Justin Bieber got a new puppy named Karma: how long will this pet last?

Justin Bieber

Never forget the tale of Justin Bieber and little Mally the monkey. To recap, Justin was gifted the capuchin monkey in March of this year. A few weeks later, Justin was lurching through his international tour when German authorities seized the animal because none of Justin’s crew bothered to bring papers. Rather than deal with the issue, Bieber left the country while poor Mally languished in a shelter. Fortunately Mally had a happy ending after he was eventually placed in a facility where he could socialize with other capuchins.

Justin went on with his try-hard life like nothing happened. Then in June, Justin was gifted another pet monkey and promptly lost it too. You think Biebs would have realized by that point that he is not well suited as a pet owner. Nope. Meet Justin’s brand new puppy, Karma, who is an American Bulldog. He’s adorable and has no idea what’s in store for him once Justin loses interest.

Justin Bieber

This photo came from the Instagram account of his dad, Jeremy Bieber. Baby Bieber confirmed his new pet via Twitter.

Naturally Twitter was outraged with various people asking if Bieber was going to abandon this animal too. I won’t call out any non-celebrities here, but you can view the responses to Justin’s tweet for a taste of the head shaking. I guess Justin’s dad asked for the internet’s help in naming the unfortunate doggie. I think the internet’s collective response is a way of saying Karma will one day bite Bieber in the ass.

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Justin Bieber on Instagram, Jeremy Bieber on Instagram & WENN

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  1. Ag says:


  2. Kim1 says:

    Karma= Mercy( Kim K’s cat)

    • Florc says:

      Didn’t that later come out that the kitten was terminal? If anything Mercy is a good example of why breeding puppies and kittens isn’t a good thing. Mercy wasn’t going to lie a long healthy life with anyone. Just wasn’t in the cards for that kitten.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I read that some where too–that the poor cat was pretty inbred for looks and died of congenital heart failure.

    • Petee says:

      Yes she was but Kim is no animal lover.I only watched the first season of her horrible show and when she got Reggie Bush a dog.She was as caring as a snake.And I also realized how fake their show is.Cat’s are very shy.You don’t carry them around like a purse which she did.I hope this vile family is over with.

  3. paola says:

    I just wish Karma will bite him in the ass.

    Soon darling.. soon 😛

  4. Frida_K says:

    I hope that the dog grows large and then bites him on the ass.

    It’s what he deserves, nothing less.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I saw his manager on some entertainment show saying how the Bieber movie was going to clear up all the questions and the unfair treatment. Yet I haven’t been following it closely, but I have not seen any quotes or comments about the film.

    • aquarius64 says:

      They’re not talking because the Bieber movie, which opened on Xmas, finished at the box office at no. 14 with a haul of 2 million dollars. Methinks Brothel-gate and a string of bad press impacted the box office take. Even with it playing in less theaters (1037) that his 1st movie (3118 theaters) this is bad because the theater owners didn’t want to take a loss because of Bieber’s bad publicity. How the mighty have fallen.

      • Tazina says:

        The public is getting tired of this little twerp and Britney Spears as well. Their time is more than over. There’s a lot more talent out there than these two who must have had lucky horseshoes up their rears.

  6. break says:

    I think he bought this dog at a pet store, intead of adopting him from a shelter or rescue group.
    Way to be a role model, jerk face.

    • Kim1 says:

      TMZ has video of him @ pet store paying for dog.

      • Kate says:

        NOOOOO! Way to support PUPPY MILLS, ya d-bag!
        This kid has NO BUSINESS getting any kind of pets. Between Mally and the hamster that he just handed to someone…his treatment in my book constitutes repeated neglect. Like I said, what a d-bag. That poor dog.

    • Skye says:

      What do we expect? He “picks up a new pet” with the same amount of thought/deliberation you or I would put into stopping by CVS for some aspirin and Pepsi on the way home. Convenience is all. I’m sure it was on his way from doing something more important, like getting another wannabe tat, or having his butthole bleached and waxed.

      Starting to think you should need a license to GET a pet, and after so many monkeys, it gets suspended.

    • Decloo says:

      Yes! Some of the media reported that he “adopted” the dog from a pet store (?). This is a good opportunity for us all to point out the horrors of puppy mills. NEVER BUY A PET FROM A PET STORE PLEASE. Go to a shelter first. If you are adamant about a pure bred dog please buy only from a breeder recognized by the American Kennel Club.

      • moot says:

        Um. Here in Canada pet stores now offer temporary shelter for adoption animals. So the animals in the windows are not from mills or farms but are rescue animals. I adopted my cat from a large chain pet store, but the organization that handled the pet adoptions was the Toronto Cat Rescue.

        From what I understand, the same pet store chain also handles dog adoptions from rescue organizations.

        Since Beiber’s family is from Ontario, it’s possibles the dog was an adoption from one of these stores, and not a puppy mill dog. I’m not even sure there are any pet stores in Ontario that sell puppy mill dogs any more. Mostly, people who want breeds go directly to breeders or from rescues.

        Just have to speak on behalf of those working hard to change pet buying/adoption attitudes and doing it in mainstream stores.

      • ol cranky says:

        @moot I run a rescue and I can imagine any ethical rescue letting him adopt a dog with his well documented (and recent) history of surrendering/abandoning pets. He has made it abundantly clear that, even with the support of paid minions, he is incapable of even maintaining the façade of being a responsible pet owner

  7. Amelia says:

    I propose an SAS/Navy SEAL style rescue mission to take this little pup to a happy, caring home.
    Any volunteers? I’ve got the rope, harnesses and carabiners – snacks will be required if anyone feels like bringing along crumpets and balaclavas.
    Happy New Year’s Eve, Celebitches!

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Lol, the Karma literally biting him on the ass thing was my first thought too.
    That poor puppy. Hopefully someone is watching out for him.

  9. Meggin says:

    UGH. Why would anyone give him a pet?? After what he did to that monkey. He will get tired of it and ditch it.

  10. Talie says:

    His dad looks like such a douche…

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Great. Bulldogs need a lot of loving discipline and training. This will not end well.

    • Yeah–I have a mini English Bulldog……she was actually very, very easy to train, because she doesn’t like getting in trouble. But yeah–she needs training, consistent training. We’ve been lax on that lately–she recently peed on the floor upstairs, and then went and laid in her bed like nothing happened.

      That poor puppy.

  12. eliza says:

    Disgusting. Poor puppy. May it find it’s way into a new home ASAP.

  13. vanna says:

    this is just awful…does that puppy look too young (like not even 10 weeks old) to anyone else?

    • pamspam says:

      TMZ said the puppy is 7 weeks old. 🙁

      • Petee says:

        You shouldn’t take a dog from it’s Mom till eight week’s.This really bothers me.Puppies are a lot of work and need a lot of care for the first two year’s.With all his hanger’s on and pot smoking going on around him and lord knows what else I really feel badly for this baby.

  14. Mel says:

    I cannot stand that “huh???”, empty headed look on his face in every freakin picture he takes of himself! Do teenage girls really think that’s attractive?

  15. swack says:

    Too bad the dog isn’t female because really karma is a b!tch.

  16. Tippy says:

    He gave away his pet hamster to one of his fans at a concert and it died within an hour.

    • Florc says:

      It did!? Is that the one he passed through a fence to a fan while entering a building?

      This manchild is a good example of someone who shouldn’t be allowed to have pets! This posmf

      • Tippy says:

        Yeah, that’s the same one.

        Bieber is either an imbecile or has a depraved indifference to the suffering of an animal.

    • Hakura says:

      I didn’t know it died that quickly!! It sounds like he *knew* he was really sick &(or) on his way out, & just hurried to hand it off to someone else. God, that’s just… absolutely disgusting.

      • lovegossipbutnotL&E says:

        The hamster dying in an hour is not true, it was a more like a month I believe, but crappy anyways. It just proves the point that he gets bored very easy and gives (or leaves) his pets when he is done with them. Horrible little punk! 🙁

  17. Garrett says:

    Someone get that animal away from him. Poor thing doesn’t stand a chance if Justin is raising it.

    • Hakura says:

      I agree, minus the ‘raising it’ part. We *know* nothing he does is going to come anywhere even *close* to being considered ‘raising’ the poor little guy… He’ll play with him once in awhile, then completely ignore him, & leave someone else to do all the ‘non-fun, important’ things, without even *telling* anyone they need to be done.

  18. Hakura says:

    I wish the ASPCA would get involved, & at least make some sort of statement regarding all of his irresponsible pet behavior. (Twice regarding animals that should never even *be* pets).

  19. Size Does Matter says:

    Wait, Justin Bieber has a dad?!?!?

  20. Nicolette says:

    Adorable puppy. Too bad it has an idiot for an owner.

  21. Random says:

    He just stole my future dogs name. I always wanted a (female) dog and would name her Karma. You know, Karma’s a bitch. I never had much sympathy for baby biebs, but now it’s personal! Dammit!

  22. DTX says:

    This poor puppy will soon be on the short bus to hell, like all the other unfortunate souls before him. I can assure you that it will happen before the puppy has time to grow up and give him a good chomp in the balls like he deserves!

  23. Norman says:

    Didn’t Bieber have a pet monkey or primate confiscated once? I don’t think this guy has much respect for animals considering the stories I’ve been seeing. Not a good message for Beliebers but unfortunately what do they care.

  24. lisa says:

    oh dear god

    may some guardian angel step up and get this dog on some pet underground railroad to safety

  25. Lux says:

    I just can’t with the raised eyebrows thing he does. It drives me nuts!
    Bieber and Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. I feel so sorry for Mally and Mercy (RIP).

  26. bartman says:

    Yes it is his puppy he did pick the dog but it is for his dad’s kids his little half brother and sister.