Miranda Lambert: ‘The last year of my life has been one of heartache and healing’


Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce announcement. Both have since moved on to other relationships, Miranda with crooner Anderson East and Blake with… oh shoot, wait who is he dating again? I think it might be Gwen Stefani. Blake first album since the divorce came out in May and Miranda just released her first single since their split. The song, Vice, went straight to the top of the charts at iTunes. She celebrated by posting a screenshot of her number one spot and a long caption about the road she took to get there. That caption, combined with the song’s lyrics, have everyone thinking this song is about her relationship with Blake.

Bittersweet memories. Miranda Lambert celebrated the success of her new single, “Vice,” hitting the top of the iTunes charts on Tuesday, July 19, with an introspective Instagram post that looked back at the past year since she split from Blake Shelton.

“The last year of my life has been one of heartache and healing,” the country star, 32, wrote. “Of learning to be honest… accepting the flaws and celebrating the smiles. Finding peace in dark places…having some moments alone with me. Facing fears and feelings…all of them.”

“I got to know my guitars…became friends with a pencil and paper…used melodies to lead me places I had never been…made music with my friends. Because music is medicine. This means the world to me. Thank you for joining me on this journey.”

While she hasn’t revealed whether the new song is about the Voice coach, the raw lyrics tell a heartbreaking story.

“Another vice, another call, another bed I shouldn’t crawl out of / At 7 a.m., with shoes in my hand / Said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it again / And I know I’ll be back tomorrow night,” Lambert sings in the song she cowrote.

“Sweet salvation on a dining room table / Waiting on me, where the numb meets the lonely,” she continues. “It’s gone before it ever melts the ice.”

[From Us Magazine]

I have always been aware of who Miranda Lambert is but never heard her music for no reason other than her songs don’t play on my radio stations. That said, I love this song. Like belting-it-into-the-handle-of-my-broom-when-I-am-doing-housework love it. Her lyrics are beautiful – I mean, I know they aren’t saying something nice but I love her phraseology.

Blake’s She’s Got a Way with Words is thought to be about Miranda. In that song, Blake blames some woman for everything that went wrong. With this in mind, whose bed is Miranda crawling out of in Vice? I know cheating rumors came from both sides but it sounds to me like Miranda is taking responsibility for that. I am in no way qualified to talk about music other than as a fan so maybe I am missing some tactic in which she is speaking as Blake? Or is she referring to their affair before they married? Fox News had an interesting take on Blake and Miranda’s marriage/divorce. They were speculating as to who won the divorce and cited Cate Meighan who said,

“I don’t know if one handled [the divorce] better than the other but they are handling it the exact opposite of their marriage in the final years. Miranda was the one that was outspoken about [their marriage] and insisted all was good while Blake was always off doing his own thing and not really saying a whole lot…now it’s the opposite.”

[From Fox News]

I feel like their current music is indicative of this, Blake wrote a song that hurled names at Miranda and another that gushed about new love with Gwen and Miranda is eulogizing what once was. Basically, they both seem to be in a better place and we all benefit from some good songs that came out of it. And I will definitely pay attention when I hear Miranda has released new music from now on.

Also, Miranda’s Instagram is really cool. It has a lot of arty shots and pictures of dogs:

#VICE. July 18.

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  1. Sam says:

    I say Miranda won solely because I can believe her new relationship is actually, you know, real. Unlike some others…

  2. Bex says:

    I don’t have a clue what went down but I’ve had ‘Vice’ on repeat since I heard it yesterday. Love it.

  3. Jayna says:

    I like Miranda’s new song a lot.

    But Blake just didn’t put bitter songs on the album about her.

    Actually, Blake has a song on the album about Miranda and their lost love. The way he sings it is very sweet and melancholic, not trashing her at all, but more like realizing he couldn’t hold on to her forever.

    Baby where are you going now?
    Do you ever really know?
    Oh, you hate to be tied down
    But you hate to sleep alone

    I bet you still think about me
    Yeah I bet you still think about me

    Like I think about you
    Even when I don’t want to
    There’s just something about you, baby
    There’s nothing that I can do
    I think about you, you were always wild and free
    I know we couldn’t hold on forever, but baby
    I bet you still think about me

    Are you driving up the coast?
    Are you wearing any shoes?
    Did you outrun all your ghosts?
    Like you were always tryin’ to do….

    • ohdear says:

      yeah, Blake didn’t write the song, and it was selected for the album before the divorce, according to him. He liked the lyrics, so he kept it. I think this one you have here @Jayna is more indicative of Blake’s experience. He adored Miranda, and was always very complimentary and supportive (I am not commenting on the cheating rumours, I have no insider knowledge) and I think he was really hurt when their marriage ended. But I do think both are much healthier now. Blake isn’t as swear-y on his twitter and he doesn’t talk about drinking as much. He promotes a brand of alcohol, but he definitely has a different tone.

    • Tig says:

      you can’t look at this song from Blake and Miranda’s lyrics and not see they are two sides of the same coin – shoe references and the you hate to be tied down but you hate to sleep alone from Blake and Miranda both. What I hate about Miranda is the way she let Blake carry most of the blame for the past year on this, when she knew the truth about what she did.

      • Juanita says:

        The world knows Blake and Gwen were lovers long before they made it public. It was broadcast to the world on TV. Can’t believe Blake was so stupid to get involved with a needy 47 year old has-been with three kids who is using him to become relevant again.

        I loved Blake and Miranda together. Miranda’s song Vice tells what she went through. Blake has told what he went through. I do think Blake and Miranda have both moved on, but will always have feelings for each other. So sad that they couldn’t make it and have three kids with dimples.

        To Tig: Miranda did not cheat on Blake while they were living together. She has said that she was aware of what was going on between Blake and Gwen. She was constantly defending him when he was allegedly accused of cheating. Blake’s heart is in Hollywood now. Miranda will always be a country girl.

  4. Tash says:

    Damn, her style is atrocious. That’s all I got to say.

    • Juanita says:

      Miranda’s record shot to #1 overnight in all genres! So I am assuming you are talking about Gwen when you say her style is atrocious!

  5. megs283 says:

    Miranda’s songs are the best – Gunpowder & Lead, Bring Me Down, Kerosene, Famous in a Small Town…those are some of my favs.

    • Grant says:

      Mama’s Broken Heart, More Like Her, Heart Like Mine, Over You (which she wrote with Blake about his brother who died in a car accident years ago)… Miranda’s music is so amazing.

      • ohdear says:

        Mama’s Broken Heart is one of her controversies – she reportedly bullied Kaycee Musgraves, the songwriter, into letting her record it. Kaycee wanted to record it herself.

      • megs283 says:

        @grant – Yes! I love all those too. More Like Her is a great breakup song. 🙂

    • Juanita says:

      This is reply to Ohdear. Kaycee Musgraves was on the stage with Miranda at her last concert so I don’t think there are any hard feelings there. I can’t imagine anybody but Miranda singing that song! Miranda supports all women. She has made that very clear in her actions and music.

    • susiecue says:

      Yes and I love House That Built Me

  6. Mary Mary says:

    A Public breakup has got to be uncomfortable with all the uninvited analyzing and scrutiny of what happened and what went wrong.

    The best part, if there is a good part of a breakup; is of course, the journey: moving on
    learning, healing through the grace of forgiveness.

  7. Little Darling says:

    Their relationship, from the aftermath I see, seems to have been a pivotal, but ultimately rewardings step for each of them, both personally and creatively,

  8. als says:

    I love Vice too.
    She seems a pretty assumed person, not the type to point fingers or to claim she is better than she really is.

  9. Div says:

    Miranda is truly talented.

    The whole Blake and Miranda split was weird. There were shady looking photos (nothing conclusive, but weird) of him with other ladies before the split, right? The media went hard on Miranda though. I wonder if the media just assumed one or the other stepped out because they originally started from an affair?

    Blake’s bizarre, over the top relationship with Gwen with Gwen continually talking about her ex makes me think Miranda settled down better post split though.

  10. iheartgossip says:

    I like Miranda. Before Blake started playing games for attention, I liked him too. Blake hasn’t changed his stripes. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    • Tig says:

      so Miranda comes out, says she is the cheater, Blake comes out with Saviour’s Shadow, a true gospel song. So are you saying that Miranda is going to cheat on Anderson with the “once a cheater, always a cheater” line you believe?

      • Div says:

        Do people really take songs to be 100% autobiographical? This could be fiction or it could be about how she and Blake initially got together or it could be hyperbolic about their breakup.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Then along that line of thinking once a mistress always a mistress…on Miranda. It takes two and she knew exactly what she was doing. They say you go out how you came in….a take on Karma. I don’t know who cheated on who with these two, but the fact is they both have boundary issues and spent way too much time apart as is that industry. It was inevitable. I liked them together, but figured it wouldn’t last.

  11. JenniferJustice says:

    Seems like a text book breakup to me: man goes for new woman IMMEDIATELY in order to distract him from thinking about break up. The woman deals with her emotions and goes through the healing process immediately. It’s usually about a year later that the man really deals with the breakup – lets himself think about it because by then, he’s exhausted himself physically with all the pre-occupying.

    That’s not to say Miranda didn’t hook up after the split too, but women do tend to deal with their feelings and the entire emotional aspect right from the git. Men rely on bros and other women to get them through the initial phase. So by the time the woman is actually getting over it, the man is just getting into it. Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

    • Sooho says:

      You know, I never thought about it before but the way you explained the whole process makes a lot sense. Also explains why it always seemed like my exes would try to reconnect just when I was finally moved on and over them. They were just starting to feel something about the break-up whereas I had processed everything already.

  12. Juanita says:

    I loved Miranda and Blake together and was sad when they divorced. Was never a fan of Gwen or her music. Was excited waiting for the release of Vice and then . . . I was totally shocked that the cute little country girl I loved was singing this song with such feeling. Finally decided to play it again and really try to understand what Miranda was saying. It is now on replay and I am addicted to it. Miranda has opened new doors in music. Vice is #1 in all genres! Congratulations Miranda. Your album will be #1 too!

  13. Danielle says:

    That song was incredible.

  14. lile says:

    No one wins when something this painful goes down, but I will say this. Miranda’s music is so much deeper, her writing so much more meaningful, and her message is like an arrow to the heart. Its what I love about good music and what I ADORE about Miranda. Top notch writing skills there, girl. You are KILLING IT and you knocked it clean out of the park with “Vice”.

  15. Jo says:

    I love her new song Vice. After listening to it and still listening to it many times. It is about heart break after separation and divorce. We can all relate to pain like this and it is easy to find a vice of all kinds to help us get through heart break. I cant imagine having to go through heart break like this in the public eye.