Amber Heard was making out with some mysterious, hunky Aussie rando

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At the beginning of the summer, I would have said (and did say) that Amber Heard and Elon Musk were probably going to end up getting married. They seemed on track for that, becoming Instagram-official, then Amber spending time with his kids, then all of the stories about how Elon was crazy-enchanted with her, etc. Then in August, he seemingly dumped her. For several weeks, there was a stupid amount of back-and-forth, with Elon and Amber eventually claiming that the split was somewhat mutual and mostly based on location – Amber has been in Australia for months, working on Aquaman. I last paid attention to the story when Amber and Elon were seen out together, seemingly back together or just acknowledging their friends-with-benefits status. I actually thought there was a good chance Amber & Elon would be back together for-real soon enough. Instead, this happened:

That’s Amber making out with a “mystery man” in Australia. From Page Six’s exclusive:

Amber Heard isn’t brooding over her recent split from Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. The actress and ex-wife of Johnny Depp was caught passionately making out in broad daylight with a tanned and muscle-bound mystery man in Australia this week. A source explains to Page Six that there was a real estate open house at a Queensland suburb, and potential buyers got more of an eyeful when they looked next door.

“Amber Heard was snogging her bf in broad daylight, they were really going at it,” the source tells us, after capturing video of the passionate pair. Heard is filming “Aquaman,” on the Gold Coast with Jason Momoa, in which she stars as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, and it is believed the movie company rented the house for her to stay in during the shoot. Her filming schedule was one of the reasons she and Musk split in August.

“Although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another,” Musk wrote on Instagram. “Long distance relationships when both partners have intense work obligations are always difficult, but who knows what the future holds.”

[From Page Six]

I feel like some people are trying to shame Amber for going out and getting hers. I am not one of those people. After all the sh-t she’s been through, I want Amber to go out and get laid properly. I hope she’s banging Mystery Aussie Hunk all the time. I hope she sends the photos of their lovemaking to Elon Musk and Johnny Depp. Why not? She doesn’t owe them a thing. Let Amber be Amber! GET YOURS.

Amber Heard shops at a 99 Cent discount store and earlier seen chatting to a mystery male friend in Los Angeles

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Katherine says:

    That looks like a good time!

  2. QueenB says:

    I am still puzzled why Elon flew there when they first reported it. What did he gain from trying to control the narrative around that? Didnt he want to be seen as being cheated on?

    • cathy says:

      I think he dumped her and then panicked because it got out and he didn’t want anyone to know she was now single??

    • Kit says:

      Elon Musk is also working in Australia at the moment, he made a deal to build the world’s largest lithium ion battery for the South Australian government in 100 days (or it’s free, seriously). The project is 2 months in and halfway built.

  3. JA says:

    have you seen Elon and the dry husk reeking of alcohol Depp? If I was single in Australia I’d be snogging hot randos left and right! Get ones palette clean after such distasteful boy – men.

  4. Skoochy says:

    It’s always so irritating when any female celeb is referred to as ‘girlfriend/wife of…’ but the ‘ex of…’ is even more grating, particularly when that ex was abusive. Because women aren’t allowed to be known or have careers in their own right.

  5. L says:

    I was watching some old early/mid-2000s movie the other day with Amber in it and she looked different, kind of like a cross between Kate McKinnon and Reese Witherspoon. I can’t quite place what she’s had done (lips definitely, but something else too. Nose? Brow? Chin?) but whatever it was was turned her from generic to “bombshell”.

    • Samantha says:

      I think she lost weight, which made her face more bony, and she changed her eyebrow shape. These two plus much better stylists can do wonders. I’ve seen pics of her from her teenage years. Her nose is definitely the same, and I don’t think she’s had anything else done.

      • L says:

        Looking again, I do agree – her nose seems to be the same. Rhinoplasty seems to be the go-to when actors change something and she just looked so different (perhaps the styling) so that’s where my subconscious went.

        You’re right – one of the perks of getting more famous is access to better makeup artists and stylists. I still think she subtly plumped up her top lip – it was practically non-existent before. It was good work, kind of the opposite of Kylie Jenner’s ott lip work.

      • KLO says:

        @samantha yes, I checked and all i see is weightloss, stronger brows and more frequent use of red lipstick. I think she dresses way better too.

    • Combat Vet's Girl says:

      She’s had some filler done but it’s been done well and it’s very subtle.

  6. Good for her says:

    Good for her, she deserves have fun.
    She posted via Instagram back in LA with her sister yesterday, I don’t know if the Aquaman already finished or if she will come back there, but she is young and so pretty deserves all the fun she can have.

  7. Good for her! says:

    Great, i couldn’t agree more
    Many people have read about her back-and-forth with Elon, where they seemed about to get back together just a few weeks ago, if it didn’t worked she’s free to go out and use all the random aussie hunks she could get (that it could be about anyone she wants)
    At least for her one-night-stands she could enjoy some hot young dude, because in her relationship she always goes for these old ugly dominating men

  8. Chaine says:

    How can we have confidence that this guy is “hunky”? We literally know nothing about him except that he has some hair and at least one ear and a mouth.

    • Kate says:

      Right? He might be drop dead gorgeous, but who can tell from this video?

    • Meg says:

      He’s described as hunky to encourage readers to have a positive response to this photo as opposed to seeing her in a negative light. Maybe her PR people encouraged that

  9. Kate says:

    Yeah, whatever that break-up with Musk was about it definitely wasn’t the long-distance thing. Shortly after they were last seen together she had a couple of weeks off of Aquaman and went on vacation in Bali (could have gone home to LA and Musk instead), and then she was only back at work in Australia for a few days. She’s now done and back in LA (and Musk is in Australia for the IAC in a funny bit of timing).

    If they’d stayed together, at the very most they only would have had to of been apart another 3 (non consecutive) weeks. A couple that’s living together doesn’t break up over that.

    • cathy says:

      I read somewhere that he was keeping tabs on her and she probably resented it. She just got out of a really bad marriage. She should stay single for awhile.

  10. Mera's Aquaman says:

    She isn’t done in Australia yet. She and Jason Momoa are having a little break before to continue the shoot for a few weeks more

    • Kate says:

      The film wrapped earlier this week. She’s done unless she’s needed for reshoots. Which isn’t unlikely, this is DC after all, but as of now there are no plans for it.

      • Mera's Aquaman says:

        The movie hasn’t wrapped.
        Go to see the messages around the Aquaman fans
        It got a delay. Amber is going back to Australia soon again

      • Kate says:

        There was meant to be a delay as the original plan was to shoot in Sicily for a couple of weeks then come back and finish up in Australia, but they ended up skipping that at the last minute and just wrapping everything up in Australia.

      • Me says:

        They are still working. One of the friends of Amber in Australia (wife of a crew member) wrote a message in instagram, Amber is going back to Australia again soon

  11. Maria says:

    Good for her! Haha, this video reminds me of when I had my backyard fence replaced by a company that was run by an Australian dude. I came home from work on the first day to find them hard at work: 4 incredibly muscular, tanned, Australian men working shirtless. I stood in my kitchen grinning like an idiot watching them at work, not believing it was really happening. I knew the company’s owner was Australian; I didn’t expect his work crew to be too (I’m in CO). I wasn’t tacky enough to take photos but I kinda wish I had. Sigh.

    • LaLuz says:

      Yes! I once had a refrigerator delivered by these two guys, one of whom I swear could and should have been a Telenovela heartthrob. This man was stunning. Haha I kept trying to invent questions about the fridge and the delivery paperwork, but all good things must end!

  12. magnoliarose says:

    She’s single so have fun, Amber. Why be bothered with the last two when there are a lot of guys who need to be kissed. lol

  13. Angel says:

    I like her jeans and boots look, baggie but not messy.

  14. stinky says:

    Elon’s ‘break-up-response’ tweet is the most transparent “golden carrot” I’ve ever laid eyes on!

  15. Donna says:

    Nonsense, they weren’t making out. They’re having a serious discussion about Ayn Rand 😉

  16. PFFFFTTT says:

    A pathetic staged attempt to try and stay in the headlines before she leaves to go back to LA. All this shows is what a horrible actress she really is.

  17. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    I honestly root for this girl. I was always fairly indifferent to her leaning towards dislike but the way she handled the Depp situation made me respect her. I” actually glad she and Elon split. She needs to stay away from these older men with control issues. Be single awhile date men your own age and have fun.

  18. Nadkah says:

    Love the jeans she’ s wearing in the last pic! Wonder the cut/style they are ?