Tori Spelling wants a sixth baby but ‘it would push dad over the edge’

In March, cops were called twice in 24 hours to Tori Spelling’s house for domestic incidents. Tori called the cops the first time, believing that there was a robbery in progress late at night. That was just Dean coming home and failing at sneaking in. The next morning, Dean called emergency services on Tori, claiming she was flipping out and aggressive. That call was characterized by dispatch as “female mental illness.” A follow-up story in People quoted a source who claimed that Tori has “a ton of pressure and stress, with the kids, work and her marriage.” The police were called again a couple of days later when paparazzi followed Tori and Dean to a diner, where they appeared to be arguing. Tori is angling for a reality show so it remains unclear what is staged for publicity and what is real, but she was obviously having marital problems. According to Tori though everything is great now, her family life is so “balanced” and she’s supermom, basically. She gave an interview to US saying that she also wants a sixth baby (she and Dean have five kids under 12) but claiming that it would be too much for Dean. Tori, on the other hand steps up and does whatever that’s needed, according to Tori.

She claims her life is balanced
“My husband and I have it so balanced. We really balance each other with getting it all done. We’re kind of that rock for each other. I always feel you’re not given more than you can handle.”

“The more you put on my plate, the more creative I am, the more things get done,” she said. “I could never be complacent having one child. I mean, God bless anyone that has one child. Children, whether you have six or one, it’s great. But one child, I would be like, ‘OK, but what’s next?’ It’s my thing.”

On rumors about her personal life
“It takes everything in you to not scream from the rooftops, ‘It’s not true!’ But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that… it does eventually go away.”

She wants a sixth baby
“You know, I do, I like even numbers, they keep asking, they all want one more because they want a little baby sister now. But I can’t imagine dad being sane if we have one more. It would push dad over the edge. He’s doing the best he can!”

Everything is amazing
“It’s going amazing. You know, we had four kind of back-to-back. I was pregnant for years, and then there was a little break, so now that we have started over basically, Dean always says we got [them all out] of diapers, all of them self-sufficient, and then started all over again with Beau/ But Beau is going to be the happiest, well-adjusted baby ever because he has four doting brothers and sisters…

“It’s amazing to watch your other kids take care of your youngest kid, it’s unbelievable. It’s a built-in playdate I always say! We have a big family playdate 24/7.”

[From two stories on US Magazine]

Read Tori’s quotes about taking care of their kids. She claims that she is able to do whatever is required, but that Dean would go crazy if they had a sixth kid. “He’s doing the best he can,” while “the more you put on my plate, the more creative I am, the more things get done.” They are not totally balanced with a perfect life, she feels like she’s doing all the work while Dean isn’t pulling his weight and is holding her back from having another baby. Remember when he wanted to have a vasectomy after the fourth one and she cried poor? She’s not too poor to hold lavish parties for her kids and go on long European family vacations.

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This baby’s expression says it all

To my 3rd boy on Mother’s Day… Beau, we thought we were done. That our family was complete. But, you surprised us all and came at a time when we all needed a little hope. You were that hope. That sunshine of life that came into our family in a very big and meaningful way. You might be the 5th born to me and Dad but it’s as if you are everyone’s baby. The moment you were born you became the light in not just our lives but the lives of your two brothers and two sisters. The adoration everyone feels for you is amazing. And, you know it. You are the youngest but in some ways seem the oldest. You are an observer of life. A wise little old soul. You love to make others laugh. You are such a sweet little man and I can’t wait to see you grow and become the creative little soul you are meant to be. Strong willed and so lovable. Sometimes the things in life that surprise us the most are exactly what we all need. You warm all of our hearts and we can’t picture life without you Beau Beau mommy loves her little squishy. Love you papa… Mama xoxo #beaubeaubear #babybeau #partyoffive

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  1. Erinn says:

    Considering this moron can’t even afford the ones she has, this is a ridiculous idea.

    That being said, let’s count down until she has a pregnancy reveal.

    And my god. You were not a boy and a girl 12 years ago. You were 39 and 32. You were grown ass adults – though I understand the confusion since neither have had to actually behave as such before.

  2. Yeahright says:

    Babies are not bandaids. If I were Candy I would cut off the support.
    Let’s see how much she wants a 6th child then.
    Ugh she’s shameless.

  3. Lala says:


    • RedOnTheHead says:

      Lala, right? I don’t know much about her beyond what I read on this site but what I have read has left me wondering…what is WRONG with her. Til now I’ve just thought she’s immature, not very bright, insecure, and has a strong and lingering sense of entitlement because of her wealthy upbringing. But her last couple of go arounds in the blogs and tabloids left me thinking there’s obviously something more here. My reactions to her have been mostly mild revulsion and wondering why she does this to herself.

      The quotes from her in this article have now left me feeling a little sorry for her. She’s clearly living in the land of delusion and denial. The delusion is strong with this one. I still think she’s the problem but now I’m wondering what happened to her in her life to make her this problem.

      • jwoolman says:

        “Spoiling” doesn’t really explain her behavior. Her problems are much deeper than that.

        Without her mother’s support, she would have to live much more simply. Candy pays for their basic living expenses and the kids’ private schooling and other necessities. It’s understandable that Candy doesn’t want to leave those kids high and dry, though. But maybe she should think more about their emotional needs while dealing with their emotional roller coaster of a mother. Their dad seems normal enough, but he’s not strong enough to hold back Hurricane Tori.

  4. Astrid says:

    I feel so bad for the kids

    • Amy Too says:

      I’m rather freaked out by the way she speaks about them. You shouldn’t have a baby bc you feel hopeless and a baby should not be the only light and hope for it’s parents plus it’s four older siblings. She is putting so much onto these kids. They have to be her little bundle of happy emotions and endless hope/love/joy, and the baby is always the most important bc as they age, they’re no longer so special and unconditionally lovey.

  5. Beth says:

    Enough is enough. They can’t even afford the 5 they already have, so that would be irresponsible to keep having more and more

  6. Lenn says:

    ‘the more you put on my plate, the more money I spend, the thicker my make-uplayer gets, the grumpier my kids look’

  7. Rachel in August says:

    All about the $$, isn’t it, and that’s all. How sad for the kids :( God she is hideous, inside and out.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    What has she done to her face? She was ok before all the surgery.

  9. mkyarwood says:

    Having an emotionally out to lunch mother who has babies for fun is the hardest on the kids she already has. Not that guy who donates sperm to their creation.

  10. GreenBunny says:

    I also think there’s an expectation that the older kids help take care of the youngest, based on some of her comments. They aren’t just being siblings, they are being care takers so she checks out, but acts like she’s balancing it out and being super mom.

    • Holly hobby says:

      She’s following the DuggAr book on family life

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes. My translation of her delusions is that dad is the real parent and is busy enough with five, and she is pushing her share of parenting of the younger kids onto the older kids, who otherwise fend for themselves when dad or nannies aren’t around. I’m sure she loves her kids, but she is just not very stable and she can’t hide that from them.

      It’s a sad situation. Dad should just ask Candy to quietly pay for the vasectomy. I’m surprised she didn’t offer when he first wanted it and Tori ridiculously claimed they couldn’t afford it. Otherwise, Tori will have #6 one way or another. She is probably poking holes in condoms and flushing her birth control pills as we speak.

  11. Ladykeller says:

    More like “gotta get me some more of that Candy $$$$”. Grifters gonna grift.

  12. minx says:

    She can’t care for the ones she has.
    She looks like a cartoon character.

  13. grabbyhands says:

    Sorry, you weren’t a boy and a girl 12 years ago, you were two grown ass, publicity obsessed adults who were cheating on their spouses and decided that the fame game would be easier together. You were Spencer and Heidi with better publicists and a higher tax bracket.

    Five kids in 12 years. I’ll at least give him credit for seeing that it would be wise to stop – unfortunately, I think it has more to with the child army crimping his style than it does any kind of common sense about their precarious financial state. She, on the on the other hand, needs professional help. She seems like the type of parent that could easily develop Munchausen Syndrome.

  14. Lila says:

    Geez why doesn’t she just concentrate on her children. Is she addicted to pregnancy or does she feel she gets more attention from Dean when she is pregnant. Maybe, this makes up for her relationship with her mother. Her uterus is going to be hitting the ground soon if she keeps having babies.

  15. HelloSunshine says:

    I feel like she needs mental help. And to not have anymore children. For some reason, she’s reading as really unstable to me after this last kid.

    And didn’t a few people say on the last threads that Dean was actually the one on the show taking care of the kids? And then when he was working, it was clearly the nannies doing the work?
    And I really hope it’s not like someone said above and the oldest kids are being caretakers. Such a messed up situation all around for these kids who didn’t ask for any of this

    • Allie says:

      She was actually really unstable long before this kid. Back when she only had 2 kids she was being hospitalized all the time for vague mystery illnesses that didn’t seem to actually exist. Her mystery illnesses always seems to mysteriously clear up the minute she was pregnant and getting attention for that.

  16. Nicole says:

    Cindy its time. Cut off the bottom feeder

  17. Lenn says:

    At what point do your creditcard debts catch up with you? I mean, didn’t she owe money years ago already? Did her mother pay the debts off?

    • Allie says:

      She was supposed to appear in court in early March for her credit card debt, and then BOOM, mental breakdown with the police getting called. The hearing got pushed back to June and she made an immediate recovery from her breakdown and is now all over the place giving interviews about how great her life is. I’m guessing she’ll be having another breakdown in June, right before the new hearing date.

  18. Sarah says:

    Tori has hoarding tendencies- I’m beginning to think the numerous pregnancies are an offshoot of that issue for her. :(
    You sadly can’t fill the void with stuff…She needs an excellent therapist and who knows what else.

    She looks strangely similar to Lark Vorhees in the header pic- when Lark was really struggling with mental illness.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      That’s what I was thinking. At what point is it considered a hoarding situation with kids? Can that be a thing? She clearly has a hoarding issue since she has storage lockers full of stuff she won’t sell to get rid of debts, and it seems like having children fulfills some kind of anxious need for her? Or is it just for attention?

      • S says:

        They do the same things with their constantly appearing and disappearing menagerie of animals. At least the nannies her mom pays for seem to keep all the kids alive.

      • Sarah says:

        Hoarding often begins when someone has some already- existing issues (OCD, depression, etc) and suffers a loss…it has been described as a way to feel “back in control of his/her life”- although the person is clearly not in control.
        The continual pregnancies are likely her validation that Dean loves her, she is wanted, he won’t leave, the children need her, and I’m and on. Lots of women love the attention they receive when pregnant, also.
        Basically- she is a crapstorm of issues and is probably one of the last people who needs to be parenting at the moment.

    • SK says:

      Sarah I totally agree.
      Her comment about how she couldn’t have only one child struck me as from someone that doesn’t understand what being a good parent is… she seems to think she needs to “possess” more and more with regards to children too.

      • paddingtonjr says:

        Her kids are possessions and so she must have more and more. I think her comment “But one child, I would be like, ‘OK, but what’s next?’ It’s my thing,” pretty much says it all about her parental instincts. Once the attention from being pregnant wears off and the kids are out of the “cute, malleable” stage, she’s looking for the next way to get attention.

  19. Jay says:

    She is so pathetic. And that wedding photo looks like it was taken in front of a backdrop at JCPenney.

  20. Allie says:

    If Tori wants us all to believe she does all the work of parenting her kids, she probably shouldn’t have done two reality shows where she was ignoring her kids to obsessively talk about herself while Dean was doing all the parenting. And she shouldn’t have written a book where she talked about how much parenting Dean does. Of the two parents, Dean always did most of the parenting, while Tori pretended like she was doing it all.

    But the real parenting is most likely being done by the nannies. Tori admitted in one of her books that they couldn’t even go on vacation with 4 kids without bringing 2 nannies along. I don’t even know how many nannies they have now, but according to her books, at the time they had 4 kids, they had a live-in housekeeper and 3 nannies (who she treated like her personal best friends/therapists.)

    • JennyJazzhands says:

      This is so true. After dean cheated, I watched their show ready to hate him. By, the third episode, I was hoping he would leave her.
      He cooked, cleaned, played with the kids all while she was locked in her room crying hysterically about dean not doing enough at home. Wtf?

  21. Lady Rain says:

    She’s like the Michelle Duggar of Beverly Hills. She keeps having kids and expects her oldest ones to care for the youngest. The denial is strong in this one.

  22. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    She’s a clown. Married to a clown. Clown family driving clown cars having clown parties for a clown TV channel. Sad clowns. Angry clowns. Silly clowns. Scary clowns. Dangerous clowns. They should move to Maine and hook up with Stephen King. That scenario would actually validate their insanity and could very well make more money. Just legit go scary.

  23. Amelie says:

    Well Dean already has six kids. Not sure how much of a relationship he has with his son from his first wife or if his first kid has any relationship with his younger half-siblings. But Tori is the one who wants 6 kids, Dean already has 6. No wonder he doesn’t want more kids. Every kid they add to their brood, that’s one extra kid for him that Tori doesn’t have.

    • S says:

      He has seven if you count the baby he and his ex-wife adopted, and he then abandoned to jump on the Spelling gravy train.

      • Amelie says:

        Oh how awful I didn’t even know that. According to Wikipedia he decided not to move forward with the adoption process so Mary Jo moved forward with it on her own as a single mom. So Dean only has 6 children. Honestly not being involved in that little girl’s life is probably the best thing Dean ever did. I don’t think she’s missing out on much not having Dean as a father.

        Something else I didn’t realize is Dean is 51. No wonder he doesn’t want any more small babies around.

  24. kate says:

    When “Everything is amazing” , that’s when you know her whole world’s crashing about her ears.
    Girl needs to be Baker Acted and have her baby-making factory closed down.

  25. S says:

    B.S. that any of their children want MORE chaos in their lives, which is what a new addition would bring. Minus all the stuff, and the unbelievable privilege and entitlement, these two’s lives are not much different than those who are truly poor. They are constantly being evicted from homes, hounded by debt collectors, subjected to legal battles over debts or ambulance chasing schemes, and must bear the brunt of their parents being (not unjustly) publicly shamed, again and again. Sketchy semi-schemes are their parents only means of employment. Police are also a frequent presence in their home, where there also seems to be obvious, untreated mental health and addiction issues. Grandma has to keep bailing them out, and the homes they move in and out of 2-3 times per year are all McMansions, but that doesn’t mean these kids aren’t stressed to the max by their crappy home life, no matter what zip code it occurs in. The difference between this, and living in actual poverty, besides all the material possessions, is that these two attention whores are fully, 100% responsible for their own mess, and deserve zero sympathy for the situation which is totally of their own making.

    Let’s hope that Tori and Dean don’t scrape together enough cash, or find some soulless sponsor, to undergo any sort of fertility treatments since she is, after all, 45 this week; meaning a sixth baby without intervention is EXTREMELY unlikely.

    ^^ Honestly, that’s really almost certainly the whole game right there. Talking about having another baby, she foolishly believes, makes her seem young, plus pregnancy always brought with it a flush of the attention she craves so badly. Mom pays all the actual child care expenses—schools, housing, nannies—so babies to Tori are all about attention and cashing in on that attention.

  26. JennyJazzhands says:

    Gosh, she used to look so normal.

  27. Tanya says:

    Sad. Is there a word for Munchausen Syndrome, but for women with a pregnancy fetish?

  28. No Doubtful says:

    Sadly, I think having children is the only way Tori feels loved.

  29. hogtowngooner says:

    She’s trying way too hard to convince us her life is just peachy. But every time she parades the kids around for a pap-walk, everyone but her looks utterly miserable.

  30. Shannon says:

    It would push us ALL over the edge, Tori, just don’t. I know some people really want big families but this just seems odd to me, like she’s trying to fill in for something. My son’s dad is the 2nd of 12 kids, and he has talked about how he resented his mom continuing to have children while not paying attention to the ones she already had. HE literally had children who were the same age as his youngest siblings. I also hate the way she sort of humble-brags, like people who have only one or two are somehow lazy. Like, sorry, when I had my son I wasn’t like, “OK, there’s a baby, what’s next? That’s done!” I mean, that’s a PERSON, not an item on your to-do list. She just comes off as so … frankly DUMB to me.

  31. paddingtonjr says:

    Ugh! She always talks about her marriage as if it is a star-crossed fairytale while the world can see her world is imploding. I do think she and her family need help; those children always looks so pitiful and miserable. Candy isn’t helping by “rewarding” Tori for having children, but I think that’s the only way she can show love.

    A bit OT, I wonder what Randy Spelling’s wife and children think about Grandma Candy constantly giving Tori elaborate baby showers and basically supporting their cousins. Randy stays out of the spotlight and seems to live a fairly normal life but it must be weird for the world to know how successful and wealthy your father/grandfather was and to have your sister/aunt be such as public mess.

  32. Dita von Katzhausen says:

    Three things:
    First: The moment when I start referring officially to my husband as just “dad” like he was my dad, is the moment I will have to shoot myself (or him, who knows)…

    Second: doesn’t the Deaner have another kid from a previous marriage? So when she states, the Beau is her and his’ 5th born she completely neglects the fact that he is actually his 6th?? Is this just me, or is it poorly written??

    Third: Who refers to themselves at 30 and over as “a girl and a boy”??? How about two grown up, previously married people.??? She really is delusional.

    Man I really really loathe Tori and Dean, their children constantly look unhappy.

  33. Who dresses their kid in gold lame’ ??