a self-absorbed whack job is one of them.

    Please do not try to shove that “Father of the Year” crap on every smut rag weekly, we are not that stupid.

    Please do not let him take a break from movies, because he’d get more time with Suri to brainwash her, and besides, it’s been so much fun to watch all his latest movies fail miserably. It is the wee bit of selfishness in us all.

    Please do not try to insinuate that cult boy cares more about his daughter then he does himself or his position in CO$. If his past antics are any indicator, he is most likely so livid right now that Katie gold-medaled in Narcissistic Husband Dumping, that he is ripping out his ab implants with tin foil covered tweezers that were constructed by slave labor. How do you fix that image?

    The list goes on and on about how it would not behoove you to try your own Mission Impossible with this PR makeover. In business, as in life, there are times to cut your losses and move on…and this is clearly one of them.

    Yours in Abandonment of Lost Causes

    • The Original Mia says:

      You win a gold medal in glibness. Bravo! Excellent performance.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Is it any wonder why I love this site?

      Chatcat, you are awesome! ☻

    • Intercontinental says:

      LOL…well done chit chat…awesome!! 😃

    • Elizabeth says:

      You glib b**ch, I love you! Come back soon and write irreverently about TC.

      You have a great future in nasty blogging!

    • DEB says:

      Awesome, simply awesome. I’d actually like to see that letter sent to his agent or PR team, big-time. Yep. Totally. :D

    • Genevieve says:

      @ chatchat:….

      OK, I spewed on some pretty important papers over that. I blame YOU. LMAO!!! Thank you for an entertaining morning pick-me-up.

      Yours in sarcasm,


    • the original bellaluna says:

      Beautiful, Chat! Just beautiful. Now if only we could forward that to the CO$…

      • gg says:

        Already have; they apparently read every article CB publishes just based on the zombie postings.

        Word to zombies or suspected zombies: Change your damn posting names at least.

        Hi, Gold Base! ::waves, thumbs nose::

      • the original bellaluna says:

        *joins gg waving; thumbing nose*

      • Genevieve says:

        @ O Bellaluna:…maybe she should shoot that over to Marty Rathbun’s blog site as an “Open Letter to Tom Cruise”.

        You never know…he might just publish that!…:D

    • Izzy says:

      Good one! I choked on a piece of asparagus while reading this! I wonder if Tommy’s Trolls read this stuff. If they are reading this, Trolls, take note: NO ONE will buy the Father of the Year crap, and Katie will bring down the wrath of… well… everyone who isn’t crazy, if the Lift-Wearing Midget tries to take Suri.

    • sapphire says:

      Literate and effective…Standing O!

    • Liberty says:

      Chatcat, you are fantastic!!! Still laughing.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Love, love, LOVE your letters!!! That was awesome Chatcat.

    • Tiffin says:


      I bow down before your awesomeness!! Absolutely terrific post. Mee-oww!!

  19. Tifygodess24 says:

    He must be so tiring to be around , plus where there’s manic there’s depressive , so I can not even beginning to wonder how that is. He’s a loon who tries so hard to come off as normal and that’s just scary. You don’t have to try and be normal. And I hate how he looks at his kids , mostly Suri , as property that must be won.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      That’s what I’ve said before, too. Can you imagine the sheer amount of energy he sucks out of a person?

      My God, to be around that level of mania and ego all the time! No wonder Katie aged 20 years in just 5!

    • Shoe_lover says:

      my brother is manic depressive and I can tell you it is beyond exhausting. he lives with us because he and his gf split and some days I wish I could just knock him out. it’s horrible to say but everyone has a limit and some days it takes all my effort not to scream at him to just shut up!!! especially when he has woken me up multiple times during the night. most people assume that the depressive times would be the worst but that is when he is easier to manage and he is quiet! when he is manic I would gladly rip my ear drums out. but whether up or down you have to watch yourself because the littlest things set him off and he has a mighty temper. He also doesn’t seem to care that he is living rent free in someone else’s home- he thinks he can do what he likes and treat people how he likes. it’s no coincidence that I started getting headaches the last few months- just from stress and tension!! And all this from drugs, not the temper though- he’s always had a temper. Let my brother be a cautionary tale- say no to drugs. Even weed- that’s how it started.

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    +1 on this post. Good writing Bedhead.

  21. DANDILION says:

    Not now.. not ever, in.. his.. lifetime.

  22. Intercontinental says:

    It will all fly back in his face as long as Katie stays strong! Suri will have no respect for him whatsoever and will have bucket fulls for Katie for showing her a ‘normal life’ and keeping her as grounded as possible! He will just be the cash cow – unless Katie can prove to her that money doesn’t buy happiness, love, common sense and kindness and really that’s all you need in life to survive!

    Team Katie! 😃

  23. ronnie says:

    Is that a new pic of Katie in polka dots?? Look at Suri’s hair!! I think it’s braided! Baby steps Katie, first the ponytail then the braids and then maybe…. a hair cut. They both need a trim.

  24. Genevieve says:

    Yeah well, good luck with all that, Tiny Tom. You are a tyrant, a fraud and a small-minded little man who has sold his soul to CO$.

    Why don’t you give your poor ex-wife and adorable little girl a break, and just give it a rest with the “normal”. You never have been, seriously doubt you ever will be in the future. Maybe we’ll all luck out, and it’s just too late for you to still have any relevance.

    I do still hope your sick cult gets busted, though. Cheerio little guy.

    *walks off with glare of DISGUST*

  25. Turd Fergussen says:

    Tommy Girl is crazy, disingenuous, dangerous, arrogant, a complete narcissist, a cult member, and a closet case. I hate to admit it, but I am so waiting for all this to blow up in his face. There is no celebrity I’d rather see have a total fall from grace. He’s a damn maniac.

  26. divax says:

    Off topic, I know, but I’d never noticed how knock-kneed Katie is (last pic)

  27. Ella says:

    ““Tom is absolutely planning on going after custody of Suri in the future,” says an insider. “His plan is to wait for now, and then fight for it down the line.””

    If that’s the plan, it’s a really dumb plan. What judge is going to remove a child from the home of the parent she’s been living with for years?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      A judge who knows that the child is of reasonable age to make a request as to with which parent she wants to reside.

      It sucks, and I don’t make the rules, but I do know them. For Cali, at least.

      • sapphire says:

        Totally respect you, Bella, but custody issues are decided in this case in New York. Far less of a chance before the child is 15 or 16.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        sapphire – Mutual respect. And I am SO relieved to hear that. In CA, they start listening at around 10-12 years old. 15-16 is much more preferable.

  28. aang says:

    creepy. i was too young to see risky business but i remember top gun being on HBO 5 times a day and being creeped out by him even then. could not stand the smug smile. (although i had no idea what smug was, i knew there was something wrong.) have never seen him in anything since except jerry maguire. the guy is so obviously crazy. why is he famous? seriously???

    • EllaDee says:

      Interview with a Vampire is the only movie of his I can stomach. Mostly because he is as batshit crazy as Lestat, so it was a perfect casting choice.

    • Zimmer says:

      Totally agree with you. Have never understood the attraction or interest in Tom Cruise, even in high school when all my friends were hot for him.

  29. Lucy2 says:

    His image is beyond repair, and I don’t see any court giving hom full custody.
    I wonder if Katie has any leverage left to use against him if he keeps up the spoiling nonsense. Travel restrictions during the school year or something?

  30. Jordan says:

    The only way for him to rehabilitate his image is to disavow the CoS. Period.

  31. bk says:

    I just can’t wait until Katie gets a new “significant other.” And I just hope and pray that it’s someone Suri really connects to. Tom can’t stand being #2, but to a stepdad who is really there for her, instead of just being there to lavish gifts? He’ll explode. (the tiniest explosion in the world!)

  32. e.non says:

    he is such a malicious creep, i have no doubt he’ll do everything he can to wrestle that kid away from her mother.

    i wonder whatever happened between them and the beckhams. i figured that it was cruise’s efforts to recruit them was likely the cause. they were new to l.a. and here was the most famous movie star in the world offering ‘friendship’…

    • DEB says:

      One of their sons has epilepsy and he would have had to cease taking his meds had they joined that creepy cult. Mrs. Beckham said “no way.” Smart woman. Her son very possibly avoided the fate that Jett Travolta suffered.

  33. ladybert62 says:

    Suri needs some friends her own age – she needs to go to school and make friends and have fun with those friends rather than just having fun with dad.

    Kathi has a rough road ahead of her with Tom planting happiness land mines all along Suri’s future road.

  34. k says:

    Why is it that other family members who leave CoS are forbidden to contact the remaining family, yet Suri can continue to see Tom?

    • Jordan says:

      CoS still denies having that policy even though it’s a lie, but TC is too high profile for them to enforce that rule. Plus, they (TC and his cult) probably are planning to try to get full custody of Suri at some point, like others have said, so he needs to stay in her life.

    • gg says:

      Because the leader of the co$, David Misgavige (Miss Cabbage) is in love with Tom and Tom can do anything he wants. They make up the rules to this dippy “church” as they go along. Miss Cabbage and Tom have a thing together.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, did we call it or did we call it?

    With men like TC, there is no such thing as a “quick and simple” settlement. They see it as a challenge to their authoritay *in best Cartman voice* and, while they may slink off to lick their egos (wounds), they’re really just re-grouping their battle plans.

    I feel especially bad for both Katie and Suri, as this is going to be a lifelong battle, a la Basinger v Baldwin. Mark my words, it’s going to get THAT ugly.

    • Izzy says:

      I think he’s going to try, and I think he believes Co$ can help him sway a judge, but something (my gut) tells me that Katie has stockpiled enough ammunition against Co$ to successfully fight him off. Don’t know why I feel that way, but I just do. Something in the way he caved so quickly. He wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t have to, would he?

      • Julie says:

        He never would have caved so quickly if she didn’t have ammo. Never. It made him and CO$ look bad. I’d give my own cash to know what it was.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Izzy, there’s two options:

        1) He did it to lull her into a false sense of security, something along the lines of “Well, that wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be…” to get her to lower her defences (and possibly turn over any incriminating info she had one him);

        2) He did it because he was directed to by the CO$, which can’t afford any more damage to its already-crumbling facade, and CO$ probably did convince him they could be a powerful ally in his future battles over Suri.

        Personally, I believe it was a combo of both.

        And no one will EVER convince me that TC’s “alternate birthday trip to Cali” wasn’t the result of being summoned to the mothership by DM and told to squash that shit. NOW.

    • Bondon says:

      We called it. Alas, it’s starting.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I feel bad for Katie. She has no idea how long a battle she’s in for.

        (I got lucky when my abuser – my oldest’s father – just never showed up on my son’s third birthday. He called to say he was running late, and I never heard from him again. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I failed to notify him AND the courts whenever I moved; changed my phone number; stuff like that.)

    • Chatcat says:

      And in just about a month “The Master” will hit theaters, not only the premise of the movie, but the incredible and so talented PSH along with Joaquin’s on screen presence will just add to the discrediting of CO$. The Tiny Tyrant’s handlers should focus on building a rubber room for their charge rather then trying to rehabilitate is image, because he will be incensed over the whole event, and not the least enraging will be that PSH will probably get nominated for an Oscar for the role! Can you imagine the meltdown! Whoa~

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Chat – I hope Suri’s with Katie when that happens. :(

        Those CO$ slave-labourers need to start sewing tiny straight jackets and padding some rooms in his compound. Removing the glass, sharps, and remotes would be a good idea too.

        This should have been started MONTHS ago – have you read how many sqft that compound is?!? A month isn’t enough time!

      • Julie says:

        I’m guessing if it gets nominated TC won’t have the stones to show up on the red carpet I would watch the Oscars next time around just to see it win big. I never got the impression that Tom is all that well liked in his industry.
        And to add to the subject, I’m expecting TC to wait about 6 mos to a year before he gets married again. That would be good for Suri if his mind is elsewhere. I just don’t want to him to procreate again. Via petri dish or otherwise. No child should be subjected to CO$.

      • gg says:

        I cannot wait to see this movie. Looks great.

  36. princesslizabeth says:

    He is absolutely bonkers.

  37. Bailey says:

    I have a feeling Katie has WAY TOO MUCH DIRT on Tom for him to even have the nerve to try for full custody.

    • CF98 says:

      Me too she wouldn’t have gone through all this if she didn’t know she’d win and be vindicated in the end. And I think her trump card is that the kid isn’t really Tom’s and she’s not afraid to go public with it if forced.

      And I’m leaning towards her former DC costar Josh Jackson as the bio daddy the resemblance is uncanny.

  38. Sirsnarksalot says:

    I hate to say it but I called this one a few weeks ago. He has started the “super involved dad” role to get full custody or at the very least equal custody in the future. All he has to do is prove to the Court that he’s a great involved father and they will be sure to increase his custody standing. Also the lavishing of gifts and trips on Suri? That’s because a court will give great weight to what the child wants. So if he can get Suri to see life with him as better than with Katie, he’ll win. It sucks but I said before, she needs to be ready to do battle for a long time. And if you don’t think he can be successful look at what happened with his other kids after his and Nocole’s divorce. Remember how she explained their absence by saying that living in LA with their Dad was hard to compete with…

    • Bess says:

      I think everyone guessed that Tom would go all out to compete with Katie as “super dad”.

      If Katie’s team was slick enough to fool Tom over the divorce, they anticipated this too.

      • CF98 says:

        I think that’s why Katie is taking it public to NYC he probably has a ton of clout in CA but in NY not so much.

  39. Ravensdaughter says:

    OMG, give it up! Any family law judge with half a brain could see who the APPROPRIATE parent is-that is, assuming the next phase is litigated in NY State, NOT California.

  40. bluhare says:

    If Tom were an involved parent who loves his child, he would not be doing things that are obviously designed to cause conflict between the child and her mother. This stuff makes me sick.

  41. G says:

    IF he thinks a tabloid campaign of child carrying, child Prada excess will get custody stripped from Katie he is insane. For a movie star he is remarkably tone deaf to his public image.

    My theory: This is more like a strategy to explain away to other CO$ members why his family has not been shunned in the way a regular CO$ member would be required to.

    It’s CO$ trying to rehabilitate their image through Cruise.

  42. Mac says:

    As an Operating Thetan (level) VII, Cruise already has the ability of mind control using mental telepathy.

    He also possesses telekinetic powers which may also aid him in his quest for full custody.

  43. Nilber says:

    I am a very blessed woman that has parents that have been married 34 yrs. They still act like they are on their honeymoon. It’s sweet.
    My Dad had multiple cancers from the time I was born till I was 18. So there were small trips that we made. It’s funny that the best memories were not of the flashy trips they are of the times we went to the mountains or “rod runs.” That was my normalcy, I completely respect how much my Mom gave us that. My Dad did too when he wasn’t in the hospital. I didn’t always show the appreciation I should have when I was little but I do now.

    Suri will too, hopefully. Frankly the Co$ scares me. I am completely baffled about how some very intelligent people fall for it. Manipulations, blackmail and straight up threats are not a something that I want to deal with. It makes me wonder at they lengths they go to and a small child isn’t off limits.

    I know a lot of people complain about how much Katie is photographed but it is a strange type of protection from the cult. I used to be a huge Tom Cruise fan but I can’t stand to look at him these days. His priorities are messed up and now he is trying to make it up. I am sure the over the top outings are confusing Suri as much as anything else.

  44. Jay says:

    How does spoiling your child or even (hypothetically) being a good parent get you sole custody? If the other parent is also a good parent, the best you’ve done is justify joint custody.

  45. dorothy says:

    Tom doesn’t get it. Katie wanted a more normal life for her daughter. Tom doesn’t come close to normal. And, his involvement with the cult will not cease, that is something any mother would be worried about their child being around. I’m rooting for Katie.

  46. Lia says:

    I’m guessing Holmes has some info that would destroy both Cruise and his cult. I don’t think he’d fight for full custody or he would have done it already.

  47. Ally says:

    Poor Suri:(

  48. Tansey says:

    I read this website for entertainment and I don’t ever get emotionally involved in celebs lives, but that’s not the case here. I genuinely care about what happens with Katie and Suri and I’m so afraid for them, Suri especially, if Tom gets full custody of her. I really don’t know why I feel this way, I don’t know any of them personally. I just hope that Katie is able to keep Suri full time and that Tom only has limited access to her. I wouldn’t say that if he wasn’t such a brainwashed nutcase, but he is, and I don’t want him turning Suri against her mother like he did with Nicole Kidman’s kids. The whole situation just makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Julie says:

      i am the same way. Until this story hit I’d had never even commented on a website before. I think it hits home for alot of people, especially women.
      A) the abusive nature of the marriage
      B) the wealthy/older controller vs. the younger prey
      C) the sheer ugliness of CO$, a domineering, woman hating, child abusing, family wrecking group of horrid people.
      D) a child custody case where the father will do anything to get his version of a “win”.
      E)My personal thing is that the bastards in life usually seem to win or they lose way too late in life to save those around them.

    • gg says:

      Tansey, I understand. But you have nothing to worry about – he ain’t getting custody. There are just no grounds.

  49. swack says:

    As I read this article, I find it hard that he would get full LEGAL custody of Suri because he does not have primary PHYSICAL custody. Legal custody means he would make medical, religious and educational decisions for Suri. Without having primary physical custody of Suri, the most he would probably get is joint legal custody. I’m thinking the reason Katie got full LEGAL custody (other than she has primary physical custody) is because Tom has so many movie projects in the works that he is not there, physically, enough if something would happen to her. My daughter has joint legal custody of her son and he lives with her most of the year (except for visitations). Joint legal custody would be difficult with the life style that Tom has. JMO.

    • G says:

      This custody was not the result of a court proceeding. Katie got full Legal custody because she asked for it and Tom agreed.

      Tom agreed because Katie had some sort of leverage that persuaded him and his legal team to capitulate very quickly.

      If this story is true he’s just kidding himself.

      • swack says:

        Having been through the custody thing with my daughter, typically they try to have you work out a custody settlement outside of court with a mediator. If you can’t agree then it goes to court. So by Tom agreeing, it didn’t have to go to court but it does have to be signed off by a judge. So for him to change the custody agreement he would have to go back to court. Again, my grandson’s father has threaten to go back to court over amount of custody and visitation. This is all from my experience as my daughter was 16 at the time and I was there to advise her.

  50. Kosmos says:

    I’m not sure he can get full custody if Katie is providing for her daughter and is a good mother, which she is. I don’t think Suri can decide what parent she lives with. It’s not often that parental rights are taken away from the mother unless there is just cause. Tom is something else, I have to gag at his always overly positive self image of himself, but we know what lurks under that. I don’t think the courts would rule giving him custody just because he can lavish gifts on his daughter or take her to expensive theme parks. I think normalcy, a good home, a loving parent and enough money to provide for her is what they want, and Katie is giving her all that.

  51. Mooshi says:

    I think when Suri is a teenager, she can ask the court to stay with her father (of course Tom would pay for her lawyer). I’ve known that to happen with one of my son’s friends.

    I think he is going to make sure that happens. It would be terrible to see how that would pit the child against her mother, if the child wanted to leave Katie’s house and couldn’t.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I totally agree that this is his plan…wait until Suri is old enough to tell a judge who she wants to live with…what teen wouldn’t want to live with the parent that lets you do whatever you want, gives you whatever you want, and tells you whatever you want to hear…he is biding his time…but, believe me, Tom is planning to win Suri, even if he has to wait a few years…cause Tom does not like to lose at anything…He actually scares me now, cause I think he would do ANYTHING to win…I hope Katie has a healthy fear of him and doesn’t let her guard down…

  52. buckley says:

    A bit off topic, but did anyone notice Conor Cruise got a part in the remake of Red Dawn?
    I actually liked that movie back in the day. Any Cruise connection kinda ruins it.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I just saw that today. The original movie was so good, and how is the premise of a Communist attack from Mexico going to be relevant right now?! I hate the Re-Makitis running rampant in H-Wood. :( I also get a Jaden Pinkett-Smith-like vibe from Conor. (You know: entitled; arrogant.)

      DO. NOT. WANT.

      • buckley says:

        I was wondering how they were going to address that. It looks like the invading forces are North Korean in the remake.
        I watched Red Dawn many many times (dating myself). I think it was just when cable came out…mid 80′s.

        I’m with you on your opinion of Jaden and Connor…yuk

      • Mac says:

        For all intensive purposes North Korea doesn’t seem like an adversary that would be capable of invading the USA.

        Maybe Charlie Sheen could reprise the downed pilot role originally played by Powers Booth.

  53. ViloDeMenus says:

    He’s the face of a dangerous cult, he’ll be lucky to keep unsupervised visitation. He’ll take Suri in for some brain washing on orders from Miscaviage and Katie will move for supervised visitation in a locked playground. It will happen, Tom will not win this in any court but certainly not in CA or NY. Too many sick bad things associated with the cult for a judge to let him run rampant with that child against the mother’s wishes.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      But legally, this is a RELIGION…so I don’t know if the courts can use the “cult thing” as a way to keep Suri away from TC and his band of nutjobs! Anyone a lawyer on this board who can help me out with this question?

  54. mimi says:

    I once had sympathy for the guy, then I thought he was fake, then I thought he was brainwashed and used by that cult, and now this is just so disturbing.

    I keep thinking what he did to Nicole and how he ruined his children’s childhood by alienating them from their mother and preventing them from going to a normal school and letting them be kids.

    I wish he was that great guy his image used to promise. That things he has done are so unsettling.
    I feel for Suri. Katie can give her a chance at normalcy. Real life, friends, school, a real home.

    I’m not sure how can society stop what he can do, brainwashing his child against her mother and trying to get her under the influence of the COS.

    The authorities should have found a way to intervene and protect his children with Nicole.

    I hope Katie will not let anything like that to happen and will demand supervised visitations with a social worker or someone who can make sure he is not messing with Suri’s head.

  55. jen d. says:

    Keep these stories up! I love that you have absolutely no tolerance for any Scientology bullshit.

    For awhile Tom Cruise was actually in movies I wanted to see. Magnolia was pretty awesome, and so was Collateral. I loved Interview with the Vampire too. Honestly, though, he’s usually not that good. I mean, he should have had a career similar to the one Bradley Cooper is having now. He’s not that great an actor. It makes me wonder just how much power the Co$ actually has.

    As an aside: My husband and I have a drinking game we play any time we watch Top Gun where we take a shot every time there’s a homoerotic moment. I always see that movie as a romance between Maverick and Val Kilmer’s character.

  56. Sophia says:

    Picture 3 = b*tch please meme

  57. Dee says:

    I didn’t realize how crazy everyone thinks Tom Cruise Maybe because I have not bothered to read about him until Katie left him. Why does everyone say he is manic? I read something disgusting about something David M head of Church said about him (don’t know if it is true) but after tthat can’t understand how Katie and Nicole stayed married to him even for a day. I wonder if his rage Is because his father beat him and abandoned him.Does he have borderline personality disorder? Also while I am no big fan of his I don’t believe this story. How would a paper find out what he is planning? I do believe he isin a rage that Katie left him and got custody. She told jm over the phone. I can just imagine hous reaction. Heist have gone beserk He must be at scientology headquarter now I’m a room punching walls, I feel sorry for h because he is so twisted mentally,

  58. Wendy City says:

    One thing that has not been mentioned here is that when a child reaches a certain age they, maybe 12??? I think it varies from state to state. But I have seen it with both family and friends where the judge asks the child who they want to live with. I have seen it in my own family and girlfriends who are strict and their ex-husband will cater to the child. The child will be in court and say they want to live with the father. Anything barring abuse or neglect. The request will be granted. I couldn’t believe it at first. It is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of but have seen it time and time again. At least in the state of Pennsylvania.
    I am all team Katie. I hope she realizes that she will constantly looking over her back and afraid for her child.
    Tom Cruise is evil. If you have any doubts about the cult of scientology just read the village voice running scared. Not just the forced labor but forced abortions and divorces. I hope she does have something on him and is not afraid to use it if he ever steps out of line.

  59. Dee says:

    Excuse my typos have to shut off auto correct.

  60. WOM says:

    The scary thing is that it’s completely possible that Cruise will fully rehab his public image. I really thought his career was over after that awful Oprah appearance, but he pulled it out of the crapper. And while I — a woman of Katie’s age, with children — think he’s vile, many of my family members still think he makes great movies. I can see him starring in a few low(er) budget movies where he plays a sensitive dad and the media (especially People magazine) will run umpteen stories about “life imitating art.”

    It won’t change my opinion: he’s a mentally deranged, alien-loving freak who cares more about fame and power than about his child.

    • Wendy City says:

      I totally agree with you. The average person that gets their gossip from PEOPLE Mag is totally buying this poor Tom bullsh!t. The one thing that he is not counting on is the mini-van majority turning against him if he makes a play to get full custody of suri. He will look like a monster taking a child away from their mother. This will also show a pattern of what he did to his other children. Women root for Katie because if you have ever been in her position where your husband’s lifestyle stayed the same and yours didnt due to a divorce will turn on Tom so fast.

    • CF98 says:

      Well Suri was a large part of why it was rehabbed in the first place without her and Katie for that matter he’d be where he is right now more or less.

  61. JRenee says:

    I worry that something will happen to Katie and he will automatically get custody. Too many people have died under mysterious circumstances,stay in the public eye. I honestly hopes he finds someone else and leave them alone.

    • CF98 says:

      I have a feeling if that were to happen Katie made sure whatever she had on Tom goes public an insurance policy if you will.