Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in 16 wks, tries to look like a badass in new film still

Tom Cruise

OMG! Words simply cannot explain how much happiness I have derived from Tom Cruise since Friday night when Kaiser, CB, and myself were laughing our asses off about this new still from the set of All You Need Is Kill. This just might be my new desktop wallpaper. Look at his FACE. That face is amazing. That face says, “Look at what a BIG being I am while I’m running from this wall of fire!” The movie is supposed to be some version of Groundhog Day combined with an alien invasion; that is, Tom plays an inept military officer in charge of fighting off an alien race, and his character dies in battle only to wake up the next day and be forced to do it all over again. Xenu is probably behind the plot, right? In theory, it would probably make a decent popcorn movie, but the problem is that Tom looks like a total freak here. He really looks like he’s about to crap his pants, and the effect is a strange mixture of the 1996 fire-jumping ballerina VF cover and Heidi Klum’s 2010 robot-on-lifts Halloween costume (thanks to commenter Az for that last allusion). Seriously, Tom looks utterly ridiculous, and (to make matters worse) this project is the “official” excuse for him not spending time with Suri for several consecutive months.

By the way, we’re coming up on 16 weeks since Tom has last seen his youngest daughter. I’ll admit that it feels a little morbid to be keeping tabs on such a thing, but sure enough, it was July 30 when Tom was last photographed with Suri during a trip to Disneyworld where it was later revealed that he pulled enough strings to lodge Suri in Cinderella’s castle suite. Now before you say, “What if Tom visited her in secret?” — bitch, please. If Tom was with Suri, he’d want us to know. Tom sees himself as the perfect father (and perfect everything), and he simply cannot stop himself from playing the media by smiling at the paps and rubbing nips with tabloid reporters whenever he’s with Suri. He’d be showing it off, but since there’s been nothing to show off, we haven’t seen pictures of anything but Tom stumbling out of London nightclubs. For whatever reason though, OK! magazine has published a bit of Tom fan fiction that alleges Tom will not only sweep Suri off to his Telluride home for Thanksgiving but Katie too! Here are the details:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are spending Thanksgiving together — for the sake of their daughter Suri! The trio will jet to Telluride Colo., later this month for a relaxing three- or four-day getaway, reveals an insider.

“Tom and katie are determined to show Suri that they’re still friends and devoted parents,” says the source. “They know it will mean so much fo rher, and both are happy to swallow their pride to make sure she has a fun holiday.

“Tom misses spending time as a family,” says the source. “And even though things have obviously changed dramatically, he loves the idea that they can still be toegether for Thanksgiving.” The source says that Tom “hates to see Suri Suffer. He knows that not being together with both of her parents for the holidays would be hard on her. That’s why he came up with this plan.”

And Katie seems to be equally focuses on Suri’s well-being. “Katie knows that the divorce has been immensely hard on Suri, and she wants to do whatever it takes to make things a bit easier,” confides the source. “Thanksgiving has always been a really big deal for them, Katie loves to cook the whole meal from scratch, and Suri loves to be her little helper. Tom and Katie both want Suri to have special memories as a family, even though they’re not together anymore.

Katie even has a favorite Thanksgiving treat that her mom taught her to make — pumpkin bars. “They’re like pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting,” Katie says. “They’re really gooey and moist.”

[From OK!, print edition, November 19, 2012]

I’m not buying this story for a even second, are you? Nope. This is merely an addendum to OK!’s story from last week that Tom was planning to be in NYC on November 18 for a special family-type day and, further, that Katie really missed Tom and was considering a reconciliation because “the grass isn’t always greener” or some such nonsense.

First off, there’s no way that Katie would ever get back with the screamer, and even if she agreed to some “family time” with both her and Tom present at the same time with Suri, there’s no way in hell that Katie would agree to do so on Tom’s Telluride turf. Katie has learned her lesson, and she’s never letting Tom have control over her comings and goings again, and that is exactly what would happen in Telluride.

Further there’s another good reason that will easily disprove this silly report of Katie jetting off for a holiday with Tom and Suri. Broadway plays usually keep running throughout Thanksgiving weekend, and Dead Accounts is no exception. Katie will get Thanksgiving Day off, but she’ll be working the rest of the week and weekend. So yeah, OK! strikes out here. If Tom wants to see Suri on Thanksgiving, he’ll have to make a visit to NYC, but I doubt that will happen. Prove me wrong, Tom!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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  1. Riana says:

    Sad to say this was what was going to happen.

    It’s the only thing I suppose I can fault Katie for. My mother always told me. “Who you pick for your spouse is one thing, but always ask yourself ‘is this the person I’d want to be a Father to my child?’”

    People are accessories to Tom. Children included, even his biological kids (not to say adopted children are in anyway lesser, just I could see him justifying it in that case).

    He didn’t ‘win’ Suri like he did Connor and Isabel, so in a sense he’ll be a Holidays and 3 weekends a year Dad from here out. Whenever he does see her he’ll lavish her like crazy and make it a whole circus, but if she ever picks up the phone just to hear Daddy’s voice she’s likely going to be saying goodnight to a dial tone or an assistant.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree with you and your mom. My ex and I split because he wasn’t a good partner to me but he has always been a good dad. Thankfully, he and I co parent peacefully. I feel for Suri already because my father was never around. That really messes with a girls head.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Disney Dad. He’s a sociopath, and people are possessions or prizes to him.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Your mom was sooooooooo smart.
      I let a lot of things go, with my crappy husband. But when I saw his give a crap attitude towards his 3 children, never seeing them, never calling or caring about how their day went, always promising something fantastic but backing out at the last second….why inflict that level of pain on my innocent children? With the realization that he was a truly bad parent, came the dawning reality that he had to go. Befor the girls grew up believing men could talk to them like that and it’s ok, cause that’s how dad talked to mom, and how disrespectful he was to them. Before my son thought that’s how a man behaves, because that’s what dad does. I was a stay at home mom, with no money to my name.
      I took the kids, and what I could fit of our lives into a ford minivan, and drove to my mothers with the last few dollars I had spent on gas to get there.
      You deserve the husband you chose, but your children had no say in the matter. If they deserve more, get it for them.

      • Victoria says:

        Good for you! That’s great advice I never thought of it that way.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        It was a difficult decision. I had nothing. That minivan was repoed from my moms driveway 4 days later. When my mom called ford motor credit offering to pay it off they refused to talk to her, cause my name was nowhere in the papers. Ditto the mortgage of the house. But what I could and did do, was open my phone book to the mortgage co representative who had the unfortunate task trying to contact the ex. I gave him the parents number, that of his employers, his sisters and brother, and the 18 yr old girlfriends parents home number. The number of the local fire dept. where he volunteered. He got every contact ph number I possessed.
        I got the divorce, and the blame for splitting up our family, his mothers derision (how dare i divorce her precious snowflake) A job where I could support myself and the kids, cause the only time I got the correct amount of child support at the correct time it was due, was when his sister became his power of attorney and he was overseas contracting.the job (Which was especially gratifying because he said I’d never be able to take care of myself) and most importantly the divorce.
        It can be done, it’s not easy, it’s not pretty, but it can be done. I’m the living proof.

      • Amy says:

        +1 RHI. Self-respect is priceless and kids don’t listen to what you say as much as watch what you do. My ex was a variant type of yours, but I didn’t have any family that would take me in. It was scary and hard, but not nearly as hard as it would have been if I’d stayed – I am a much healthier version of myself now, and my young adult chlidren grew up with one consistent (and consistently broke!) parent. Good for you, and are you ever lucky to have the mom you did!

      • Minnie says:

        I totally agree with you. In a similar POS position myself!!

      • flan says:

        @Rumorhasit: I applaud you for your courage. It must have been bad the first year or so, but you and your kids probably have a much better life now.

        Good luck with everything!

      • Rumorhasit says:

        Thanks for the support, I wanted to share my experience because a lot of people are in similar situations. If I can do it, with nothing in my name, and no money, (granted I did have a mom who helped, but she wasn’t thrilled about it. But when the chips were down she did help), then so can you,
        It sucks when people feel they have to stay in a poisonous environment or worse, an abusive one. That’s why Katie’s story resonates with me so much. What I would give for even a quarter of her resources, ugh! try doing this on a one income truck driver salary…but still you can bet everything in that marriage was in Toms name. Her husband snowed everyone into believing what a great guy he was. His 2nd divorce and subsequent alienation of the second wife’s children in the back of Katies mind, she wanted to go but not in a replay of what happened to Nicole. she had an awesome support system just waiting for her to wake up and ask for their help.
        There are social services out there for us average mortal girls, to help us through the rough spots. Money, medical insurance for the kids and yourself, temporary shelters, clothing, job finding and assistance writing resumes etc. Paid for college classes.
        And then comes the day when your working,(cause they also pay for child care), and you earn too much to continue to receive those services. It’s an incredibly proud moment. 10 years later, I still remember how that felt.
        So if you Marry someone you thought you knew, but didn’t, you have kids and no money. You don’t have to stay. There are other options available. You deserve more, your kids deserve more. You can do it!

      • Amy says:

        RHI – would love to move a conversation off-list. There’s a group on Facebook called ACCESS at MATC (Displaced Homemakers Program)- it’s a group for people who’ve been through or are going through the situation we’re talking about here (and boy, did I ever relate to your comment about Katie’s resources!). I run the program there, and if you join, I can message you and we can connect. Glad things are better for you and hardly surprising that your mom wasn’t thrilled!

      • Rumorhasit says:

        @Amy, sounds good, I’ll look it up next chance I get : ).

  2. Stubbylove says:

    Oh Tom…bless your 5’7″ heart.

  3. Madriani's Girl says:

    Oh wow. I thought he was purposely making that face to be funny. That’s his “tough midget” face???

  4. Memphis says:

    Of course they will spend Thanksgiving together making little Pumpkin bars, then onto Christmas with Tom dressed up as Santa; bounding in with a bag full of gifts and pretty soon Katie will forget everything and fall back under the “Topgun spell” and back into Tom’s bed..right? Because not seeing your daughter for 16 weeks isn’t a big deal, right…Katie still loves you deeply, right? You’re an amazing master of the universe, right? *SMDH*

    Please stop feeding ridiculous stories to the press Tommy.

  5. MollyB says:

    I highly doubt the divorce has “been so hard” on Suri. I’m sure she’s used to hardly ever seeing her dad and when she did see him pre-divorce, it was the same–public trips surrounded by paps. Spending all her time with just mom is probably the norm for her.

  6. Lem says:

    Keeping tabs is awful in that the media is trying to force Tommy into visiting Suri as if that would make him a good father.
    What you’ll get is a resentful father. You can’t gossip guilt a 50 yr old man into being a good father.
    You can however, guilt him in to visiting. What good is a guilt ridden, media imposed, photo op visit for a 6 yr old. Just add to her daddy issues
    I doubt she’s noticed. This is normal.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    When the split first happened and all the “suppressive person” talk started (i.e. would Tom stop seeing Suri because she and Katie were SP’s), I thought no way that would happen. But now I’m not so sure. Sixteen weeks is forever to a little child and I really wonder if he’s just cast her off since he can’t keep her as a CO$-bot child under his control.

    • Eleonor says:

      +1 Suri now is a SP…he wasn’t ther her first day of school, and this says it all.

      • Kimlee says:

        Him not being there on her first day means nothing, many good parents are unable to be there on their kids first day of school that dose not automatically make someone a “bad” parent.

        Now him not see her in 16 weeks and taking movie role after movie role instead of being with his kid dose.

    • MollyB says:

      I think it’s what he did to Nicole in reverse. When they first split, she spent a lot of time with her kids until he was slowly able to turn them against her. Now Tom will slowly spend more and more time away from Suri until we all get used to it and he can disappear from her life. And just like with Nicole it will be “but they talk on the phone all the time, blah blah blah”.

    • flan says:

      Like you, I thought Cruise would still visit her, even if only just for the press, and that the Suri is a SP was nonsense.

      And of course I was wrong. Since I apparently still have to learn that the weirdest explanation is usually the right one when it comes to Tom Cruise.

  8. LeeLoo says:

    That pictures has to be the best and worst Hollywood still I have ever seen all at the same time.

    Let’s not forget another Tom quality, Tom HAS to win. He did not win Suri and as we have seen Suri is better off not having him around. Tom has that quality of wanting to run from any life moment when he didn’t win. We have been fortunate to see her behavior vastly improve since her last visit with Tom. So honestly, I think her visits with Tom NEED to be limited to 2 or 3x a year. I think will take Suri a step backwards every time he visits.

    At the same time, has Suri noticed? I’m pretty sure Suri only saw him 3-4x a year anyways due to his hectic movie schedule. I really fail to understand what is so different pre and post divorce for her.

    • Lem says:

      The difference is the media is now tracking his Suri visits. When they were married the media did not take note of his extremely lengthy absences

    • Rumorhasit says:

      You are probably right about the number of times TC saw Suri while married, and this probably as much as Scientology had as much to do with their divorce, we just weren’t privy to the actual time he spent as they were in his hermeticly sealed little robo world, and he had the benefit of our doubt.
      Now the world knows better, and I don’t believe for a second Misscarrage didn’t pull Tom aside and go,” you have to take one for the team buddy. This was just too high profile….you can’t have our other Scientobots who left their family and loved ones in the dust seeing you with your child in the company of your ex wife. That’ll raise questions we can’t begin to answer. They’re Sps, write em off, we’ll do better for you next time.”

      But you better believe with this new movie coming out, there is gonna be one heck of a photo op with Super Dad and the chosen one. Even Miscarrage will allow this. As all of Toms money goes into the Scientology coffers, the more attention Tom gets for pretend playing a loving caring dad, the more people will think about that new movie of his that’s out. And will go see it.
      Very sad for Suri, those lost in the twisted grip of Scientology, and those of us who seem to care more about those things than the people who profess to take those things so seriously…meaning Tom.

  9. some bitch says:

    I cannot stop LAUGHING at that picture. Watch out, Tom Cruise is being a badass!

  10. potatopeel says:

    I make pumpkin bars- they are NOT ooey and gooey. They’re just a moist cake made in a jelly roll pan – seriously, I cannot imagine Katie being all about “from scratch”! ha!

  11. kate says:

    I honestly thought that was a pic of Jack Black in Tropic Thunder… It took a full minute for me to actually see that it was Tom… lol

  12. CF98 says:

    LIke I said I still stand by my theory that Tom is not her biological father and if he didn’t get out of Katie and Suri’s lives quietly she was going to blow the whistle on this and anything CO$ related in court(if he had not settled in record time)

    I mean you think he would’ve given up on his lone biological kid like he did otherwise?

    I don’t.

    • Az says:

      That would be a valid theory except the older she gets the more Suri looks exactly like Tom. They have the same eyes.

    • candigirl says:

      ITA on this, I’ve always thought Katie had something real like genetic testing done with results that provided a big bargaining chip in the divorce. I think this is a possibility, which is which Tom is acting differently towards her and Suri than in his other divorces. And why he is drinking and partying, not typical for him.
      I hope Katie remarries a nice non celebrity guy, a wonderful stable man who will be a real dad for Suri for the rest of her life. Heck, anyone half way normal, will show Tom to be the selfish, egotistical tyrant that he is by comparison.

  13. Sapphire says:

    I totally agree that Tommy looks like he’s going to crap in his battle armor! Which already comes equipped with lifts! I died laughing at this photo!

  14. Ginger says:

    He looks like a skinny version of Jack Black in this photo. If I hadn’t read the title of the story that it is Tom Cruise, I would still think it was Jack. Weird.

  15. Boo says:

    Tries to look like a badass. Succeeds only with the second half.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m going through something right now that I’m unable to discuss, but I can tell you that there is NO WAY Hubs would be away from Toddles if there was a way he could avoid it.

  17. Esmom says:

    I can’t help but wonder, is this rock bottom for him? Or will he continue to decline into an even bigger punch line? He seems delusionally un-self-aware.

  18. Kim says:

    Well his lawyer claims he speaks with Suri several times a day

  19. dorothy says:

    Look at little Tommy boy in his halloween outfit. Good to know they made them in “petite” sizes.

  20. Velouria says:

    He looks like a true power bottom in the first pic…

  21. A Fan says:

    He was unmanly right off the bat in “Risky Business”…and has remained so.

    A badass, he will never be.

  22. PortlandJan says:

    Katie, don’t do it! What makes you think he’ll let you and Suri leave once Thamksgiving is over?

  23. Tiamet says:

    You know, I was genuinely tempted to post a gushing response about what a good father Tom clearly is.

    Before anyone suggests serious therapy, this is on the basis that I am afraid that if people keep commenting on how bad a father he is, he will do something to prove otherwise, which will only cause more distress to poor Suri. Short term scripted photo-ops are not good for small children.

    Either Katie has something MAJOR on Tom to keep him away, or he is doing the SP thing and cutting off both Katie and Suri.

  24. Ms. Candy says:

    Well, if it happens that’s good but why all the interest as to how many times he sees her now… The man is working and always has been. It’s not like he sitting on his behind doing nothing…

    I’m not defending him but where was all this attention when they were married….

    • Kimlee says:

      The difference is people were willing to believe the crap they both were selling, their eyes are open now.

      He’ll I’ve been say it for years that he was never around, I mean you can count how many times Tom been seen with Suri over the years. You can’t say the same for Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Gabriel Aubry…. Ex. Now those are true fathers all ways with thier kids and never away from them for long or even fighting to make sure that thier kids stay in thier lives, Tom should take lessons.

  25. lisa2 says:

    I really thought he would have seen her after SANDY hit. I know they were not stuck anywhere. But I don’t see how he justifies not seeing his daughter. I know he is working. But Tom has gotten on planes to do promotion for a day and flew all over. A weekend trip to see his daughter is not difficult Tom is a STAR. And there are perks that he can get that your average actor can’t.

    about the still from the movie. Women may say it is whatever. But guys like Tom’s films. I remember talking to male family members. Most of them like his films. They don’t know or care about COS or his marriage or whatever. Guys are not that vested in gossip. They just want to see an action film. Tom gives them that.

  26. Maple Yank says:

    Nov 18th not an auspicious day for them – it would have been their 6th wedding anniversary.

  27. Free Rpatz says:

    So you’re saying parenting via Skype isn’t a viable alternative?

  28. Kim says:

    Connor Cruise is in NYC He was just interviewed by Kelly and Michael today.He was the House. DJ on show.I wonder if he will meet w Suri and Katie.

  29. lucy2 says:

    That photo is hilarious.
    Not seeing your kid for 4 months, especially when you have millions of dollars and access to private planes, is not.
    It’s sad, but maybe in the long run it’s the best thing for the kid. Tom’s world isn’t healthy, he obviously doesn’t make her a priority, and she has Katie and her family instead.

  30. palermo says:

    Suri is not his kid, end of story. He would have moved mountains to get custody if she were.

  31. ViloDeMenus says:

    Something fishy is going on, especially since he’s suing a tabloid for saying he’s a bad father, when he’s be MIA for over 3 months. I fear he will see her sometime over the holidays, and I’m pretty confident he’s Skyping with Suri, which is fine – better than loads of brain washing in person I guess. He can be monitored more easily. Katie hated Telluride and rarely went there, I think it was her first taste of imprisonment in the relationship. I’m liking what Palermo says, there is some reason why he’s backed off on hands on parenting, Katie is done with him and I think wisely she’s got a few more cards to play if it comes to push and shove.

    He looks like a total tool. He’s nearly 50, does anyone believe he’d be a ground soldier at that age, even in some future world? I think not. Who goes to see his movies is what I want to know.

  32. skuddles says:

    What a douche to not see his daughter for 4 months. It’s not like he lacks the means to see her, obviously he just lacks the interest.

  33. Jackson says:

    He looks to be one good push away from ending two weeks of constipation in that ridiculous picture.

  34. annie says:

    He used to go on locations before,and Katie used to go, to him, when Suri was homeschooled, but then they got less and less.
    Katie was seen in pics with Jack O’brien,director of Dead Accounts many months ago, so she knew, she was going to be in New York for months, and Tom knew his schedule, for his movies, overseas.
    I feel sometimes that maybe she wasn’t valued as much in the relationship, he just wasn’t there for her.
    He has a plane, and he can use it, don’t buy his excuse about work.
    Still think , he loves Scie more than anything or anyone in this world, even his own child.
    But , I agree that Suri is used to him not being there, and only being with her mother, so really nothing has changed for Suri.
    I do believe that he talks everyday to her tho.

  35. Zombie Shortcake says:

    If I recall correctly from Jessica Simpson on a Newlyweds episode, ‘ballerino’ is a male ballerina.
    I gotta say, in that header pic, his face really resembles Tommy Davis’ in freak out mode:

  36. Smokey says:

    On a related Tommygirl note, the Daily Mail has issued an apology to TC and David Miscavige for reporting that TC was cooling on his relationship with the cult. WOW! I think TC got a good face-riping reality adjustment from DM to cause him to contact the Mail.–corrections.html#ixzz2C1C2ZUBF

    Also, I don’t think he’s got liberal visitation and that’s why he hasn’t been to see Suri. The Disney photo op was about the same time as the joint press release where they both said they respected each other’s beliefs. I think that visit was tied to the quick settlement and press release, in that Katie agreed to the visit and release in order to get the thing done ASAP and secure full custody with limited visitation.

  37. d b says:

    @Madriani’sGirl – Your comment made my day, LOL

  38. LucyOriginal says:

    I am surprised how young his face looks. It seems as if he had some cheek implants. Look how fuller/rounder his face looks as it used to be during Top gun.

  39. Shy says:

    Somebody needs to tell Tom that he is too old for this stuff. He just looks ridiculous. He was ridiculous in Jack Reacher trailer and here he is too.

    He is like Jenifer Aniston who in her 40 tries to pretend that she is some 27 years old naive young girl in her romantic movies. Tom – stop it. Your face looks very good for 50 years old man. But still it won’t convince anyone that you are 34 and you are young hot head.

    Just like Demi Moore Tom refuses to grow old. He still acts and dresses like he is some 35 years old action guy. Bruce Willis excepted his age. He understands that he can’t Lead action movie on his own and be believable and successful in box office. He understands that he is no A-List anymore. So he stars in movies with young actors who play his son, sidekick or young him. Or as supporting in RED or GI Joe.

    But Tom still thinks that he is A-List that can Lead any action movie. Tom still lives in 90-th. He will be very surprised when Jack Reacher will flop.

    • Loira says:

      I like the Expendables movies more. They do not take themselves so seriusly.
      Tom? He is the money machine for Co$, gotta keep them rich. I am SO not going to see his movies. My hubs was asking about the Reacher movie, but I told him how miscast that was… We are not going.

  40. erika says:


    omg i saw this pic over the weekend and my jaw dropped! he looks like a total F***cktard! sorry tc! “Ehhhh durhhhh…ehhh durrhhhh…i got robot body, i big man BOOM!”

    let me remind ya all that ben stiller mocked TC as his character on Tropic Thunder in the movie previews at the start…

    wow…wow….no suri in 4 months…1/4 of a year….

    tom you’re a heartless D-CK. but we already knew that

  41. Amy625 says:

    It’s funny that when they announced the divorce everybody said Tom was a horrible father and hoped he would never see Suri again. Now that he supposedly hasn’t seen Suri in months people are angry for getting their wish. I’m also baffled that eventhough Katie is constantly photographed with Suri she’s considered a great mom. But when Tom is photographed he’s a horrible father staging photo-ops.

    • Kimlee says:

      I think they both use Suri for photo-op’s Katie and Suri were not seen for weeks and now that she selling her Broadway play were getting all these photo ops with Katie picking Suri up from school every other day.

      Tom did the same thing with the Disney trip, but people don’t want to see that Katie playing the game to because she become a “hero”.

      • CF98 says:

        Oh please Katie/Suri are almost always seen together the only reason you see Suri less after the divorce is because she goes to this thing called school. And they do regular things

        The only reason people suspect Tom’s motives is because when he was with Suri he did things over the top. And then you barely saw him after that.

  42. space oddity says:

    omg. this makes me so sad. i just read this book over the summer and loved it. i had no idea Tom Cruise was going to r*pe it.

  43. Sugar says:

    The sentence of Katie spending Thanksgiving with Tom literally made my skin crawl. I think 5 minutes in his presence again be 5 minutes too many.

    Orig Bella I have missed u here on CB lately & have been hoping you are ok:|

  44. Vesper says:

    Since Tom missed Suri’s last bday, and that was while he was still married, I doubt very much he is going to make an effort for any other holiday.

    As he once said in an interview, he has an “arrangement” with his family, on holidays he works and they visit him. It’s all about Tom after all.

  45. izza says:

    Wonder what they wanted the applogy for?
    What was they got offended at most, the fact that Tom’s relationship with DM had cooled, or DM had bought an airport hanger, for Tom.
    God forbid, they should fall out as friends, after all wives , and wife auditioning, come and go, but Tom and DM are forever!!!!!!!!

  46. deehunny says:

    i know tom-hating is popular, and with good reason, but is anyone else like, *yawn*

  47. Em says:

    Do the journo’s at OK magazine seriously think people are so stupid that they would believe that tomkat Thanksgiving reunion CRAP!!!

    • pf says:

      The only reason Suri might look like Tom Cruise is because Suri’s biological father Tommy Davis is the spitting image of Cruise. As Suri has gotten older, I can now totally see it. Besides the fact that Suri has tantrums just like Davis. Also, I don’t know the guy’s height, he must be taller because Suri is tall for her age and we know Cruise is a midget.

  48. CF98 says:

    Then its really bizarre he let Katie have sole custody of their child especially one that’s his biological child. Connor and Isabella were adopted and yet he fought for them. Biology shouldn’t matter when it comes to being a parent but that doesn’t make sense.

    And I don’t see Tom in Suri at all. She doesn’t have that Mapother nose. I think Connor looks more like Tom than Suri does.