Joshua Jackson was ‘heartbroken’ after his split with Diane Kruger, he took it ‘hard’

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson at the Vogue & Tiffany Fashion Film Party at Annabel's

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were together for more than a decade. They ended in 2016, several months after she was caught (by New York tabloids) cheating on Joshua with Norman Reedus. People have spent years spinning complicated conspiracies in which Diane was some kind of victim, or that she was the wronged party, but it’s been pretty clear for a while that Diane is just kind of a cheater and an a–hole? She was hung up on Norman Reedus, she cheated on her long-time partner with Reedus and she got pregnant quickly with Reedus. And in several interviews after her split with Joshua, she’s said some shady, petty sh-t about him and their relationship. And to all of the Kruger-stans claiming that Joshua never wanted kids – he’s expecting a child with his wife Jodie Turner-Smith. Jodie and Joshua are so loved up. So just how bad was it with Diane?

The start of something new! Joshua Jackson was “heartbroken” over the end of his decade-long relationship with Diane Kruger before meeting his now-wife, Jodie Turner-Smith, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Dawson’s Creek alum, 41, and National Treasure star, 43, dated for 10 years between 2006 and 2016 after her divorce from French actor and director Guillaume Canet. According to the source, Jackson “took it pretty hard” when the pair split and Kruger moved on with her Sky costar Norman Reedus.

“[Jodie] is a really sweet person. It’s a good match,” the insider adds.

Us broke the news in December 2019 that Jackson and the British actress were husband and wife — and were also expecting their first child together. A source told Us at the time that Jackson is “so supportive of Jodie and loves to cheer her on.”

[From Us Weekly]

I really do feel like this is one of those cases where people – women in particular – are trying to twist themselves in knots to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, when the truth of the matter has been staring us in the face this whole time. Diane is kind of a d–k. Joshua was the wronged party. He was broken up about her cheating and then she left him for another man. It took him a while to really get through it. It’s okay. Sometimes the dude is the wronged party.

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  1. Laura says:

    She’s a gorgeous woman and that baby will be also. Pacey landed on his feet and dodged a bullet.

    • minx says:

      I would say Jodie is a huge upgrade.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        Absolutely, and look at how Joshua looks at her! Pure love and adoringly looking at her with such happiness on their faces!! Joshua definitely upgraded and Jodie is breathtakingly beautiful!!

      • Green Desert says:

        Totally…I was going to say he traded up. I don’t dislike Diane, but that clearly wasn’t meant to be. Jodie is stunning. Superficially I can’t wait to see what that baby looks like!

    • Diheid says:

      Yesss Laure little ant ahahahah

    • Diheid says:

      If you say….ants ahahahahah

    • SM says:

      I agree. Don’t want to sound petty, but look at Jodie. Who could have known Joshua would land a beauty like that. He is way better off now that with a cheating, petty, basic blond.

      • sunny says:

        They are lovely together and clearly very much in love. Who’s to say what happened/ended his relationship with Diane but they both found partners they are now happy with. That is great for everyone.

        I will say, Diane was kind of shady in her comments post-breakup but people aren’t always nice and kind when something long-term ends, even if it is your choice. I will say, her choice to be shady NOW when Josh and Jodie are together and happy and she is settled down too is petty and embarrassing.

  2. Sayrah says:

    Well I think he looks way happier now than when he was with Diane. Better and brighter things! He’s always been such a cutie to me. Pacey 4 ever!

  3. Caitlin says:

    I’m a Joshua fan, have been since DC but it was pretty wildly known in their circles that they had an open relationship. He was caught was several women. And I’m sure Diane did so as well with more than just Norman. Diane broke the agreement and fell for one of her side pieces. Diane is messy, and josh can be too. Josh was pretty wild during the DC days. I remember a crew member from Wilmington even saying josh dumped Katie Holmes because he didn’t want to cheat on her. Girls would throw themselves at him. Diane seems upset over josh and Jodie, a day after Jodie confessed Joshua was her teenage crush Diane posted a tribute to Norman saying “to my teenage crush”. It was so cringey.

    • Keekee says:

      Was Norman famous when she was a teenager?

      • Pilar says:

        No. Diane would have been a teenager in the early 90s. Reedus wasnt famous then.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Diane was making fun of Jodie when she posted that. Jodie had posted saying that Joshua was her teenage crush on DC. Further proving what a petty bish Diane is. Like, why do you even CARE if you’re so loved up with Norman??

      • Erinn says:

        Ugh. That’s REALLY gross. I always thought Diane was really pretty, but man. It’s funny how quickly someone can look ugly when their actions are as well.

      • Heather says:

        In the 90’s, Norman Reedus was moderately famous. He was a model, but was “famous” for dating and having a child with Helena Christiansen, who was a MAJOR supermodel of the time.
        But, yeah, Diane’s post was extremely petty, nonetheless.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Having an open relationship and cheating are two different things. And Josh “being wild” during the DC days means literally nothing. He was a teen and early twenties during that time. We are talking about two ADULTS in a long term relationship where CLEARLY the trust was broken.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        And also, if he really broke up with Katie Homles because he didn’t want to cheat on her.. Doesn’t that make him decent even then? He literally ended it rather than cheat on her all the time which is what we always say guys who cheat should do.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @BA lol… EXACTLY. That’s the OPPOSITE of a cheater.

      • Caitlin says:

        I didn’t say it was a bad thing that he broke up with Katie he did the right thing. But he’s always been a ladies man. So Joshua can sleep with whoever he wanted because they had an open relationship but Diane cheated? They obviously had an understanding to try and be discreet as possible but She feel in love with her side piece whereas josh used to just have one night stands with girls from Toronto (it’s very well known in the area).

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Caitlin we only have your word stating that they had an open relationship to begin with, but since it is you who claims they did I would suggest reading up on what that actually means. People who are in open relationships have clear rules and boundaries about it. So even IF we were to go by what you’re saying and Joshua was having one night stands that is well within the bounds of an open relationship. Sleeping with a coworker and then starting an emotional relationship with them? Not so much. But again. This is all based on what you’re saying and NOT the parties involved.

    • Caitlin says:

      My point was, they had an open relationship so I don’t think it’s fair to put the blame all on Diane (who I personally have never even liked)

      • Nonartistic Diane says:

        That is hearsay reference the open relationship. Regardless, it’s like Kaiser said sometimes the woman is the jerk. The pettiness she displayed after the breakup and she was loved up with Norman, speaks for itself.

    • Meg says:

      Wow Diane comes across poorly. U don’t want Joshua you left him then ur mad when he’s in love with someone else so you mock who he’s with now? U can’t have it both ways but it sounds like she wants Norman and for Joshua not to be happy which is selfish and petty

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    THIS. People were truly Gumby-ing themselves into making him the bad guy. Ive never been a Diane fan. She always struck me as rather cold. And I found it rather disgusting how she threw shade at him after their split when really she should have just stfu about it. He has never said a bad word about her publicly and that speaks volumes about him as a man.
    Im so happy for him and Jodie. I follow her on IG and she is hilarious and truly adores him and he adores her. And that baby is going to be gorgeous.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      I agree. She blatantly displayed her affair for all to see, without having broken up with Joshua. Also, she seems pretty petty that she made that snide dig with her beau being her crush. I’m sorry, but he is not the least bit attractive in any sense of the word and he looks like a walking corpse. Joshua always seemed like a gentleman to me and he has proven it to be so. He has never spoken ill will of DK, yet she was quick to talk shot about him. Did she think he would crawl into a ball and die without her? And JJ will make a great dad! I love how he has been extremely supportive of his woman for months and is willing to move if she would like to give birth outside of the US.

  5. Case says:

    It seems like a lot of times when people get out of long term relationships that maybe weren’t so healthy, they come out of it and know exactly what they’re looking for. It sucks that Diane seemingly cheated on him, but given that she and Joshua both quickly settled down and had/are having babies after their split, seems like it worked out for both of them. Sometimes you need to let go of what you were clinging to in order to realize what you’re really looking for in a relationship/partner.

    • julia92 says:

      Exactly!! It’s not always about who’s the bigger d*ck. That’s kind of a simplistic approach to something very complex (relationships and long-lasting love).

    • MC2 says:

      The pattern of behavior of leaving a long term, unhealthy relationship & immediately knowing, then finding, exactly when you are looking for is known as a rebound. They can last a long time & produce babies, but they’re not usually the healthiest of relationships. In the human realm, it seems best to take some time & figure out what your part of the unhealthy relationship was, why you stayed, why you found that person attractive & then not reacting to your bad relationship with your next one.
      I’m routing for Josh & seems like he worked on processing his relationship, good on him.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        MC2, you are absolutely right. DK didn’t take a break after JJ, she just jumped from JJ to Reedus in one fail swoop! Your take seems to indicate that this is a rebound relationship, which to me it is. I don’t think Reedus is in it for the long haul, but it is their personal business so what do I know. Reedus has had 5 relationships, of which lasted 5 years, with a child produced, with Helena Christensen. So he isn’t one to stay long, all of his other relationships don’t last long.

      • Diheid says:

        MC2 you are a pattern

      • Case says:

        I’ve known multiple people who ended up with the love of their life after a long-term relationship, though. People assumed they’d marry their long term partner and it turned out they weren’t happy, but when they got out of it, they found someone who was everything they wanted. I understand how this sometimes is just a rebound, but I’ve seen success stories, too. One of these couples I know that stemmed from another long-term failed relationship is engaged, and the other is married with four children, lol!

    • mash says:

      so true @case i got out of a 3.5 year relationship full of shenanigans and struggle love…. and in 6 months met my husband and got engaged…. both I and my ex are married so i think we both got out of something horrible and found our true loves

  6. lemonylips says:

    it’s hard to even picture things getting better after relationships fall apart, but boy look at him now. JTS is stunning! And funny and smart… Glad for both of them. Love them as a couple.

  7. Truthiness says:

    Jodie + that yellow dress, what a goddess moment. Joshua got an upgrade, no reason to ever look back.

    • insertpunhere says:

      She looks gorgeous in that dress. She’s generally speaking very attractive, but that shade on her (and possibly also the pregnancy hormones) makes her glow.

  8. Pilar says:

    Jodie is stunning. He’s cute. They look so happy and good together.

  9. A Guest says:

    Well Norman Reedus supposedly isn’t the paragon of fidelity either according to folks I know who live and work in the area where TWD is filmed. But maybe it doesn’t bother Diane.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      I just read the article that she linked to this page referring back to an interview in 2018 were she stated that she was glad that the relationship with JJ ended because she felt liberated, WTF? But she was already seeing Reedus on the side. Sounds like she was trying to justify the cheating!

  10. TheOtherSarah says:

    I think people were not too hard on Diane because Joshua was often seen with other women during their time, and so everyone assumed they had an open relationship. I certainly did.

    • Theothersarah Exactly, Joshua could sleep with any woman, Diane loved him and she wanted babies, but he didn’t, so when Diane saw that there was someone willing to fill her void, she opened and let everything in, and she is the bad person. ?

  11. Lucy says:

    Poor Joshua. At least things turned out alright for him. More than alright.

  12. Wendy B says:

    Both Josh and Jodi look absolutely glowing in love! Jodi is absolutely stunning. I loved Queeb & slim. It’s obvious JJ is so supportive and proud of her and she’s completely gaga over him. JJ definitely traded up. Diane is so tacky especially since she got involved with that greasy dirty guy. They look so trashy and immature flipping the bird and sticking out their tongues. Both are on the other side of 40 and with a child time to grow up and take a bath. It’s blatantly obvious Diane is not only jealous but livid JJ moved on and is very happy and in love. The zombie guy seems like he doesn’t like Diane very much let alone loves her.

  13. Kelli says:

    What an EPIC BURN on Diane!! She lied cheated and flaunted her affair with Norman Reedus and then tried to spin this great love story. Bullish!t! Norman didn’t acknowledge her or their child until the paternity results came in. Stark contrast to how Josh dotes on Jodi and is proud of her and excited during her pregnancy. When did Norman ever post pix of pregnant Diane on his IG or was seen out touching her belly prior to baby being born? NEVER! Quite a bit after baby was born he posted some trashy pix of her on IG. What a joke they both are. NR & DK look miserable, while JJ and JTS are living their best life. Go Pacey!!

  14. Diane Kruger is a lady , she didn’t cheat , the great Joshua Jackson neglected her and didn’t give her the necessary attention she needed , Norman saw poor Diane suffer and he gave her all the love she needed , and they had the daughter who Mr. Joshua Jackson didn’t want the beautiful diane , and now Joshua Jackson want to have a baby ??? he is jelaous because Diane is happy , he never wanted to have a baby , Diane is the victim

    • Myriam says:


    • MariaS says:

      Um….?!?!? *backs away slowly*

    • NoName says:

      Omg don’t embarrass yourself!
      Joshua is a gentleman , he didn’t cheat , the great Diane Kruger whored herself out and threw a man who actually loved her away like trash! Diane certainly didn’t suffer. She had her daughter because Norman was ready to call it quits and this was the only way so he’d stick around…well at least for now!! She even admitted herself Norman was not interested in becoming a dad…again. She is jealous because Joshua is happy , she never wanted to have a baby , Josh is the victim.

      So please celinerow / rowansky celine on Instagram! Don’t embarrass yourself!

  15. Rominaznr says:

    Joshua didn’t want babies with Diane, so she looked for the right man to have her baby, should she stay with a man who treated her like a fool and lost the chance to be a mother? Reedus rode and won, now Joshua imitates Diane, he is the bad person here

    • Mar says:

      Then why did she stay with JJ for so long after she realized she wanted children? And just an fyi…she was pregnant from Josh…twice. But it got in the way of her “career” so she got rid of them! Diane is the d**k here. Not JJ

  16. Kristen says:

    I don’t know why there has to be a wronged party or villain at all in this situation. They never got married or had children together, two things both wanted/weren’t opposed to, which meant they just didn’t want those things with each other. When you’re in a long-term relationship that you know isn’t right, it can still be difficult to end due to all kinds of feelings and entanglements.

  17. DKcheater says:

    From the beginning everyone knew that Diane played with Norman while she slept with Joshua, she was very shameless and humiliated Joshua while saying that they were all lies of the tabloids, and the liar turned out to be her, and then to justify her deception she shot all the shit he could about joshua and continued playing the happy couple with Norman, but she still didn’t win bingo is still as bitter and constipated as ever

  18. Missy says:

    Diane waited for the right man to have a child? Lmfao. The right man to unfollow her after she trapped him with a baby. A man that treated her so good he wouldn’t go see her during her pregnancy or acknowledge it? Still to this day he cannot bring himself to post a flattering pic of her or crack a smile when they’re out together. He looks like a man doomed being led to the chair and Madame Kruger doesn’t look any better. All the shady remarks Diane has thrown at JJ proves she’s bitter and regretful at losing him. If she were truly happy there would be no reason to throw shade or poke fun at JJ or JTS. She’d just live her life instead of pushing out articles saying how happy she is and how breaking up with JJ was so liberating. There would be no need for any of that. She comes off as jealous and petty. Looks like Diane got the raw end of the karma stick. Reap it.

  19. DKisabug says:

    Diane, nobody believes you, you just wanted a baby for spite, you didn’t even stop working to be with your baby, if you wanted a baby so much, why don’t you stay enjoying and taking care of your daughter? , you make your mother take care of the daughter you wanted so much to have

  20. Diane kruger says:

    Do they earn their money this way ? talking about the lives of others without knowing what really happened ? keep feeding the ants , blocked ahahahahahah

  21. Nonartistic Diane says:

    Wow. There are a lot Reedus fans in this post, I see.

  22. MariaS says:

    There are A LOT of weird comments on this post. I didn’t know Kruger and Reedus had so many odd fans.

  23. JustMe says:

    But but but I thought Norman’s true love was Melissa McBride from TWD and he’s only with Diane for the baby ( I jest)

    • A Guest says:

      Oh Lordt, please don’t say outloud. The Reedus/McBride stan brigade makes the Keen Kate fans look sane. They completely ruined a TWD forum I used to post on and said the most horrible things about that little blond actress who played Maggie’s sister.

  24. Melanie says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Joshuas! He is such a handsome, classy gentleman. I never understood the attraction he had to Diane. She always seemed so cold, vain, superficial and high maintenance for such an easy going man. Josh has always been so down to earth and approachable. Diane always struck me as full of herself and snotty. She was never as talented or beautiful as she thought she was, far from it. Lately she looks filthy and strung out like her nasty boyfriend. Josh definitely traded up. Jodi is gorgeous and seems besotted with JJ. I’m thrilled he’s getting his happy ever after!

  25. Angie says:

    I am over the moon for Josh and Jodi! Their baby is going to be gorgeous. I’m very happy Josh has found someone who loves genuinely. I’ve been a fan of his for years and I always thought Diane treated him like an accessory instead of a partner. Josh made Diane look good. What she has going on lately not so much. Love and happiness looks good on Josh and Jodi, wishing them the best!