Courteney Cox is sporting a diamond ring, will she confirm an engagement soon?

Courteney Cox shows off her engagement ring as she and her fiance Johnny McDaid leave Craig's in West Hollywood
Courteney Cox, 50, has been seeing 37 year-old Irish musician Johnny McDaid for about 8 or 9 months. Johnny first came onto our radar in December, and he had been seeing Courteney for a couple of months at that point. The two seem serious and have been spotted out together quite a bit recently. They even went on vacation, to Turks and Caicos last week, to celebrate Courteney’s 50th birthday.

Courteney was “coincidentally” photographed in her bikini on the beach during that vacation. We don’t have those photos but you can see them on TMZ. She looks great. (I always wonder when I see celebrities on vacation if they ever try to write the trips off their taxes. They’re ‘working’ when they’re photographed at play too.)

These are photos of Courteney and Johnny out at La Scala for lunch yesterday in their sporty clothes and then hitting Craig’s in West Hollywood for dinner last night. They look so sympatico, all in black and with their matching black hair. I just love seeing couples that look twinsy like this, and I’m not being sarcastic! The photo agency, Pacific Coast News, provided us with this close up of what looks like Courtney’s engagement ring.

Courteney Cox shows off her engagement ring as she and her fiance Johnny McDaid leave Craig's in West Hollywood

We’ve heard rumors about Courtney possibly being engaged for some time, and this isn’t the first time she’s been seen with a ring on that finger. Courteney told E! last week that the ring didn’t mean anything, but it sounds like she got a little flustered.

She said “This is not…the question at hand!..That I’ve worn forever!” She also said “Don’t look at my hands! They look horrible!” I bet she’s engaged! We’re not seeing two sets of photos of her on one day for nothing. I feel sad that she’s not happy about her hands. I remember last year Courteney told Ellen that she gets her hands laser treated for age. That’s not the only thing she does, but at least she’s not lying about it.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid seen at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Lunch In Beverly Hills

Courteney Cox shows off her engagement ring as she and her fiance Johnny McDaid leave Craig's in West Hollywood

photo credit: Devone Byrd: PacificCoastNews and FameFlynet

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24 Responses to “Courteney Cox is sporting a diamond ring, will she confirm an engagement soon?”

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  1. Esti says:

    I really like her from the old days of Friends and Scream and even Ace Ventura, and it makes me sad that she seems so unhappy about aging. She’s had so much work done, and given multiple interviews where she talks about how much she hates getting old. I appreciate the honesty, but she seems smart and funny and I wish she wasn’t so focused on “losing” her looks as though that was the biggest measure of her worth as a person.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. Sounds like she should have put all that money she spent on cosmetic work toward therapy and she might be more comfortable in her (natural) skin by now. Sad.

    • Mixtape says:

      Yes, agreed! I think this low self esteem about aging is one of the downsides of dating younger men (which Courtney has done since before the term “cougar” even came into play). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equal opportunity in the dating realm–if older men can date someone half their age without question, women can, too. The problem is that those older men have bullish confidence that is often derived from successes in life and not from their looks. As they get older, they get more successful, and their confidence grows. Point being, it takes one hell of a confident woman to date a younger man and not ever worry that she is fading too fast for him.

  2. Audrey says:

    Ugh she’s one of the celebrities who I can’t handle seeing what she’s done to her face.

  3. Original Tessa says:

    They look like brother and sister to me. If she were a man, that’s who she’d look like. I always find that fascinating.

    • kri says:

      She looks totally wasted there and like she should not be driving. I am meh on them, but I would love to hear him speak. Sigh…the Irish. Love them.

  4. GiGi says:

    He has a kind of beautiful face, right? Interesting. Good for them – hope they’re happy for a long time!

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I honestly can’t look at her face, and not think that it looks like an overstuffed sausage casing….like it’s going to burst open eventually. If she’d gotten only a tiny bit of fillers/botox, then she would look AMAZING (not that she wouldn’t without it)….but good Lord.

    And ha–her boyfriend and her are the same ages as my mom and dad. And my mom seriously looks younger than she does because of all that crap in her face.

    But if they are engaged, good for them. I never know too much about Courtney, but she seems like she’s a really great friend.

    • lisa2 says:

      One of the things I have noticed about her after her break up with David; she seems to be putting more effort into her own personal life. I really think one of the reasons her marriage ended was she was too there for her friends. David is immature and she probably treated him like a baby.. but she seems to be spending more time alone with this guy and doing things with him than she did before.

      Maybe she has learned that too many cooks in the kitchen ruins the meal.

  6. Goga says:

    He looks like Chandler Bing! Lol

  7. blue marie says:

    Good for her if true, the dude looks a little like vampire Bill.

  8. shaanon says:

    i too loved CC in Friends and Scream. It is a shame to see what she’s done to her face. It’s a never-ending process as well. Joan Rivers is the end result. I’m sorry because that is mean, but I would rather look like my wrinkled old gramma towards the end than that.

  9. Jess says:

    She’s so naturally pretty and I wish she’d stop with the procedures. Women who have a bunch of work done end up looking like they’ve had a bunch of work done, they never look younger! Age with grace people.

  10. Trixie says:

    He looks like a cross between Sting and Michael Bolton.

  11. fynn says:

    Three quick considerations:
    - That guy is scary. Has a scary, creepy stare.
    -Courtney has crossed the line from the botox done properly to the cat-eyed, immobile forehead botoxed woman. She lost it.
    - They some way look related.

  12. GIRLFACE says:

    I can’t believe she’s 50!! Those bikini pictures are cray. Idk what you have to do to look like that when you’re 50 but count me in. Crazy cat face botox or no. He’s okay.

  13. Tippy says:

    Prior to the couple leaving for Turks and Caicos, Jennifer Aniston hosted an intimate 50th birthday bash for her BFF at her Bel Air home.

    Approximately 20 people attended and everyone departed around 11PM.

  14. serena says:

    He looks cute, although I think 12 year of difference is a bit too much.. whatever, I hope it’ll work out this time.

  15. Tay says:

    What are those blonde marks on her shoulder/chest?