Jennifer Lopez is letting her hair take a break and her nails breathe

Prepare for a more relaxed, natural Jennifer Lopez to emerge from lockdown. And I don’t just mean relaxed in manner, I mean everything – hair, nails, maybe even attire – who knows how this will play out. Jennifer recently told People that, like the earth, her personal landscape is rejuvenating as she allows her hair, nails and skin to go au natural. As a result, everything is breathing a little easier.

Jennifer Lopez is using her time in quarantine to “Get Right.”

After a huge 2019, which saw her break records with the film Hustlers and celebrate her 50th birthday with a hit tour, the superstar continued the momentum in 2020 with an epic Super Bowl halftime show. Now, she’s embracing a slower pace and working on “quieting” her mind amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I’m letting everything take a break — my hair, damaged from 20 years in the business; letting my nails breathe; and generally taking care of myself,” Lopez tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, in which she’s featured as one of the beauties of the year. “We don’t want to come out of this without growing.”

Due to the global health crisis, Lopez has been social distancing with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, his daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12, and her twins Emme and Max, 12, at their home in Florida. In order to get through this uncertain time, she says she’s been leaning on meditation, prayer and routine.

“It was fun at first to be comfortable, wear sweats and have messy hair, but then you start feeling like a mess internally,” Lopez says. “So I think it’s about getting up, having a routine, trying to exercise, keeping my skin care routine regular, and using this time to get better.”

When asked to define what beauty means to her now as one of PEOPLE’s beauties of the year, Lopez says it’s “simplicity.”

“To me, that’s what I’m finding beauty in right now — the most basic, simple things,” she says. “The beauty of a sunny day, a tree or quiet moment with my kids.”

[From People]

I would pay good money to see Jennifer Lopez make up and process free. I don’t doubt she’s still beautiful, it’s just after seeing how different Kylie Jenner looked, I’m curious to see all celebs without makeup. I’m getting hung up on semantics, though. Because she talks about letting everything breathe but then said it was only fun to be “messy” for a bit until it affected how she felt. I’m assuming Jennifer wasn’t running around with her hair unbrushed, so when she says messy, I read that as un-styled. I mean, of course it’s possible to be natural without being messy. But I don’t know if Jennifer and I define things in the same way. Like, I find it hard to call someone who rents out a gym during quarantine for a personal workout “relaxed,” you know?

As Kaiser discussed yesterday, it will be interesting what we keep and don’t after quarantine. I’ve been wondering for a while now how beauty standards will change. With all these celebs at home with grown out roots and un-contoured faces, will they have their glam squads arrive via underground tunnel to “fix” things before they reemerge or will we get a hippie renaissance with soft grey-streaked waves and laugh-lines for all?



Photo credit: Instagram and WENN/Avalon

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  1. Cat mom says:

    I think a hippie renaissance sounds amazing. I’m ready for crazy photoshopped big butts and botox on 20 year olds and caterpillar brows to go far far away, along with the coronavirus.

    • Darla says:

      What are caterpillar brows? Probably what my brows are naturally like. Without threading. The way they are right now. I guess mine won’t be going far far away.

      • Erinn says:

        I like big brows. I would rather see a million caterpillar brows than those scary 1-2 mm brows of the mid 2000s where everyone looked in a constant state of surprised lol.

      • amiloo says:

        I think natural “caterpillar” brows are fine, but I’m so ready for these drawn-on blocks to be out-of-style!

      • lucy2 says:

        Last summer in London, I saw three different young blonde women in one day who had almost black painted on brows that were over an inch thick. It was so jarring! Maybe on instagram or something they end up looking good, but in real life, yikes.
        I’m all for self expression, but I’d love to see people be happier with their natural selves too, and not spend so much time chasing fads.

      • CatMom says:

        I think I used the wrong term. Natural brows are awesome. Hell, I barely tweeze strays myself. I totally mean those heavily drawn-on, black, blocky, obviously fake looking brows all the insta-influencers are doing.

  2. Slowsnow says:

    I call B.S. with capital letters. Why do these narcissists keep trying to sound relatable while low key promoting the next trend? Calvin Klein has done “simplicity” in the 90s btw: also known as heroin chic.

  3. SM says:

    For me keeping up with the routine while working in lockdown with a toddler means: brushing teeth, doing face skin care and every other day – washing my hair and shaving my legs. I am not exchanging sweatpants for anything. Maybe a sweatshirt and tights during the laundry days. I assume this is not how JLo’s relaxed beauty routine looks like.

  4. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’m sorry – I hate ‘cancel culture’, but after her ‘open that gym so I can pose for the paparazzi’ stunt, I don’t want to hear a damned thing out of that woman’s mouth. She can morph into Grizzly Adams in silence.

    • Scal says:

      She and A. Rod had a Full birthday party for one of their kids complete with dj and a bunch of non-household people over. So between that and the gym I don’t think they are taking it that seriously.

      • lucy2 says:

        I saw photos of that! There were SOOOO many people milling around their yard, piling up gifts, and there were definitely people beyond the family there in close contact with them too.

        I get that it’s hard for kids right now, but they really could have done a low key family thing and planned for a bigger party when things are safer.
        Also, do those kids live there full time and have a lot of friends in the area? Or did word get out and a lot of random people showed up to gawk at the celebrities?

  5. FHMom says:

    A hippie renassaince please. One of my neighbors did her hair pandemic pink and I’m envious.

  6. tempest prognosticator says:

    Hippie renaissance would be refreshing.

  7. Nicole says:

    I don’t know about a hippie renaissance, but I’ve relaxed a least my hair routine. I’ve left out product and haven’t straightened in nearly two months. I’ve also been treating it with extra conditioner.


    The only thing I can imagine changing is people realizing how much money they’ve saved during quarantine by not paying for things like nail, hair, and lash appointments, and deciding it’s not worth it to spend that amount moving forward. That all really adds up, and I think the pandemic has had a sobering effect on many people money-wise.

  9. josephine says:

    I have a weak spot for her – she works extremely hard and made a big career despite being a Latina woman who was pegged as “just” a dancer. The odds were so stacked against her and I appreciate her success.

    That being said, like every celebrity, I feel like there is an angle to every word she says.

    The pic is great though. I love her hair and that white bathing suit is specatular, especially with the body that goes in it! She looks so, so much prettier in that pic that any of the ones after, in which she’s in more make-up, etc.

    • Mee says:

      That’s not her hair in the pool picture. Her hair is barely shoulder length and completely thinned out from years of bleaching and heat.

  10. ooshpick says:

    apparently jlo has been grey since an early age. I’d love to see her really going natural. this is all just blah blah blah

  11. Ana Maria says:

    anyone happened to watch her in the One World concert, where she sang “People”? I think she has some bald spots on the top of her head, and/or her hair on top is really really thin

  12. Isabelle says:

    AS a curly hair gal, it saddens me women just don’t go with their waves and curls. Let them fly and freaking stop straitening their hair. If that is her natural hair it is great hair and it makes her look even younger.

  13. Toki says:

    It’s funny to see pictures of people in the industry, without all of the layers and additions their lifestyle requires. Like this new breed of animal that’s been discovered.It becomes this big thing when it really is just as easy as making the choice to say fuck it, I won’t wear any make up today. I am just this today.
    Something like hippie renaissance is right. And not some faux Coachella rebranded hyped up bullshit. This really is the time to reflect even for a short moment. There’s a lot going on in the world and being stripped back to something more simple and raw is welcome consequence.
    I haven’t worn make up in weeks and I like the idea of letting my skin breathe. Also what’s the point when you are wearing a mask. It’s gross when your foundation gets on it. My outfit yesterday was ridiculous (old adidas and bf’s pajama top) but sooooo what? I was comfortable.
    I don’t envy them. Who can be bothered with all the layers, extensions etc etc? I get that it’s a part of their job, but it seems like a lot of unnecessary “playing the game” upkeep to me.
    This simplicity she speaks of. There was something odd about that, when’s she’s like it’s what I think of as beauty right now. What is she on about? Isn’t that something which is always there ? Is her life that high maintenance, that now she is back to “basics” (j-lo style of course) she can finally see reality through the cosmetic free clouds?
    I respect her ambition and drive but she seems out of touch to me, like I can see her yelling at people and calling them peasants. Her having the gym open up just for her and her bf just says it all.
    Anyway, today will be another make up free day and I hope that whenever we come out to play, that in this “standard” of beauty respect, women can feel more relaxed in the world and not be shamed for it or feel strange about it (myself included).

  14. Haapa says:

    You mean her nostrils don’t naturally blend into her cheeks like in the photo with the yellow nails? lol