Olivia Munn in a David Koma column dress at the VMAs: perfect or boring?

I have a newfound respect for Olivia Munn after she came out swinging for Brett Ratner last fall. She revealed his sexual harassment prior to that actually, and dealt with a lot of abuse from him in the press before the MeToo era. Plus she was funny and a natural as the host of the Critics Choice Awards this year. All that said, she’s been rather altered-looking for some time, and she hasn’t been upfront about it. That’s not to say she owes people an explanation, but she’s fibbed about her new face too. Anyway something was going on with the side of her face last night. She was a presenter along with Keegan-Michael Key and it looked more pronounced in motion. In terms of her fashion I thought this glittery purple David Koma gown was just right. It highlights her figure, it’s not super revealing and it’s a spot on presenter dress.


Rita Ora was a mess as usual in sheer Jean Paul Gaultier. During the red carpet pre-show she was bonding with Winnie Harlow about the fact that they have the same stylist, Jason Rembert. I just watched a video interview with Rita and Jason and I think they feed off each other. He probably is just following Rita’s fug vision most of the time, but in turn she found someone willing to do that and is likely influencing him too. The more ridiculous his clients look the more we talk about them. Also, she wasn’t wearing pasties or anything so I blurred that part.



Here’s Winnie Harlow in Zuhair Murad. I really like the art deco vibes on this dress, it just looks too intricate for this event. I think it would be better without the fringe on the sleeves particularly.



I didn’t notice that Iggy Azalea was there until I saw the photos afterwards, which makes me sad for her. The Jersey Shore people got more coverage than she did. She was in a Fausto Puglisi diamond print A-line skirt paired with a simple black bustier. Redcarpet-Fashionawards has the photo of this outfit as originally styled (and incidentally worn by Winnie Harlow). It had a trippy patterned top with it, which gave it more of an impact. Maybe it just seems boring because of the model here. The boots are cool.



Millie Bobby Brown was in Rosie Assoulin, in a black jumpsuit with a crop top, scalloped waistline and gathered tulle on the shoulders. She’s a big enough star now to be given presenting duties without any of her Stranger Things costars as backup. She’s just 14 years old and that seems too young to me for her to be put front and center like this.



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  1. Seraphina says:

    I love Iggy’s look. The outfit is very flattering and great for this year event.

    Millie looks way older than her age and my jaw dropped when I read she is 14. I so agree That she is too young to be out front like this at this age. Then we wonder why these kids burn out by 23 (which are the best years). So sad.

  2. Josephine says:

    I like Olivia’s dress a lot. The color is great on her and fun on the red carpet. I think it would have been better floor-length but overall she looked comfortable and fresh.

    I also liked Iggy’s outfit. I think the boots detracted from the outfit as did her hair but the top and skirt were perfect for the VMA’s.

  3. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    MBB has a look of sadness in her eyes. She seems old beyond her years. I have this sinking feeling no one is looking out for her. I hope I’m completely wrong.

    • DrunkNachos says:

      ITA, she has a world-weary defeated look about her. You shoudn’t even think about looking like that till youre 40+.

  4. Tallia says:

    Winnie Harlow is so beautiful and that dress is so wrong for her.

  5. Sesame says:

    Don’t even know why MBB is at VMA’s. Sometimes I abhor her team’s (ahem… her PARENTS) decisions making skills bc this is a child … who should be resting and chilling when not working (and she’s way overworked as it is). I was already WTF when there was a statement confirming her breakup with the other kid…

  6. whatWHAT? says:

    never would have ID’d Iggy if you hadn’t. new face, I guess.

    as for Munn, the dress looks good, and the top half of her face looks good, but the bottom half? NAH.

    her veneers are too big, as is her top lip. she’s starting to get that “worm-lip” look like Nicole Kidman used to have.

    Olivia, you’re a beautiful woman, STOP MESSING WITH YOUR FACE.