Drew Barrymore never gets stage fright: ‘I came out of the womb with a martini’

Drew Barrymore is a judge on an upcoming reality competition show called The World’s Best on CBS. It also stars Rupaul and Faith Hill and James Corden is running the show. Drew is one of those celebrities I used to like who showed her ass (we talked about this on our podcast!) by making dumb comments about MeToo and feminism. She was on The Late Show with Colbert yesterday and I found it fun to watch, she’s got personality.

Drew came out in a fug ruffled floral dress but her hair and makeup were so pretty. She made me laugh a few times, she is definitely an entertainer. Drew of course grew up in a show business family and has been working as an actress since she was little. When Colbert asked her if she’d ever had stage fright and if she could relate to the competitors on her show she said no. She did understand the stakes though. Toward the end Drew went on a tear about being famous, but she was explaining how she was playing two people in a movie. It was weird.

Do you ever get stage fright?
No I live for the stage. I came out of the womb with a martini and a cigarette and was like let’s do this. I’ve felt that way ever since. I cannot relate to that. What I can relate to is knowing that it all rests in this moment. That’s why we watch things like the Olympics… football. You know this is the moment where it gets made or broken.

There’s that heightened human experience where you know it’s all on the line right now. We as spectators live for that.

On if she’s ever wanted anyone to take over for her as a public person (it’s related to her upcoming movie)
I think anyone like [us knows] you can’t be anyone but who you are. When you are in our jobs you are in the hospitality business and you are in the people business. I love people and I love what I do. I’m not cynical at all. I’m very appreciative and I’ve had an extraordinary life. I’m also that kind of spiritual hippie that’s like “every moment is an exchange for people to brighten each other’s day.” I’m making fun of myself. That’s part of who I am on the inside… I’m stuck here [as a famous person] so I kind of have made peace with it.

She was really good at shilling for her new show and called it a family show everyone can watch together. After that Colbert told her that he and his kids had just watched Never Been Kissed, which came out 20 years ago. He asked her who her first kiss was and she said it was Breckin Meyer! I didn’t realize that I knew him but he’s been in a lot of things. As for Drew connecting with people, I think she’s internalized being a people pleaser and considers it her job to make everyone happy. Maybe that’s part of the reason she doesn’t “get” feminism.

Here’s the interview:




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  1. Nikki says:

    I HATED her comments about feminism, but was touched by Celebitchy’s take on it. Her family was riddled with alcoholism for generations, so it’s not surprising if she became a “people pleaser”. I laughed at “came out of the womb with a martini and cigarette and said Let’s do this!

  2. hunter says:

    I’ve always loved Drew.

  3. Nanny to the rescue says:

    Lucky her. I start hyperventilating if there’s more than 3 people looking at me.

  4. Whatabout says:

    I feel like somethings up with Drew. It’s just a vibe I’m getting. Maybe it’s coparenting or living on the east coast or just something. But I feel like in a few years she will talk about this time of her life as being miserable.

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I wish my first kiss was Breckin Meyer.

    Instead it was at summer camp taking a shower, with a connected boy’s shower, listening to him sing, “Blueberry Hill.”

  6. Sparker says:

    Dude, nothing left to see here. I guess she’s supposed to be like standard best friend material but Reese Witherspoon already has that on lock.

  7. Lynne says:

    I like drew, but I’d really love her if she stopped the drinking.

  8. BasicBitch says:

    Always loved her!

  9. Keaton says:

    Wow I missed those interviews where she talked about #MeToo and feminism. I think you are spot on @Celebitchy with your theory that she has internalized being a people pleaser. She seems almost compulsively afraid of anger. That actually makes me sad for her more than angry at her.

  10. Mama says:

    I just re-watched Never Been Kissed recently as well and wow that was so problematic. My daughter couldn’t believe it even got made but alas, it was a different time. If they would have just left out all the teacher flirting with a student stuff it would have been so much better. That was creepy.

    However – Love Drew.

  11. Anna says:

    My family lived in southern California during the time when E.T. first came out and turned into a mega-hit. I was/am around the same age as Drew, and I have to say that though I don’t follow a lot of the celeb stuff, one thing I find refreshing on seeing her is somehow in her aging process (around 45-46, yes?), she still always looks to me like the same girl I grew up with. It’s a kind of comfort in a weird way. Like seeing her aging but still looking 6 years old and being the same hippie-dippie individual she’s always been makes me feel like there’s some kind of continuity, like adulthood hasn’t stripped everything away… Not sure if that makes sense but just trying to say I appreciate watching her process from afar.