Miley Cyrus rushed out a song so we would know the breakup with Liam’s fault

Miley Cyrus headlines BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend

Musically, what is your favorite Miley Cyrus era? Admittedly, the only era I gave a crap about was the Bangerz era – Miley was a twerking, tongue-wagging mess, but Bangerz holds up as an album. Miley tried to follow that up with Dead Petz, but did anyone care about that album? And then Miley gave up on that persona and went sort of countrified and pop when she got back with Liam. Before Bangerz, Miley also tried to be, like, a knockoff Britney/Demi Lovato but that didn’t really stick either. So… can we expect better music from Miley now that she and Liam Hemsworth are done? Thankfully, we won’t have to wait to learn the answer, because Miley dropped a new song last night. Behold, “Slide Away.”

“Once upon a time it was made for us/Woke up one day and it turned to dust/Baby we were found but now we’re lost/So it’s time to let it go/I want my house in the Hills/Don’t want the whiskey and pills/I don’t give up easily/But I don’t think I’m down.” Aha. Miley rushed this out so we would KNOW for sure that her breakup with Liam Hemsworth was all his fault because MOODY, and PILLS and WHISKEY! As I’ve said before, Liam strikes me more of a beer-drinker and pot-smoker, and Miley seems like she’s always stoned and high on a few different things. But sure, I guess we’ve gotta believe that Liam is a pillhead. Because Miley made a song about it.

Speaking of, the Sun reports that Liam’s family hopes he never, ever gets back together with Miley:

Liam Hemsworth’s family have urged him not to get back with Miley Cyrus, The Sun Online can reveal. It comes after we told how married Miley is keen to date new fling Kaitlynn after the women were caught kissing on their Italian getaway.

Speaking after Liam publicly confirmed their split last week, a source told The Sun Online: “Miley and Liam both keep saying the word ‘separated’ not ‘divorcing’ which has his family really worried they’re leaving the door open to get back together in the future. They think Liam should cut Miley off and can’t stand the idea of them getting back together. Nobody wants that.

“They think it’s been on and off so many times that everyone worries about him getting sucked back into the relationship and getting his heart broken again. It’s been toxic for way too long. They’re not meant to be together.”

[From The Sun]

Yep, pretty much. It’s not that Miley is the devil and Liam is a saint, quite honestly. It’s that they’re SO poorly suited for each other and the past decade of on-and-off dating/living together/marriage has been enough of a f–king melodrama already. They weren’t suited for each other in 2009. They’re not suited for each other now. I’m really starting to believe that they’ll eventually get back together though, not because their love is so strong or whatever (it’s not) but because they’re addicted to this drama. They both feed on it, right?

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  1. Seraphina says:

    And what Miley says is truth!!!!

    I’m sorry, I had to get back up after I fell off the sofa laughing at what I just wrote.

    • lolalola3 says:

      Ha! My mouth dropped open when I read the first line.
      Yeah, I’m with Seraphina on this one.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yeah it’s totally all his fault (sure Jan). He made her kiss a girl. Go live your truth Miley. Don’t get back together.

    • L. says:

      How can we be so quick to judge a young woman for her choice. I know Miley can be all in your face / look at me annoying but who’s to say this guy is not an emotional pill who needs to be (emotionally) spoon fed all the time. Just because he is quite about it. Who knows what happens behind closed doors. I personally know women with guys in their lives who need way to much ego filling. I’m sure being the younger brother of a more successful one is hard …. and exhausting for Miley to put up with. He has also cheated on her in the past not the other way around sooo… ( if you listen to bangerz and buy into music has meaning and reflects artist lives)

  2. Becks1 says:

    I feel like this divorce escalated very quickly. We heard they were separating (which I only found surprising since it was so soon after the wedding) and now there is this all this drama around it and this song. I wonder if the divorce itself wasn’t getting enough attention (because I don’t know that many people actually “cared,” it was more like….”oh yeah, figures.”) And so there is this push for all this drama to make it more of a thing? Or did Miley just realize that everyone knows she was cheating on him and she’s trying this tactic? But I feel like over the past week or so the narrative around this changed drastically .

    • Wilma says:

      I am surprised by the speed with which this escalated. They both could have come out of this looking on brand (she the wild spirit nobody can contain, he the stable husband material) and pretty good if they had just kept on acting like this was a growing apart of friends.

    • Kitten says:

      True, but it probably only seems like that to us, looking at it from the outside.

      Not to project too much but when I was in a toxic, dysfunctional makeup-and-breakup pattern in my last relationship, nobody would know how bad things were.
      It DOES seem like it escalated quickly and that they could have been more thoughtful in how they handled it, but maybe things were just really bad for quite some time and this is just the naturally messy conclusion to a mess of a relationship.

      I do think it’s making both of them (especially Miley) look pretty bad though. I hope Liam’s parents talk some sense into him if he tries to get back with her. With my toxic relationship, friends and family (and also the fact that I had started dating my current BF) stepped in when he tried to get back together with me–after 6 months of us not talking. They told me flat-out that this person is toxic and that I cannot let myself get sucked back in. I listened to them and I am SO happy that I did.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Kitten oh I’m sure you’re right, that things were bad for a while, but I mean the actual PR aspect of this. It feels like it blew up fast, like they went from “we have mutual respect for each other” to this.

        I am glad you were able to get out of that toxic relationship though, I know its always harder than it looks .

      • T1000 says:

        Kitten, I’m sorry you had that awful experience. I’ve been there too. I’ve always told my best friends that if I’m trapped in another abusive relationship, blinded by my subjective perspective, gaslighting, the psychology of abuse, etc etc, to please shake some sense into me. I’m afraid of that trap, and if I ever find myself there again, I want to know that someone will throw me a lifeline, and that I will take it. I’m so glad you have loving, trustworthy friends and family around you! And hearing real talk like that can be a difficult pill to swallow, so I admire you for having the courage and humility to hear them out.

        Unfortunately two of my best friends are trapped in extremely abusive relationships, but they don’t want to hear it. V has been “dating” the same guy for almost 10 years, long distance. She has never been to his home or met anyone in his family (I suspect he’s married, but she won’t consider that). At one point he messaged her saying he had contracted an STI, and yelled at her, “what did you do to me?!” before disappearing for months. Obviously she was extremely upset. She got tested and was fine. But she took him back. He also requires her to send a picture of what she’s wearing every single day, and has forbid her from talking to anyone when they are out together. She doesn’t want to hear me disparaging the relationship anymore, so we just don’t talk about it in any real way. I don’t know how to help anymore. Now her goddaughter is getting into an abusive relationship, and V is in my position, very concerned and trying to talk sense. But she doesn’t realize that the goddaughter’s boyfriend is ticking all the same boxes as V’s boyfriend. It’s also sickening that V’s boyfriend has talked about how and why the goddaughter’s boyfriend is abusive, as if he hasn’t done the exact same things.

        And my friend K jumped from one abusive marriage right into another one. He’s a rage monster who once ripped the radiator out of the wall— you could see through to the street. He told her she’s only good for blowjobs and repeatedly calls her a “stupid Polish waitress,” as if that’s an insult. She’s an amazing woman who moved to NYC from Poland, all on her own, and we met during law school. They finally decided to get divorced, and he made it as nasty as possible. He would sneak into the apartment they shared (after it was established that she would live there alone until the divorce was settled). He started off by moving little things around while she was at work, making her feel crazy and ultimately letting her know that he could get to her anytime. Then he started sneaking in and getting into bed with her while she was sleeping. Finally he hired a prostitute and set things up so that K would walk in on them having anal sex. All along, K believed that if she loved him enough, he would get better, and that he probably had mental illness so it wasn’t his fault… meaning she had to put up with it. She had “faith” in love or something, plus being married, as she saw it, meant sticking with him no matter what, through bad times and bad times. Sadly she and I don’t speak very often these days, because I was terrified for her physical safety (not to mention emotional safety) and I couldn’t pretend otherwise. At the same time she couldn’t bear to hear me talk about her husband that way.

        I’ve never been “brutally honest” with these two women, I’ve always tried to be gentle and sensitive, especially since I know what it’s like to be in that position. It’s hard, because I know they don’t want to hear it, but how can I sit back and watch them endure dangerous, escalating, abusive relationships? They could both end up dead. I can’t sweep that under the rug.

        I feel like a central problem of the human condition is that many people believe they are right, and any information that conflicts with their understanding is denied. Some people are just ignorant *ssholes, some people feel entitled by religion, and some are just plain stupid. Both of my friends are amazing people, caught deeply in that psychological trap, through no fault of their own. I feel desperate to open their eyes, but if I keep pushing, I’ll lose them. Then I won’t be able to support them at all.

        TLDR: Kitten, you are incredibly strong, and I’m so glad you accepted help from people who love you. That can’t have been easy. I wish you all the best!

      • Kitten says:

        @T1000- Oh man those stories are heart-breaking. I have to say that with my bad relationship, it was never as extreme as what you describe here. The abuse was mostly emotional and the GASLIGHTING, oh god the gaslighting, was the worst. It really did make me feel crazy at times and it took me finally getting away from him and having the necessary perspective to see how manipulative he was.

        As to your friends…just wow.
        I have a close friend who I’ve watched repeat the same pattern over and over again with men. She falls for guys WAY too fast and ends up stalking them (I mean, she literally sat outside this one dude’s apt one time) and blowing up their cellphones when they get freaked out by how…MUCH–how intense–she is. I love her but she just doesn’t know how to give men SPACE, especially in the beginning, when it’s just casual dating.

        I bring her up because our friendship has become really strained because I *was* brutally honest (I know, I know) with her. I resisted for such a long time but I just got so tired of seeing her make the same mistakes over and over again that I felt compelled to explain to her that she has an unhealthy pattern with men. And yes, the men are jerks for stringing her along but she makes it SO much worse for herself by not seeing the very clear signs that men aren’t looking for something serious with her. Hell, most of these guys tell her straight to her face that they only want to be friends and she just ignores them and continues to let them eff her no-strings-attached, which would be fine if she could handle that emotionally but she is bipolar and suffers from anxiety and depression and is just a very, very fragile person.

        All of that is to say that you are in an impossible situation. When your friends need someone to commiserate with and vent to, you are there for them. Unfortunately that requires a lot of “Wow he’s such a jerk” “He’s treating your horribly” or even “He’s dangerous. You have to get away from him” and just constantly validating their emotions (and feeling GENUINELY concerned!).
        Then your friends make up with their respective partners and you’re the one who said the mean things about the guy they’re with.
        It sucks.
        Not only have I been there but when I was in a sh*tty relationship I always vented to a close friend who told me that this person was awful. I would say “You’re right. What am I doing?’ then I would get back with him and pretend that I never told her all those terrible stories. Rinse and repeat. I now know how hard (and exhausting) it must have been for her to stick by me through all that.

        I do think you’re right that people are prideful and stubborn and that we hate to be wrong. We also hate to feel embarassed or ashamed of our life choices and too many of us hate being alone. We might even be terrified of change, so we stick with the devil we know. All of the aforementioned feelings lead people to stay in relationships for FAR too long.
        I wish I could give you the right advice but I would say just keep supporting them however you can but sometimes it’s necessary to end a friendship if you feel that your friend putting herself in danger and refusing to see it. You can only tell someone to get out of a relationship so many times before you have to accept that they have to WANT it themselves. She needs to see it on her own and only then will she make the necessary changes. Also, be sure to practice self-care! Don’t let your friends become emotional vampires as they continually drag you into their drama.

        For my toxic relationship I knew when it was over for me when we agreed to meet 1 week after a huge fight and “talk it out”, which was him telling me all the awful things I did to “make” him leave his apartment drunk AF in the middle of the night while I was asleep. At that moment, it was like someone flipped a light-switch on and I could finally see the relationship for what it was. I realized I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t getting anything out of the relationship except stress and sadness. I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t eating or sleeping. I was a mess.

        I hope so much that your friends have that moment–that sudden awakening–so they can take the necessary steps to rid themselves of these toxic men.

        Sorry about the absurdly long post (this might be a record for me!) and thanks for the therapy session lol.
        Love my celebitches.

      • T1000 says:

        @Kitten, thank you for the kind and thoughtful message! I just got home from a hellish day and was so pleased to find it! I felt a little silly after realizing that I went on for so long, but something you said just struck a chord with me. Thanks for reading my overlong comment and replying so thoughtfully! I was not expecting that. This day is looking up!

        I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that your relationship was on par with the ones my friends are dealing with. I’ve experienced a wide range of *sshole behavior, and I can totally relate on the gaslighting. Emotional manipulation can have a huge impact on our wellbeing!! I think some people believe that abuse is obvious, but that’s not always the case! I was at a criminology conference last fall, and I went to a panel on coercive control, in hopes of learning something useful. Wow, I didn’t realize the extent of it until it was spelled out for me. It starts so subtly (including gaslighting) and before you know it, you’re questioning your own sanity, values, and self worth (at least I did). It’s insidious! My last serious boyfriend could have taught a master class in gaslighting. It took me a long time to get any perspective. Luckily I was able to go overseas for 6 months, and that eventually did the trick. That’s a whole other story though!

        I can totally relate to the situation with your friend who is so intense (that’s how I’ll describe it for the sake of economy). I feel similarly helpless and frustrated with my friends. You want to help, but nothing seems to work, and it’s so hard to watch the same scenario play out over and over. You want to scream at them but have to walk on eggshells. And wow, she’s dealing with bipolar, depression, and anxiety?! I can certainly understand why you are especially wary of her fragility. I have my own mental health struggles, and I have to be careful because sometimes my friends’ issues are contagious. Eg, I have a long history of body image and food issues, and when every time I talk to K, she talks about how much she weighs and beats herself up for not weighing less (she’s already tiny and drop dead gorgeous). Her first husband was a personal trainer and he was always telling her she was fat and ugly. She gained a few pounds once, and he told her she was too ugly to f*ck and that he could only barely tolerate having sex with her from behind. So I understand why she has a complex about this, and my heart goes out to her. But after hearing her talk about her weight like that, I start reverting into my own bad patterns. I don’t blame her for that, but it’s tough.

        I’ve been on the other side of this as well, when I’m the one dating a d*ckhead, and for all the reasons you insightfully described, couldn’t appreciate the warnings people gave me. I always resolve that I’ll be wary of red flags next time, and at the first sign, I’ll shut it down. But I have also stayed in those relationships WAY to long. The only relationship where I called quits before the bitter, bitter end, was with the show “Lost.” I quit that sh*t when they started flash forwarding and I never looked back 🤣 Anyway I’ve been single for a year, and I don’t really want to be, but I think I need a break. Plus the idea of starting something new just seems exhausting.

        This probably sounds weird coming from an internet stranger, but I’m proud of you for getting out of that relationship when you did! WTF, it was your fault that he left the apartment, drunk, while you were sleeping?!! That is some serious bullsh*t. I wonder what the hell it’s like inside that guy’s head (same for all the other princes I’ve dealt with). In my book, only needing a week’s worth of distance to achieve that lightbulb moment is a world record! As for me, it’s usually one of those dimmer switches, slooowly brightening my brain, breaking down a few times and starting over. I’m sure it was painful, shocking, and disappointing, but I’m so glad you were able to see the entirety of the bullsh*t just like that. I hope you recovered just as quickly, though I’m sure it was hard.

        Thank you for reminding me about self care! I’d pretty much forgotten that that was a thing. It’s been so long since I gave that any thought. You’ve given me a lightbulb moment! I think this is going to be a game-changer. I totally forgot that my well being matters too. I hope I don’t have to lose either of these friendships, but you’re right, that time may come. It’s like that saying about saving someone from drowning, at some point you have to let go or drown as well. I don’t really know where to start with self care, but now that you reminded me, I’m going to make it a priority. The future seems less bleak now.

        Thank YOU so much for the therapy session! I believe this is called a breakthrough 😊 It was so great to talk to someone outside the situation, and to relate on so many things. You’re a star, Kitten! You really helped me, and I’m so grateful. I hope you have a happy weekend! You deserve it!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah things have escalated quickly and become rather nasty, that indicates to me their relationship hasn’t been good and negative emotions/feelings have been simmering for sometime.

      The situation is toxic and I hope for both of their sakes that bridge has now been burned and they both have a chance to find healthy relationships.

    • Kebbie says:

      It’s like people didn’t care enough so she dragged his body fully under the bus, reversed it, and drove full speed over him.

      He should just stay quiet and not respond. If he truly hates the attention that these break ups bring, he’s really going to hate being labeled a pillhead. He’s a masochist if he gets back with her after this. They sound terrible for each other though.

  3. Myrtle says:

    The song is pretty good. Move on, we’re not seventeen…

  4. teehee says:

    Affirming my idea that this was a PR stunt before it even happened
    Did she get advice from Katy Perry on this or something? “If you cant sing, just date some guy in hollywood”

    • Ferdinand says:

      Speaking of Katy Perry she was accused by a male model of sexual harassment and no one seem to be covering that. Buzzfeed just covered it like two days ago, while other magazines ran the story a few days ago but no one is paying attention.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The calculated repeated attacks on him that were clearly planned out and scheduled make her seem like she’s running a campaign against him. It makes him look more sympathetic, because she’s waging war in the media about something that is a private matter.

  5. Chaine says:

    Seems more and more like they have been broken up for a while, she and her people crafted some music about it, and this past week of paparazzi photos and dramatic divorce announcement were just elaborately choreographed some time in advance to bring maximum publicity to the new music rollout.

    • xdanix says:

      Pretty sure they have been split up for a while, or at least having problems. Liam stopped wearing his wedding ring sometime in June. There have been a LOT of pics of him since then with his hand shoved in pockets or angled away from cameras, but once I noticed it once it was pretty obvious- no ring, every time. And that’s significant, because she sometimes didn’t wear hers but he ALWAYS wore his. He’s also looked pretty grim and down in 9 out of every 10 photos since then, so… yeah. I’m actually surprised the media took so long to pick up on it. I wonder were the holiday pics Miley’s way of going the “no going back now” route so the announcement HAD to be made and the media had to take notice.

    • Kitten says:

      I think so too. I suspect that for the majority of time that they were together they were fighting a lot, breaking up, and getting back together. Seems like it was a very unstable relationship.

    • bettyrose says:

      Awhile? They’ve been married for like six months. I know that’s not a thing for the rich and famous, but six months seems like the least amount of time you’d need to know a marriage was definitely over (and presumably they didn’t break up the day after their marriage??)

      • Kebbie says:

        They were also seen together on July 9th, so they hadn’t completely quit each other even after he stopped wearing his ring. I’m guessing they weren’t getting along and then the fire brought them together for a bit until that wore off and things got bad again. I think their closeness after the fire was the aberration and they made the mistake of thinking it was permanent.

  6. knotslaning says:

    I totally agree that Bangerz was her best musical era. That album is really good. Also, wasn’t Wrecking Ball about their breakup? The whole song is about how he broke her heart. I may not like Miley the persona but I do like her music, and I think this song Slide Away is pretty good.

    • Arizona says:

      I actually listened to that whole album yesterday (it’s one of my favorite albums of the last decade, it’s a REALLY solid pop album), and a lot of the album seemed to be about him cheating/breaking her heart and her giving up on the relationship. FU, Wrecking Ball, Drive, Someone Else, and Maybe You’re Right…there was a lot going on that I think got downplayed.

      Slide Away is actually pretty good, but I’m not really into either of them slinging mud and blaming each other. They handled their initial big breakup a lot more maturely.

      • purplehazeforever says:

        What if she’s being gaslit? It would explain her reaction.. yes, I’m a wild child… yes, I am like this, yes, I act like this, but this is how you are…

        Many people pointed out certain songs could have been about Liam yesterday on that album & his temper but you didn’t agree on that. I looked at the lyrics and definitely thought there is something to him being emotionally abusive and gaslighting.

      • Arizona says:

        I think there were plenty of songs about Liam and what went wrong with the relationship. As far as the temper, there were only two songs mentioned that actually fit that, and only one really goes into depth about it – Rooting For My Baby. I’m not seeing the gaslighting and being emotionally abusive based on the song lyrics, tbh. It DEFINITELY seemed as though he cheated on her and was emotionally distant, though.

        I didn’t listen to her last album though.

      • purplehazeforever says:

        It’s a question I’m asking because they broke up the first time due to his cheating and being distant. Yesterday there were a lot of comments about how it was different because they weren’t married. They were engaged, though. I think most people commenting on this site clearly missed that part. And Miley never put up any photos of her kissing Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn put up those photos. She’s hurting over her split from Brody Jenner. I checked Miley’s Instagram. It’s becoming evident that they have been separated since June, so she’s telling the truth about that. It’s entirely possible she could be telling the truth about everything else and each time she says something, everyone immediately discounts it. Including sources close to Liam. Miley has been pretty open about who she is. Open about the drug abuse, open about her sexuality. She doesn’t hide anything. Photos of her with Kaitlynn from Italy are posted and sources close to Liam are saying: she’s always been immature. Well, yeah she’s had to put up with his bs off and on for 10 years. If someone is emotionally distant, pretends to be a saint to the world but is a jerk to you then yes, you’re going to come out swinging, eventually. No matter how it makes you look. If someone always paint you as the villian but you were the wronged party how would that make you feel?

      • Arizona says:

        There were rumors that Miley was fooling around with Mike Will Made It before there were rumors that Liam cheated. And I don’t think she was silent last time, nor do I think Liam dragged her through the mud last time. I think they both contributed to their issues and are toxic together, and they probably both screwed up.

        The problem for Miley is that she has cultivated an image of being a wild child, free spirit, drug using person. Liam is a lesser known entity that mostly appears to be clean cut and relatively issue free. Miley trying to accuse him of being an alcoholic and pill popper, and that drugs were a line in the sand for her, comes across as disingenuous based on her public persona. And trying to accuse him of cheating probably wouldn’t work well either, since she’s making out with Kaitlynn (and knowing full well she’s getting papped), while Liam is spending time with his family looking sad. Apparently he’s better at PR than she is. So even if it’s entirely because of him, it looks like it’s because of her – but that’s due to the image that she has chosen to put out there repeatedly.

        Plus, once again, she started acting “wild” and twerking and being uber sexual in the public eye – and they broke up. When they got back together, she was sober and all country/innocent Miley again. Whether that’s an accurate perception or not, that’s how she played it to the public. So it looks like she went wild again and Liam had enough, rather than him being the problem.

        I personally don’t think there’s enough evidence to accuse him of gaslighting her or being abusive. If anything, you could argue that she gaslit him when they first got back together because she was acting like she’d “calmed down” and was sober. Because again, that’s public perception.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        100% agree with this thinking from Arizona and Purplehaze.
        I think there is far more Hemsworth than what his PR machine likes to put out. I think there have been aspects of his behaviour which have been far from on message but it has been so easy to point a finger at Miley that noone even bothers to look.
        We have no doubt added to her pain and being unable to catch a break in the media
        I think they have been split for months and I think the Kaitlynn photographs were to do with Jenner being a douche – again – and Miley being a friend.

      • purplehazeforever says:

        I’m not saying Miley is 100% innocent Arizona. I’m just saying Liam isn’t 100% innocent. I think she’s reacting pretty badly to the split and something set her off. Worse than the last time, maybe it’s because they’re actually married this time around or she thought he finally accepted who she was? I don’t know but she’s clearly upset. The last break up she appeared to handly differently or maybe I remember it differently. I’m also going to argue that the only way she could get him back was if she changed back to the calmer Miley, as if he didn’t accept who she really was. That she had to tone down who she was. Clearly something changed in the past eight months between them.

    • Amaryis says:

      I thought a different songwriter wrote Wrecking Ball????

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Amaryis, you are correct. Miley didn’t write Wrecking Ball.

        Songwriters: Henry Russell Walter / Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) / Maureen Anne Mcdonald / Sacha Skarbek / Stephan Moccio

    • Lulu says:

      I won’t stand for this blatant Hannah Montana erasure, which was *clearly* her best musical phase

  7. Jennifer says:

    While I’ve never seen pictures of Liam looking like he’s been on a whiskey and pills bender, and I HAVE seen pictures of Miley looking rough, I’m not sure Miley is lying outright about it. He’s obviously not a total junkie, by any means going off how healthy he *looks* especially compared to Miley. Did he dabble a bit with Miley, and now she’s throwing it in his face to turn the tables on their separation narrative? To me, this is a possibility.

    • Ashley G says:

      That’s not a good excuse. I dated a heroin junkie in high school. He was older. Worked his 9-5 at a lad. I didn’t even know he was on heroin. I doubt most people look like Trainspotting. Some people are functioning addicts. Liam doesn’t make enough movies to know for sure what he looks like in his day to day life. He doesn’t get enough press. On the otherhand Miley genuinely looks like a typical addict (these vacation photos). Maybe they were together because they both loved to use drugs. That explains it better than their differing personalities do.

      • Swack says:

        @Ashley G, I agree with you. My daughter’s fiance was a pill head and I didn’t know it until he od’d on heroin because he couldn’t get the pills he wanted. He held a job and at times 2 jobs. His physical appearance did not scream junkie either.

      • Arizona says:

        Yeah, the only person I know who died of an overdose was a high school teacher, and you would absolutely never have suspected that she was a user. The only thing that seems odd to me is that they got back together right around when she was sober for a bit and broke up right around when she started getting heavy into molly and weed. So them bonding over doing drugs seems like a strange narrative to me now.

      • Jennifer says:

        Not excusing anything. There are other comments that don’t even believe he was doing drugs, period, based off his clean cut looks. And, I’ve also known full blown addicts, while there are the lucky few that can look fit as a fiddle, most do show signs of not being well. I emphasized that if we go off *looks* he doesn’t appear to be a total junkie, that doesn’t mean I can’t believe that he could have been. If he was, he has done a phenomenal job of hiding it. That’s why I brought up the *possibility* that he is not a pill head, but HAS done drugs and it is being used against him to counter act the narrative of her “cheating” on a yacht. Do I have any idea if this is the case? Not at all, I’m speculating on a gossip site.

  8. Darla says:

    I’ve no idea but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that he’s a pill popper. I’ve known plenty of pill poppers where people would never have guessed.

    • Lena says:

      I’m curious about this statement too because 90 percent of people with drink and pill addiction don’t look like derelicts at all. I think what happened is what happens a lot when you get with someone when you are still immature – you get addicted to all the dramaz until it ends up overwhelming the relationship. And I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to say their love wasn’t strong. Who can ever say that?

    • Kitten says:

      Definitely. I dated an Oxycontin addict for years. Nobody knew the extent to which he was using–not even me.

      • Arizona says:

        One of my best friends was dating and living with a guy who was using meth for five months before he dumped her. She had zero idea.

      • Laura-j says:

        Yep my ex was a full blown crack head and I had no idea until he OD’d and I had to go to the hospital. He’d relapsed on alcohol but I didn’t know about the dugs until they were in my face. He wasn’t skinny or acting cracked out at all. After I kicked him out. Found all the evidence hidden in corners of the house. Awful, I feel for him but am so glad he’s gone. (From my life … assume he’s still alive)

  9. Caity says:

    This is her best song since Bangerz.
    But it’s definitely only half-truths.
    Yes. Both miley and Liam love the drama. I’m predicting at least one more round of this makeup/breakup cycle before they quit for good

    • Ertia says:

      I almost think the reason they keep ending up back together is that the love the non-drama?

      Like, it’s a bit of a mess but boring and safe, and then when they leave it they realize no one else wants to put up with them?

  10. Mia4s says:

    Maybe they are both messy and poorly suited as a couple at the end of the day? (I’m feeling diplomatic, I don’t like her and he bores me).

    Eh, pills could be an issue, that covers a lot of possibilities. (I see why some find it hard to believe, I mean there are still people who believe Chris Hemsworth’s Thor body was obtained all naturally…HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh honey). But if it’s true, outing it in a song for profit? That’s…a lot. And not helpful in the least to someone you supposedly loved ten minutes ago.

    • SKF says:

      Chris documents his insane workout regimen and diet pretty well. He doesn’t have the telltale signs of steroid use – like the altered jawline. If you look at the workouts he does and how often he does them (he literally does minimum 20 squats and 20 push-ups once an hour for 7 hours of the day PLUS his crazy workouts), his Thor size is totally believable. I know rugby players that size who aren’t on steroids. I had a boyfriend who was even taller and bigger who was not on steroids. I don’t think Chris is.

      • Arizona says:

        I don’t think he is either. He puts up enough videos of him doing intense workouts that at least a solid part of it is him working out.

      • Mia4s says:

        I never said he doesn’t work out hard (never specified steroids either). And to be clear it’s not just him. Look carefully at the timing and up and down of basically all the super-buffed out franchise dudes. It’s not uncommon to “augment” training. I really think it would help male body image if we stopped pretending that look is all carrots and squats. 🙄

      • S says:

        To get big with steroids you still have to work out, but there’s also some less attractive side effects, at least from long term use, that would be counter to what Chris Hemsworth is going for. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dabbled early in the Thor journey; as he went from looking a lot like Liam—in shape, but not nearly as big—to, well, looking like a demi-god, pretty freaking quickly.

        But if you clock Hemsworth’s body from Thor through Infinity War, the God of Thunder, while still undeniably buff, isn’t nearly as big. (Chris Evans Captain America was also never even close to as muscled up after the first movie.)

        Hemsworth is clearly a gym rat. He works out A LOT. But you also have to be aware that to look pumped on camera for a scene or two isn’t quite as hard as looking like that all the time. They eat super lean, they don’t drink water, they do pushups and presses in between takes, all to just slightly enhance that jacked look. It’s not what they look like walking around at the grocery store, even if they always look damn good.

        Whether he used questionable methods in the past or not, I do think what we see now is Hemsworth’s extremely hard work; The long term side effects of steroids or HGH would be visible and unappealing.

        EDITED TO ADD: @Mia4s … I totally agree, that a lot of the male bodies we see onscreen and in print these days are no more natural than their female counterparts, and both are for sure contributing to increasing body dysmorphia for both men and women.

      • Mia4s says:

        I feel like we’ve gone too far off topic so I’ll just say my ultimate point is we think we know what people look like when they are using substances or aren’t, when it’s actually very complicated. So she may not be lying. However…even if it’s the truth? It’s a sh*tty thing to out his problems in a song for profit.

      • Algernon says:

        I’m with s, I think the Marvel Chrises were juicing early on. They both went through phases where they got huge. Chems looked massive in the second Thor movie, like his body was too big for his head. He was then noticeably slimmer in Thor 3. Steroids is a huge problem in Hollywood.

      • SKF says:

        The reason they go up and down is because the biggest buff is so hard to achieve and sustain and is pretty miserable. When they are at their biggest they are working out constantly and often eating gross amounts of really boring food all day long to maintain it. Apparently one of the hardest things is eating all of that steamed chicken and plain veg and rice all day.

        It’s not natural to be that size and it takes a tonne of work. They also do things like dehydrate for 24 hours before shirtless shots (gets rid of any water “bloat”) and pump iron right before the shot.

        They maintain incredible fitness between movies but don’t maintain that insane superhero bulkiness because it is hard and it sucks. Then when they are going to film they bulk back up. If he is not as bulky now as he was in the first Thor (he actually think he might have been biggest in the first Avengers film) it’s probably because (a) it is effing hard and gets harder as he gets older and (b) he doesn’t have to any more – he has the job security and is big enough.

        I literally was looking at a bunch of Centr stuff yesterday (deciding whether I want to join) and Luke Zocchi, Chris’ trainer, talks a lot about how he designs different workout (and the nutritionist and chef does the same with diet) regimes depending on the role. So for MIB they wanted a leaner look and for Thor it is big and bombastic.

        He has always been a strong, muscular guy (I used to see him around in his soap days in Sydney and I have friends that surfed with him in Venice Beach), building on that with the kind of work he does is totally believable.

        In fact, some YouTube blogger has just done 90 days with the Centr app – working out and eating like Hemsworth and the amount of muscle he gained was insane. He is CUT. As are a number of others posting on there.

        I just think it’s pretty gross to laugh and say he didn’t achieve this without steroids (or… I don’t know what else you’re suggesting here?) with absolutely no evidence. Dude works his arse off.

        As for the rest of your comment; absolutely people can be addicts / substance abusers without it physically or obviously showing. With absolutely no evidence or idea whatsoever, my guess would be that Liam has used party drugs recreationally for years. Most people I know did in their 20s.

        Looking at his IMDB, he’s just filmed 2 action films and is soon starting a third (two of them sound almost identical). I think it’s be somewhat difficult to work professionally with long days on action films if you were messed up on pills and whisky the whole time. It’s possible; but difficult. He’s not famous enough to not get fired for messing up.

        In any case, I think it is effed up for Miley to say these things about him. If he has substance abuse issues and she ever cared about him she should suggest tools to him to help himself and walk away if she must but not try and ruin his life and career by doing this.

        I also think that she is behaving like she is taking significant amounts of drugs (again, no solid knowledge of evidence) but I recognise some signs and I am sceptical.

        However, who knows. Everything is conjecture when it comes to these people.

    • Kebbie says:

      That’s what kills me about this. If he’s really an addict, outing him like this is just cruel. If he uses recreationally and becomes mean or something when he does then it’s not *quite* as bad.

      Either way it seems undignified. Why do this? Because she was being painted negatively by the press? Liam’s people didn’t say anything until she started slinging mud at him.

  11. I'm With The Band says:

    I smell a PR stunt.

  12. Millenial says:

    Even if he is a pillhead, it’s not cool of her to air out all his dirty laundry like that. They spent 10 years together, like did you love him or not? Because if you did, you wouldn’t do that.

    He comes out looking better and better every move she makes, honestly.

    • Ashley G says:

      Was it really 10 years? I feel like people say 2009 as a start because they met then but they were off and on and broken up for two years. But yeah they’ve known each other through their two phases (teenage and 20’s).

      • Millenial says:

        They met on Last Song, which believe it or not was 10 years ago. But you are right, they did have a two year break in the middle.

    • Darla says:

      That’s true Millenial.

    • virginfangirls says:

      Agree. I’m not sure why she feels the need to let everyone know it’s his fault. In the end will it make anything better?

      • Julie says:

        Probably because the last time they broke up his camp blamed her for being ‘wild’, even though he was the one who was out there making sure he was seen screwing around on her.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Julie If she’s doing all this because of some resentment from six years ago, she really should not have married the guy!

  13. Oy vey says:

    I won’t mince words. I have been a fan of her work, but now all I see is a dumpster fire and the fact that she likes being same. I would never want her as my daughter-in-law. I would never want her within 50 miles of my life. I’ve known people like her and there is always a
    flying-circus-crazytown-shitshow all around them. She will maybe calm down in her 50s, look back and feel a fool about who she is right now. OR maybe she’ll stay the same. Her brother just announced 30 days sober and “Learning how to deal with all the issues in my (his) life” . If she’s trying to be her least attractive self, she’s succeeding (and I’m not just talking about those hideous bangs.)

    • Tonya says:

      Yeah I believe his family wants Liam to get away from her. She acts like trash and is a vortex of toxic drama. Not saying he is some angel but she clearly has issues.

  14. Adrien says:

    Hannah Montana was my favourite Miley phase. I loved that show and the very reason why she will always have a special place in my heart. And please Lord, let this breakup not be like Katy Perry’s where she will talk about her failed marriage long after everyone had moved on from that. In the meantime, I am going to let her have this one.

  15. dallas says:


    • horseandhound says:

      me too. all this looks super shady. her using their separation to promote her music. the song is cool, melodically. I like it. but I don’t like this mess she’s producing. he seems quite normal. I might be wrong, but that’s how it looks to me. at least he’s not saying anything problematic at the moment.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      Same. I don’t think he’s perfect, but she is a mess and I never understood the appeal of her or her music. This new song is mediocre at best and a crappy PR attempt to point fingers at him even though she’s the one running around with a new girlfriend and paps in tow.

  16. S says:

    No one other than the people involved in a marriage/relationship know what it’s really like, day to day. And it’s totally possible that Liam Hemsworth is a drug-taking, alcoholic, or worse, who needs help. But it’s hardly like Miley is a tea-totaler, based on her own admissions and very public persona, so the idea that someone’s substance issues would be a red line for her rings just a tad false. I wouldn’t go so far as to say her social media shares of late have had shown her looking strung out, but it’d be pretty hard to convince me she was stone cold sober.

    I’m too old to be in the Miley Cyrus demo, though I admit to liking a few of her songs, but I do recall how Jennifer Lawrence said in interviews promoting the final Hunger Games movie how she and Hemsworth had hooked up “a long time ago” (something about getting that out of their system) and most believed it likely happened when he was engaged to Miley the first time. I bring this up only because this is RIGHT before Miley was flying off to Oz to win him back, and it always seemed to me like the admission seemed to have excited Miley into reuniting with “her” man.

    And, look, she wouldn’t be the first young woman to be “inspired” by jealousy, but it certainly doesn’t speak to a mature, stable relationship—for either of them. And I’d be pretty unsurprised if they both had, ahem, fidelity issues, throughout the past decade.

    Bisexual people can absolutely be in happy, monogamous relationships, just like straight or gay people, but both partners have to want the same kind of relationship, and that doesn’t seem to be, from all appearances, what was happening here. Miley talking endlessly about wanting to explore her queerness doesn’t seem at all compatible with Hemsworth’s at least stated desire for a very traditional family/relationship. I mean, it seems pretty obvious, even to a casual observer, that Miley was never gonna be that, but sometimes those within the relationship itself are the last to realize what was always obvious from the outside looking in.

    • Otaku fairy... says:

      They’ve broken up so many times that we don’t actually know for sure if they were together when Liam made out with Jennifer Lawrence. Jlaw probably would not have mentioned it publicly if that were the case.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yeah, I don’t think she’d cop to it if it had involved cheating. I think Liam and Miley have probably broken up a dozen times that we don’t know about which is why I hesitate to say he definitely cheated with January or she cheated with Kaitlynn or Mike Will. They seem to be chronically unstable.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      JLaw and Liam would have been a cute couple. I noticed that their close friendship ended immediately after Miley came back into the picture. I don’t think his family are the only ones in his life that don’t care for her.

  17. Chloe says:

    Crap. I really like this song.

  18. EMc says:

    I follow her on social media, and her stuff lately makes me cringe. I’ve been rooting for her, and them, but there’s no doubt in my mind shes too wild for him. I don’t know how any guy could handle her crazy antics to be honest. My guess is he had his own wild side, but he keeps it quiet- total opposite of her.

    As far as the song, totally lame. I feel like this was thrown together in order to point more fingers at Liam, and how this was all his fault. Ugh.

  19. Ennie says:

    I really don’t think his family is actually speaking to the sun.

  20. Chaz says:

    Oh how convenient.
    Drama all over social music cos she ‘kissed a girl and liked it’ and poor Liam is sad – everyone gets involved and boom she releases music. ‘Sigh’

    She likes the attention way too much, hence all the stunts. His family told him ages ago she would stunt his career. More fool him for being obsessed with her. More fool her for thinking this will make her music more relevant.

  21. SM says:

    That song is a snooze fest. She probably needed to attach it to some drama so someone would pay attention to this horribly mediocre song. Separation from pill popping, wild partying and cheating spouse (according to Miley, the homemaker wife, who in reality is vacationing in a bikini with a new girlfriend or lover or whatever) is a good one, because by the rush to release it this is what she clearly thinks.

  22. Algernon says:

    Dead Petz is a great album.

  23. Alexis says:

    I don’t see why Miley has to drag Liam through the mud. Even if he’s an addict (which I doubt, I think they are both recreational users and drugs have nothing to do with the breakup) it actually isn’t nice to tell everyone that’s why you left a person, you should leave well alone and hope they get help. It’s almost like she is sacrificing his reputation so she can come out of this looking cleaner. She fought hard for her current wild child rep (using queerness, black culture and drug references to show how wild she is :/) and as a result the default in the eyes of the public is she’s the bad guy as opposed to clean-cut Liam. It’s not fair but…it’s not surprising. Anyone could have told her that is how it would play out. They literally have done this before. She is mad and trying to play nice country girl victim now. But she can’t have it both ways. It’s predictable that the media and public aren’t lining up behind her like they would a woman with say, Taylor Swift’s image. At any rate I’ll still listen to Miley’s music if it’s as good as Bangerz was, her real problem is she hasn’t produced anything as good as Bangerz and some of her pre-Bangerz work in a few years.

    • Julie says:

      He dragged her through the mud last time and came out looking like the good guy despite his purposefully humiliating her by making sure he was seen cheating.

      She’s just trying to get in front of that this time.

      • purplehazeforever says:

        She’s definitely trying to get out in front of this but she’s hurting. Something happened that upset her. I suspect it wasn’t drinking or pills, either.

      • Kebbie says:

        Edit, misread the comment

      • Yes Doubtful says:

        He was only 22 at the time. At 29, he’s definitely acting more mature than her this time around. They clearly were not ready for marriage then and still aren’t.

  24. DS9 says:

    I’m sure there’s plenty of blame to go around. The problem is that Miley is throwing out so much more to judge.

    Liam could very well be a moody, crabby pill popper with a temper but since he’s seemingly not out behaving the way we presume someone like that would, most are only going to concede that it’s possible at most.

    I have to wonder if we’d hear anything from Liam’s side at all if Miley wasn’t set on being as visible as possible and slyly vocal as well about the split.

    • Arizona says:

      YES to this whole comment.

    • Kebbie says:

      I don’t think we’d be hearing from Liam’s side at all if she weren’t making these accusations. The media would run with it and lower tier tabloids would make up stories based on public assumptions like they did last time they broke up, but I think he genuinely doesn’t like being at the center of this stuff.

  25. Arpeggi says:

    But no one has to be the bad person and the breakup doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault!!! They weren’t suited for each other, which seemed evident after their 3rd breakup or so, and that could be all. Yes addiction issues, not wanting an open relationship, wanting a family or not, etc.: all this can break a couple and that sucks but it’s fine.

    The whole “you’re not breaking up with me cuz I’m breaking up with you!”, “I’m totally fine and having my best time, look at the pics I’ve taken to prove it” and other Rumors/Lemonade-style drama is so freackin childish! But quite entertaining, I’ll admit that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      So true! There’s not always a bad guy. Sometimes relationships just stop working and it isn’t the fault of anyone one person or one event.

  26. Sunnydaze says:

    Can we just stop with all the “junkie”, “pillhead” talk? These are derogatory terms. Period. The media using these words doesn’t make them any less stigmatizing. Please, please, please stop. If this site can be mindful in how it discusses gender issues, suicide, etc surely we can do better in discussing people who may OR MAY NOT be struggling with substance use. Even referring to a person as an addict is not considered acceptable if one does not personally identify with that community. Person-first language whenever possible. Many agencies still struggle with this idea, God knows why, but please know if you want to be on the progressive side of history please be mindful of language. Substance use/abuse/dependence has been widely acknowledged as a biopsychosocial issue, surely the intelligent folks on this site can exercise more compassionate speech.

  27. Lady Keller says:

    When I was young I spent 10 years in an on again off again relationship. It was a constant cycle of drama-breakup-makeup-more drama. At the time it was so addictive. I think these two are just so toxic together. I know I’ve been there. They might be fine on their own, they might be capable of having healthy relationships with better suited partners, but these two need to just quit.

    I think Miley is a twat for flaunting her new plaything on social media so soon after her seperation. I support her right to date whoever she wants, but I cant help but feel she is trying to be provocative and push her wild girl image by having a fling with another women. Girl, you aren’t half as shocking as you think you are.

    As for Liam I dont really know. He seems more reserved so I don’t know as much about him. I get annoyed that people suggest he doesnt have anger problems or substance abuse problems because he looks clean cut and wants a family. Plenty of unhealthy people still crave a typical family life. And just because he hasn’t been publicly caught showing anger issues doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them. Sometimes the scariest people are the ones who can control their rage in front of the outside world and maintain a good public image while being demons in private. Those are the ones you really have to worry about.

    • Kebbie says:

      He actually has been caught showing anger issues. There are photos of a bar fight with Chris in 2009, video of him screaming at a bouncer outside a club from 2011, and video of him punching a guy in the street from 2012. If you google “Liam Hemsworth bar fight” you can find them all. I think he’s at least drunk in all of them.

      And in the one from 2011, he quickly realizes he’s being filmed and he immediately calms down. He evens smiles for selfies with fans like 20 seconds after, which sounds kind of like what you’re talking about at the end of your comment.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        I knew about the bar thing, but not about the screaming at the bouncer or the punching a guy in the street. Hopefully it was a self-defense situation like with A$ap Rocky. Will have to look it up.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        It sounds like Liam has the same issues as Kit Harrington who also started fights when drunk (and date back to when he was at drama school). He might have anxiety issues that are exacerbated with alcohol/drugs.

        @Lady Keller: I agree she is being a twat and that Kaitlynn is her new plaything; I would not be surprised if its over by the end of the summer as Miley is already leaking that she and Liam might get back together which makes me think she’s only done this to get attention from him. Neither will grow as people if they continue this on and off drama – both need to move on, grow up and get therapy.

      • Jaded says:

        @Digital Unicorn: You’re right. Both appear to have problems trying to “adult” and given the celebrity world they’ve been brought up in who can blame them. I think they both could benefit from some time off getting therapy and doing some serious self-analysis.

  28. Well-Wisher says:

    When an equal relationship is no longer, both parties are advised to seek counseling to discover what role they played in the breakdown. This allows them to form healthier partnerships in the future. In this instance these two should have never married in the first place.

  29. Murphy says:

    Copying Ariana Grande with the immediate post break up release I see.

  30. Caty Page says:

    In ‘The Hunger Games,’ Gale and Katniss are actually pretty toxic for each other. Gale wants to mold Katniss’ image (the Mockingjay) and her lifestyle (his dutiful, committed wife). Gale says frequently that Katniss only responds to him “when he’s in pain” and that they function best when brought together through mutual heartbreak, like losing their home in District 12 in a fire. Gale is presented as some type of hero just for being consistently available when Katniss leaves for someone else and returns, time and again. His “loyalty” is just trauma bonding, yet it paints her as erratic and him as dependable. The PTSD Katniss has from being in the spotlight precludes her from developing any sense of self independent of what Gale and the public think. Katniss begins using numbing drugs to deal with the emotional overload she feels from being unable to be what everyone wants her to be.

    … I don’t have a point, I’m just rereading the books right now and thought this was interesting.

  31. ArsenioBillingham says:

    You can’t tell what “type” of person would have a problem with drugs.
    Those stereotypes lead to people not getting help. Because they are scared of being seen as a type.

    Anyone can develop problems with any drugs. Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate based on type.

  32. Annie says:

    Miley’s best era in my opinion was Younger Now, aka Malibu. That album inspired in Liam. If you ever get the chance, listen to that album. It’s great music. It’s real music. She’s a real artist on that album. But not enough people cared about that era. It didn’t get her enough attention because she wasn’t exploiting her sexuality and acting a damn mess. Miley doesn’t care about being a real artist that grows and has Grammy potential. She wants to be a trainwreck that is known for acting cheap and vulgar. Miley needs to be controversial and gross. And look, I’m no prude. I loved when Madonna was sexy or Britney or Ariana. But there’s an art to be wild and sexual in music videos, and then there’s desperate. Miley doesn’t know how to do be sexual and wild without being super cringy. She always goes over the top.

    I always thought Liam didn’t like that side of her. He liked the softer Miley that made pop/country and who was more tame. Even Madonna knew when to chill for a little bit when she got married and had her second child with Guy Ritchie. You can’t act single forever. And she still released great music without being the controversial woman who released the Sex Book. You have to know when to be something more! And it’s not like Madonna changed. It’s called growing up. Miley can’t grow up.

    So if I’m supposed to believe now that Liam is the mess, that he’s the wild one, that he abuses pills and booze, that Miley is the healthy one when Miley had an entire embarrassing era where she talked about pills, molly and weed. Lol of course Miley…

  33. Hmmmm says:

    Nah, I think it’s over for these two. I like the song. He’s part of hollyweird so of course he does drugs 🤷🏽‍♀️ But even if he’s not a popper… alcohol/alcoholics are bad enough without anything else. It is one of the worst drugs someone can abuse and get addicted to. Yuck.

  34. JustMe says:

    These 2 are as bad or worse than Beiber and Gomez

  35. JanetFerber says:

    Miley is free to do any break-up song she wants. She’s just establishing her narrative. She’s got a career and image to protect (not so much true for him, sorry). Divorces are bitter. Let some time pass and they’ll simmer down and start using more neutral, conciliatory language. Right now it’s a hot fire and it would take a lot more emotional self-control than they can manage now in such a messy situation.

  36. Silvie says:

    I find her behavior to be really immature and annoying – to the extent that I wonder if she has untreated mental issues like Britney 2007. It always seems like he’s the one trying to hold her together. I have a hard time believing he’s heavily into drugs. Booze, sure, he’s Australian! But I’d believe it if his family wants him to keep away because she simply refuses to address mental health issues.

  37. BPM says:

    In terms of risk & effort v reward I don’t think sexual realationship are worth it. Why sacrifice my freedom for someone I’d merely be ‘settling’ for? Sadly I’m a sucker for conventionally attractive people and I don’t have what it takes to get one. C’est la vie.

    • Tonya says:

      34 and been burned so bad on my last love that I really am no longer interested in romance. The cost to my soul outweighs any benefit of the relationship. Just going to be a dog mom, auntie and solo woman for the rest of my life. So far I’m 3 months out post break up and I have not been more emotionally stable in 5 years. Learning to love myself all over again. feels really good.

      • BPM says:

        34 is pretty young to be calling it quits. I’m 50 in December so it’s easier for me. I got into a relationshipt with someone I had no intention of staying with when I was 32 because of an unplanned pregnancy. After ten years of staying together ‘for the kids’ we finally split. Going back on to the singles market at 42 was horrifying and depressing. It’s nothing like being single when you’re young. The challenge now is to find something to fill the void left by not having or looking for a significant other.

      • Jaded says:

        Tonya and BPM: I got burned REALLY badly a few times when I was young and by the time I reached 50 I’d had it with men. I went for over 10 years without a date, without getting laid, without anything. However I had a full work life, lots of great friends, and did not miss having a man in my life AT ALL. You fill the void with everything you’ve wanted to do that doesn’t require a partner. I traveled, I took courses, I gardened, I painted, I volunteered. I just lived my life thinking “I don’t need a man to fulfill my life, I can do it by myself.”

        Ironically, at the age of 62 a fellow who I’d been involved with back in the late seventies wandered back into my life. Within a few weeks I knew I’d been given a second chance even though the first chance didn’t work out. That was January 2014 and here we are living a happy life together after over 4 years together. Never assume that having a loving relationship with someone will never happen again, especially at the tender age of 34. Just leave the door open and perhaps the right person will eventually walk through.

  38. intheknow says:

    Meh. Miley and her antics are boring

  39. RoyalBlue says:

    Confession. I have got her song “the Climb” on my playlist. That’s all I’ve got.

  40. SilentStar says:

    I really like the song! Not as bitter as I was expecting. It’s catchy and relatable to a lot of people. Not sure I buy the story she’s trying to get across with it though.