Ciara and Russell Wilson donate a million meals to Seattle food bank

Hecate wrote yesterday about musicians who have livestreamed concerts from their homes. Josh Gad is reading bedtime stories. Author and illustrator Mo Willems is drawing. Debbie Allen taught a dance class. I’m really appreciating people sharing their time and their talents with fans. Other folks are doing some wonderful things, too: distilleries are making free hand-sanitizer to help supplement the dwindling supply. Disneyland is donating an excess of prepared food to a local food bank.

Ciara and Russell Wilson have also decided to make an incredibly generous donation to a food bank in Seattle. That’s above and here’s what they said in case you can’t watch it.

In a video announcement shared on their social media pages on Tuesday, the couple announced that they will be donating a million meals to a local food bank to aid in relief efforts during the outbreak.

Wilson, 31, began the video by noting how the coronavirus outbreak is “changing the world second by second, minute by minute,” saying, “People are losing loved ones. The elderly and the young. The people in between. You think about people losing jobs — even in Seattle.

“What we’ve decided to do is partner up with our local food bank in Seattle, Seattle Food LifeLine, and we’re gonna donate a million meals [and] hopefully make a difference,” the NFL star said.

“We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way that you can, big or small. Everything makes a difference. Everything that we do together makes a difference,” Ciara, 34, continued.

“Together, we will conquer this tough time we are going through,” the singer said, to which Wilson added, “We will.”

[From People]

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are also donating to food banks. Ryan shared in an Instagram post [NSFW language] that they would be donating $1 million to be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Blake also posted a similar message, and both she and Ryan urged their followers to donate to the organizations, too, if they were able. They also both joked in their posts: Ryan posted Hugh Jackman’s [fake] phone number, and Blake asked, “Now can someone please tell Ryan that ‘emotional distancing’ from his mother in law is not a thing. Nothing can save him,” followed by the smiling emoji with closed eyes.

I’m always so grateful when people who are able to make these kinds of substantial donations in times of crisis, do that. They offer much-needed help, and also likely inspire others to give, too. Focusing on these stories, and on those of others who are somehow reaching out and helping, makes this surreal time a bit easier to navigate.


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  1. BUBS says:

    I just donated to a feeding programme for children in disadvantaged countries, via a religious organization. Schools in Africa are being shut down and most kids get their meals from school. We can help keep them fed. The people in third world countries will probably not be able to respond to this pandemic as effectively as others. They’ll need all the help they can get. We can achieve a lot when we all make individual contributions, no matter how small. Each one, reach one…we’ll get through this together!!!

  2. Sam says:

    That’s very generous of them. I know they’re rich and they can afford it but it says something when they’re actually donating/trying to give back in a way that’s helpful. These are the kind of stories that should be highlighted. Because when this all blows over, I’d like to know which people who had the means to actually help, did so and which people who had the means to actually help, didn’t.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    that is wonderful! For those in a position to do so, even a few dollars to the food bank can really help.

  4. aquarius64 says:

    A great uplifting story; great to hear during this time.

  5. TIFFANY says:

    Honestly, if I had that kind of bank I would do the same thing.

    I always budget donations into my monthly spending because it could be me one day. No joke.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I do the same thing. We’re always one disaster away from needing the food bank so I give when I can to help out those who aren’t as fortunate as I am.

      • SomeChick says:

        THANK YOU both, so much!

        I’ve been one of the ones standing in that food bank line. I’ve been a donor. Right now, I’m kinda in between.

        At first I was embarrassed. Then I saw how much they composted on the daily.

        Just knowing I could always get bread and some produce made a huge difference. Sometimes they had stuff like cupcakes or prepared salads. What a treat! You have to eat that sort of thing pretty quickly, of course. But it is a godsend. And they are only going to have to compost it anyway, if you don’t.

        If you can, please help. If you need food, please check out the food bank! They are there for a reason. They want to help.

        I am and forever will be grateful to the donors – individuals as well as groceries, bakers… it truly makes a difference in people’s lives. It is one of the most direct ways to help those in need.

        The US is a supposedly “civilized” nation. Yet we lack health care, food, and shelter for the poorest among us.

        They are not “other.” They are US.

        If this crisis teaches us nothing else (wash your hands!) hopefully it will teach us to take better care of those who need it the most.

        Also, I love Russell and Ciara. They seem so cute and happy and loving. It is good to see! I loved their “In My Feelings” dance vid. They just have that glow.

  6. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    This is so wonderful to read. More people of means need to step up and help out the less fortunate. I’m just a few curbed flights away from being at the food bank myself. So far we’re stocked up for about a week but losing my job due to the coronavirus would put us in a position where we wouldn’t be able to afford food. I feel for all of those who are in the same situation or worse. This is a time when we all need to come together to help each other out.

    • Tiffany says:

      THIS !!!

      I stop that ‘it will never be me’ mentality decades ago. It can and more than likely could.

  7. Writermarie says:

    I like this story. Something nice to hear instead of the pandemic. :)

  8. pixiestyx says:

    I work at a food bank and every dollar and every canned item donated make a huge impact, especially right now. We’ve seen an increase in demand from the programs serve and a decrease in our regular donations due to the hoarding/panic buying. If you’re able, donate a couple dollars or grab a couple extra canned items ( peanut butter, pasta sauce, breakfast items, and canned meats) when you’re grocery shopping. There’s no such thing as too small of a donation.

  9. Lisa says:


  10. Esmom says:

    So great. Thanks for sharing this. I was also happy to read about Zion Williamson and others in the NBA donating to keep their arena workers paid. Local restaurants in my area are setting up Go Fund Me accounts to try to raise money for their staff.

  11. Charfromdarock says:

    These are the useful ways rich and famous should be using their platforms right now.

    I am not saying this to pat myself in the back but to say if you can manage to help out, now is a critical time. I’m not wealthy by any stretch, but I am able to work from home in a fairly secure job. I already donate monthly to my local women’s shelter that also runs a food bank, but I’ve upped that.

    I figure I’m saving money in gas from not commuting, not having to do as much laundry, cooking at home, buying coffee or lunch every few days etc that I would have spent anyway. Why not spend that money on people who could really use it right now?

    On a totally superficial note, every time I see a picture of Ciara it amazes me how beautiful she is.

  12. Swan Lake says:

    I’ve always like Russell as a football player, but now I respect hi as a human being.

    • NN says:

      I don’t respect what these celebs are doing. They are promoting themselves. Sharing on their social media pages… Many celebs are helping, but THESE celebs are promoting themselves. Russell and Ciara paid People magazine. That’s why they wrote an article about it.