Are James Franco’s students complaining about him falling asleep in class?

James Franco

James Franco covers the December issue of Dazed & Confused to promote his upcoming role as a violent and scuzzy meth dealer in Homefront. The way his face is all painted up only serves to reenforce my theory that Franco and Lady Gaga are actually the same person. ART.

As Kaiser discussed last week, Franco pimped Homefront by “reviewing” 12 Years a Slave. The essay wasn’t so much a review as Franco trashing Michael Fassbender in various ways. Franco can’t stand it when his contemporaries gain more acclaim or better jobs than he does. Remember when he slammed Henry Cavill while “reviewing” Man of Steel in a similar way? Classic douche move.

Before I get to the Dazed interview, there’s something amusing I want to discuss. As we’re all quite aware (because Franco keeps reminding us), Franco is a college professor now. He’s been teaching for a few semesters off and on at UCLA and at NYU. The NYU part is particularly weird because James got one of his NYU professors fired for giving him a “D” grade. James continued to trash the guy after ruining his career, so I was interested to see what Franco’s students would think of him as a teacher.

Now the tide has turned ever so slightly. I don’t know if these reports are true or if some NYU students are messing with Franco. Since one of Franco’s UCLA students revealed to LAWeekly that Jersey Shore is on the syllabus, this NYU stuff could be true too:

* “Amazing class because we got to make a feature film with A list talent. But James seems sleepy and distracted and doesn’t give feedback because he doesn’t read our writing. The concept for the class is great. But James is a joke of a professor.”

* “James is a nice guy, but he’s a really terrible professor. He never grades the papers on time because he is always asleep in class. I once got an F on a test because I wouldn’t share my meatball sub with him. Our improv lessons sucked because he wanted us to be the Green Goblin and chase him around the room. Do not take this class — he reeks of weed.”

[From RateMyProfessors]

Ha. This stuff is funny, right? James was once photographed during a grad school lecture, and Mila Kunis said he fell asleep while cameras rolled on the Oz set all the time. So it’s believable that he’d snooze his way through teaching a class. I can also believe he’d use Spider Man motifs in his improv teachings too because — let’s face it — this is a guy who considers his own butt to be ART. The meatball sub detail? Iffy but still conceivable when it comes to Franco. True or not, these reports are exactly what Franco deserves after getting his own professor fired.

Do we have to talk about the Dazed interview? Not really because it’s more of the usual Franco drivel. You can read some excerpts here, but the highlight is that Franco wants Hollywood filmmaking to “all come back to the art of I.” Of course.

James Franco

James Franco

Photos courtesy of Dazed & Confused

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  1. AG says:

    These kids have no one to blame but themselves for taking a class with this a$$.

    And teaching a few classes here and there a professor does not make. That’s called being a part-time lecturer in academia.

    • Schnee says:

      Yeah, he is no actual professor. He is an adjunct professor with no chair of his own or a tenure.

      In my country he would have to hold a PhD and additionally have written a habilitation to become a prof. As far as I know he only has some Master’s degrees aka he is merely a lecturer.

      No problem there! It’s just so weird to me that a person with a Master’s degree can call themselves “professor”.

      • LAR says:

        Most college courses in the US are taught by adjuncts with MAs or PhDs and doctoral students bc universities can afford to pay them nothing bc they are easily replaceable. Many tenured professors are too busy dealing with massive amounts of bureaucracy and keeping up with the need to publish publish publish to teach a lot. Many adjuncts are dedicated talented teachers who have an enormous amount of expertise in their fields. Unfortunately, academia is circling the drain (think 500 qualified applicants applying for every tenure-track position), so they are relegated to second class citizens in the university world, despite their knowledge and credentials. They are absolutely professors and qualified to teach on the college level!

        That being said, I don’t include James Franco in the above group.

  2. tifzlan says:

    I hate that i still think he is hot, but there is hope! I’m slowly turning towards Dave now…

  3. blue marie says:

    He looks a bit like a killer clown. There is no way I would ever waste my money on a class with Fart Franco as the professor, those kids are dumb.

    • LadySlippers says:

      I’d give the kids the benefit of the doubt. They prob were a tad dazzled by the name and found out the dazzle was 100% manufactured and not real. Experience is a fantastic instructor (even if Franco isn’t).

      So he sleeps on the job (acting), while teaching, and as a student? Someone may want to tell him that he IS human and we require sleep. As I’m assuming people have ruled out medical issues….

  4. Kiddo says:

    What’s with the Julius Caesar hair?

  5. AlexL says:

    Yet, here is a link of James Franco praising Fassbender’s performance in Shame two years ago in Variety:

    I understand there is a picture to paint of Franco in this blog post but I don’t think Franco was criticizing Fassbender as he was criticizing the written character and its treatment of gay subject matter, whether or agree with it or not.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:


  7. Lark says:

    I’m so over him and his meta bullshit. Ugh. And his shitting all over Fassy and Henry Cavill…no. He needs to stop. The sad thing is he is a talented guy, but I can’t stand his “analysis,” his over the top “ART,” or his weird fan fiction about Cavill and Fassy. I get that he worked with Cavill at one point, but for him to take his one experience with Cavill and act like he knows Cavill intimately or understands him as a person based off of a years old brief working relationship is crazy and beyond arrogant. If he was making those comments about Seth Rogen, whom he has known for ten years and seems to be close friends with…I would get it…but the Cavill thing (even if it wasn’t necessarily straight up trashing) seemed so arrogant and so full of assumptions.

    Anyway, I think James is screwed in terms of his career to be honest. There are Dane DeHaan, Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne, Garrett Hedlund, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar Issac, and many more who are looked at for the same “roles.” I think Bradley and Michael F are “snatching” a lot of the roles that would have gone to James in the past…..Michael, Oscar, Dane, and a few of the others (maybe even Garrett) also have the brooding thing down pat and are more talented, and the others have their own niche….and where does that leave James?

    And I totally buy that he is a shit teacher because nobody can work that much and not have some area of their life suffer.

  8. Marianne says:

    I can totally believe that he snoozes in class. Remember that photo from him a few years ago when he was sleeping in class (he was a student then).

    On one hand, I can’t say I blame him. I mean he is a really busy guy and it must be hard on the body to be constantly working and constantly jetting back and forth. But on the other hand, it is not professional AT ALL and unfair to the students. He should have either taken a break from acting/Hollywood and committed to this, or not taken this on. Simple.

  9. j.eyre says:

    I guess this is why he proposed a similar class to USC. You had to write a 20 page paper to be considered for taking the class.

  10. Storm says:

    I was once in a class with Franco at UCLA and the only thing I remember is how he’d become pissy when no one agreed with him.

  11. Evi says:

    This type of thing reminds me of when I was doing a postgraduate creative writing course and, of course, listening to authors giving their little talks and, really, they are all so underwhelming that it makes you wonder about the ‘it’s who you know’ adage that is the determinant of them getting the job rather than any obvious talent.

  12. gg says:

    Best he’s ever looked. lol. Just kidding. He does look a hell of a lot more interesting in the grey and white zombie getup than usual. I will probably be avoiding any future movies of his. The Wizard of Oz movie was ruined by the terrible casting.

    • nico says:

      The casting in Oz was horrible. James, Mila and Michelle were all miscast. I expect Mila to be nominated for a Razzie.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I’d never take his class because I find him obnoxious, but if I somehow did and was paying ALL that money for those credits, I’d file a complaint with the school. That’s just a waste of everyone’s time and resources. Maybe some student will get him fired so then he knows how that real professor felt.

  14. Jo March says:

    I’m not surprised to hear he is difficult to work with, but we shouldn’t take “ratemyprofessor” as gospel. It’s about as credible as, well, anything where you don’t have to sign your name. Sure, it’s useful for some things, but I know people who review themselves on that site. I do appreciate the meatball sub story. He might get a part-time teaching gig at my school, but he wouldn’t earn tenure.

  15. Miss M says:

    I cannot defend him based on the reviews about his class, if they are true…

    As for the 12 years a slave review, I don’t think he was criticizing Fassbender. I think he was criticizing the writing choice for that scene.

  16. Arock says:

    At some point the guy playing James Franco will admit it was ALL a performance piece and only then will I be impressed.
    This guy is a tool.

  17. madchen says:

    If he and Kanye ever collaborate watch out because they will blow our minds. In theirs.

  18. MegG says:

    This had me in stitches!

  19. lucyloo says:

    You all should just stop. Many of his students said he was a great teacher. There are worse teachers out there. But it becomes a big deal because hes famous and maybe fell asleep once in class… okay. My creative writing/drama professor makes us do the stupidest things that dont teach us anything. We dont take tests we havent learned a thing except for how to act like a mad man at any given moment. And hes only there twice every few months. I’d be more than happy to have him as an instructor. Lucky even. They dont like the way he teaches. At least theyre learning. the students dont appreciate his hard work. I think their standards may have been set to high. Whats wrong with acting like the green goblin and chasing him around?? His techniques are just different and fun.