Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt ‘agreed to bury the past & not analyze what went wrong’

Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at the 13th Annual GO Campaign Gala 2019 held at NeueHouse Hollywood on November 16, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

One of the strangest things to me, as an Xennial, is seeing Generation Garbage Youth really embrace everything about Jennifer Aniston. Gen Z (aka the garbage youths) friggin’ love Friends and watch it obsessively and still fret about the storylines. Media outlets still push Friends-related articles too, because they know that people still care about how They’re Really Friends In Real Life. It’s actually the perfect cross-generational gossip story: people my age have nostalgia for that era, and the youths are fascinated with that pre-social media era when they were just babies or little kids. Just look at People Mag’s current cover! They could have run this cover 15 years ago (and probably did).

Beyond that, I’ve noticed that there is an Aniston-specific interest too, and there’s a renewed interest in her old marriage to Brad Pitt. Seriously, ask a young person today and they’ll tell you that a marriage that ended when they were six years old is still fascinating to them. So, that explains some of the move, in the year of our lord 2019, to push Brad and Jen back together. Pittiston 2.0 is going to one of THE gossip stories of the awards season, especially when Brad and Jen are both playing the game. They’re “still friends” you know. And Brad went to Jen’s Christmas-tree-trimming party. What will Ross think?!

Better than ever! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are finally on good terms again. It took a long time for the exes to get to a friendly place after Aniston’s world was shattered when she and Pitt, 56, split in 2005 after nearly five years of marriage.

“A reason Brad and Jen get along so well now is that they’ve agreed to bury the past and not analyze what went wrong,” an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. Adds the source, “They’re both looking forward, not back.”

The Ad Astra actor has worked hard to regain The Morning Show star’s trust, which is why he’s apologized for his past actions. “He’s taken responsibility,” adds the insider about the star, who’s revealed that he started therapy and got sober in 2017. “He’s tried to make amends. He didn’t realize the magnitude of the hurt he caused Jen at the time. He was so swept up in Angelina Jolie, he couldn’t see outside that tunnel.”

Aniston and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor tied the knot in July 2000. They separated in January 2005 and finalized their divorce the following October. The Friends alum, 50, went on to marry Justin Theroux, but called it quits in February 2018 after less than three years of marriage.

[From Us Weekly]

One, Justin and Jennifer were fake-married and they never “divorced.” Two, Brad “didn’t realize the magnitude of the hurt he caused Jen at the time” – uh, yes he did, but why would Jennifer still want to be Poor Jen at the end of 2019?? As for Brad “taking responsibility” – I’ll believe it when I see it. Remember back in the hey-day of the Uncool Bermuda Triangle when we joked that it would still be Poor Jen and Uncool Brad when they were senior citizens? I feel like that’s really going to f–king happen. We’re still going to be relitigating the Pittistan marriage in 2030, aren’t we?

Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at the 13th Annual GO Campaign Gala 2019 held at NeueHouse Hollywood on November 16, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

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  1. Alexandria says:

    We did it. We’ve invented a time machine!

    • Esme says:

      They really should get back together, for awards season. And wear some vintage dresses! Can Brad still do a shaggy hairdo? Lean into it, entertain us! We need new pics to pair and compare with the old pics! :D

  2. Mignionette says:

    Lol – sounds like she’s publicly giving him a pass in direct opposition to Angie thereby helping him to re-hab his message.

    …patiently waiting on the development to this article when both women are finally on the same side…

    • Michael says:

      Why would Anniston ever be on Jolie’s side? At best they both may shun Pitt but that does not appear to be happening

      • crogirl says:

        And why would Jolie ever be on Aniston’s side. Aniston used her friends to attack Angie and make racial slurs against her children. That might be fine with Brad since his adopted kids are done with him but Angie would never be friendly with someone who went after her kids.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Michael – agreed but why also be on Brad’s side. He was just as complicit.

        In any case my comment was more about the fact that she is singing his platitudes now, which I think is a little premature bc Brad is going to Brad and eventually it might hurt her….

        I’ve seen this situation before. Toxic middle aged men rarely change….

      • m says:

        She shouldn’t be on Brad or Angelina’s side. But from the start Jennifer and her friends have blamed this all on Angelina while Brad got away with it and now is even forgiven despite being the one who was married to her and decided to cheat and start a family with someone else straight away. This is the guy who said his life and marriage was boring when he was with Jennifer.

      • Yvette says:

        @Mignionette … “I’ve seen this situation before. Toxic middle aged men rarely change …

        Was Brad Pitt a toxic middle-aged man when he and Jennifer Aniston got married? Not all relationships end because they are toxic. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of people being incompatible or growing in different directions and thereby growing apart. Personally, I’ve always thought that Brad married Jennifer on a rebound from Gwyneth Paltrow and then realized it a year or two into the marriage.

        I’m convinced that Brad loved Jennifer, and possibly still loves her, but that he was never in love with her. And this is no comment on Jennifer at all. She is loved by many people and seems to be a wonderful person (as a fellow animal lover, I think she probably has a heart of gold). I also think that Jennifer and Brad had more in common than Jennifer and Justin ever had.

        Is a friendship (and God, no, not a romantic relationship) between Brad and Jennifer at this stage in both of their lives wrong? They both still have a ton of friends in common. It seems rather silly for them to avoid each other when they have the same circle of friends.

      • Carol says:

        @Yvette – well said! I was going to say something similar but you said it better. Good for Jennifer and Brad to move on and maybe develop a friendship.

  3. Thanks says:

    These two are really obsessed with being in tabloids. Brad wants good coverage during the awards season so that we forget that his kids are indifferent towards him and Jen likes to be seen as magnanimous.

  4. Xi Tang says:

    Lol generation garbage youth. I’m gen Z but I’ll let this one slide cause I don’t get the fascination with Jen. And I like Friends! I also like that the cast is still friends.
    But this over the top investment in friends and Jen is BIZARRE! I don’t get it at all. Every time she posts random shit on insta it gets millions of likes. Every other day Friends is trending.
    And for why? It’s all very..bland.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      LOL My nephews fall into the range of Gen Z (19 and 21), and they’ve seen EVERY EPISODE of Friends multiple times growing up. It was always on TV and then Netflix. But I don’t think at this point it makes any “impact” on them or any of their friends. They’re into partying, Xbox, studying… None of them seem to be hanging out watching Friends anymore. When they were younger, sure… but I don’t think they really care at this point lol

      I was an adult for the original, and yeah, I loved it; I’ll still catch a rerun if there’s nothing else on and I’m too busy doing something to concentrate on a movie or a current show.

      It’s like the video equivalent of “comfort food” I guess lol

    • horseandhound says:

      friends is an iconic show. it deserves all the popularity it has. and every single person on that show is an example of perfect casting. and people can like jan or not, but she was amazing in that show. she is a talented comedic actress. as is the rest of the group.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, I agree, it’s very bland and not very deep. I watch it before i go to sleep because it’s bland enough that it won’t keep me up. But it’s light hearted and i enjoy it. But i don’t obsess over it or buy friends related items. I’m 43 btw.

  5. Michelle says:

    The only relationship he needs to work on & make amends & take responsibility is with his children & their mother who he stills smears & throws his kids under the bus. Not a marriage that ended over 15 years ago.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hear, hear.

    • Grace says:

      Exactly. I hope those types of intense tabloid media cover that BP gladly takes part in don’t affect the kids too much. It must not be easy.

    • Welp says:

      He’s not doing that so this is obviously to cover THAT way more interesting story up. Why don’t the kids want to be anywhere near him and why does he only get an hr here and there. The media will never give us that until Angelina or her kids talk about it. They are paid not to.

      I’m waiting for Zahara’s tell all about him tbh.

    • O says:

      Yes and look at what he is focused on instead. No wonder his kids are pulling away from him one by one. Just sad for the kids.

    • Jadedone says:

      Maybe he needs to do it for his kids and Jen, it’s not like he treated Jen well either

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m all for making amends and moving forward, and if that’s what Brad has done with Jen, that’s great, but it’s REALLY telling that he’s done that with his ex but not his own kids. That’s who he should be focusing on.

      Also, I suspect he’s likely using Jen and buddying up to her again for the good PR, especially just as she’s having a career resurgence. He hid behind Angelina’s philanthropy back when he ditched his first marriage.

    • horseandhound says:

      I think he should apologize to jennifer too. it must have been really hurtful for her being dumped and left for another woman. she had to deal with that loss and also with the public embarrassment. she was seen as somebody who brad dumped for angelina.

      • crogirl says:

        Yes, she was dumped for Angelina and she certainly wasn’t the first or last woman to have ever been dumped although you would never know it from her never-ending pity party.
        And if Brad wasn’t dumped I doubt he would ever apologize or even think of her.

      • Sierra says:

        So hurtful that Jennifer did the exact same thing to Heidi Bivens but in a more hurtful way…

  6. cee says:

    First I am black. Watched Friends once maybe twice. Can not stand Aniston. Seems to me Angie has never looked Happier or healthier now that she has moved on. The kids look happy too. As for Pitt not being papped with the kids in three years. Please it is not he wants to be private, it is he doesnt want people to see how strained the kids are with him. It only distrubs mw how disrespectful he has always been to Angie and now to his kids. Phony he and Aniston deserve each other. Angie will be fine and she and her kids will continue to move on.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Now if only his kids would agree to just “look forward” and not expect him to analyze what went wrong! Then they’d be on good terms like Jennifer Aniston. He may be estranged from half his kids but at least he’s got Jennifer’s tree trimming parties to keep him occupied. *eyeroll* And they couldn’t help but make their dig at Angelina to explain why he was such an a$$hat to Jennifer. Pathetic.

  8. RoyalBlue says:

    Ah yes, awards season must be upon us when these fake romance stories start popping up.

  9. square_bologna says:

    Argh, it’s been FIFTEEN F@#$ING YEARS, let it diiiiiiieeeeee.

    • Wasabi says:

      Yes, please. They can be friendly with each other all they want but for the love of God can people and media stop the ancient circus already?! The tea is not cold, it’s frozen!

  10. Lona says:

    They are friends and it annoys a lot of people.

    • Thanks says:

      A lot of celeb ex’s are friendly but they don’t feed the tabloids with information.

      • ad says:

        Very true! Pitt-Aniston are tabloids whore, has to keep the story going, sickening tha’t how they survive to feed their egos!

    • Welp says:

      I don’t think anyone would care if he didn’t use it to gaslight Angelina and her kids. Angelina is friends with all of her exes and even wrote the forward to bbt book while she was with pitt.
      I’m gonna feel really sorry for Jennifer when award season comes and goes and finally Brad drags out his 20 year old girlfriend. Jennifer is just too old for him. Bet.

    • Peg says:

      Annoying people? You wish.
      It took three years before he could see his children without a minder being present.

    • Jegede says:



      I don’t get the biggie.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      And it’s clear this dumb Bermuda triangle angle stills sells big time, which is why the tabs keep writing up on it.
      And will continue even after they die!
      (I can see the deathbed ‘confession’ exclusives already🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

      Rocket science it ain’t.

    • Sierra says:

      Lol these two saddo’s can live out their lives for publicity and CAA show business friends.

      Thankfully, Angelina & the children are far away from this mess and actually living their lives in a happy & healthy way.

      Hopefully soon, Angelina will come out in public with a nice handsome and decent man who truly cares for her and her children.

    • Lady D says:

      But why, Lona? What is in it for her? Jen is living her best life right now. She’s on a chart topping show paying her a mind-blowing salary, she has several life long close friends, a beautiful home, successful career, great publicity, plus more money than she’ll ever need, so what’s in it for her? Is she looking forward to more publicity-gathering ‘I had to scream at the ocean’ stories, or going on Oprah to cry about it? Does she really need that kind of attention? Doesn’t she remember the grief, pain and rage he put her through? Why would she chance that a second time?

  11. Snazzy says:

    Don’t you know this is the romance of the ages and that if they don’t find their way towards each other and ever lasting love again NONE OF US EVER WILL? HELLLO

  12. Rapunzel says:

    Pitt and Aniston: the only couple more Ross and Rachel than Ross and Rachel.

    He’s her lobster, everyone!

    Seriously though- how did Christmas Eve with 3 of your 6 kids go, Brad? I’m guessing they didn’t stay the night as hoped, or we’d be hearing about that.

  13. Michelle says:

    When will people get it through their thick heads THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS NOT AN EPIC LOVE STORY!!!!! For god’s sake he was with Angelina twice as long and has six children with, yet this is the relationship they think he needs to have the trust & forgiveness back? People really are brainwashed by Hollywood. Monogamy DOESN’T exist in the industry. Nobody is faithful to their partners, but to focus on Aniston & Pitt like this was so traumatic a break up & people in the industry taking sides is hypocrisy at it’s best. The Town is a cesspool of Rapists, Paedophiles, predators, Cheaters, Addicts, sleazeballs & douchebags. People really need to take off the rose coloured glasses.

    • Chocolatephrophet says:

      Lol Brad and Angie were together longer and more of a relationship imo,but it wasn’t exactly like he dated JA for 3 years ethier.
      They dated for 6 years and were married for 4 years.
      He had a family with Angie,
      But people definitely love to rewrite history when it comes to how long he was with Aniston for.

      • Dina says:

        No, Brad met Jennifer in 1998 and married her in 2000 and they announced their separation in 2005…. So he spent seven years with Jennifer While he spent with Angelina from 2005 till their separation in 2016 which is eleven years

    • ad says:

      @ Michelle, so right well expressed!

  14. sue denim says:

    I don’t know… Years ago I would have said, yeah, why not, peace is easier than conflict, but after Kavanaugh and all the metoo crap we’ve learned, and what we’ve learned specifically about BP, I’d say why bother. She’s better than this, however much the culture put her in a one down position throughout, who knows, maybe she was the lucky one all along to get away from his toxicity, no matter how much the culture elevated him as “a-list heart throb.” I’d say now keep the peace sure, but at a good long distance, and don’t let this guy take any more of your time, heart, feelings than he already has, or gaslight you into thinking he didn’t know exactly what he was doing…

  15. LeonsMomma says:

    I remember sometime in the early aughts when’ Gawker (RIP) decided to not mention either Brad and Jen for a year because they were phony publicity hounds. Ah, the good old days.

  16. ariel says:

    I feel like Jennifer Anniston may be the least interesting person on our planet.
    If she ever had an original thought it would die of loneliness.
    She likes her hair to look good, she likes her body to look good, she likes her house to look good.
    Something new- she is learning to effectively use social media.

    Is there anything more? Anything else?

    • Dear dear says:

      She is the Cool Girl who never gets angry at her men.

    • Chocolatephrophet says:

      She is definitely boring and comes off a bit kooky tbh.
      I have never been a fan of her acting before,
      But she is honestly fantastic on The Morning Show.
      Probably the best thing she has been on.
      Better than those tedious comedies she does.
      What fascinates me how pressed people are over her and how obsessed and angry she makes people.
      Considering she is pretty boring as a person.
      It’s hilarious.

  17. Sigh says:

    The PR for awards season is sooo obvious in these ”sources” lol they’re selling this so that brad and jennifer can pose together at golden globes and feed the tabloids for 2 more decades of love triangle bullshit.

  18. Jadedone says:

    Okay I dont think the youth of today are “garbage youth”. Like honestly every generation calls the youth terrible and it’s a little tired. Frankly i think teens today are more environmentally, socially and politically conscious then ever before and I think it says a lot of positive things about the future.

  19. Cindy says:

    Can WE agree to do that, though? People need to get the f*ck over this split once and for all.

  20. Dear dear says:

    Honestly, after those news on Jen’s emergency calls involving Justin, I have the impression she’s got some personality issue that repels guys, I don’t know, Justin said once after the separation that she wasn’t as nice as people thought. Plus, she behaves like a people pleaser who needs people to know how much famous people like her, kinda annoying.

    Brad is a serial monogamist who seems to lack his own personality unless he’s with a woman. His hair, interests all change depending on the woman he thinks it’s worth parading around at any particular time in his life. He uses women to make himself look, feel good, to save himself from his bottomless need of public validation but this time, one woman didn’t take his bs anymore and she’s been vilified since then.

    I find it pathetic that Jen’s still playing this game and I find Brad pathetic for enlisting a woman he publicly humiliated to help him look better even though not even his kids can make him look decent coz he’s simply not a reliable parent. I mean, if Ben Affleck is still able to be seen with his kids publicly, Brad must have really f*cked up and yet, everyone’s so willing to forgive Brad. Bless white male privilege.

    • Wilma says:

      I didn’t read the interview where Justin said she’s not as nice as people think, BUT she does remind me of my aunt soooo much (they’re both aquarians even) and that fake nice-thing is evident!!
      My aunt is the same, outside the family she’s all about people having justice and things to be fair, she smiles and are sooo nice to everyone, until she is home and with the family.
      That’s when the mask comes off.
      Very rigid, very bitter, very harsh. Not at all as nice as people think.

      Aniston and my aunt have the same vibes. They look alike and are born in the same signs. Wouldn’t surprise me the slightest if JA is cruel behind the scenes

  21. ranny says:

    Both Aniston and Pitt are playing the PR games, and its all initiated by Aniston, she is the one making all the efforts to continue being closer to him. She invited him to her Bday party this year, he attended but I suppose there was no further moves from Brad and he continues to just hang out with his artists friends. He even laughed out the notion of him getting back to her with his OMG comment to a pap. Clearly, Brad was just being a friend and in no way interested of being close with her again. But it seems Aniston is relentless, I think she took the opportunity when both of them were announced as nominees for GG an SAG, she probably called him to congratulate as she is the type who would do that, then invited him to his Christmas party telling him that it would be good for him to come since fellow SAG voters would be there. As Brad wants a “no campaign” campaign thing, what a better way to do it is to do is just hobnobbing in HW parties. So people like Adam Sandler was there, so does Tom Hanks, they are doing same as Brad.

    I think for Brad its all about the award thing, as he really has a chance to win up to the Oscar, but its clear that Jennifer’s intention is more personal, she wants Brad back to get back at Angelina. You know as she said in her IG, lotta love in the room that night, lol. She stirs up the controversy and these talks about them, and CAA PR machine is helping her and girl is loving it all. I bet she is already preparing to look her best for the award shows.
    I hope Angelina agrees to become a presenter to these shows and ruin everything for her because for sure Angelina will always be more beautiful than her, lol.

    • crogirl says:

      I don’t like Aniston but Brad should be/is a grown up and if he didn’t want to participate in this PR blitz or go to her parties he wouldn’t.
      The fact that he doesn’t mind being associated with Handler means his kids are definitely not his priority.

      Also this isn’t a beauty contest, Aniston has her flaws but there is nothing wrong with the way she looks.

      • Leah says:

        It’s really pathetic how other women tear each other down.
        Angelina and even Jen to are extent are incredibly successful women and that fact that we are basing their success on what they look like is disturbing.
        Angelina is so much more than a pretty face.
        She is a philanthropist,a Director,A activist,a amazing mother,etc.

        Even Jennifer is overall is a successful comedian who rakes in a salary i could only dream of.
        These women are so much more than what they look like.
        What a old fashioned and incredibly sexist and misogynistic comment.

    • Lowrider says:

      OMG, I would laugh so hard if Angelina attended the GG as a presenter and brought along one of the kids like she did last time. Talk about awkward!! LOL

    • Chocolatephrophet says:

      Lol sure…okay.
      This sounds ridiculous.
      I find JA to be boring and bland,
      But she is up for a golden globe and has been fantastic on her current show and I’m not even a fan of her acting usually.
      These conspiracy theories are really getting out of control lol.

    • Chocolatephrophet says:

      Girl you a trump supporter ?@Ranny.
      Your comment reeks of misogyny.
      Comparing a women’s worth based on her looks?
      Just SAD and so very MAGA.

    • Leah says:

      This sounds like complete insanity.
      I highly doubt Jennifer wants Brad back at all.
      Angelina doesn’t Ethier.

      It’s completely crazy that people continue to drag this on when it’s been over 15 years.

  22. Jadedone says:

    I thought after Angelina and Brad split the brangeloonies would calm down. This post has proven otherwise

    • Sierra says:

      Calling people names just because they don’t worship your idol isn’t exactly mature.

    • m says:

      brangeloonies? lmao that would mean anyone is still shipping those two together and nope they aren’t. the loonies are the ones still wishing for jennifer to take brad back after everything. Calling Brad out for this PR and the way he treats his kids does not make anyone a “brangeloonie”.

      • crogirl says:

        Yeah I doubt Angie’s fans want her back with the guy who abused her son.
        And those who want Brad and Jen together are the real loonies, they used to cut out Angie and put Jennifer in her place in the photos with kids.

      • Lilah casting says:

        Yeah they just want attention Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston two old famewhores looking to stay relevant and her fans are disgusting for wanting this chatting man back with her

    • Lady D says:

      LOL The three of them will be scrapping it out in their nursing homes 30 years from now.

      • Lucy says:

        I don’t think I have ever heard Angelina ever mention Jennifer’s name, ever, let alone Brad’s since she divorced him. So I very much she will be ever scrapping it out with these 2 thirsty people.

      • Chocolatephrophet says:

        The scary thing is so will all the stans..
        We will be getting essay long conspiracy theories years from now lol.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, look at these replies lol.

  23. Lowrider says:

    Brad and Jennifer’s PR working through the holidays. They are too old for these games to be honest.

    Poor JP kids; brads PR team releasing the Jolie is alienating the kids from him piece gives him an out from raising them.

  24. Jaded says:

    It’s award season so they’re working the “unwashed masses” and “mini-van majority” for eyeballs. That’s all. They’re both angling in different ways to boost their apparent niceness, forgiving past sins, being seen with the “right” people. It’s just a facade, you don’t get to the top of the heap in Hollywood by being nice; quite the opposite…you claw your way to the top over the bodies of people you’ve thrown under the bus on the way up.

    • Lucy says:

      I noticed how there seems to be zero care for 6 kids, and his own actions are nothing but alienating further more from them, that is if he actually cared to begin with. Just glad those kids have a mother who at least put them first and not rebuilding an old love life to get the mini vans to love your image again.

  25. Lucy says:

    It is the kids and Angelina I feel sad for having two narcissistic people acting with bitter grudges, showing no respect or concern how their media games have impacts on them. Sad to see the 6 kids have to see and hear all this. Further sad seeing how media and fans are lapping it all up.

    • huckle says:

      Angelina is a grown woman plus I’m sure she’s sufficiently parenting her own children. She doesn’t need us to worry about her or her kids.

      • Chocolatephrophet says:

        Lol exactly.
        I doubt Angelina gives two shits.
        She also has successfully maintained solid friendships with both Johnny and BBT
        So this isn’t that crazy that brad and jen are friends.
        I highly suspect alot of this is BS made uo by the tabloids,
        But stans on both sides cannot let it go.

  26. Mar says:

    I’m not going to lie , I love the idea of them together

  27. Tai says:

    I believe one of the 12 steps in AA is asking forgiveness and making amends with people hurt by the drinking. If he is working the 12 steps that could be what he did with Jennifer and nothing more.

    • Harla says:

      That’s exactly what I took from this too.

    • O. says:

      Pretty sure the ones he hurt by the drinking were his 6 children and second ex wife.

    • Lucy says:

      I wonder when the apparent AA 12 Step of asking forgiveness applies to Angelina and 6 kids who he actually hurt mentally and allegedly physically. So AA 12 Step of forgiveness is more aimed at his asking forgiveness from a marriage from decades ago, but not a marriage and family he blew up..OK.
      Why is Jennifer Anistons forgiveness and existence trumping over Angelina and 6 children ?

  28. ejodee says:

    Permanent A listers bridge generations and are something of a comfort that we can all get behind.

  29. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    They’re friends. For all we know they saw eachother once back in February at her 50th birthday party and then at a Xmas party she had last week. It hardly seems like they are trying to court the media and get attention. They are friends. Who cares.

  30. Corick says:

    I’m still curious that no one mentions the reason they were having marital issues was because rumours had been swirling that while he was filming Troy there were rumours that she was fooling around. He left filming to meet her in Rome to try and work on their marriage. Am I the only one who recalls this important bit of gossip from days of yore?

    • Sierra says:

      There are lots of rumours of Jennifer cheating while she was married to Brad.

      There was even a picture of her kissing Matt Le Blanc right in the middle on a street.

      Jen has successfully changed her image with her powerful agent.

      • Lucy says:

        Matt Le Blanc’s own father confirmed he had an affair with Jennifer Aniston, whilst she was still married to Brad Pitt. Media and fans ignoring the fact they already had problems in their marriage long before Jolie came.

      • Celestial says:

        Le Blanc’s father apparently sold that story to NE for a tidy sum. He was estranged from his son so who knows. I don’t think it’s true, to be honest. I can understand if she cheated with someone like Clive Owen but Matt Le Blanc? Er….good comedic actor but not hot….

    • enike says:

      I remember a gossip that while Brad was filming Troy, Jennifer never visited him, for like 7 months? the reason given in tabloids was that she hated flying

      I never thought Jennifer ever really loved Brad, she said he wasnt the love of her life way back (before they split)

  31. ad says:

    Does he ever care about his kids reading or their friends telling them what’s written about him? Does he know the impact these silly stories does to his children emotionally? He can avoid these negative stories plastered everywhere if he wants to but his image, awards are more important to him ! Hollyweirdos is his children!

    • crogirl says:

      I don’t think he does. If he did he wouldn’t hang out with Handler and her friends.
      And he wouldn’t encourage all those stories how he’s sorry about what he did to poor Jen, it makes his children seem unwanted and irrelevant.

      • Robbyer#t says:

        ITA, I don’t think he cares anymore, If he had, he wouldnt be hanging out with the gang of vicious bullies that hounded his adopted kids and their mother. Brad is happily back in the fold of the Jennifer Aniston’s goddess circle. Next we will see him at Melissa Ethridge’s concert or pool party.

  32. Omg says:

    This is the reason why people print these stories. This triangle is epic and seems all three benefit from it. Jen and Angie get the most crap while Pitt sits back and garners praise.
    This is all PR for awards season and they both know it and rely on pathetic fans. They want them to tune in to watch nothing. The motherless friend and the heartthrob recent divorcee from the evil queen are just as pathetic. They choose all of this over family and yet somehow Angelina gets slammed for being that mom.
    But it’s the game and Angie is aware of it yet she is the manipulating one? I don’t think she is all good and innocent either but the way these two have allowed her to be blamed for everything wrong in their lives is grotesquely unfair and wrong.
    Pitt and Aniston are both bitter and spiteful and looks as if Jolie rules their lives. lol
    Jen hasn’t moved on she will always wants to get even with Jolie!
    Brad hasn’t moved on and wants to get back at her! They use every imaginable thing money and power can do to achieve this and it’s terrible.
    Just move on, well I guess they can’t like most can’t! Lol

    • m says:

      tbh i don’t think angelina benefits from it. All it’s brought her is hate and people blaming it all on her whereas both Brad and Jennifer have been able to play the victim in a way.

      • Lucy says:

        Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will remain victims of evil Angelina Jolie their whole lives, sadly people keep falling for this charade of good vs evil.

  33. Truth hurts says:

    PR at its finest. Transparent!! She doesn’t want to get back with him nor does he. They are playing this stupid game the media is selling. But it isn’t as fascinating as they would like! I don’t think many people care beyond gossip blogs and papers.
    But she wants to outdo Angelina Jolie. Not on the love life side, she wants to be more famous, smart, beautiful!
    Remember this is what people said was the difference and she, so insecure is obsessed with it. I too don’t believe she was ever legally married to Theroux. She dumped him as soon as Jolie dumped Pitt. Lol
    She is some sad way may feel she will win some contest if he does get back with her. I hope she doesn’t think that. Lol living in a world like they do will cloud your judgement tho.
    Pitt is just thinking of a way to keep himself relevant. Lol
    Aniston is her own woman and has her career and so much like her ex is image driven. She loves the honor of being the good girl friend. It has garnered her fame , money and the life she wants with no kids I guess. She seems fine with that. She is the polar opposite of Jolie. Angie is a loner, family oriented, adventurous, philanthropy traveler. She was ok before Pitt and is without him.
    I agree that she was done wrong by blaming her for all wrong with the beloved Prince and his first ex wife. But PR is a mofo and she needed to remove her kids from that toxicity.
    Pitt wasn’t concerned as long as he was getting the praise.
    People don’t get it and never will ,
    Aniston nor Pitt will never suffer like those six lives in this whole scandal. Facts. Those are the ones to pity and wish well not these overgrown famewhores.

  34. Lucy says:

    Jennifer Aniston and her fans always blames Angelina Jolie for the life she would have had with Brad Pitt. Yet every man and women bring their own self into a relationship, what stopped Brad and Jennifer being as big and powerful as he was with Angelina. What stopped Jennifer to achieve the things what Angelina achieved without Brad Pitt. Everyone makes their own journey and how they carve it. Angelina always followed her own lead in life, that is why she is where she is, nothing stopped Jennifer Achieving it, yet she didn’t she is still the same Jennifer Aniston from the 90′s still doing tree trimming parties and going to Cabo. Still same set of friends. What my point is , Jennifer Aniston will never be able to compete with Angelina Jolie, she is her own person. By getting Brad Pitt is not winning, that is going back and If Jennifer thinks it’s winning she is more fool her.

    • Celestial says:

      Don’t particularly dislike/care for any of the three involved here but I think Jen Aniston’s strategy is more showing the world how civil she can be in a high profile split versus Angelina Jolie. That’s what I see commenters on gossip sites talking about, and it’s not necessary my take on things in terms of Jen being a better ex than Jolie, but I’d believe that’s what Jen’s angle is here.

      • Tmay says:

        No one is talking about how gracious Aniston is by going back begging to Pitt,and acting as his best friend all of a sudden ,and nowhere has Jolie said a single word against Pitt. If you are trying to shade her for the kids then you better take that issue with child theapists will do whats best for kids. Attacking Angelina with no recipts is just uncalled for .
        And The gossip sites you are talking about is the Anti Jolie sites aka Female First and Just Jared who are pro Pitt sites ever so more since he got dumped and Divorced by Jolie. The pro sites and look fans who used to cut out Jolies face and insert Anistons face in the family pics.

  35. Lucy says:

    Does any one know when Jennifer Aniston actually got divorced from her fake marriage that Jimmy Kimmel officiated? .Considering no divorce filing been made ?

  36. Joanna says:

    I think the reason people get so worked up about Angelina and Jennifer because everyone can see themselves in either one or the other. One is portrayed as the good girl, the other as the bad girl. And that’s how women are categorized sadly in this life. If you do this, you’re a good girl, if you do this, you’re a bad girl. And we categorize ourselves according to what society dictates by our actions. But the truth is, everyone is a little bit of both. And these 2 are both. Jennifer is no innocent angel, and Angelina is not Satan. The truth lies in the middle.

  37. Molly says:

    I agree that this seems like a PR stunt for awards season. Does anyone remember the interview where JA said (in VF I think) that BP was missing a sensitivity chip? That image always resonated with me.

  38. TopGal says:

    While daddy dearest plays back in time forgiveness games with equally thirsty Ex Jennifer Aniston, Angelina and 4 kids are in Ethiopia.. Goes to show Brad’s priorities lay with his image makeover with Aniston, not with the 6 kids he hurt and refuses to acknowledge he ever had.
    Talk about sensitivity chip missing, Aniston needs to remind him of that again, oh my bad she doesn’t want to now as she has changed her tune about him, she is all forgiveness and light where he is concerned.

    • Jane&Jill says:

      The kids look so happy in the latest photo’s from Ethiopia. I think it is a UNHCR visit, but also might be to do with Zahara’s Aids Clinic they have there? So happy to see Angelina carrying on making a difference and nice seeing the kids are following the Humanitarian foot steps.
      Most of all.
      It is nice to see the Kids along with Angelina are away from toxic people and their toxicity PR games. For their well-being it’s good to keep on ignoring and moving on up and away.

  39. Robbyer#t says:

    Did anyone see Jennifer Aniston Liked Brad’s photo? Girl sure is after him big time. How lucky is Brad women seem to forgive and forget what he did to them,and still dying to have him warts & all. No wonder he is all smugness.

  40. sassafras says:

    I love that you put this, but let’s say it louder for the kids in the back:
    “One, Justin and Jennifer were fake-married and they never “divorced.” ”


    And while I’m going there, I don’t think Brad broke Jen’s heart, either. I think their separation was amicable but they got WAYYYYYYYYYY more publicity from the other angle.

    These two are manipulative PR hounds. Always have been, always will be.

  41. Grant says:

    I want Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to star together in a buddy comedy. Talk about breaking the internet!