Prince Andrew & Fergie’s reconciliation will save them both from the Epstein stories

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Before Jeffrey Epstein was re-arrested this summer, the story going around about Prince Andrew was that he and Sarah Ferguson would absolutely remarry. Pretty much every royal courtier has been saying that remarriage is in the cards, especially given the Queen’s acceptance of Fergie’s constant presence in her favorite son’s life. When Fergie joined Andrew at the Royal Ascot back in June, it seemed like another sign that they were very close to officially being back together. The only thing stopping them, at the time, was the Duke of Edinburgh’s raging hatred of Fergie. So, it was said that they’d remarry once Philip dies. Well… now that the Epstein story is everywhere and people are looking much more closely at Andrew’s crimes and his role in the human trafficking organization, Fergie is still around. They’re on vacation together right now in Spain. Which… had provided the perfect cover, honestly. Now people seem to be making a case that Fergie and Andrew should remarry… just to change the subject away from Epstein.

Holed up at a romantic retreat in the remote Spanish hotspot of Sotogrande, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson could pass for a happily married couple. But this holiday is anything but stress-free and relaxing for the former husband and wife. Just days earlier, their dream of staying with the Queen as a family at her Scottish summer retreat, Balmoral, had been dashed. First Prince Philip turned up early, forcing long-term enemy Fergie to flee. It only got worse for Andrew with the suicide of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his former close friend, turning his world upside down. But, as ever, enterprising Fergie saw an opportunity. Here was her chance to pay back Andrew for his years of support and to cement their status as a reunited couple.

A senior royal insider says: “She wants to be his shoulder to cry on. She wants to be there for him in his hour of need. She feels this is like the old days when they would take on the world together.”

Behind the scenes, the Royal Family and staff, who call the pair the “royal odd couple”, are shocked by the twists and turns of the embattled twosome. Some courtiers are even asking the previously unthinkable question: Could Andrew and Fergie go public as a couple? Many feel the prospect of remarrying remains unlikely while Philip is around, despite his hostility towards Fergie thawing.

Another royal insider says: “They could never remarry while Prince Philip is alive. He is dead against Sarah and blames her for bringing shame on the royals in the Nineties. He still won’t be in the same room as her if he can help it, but made an exception for the royal weddings last year. The Queen has always had a soft spot for Sarah and says she has been a wonderful mother to Beatrice and Eugenie. She accepts that they have turned out well because their parents have been together in all but name.”

A major moment of national sadness could provide Fergie’s biggest window of opportunity. The insider adds: “When Philip has gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if they remarry. They have both been through a lot and many relationships but there is something between them, an unbreakable bond which keeps them close. It’s a shame they broke up in the first place.”

[From The Sun]

The rest of Dan Wooten’s column is just a review and recap of stories from the past few years, about how Philip hates Fergie’s guts and Charles doesn’t even want Andrew to have any role in the Firm anyway. But… it’s pretty clear that THIS is the deflection. “Will the Yorks reunite” is a massively preferable story to “How many women and girls did Andrew rape and/or assault with Jeffrey Epstein?” This is how the Firm will get through this – by suddenly pushing stories about Fergie and Andrew. Hell, maybe Philip will even come around. Another wedding by February?

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  1. xdanix says:

    Hey, if the pressure keeps up on Bea’s boyfriend to propose (and didn’t he leave the mother of his child/possibly his then-fiancee for her? So he seems no “prince” himself either, though he’s not a patch on his would-be father-in-law) they could have a double wedding! Double the distraction!!!! *rolls eyes to back of head*

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      And let’s not rule out a pregnancy announcement from Eug in 3..2..1..

    • Nahema says:

      Double wedding is exactly what I was thinking! They’re so gross. Can you imagine how much of a big deal they would make it? I don’t even think they would need an excuse like distracting from Epstein. They would just love the attention.

      • noway says:

        I don’t think they should have divorced in the first place. Together they seemed to diminish their bad tendencies a bit, but yeah this would be a distraction from Epstein. Although, I don’t think the Epstein civil and especially criminal cases will touch any of these people we are hearing about now, Prince Andrew, Clinton or even Trump- and that’s a shame as nothing seems to touch Trump ever.

        Also, it won’t be a big wedding. More like Camilla and Charles and probably even less than that. The Queen won’t have that spectacle, plus no one would watch it to create a spectacle.

    • Megan says:

      I agree that Bea’s BF seems shady. I won’t be surprised if they “quietly” separate sometime soon.

  2. M. says:

    This will not distract from the Epstein scandal. If they get remarried, most people will know it’s a PR stunt. The British press may be able to fool royal sycophants, but the rest of us are not easily swayed.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      not only that but I think it makes her look even more complicit with Andrew’s utilization of Epstein’s services

    • Victoria says:

      I’m looking at this “marriage” as a way to keep Fergie from testifying against her husband. Is there a similar law in the UK? Where would have Epstein’s trial been based? Sorry if my questions are silly, I’m a detective now from binging on the second season of Mindhunter

  3. intheknow says:

    I said it earlier when the Epstein story broke that Fergie and Andy would be pushing the reconciliation story with talk of remarry to say “look see, we are normal”. And the palace will push the “randy andy only likes women his age, see, he’s remarrying his true love”

    They are both bloody gross AF.And both are in deep. And if people/the authorities etc allow Andy to get away with this, then house windsor should fall.

    • Hope says:

      This is why Eugenie had that bizarre post celebrating her parents’ “anniversary.” There’s the slavery podcast and now this.

      Eugenie is trying to clean up her family’s image and normalize them.

  4. PlainJane says:

    This would just be another f*ing smoke screen to change the conversation. NO, just NO.

    It’s time this man was held accountable for his actions. Whether he remarries his grifter ex-wife or not should not be the narrative!

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Andy is 8th in line of the succession he can marry Fergie now without the queen’s consent. That’s not going to stop the FBI or SDNY.

    • noway says:

      No but diplomatic immunity will!!!

    • Megan says:

      I agree with @noway. He isn’t going to face any prosecution, or be called as a witness in the US. Hopefully Charles’ first act as king will be to cut off his income and force him to retire from public life after stripping him of all of his titles and honors. I feel bad for his patronages. They must all be gearing up for a very awkward conversation with Andrew’s people.

    • himmiefan says:

      But he still has to face his father, so yeah, they’ll wait until after Philip passes just like Charles waited until after his grandmother passed. Philip, of course, probably plans to haunt the palace, any palace, and torment Andrew and Sarah if they remarry.

  6. Zapp Brannigan says:

    The British press are still onside with the palace and in this for the long haul I see.

    “Fun” fact: both the editor of The Daily Mail Geordie Greig and one Piers Morgan (purveyor of all things protocol when it comes to Meghan Markle), have been photographed partying with Ghislaine Maxwell. So it may be in the press interest to not rake too much mud in their own backyard, so to speak. The rabbit hole runs deep on this story and we are not going to get to the end.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      NOTHING would give me more pleasure than to see Piers Morgan taken down in a scandal like this – he is vile to the core and of course he has skeletons in his closet. Karma, please pretty please serve him up!!

    • noway says:

      Lot’s of people were photographed or seen with Ghislaine Maxwell. Her father before he killed himself was owner of the Mirror. It’s not surprising Piers Morgan an editor of a British tabloid would have a photo with her. He’s a creep, but not because of this picture. According to some court papers she apparently had a sex act with George Clooney in a public toilet, would love to know what court papers that is from. Plus lots of famous women knew her too. This is how these criminal enterprises work. You have someone who seems “normal” with a normal business heading it up, and yes there are a fair amount of people who don’t know what’s going on, but there are the few who partake in the criminal enterprise. Pretty much this is how all criminal enterprises from the mob to sex traffic rings work. Just cause someone was photographed or seen with her doesn’t make them guilty.

  7. (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

    It might just depend on how deep this story goes into Pedo Andy’s part. Not that many people really like Freeloading Fergie, who ALSO got $$$ from Epstein, as well as her grifting for cash from every source possible, it’s even been published that her daughters help support her through their trusts. It wouldn’t surprise me, to have a “marriage of convenience” between the two; there’s no way Pedo’s giving up younger women (he will be a LOT more deseret; he used to bring them home to the place he was sharing with Fergie!).

    Sarah just wants (easier) access to more cash. I don’t doubt she has feelings for him, but the way she feeds his ego (“…my handsome Prince!”) is vomit inducing, to me, she’s looking for a comfortable retirement placement with him.

  8. Mignionette says:

    I have been predicting this for the last two weeks.

    BP are literally trawling social media for legal advice.

  9. 10KTurtle says:

    That just sounds even shadier, as if they’re remarrying so Fergie won’t have to testify against him… Is that a thing in England? How does it work in the US if a foreign couple is called upon to testify?

    • Mignionette says:

      I think this is more to protect Fergie as she is not a HRH so cannot benefit from sovereign immunity. So this way she gains spousal immunity.

      So essentially that makes her a sitting duck and liability to Andy and the whole RF. This way she is back in the Firm.

      Something tells me Charles is going to push hard for Fergie to be pushed under the nearest bus thereby getting rid of both of them for his accession in the next few years…

      • noway says:

        Do they have spousal immunity in Britain. Just curious from a legal standpoint taking a loan or accepting money from someone which is what Fergie did isn’t illegal. Is she accused of something else?

        I hate to be Debbie Downer on this, but I really don’t see the evidence to go to criminal trial. Maybe with the Maxwell woman, but even then I haven’t heard enough solid evidence to make it go that way yet, but I hope they have some, cause you know she’s guilty. In Andrew’s case the only person accusing him in court filings, as of now, are Virginia Giuffre and she said Epstein forced her to have sex with Andrew at a London orgy, Epstein’s NY townhouse, and Epstein’s Carribean island house. She was 17-18 at the time. Hate to say this is the legal defense, but first 17 is legal in all those places, statutory rape is out. She says Epstein forced her, which could mean the person she’s with doesn’t realize she is being forced to have sex with him. Sorry, but this is partially why I think a lot of this is coming out, cause we can’t get them criminally and the detectives are thinking how disgusting this is, and they want the info out there in the public. Probably using the justification if it’s out there maybe other victims will come out. I just think people who want to see a criminal case are going to be woefully disappointed.

        I do feel like it could help Charles or William pair down the monarchy size when either becomes King, which would be a good thing. Even if it means less Meghan and Harry. They can just be philanthropist. I mean they are worth 40+ million isn’t that enough money for anyone.

    • PlainJane says:

      10KTurtle, this is such a good point! In the US, US rules apply regardless of the citizenship of the couple. So yes, marrying Andrew would, in theory, save Fergie from testifying against him.

  10. Mego says:

    These fools should lose their reputations permanently over this. They are a disgrace and this makes all the other so called royal scandals seem minor in comparison.

  11. intheknow says:

    The ONLY two thing that could push this Epstein/Andy saga to the last page of the news is if
    a)the queen dies or maybe even phillip
    b) Actual pictures of Rose and Big Willy kissing/shagging.
    Beatrice marrying that creep dude wont cut it.

  12. Becks1 says:

    The thought of Andrew and Fergie remarrying as a ploy (at least in part a ploy) to distract from the Epstein scandal makes my head and heart hurt. Like seriously I’m reading through these comments and nodding along, generally agreeing with everyone, but omg. These two are so gross.

  13. Jenns says:

    I feel like Fergie is the only one who is happy about this scandal because it gives her a shot of getting back into the royal family.

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    Reading these updates is almost physically painful. It makes me realize how many powerful people knew exactly what was going on and either turned a blind-eye or actively helped these obscene people hunt and rape children. Sickening. But surely we can find something to yell at the WOC about to distract?!?!?! Not today? Can he marry his ex wife? He needs to resign and be invisible and by all means take Fergie with you.

  15. Charfromdarock says:

    Do you think Fergie doesn’t believe the allegations or just doesn’t care that he is a pedophile?

    I cannot imagine a scenario where I would willingly be with someone accused of what he’s been accused of? I don’t mean that she is responsible for him — that sick bastard is responsible for his own actions. But how could you even be in the same room as someone like that.

  16. celialarson12 says:

    They may use stories of remarrying to distract the public from Andrew`s scandals, but remarrying at this point would be a disaster for both of them. For one Sarah would no longer be able to collect “directorship money ” from different companies and I doubt Andrew would see an increase in his income from King Charles. Alle Sarah`s previous scandals would start being replayed in the press. It would end up being a case of a pair of 2 scandalous individuals joined together in unholy matrimony. Maybe we would even have stories of the many contraversial individuals the couple has taken money and gifts from. Then there is the case of Beatrice`s boyfriend who was at some point in the news about baby mama issues. If I was a member of the Yorks I would lay low for a while.

  17. Lowrider says:

    Dan Wooten is an idiot. I don’t believe he has inside connection with that nasty family.

  18. Rice says:

    Huh. I guess the “bus” used against the Sussexes, especially Meghan, is under repairs. Not to mention Will and Kate are breathing a sigh of relief that the “Rose Affair” is no longer in the spotlight.

  19. oddly says:

    Can’t be forced to testify against each other if they are married.

  20. Niaa says:

    Why does Prince Phillip hold such a strong hatred of Fergie? I don’t have the backstory.