Ayesha Curry shows off her weight loss in bikini pics shot by Steph Curry

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Just my opinion, but people pay too much negative attention to Ayesha Curry. She’s mostly just living her life, enjoying her young family and parlaying everything into successful businesses. Yes, she’s said some annoying things in the past, like the time she said Steph Curry hasn’t invested a “dime” in her businesses (while ignoring the social capital of being married to one of the most famous athletes in the world), or complaining about how men never pay attention to her after ten years of marriage. I bring up that last thing (which just happened a year ago) because Steph took some photos of his wife and she posted them on her Instagram.

Ayesha is the mother of three kids, aged 7 years old, 4 years old and almost 2 years old. Ayesha has been pretty public about the weight she gained from those pregnancies, and in an interview last year, she even put her number out there: she said she weighed 170 lbs. With these photos, outlets claim that Ayesha has lost 40 pounds. Perhaps what the caption is about – she’s “finally” lost the baby weight through hard work, diet, fitness. And Steph was proud of her so he took some bikini photos of her. She does look amazing, and everyone’s in her comments, telling her she looks great. She does! Truly. But is it just me or are these pics filtered to hell and back? It’s not a Khloe Kardashian-level of “who is this woman?” but I probably wouldn’t have recognized Ayesha if these pics weren’t labeled. Just filters? Or something else?

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  1. Wilma says:

    I don’t know. Weight loss or weight gain does a lot to your face. I never recognize Adele since she lost weight.

    • Noki says:

      Some weight really ages the face,some people just look better with a fuller or rounder face like Adele and Ayesha.

      • Wilma says:

        I think it’s more that we get used to someone’s face and then it feels off when it changes with weight gain or loss.

  2. Noki says:

    A lot of people in her comments are actually calling her out after she said women shouldnt be posting similar pics on their social media,they should reserve that for their partners.

    • AndaPanda says:

      I know a lot of people took offense to that comment and she will probably never live it down. She posted some fairly raunchy stuff a bit back when her and Steph were on vacation. His has was hurt and he was holding her. I wonder, did she ever walk back her remarks? If not, she does seem like a hypocrite. I think she said it out of insecurity but still shouldn’t have said it.

  3. Chica1971 says:

    I don’t know. The facial bone structure is consistent with her bottom pic. So many folks use filters that unless Kardashian-level, it really difficult to tell. She does look good or a version of her original self.

  4. knightcat says:

    I saw these pics first at the DM,(I know I should stop giving this horrible website clicks) and I honestly thought they had mistaken her for another black woman(they do that a lot). It took me a minute to realize it actually was Ayesha. She looks so different!(whether from the weight loss or photoshop idk)

  5. AMM says:

    The face is a bit “blurred” for smoothness, but I don’t think she did any super heavy filtering on her face. The door along her waist looks potentially wavy, so she may have tightened her waist a smidge, but again, I don’t see anything unrecognizably photoshopped/filtered about her.

  6. Mindy_Dopple says:

    Yeah she’ll never live down all her shame comments and posts especially now that she’s thirst trapping on Instagram. IMO she should have posted these pics with her honest feelings of understanding where the women were coming from previously. They were confident and feeling proud of their body. They were comfortable with their sexuality and now I get it kind of talk. But that’s just me! There is a meme that goes around saying “it took me years to love myself, I’m not going to let someone tell me I shouldn’t”

    • Lotus says:

      I’m all for women celebrating their bodies and their sexuality but the pictures some women are posting are to garner the attention of men which makes me sad. I love seeing strong confident women owning themselves at any size but there is a difference between being proud of who you are and looking for validation from men which easily achieved by wearing little and posing pervocatively. I want all women to know their worth without needing the validation of random men on the internet.

      • frenchtoast says:

        Just because a woman posts a “sexualized” picture of herself doesn’t mean she’s looking for male validation. Projection.

      • Lotus says:

        @frenchtoast did you read my full statement or just pick put lines you wanted to reply to? I very clearly said I’m all for women celebrating their bodies, what I disagree with is the “twerking on the gram” which has nothing to do with being proud of yourself and every thing to do with looking for Male attention. So no, I’m not projecting anything. I’m tired of women thinking their only value is in their looks.

      • frenchtoast says:

        “I’m all for women celebrating their bodies!” the next breath: “These women on the gram think their only value is in their looks”. You’re contradicting yourself. And your initial comment didn’t mention twerking anywhere. Not everything women do is for men, do you realize that?

        But your next response will probably be “DiD yOU rRRRerrEad mY COmmENt?” so I don’t even know why I’m bothering.

      • Lotus says:

        @frenchtoast so you just want argue for no reason? You are making ridiculous jumps in logic just bc you want to argue right? Honestly I’m not wasting my time with someone who mainly makes derogatory comments about women bodies on this site, I don’t respect or care about your opinion.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I used to pose in front of my bedroom mirror wearing a bikini in mid-high (early teens). That’s why all these bikini IG pix make no sense to me–it’s not the action of a mature woman, it’s childish behavior. To my way of thinking.

  7. Mina_Esq says:

    I don’t think the photos are photoshopped. She looks ok. Her face is her strongest feature, in my opinion.

  8. minx says:

    She was gorgeous before her weight loss.

  9. Suzieq359 says:

    There’s something off about the pic. Still can’t put my finger on it. I’ve seen pics of her thin and pre-kids so I don’t believe it’s due to her face being thinner. Something else is at play

  10. Marjorie says:

    I like them, he’s amazing and she’s so unedited. If you’re going to be thirsty, do it harmlessly. Also she epic-trolled Trump a couple years ago.

    PS the older daughter is photocopy of her dad!

    • Züri says:

      I like your comment a lot, “if you’re going to be thirsty, do it harmlessly.” She’s definitely thirsty, but from the posts I’ve seen, is pretty harmless.

    • frenchtoast says:

      I was just reading the salty comments under the post of Hilaria Baldwin. These women are both thirsty, both have rich husbands and share too much of their stay-at-home mom lives on social media. Yet this one gets a pass and Hilaria gets torn apart. Something doesn’t add up.

      • frenchtoast says:

        I guess the commenters can relate more to a woman who doesn’t have the genetics to be a size 0, a few weeks after giving birth.

      • osito says:

        I think they/their husbands have different fan bases who pay attention to them for different reasons. I’m not shocked that an athlete’s fan base is going to praise his wife for increasing her muscle mass. I think Hilaria is an athlete on her own, but that’s not why people pay attention to her.

  11. Earthbound says:

    I did judge Ayesha when I read the comment about men not looking at her but when I actually watched it, I felt like it was just an honest moment really, a moment of revealing insecurity. Like shes married to Stephen Curry while having all these babies and honestly it would be a job to stay on top of your confidence married to a pro athlete surrounded by women with top fit bodies ….and you there always pregnant or post partum or breastfeeding and maybe overweight or not too fit because of birthing your family. AND youre in your 20s. The other comment I feel like hey. She had just had her second baby and was probably still chubby….more insecurity. Now yes it was catty but I still get it. …she should still say “hey I admit I was a hypocrite ” though.
    As a mom of a 3 and 1 year old though I just feel like damn, respect! Its not easy. Like Ayesha, the weight didnt just fall off me either. Its taking a minute. Im glad shes showing off honestly…..looks damn good. And I like that her husband took the shots.

    • osito says:

      You just said *everything* I was thinking: she was being honest about something we’re culturally conditioned to hide as women — the fact that some of us sometimes want to be flirted with by people who are not our primary partners, and it can feel *bad* when we don’t receive that attention. Not everyone feels that way, but I know I have, and I’m a decade older than she is with no kids. I say good on her for being able to be vulnerable about vanity. As for other things she’s said, she needs to apologize and be just as vulnerable about her hypocrisy. Other than that, she looked great before and she looks great now. Girl’s got good bone structure. Good for her.

  12. frenchtoast says:

    She has tyrex legs. And what’s with her facial expression in that 2nd picture?

  13. Renee says:

    What does that mean?

  14. LunaSF says:

    I don’t know much about her but I think she looks great. She looks filtered to me but I think she looks healthy and natural. I kind of love that she doesn’t have the fake boobs and really plastic look that I notice a lot of athlete wives have.

    • Goldie says:

      She actually does have breast implants. Ayesha herself has talked about her “botched” implants. She may have gotten them fixed, but it’s not like she’s above having plastic surgery. And that’s fine. People can do what they want with their bodies.

  15. Candikat says:

    Camera magic: Face smoothed out beyond recognition and waist chiseled a bit. Frankly, nothing I wouldn’t do were I posting bikini pics of myself. (Which I wouldn’t be doing in the first place, but that’s just me!) Ayesha is in fact a very nice woman. While I’m not married to a superstar, I do know how difficult it is to be the wife of someone considered important in a male-dominated industry. (Spoiler: you are invisible despite anything cool you may have achieved on your own. Supermodels occasionally excepted.)

  16. Calibration says:

    Babies are tough on the bod, so good on her. No idea who her hubs is so maybe not one of the most famous in the world? Maybe in the US.