Why isn’t Bruce Willis quarantining with his wife and young daughters instead of Demi?

Demi Moore continues to post fun family photos of her squad all holed up in her picturesque compound during quarantine. And like before, the pics include her three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, their partners, Dillion Buss (Tallulah) and Jake Miller (Scout), many dogs, some random guy that no outlet can identify and, of course, the girls’ father and Demi’s ex, Bruce Willis. As with the other photos, Bruce’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, commented how much she loved them, all while being forced to use throwback photos of her own family for both Bruce’s birthday and their 11th wedding anniversary. It’s all very modern and copacetic, but still leaving us to wonder – what the heck? Why is Bruce at Demi’s and not his own home? That seems to be the question everyone is asking. And now…. well, actually, we still don’t know.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are spending their time reading as a family.

On Monday, Moore shared a photograph of them along with their three kids, Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26, holding up Laura Day’s “How to Rule the World from Your Couch.”

Also in the photo were three family friends including Tallulah’s boyfriend Dillon Buss and Scout’s boyfriend Jake Miller,Moore and Willis revealed they were self-isolating under the same roof last week when Tallulah shared a photo of her parents, Scout and Buss all wearing matching green-striped pajamas with the caption, “chaotic neutral.”

Willis is married to Emma Heming Willis and the couple shares two daughters together: Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

Heming Willis, 41, is supporting their isolation, commenting on a photo posted by Moore in which the whole crew wore matching pajamas with, “At its finest 💚💚💚 love and miss you guys 💚💚💚.”

[From People]

I have no idea why Bruce is with this side of the family. Nobody is tagging the location but my photo assumption suggests they are in Ketchum so I wonder if he was visiting and the restricted travel suggestions came into being while he was there, so they all decided it was better to stay. Maybe someone in that group tested positive and he had to wait the 14-day quarantine before they could return to his non-COVID family. Maybe it’s an age thing, Bruce is 65, the third most at-risk age group whereas his 41 year old wife and their under 10 years daughters are in very low-risk age groups, so it’s actually for their safety?

Honestly, I agree with those of you who commented last week that it is an age thing – but not Bruce’s age, his eight and five-year-old daughters. We’ve seen that Bruce is, in fact, an engaged dad. He was with the first three and he is with his two youngest, allowing them to paint his fingernails and attending their tea parties. All of that is very sweet. It is also much easier to agree to these invitations when you can get the hell away from your house on occasion. One tea party for every three fake work calls that allows you to sneak off to the driving range. Could you imagine Bruce being trapped into that schedule? “Daa-ad – I wanna make you up like Mrs. Bunny Wigglesworth again!” I imagine it would be the 401st reading of Amelia Bedelia that had him looking for a fire house to propel down the side of his home like Nakatomi Tower. So Bruce read the writing on the wall and jetted to Demi’s, where he knew he’d be allowed to do the crosswords in peace.

The thing is, we may never know the true answer. Maybe Demi will give some type of vague response to this question somewhere down the line, when she feels like it. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for an answer from Bruce.

*UPDATE: Emma wants us to know she is totally cool with everything. A family source told People, “Demi and Emma are close, and all three get on great as a big blended family. There are no issues at all. Emma needed to stay in L.A. with the young kids,” while a Demi source put out that, “Demi and Bruce have been best friends for years. They are very close.” I mean, we know this is true. Even when Demi’s memoir came out, Bruce called her to tell her how proud he was of it. But it’s curious these ‘sources’ felt the need to issue these paltry statements. I was half-kidding before, but now I’m very interested to know what kept Emma home.

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  1. Esmom says:

    It is really mysterious. The options outlined make sense, as does maybe Bruce and his wife are having trouble? Although if that was the case you’d think they’d keep lower profiles.

    Demi’s place looks amazing and while that is probably a few too many people for me to comfortably withstand for an indefinite period of time, it looks like they’re having fun.

    • Ette says:

      What really stood out as odd to me was that that matching pajamas picture. so…they had one for Bruce? Huh?

      I dunno it’s all very…odd. I don’t think Demi & Bruce have any romantic feelings toward each other at all. But, it’s still weird.

    • Heather says:

      My very first instinctual thought was:
      He and their adult daughters are there to support Demi’s mental health, during the quarantine. Isolation is having an affect on all of us, but people who are unstable are being affected really badly.

  2. Chickaletta says:

    This is probably awful and unsophisticated and internally misogynistic of me but if my husband rang me up to say he’d be holing up with his attractive ex-wife who he has known forever…..? Yeah I’d be a pretty unhappy chick.

    • Allz says:

      To continue on with awful and unsophisticated comments, Demi doesn’t seem like someone men go running back to. Sure she’s beautiful but she also seems a bit unstable and high maintenance. This does seem fishy but it could have a valid reason too.

      • megs283 says:

        @Allz, building off that, maybe Bruce felt like he SHOULD be there for his older girls, because he’s comfortable with his wife & knows that things are stable for his younger kids…?

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, I don’t think I would feel secure enough to have mY
      husband stay with his ex. NOPE

    • Michelle says:

      Especially with him being there for his birthday AND their 11 year wedding anniversary or did I read that wrong?

    • minx says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Bruce and Demi give off vibes that they are doing anything shady. So I wouldn’t care about that if I were his wife. What I WOULD care about is handling two young kids without him…yes, that’s what I would be irked about. She’s a better person than I am.

    • Yeahbutt says:

      I used to want to come off as progressive re x’s, but today I own boundaries. I would not be cool if an x left me w 2small kids in this forever forever forever quarantine. No. Unless. She knows she’d rather be alone?? Than w a “supportive partner”? That means they don’t get along for the long haul. Ugh. No. This would be grounds for a buh bye.

  3. ccsays says:

    As someone who is currently at home with their two young daughters I would be FURIOUS if my husband decided to go hang with his ex wife and adult children. Looking after them all day, every day while trying to stop them killing each other is exhausting.

    • kat says:

      This was my reaction as well. It’s SO MUCH WORK, and to have to do it alone? If they weren’t having problems before, they are now. I would kill him.

    • Granger says:

      Maybe his wife isn’t alone though — maybe she’s holed up with a nanny/mom/assistant. But I agree with you — if she IS alone, that would be hard work for her while he’s off having a lovely, relaxing time!

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Well his wife may have a house of hired help, chef, nanny, housekeeper or her own family but what about the emotional support and comfort of her husband? You cannot really purchase that kind of support.

        On further thinking is he with Demi and their daughters to help keep her stable during a stressful time (sorry for the horrible speculation, i will show myself out) she might just be too much for her daughters to cope with and as a family this way the best way forward?

      • Cidee says:

        @Zapp Brannigan – I wholeheartedly agree with your speculation. I think Demi tries very hard but is very emotionally unstable and is more of a “friend” to her daughters Instead of an anchor/parent….I think his marriage and family with Emma is super stable and Emma knows he has to be the one to steer that ship with Demi and his older daughters.

    • Nikki* says:

      Totally agree with CCsays. Don’t think I could ever forgive it either.

    • Chrissy says:

      Especially if he’s not around to help with the home-schooling right now.

  4. Erinn says:

    This is a really strange one. I tend to lean towards the orders coming down while he was visiting them, though I wouldn’t be super surprised if he and his wife were going through a bit of a rough patch. I think either option is about as likely as the other, really.

    That said – how many celebrities are out there defying orders and running off to ranches and crossing through states to do so while sharing custody of their kids (Blake/Gwen and Kelly Clarkson, I’m looking at you) – at least Bruce is staying put where he was, I guess.

    I also SERIOUSLY doubt that his wife is home completely alone.

  5. DS9 says:

    I assume they probably live separate lives. But even if they don’t, Bruce’s career is such that his wife and younger girls are probably used to him being gone in long stretches anyway.

    My dad was in the navy and regularly at sea. We loved him to pieces but when he was home to long, it was so weird. Like sir, yes, there are usually that many leftovers in the fridge, please stop fussing about things we fine with when you aren’t here.

    • I can SO relate to this. My dad was a pilot and honestly we longed for his trips away because he is such a type A personality (Most pilots are, and we probably want them to be) My mom and dad and completely devoted to each other and been married 60 years, but my mom told me there was no way their marriage could have survived had he been home all the time. As far as Bruce speculation goes, maybe the wife was not keeping the kind of quarantine that would keep Bruce safe at his age. I am seeing that play out SO much in relationships where one person is just not keeping home or stopping seeing people and the other is enraged by it.

  6. Jen says:

    His wife has been commenting on everyone’s pictures saying how much she misses and loves them, so I’m guessing he’s there for the mentioned travel restrictions or age concerns. Not saying I would be thrilled either!

  7. FHMom says:

    So he and his wife are in seperate states? If the lockdown occurred while he was visiting his daughters, after the mandatory 14 days I would expect him to rent a car and drive home. This is hella fishy otherwise. I mean, if he can get home to his current wife and young daughters but chooses not to, then their marriage is over.

    • StormsMama says:


      Though the speculative write up is spot on: my husband who is 11 yrs older than I am (54 to my 43) usually travels but hasn’t since December (bc his company knew covid was real; yet our president didn’t 🤦🏼‍♀️Sure ok. All his travel for Jan, feb and March was cancelled but our pRes had no idea this was happening 🤬I digress) and he is so tired !!!
      Bc we have an almost 8 yr old and a 4 yr old who have been out of school since March 13 and it is SO MUCH WORK EVERYDAY
      dishes, laundry, cleaning
      Just the volume of
      Maintenance to prevent entropy
      It is so much work with so little (to none) break time.
      So if my husband were with his ex and their kids – past a smart 14 day quarantine to ensure safety, yeah I’d feel abandoned in the ultimate time of need. If you can’t isolate with your partner now—— what is the partnership at all? If you can’t be together at this unprecedented time – for your family- then who are you and what are you even doing???
      As soon as this is over, she’s going to file for divorce. He basically abandoned her and their kids. That’s my take.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      No. If he was visiting his other daughters when lockdowns kicked in and he rented a car to drive his ass home I’d be livid. I’d be absolutely furious that he took unnecessary risks, putting me, my children, and others including himself at risk like that. It’s not fishy to respect those lockdown restrictions. It’s irresponsible not to.

      • EveV says:

        I totally agree. It would be downright dangerous to hop in a car and drive several states over to get back to his wife and kids, especially with Bruce being in the higher risk age range. Who knows what he would encounter at all the gas stations/rest stops/hotels/etc along the way. Much safer for him to stay put.

  8. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    This whole thing is shady AF.
    It’s shady that Bruce hasn’t said anything.
    It’s shady that his wife keeps leaving Instagram comments on Demi’s posts (??!).
    It’s shady that we don’t know if a person is taking these adorable photos of the Moore-Willis family or if they’re using a tripod.
    It’s shady that they haven’t ID’d that fourth man.

    Maybe one of his daughters or his wife is immunocompromised and they’re choosing to keep it quiet…? I don’t think that’s it because why not state that—we don’t need a diagnosis.
    I think Bruce did what Alec Baldwin wishes he did and left his young children to have some quiet time with his adult kids and (love of his life) Demi.

    • magdalena says:

      well, the whole Moore-Willis family does not need our approval, does not owe us any explanations… I’m curious, but the fact that they do not feel the need to tell everything about everyone involved does not make this situation shady in my opinion.

      • Esmom says:

        Agreed. And I tend to think if anything were truly shady, Bruce would make sure to stay out of photos he knows are going to be posted to social media.

    • L says:

      It’s shady that we don’t know if the photos were taken by a person or a tripod?????? Lmao. Christ on a cracker… you bored?

  9. Michelle says:

    This ain’t gonna be good for Demi once all of this is over. Bruce is gonna go back to the current wife and the girls will all head their separate ways (I don’t think that any of them live with her) so she will be all alone. She is all happy and smiling now but what’s gonna go down when no one is there?
    And I am sorry, unless he is having to stay there for 14 days due to one of the girls having a health issue (which we don’t know), he can get in a car and drive his a$$ home.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      If any ONE of those gaggle of people had even the potential of exposure to the virus, the only responsible thing to do is stay put. The End.

      • Michelle says:

        I don’t think there is issue with that with everyone snapping pictures and posting their great time.

  10. Other Renee says:

    They know exactly what they’re doing. Playing cat and mouse with the public for the publicity.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Other Renee : That’s an Interesting theory. And considering where their careers are now (fading), it sounds pretty logical. Stir up some controversy and get some press!

  11. Rapunzel says:

    I’m convinced Demi is out on some ranch, and Bruce decided to stay there cause less exposure. Either he was visiting her, and decided to, or went before cases started exploding because he’s in a high risk age group. And I’m kinda appalled at the folks demanding he put himself at risk going home. Nobody should be going anywhere right now.

  12. galina says:

    I think Bruce chose what he felt to be the better of two hunker down options. Simple as.

    Trying to remember why he and Demi split ….. Did she leave him?

  13. Pilar says:

    Probably just an age related thing. He’s in the age group that should be extra cautious. And if he was already there. Also isn’t Demi dating that female designer who also appears to be in lockdown with them in some of the pics?

  14. Golly Gee says:

    If they want to be private, be private. But why invite speculation –with 100% certainty — by posting pictures all over the place without giving a reason? Playing coy with the press hasn’t been a pattern with them, so why now? It doesn’t make sense. If they are embarrassed about the reason, logic says they wouldn’t invite scrutiny. If they’re not embarrassed about the reason, what’s the big deal about telling?

  15. Ali says:

    The full family pictures of Bruce and Demi and gang are super cute and as the new wife watching from afar… I’m not secure enough to not feel left out and sad for my own kids missing family time with their dad.

    Her commenting with all the heart emojis is a little too nothing going on here folks but again it would not sit completely right with me no matter if he *had* to be there or not. He’s clearly having a ball.

    Bride Willis is really funny. Die Hard was one of my favorite movies back in the day. Pulp Fiction, too.

  16. Truthiness says:

    Nevermind Bruce and Demi, that house and the view are to die for!

  17. Blairski says:

    If they are actually in Ketchum, then they are subject to the Blaine County travel restrictions, which include a ban on nonessential travel. At one point Blaine County was one of three hot spots in the nation in terms of number of cases per capita, because wealthy people visited their second homes in February to ski and brought the virus with them. My mom lives in the next big town south of Sun Valley / Ketchum (Twin Falls) which is how I knew about their restrictions.

    • sassafras says:

      A not-wealthy friend of mine caught Covid in Sun Valley and brought it home to our state. I think it was a fairly significant hub.

    • Nopity Nope says:

      That’s what I was going to point out – Blaine County is THE hotspot in Idaho and the county is very cautious about the spread since it happened very quickly, and likely due to tourists bringing it with them unwittingly.

  18. Case says:

    Yeah, this is…very strange. I have to imagine he must be there due to travel restrictions. I’m sure he loves spending time with his adult children, but his little kiddos must miss him terribly, and what a strain that puts on his wife.

    • Nan says:

      If you follow Bruce & Demi youngest daughter’s IG, she’s a beautiful talented girl with very serious depression issues – I suspect the family made the decision to quarantine in a group with both parents to keep her stable and safe. That’s a testament to the love in that family from every member including Bruce’s wife and youngest children.

  19. Starkiller says:

    Am thinking someone in that communal living situation was diagnosed and thus everyone had to stay put. Adult children and their partners living with their parents, very strange, only in America…also not really understanding the “amazing view” comments, unless I am missing something the only “view” is of some forest, most people in the world would not consider that a “view”…

  20. sassafras says:

    There are so many variables here. Maybe they just disagreed on how to handle it and have the kind of marriage where they feel secure making their own decisions. Maybe Emma wanted to be closer to family/ friends who need her. Maybe their kids have something that can’t be disrupted in LA. Maybe someone’s immunocompromised and they don’t want to spell it out for the rest of us. My niece is a type 1 diabetic and they are in strict strict strict lockdown because of it. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her – she’s a healthy kid, all things considered. But yeah, no one’s traveling with her for a long time.

  21. RoyalBlue says:

    Tin foil hat on because I love to speculate.

    Bruce and Emma planned to shelter in place with Demi and the gang in one big modern blended family fun sleepover kind of thing. Cooking and playing games and swimming in the pool etc. But…..Emma’s mother (or some family member) fell ill and needed attention during this time. So Emma told him to go ahead while she stayed and took care of her sick mother. In which case, unless Bruce has an underlying condition we are not aware of, (I mean don’t most 65 year olds? ) then I would be hella pissed if he took off for fun times with the exes. Because that would make him selfish. Nope. That’s a hard no from me.

  22. lucy2 says:

    My guess is either a travel ban while he was out visiting his older kids, or there’s a risk his wife and younger kids, or someone else in their household, were exposed or ill, so they are isolating and he has to stay put.
    It struck me as odd at first, but I’m guessing there’s a logical explanation, and everyone agreed to it.
    If his wife were upset by it, I don’t think he’d be posing for silly photos like this.

  23. Giddy says:

    All I know is that someone should take that awful hat away from Bruce.

  24. Jayna says:

    Definitely trouble in the marriage right now. Bruce would never leave his little ones or wife for an extended period of time. And whatever comments or comment she made early on were not responded back to her in kind by the family. I almost feel like being in those photos is passive aggressive towards her.

  25. minx says:

    Never liked him, such a Republican.

  26. M.A.F. says:

    Nah, travel restrictions aren’t an excuse. People, especially wealthy people, had time to get out & get to where they needed to be. Airlines are still flying, pretty sure rental cars are still available. Pretty damn sure someone in his position can get home if he wanted to.

  27. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    His wife must be one understanding lady because not only no…but hell no are you going to hang out with your ex and GROWN children and I’m doing all the work with the younger kids….
    I guess I can see if someone had COVID-19 in that group and he quarantined with them because of that and couldn’t go home…but that seems odd too.

  28. Lisa says:

    Strange but not my circus.

  29. L says:

    Honestly I think this one is a case of, mind your own business. It’s not fair to speculate, to make insinuations about the state of Bruce and Emma’s marriage when there’s no real facts to go on. It’s rude …