Tom Cruise still suing L&S for ‘abandoned by daddy’ story: is he obsessed?

Tom Cruise

Do you realize that we haven’t had any new photos of Tom Cruise with Suri since last July? Tom has visited with Suri a handful of times since then, and he always talks in interviews about how they talk on the phone every day. Tom won’t let us see him with Suri though. The reason? Mean people like me kept a running tally on his pap walks with Suri, and Tom didn’t like being held accountable in such a way.

To me, the countdown a game based upon the huge show that Tom made for years. He’d hide for months and then trot out his “happy family” every time he needed to promote a movie. Katie finally grew sick of that sh-t, but Suri was still a prop for a few months following Katie’s divorce filing. Now I don’t doubt that Tom does love Suri (almost as much as he loves Scientology). It’s the grand display, the “look at me, I’m the best (and tallest) father in the world!” show that bugged.

When Tom stayed in Europe for months on end and raved in London nightclubs on weekends instead of seeing Suri, he needed to be called out for his ickiness. That didn’t go over well with the Liftmaster. Last October, Tom sued Bauer publishing for their Life & Style “abandoned by daddy” cover story. We heard in February that the lawsuit was headed to trial. Now there’s a new declaration filed by Tom with the court; it’s a motion to compel Bauer to disclose their “confidential sources.”

Things are definitely moving ahead with this lawsuit, and Tom is out for blood. As a reminder, Tom is asking the court to award him $50 million plus punitive damages, and he’s insisting upon a jury trial. Radar Online has the new document, and here is their summary:

Defending himself against allegations made by a weekly magazine that he “abandoned” his daughter Suri in the wake of his split from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise says he never turned his back on his daughter, and has the court documents.

Currently embroiled in a legal battle with Life & Style and their publisher Bauer Media Group over a story they ran claiming the Mission: Impossible action star abandoned Suri, he slapped a lawsuit on the tabloid in October 2012 and his declaration was filed on Tuesday.

“Prior to my divorce in June 2012, my family, including my daughter, Suri, often traveled to my foreign motion picture sets for visits. These visits allowed me to see my daughter while fulfilling my obligations to my work, my colleagues, and the studios that hire me,” Cruise stated.

“During June 2012 through December 2012, I worked on two back-to-back film projects overseas, in Iceland and the United Kingdom. During this same period, Suri lived in New York with my ex-wife and was enrolled in school there.

“As a result of the changed circumstances following the divorce, we were not able to see each other as often as we did prior to the divorce.”

Interestingly, Cruise never uses Holmes’ name in the declaration, and only refers to her as his ex-wife or Suri’s mother.

“Suri and I saw each other in person in July, August, November and December 2012. But even during the times when I was working overseas and not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close,” he states.

“We spoke on the phone nearly every day….as my numerous emails with Suri’s mother during this time demonstrated, I was a constant presence in Suri’s life during that time that defendants claim falsely that I abandoned her.”

[From Radar Online]

Basically, Tom is still a litigious man. He wants the tabloids to go down, and he wants it to happen as a result of this particular story. He eventually dropped the threats to sue the Enquirer for their “Tom is a monster” cover story. He branded the Vanity Fair wife audition story as “lies,” but he never sued them either. I guess Tom only sues when the story isn’t true? He’s fine with being a monster and a fake boyfriend/husband, but don’t you even dare say he’s not a “present” father. Well … he’s not present. But he talks to her on the phone!

This is sort of related news: Katie Holmes is on Twitter now. Right now she’s only tweeting boring photos from the South African set of The Giver. Those pictures are in the gallery. I’m hoping to soon see a bikini selfie dedicated to Jamie Foxx. Hey, a girl can dream.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of In Touch, Fame/Flynet & Katie Holmes on Twitter

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  1. dorothy says:

    Where there’s smoke theres fire.

  2. janie says:

    He is an overblown ego maniac control freak! I really don’t care if or when he sees this kid. Go get Gwen & both of u go away.

  3. TheCountess says:

    He’s always come off as massively creepy to me.

  4. Kiddo says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to Suri to run these stories. I really don’t like Tom Cruise, but we’ve never heard that he was abusive, and he doesn’t have to have a pap event when he spends time with his kid. Even if he doesn’t spend time, how much teasing might Suri get for these stupid articles?
    It’s not her fault, and she already seems somewhat sullen from her history or circumstances, this can’t possibly help. Pick on Cruise for things that are worse than this. This seems to punish Suri instead.

    • mk says:

      I agree. She’s been out of the news for the first time in her whole life. Why drag her back in?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      THANK YOU, kiddo.

      Could not agree more. As much as Cruise disgusts me, these stories are absolutely horrible and while I know my opinion will be an unpopular one, I don’t blame him at all for suing.

      I think people lose all objectivity when it comes to Cruise. It’s just not right for any tabloid to print hurtful (possibly untrue) stories when there is a child involved. Divorce is hard enough on a kid you know?

      • gg says:

        I can’t stand TC but I totally agree.

      • heidi says:

        I agree and hope he wins this one if he’s in the right. Would love to see the “sources” for stories begin to get exposed.

      • margsy says:

        Just wanted to co-sign my agreement with these messages. My 3 year old daughter and I live overseas from her Dad, we separated when she was 5 months old. He sees her as much as he can, sometimes up to twice a month, although the current visit was preceeded by a 7 week gap.

        We work hard at keeping each other in the loop, talk respectfully of each other, and in a million years, I would never let anyone say anything derogotary about him. Because – how would that affect my little chicken???

        I think TC has to do this, or they will run these stories until Suri’s 18. Who knows what damage these stories will do? Children of separation (like all children) need special consideration. I honestly think he’s doing it to protect her. I am no TC fan, but good on him.

    • KC says:

      Kiddo, you read my mind. Suri doesnt deserve the crap the world has flung at her since her very birth. Tom is right to set the record straight and a court room is the most conclusive way to do that. I hope he refuses their innevitable offer to settle.

    • shellybean says:

      I agree. He is most likely suing because he doesn’t ever want Suri to read someday that he abandoned her. And I don’t think he did abandon her. He had to work, movies are his job, so saying he abandoned her is ridiculous. Say what you will about him, but I’ve never thought he doesn’t very much love his kids.

      • Stacy says:

        I get what your saying but after he finished the one movie he was filming during his divorced you would think he would take a break so he could be with Suri as much as possible.

        Instead he took movie after movie after movie that has him working in another country for almost a year. Let’s face it it’s not like he needs the money he could have taken off months but he choose not to.

      • Seen says:

        Ditto. Were it me, i’d make sure my kid Knew I did everything I could to combat that gossip.

      • Josephine says:

        Another site had a different piece of the deposition, and in it, he admits that he and Katie had an agreement in place that did not make it possible for him to see Suri for that first bit after the divorce. Be interesting to know more of what that was about – sounds downright horrible by both of them. But I agree with you — let this be. I find it creepy that these mags are keeping track of hours spent together. They should spend their investigation energy for the real instances of abuse out there — there are plenty of them.

  5. mk says:

    Pfft, this is a lot like Gwyneth’s crusade. It’s a 100% true story, and getting called out on it is uncomfortable for him.

    • karmasabiatch! says:


      Tom HAS abandoned Suri. Even though Tommygirl gets extra special secret handshake $ciBot privileges, because he can levitate and move objects as a Levl VXIIIIIII Thetan and sh!t, Suri is still a ‘Suppressive Person’ in Co$ terms.

      He is suing ONLY because he is a scientologist and suing is their primary method of defending their effed up cult. Attack, attack, attack. If you are a $ciBot, filing nuisance lawsuits is your primary hobby. I truly believe Suri is dead to the Liftmaster, and he is suing only to preserve his reputation as a celebrity and a scientologist in good standing.

  6. Jen says:

    Seriously? People make cracks about celebrities who DON’T sue, and now you’re making cracks about a guy who who is willing to take the tabloids on. Libel and slander law in America is VERY complicated. You can’t just sue whoever the hell you want, despite popular wisdom.

  7. Jaded says:

    And what, pray tell, is Crazy Cruise going to do with said $50 mil if he, by some random and terrifying glitch in the fabric of the universe, wins? Give it all to Scientology? He’s out of his nutter, and it is blindingly obvious that he hasn’t spent much time with Suri because she’s now an SP, and quite possibly not even his biological daughter *coughtommydaviscough*.

  8. carol says:

    I just have a general thought: I’m pretty sure he’s a sociopath :/

    • Tapioca says:

      What makes you think that? He’s just a regular guy who happens to be second in command of a dangerous cult that bankrupts, physically abuses, brainwashes and indulges in slavery.

      Ugh. Some people are just so judgemental about Hollywood stars being metaphorically fluffed by forced labour-built cars and yachts…

    • shellybean says:

      I’m so tired of people on here saying so and so is a sociopath. I don’t think Tom and most others qualify as such. Just because you don’t like someone or like what they do doesn’t automatically = sociopath. Good grief.

      • Jane says:

        My problem with Cruise is he doesn’t see how his cult works. He is being used big time by the cult leader and he doesn’t get it. I can’t decide if the man is just too dim to understand or if his ego is too big to admit he has gotten himself into a situation where he is a pawn being played by the cult leader.

        Part of the deposition is the defending lawyer pointing out Cruise was able to make time to fly from the west coast to London for an international cult evident, starting on Friday and back by Sunday to resume filming on the picture he was making. But, he goes a hundred days without seeing his daughter because of his work schedule and blaming the circumstances of visitation in divorce (everything has to be scheduled). He admits in the deposition he didn’t see her for amount of days, but of course denies he abandoned her.

        To me, where there is a will there’s a way, especially for a person with his money and clout in the movie industry. I just don’t believe his excuses. He either wants to see her or not, and if he does, he arranges his work schedule so he can and takes advantage of his private plane for her like he did for his cult.

        The phones calls are not enough. He is a lousy father in regard to Suri but I don’t think he abandoned her.

      • frivolity says:

        Dr. Robert Hare’s psychopathy checklist:
        (Note: Psychopaths are usually defined as being born with these characteristics – i.e, via nature, while sociopaths gather them via [often traumatic] life experiences, i.e., nurture)

        glib and superficial charm
        grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
        need for stimulation
        pathological lying
        cunning and manipulativeness
        lack of remorse or guilt
        shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
        callousness and lack of empathy
        parasitic lifestyle
        poor behavioral controls
        sexual promiscuity
        early behavior problems
        lack of realistic long-term goals
        failure to accept responsibility for own actions
        many short-term marital relationships
        juvenile delinquency
        revocation of conditional release
        criminal versatility

        You decide.

  9. xxx says:

    I think it’s much more simple, that he’s not the biological father and doesn’t have visitation rights due to that. Lawsuit will be interesting though. He was able to take both adopted kids from Nicole pretty easily so there’s some major reason he doesn’t ever see “his” daughter… Just my thoughts:)

  10. JM says:

    One question:

    Is he still going to be carting her around on his hip when she’s sixteen?

    • janie says:

      Thank You JM!!!! I’ve been saying that for over a year! She probably still takes pacifier. In all fairness, she’s just a little girl who can’t help what her parents do. I’ve never heard anything about Tom not being the Bio dad? That could explain why he resolved the marriage so quickly? All the more reason to protect her.

    • Mayamae says:

      One of the first things Katie did after leaving Tom was to put Suri down and make her walk in public. It seemed harsh at the time because the paps were particularly aggressive and most moms would want to pick up and coddle their child in this insane atmosphere. I think she was trying to foster Suri’s confidence and independence. Conversely, the first thing Tom did was pick her right back up. I know it’s natural to comfort her and I’m sure it was innocent, but her bare legs wrapped around his waist has a little ick factor to me, and I usually don’t react to fathers/daughters like that.

      • Seen says:

        My son, who is not a cusodia father, picks up his 5 year old as often as he can. Yes she is old enough to walk and yes her mom makes we walk — but daddy likes to carry his little girl around. No biggie – if he had full custody he likey couldn’t keep that up, but where’s the harm in some fatherly indulgence? My granddaughter adores her dad and loves the pampering. :)

      • Josephine says:

        Seriously? Don’t rewrite history. There are tons of pics of Katie carrying that child, including relatively recently. And lots of pics of the child in pajamas in the streets, out late at night, and always with the blanket.

    • Miffy says:

      No, by then she’ll be physically able to cart him around on her hip. I, for one, can’t wait to see that pap stroll.

  11. CF98 says:

    I also think Tom isn’t Suri’s biological father either hence why it was so easy for Katie to get custody and that he didn’t fight it.

    That being said he shouldn’t have sued either because its just making it worse. For the people that are saying well Suri has to hear about this one day yeah well she also has to hear about people saying Tom isn’t her bio dad, her parents marriage wasn’t “real” etc. namely from people here so really the faux outrage is laughable. How is this worse than that?

    Most would’ve forgotten the story had Tom Cruise not sued.

    I mean he didn’t sue Vanity Fair last year and that was more damaging to his rep than this.

  12. mia girl says:

    The “Liftmaster”… pick one up today at a Wal-Mart near you!

    Warning: Discontinue use of the Liftmaster if any of the following occurs:
    • itching
    • dizziness
    • tingling in extremities
    • paranoia
    • you suddenly think you “can handle the truth”
    • temporary bouts of hysteria followed by furniture jumping
    • inability to hide your repressed anger
    • you believe you look cool on a racing motorcycle
    • repeated dancing while in tighty whities
    • strong urges to suppress others
    • you develop a maniacal laugh
    • the desire to hold two tin cans and confess your deepest secrets
    • you think you are inhabited by alien forces

    The Liftmaster has a NO RETURN policy.
    Developed by Xenu Corporation.

  13. MollyB says:

    This situation is super fishy to me. There’s nothing Tom loves more than playing kindly, ever-present paterfamilias with the paps. I have trouble believing that as soon as the divorce went through that he suddenly decided to put Suri’s feelings first and stop parading her around. I doubt he’s seen her more than a scant handful of times since the divorce. I think he figures if he can’t steal her away from her mother and brainwash her into his cult, like he did with his kids with Nicole Kidman, than why bother? She’s just another SP, like Katie and Nicole.

  14. Jackson says:

    This lawsuit is interesting because what is seems to boil down to is the use of the word ‘abandoned.’ He says in the transcript that he doesn’t take issue with any other facts in the article and he does not dispute that he went over 100 days without seeing Suri. And that he has jetted across the pond numerous times in the past for events he wanted to attend that he deemed ‘important.’ Yet he didn’t do a 24 or 36 hour turn-around flight to see Suri in all that time. I think it’s telling that he wants a jury trial so he can work his actor-magic on them. Sadly, it may just work.

  15. Olivia says:

    Tom Cruise IS obsessed – with his image and his ‘church’.

    There hasn’t been a peep out of him for months and all of a sudden he’s back in the news JUST when the cult is getting criticised in the media over the upcoming big ‘church’ events in Clearwater. (Boy, I’d HATE to live in that town)

    Coincidence? Conspiracy? Of course not!!!!

  16. Jayna says:

    I agree with others. Headlines on covers Tom abandons Suri with her photo on the cover is low. She doesn’t deserve to be used to sell gossip rags. At least put his face on the cover and leave hers off, if nothing else.

  17. Lark says:

    I understand why he is suing, but he’ll never win. Libel and slander laws are notoriously hard to win when people are public figures and when it comes to celeb gossip blogs/websites…That’s why celebrities only sue .001% of the time. They’ve run some truly horrible (and obviously false) things about Angelina over the years, and I believe she and Brad only sued once and that was because of where the publication was based. Anyway, celebs usually figure it is better to deny or ignore and let it pass than sue…..

  18. Belle Epoch says:

    I’m not convinced he can win this lawsuit. He DID pretty much abandon Suri. Fathers have certainly tried harder – and with all his private jets etc. he COULD have seen her more. Dumb move to call more attention to his own neglectful behavior.

  19. lucy2 says:

    While I agree it’s gross for the tabloids to use any celeb’s kids to sell papers, I think it’s really odd he’s suing over this. If they truly have a great parent/child relationship and he’s involved in her life, then they, the only 2 people who it should matter to, both know that. If he’s always there for her, she’s never going to believe she was abandoned based on some stupid tabloid from years ago.

  20. Miss T says:

    I agree. I think it’s disgusting for tabloids to use children to sell stories, but frankly, there have been much worse stories about Suri. He didn’t sue all those years when the tabloids were picking on his daughter, so why sue now? I think this story hit a nerve, because there is a grain of truth to it. He may not have completely “abandoned” her, but he knows that he has barely seen her since the divorce. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out if it goes to trial.

    If he really wanted to “teach the tabloids a lesson”, he should have chosen to sue over a different story. I’m not sure if he has a strong case here. If he loses, it could actually backfire and lead to MORE false stories about Suri. For Suri’s sake, I actually hope he wins, even though I can’t stand Tom. We’ll see if this goes to court.

  21. Dap says:

    Maybe he is suing on this particular story simply because he was particularly hurt by it

  22. Megan says:

    ok not going to lie if I have to serve jury duty then THIS IS THE JURY I WANT TO BE ON!!! I mean come on how amazing would that be?

    he isn’t present and Nicole dealt with it for years thanks to him so he can go sit in a corner. But man I’d love to be on that jury so funny.

  23. Diane says:

    When was the last time he was photographed with Suri? It is not like him to miss a photo op. Articles on Scientology suggest that once a partner breaks with a church member, they are basically dead to them. I wonder if there isn’t some truth and Suri is part of that? Dunno!

  24. The Original Mia says:

    That’s not really defending oneself against allegations. He didn’t dispute the fact that he didn’t see his child for 100 days. He only says they talked on the phone. Well…to some people & DFACS that is abandonment. It’s going to come down to the definition of the word “abandoned”. Tom won’t win. Not even sure why he’s suing now.

  25. Lucy Goosey says:

    I ping pong between despising him and feeling sorry for him. On the one hand, I know he has abused others in the name of his cult. On the other, his cult has also used and abused him and will throw him away when he is no longer profitable or convenient.

    One thing I know for sure: I feel sorry for the innocent child caught in the middle of it all.

  26. MrsBPitt says:

    My opinion is that Katie has something big time Tom and it was put in the custody agreement that his visits with Suri would be closer together right after the divorce, but would become less and less frequent as time went be…exactly what Tom did to Nicole…

    • Miss T says:

      That’s kinda what I thought-that maybe he simply wasn’t allowed to see Suri. However, in his deposition, he states that Katie actually suggested that he come visit Suri in October last year, but he was “too busy”. I don’t know why he’s even bothering to sue. He’s basically admitted that he didn’t see his daughter for over 100 days, and that his career and his religion are his priority.

  27. Miffy says:

    Pretty poor tactical move on his part. Are we to believe that every story printed about him from now on that he DOESN’T sue over is 100% factual? He’s fighting a losing battle.

  28. Dawn says:

    I have to say that whenever I see Tom Cruise these days I think how big he would (still) be without that CO$ crap. That organization (I refuse to call it a church) just ruined this guy, he just needs to divorce himself from it and have a relationship with Suri. I can’t believe that anyone would put a made-up religion in front of their child. If any of this is true he should hang his head in shame.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t necessarily think the COS is the problem at this moment for not seeing her much. Tom is a workaholic, always has been, and films all over the world. He usually has a wife that brings the kids along, or when he divorced Nicole and had half custody he had a mother and sister who could bring them and watch them. He now is divorced from a wife who I bet in the divorce decree had it that Suri couldn’t be flying all over the world to accomodate the father disrupting Suri’s schedule, especially while only six years old. So Tom doesn’t sacrifice his life to spend a day here or there for his little girl. He doesn’t get it you can tell by his defensive remarks about how she’s fine and telephone parenting is enough basically. Sure, just what a little girl whose parents are divorcing needs to feel safe and secure, dad by telephone by 110 days or whatever it was. The selfishness as a father you never saw before, because he had it set up to accomodate him.

  29. Carolyn says:

    Who’s going to call who’s bluff…the magazine or Cruise? If it’s in front of a jury it will be his best acting gig to date…he’s already practicising his “you can’t handle the truth”-type of epic one liners.

    One one hand this potential court case is a waste of everyone’s time. If the mag editor has allowed something to be printed that isn’t true…it could actually be rather interesting.

  30. Asdfg says:

    He’s suing them because he knows it’s true.

    If it wasn’t true then why not just ignore the tabloid like he always does?

  31. lunchcoma says:

    I think he’s litigious and ridiculous, but I have a little sympathy here. It was Holmes’ decision to live on the other side of the country from her child’s father, and while I suspect she had damn good reasons for wanting to get out of LA, the distance is necessarily going to affect the amount of contact that Suri can have with her non-custodial parent. And, honestly, I’m going to say that while he’s probably not father of the year, I also don’t think that it’s likely that he did “abandon” Suri or that he’s disinterested in her. He might have dragged his older two children into his creepy cult, but he does seem to have a relationship with them.

  32. Meanchick says:

    I don’t blame him. Keep his daughter and their relationship out of it. I’d sue and demand sources too. I hope he wins.

  33. rudy says:

    One word. Scientology. An extremely dangerous cult.

  34. bowers says:

    It’s all b.s. If he’s a good dad, Suri reading the stupid magazines wouldn’t phase her.

  35. anon33 says:

    Let me tell you something about dads. My father LOVES LOVES LOVES me and my sister. (He may love us too much LOL.) We (not my sister) work in the same building, we see each other everyday, he’s interested in my life and we talk about everything, we go to lunch all the time, and he calls me every three nights or so to check in. (My sister lives in NYC so he calls her every night to check in, LOL.)

    Yeah I’m 35 and my sister is 30, and yeah maybe our dad is clingy, but THAT is what a loving father does. Not what Tom has done. No way.

    If my father didn’t see me for 110 or whatever days he would probably kill himself. He would never let anything keep him from me (or my sister) and cite his “other responsibilities.” Tom is a POS. You cannot convince me that he gives even the slightest of sh8ts about her.

  36. Karen81 says:

    How come pretty much any guy who looks good in a pair of tight jeans is either gay and/or crazy?

    My hubby doesn’t even wear tight jeans so I cannot even say he could be a possible exception even though he has a kind of a onion butt. :)

  37. Olivia says:

    Well now, the leaked deposition on RadarOnline is going to be a major embarrassment for Tom!!
    In the deposition, he basically admits that Katie left him to protect Suri from the cult; Suri is no longer a member of the ‘religion’ and Isabella and Connor no longer speak to Katie because she’s an undesirable (he doesn’t go so far to call her an SP)
    So interesting that folks in the cult have to disconnect from their SP family members, but Tom gets to maintain contact.
    I hope this becomes widely known so that folks caught in the cult nightmare will wake up to the fact that they are being conned. It’s always going to be one rule for the masses and another for the ‘big beings’.

  38. Eve says:

    Bedhead, you left some of the best (or most telling) parts out. From Laineygossip/Radar:

    “And Ms. Holmes has never indicated in any way that was one of the reasons she left you? …To protect Suri from Scientology?”

    Here it comes. Cruise had to concede:

    “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.”

    He then confirmed that Suri is no longer a member of the Church of Scientology AND that Katie no longer has contact with his two other children Isabella and Connor. Because… Katie’s a suppressive person? He wouldn’t go so far as to explicitly admit to that, but it was implied.”

    So he basically confirmed that what we’ve suspected so far is true.

  39. Karen81 says:

    Just a thought, but maybe Tom is getting orders “from above” to throw this lawsuit down.

    As was discussed, more harm is going to fall upon him by fighting this especially by using the courts instead of ignoring it. Obviously SC has. lot of Hollywood members and they want to lay down a precedent on situations like this.

  40. Olivia says:

    Whoo! They’re discussing this over at ‘the Underground Bunker’ and Celebitchy’s article gets a mention in the comments! Congrats Bedhead!!

    If anyone doubts that Cruise is a reluctant cult member, read his deposition. He’s a full-on $ci who believes every word he says and attacks when he’s asked a question he doesn’t like or cannot answer. He comes across as thoroughly loathesome.

    Cult watchers have been saying this stuff for years, they’ve read what ex-$cis have to say about him. It’s about time the public became aware of the ‘real’ Tom Cruise.

    Thank the heavens Katie got Suri away from him.

  41. miasys says:

    I personally think Tom is a hot steaming bag of crazy, but I hate seeing anyone air their drama in public when there are children involved.

  42. JJ says:

    I feel sorry for the kid. From day one she was used as a PR prop for TC and Holmes as evidence TC was not gay and their arranged marriage was real. There are lots of questions regarding Suri was not fathered by TC and Holmes was already pregnant. During their marriage she was used constantly to provide the public with happy family pictures and after the very quick divorce she was paraded around for months by her own mother for her own PR profile. Hollywood is the sickest place.

  43. ANNIE says:

    just read the deposition transcript on radar on line…TC seems to know nothing on what goes on around him, seriously nothing , or else he’s lying, which at times I get the impression he was.. and also his memory is really bad as well., and the people who work for him are rude losers. After reading it, the only impression I’m left with, is, he’s made everything worse, really worse! Especially the part , where she (lawyer) says to him … that Suri was with him for 6 days, then 2 weeks later he went to London for a long shoot, and didn’t try to catch up with her, which he could have done, since he was going to be away for quite a while
    He couldn’t remember going to Cameron Diaz’s birthday, which was confirmed by his staff , he just doesn’t remember anything, that doesn’t suit him.
    Katie asked him to come and see Suri in O ctober, but he came up with some excuse, but he does still call her Kate!
    His answers to the lawyers questions were really bad!

    • mytbean says:

      Asking for a trial by jury only tells me that he’s still in performance mode, delusional and attempting to use the powers of Xenu to sway a crowd.

      He’s crazy. Certifiably crazy. At the very least suffering with severe bipolar disorder and, because of religious beliefs, not medicated. Every interview I’ve seen him in he’s manic…

      I DO feel sorry for him because he’s surrounded by enablers and users that will never really encourage him in the right direction as long as he has the money and fame to keep them interested.

      But because he’s like he is, I hope he loses this case and becomes less of a presence in this little girl’s life. She needs consistency and Tom has none of that to offer.

  44. Dalovelee says:

    I don’t get how seeing Suri Cruise’s pic on the cover of that rag doesn’t enrage you knowing that rag is exploiting a child to retaliate against Tom Cruise. He defending his name and against an unfounded accusation. Not seeing your child for 100 days because of work is vastly different from abandonment….which entails zero contact. And when does ones religious belief equate he’s abandoned his child?! I hope he goes to trial and then In touch will lose because then in touch will have to come up with witnesses to prove he did. The deposition will be thrown out by a decent judge and Cruise will win $50 million, money gotten by readers of this horrible rag.

  45. Caroline says:

    He pays for her child support, doesn’t he? The amount is provided for her care and private schooling and I’m assuming there is a trust fund set up for her.
    TRUST ME, that’s so much more than what many “fathers” are doing. Sure, they are there when you get home, but you are often beaten and assaulted and kicked out of the house for no reason, and have to pay for your own food and bus fare from the age of 15, and the CAS was reluctant to take notice.
    I just don’t understand what’s wrong with Tom’s actions: paying for his child, loving his child, and working hard.

  46. mytbean says:

    An absent father is better than a delusional, whack-job, religious zealot any day. Part of me hoped that someone, somewhere would reveal him to be unfit – because I think, based on their dead eyes come to life and the sudden way that Katie bolted from the marriage reflects that she saw his crazy as damaging to both of them in multiple ways.

    And YES – Jamie Fox & Katie Holmes for the win!!!

  47. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noted this. I didn’t read every comment.

    I think this is simply that even Tom Cruise is not above the Rules established by the COS. Other members of COS have to keep away from people that are no longer in the church. Well hes to keep his distance form Suri too. I’m sure some of the members of the church that are not allowed to see their family members were and are watching Tom C.. and what he is able to do and not do. Remember it is the little guy that keeps the church afloat.

    It is simply that Tom can’t see Suri all the time and be a model member of COS. I just find it strange that Tom use to be so visual with Suri and not nothing. And as far as Katie goes she is in the same boat as Sandra B, Halle and others that were married to a man and were very vocal about being the “Mom’ to his children, then they break up and neither woman is involved with the children at all.

    • Miss T says:

      Do you really think that Katie has a choice? Isabella and Connor have little to no relationship with their mother. So why would they keep in touch with their former step-mother who divorced their father in a very dramatic way. She’s probably one of the biggest SP’s.

  48. Lindy says:

    ‘Abandonment’, for me, suggests a father who has abandoned his child in every way. Not present, no financial support, no emotional support, no contact, no love. Lots of kids grow up this way, and it’s terrible for their self-esteem – one of the two people who made them doesn’t care about them.

    Several people on this board suggest that Tom Cruise is lacking as a father by their standards – he should do more of this, more of that. Fair enough.

    But I can’t see any evidence he’s abandoned his child.