Are Jada and Will Smith airing their dirty laundry so COS has less leverage?

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When we cover stories with adult content we have to turn off the ads so I’m not going to cover Jada Pinkett Smith’s latest revelations on her Red Table Talk Facebook show in detail. (For those of you who wonder why we don’t just go with another ad company, we value usability over cash. That’s why you don’t see video ads on our site, we hate them too. I’m not ruling it out though!) Jada’s latest overshare feels like a rehash anyway. Jada and Will have been surprisingly candid lately about their sex lives, seemingly admitting that they have an open relationship and/or that they’ve had partners outside of their marriage of over twenty years. My original theory about why they were sharing this was that Jada is searching for some kind of relevance and attention in the age of the social media celebrity, which she’s doing with a shock and awe approach. However there could be another reason, which isn’t mutually exclusive.

Some of you have mentioned that it’s possible that Jada and Will are trying to get ahead of the “Church” of Scientology by removing all leverage the cult may have over them. Like many cults, Scientology has “auditing” sessions in which parishioners confess their transgressions, allowing COS to gather damning secrets about members. While Will and Jada have never come out publicly as Scientologists, they used to follow the child-rearing philosophies of the cult, they started a now-closed private school using Scientology teaching methods and employing known Scientologists, and they’ve spoken positively about Scientology. Plus Leah Remini has said that Jada is a Scientologist.

So while it may seem typical and familiar that Jada is admitting to a sex addiction, it may serve a dual purpose. We’re talking about her, and she’s getting ahead of COS, which has been neutered by the press over the past decade or so anyway.

As an aside, Jada said in this latest episode that she used to drink two bottles of wine by herself at some undisclosed point in her past, but that she went cold turkey and was fine. I knew I had a problem at one bottle of wine but I was doing that every few days. It really depends on the circumstances whether or not you’re an alcoholic. She also said she has an addictive personality. Jada is clearly addicted to telling us all about her life. I’ve had therapists I’ve kept more secrets from than Jada keeps from the public.

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26 Responses to “Are Jada and Will Smith airing their dirty laundry so COS has less leverage?”

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  1. launicaangelina says:

    Interesting… it’s actually a smart way to play offense against the cult. I hope many more feel comfortable untangling themselves from Scientology soon.

    • Betsy says:

      The compromised GOP could learn a thing or two from her.

    • ol cranky says:

      the thing is, the kids (Jaden, in particular) seems to have bought into CO$ hook, line & sinker – would they risk losing their son to extricate themselves?

  2. lucy2 says:

    I hope they do get away from COS, but wow, does everyone need to share EVERYTHING these days?

    • Asiyah says:

      I think she did get away, and they threatened her, so she said eff it. I’m going to say what I said at the auditing sessions.

      • Holly hobby says:

        Good for her if she’s doing this. I also think, based on her upbringing, she’s tough enough to withstand CO$’s bs

    • perplexed says:

      Normally, I don’t think they’d overshare, but if they want to get ahead of the stories that might be released by Scientology, they’re probably being proactive.

      I wonder if they could spill about Tom Cruise…

  3. Mia4s says:

    Huh. I had not thought of that. It is a weird path for an A list couple to take. I mean, Will has had some colossal movie failures the past few years but he works (so does Jada) so I would still say they are A list.

    This feels like the kind of show celebrities do when they need money and I couldn’t imagine that was the case…unless Xenu really has been involved. Hmmmm.

  4. minx says:

    That might be a real possibility. If so, good for them.

  5. Natalia says:

    Yep. Very plausible theory. Their gayness/bi-ness is an open secret anyway.

  6. tealily says:

    Ahh! That makes all kinds of sense. I had been thinking this was a public distancing from CoS to rehab their image. Perhaps it is a bit of both.

  7. Pix says:

    This is the best line i will read all day: “I’ve had therapists I’ve kept more secrets from than Jada keeps from the public.”

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @PIX-This is the best line of the YEAR for me; made me snort out loud @ a restaurant & the more I think about it, especially in connection with “I’m MRS WILL SMITH!” , it gets funnier & funnier…

      Although CO$ is no joke; if that’s what’s going on, I wish them the best.

  8. HelloSunshine says:

    This is a good point. They know how CoS operates and, even if they’ve never come or and said “we are apart of this” everyone knows. I’m wondering if the last “big” revelation will be that they’re former members of the church and spell out some stuff CoS doesn’t want out. I can’t imagine there’s much more we don’t know about how awful the CoS is but we all do know they don’t want to lose anymore big names

  9. girl_ninja says:

    Anything to free yourself from cults. Do what you must.

    • minx says:

      Yes! Do it. They will get a lot of goodwill from people.
      Maybe a lot of their money dribbled away with spending and COS and it was a wake up call.

  10. Dv says:

    Wow, I remember them denying pretty vehemently about being in an open marriage/having other sexual partners relatively recently. (Like less than a year or so)

  11. Asiyah says:

    She probably got “addicted” to Scientology and went all in, as many addicts do, and then the rush went away and she either “got help” (whatever that means. It could be therapy) or went cold turkey, as she did with the wine.

  12. SympathyRage says:

    My partner and I were raised in a cult that is probably the closest in practise to the COS of any other mainstream cult. The abuse is horrible. The rejection and shunning from true believers is awful. My partner last week greeted me home in tears. I thought he was breaking up with me, or admitting to cheating. Nope. They just *finally*, after eight years of being out of this cult, were able to come to terms with their trans identity. They have been suffering for nearly three decades hiding behind the only identity they were alowed, and almost an entire decade of that was spent unaffiliated with this organization. That’s how scary these cults are. They stalk you. They “out” you as soon (and as frequently) as possible. Love always fu*cking wins in my house and in my heart, though, and I feel utterly triumphant that, despite the abuse, my partner was not failed. They can finally embrace their true selves and know that they will be loved, accepted, and supported without question. It is the very oppositve of the conditional love demanded of believers. I am pretty scared for this family if they are trying to leave. I don’t care how long it takes, though. I just hope they get out.

  13. noway says:

    Maybe it is because of COS. I think of Paul Haggis the director who was very prominent in bashing Scientology, and now he is being sued for harassment and accused of rape. I’m all for metoo, but that one just makes me pause a bit. Most of his accusers want to remain anonymous. Which is a bit suspicious, and he was such a vocal part of the documentary bashing Scientology. I wouldn’t put it past COS to do something like that, so maybe Jada is taking a preemptive strike. Cause that is over share to the maximum.

  14. Leapin' Lizards! says:

    I really like this theory and hope it’s true. Scientology’s blackmail tactics were potent 50 years ago. Thankfully, that’s mostly longer the case. Set yourselves free, Scientology hostages!

  15. SlightlyAnonny says:

    Just a personal TMI comment on drinking/addictive personality, there was definitely a time in my life where I drank excessively and didn’t realize it and then went cold turkey. Early 20s, in a kickball league, depressing job, depressing living situation. I joined a health study in my area and they asked about drinking by day, nothing Sat – Thurs, 7+ on Friday (game night). The nurse, calmly and without judgement explained what binge drinking was in women (5+) and went on with the questions but it was enough to make me go cold turkey for a while (I learned the beauty of a club soda with lime in a G&T glass). I drink now but in moderation.

    On the other hand, I have never touched an illegal drug and never would because I know myself enough to know that I would be hooked within a day. I guess (and this is my uneducated guess) that the line between a “problem” and an addiction is if you had to stop, could you. I could give up booze, I’d miss it but could give it up. I don’t know if I would have that strength with harder stuff.

  16. themummy says:

    If this is the case, and it very well could be (and it’s a clever approach, actually), I kind of wish she came out and said, “Ok, guys, Scientology is about to come after my family and tell you all the things, so I’m just going to tell you all the things instead. Here we go!” May as well call Scientology out in the process, you know? That approach has the added bonus of helping to keep them safe because we all know Scientology will harass and hurt people….and it’s harder to do that when you let the world know they may be about to do exactly that.