Kevin Smith’s daughter made him go vegan after heart attack, he still hates vegetables


Kevin Smith suffered a near fatal heart attack – nicknamed a Widowmaker for it’s kill rate – at the start of 2018. Fortunately, Kevin realized how lucky he was to have survived and listened to the powers that be about changing his habits. In this case that was his daughter, Harley Quinn, who told her father he was a vegan now. She didn’t ask, she told him. Both dad and daughter spoke about the diet change at the premiere of Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood, in which Harley has a role.

Harley Quinn Smith is opening up about helping her father, Kevin Smith, after he suffered his massive heart attack in 2018.

“Once he had his heart attack, I made him go vegan,” she said. “That wasn’t so much advice, as it was, ‘You have to do this.’ I didn’t really give him a choice. There was no way that was not going to happen.”

“Going vegan isn’t hard, but it’s definitely something you have to get used to, being super aware,” Harley said of her father’s lifestyle change. “I’ve helped him through it, I’ve held his hand. It’s much easier to go through it when you have somebody.”

She continued, “When I went vegan, my best friend went vegan right before me, so she held my hand, and now I’m holding my dad’s hand for it. I’m really happy I get to be there for him for this.”

Kevin told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that he “never imagined I would go vegan,” but the diet is working for him despite “f—ing hat[ing] vegetables.”

“Given a choice between a f—ing kumquat or an eggplant and nothing, I’ll choose nothing,” he shared. “So as a vegan, you wind up intermittently fasting by virtue of the fact that you’re like, well, none of this s— sounds appetizing right about now. You don’t do a lot of passion eating or boredom eating.”

[From People]

I get where Harley is coming from. I think many of us have these interventions with our folks after health crises. My brothers and I watched my parents indulge in some destructive behavior, but they dismissed our concerns because it’s hard to break the parent/child dynamic, isn’t it? But once their health failed as a result, they’d lost their argument and we gave them ultimatums similar to Harley’s. I find it interesting that Kevin gave Penn Gillette’s book so much credit at the beginning. I would assume this was to deflect a “my kid doesn’t tell me what to do” kind of thing but Kevin doesn’t seem the sort. He worships Harley and loves heaping praise upon her. Maybe Kevin was worried he couldn’t stick with it. Or maybe Gillette’s book really is that good.

As I’ve said before, I have no problem with the vegan diet. I’m not even vegetarian but I’m not going to fault any diet that is nutritionally sound. But Kevin’s comment about opting for nothing over his food options makes me sad. I get that it’s his issue with vegetables (I also get that a kumquat is not a vegetable) but my biggest diet challenge is my love of food. I suppose if my options were to go vegan or die, I would choose the former, but taking the joy out of eating is just not something I want to entertain. No one has told me to lose 51 pounds to survive yet, but I have put on a lot of weight between perimenopause and stress-eating during the sale of our house. I’ve gotten to an unhealthy weight, so I need to do something. I’m returning to cooking (rather than eating out), moderation and exercise. And the reason I’m telling you all this is because I’m going to need a lot of help, my dear Celebitches. So when I speak of dry aged New Yorks, second glasses of wine or the new Bundt cake bakery down the street, be ready to throw some Harley Quinn tough love at me, okay?



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  1. T-Fanty Fan says:

    I love Kevin and his weight loss journey has been wonderful! He even convinced me to join Weight Watchers!

  2. elimaeby says:

    I think this is sweet. This coming from a lady who is in her thirties and still gets “care packages” from her dad with supplements and vitamins.

  3. Mia4s says:

    That’s the tricky thing about not just dieting but making a full lifestyle change. It’s good to eliminate anxiety and boredom eating, but if you’re too restricted it can also lead to disordered eating. Still he seems healthy and happy, so hopefully he has a balance.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    Sounds like Kevin needs to try some new recipes! I am plant-based and never feel deprived because there are so many amazing cookbooks and food blogs that cater to plant-based eating, just gotta try all the recipes!! Once I started experimenting with recipes, a whole new world opened up :)

    • elimaeby says:

      Agreed! I’m a vegetarian (I occasionally eat dairy), but I cook vegan at home. There are so many options. You just need some cookbooks and a proper spice rack, and vegan food is amazing. You don’t feel like you’re missing out when you’re cooking for yourself.

      • OriginalLala says:

        I would say that I definitely eat a more varied and exciting diet now than when I was omni! My omni family regularly asks me to bring vegan dishes to family dinners because they love them so much (my vegan lemon meringue pie is a huge favorite!

  5. Anna says:

    I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now, and I saw the market evolve and change to the point where I do not find it hard AT ALL to not consume meat. There plenty of options even for BBQs there are veggie burgers and sausages (I live in Switzerland), so I just bring my own food whenever I get invited to a BBQ. Honestly, my social life has not suffered at all because of this choice. I do consume dairy products (long live fondue) and eggs. Occasionally fish (when I traveled to Japan for example). I don’t know if I could go full vegan but honestly, I have never been healthier than in these past 10 years. My blood tests are always excellent. I am fit. Cutting out meat really DOES work.

  6. duchess of hazard says:

    Penn Gilette is pretty hard core though. He fasts 23 hours a day. After sixteen hours, I do break my fast (I do IF), but 23 everyday is wearing.

  7. Marianne says:

    Im glad he found something that worked for him…but I kind of hate this perception that vegan = healthy. I mean technically french fries are vegan and it doesnt mean they’re healthy you know? It still is all about getting the right balances of protein, vitamins, sugars and fats. Plus, working out.

  8. Rose says:

    Stay strong, Hecate!! It’s a lifestyle adjustment but you can do it.

  9. ariel says:

    Vegetarian I get, and *almost* think I could do.
    Vegan though- no cheese, no butter? What’s really the point of living like that (kidding, mostly)
    My friend who gave up dairy and gluten raves about it, and got rid of stomach issues she didn’t know she had (I think similar to drinking a lot and being used to the hangovers, then quitting, and being shocked at how good it feels to not have hangovers.)

  10. mrsspaghetti says:

    I don’t think that a vegan diet has to be “taking the joy out of eating”. Not saying this just because I’m a plant-based eater (and a dietitian/chef), but you can eat a predominantly plant-based diet (meaning not excluding all animal products) that is very healthy AND delicious. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.