Ben Affleck on the back tattoo he claimed was fake: ‘I’m very happy with it’

'Triple Frontier' premiere in Madrid
Remember when Ben Affleck claimed that the giant colorful phoenix tattoo on his back was “fake, for a movie?” Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t or at least didn’t want to bring it up because she never questioned Ben when he talked about it on her show. Ben is promoting Triple Frontier, his Netflix movie he was training for when the paparazzi got a photo of his back tattoo on the beach. Ellen showed the tattoo in what was obviously a pre-approved segment because Ben pre-approves everything. He also really cares what people say and think about him and he wants us to think he loves that tattoo.

Y’all went swimming together and there was a photo of your back tattoo that got a lot of attention. What is it?
It’s a Phoenix.

Rising from your ass
Yes it’s a phoenix rising from my ass. I was about to say it represents something really important to me. It’s meaningful to me. I like it. It’s something that I sort of kept private it wasn’t like I was doing photoshoots. Two were two hours north of the city in some island on Hawaii and we didn’t know the paparazzi was there. They got a picture of my tattoo. The sentiment ran against [it]. I love my tattoo I’m very happy with it.

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Ben wants us to forget that he claimed that tattoo was fake. It’s on tape and everything. He also wants us to forget that his ex wife, Jennifer Garner, said she refused to be the ashes that the Phoenix was rising from and that his ex fiance, Jennifer Lopez, called it awful and said it had too many colors. But this is what he does, he acts like he didn’t say or do things that don’t suit his personal narrative.

Also the clip of Ben talking about this tattoo is not on YouTube but it’s on Ellen’s main site. All of that is negotiated and planned.

Triple Frontier premiere in Madrid

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19 Responses to “Ben Affleck on the back tattoo he claimed was fake: ‘I’m very happy with it’”

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  1. Cidy says:

    Sure, Jan

  2. Erinn says:

    You know what – if he’s convinced himself he likes it, then good. It’s not something I’d ever in a million years want – and it must have taken FOREVER to do. But at this point – it’s done. He can either laser the crap out of it and spend a ton of time and money on that, or be cool with it. It’s not like it’s something he’s going to see constantly.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    This is silly to pick on. He isn’t lying about it anymore. That’s good. He’s making sure we know he’s not lying anymore. Also good. Is it controlled PR? Sure. What isn’t in Hollywood? I get that Affleck is a total douchebro, but seriously, the hate he gets is ridiculously out of proportion sometimes.

  4. Esmom says:

    Maybe the comment about it being fake was a joke? I don’t know. If he can’t even own that when someone mocks it, he is seriously insecure. Must be an exhausting way to live, caring what people you’ll never even meet think about you. I guess I can see why he self-medicated. Hopefully one day he’ll find a healthy way to be more at peace with himself.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    In his defense, what is he really going to say at this point?

    “Yeah, I had a painfully obvious mid-life crisis and this monstrosity on my back is the physical manifestation of it”?

    He’s taking the only option, which is to laugh it off and hope that no one calls him on initially telling everyone it was fake, which they probably won’t because you know, white guy.

  6. Yawn says:

    If he likes it, well alright then… you do you bro…

  7. greenmonster says:

    To quote Jennifer Garner: bless his heart.

  8. Carolnr says:

    Ellen could not resist and Ben said it is a phoenix. And Ellen said”rising from your ass.”
    And Ben said ” we did not plan that..” It caused Ben to forget what he was saying. Clearly Ellen went off script. Ellen put the elephant in the room & she did it so easily!
    I have to say Jen nailed her rap…Ben not so much….

  9. Mimi says:

    Looks like the Botox and fillers have him in physical pain. His face looks tight as hell. In addition, this must be, what, his fourth or fifth set of teeth? I used to be such a fan back in the day. Never would have thought he would have turned out the way that he did, although the self-loathing was always there under the surface.

  10. SJR says:

    He looks awful in these photos.
    The teeth look like budget dentures. I’ve see those type dentures IRL on folks in their late 70’s.
    The back tattoo is badly done IMO.
    Affleck is still a hot mess of a person.

  11. K-Peace says:

    Wow, seeing that tattoo again i was amazed by its ugliness all over again.

  12. kat says:

    I don’t care what other people do with their bodies. It’s not my business. If he likes it, more power to him, I guess. Not everything this man does is noteworthy.

  13. Mami says:

    I don’t know him but I’d guess, based on my own experience, that the phoenix betrays an unhealthy approach to recovery. The idea that one can continually keep rising from the destruction from fires they’ve set is too convenient. Eventually you are just existing in ashes, not rising. Relapse is part of addiction not recovery.

  14. so says:

    Botox much ?

  15. Chloe says:

    This new movie of his is bloody awful. Even with Charlie Hunnam in it, it’s unbearable.