Tom Cruise lawsuit accuses L&S of Nazi ties, likens CO$ to Holocaust victims

Tom Cruise

I really wanted to use this movie still from Edge of Tomorrow for this story. The photo is insane, and so is Tom Cruise. We continue the saga of Tom’s no-good $50 million lawsuit against Bauer media for its (by now) 13-month-old “abandoned by daddy” story. Clearly Tom seems obsessed with taking down the tabloids even though he uses them for his own devices.

Tom keeps arguing about what a wonderful father he is (after not visiting Suri for over 100 days). He maintains that storytime on the phone is good enough to create a wonderful parent-child bond. He also admits to skipping scheduled Suri visits for Scientology events. All of this stuff is coming out via discovery even though Tom took such great care to shush Katie Holmes by giving her a quickie divorce. He didn’t want this stuff coming out ever. Tom’s a fool. He couldn’t handle himself during the deposition, and the jury trial will be a real sh-tshow. Plus … all three major tabloids (The Enquirer, Star, and In Touch) rehash the depo this week.

Nice work, Tom.

Things are getting even weirder with statements made by Tom’s lawyer, Bert Fields. Mr. Fields has the CO$ kool-aid running through his blood. The guy defends John Travolta against masseuses. Fields argues that Bauer’s alleged former ties with Nazism lead the publisher to persecute Scientologists just like the Jews during WWII. It’s worth noting that Scientology holds a revisionist version of Nazi history. CO$ actually believes the Holocaust was planned and executed by psychiatrists.

My position here is that Bauer may indeed have had past connections with the Nazi party as many other companies (like say, Hugo Boss) did. I won’t argue that point. BUT now I’m starting to feel like this “abandoned by daddy” lawsuit really isn’t about Suri at all. This lawsuit is actually Tom crusading for Scientology and using Suri to justify going after the tabloids. Here are the details from Radar:

Tom Cruise has been blasted for having an “inability to perceive any boundaries to logic or taste” after his legal team compared Jewish and gay journalists to cotton-picking slaves working on a plantation.

In documents obtained exclusively by, it’s revealed that lawyers for Cruise, 51, made the jaw-dropping statement following a deposition by the Editor-in-Chief of In Touch and Life & Style, Dan Wakeford, who said that claims by the Hollywood star that Bauer has an anti-Semitic and Nazist corporate culture were “ludicrous,” because several staff members are Jewish and/or gay.

Cruise’s attorneys responded to to the magazine boss’ position by likening it to “a plantation owner claiming, ‘I’m no racist'” even though everyone “picking my cotton is black.”

Lawyers for the German-based publisher cited the quote in a November 12 filing as an alleged example of Top Gun star Cruse’s “inability to perceive any boundaries to logic or taste.” They also claimed Cruise has “trivialized” the Holocaust, the mass murder or genocide of approximately six million Jews during World War II, with his argument that Bauer is pro-Nazi and anti-Scientology.

“By doing so, Cruise trivializes the Holocaust as he attempts to draw entirely unfounded analogies between the most serious of historical events and current entertainment news coverage about his divorce that only briefly touches on his Scientology religion,” Bauer wrote as part of its bid to have a District Court judge issue a protective order against Cruise, who they argue is on a campaign to “harass, oppress and annoy.”

Cruise’s lawyers did not return Radar’s request for comment asking them to explain the context of the racially charged plantation remark.

As Radar first revealed, Cruise has accused Bauer of having a “long and disgraceful record of religious hatred any bigotry” and a “fawning admirer of Hitler and the Nazis.”

“Bauer may disguise its present attacks [on Cruise] as mere tabloid-style gossip,” the Oscar-nominee’s long-time lawyer Bert Fields wrote in a 2012 letter to Bauer.

“But it’s really a continuation of the same pattern of bigotry the company espoused under Hitler. Only now, it’s focused on Scientologists rather than Jews and it’s been reformatted to make money from young Americans, while indoctrinating them with Bauer’s current messages of hate.”

Cruise and his legal team have attempted to prove their position about Bauer during 13 months of litigation. But according to the publishing house, they’ve blatantly ignored what little evidence has been unearthed from thousands of documents and nine depositions of Bauer witnesses.

“Cruise ignores Wakeford’s repeated testimony explaining that the Bauer family is ‘not involved on a day-to-day basis of the magazines, per se,'” lawyers told the Los Angeles court. Nor does Cruise explain — because he cannot — why he studiously avoided asking questions of the nine Bauer witnesses that would have revealed whether the imagined pro-Nazi culture actually existed.

“Tellingly, in his zeal to ascribe the reporting at issue to an anti-Scientology bias emanating from Germany, Cruise dismisses the indisputable fact that a broad swath of the media coverage of his divorce during the same time period was nearly identical to that of the Bauer Defendants as indicating only that “Scientology is a target for widespread discrimination.'”

In its filing, Bauer reiterated that at the core of the libel action was Cruise’s “repeated and extended absences” from his daughter Suri, seven, following his split from Holmes — and not his “offensive conspiratorial endeavor” of racism and bigotry.

“Recognizing that he has admitted as true the critical facts that informed the conclusions actually at issue in this action, Cruise attempts to divert attention to an irrelevant sideshow about a supposed ‘corporate-wide [Bauer] culture of bigotry’ driven by pro-Nazi/anti-semitic/anti-Scientology biases,” the lawyers argued.

[From Radar Online]

It’s interesting how Bert Fields analogizes Bauer’s alleged anti-Scientology bias and slave labor on a plantation. That’s actually really sad because the CO$ runs on the blood and sweat of Sea Org members. Tom reaps the benefits of slave labor in his own homes. What a joke.

One wonders who ever told Tom that this lawsuit would be a success instead of an absolute disaster. Bauer was supposed to roll over just like every other company or individual who has been litigated to death by Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard’s motto was to attack, not to defend; to sue until the other side gives up or runs out of money. The CO$ did well with these harassing tactics for decades, but they’ve run out of luck in the internet age. This spells more bad news for Tom’s image, which will only take him back to his 2005 level of crazy in the public’s mindset. Let’s relive some photos from that era, shall we?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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  1. Ag says:

    If this wasn’t so sad, pathetic, and hypocritical, it’d be funny. The level of delusion here is quite amazing.

    Time to stick your shoe-lifted foot in your mouth and go away for a while, Tom.

  2. Apples says:

    He’s a huge fan of hyperbole.

  3. blue marie says:

    Damn dude, just how deep do you want to make that hole you’re digging? Idiot

    • paige says:

      RIGHT?? amazing.

    • Lisa says:

      A few years ago, my dad (who is in his 60s and pays pretty much zero attention to celebrity news) and I were chatting, and TC’s name came up. I said, “He has gone completely nuts,” and my dad said, “I am beginning to think so!”

      When you’re losing people like my dad, you are in big trouble. Yet TC and his Co$ sycophants just keep digging…

      • lunchcoma says:

        My mother, who isn’t very aware of celebrities beyond those who appear on Dancing with the Stars, just sighs and says how handsome and nice he used to seem in a disappointed-sounding voice. I agree that if you’ve lost that audience, you’re getting some bad PR.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I can’t stand TC as a person. I still love him as an actor, but it is getting harder and harder to watch his films and enjoy them, knowing he is so bizarre in real life. I could handle it a lot better if he would keep a low profile.

      • gg says:

        I’ve made a point of educating my parents about the evils of the co$ and hopefully they passed it on to their friends in the retirement community.

        The more Crusie and their brainwashed co$-shilling lawyers talk, the better. They are of the mind that they can say any old thing they want just to shout down their opponent, which does not work in a court forum. They are hilarious. More, please.

  4. mia girl says:

    I’m so glad you used that picture at the top of the post.
    So many captions/voiceovers could be applied!

    First that comes to mind…

    “In a world gone mad, only one man can save the planet… with his farts of fire”

  5. ANNE says:

    After this mess post-divorce, Tom will stay forever with the image of eccentric and wacky, pricipalmente in USA. He will have to change his team of lawyers and publicists. Sue tabloid? Honestly. I do not think he abandoned Suri, just think Holmes threw him the life of his daughter. He had more to lose from the scandal. Let hopes that in the end everyone is well mainly Suri not ask to was born in these “arrangements” two opportunists. I hope CF98 your opinion on this subject. Bjs. Annie.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Well, those are certainly the most complicated lifts he’s ever worn. Plus they’re fire resistant!

    Wow, this lawsuit is blowing up in their faces. I’m struggling to see how a tabloid reporting he hadn’t seen his kid for 100 days (which he admitted is TRUE!) has anything to do with Nazism, but then again I don’t expect facts or common sense from CO$.

  7. insomniac says:

    You know how people ask why more celebrities don’t sue tabloids when the tabloids print falsehoods about them? This is why. Tom Thumb would have been so much better off if he’d just let that story slip off into tabloid oblivion.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Tom Cruise needs a permanent crisis team.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      The more he keeps this up, the less he seems like a posterboy and more he seems like a brainwashed puppet. He really isn’t intelligent and it’s clear he’s been living in a bubble for far far too long. It reminds me crrepily of Michael Jackson. For Jackson, it was dr.s and drugs for Cruise it’s scientologists and vanity. Whats sad is the dude could benefit from a team of psychologists (aka the Debil in Scientology).

      • Eleonor says:

        I thought to Michael Jackson too, if you think there are similarities: both were superstars in the ’80s, I remember when Tom Cruise was the hottest thing around (the Top Gun era) and they went from ruling the world (ok Michael in his own field was waaay more powerful and talented than TC has ever been) to being a puppet in hands of enablers.

    • mayamae says:

      And to follow your thought, he needs a crisis management team uninvolved with CO$. When the whole divorce went down, I did a little research on the cult. I’ve known the bad side of CO$ since before he ever married Katie, but there wasn’t the availability of info like now. I watched a David Miscavige interview on youtube. It was similar to Nightline, but I can’t remember the exact program. Miscavige was so obviously nutty and could not back up a point to save his life. He was defensive, angry, and argumentative. CO$ has become so tone deaf, they are incapable of self awareness. I think that was the last television interview he ever did.

  9. Christin says:

    Once upon a time, he actually seemed normal. Those days were called the 1980s.

    • LAK says:

      To the general public perhaps. To the industry he was always a tool and co$ simply pandered to what was already apparent. However, he had an amazing publicist who everyone feared and so nothing was written about him and since public didn’t know anything about him, and his public appearances were strictly choreographed, he *seemed* normal. Here are 2 articles about him and his team:

      a) Pat Kingsley, who ran his PR until he foolishly fired her after the Nicole divorce.
      b) Sally Van Slyke, who was a universal studios publicist.

      I remember when i was university student the year INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE was filmed in London and crazy stories about him were leaking only to be hushed up as quickly as they came. And of course no paper would print them.

      BTW, PMK still looks after many if not all the major stars and still practice Pat’s methods.

      • TG says:

        Wow just read the Sallie Van Slyke piece. It just confirms what we all knew about this manic freak. I believe every word too.

      • Lucy2 says:

        That second article is fascinating, thanks for posting them.
        He’s a psycho. I’m just glad his veneer has cracked and more and more truth is coming out.

      • LAK says:

        Lucy2/TG: every time someone says or seems to think co$ was the thing that made TC err to the dark side, i post these 2 articles because TC *was/is* a tool without the co$. i’d wager that it is merely an extension of who he is in as far as it panders to his self defined goals. 2 ships sailing in the same direction.

  10. ncmagnolia says:

    Tom Cruise is a complete nutter.

  11. Kiddo says:

    Godwin’s law without use of the internet.

  12. Emily C. says:

    This is a common Scientology tactic. They have no idea how it plays outside the cult.

    • doofus says:

      or against a target with enough money to fight back and/or defend itself.

    • gg says:

      ^^ yes to both of these comments. I rub my hands together with anticipation.

      I’d like to see them start one of their squirrel-squad harassment campaigns against this Judge if they lose. Judges don’t play.

  13. atorontogal says:

    At least if he had acting skills to fall back on….but alas these too seem to be all in his mind.

  14. Jaded says:

    That’s rich considering the amount of slave labour he’s used over the years to enrich his life. He’s definitely fallen off his perch…in a big way.

    We should actually be happy that he’s making such a fool of himself and Co$ as a result.

  15. Buffoon says:

    Here’s is all you need no know about CO$, David Miscavige and his idea of PR. It’s Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder fishing and discussing Battlefield Earth:

    • Florc says:

      It’s not all you need to know, but it’s a start. They’re such a terrible organization. How is Tom still tolerated and famous?! His movies are not what they use to be and his pull has lessened. Does one really have to be worthless to hollywood for them to take a stand for the right.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Florc and Buffoon, agree w/ both of you. How utterly typical that the poster boy for CO$ would go into attack and smear mode over something totally non-related to the lawsuit. Anything related to CO$-cult litigation is tainted and dirty.

  16. loverat says:

    I detested TC from the moment I saw him in Risky Business and its associated media interviews and finally I am vindicated. The guy has always been a complete tool and workaday actor at best. Let the implosion begin – its way more riveting than anything he has done on the big screen!

    • KC says:

      Oh the eighties! Remember when no list of sexiest men was complete without Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and John Travolta? Lol. I cant wait to see what Gosling, Fassbender and BCoop are up to in twenty years.

    • madchen says:


    • campbell says:

      Hopefully, none of them will be corrupted by $cientology, right?

    • Mango says:

      Yes! I too found him vile, when I was a kid in the 80’s, at the height of his popularity, and now feel that my childhood intuition has been validated!

  17. Jessiebes says:

    O my goodness, this story is melting my brain!

  18. LadySlippers says:

    What a fascinating clusterf*ck this is turning into.

    Has he lost his grip on reality or was it simply that he never had it and no one knew?

    At this point, I’m going to watch this train wreck with an alcoholic drink in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in my lap. This is probably THE most entertaining supernova I’ve encountered in my lifetime.

    Can we rate when stars implode? This is simply too good not to give it the highest five black hole rating… It’s better than the movies

    *munches on popcorn while watching the mesmerizing mess*

  19. lunchcoma says:

    I was initially a little more sympathetic, since I think it stings anyone to be called a bad parent.

    But my goodness. I had thought he had stabilized since that breakdown in 2005. Apparently he’s just as batshit insane as he’s always been, and now it’s on display for the whole world.

  20. Zwella Ingrid says:

    I have not read through the comments yet to see if anyone else has touched on this, but I don’t think Scientologists can play the Nazi card at the same time saying that the holocaust was caused by Physiatrists. If the Nazi’s bigotry didn’t cause the holocaust—according to them, then their argument that Nazis are now going after Scientology has no legs to stand on. Perhaps the Psychiatrists are plotting a holocaust involving the Scientologists now! How ludicrous! One thing I will say is that whatever bizarre statements the lawyers come up with to try help their client shouldn’t necessarily be attributed to Cruises thoughts—in all fairness…

    • Kiddo says:

      I’m thinking Nazi=Psychiatrist, in their minds.

    • gg says:

      eh, the $cilons pretty much tell each other what to believe and they do it. I would believe that TC ascribes to whatever crap his lawyer says. They’re all NUTZ.

  21. Sam says:

    I can’t believe that people will legitimately refer to CO$ as a “persecuted” church. It’s not. If it is so persecuted, how could it become so incredibly wealthy and its members can be so open? Do they forget that there are still places on this Earth that being open with your faith means that you can be hunted down and murdered? Does Tom Cruise live every day in fear of being snatched or killed for his faith? Of course not. It is not a persecuted religion. I just had to spend a few days doing some immigration stuff with some lovely Chinese people who are Falun Gong refugees. The stories they told are horrifying. For a Scientologist in American to plead persecution is ridiculous and rage-inducing.

  22. Cindy says:

    I hope anonymous gets some great gossip on TC and DM and takes both of them down.

  23. someone says:

    I still want to know what Katie has on Tom!! It has to be something HUGE that we don’t know about yet.

    • jasmine says:

      she has proof that he’s gay and is not suri’s bio dad…

      • ANNE says:

        So, Katie Holmes is in this story in a bad light. Sell ​​the uterus for money and fame … honestly. Where is the sweet Catholic girl from Ohio? Tom’s career will not end with this process, believe me. He has thousands of fans outside the USA that are not giving the ball to these stories.

    • TarheelPixie says:

      Maybe Katie knows all about the slave labor, the abuse of children and the terrifying mind control that dominates the COS. They sucked her in, Tom & COS, and before she knew it she was in Craytown, surrounded by spies, thieves, and human traffickers. I hope she she got some proof before she played her cards and fled, Mama Bear all the way.

  24. Lia says:

    Scientology preys on weak-minded, emotionally needy, wealthy people. To be taken advantage of like that would cause most people embarrassment, anger and even humiliation. Cruise seems incapable of handling his own life, so he gladly hands it over to the mind-controlling scientology freaks. If Cruise lost his entire fortune tomorrow, the scientology reprobates wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  25. Dimebox says:

    No one remembered about this “abandoned” magazine cover until TC and his attorneys foolishly reminded the world. Now the lawsuit is a PR catastrophe. A competent non-Co$ lawyer would advise Tom to drop the suit, because of the damage he is doing to his brand.

  26. dorothy says:

    And Cruises crazy continues…..

  27. Paloma says:

    I think this suit is more about the hate-on Scientology has against Germany. I think Germany has called their bluff.

  28. frisbeejada says:

    In Belgium they are apparantly investigating the CO$ as a criminal organisation – and it’s proving to be effective – which says it all. As far as short, weird Tom is concerned, I know it’s wicked but it making me laugh myself silly, and some of the comments on this site are priceless…

  29. Decloo says:

    The thing about Cruise is that he is not, nor has he ever been, the least bit intelligent. He seems delusional but I think he really is just plain dumb. This is why he has been so easily manipulated by CO$. He spits out CO$ doctrine from rote memory but, when faced with any unplanned questions, he can barely string two cogent sentences together. He’s the perfect martinet mouthpiece for David Miscavige.

  30. MegG says:

    Wish this was everywhere in the news

  31. Jenn says:

    If you’ve ever seen Bowfinger, the Eddie Murphy character (one of them anyway) is in a Scientology type church, they brainwash him, he’s nuts to begin with though. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s hilarious.
    Every time I see Cruise, I imagine him thinking, “Keep it together keep it together keep it together.” over and over.

  32. Carolyn says:

    Mimi Rogers has a lot to answer for. No doubt she’s been richly compensated for recruiting Maverick to the fold.

    Memo to Tom: Upset about “abandoned Suri” covers? You’ve got “mega star implosion” “Cruise Control Misfires” “Implosion waiting to happen” “Cult Cover Up” headlines coming your way. Was this court case REALLY a great idea?

    • ANNE says:

      The church paid her? I do not believe. Tom would be fanatic in any religion. He has a huge complex of rejection. Remember that in adolescence he wanted to be a priest?