Duchess Kate is ‘upset’ at ‘the suggestion that she resents her duty and hard work’

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge attends a National Portrait Gallery workshop at the Evelina Children's Hospital

Well, well. Looks like Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair still has her job. Turns out being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s hagiographer pays off sometimes, especially when Kate f–ked up in a big way and she’s trying to make sure no one (else) calls her out on it. Kate clearly okayed Tatler’s cover story and authorized her friends and (I assume) the Kensington Palace communications staff to speak with Tatler. Then she didn’t like the result, because so many of those people in or around Kate’s orbit actually think she’s a lazy a–hole, probably. So KP tried to say that the Tatler story was made of lies and Tatler came out and said well, actually, we came to you months ago about the story. Now Kate is “threatening” Tatler with “legal action,” which is just vague enough.

Thankfully, Kate is keen about pivoting to another subject… sort of. This VF piece is FASCINATING. This is Kate’s very obvious attempt at damage control and it’s just as keen as you would imagine. Some highlights:

Kate works! After Kensington Palace went into firefighting mode this week to deny a report that the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling “exhausted” and “trapped” in her royal role, it seems a refreshed Kate is ready to return to work. While aides are working on an autumn program for the Cambridges, Kate is preparing to resume her work into her early years campaign as soon as the lockdown is lifted sources close to the royal have revealed.

But a little sidenote about the Meghan story: The article also asserted that Kate and Meghan Markle had a fallout in the run up to the latter’s wedding to Prince Harry over hosiery. Sources who work closely with Kate said *that* allegation had not rattled her, citing again her displeasure with the idea that she felt somehow overworked. The royal has been “more than happy” to step up to the plate and always wanted 2020 to be a pivotal year, sources said. According to one well-placed source, she is looking forward to resuming her official program when she can. “It’s the suggestion that she resents her duty and hard work which has upset her,” says a source. “She takes her role very seriously and has been working harder than ever. The idea she feels trapped and exhausted simply isn’t the case.”

She’s enjoyed the lockdown: According to one family friend, both Kate and William have enjoyed lockdown. “It has meant lots of time together as a family, which they don’t often get, and they have enjoyed doing their bit to help out at this time,” says the friend. Contrary to Kate feeling under too much pressure, sources close to her say she is enjoying being so busy and looking forward to picking up where she left off. “She has really been enjoying the early years work and has found her stride and purpose,” says a source who works closely with her. “She sees this work as a life-long commitment and she has worked really hard on this campaign.”

Kate is a “grafter”: At the palace, the Duchess has a reputation for being a grafter, to use the British term of art. “She has thought long and hard about what she wants to do and how she can make a difference,” says an aide. It is why the organizations and causes she has chosen to work with reflect her personal interests: the importance of nature, sport, child development, and photography.

Ah, back to the Struggle Survey: “A lot of hard work went into the planning of this year,” says an aide. “The focus for Catherine was always going to be the Early Years and making a real difference in this sector.”

[From Vanity Fair]

“Sources who work closely with Kate said *that* allegation had not rattled her, citing again her displeasure with the idea that she felt somehow overworked.” Meaning, Kate’s intention when she greenlighted the Tatler piece was always to throw Meghan under the bus yet again. Kate was disturbed that all of the “she works so hard” embiggening sh-t came across like she’s an out-of-touch lazy dumbass who *thinks* she works as hard as a CEO. I had to look up “grafter” too – I thought it was British slang for a criminal or con artist, but that’s because it sounds so much like grifter. Apparently, “grafter” is a “hard worker.” Which… I mean, does Kate have the reputation as a grafter? No. She doesn’t. She has the reputation as a royal grifter who makes other people talk about how she’s keen to be a grafter.

As for the Early Years stuff… in this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast (recorded on Thursday) I mentioned that no one has said one f–king word about the Struggle Survey in months and how weird that is. And now look, she’s keen to be back at work on something to do with surveys or children or private meetings or something. And the full VF piece has all of these references to how Kate lifted the spirit of a nation by making some Zoom calls and giving us dumb-fun gossip with the Tatler piece. The reason why the Tatler story painted Kate as someone so oblivious to what real people are going through is because she’s surrounded by people who tell her that she’s an amazingly hard worker and patriot because she Zoom’d a bingo game with some seniors.

The Duchess of Cambridge takes her landmark survey to London during a breakfast visit to LEYF (London Early Years Foundation) at Stockwell Gardens Nursery & Pre-school.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is pictured at LEYF, London

The Duchess of Cambridge takes her landmark survey to London during a breakfast visit to LEYF (London Early Years Foundation) at Stockwell Gardens Nursery & Pre-school.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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  1. VS says:

    Well no one has ever accused Kate of being “smart”……….you know how Meghan’s intelligence was somehow a bad thing!
    I guess it is Katie N turn of telling us how keen the FFQC is

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Kate is not dumb. She’s far from it. At the very least, she got a 2:1 in some artsy degree or another, from a reasonably good University. She’s just manipulative, lazy and completely uninterested in anything other than her status and appearance. (And to be fair, her kids).

      P.S: Apparently, Karen is a Danish diminutive of Catherine. 😆😁 How fitting.

      • C-Shell says:

        I’ll admit I don’t and will not spend the time to understand the UK system of awarding degrees, but I wouldn’t call her St. Andrews accomplishments note worthy, except for the fact that she blatantly cheated, even in her art history classes. But then, she was busy trying to land William so probably didn’t have time to apply herself. You know, like she applied herself to the struggle survey.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        St Andrews is a good University. And a 2:1 is respectable enough, from such a University in the UK at least. I’m not saying she’s a genius (Ha!), but she’s certainly not dumb.

        She hides behind the shy, mute, thick-ish image because it encourages us to infantilize her and drastically reduces our expectations of her.

        That way, she’s praised for the minuscule work she does and forgiven for putting in zero effort.

        I think that’s part of what makes her hate Meghan more. She showed the world just how little it actually takes to be good at the job, as long as your happy to make the effort.

        I will say though, that although I don’t think she’s thick, I do think she seriously lacks imagination and/or creativity. It why she and her husband copy the Sussexes so shamelessly.

      • C-Shell says:

        She and William have enough smarts to manipulate people and events to make themselves appear better and more successful than they are in reality, certainly. And to copy people who are more accomplished than they, or take credit for the impactful work of other people, so, no, not dumb.

      • VS says:

        We will have to agree to disagree here; she is neither bright nor creative/imaginative.

        how many years has she been married to W? she is still unable to string 2 sentences together. I listened to a CB podcast from a few weeks and they played a snippet of the BBC interview with Kate where Kate was answering a question about how “they’ve been doing?”; it does not get simpler than that and she completely fumbled and rambled. The woman could not articulate a coherent answer to such a simple question?????

        I am one of those who thinks she should be left alone to raise her kids in peace…….there is nothing wrong with that!!! yeah I know the FFQC stuff but she is useless in that job! what has she ever accomplished that’s worth talking about?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        St Andrews is more than a good uni, its a top tier University – however it’s also a University that if you go to the ‘right’ schools and know the ‘right’ people you can get in even if you have sh!t grades – I know that this is the case for many of the big ivy league Uni’s.

        Now am not saying Kate had sh!t grades but her background and previous schools would have played their part in her entrance process as well as her grades. I have friends who went there and they said that there is a % of people who get accepted who clearly only got in because of connections. William is one of them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate got a basic BA which a ton of people can get. (Yes I know they call it an MA but it’s specifically not a graduate degree and it’s a Scottish thing to not call it a BA)

        Second class honours rates around a B average so Kate is exceedingly mediocre. Her actual words since then have only shown she’s not academically gifted or an intellectual in any sense of the word.

        And prestigious universities often roll out idiots. The current liar press secretary went to Harvard. Same with Kushner.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        I just googled it, Kate got As in Maths and Art and a B in English in her A-Levels. I accept that that’s the minimum number of subjects she could have done, but those aren’t bad grades in respectable subjects.

        Kate *is not dumb*. She’s very lazy and manipulative, but not stupid. It’ll be a serious mistake to underestimate her in any way. In fact, I suspect that’s what she goes for. And there’s a chance that Meghan did the same.

        In fact, I’ll go as far as saying I think she’s extremely calculating and very power and attention hungry. She just happens to be one of those people who uses whatever modest gifts she has towards dubious means, eg nabbing and keeping the Future King of England (however unattractive he may be).

      • Wowgust says:

        Oh, sorry, Is it about BA degree-Faberge issue-Kate?
        Or Is it about “Taj mahal is romantic place”-Kate?
        Or about afraid-of-public-speeches-Kate?

      • Mignionette says:

        @Bella Du Pont – gonna disagree with you on this one.

        In the UK the study of Maths A level is structured as follows ;
        A Level Maths is the basic stuff
        A Level Further Maths is the advanced stuff
        S Level Maths is the stuff to get into Oxford / Cambride i.e. show genius level aptitude

        Education and good grades in the UK become accessible when you have money and access public schools (UK equivalent of private school). it’s really that simple. 20 years ago the disparity between rich and poor children at A Level was huge hence why Oxford and Cambrige gave EE offers to State School kids to make sure they definately got in, even if they fell apart on exam day. It was a scheme that actually worked as they then gave them extra tuition to bride the gap when they arrived.

        Very very average students do the basic 3 A levels (in a public school), especially at a joint like Marlborough with a history of 4-5 A levels as standard. They are coddled through their A levels and have the best of everything. They are spoon fed which means only the very dullest struggle. Independent schools are also known to frequently cheat (especially in those days). Because of the huge fees (up to £50k / year) the pressure is on to contantly lead the education league tables. Also as Universities push toward greater diversity public school kids have had to get higher and higher grades. Our Chemistry teacher gave us strong hints about what to swat up on 1-2 days before the exam and suprise suprise…. (I am Kate’s generation btw).

        Middle-middling students do 4 A levels, one is usually a not so taxing subject like English…. In fact English was known as the ‘cop out subject’. It’s a pretty worthless A level and an even less worhtless degree in the UK.

        Exceptional students and those looking to go to Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Kings, LSE etc will do 5 subjects. It just makes their passage easier and allows them to get interviews more easily. But most importantly its a signal to the Dean of any University of their calibre.

        For reference I did 4 A levels and 1 AS level (AS = 2/3 of an A level and is studied in 1 year), as I was studying for Medicine so did not technically need 5 A levels. I later switched to Law. The AS subject was in a humanities subject I liked and tahnkfully gave me a way out when I no longer wanted to study medicine as per my father’s wishes who was living vicariously through me.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Can you test the smell by smelling it?

        Comments from Uncle Gary about how Kate struggled in school and had to put much more work into things than Pippa, to whom it came easier. Comments from one (former teacher?) about how she’d never cracked a book. One of her Marlborough teachers who broke ranks and admitted she was mediocre academically and anyone saying otherwise was changing their story for posterity.

        ‘I met the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) afterwards and she said: ‘Oh, I know who you are now! Although it’s very strange – now you have got facial hair. Some of the people who had facial hair in the film don’t have facial hair now.’ I guess she doesn’t hang around actors very much.’ -Tom Hiddleston

      • bettyrose says:

        Even in the U.S. I’ve worked with/known some people who had fancy degrees I could not explain. Presumably doing well at a decent university means you’ve been challenged to – at the very least – think critically. I know that fancy prep schools (in both countries) help less than brilliant kids get into top universities, and I also know that parents who pay for tutors get kids through the rudimentary courses. But while I consider critical thinking my strongest skill, I worked my ass off in college learning advanced chemistry along with three humanities courses, a social science, internship, and campus job. The only thing rich kids don’t have is the campus job. The rest is required so I don’t understand how someone can thrive in that environment and display no real life problem solving skills at all.

      • bettyrose says:

        Too late to edit original post, but I just realized it’s not a secret that there are morons in the U.S. who’ve attended prestigious universities.

      • yinyang says:

        I’m with you, Kate is a lot smarter than she lets on, she just doesn’t respect the education game as she does the sex appeal and the copying/taking credit for game. Kate it’s better to be than to seem to be, people respect you more!

      • Bibi Johnson says:

        Lol. Kate is dumb and I know a handful of people who got 2.1s at prestigious unis but know nothing because they bought their degrees (yes, it happens).

        Aside from that, there’s intelligence and then there’s WISDOM and personally I think she lacks both which, for someone in public life, is a recipe for missteps and disastrous PR.

      • kellebelle says:

        @C-Shell, manipulating and fooling people like that is not intelligence. It’s cunning and sly, and dishonest. Kate is as thick as a plank. Oh, and that “source who works closely with her” is Camilla Tominey, the one who lied and said the 5 Questions twaddle was 8 years in the making. I haven’t stopped laughing yet. I see in all these pictures that Kate’s “enthusiasm” is completely forced, something you never saw from her before Meghan came on the scene. Meghan’s enthusiasm was genuine, and you could tell, just like you can tell Kate’s is forced.

    • Tessa says:

      It depends on what the student gets out of the degree and how he or she use the knowledge they learn. William still uses bad grammar like “Me and Catherine” and they are very bad at articulating thoughts or speeches. Kate appeared to use the education there to get a degree in MRS and marry a royal.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t know that she’s dumb academically. But she never developed her own sense of self since she was groomed by her family from a young age to have one goal in life and one only. It makes her vapid. That’s why at almost 40 years of age, she’s still “finding her voice.”

    • A says:

      I’m not going to speculate on Kate’s intelligence or her academic record. I know plenty of people who went to a “good school” who are not all that bright. To me, this is not an issue of Kate being smart or not. It’s an issue of whether or not she has the proper instincts to deal with the media, which she does not. She probably thinks she doesn’t need to.

    • Carrie says:


  2. Eleonor says:

    That’s all I have.

  3. Sofia says:

    “It has meant lots of time together as a family, which they don’t often get,“

    I’m sorry but WHAT?!?!? Her and William work what? Few hours a day? That leaves plenty of time to be with the family. Even if Kate and William worked 9 to 5 (they don’t, they definitely don’t), that’s what? 3-4 hours they can spend with the kids before bedtime? And I’m not even going to get into the kids’ half terms/holidays where Kate doesn’t do any engagements because we were told she wants to spend time with them

    Her and William get plenty of time with the kids and the idea that these two (along with most of the other royals) don’t get “enough” time is laughable. Just laughable

    • Tessa says:

      They have so much downtime. The way they go on it’s as if they had 40 hour work weeks. Such phoniness.

    • Maevo says:

      I reckon it’s true they don’t all have much time together because they lead such separate lives – Will is usually off with his friends and trimming the rose bushes while Kate is with Carole and shopping and getting blow outs.

      • Sofia says:

        Exactly, I think that’s what they mean. They lead pretty somewhat lives hence why they don’t get a lot of time to spend together

        Because they sure as hell aren’t working so hard they can’t spend much tome together so that excuse is out the window

      • A Guest says:

        The rumor I’ve seen in more than one place is that Keen and Cain do indeed lead separate lives. And that until the lockdown, Cain wasn’t even staying at Ammer Hall.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think that comment is meant to imply that William doesn’t spend a lot of time with his family – which he himself recently admitted to. So the big question is what is he doing that is stopping him from being the hands on father he claims he wants to be???

    • Aurora says:

      Well if William is always at Rose’s house it would make sense that he doesn’t see Kate and the kids often.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, that line made me laugh too. Remember last year when she just disappeared for a month because the kids were on a break from school?

      now maybe she AND William together don’t get a lot of time with the kids, if they live fairly separate lives, and if that’s what the article was implying….then its very interesting, isn’t it?

      • Ginger says:

        They may be in the same house but in different parts. I’m sure William STILL doesn’t spend much time with them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Yes Kate disappearing for the month of April last year totally was unrelated to the Rose story breaking out in public because she was spending school break with them, even though break only lasted two weeks max and then shortly after we are told she gets the RVO.

    • Sarah says:

      EXACTLY. Where is William if they never have time together as a family? Or is it her time away having her hair done?

    • bettyrose says:

      Eh, romantic marriage is a fairly recent concept. I don’t even judge them if it’s a marriage of convenience, the wife he needed and the title she wanted. Their crime is not having an old fashioned marriage (especially since a loving marriage seems to equal banishment from the RF). Their crime is . . .well, it’s detailed in the article above.

      • Nic919 says:

        Their constant PR about being a perfect family is an issue if it is a marriage of convenience because they sure don’t sell it as one. But the bigger issue was throwing their sister in law under the bus to cover for the cracks in their marriage.

        That IPSO complaint isn’t going to go very far because it is far less than most stories written about Meghan. Far far less. And possibly truthful.

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    Pot meet Keen Kettle – so she’s upset at being called lazy and resentful of having to work but not for being accused of being a b!tch over someone else’s wedding. Yeah damage control gone bad – she’s just outed herself as being not only totally onboard with the press bullying of Meghan but that she contributed to it.

    So she doesn’t like being called a lazy mean girl – just a mean girl.

    • Seraphina says:

      There is this piece and then the piece where she gets called out again that we discussed on this site. I cannot recall the website. BUT it is quite delicious seeing this all slowly leak out.

  5. Eleonor says:

    That’s a good point.

  6. S808 says:

    The tights situation doesn’t rattle cause because to her aristo frenimes she looks like the victim. But at the same time, if it doesn’t rattle her, why change the story again?

    At the end of the day, this all comes down to pride imo. Tatler embarrassed her in front of her aristo circle and probably confirmed to her that as much as she kisses ass, she’ll never be accepted, Queen Consort or not. All this extra is just her trying to save face. Poor Charlotte, I already foresee Kate trying live through her just as Carole has done to Kate.

    • A says:

      Exactly. I think Kate’s just angry about being caught regarding her emotions. She’s resentful and pissed about what she has to deal with in her life, but she doesn’t want anyone else to know that. The fact that she’s not satisfied, and this information is now out for the world at large to feast on, that’s what she hates the most.

  7. NatureLover says:

    Kate has always been lazy since she married Wil. She has no desire to do any actual work, which was apparent in the early years. Plus she is putting out for one more child, which Wil has stated he isn’t interested in. She is just mad that Meghan came out swinging and actually put out more work, including during her pregnancy, than Kate had done in 8 years. The Tattler didn’t turn out the way she had hoped.

    • agnes says:

      She was lazy even before the marriage. Apart from one or two camouflage-jobs – “working” for her parents or friends of her parents – she was just freeloading off of Uncle Gary’s and her parent’s money.

  8. Pearl Grey says:

    I’m sorry, but this is getting kind of hilarious. Almost as funny as the staged “working from home” picture, holding a pen with the wrong hand, writing notes on an empty piece of paper.

    It seems Kate thought this Tatler piece would earn her heaps of sympathy, as the poor, overworked mother who can no longer do the school run because she has the weight of the monarchy on her shoulders and mountains of extra duties dumped on her by the “selfish” Sussexes, but instead, she came off as unwilling, incapable and resentful of her role. What a misfire, especially after months and months of puff pieces hailing her as the most dutiful, “unflappable” Duchess there has ever been.

    The frantic attempts at damage control is making this article the gift that keeps on giving. I fully expect some activity with the children to follow… that’s if Kate can get to them from under the bus.

    • MsDiMeanOur says:

      yea in 2020.. theres a CEO’s office with no actual computer.. and a phone directly from Abraham Lincoln’s era in service… and she’s “working hard”

      I love this comedy show!

    • Chaine says:

      So frantic! And illogical, she tries to counter the representation that she is feeling overworked by saying, “no I’m not! In fact, I am currently feeling very relaxed and happy about not working!”

  9. Belli says:

    “The royal has been “more than happy” to step up to the plate and always wanted 2020 to be a pivotal year”

    Keen! This year is Kate’s year!

    I got a bingo!

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought that was 2016. No, wait, 2017, when she became a “full time royal” a6 years after marrying William. No, wait, 2018, when she returned from maternity leave, she was going to fix Broken Britain.

      No, no, I’m wrong again, it was 2019, older kids in school full time, Kate FINALLY was able to really become the Future Future Queen Consort.

      Wait, that wasn’t it either? It was supposed to be 2020? huh. Well, I guess we’ll see how 2030 works out for her.

    • Sofia says:

      We’ve been hearing how “this year is the year of Kate Middleton” since… 2011 or something

    • Seraphina says:

      Yes 2020 is Kate’s year, amid a pandemic and now all hell breaking loose to divert attention from her. A wise choice to use 2020 as the groundbreaking year to begin work. Well, let her start. Lord knows there are many who need help.

    • agnes says:

      Katie Cambrigde, keen to hit the ground running since 2011.

      • Jay says:

        Agnes, I wish there was an upvote button on here! That’s hilarious.

        Also, I see they are countering the lazy claims with plans to maybe think about a schedule of events for the autumn (it’s June). Very encouraging 😆

    • My3cents says:

      Keen baiting never gets old.

  10. Yoyo says:

    Not to worry the Grenadier Guards don’t want pedo Andy as their patron and they want the Queen to remove him, but bitter Betty is refusing.
    None of Harry’s military patrons asked the Queen to remove him, but she did to satisfy her petty family.
    Zara and her husband signed a deal to make a lot of money, no out cry in the media about Anne’s children enjoying free housing and not working for the firm.

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly. Harry and Meghan are the awful ones for daring to say “no”

    • notasugarhere says:

      Zara and Mike signing on to promote that COVID-19 tracking app for athletes is ‘interesting’ shall we say.

  11. Britt says:

    This is either a well timed distraction for Andrew or Kate realizes now that with Harry and Meghan gone, the media needs a new royal target. That media needs new material and they’ve basically exhausted all their Sussex stories and outrage because it’s become so damn predictable. You can tell the media really wants to dig into the Cambridge’s dirt and they’re upset about the golden gooses leaving because Harry and Meghan were money makers for everyone especially those photographers. I believe that article is 100% true and she and William expected Harry and Meghan and Archie to stay, continue to work and get the media abuse while she and William continue to get praised for being mediocre and basic.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I don’t think they would risk making themselves look bad for Andrew’s sake. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Now Meghan’s gone, they need a new victim.

      I read a comment about this that was very fitting; the dog that bites will eventually bite you.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Not a distraction. People underestimate how self-centered William and Kate are. They only care about making themselves look good and promoting an image of the happy, traditional British family (despite all of the hints indicating otherwise). Remember that last fall, Andrew’s staff apparently accused William’s staff of putting out negative stories about him. My impression is that the Cambridges couldn’t give a damn about Andrew’s image as long as it doesn’t directly touch them. One could argue that being part of the Firm IS direct impact, but it seems they don’t see it that way.

  12. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    I will say this again: Kate´s job is to make Willie look good and play into the fantasy of their middle-class accessibility. Kate is shy- work-shy that is- but was willing to put up with William and play along. Their team has been working hard for years to cover up for their lazyness. The RF has been taking them by the hand in hopes they increase their workload and all they are getting is tantrums, scandals, shade and only the bare minimum at a high, very high cost.

    The Sussexes going away was the last straw. RF has given up on Harry and Meghan, who agreed to play a great role in the Commonwealth so that the Cambridges could start preparing for their bigger roles. Ten years into their marriage and is still all a play with words with them .Their blandness is called stability; their laziness is labeled as shyness. and still, at this stage, the Cambridges think a good idea to go on kicking the proverbial dead dog and not paying their dues.

    Not only Wiliam Middleton is displeasing the RF, but also the Royal Rota and the Aristocrats. His wife, who was meant to make him look good, is actually getting out of her way to throw not only Meghan under the bus, but also him!? How is this whole spin about her family and herself being his rock designed to make him look good? It makes him look hapless, bad and whinny.

    I cannot see William just throwing tantrums at his aides and Papa. I can see him being extremely mad at Catherine for not making him look good. Remember, she does whatever he tells her to do when he is in the same room with her, then has her mommy go to the papers to praise her Karen´s ways and throw people under the bus whole William goes to his Daddy and makes sure other Royals do not overshadow him.

    The pushback is always selling the idea that William is defending Catherine and that Catherine is ” doing her best”…ALWAYS. In a sense, I feel that William, who does not like working of any kind, is getting fed up having to call his “friends” to defend Catherine constantly now.

    How much a bland woman he obviously dislike, who has already fullfilled her purpose, who obviously is incapable of doing her part job and be a mother of three withoit breakling down, who constanly needs defending, whose family is seen as a joke is worth keeping?

    If Catherine somehow manages to survive 2021 after all this, then it is fair to say as misguided and as stupid as she is, William is even more misguided and more stupid and they both deserve each other.

    • line says:

      I think that all the articles that say that William did not want Kate to function properly in his royal work so as not to overshadow him like Diana had done with Charles are completely false and was created by Kate and Carole Middleton.William was never afraid that Kate would eclipse him because he knew she was completely bland and without personalities. He thought that she would have had the same professional ethnicity as Sophie, consequently he will could thus take credit of wife’s work to have a good public image as he always did with Harry. But on the contrary she was only a source of embarrassment for himand he quickly ignored in her.

      Reason why she participated with so much passion in the smear against Meghan because suddenly she started to have praise for her mediocritie. She had a feeling of confidence, thinking that she was finally was accepted by the aristos who explain the audacity that she had take with Rose. So Tatler just reminded her that she is absolutely nothing and that he despises her and her family as much as Meghan.

  13. MsDiMeanOur says:

    “She has thought long and hard about what she wants to do and how she can make a difference,”

    Where is the action in this tho..? 🤨
    Hasn’t she been thinking about what she wants to do for more than ten years?

    • Mary says:

      Kinda like how Kate “is preparing to return to work.” Is she thinking long and hard about it?

      • MsDiMeanOur says:

        I think her thoughts are on par with a “MAJOR CEO’s” actions.. #justsaying

    • Ginger says:

      Before Meghan she was “still learning, still adjusting, didn’t know what her interests were” After Meghan married Harry she was “the power behind the throne” Now it looks like she is going back to finding out what her interests are and she is still adjusting. They handle her with kid gloves. She has to be the weakest person out there.

  14. Ali says:

    Early years will be Kate’s life long project?

    What is going to happen when/if George married someone who actually works?

    Or if Charlotte follows in Anne’s footsteps and works hard?

    Kate and William need to plan ahead because this strategy is not going to work.

    • Lola says:

      They don’t expect their children to work. And likely the children won’t with them as role models.

      • Harla says:

        I think William will expect his children to work if only to cover for him. I really don’t see William being okay with George taking until his mid-30′s to finally start working full time as a royal (well Williams idea of full time)>

    • paddingtonjr says:

      @Ali – I worry about the Cambridge kids too. God forbid George or Louis dates/marries someone who is more popular/smarter/more ambitious than Kate. And who will be good enough for Charlotte; are there any FFKs available? Once the kids can choose for themselves, will they work or just be keen?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Almost all of the Future (Future) monarchs in Europe are girls. There’ll be Queens of Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium and Spain in a few generations.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There are weird Kate stans out there who are pushing for CC to marry Christian of Denmark.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I wish people would just leave the kids alone. I remember how much speculation there was about Victoria of Sweden and Frederik of Denmark when they were both single. It was really obnoxious because people “shipped” them because they were royal, single and close in age, completely disregarding their close family-relationship. She basically thinks of him as if he was a surrogate-brother, they have always had a wonderful friendship and it was just gross seeing gossip magazines insinuating that there was something between them because that would have been their ultimate royal wet dream.

        Now freaky stans a “shipping” a toddler with a teenager because they are both royals? Give me a f*cking break!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, disgusting, but Kate stans want CC to be a queen.

  15. line says:

    Oh really! So why did one of its charities have to close for lack of funding and where the results of its pathetic investigation on five questions?If she really cares, she wouldn’t need to order items that say how hard she works, that would be seen naturally as Meghan, Sophie and Diana.

    • Becks1 says:

      Exactly. We don’t need another article about how hard Kate is working. If she was working hard, we would see it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If she was working hard, EACH wouldn’t have called on Rose/Rocksavage and Ed Sheeran to do Kate’s role for her.

  16. TheOtherOne says:

    Can we rename her Duchess Karen already? Of all of the things in the world, this is what she and Duke Kevin (her useless husband of course) are worried about?

    Duchess Karen the Lame

    I’m not creative but I just started referring to her as Karen in my head. I’m open to your opinions. 😁

  17. Loretta says:

    “She takes her role very seriously and has been working harder than ever”

    LMAO I can’t stop laughing

  18. Becks1 says:

    I think she’s not pushing back against the tights story because either Kate or someone at KP etc doesn’t realize how bad that makes her look. She thinks she comes across like she was defending ROYAL PROTOCOL and the honor of the girls and just wanted everything to be “proper” for the wedding, not realizing that we can look at the pictures and see the girls were dressed perfectly appropriately without any help from Katie Keen. Someone there is so tone deaf (all of them?) that they don’t realize that story makes her look like a snob who was trying to put the black woman in her place.

    That said, I think the reason there is so much pushback against the lazy and overworked story is because someone outside of KP got ticked at that. I know Charles doesn’t do a whole lot to control the cambridges, but I can see him reading a story about how Kate is so stressed and overworked by one zoom call a week that he “loses it”, Charles style.

    She cant push back against the other comments about her family, because they were true, even if they were catty and classist. So all that’s left is the stuff about how she feels “trapped” and I think they were told to walk that stuff back in a hurry.

    (and the funny thing is that I think those quotes were the ones KP sanctioned.)

    • Livvers says:

      Charles is SUCH a busybody, I was reading last week about his (inappropriate, considering his title) involvement in trying to direct dozens of architecture & planning projects over the years – his many letters and “while I have you here” comments to planners and developers and municipal council members… I understand now how reluctant he must have been to let Will, Kate & Harry set up their own office at Kensington back in the day. It’s actually surprising to me how little he appears to do to manage the Cambridges. Is he truly hands-off, is there more managing going on than we see, or is he actually afraid of William’s “incandescent” rages? Someone explain this incredibly picky and managing man’s actions to me! :)

      • Sofia says:

        I think he lets William get away with it because a) he’s the heir and b) Charles probably fears William will start attacking him in the press and really push for the “skip the throne to William” stuff. That’s not what Charles wants and he knows the public will fall for it because it’ll be “the man who caused Diana pain” vs “Diana’s golden boy” – You can already tell who’s side the general public will be on (key word here being: general public. not royal watchers). And that’ll undo 20+ years of effort Charles has been putting in to try and rehab his image (along with Camilla’s)

        So for Charles, it’s not worth going to war with William or even trying to put him into his place because Charles fears William’s backlash/temper tantrum

        That’s why I reckon Charles stays silent. It might be weird to think of a father fearing his son’s temper but the Windsors aren’t a normal family so

      • Livvers says:

        @Sofia, True, historically Charles’ don’t always have the best luck with rebellions, and Williams have frequently become king even when they weren’t first in line. Maybe he’s right to be cautious!

      • Tessa says:

        William can’t really rebel right. His PR is so obvious. And his pushing himself and Kate as if he is running things or Regent, is laughable and a turn off. William IV only got to be King because George IV and his direct heir Princess Charlotte had both died.

      • Harper says:

        I think Charles comforts himself with the thought that he’ll be dead so he won’t really ever have to deal with the mess that will be King William, the Unable.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles may be as unable to deal with whiplash William as he was with whiplash Diana. He knows all his work with Prince’s Trust and the Duchy could be undone by William. He’s handed the Prince’s Trust to his nephew David after William refused to take it on, so at least that is safe.

        The Duchy? He knows William will fail at running it. Catch-22 for Charles. William will never live up to what Charles has accomplished, but William’s FU attitude to doing the WORK associated with the Duchy has to depress Charles.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Becks:

      Her casual dismissiveness of the Meghan story just reads as disdain to me.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “I think she’s not pushing back against the tights story because either Kate or someone at KP etc doesn’t realize how bad that makes her look.”

      @Becks1 – I think the reason is Kate is not pushing back on the tights story is because it is not true. I think Karen & meghan “got into it” and had words but it had nothing to do with tights.

      If I get into a scrum with my neighbor because she is paying too much attention to my husband is not better for the neighbors to think we got into a fight over branches from my tree hanging over into her property?

      I do not believe the Karen-Meghan Smack Down Challenge had anything to do with tights or hemlines.

      • Don't Take It Seriously says:

        What do you think it has to do with? Because tight and protocol is boring, lol, I’d like to hear a more interesting theory

      • Becks1 says:

        I do think it has to do with something relating to the FGs. The basics of the story haven’t changed that much – Kate cried at a dress fitting for the FGs – that’s what we’ve heard from the beginning. If Kate disagreed about the tights or the length, AND someone else was there – like Jessica Mulroney – Meghan refusing to budge and to give into Kate could have definitely been humiliating for Kate (trying to establish herself as the future future queen) and could have resulted in tears.

        I don’t doubt there have been other “scenes” between the two especially with that other story about Kate having to “talk” to Meghan about how she treated staff or whatever, but I do think the “Kate crying” story probably was about something stupid like tights, where Kate tried to pull rank, and M wasn’t having it.

      • Jaded says:

        @BayTampaBay: Keen may very well have unloaded on Meghan about a number of “we don’t do that in the RF dear” restrictions she was trying to push on Meghan, and Meghan basically said “it’s my wedding and it will happen the way Harry and I want it to”. There really was nobody that Keen could lord over until Meghan appeared on the scene. She’d never really been accepted by the aristos and she wouldn’t dare try to push Sophie around so Meghan was a ripe target. She may very well have deliberately withheld important protocol information or guidance that Harry overlooked in a passive-aggressive way of “keeping her in her place”. Couple that with Meghan’s intelligence and enthusiasm and you get an attempted slap down that back-fired in Keen’s face.

      • Mary says:

        @jaded, Kate “may very well have deliberately withheld important protocol information or guidance that Harry overlooked in a passive-aggressive way….”

        I wondered about some of the perceived faux pas Meghan made in the beginning and whether Kate or her staff had anything to do with it.

        E g., Meghan was waaaay overdressed for her first meet-and-greet with the greater Royal family (first pre-xmas luncheon). But, who was it that told her of the dress code? I am sure Meghan would have asked. That seems like something a posh mean girl would pull.

        Hey, wait a minute, didn’t Kate do something similar to Beatrice??!!!!

      • blue36 says:

        It was weird to me that the staff didn’t tell her she had to wear a hat when she had her outing with the queen. How was she supposed to know that when the queen’s office told her the queen was going to wear a hat meant that she had to as well? If I were in her position I would have interpreted that as “the queen is wearing a hat so you should probably not wear one” like the hat symbolizes a crown and it would be disrespectful if she wore one as well.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It may all have been simmering for months and came out as tights/hems. One example – W&K not wanting Meghan at the private commemorative event for Diana’s anniversary. That would have cut both Harry and Meghan deeply. Another example, Harry and Meghan’s open devotion to each other which made both William and Kate jealous.

  19. BonnieT says:

    That’s how I read the “William and Kate are enjoying lockdown” comment too- William can’t be running off and catching covid-19 from whatever strange he happens to be chasing. The man’s probably spent more time at home with Kate and the kids than he has in years!

  20. Lizzieb says:

    I myself am mediocre and basic and that’s ok. But Kate needs to stop talking about work and actually do some. William too. Too bad they are surrounded yes people. They think that they are brighter and more accomplished than they are. Instead of thanking God that they essentially won the lottery by being Royals, and smiling and doing the bread and butter work, we have endless complaints. Unless that looks bad. Then they complain of that. And on and it goes. Take a seat Cambridges and just stop talking for a while.

  21. Awkward symphony says:

    “It has meant lots of time together as a family, which they don’t often get,“
    Katie slipped up and confirmed that theory that they live separately! NormalBill was caught saying he rarely has time with his kids on January and together with kate arriving separately with Charlotte and louise during the Christmas future kings recording with lizzy
    was what fueled speculation about them living separately.

    Nichols is so predictable and this is damage control after the failed attempt of making tatler delete the article via legal threats. It only made them look like pathetic bullies

  22. Ginger says:

    There have been countless articles about how lazy her and William are but when Tatler talks about it Kate goes ballistic. We all know she is lazy and doesn’t want to do this job, denying it will not change that.

  23. February Pisces says:

    First kate couldn’t work cos she was dating a prince.
    Then when she finally married him, she couldn’t work cos she wanted to be a full time housewife
    Then she couldn’t work because they were ‘easing her into the role’ and they didn’t want to make the same mistakes they made with Diana.
    Then she couldn’t work cos she was pregnant and had severe morning sickness.
    Then she couldn’t work cos she had a baby.
    Then she couldn’t work cos she got pregnant again and had another baby.
    Then she couldn’t work cos she and William were living ‘their Malta years’ and will one day be king and queen.
    Then she couldn’t work because she wanted to focus on her family, the queen and Charles were absent parents to their children and they want to be proper parents to their kids.
    Then she couldn’t work cos she was pregnant again and had another baby.
    Also William couldn’t work cos he worked for the air ambulance.
    He also couldn’t work much for the air ambulance because of his ‘royal duties.

    • C-Shell says:

      Pretty much sums it up, yeah

    • Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

      She got away with it all this time, so RF is dumb to believe she will ever do more. Better pay Katie Nichols double because that one will have to keep popping/pooping her hagiographies for years to come.

  24. taylor says:

    she really needs to get over herself. it’s always bothered me that the framing of her work is always about what it means to her, rather than to the people it may help. early years is kate’s life-long commitment, she’s spent years studying about it, it’ll be her legacy, etc. no mention of the fact that in the 8 years she’s been keen to learn (she couldve gotten a phd in that time), how many children have transitioned out of early years without critical resources? and in the months since the survey, how many young children and families have been detrimentally impacted by covid and been in need of early years interventions? but it stopped being her priority, therefore the issue hardly mattered. a true advocate would have pivoted their work to account for the impacts of a new environment.

    they could be less obvious about this all being brand development rather than actual charitable work. they’re glorified influencers curating an image on the back (and the pockets!) of populations in need.

    • Sid says:

      ITA Taylor. The covid pandemic could have been a huge opportunity for her Early Years initiative to do some good. If she has really been studying the issue for EIGHT years, you mean to tell me neither she nor her experts could come up with ideas for the current situation?

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Very good points.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate’s ‘lifelong commitment’ to early childhood and Broken Britain which was thought up in desperation by Catherine Quinn three days before the Together cookbook dropped. Kate has no devotion to this issue, hasn’t been studying it for 10 years. Now that Quinn has left to ‘accomplish something in the charity world’, the staff who are left are scrambling.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Wouldn’t it have been awesome if she actually had been working on a PhD in the last eight years? That would have been an almost-acceptable excuse for her lack of royal ‘work’. What an impact that would have been!

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate’s goal was to marry William and being at university while he was there was just a way to bide her time. She obviously doesn’t care about anything but that Queen consort title because she’s done nothing of value in her life except work to that specific goal. She will never care about anything that doesn’t directly interest her. We are on year ten of seeing how little she cares. She’s not different than Ivanka and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

    • Bella says:

      This is such a great point. The mockery is fun, but this is the serious point which underlies it. She *could* have made a difference to the lives of very young children if her commitment had been genuine.

  25. Yoyo says:

    I did not realize that tattler magazine was on the newsstands already, so why so much fuss about taking it off the Internet.
    The shitty editor is enjoying this, he posted a picture of his two adorable pugs and the magazine in a wheelbarrow, Kevin and Karen increased the sales of this pictorial magazine.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      That picture with pugs was so funny! After all the tantrums and backtracking the other tabloids and her stans made over it!

      I feel like with that pic he was showing how little he takes them seriously, they are just frivolous entertainment… even for his little cute pugs.

    • Erinn says:

      Adorable and pugs don’t go together – the best I can do is ‘pitiful’.

  26. Ruby_Woo says:

    First the Telegraph, then the Daily Mail, now Vanity Fair?

    They are really trying to get across all media to promote this article.

    • taylor says:

      that kp can mobilize several writers and national publications to defend kate against a single unflattering article is really astounding.

    • Pearl Grey says:

      The Duchess doth protest too much. The Official Cambridge Damage Control Tour™️ continues, coming soon to a trash tabloid near you!

      The constant embiggening of Kate has made her too comfortable and she’s been getting loose lipped, not realising that she’s steadily spilling her own Darjeeling. She’s already revealed that William doesn’t want anymore children, that she didn’t confide in him about her hypnobirthing (“I didn’t even ask him about it!”), that he wasn’t comforting her through her pregnancies (“I’m not saying he was standing there chanting sweet nothings at me – he definitely wasn’t!”), that she felt “lonely and isolated” as a mother and now she’s inadvertently let it slip how little time they spend together as a family, confirming William’s earlier comments of not getting much time around the children. Where is he then? Because it sure ain’t work. This is not the way to go if they want to carry on projecting the image of the “perfect, normal family” their fans are so eager to buy into. But as long as she wants to keep on talking… *holds out teacup*

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        What I found so gross about the ‘feeling lonely and isolated’ comment is that the same people who spewed so much vitriol towards Meghan for struggling during and post-birth were celebrating Kate.

        Meghan was a new country, constantly being scrutinised, away from her mum and having her trash family attacking her.

        Kate is perfectly within her right to be honest about coping as a new mum, but the double-standards is mind-boggling.

  27. Ruby_Woo says:

    The top pic is my favourite – the little girl’s side-eye captures an entire mood!

    • Yoyo says:

      There is a funny video of trump going into a preschool class, and one AA kid started crying and screaming when she saw him then all the other kids started crying and screaming it was bedlam, I would not like to be the teacher/aide that had to settle them down.

    • Tiffany says:

      That cutie patootie is all of us every time that is a story about Keen Kate.

  28. Sarah says:

    We have eyes Kate.

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    I guess if you say stuff long enough, it becomes truth. Except in Kate’s case where we are all here and see the truth ourselves. She’s lazy, petty, insecure and unfit to be Consort. She really should have married someone wealthy, who’d require nothing more of her than to be arm dressing.

    I don’t understand why she keeps bringing up Meghan. We know Kate is a Mean Girl. Nothing that’s been said refutes her part in abusing Meghan and being high and almighty at her expense.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      She is a perfect consort for William cos she keeps her mouth shut, looks the other way, stays with the kids and is happy to take lots of pics smiling as a happy traditional family.

      The moment she starts complaining and starts getting too much attention, that’s gonna be interesting. The Windsors like their women quiet and plain, like a shadow, like Anne or Sophie (after she got caught trying to sell access). ‘Troublemakers’ like Diana and Meghan are cast aside. And Kate does not have any other skills to risk being cast aside.

      Thinking about it that way, props to Fergie for being able to cling on, lol.

      • A says:

        It says a great deal that the highest praise that she got in the article was the fact that she doesn’t make the news. But the thing that Kate probably doesn’t understand is that “not making the news” doesn’t mean you can’t take the effort to shape the narrative, which she clearly has no experience with and did not bother doing.

  30. eb says:

    I wonder if there will ever be someone at a future public meet and greet waving around a pair of tights.

  31. lizardqueen says:

    I love that they gave us “grafter” bc it immediately put “grifter” into my head, too!!!

    • Olenna says:

      Yeah, that word must’ve sent Katie and Carole through the roof. Not only for its association with grifter, but because it was sure to remind all that Carole and her family were and always will be working class. For us Americans, grafter also implies corruption.

      • Ellen Olenska says:

        I also thought of plant grafting…where you take one plant and tie it to the roots of another plant to breed a stronger stock…of course you can always lop off a graft if it doesn’t work out…

    • February Pisces says:

      For my American friends here, in the UK a “grafter” is someone who does like blue collar work, all manual, physical work like builders etc. Grafters are also seen as more working class, they work very physically demanding jobs for not great pay.

    • carmen says:

      Lol – I immediately thought “grifter” too.

  32. Ruby_Woo says:

    They’re really going to use the Struggle Survey as a cover whenever she gets into trouble, huh?

  33. Zappy says:

    So, the one who keep talking about that tatler piece was KP. Seriously, what kind of PR is this ?? I just can only think that the palace want that cate the great story alive to burried andrew the pedhopile case.

  34. C-Shell says:

    And yet, in spite of letters from lawyers and vague threats of legal action, Tatler is still running the Catherine the Great takedown on their website. That and the editor’s cheeky pic of his two pugs looking at the print issue tells me that the pile of receipts they have is high enough for them to feel impunity.

    • Xo says:

      What kind of receipts do you imagine they have?

      • A says:

        Recordings, notes, papers–basically anything that the author has to show their research. The list of people they talked to, notes showing that the points they referenced in the article came from multiple sources and were cross-checked, etc.

        The most damning evidence is probably the fact that Kate gave them a list of people they can talk to and work with for this article.

  35. Vanessa says:

    I think this article was all kate and Carole idea they saw how much the press praise kate for nothing they thought this article would be the cherry on top. Of their Successful campaign of bullying Meghan out of county this article backfired on kate instead of making her look good it made her look like the petty jealous woman who has no personality whatsoever is not apart of the elite crown .She and her mother wanted to desperately be part of kate and her mother constantly need to bring Meghan in their Bs shows that they were clearly threatened by her even though she gone their still threat by her . For all the talks about kate being Queen one day she is really insecure and threatened by a woman who is married to the six in line to the throne .

  36. lili says:

    To be honest I’m surprised. Maybe staffers are upset? Because Kate got called lazy waity Katy for more than a decade and did nothing so it can’t be anything new to her.
    Anyone else sees my point?

    • Vanessa says:

      The courtiers are not upset about kate being called lazy kate is upset because the article called out and reminded everyone what the Elite crowd truly thinks of Kate and her family. Kate ego is bruised Meghan is accusing of being a yacht girl People photoshop photos of her in porn accused of her not really being pregnant and accused Doria of having multiple kids and being in jail and labels her criminals. But yet kate can’t handle being called lazy she ok with the article where they called Meghan and Harry selfish they accuse them of ruining the Cambridge’s plans to be hands on parents and Meghan made kate cries over tights she ok with that part of the article where Meghan is attack. But calling her lazy which she is lazy is so horrible she keen to sue .

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        Well, the courtiers should be upset that she torpedoed months of hyperbolic PR by complaining about a workload so light it could more rightly be called a hobby.

  37. Marigold says:

    You know what really gets me in all of this? What William said about Harry. When Harry went full rage and talked about his struggle in the documentary and then filed lawsuits against the papers and then tried to “step back” from royal life, William referred to Harry as though he were somehow mentally unstable and super fragile. YEARS of his wife being hounded and suffering from all manner of overtly and covertly racist poison–including a depiction of their newborn son as a chimpanzee–and he gets his own brother calling him emotionally unstable, essentially, in public. Everyone’s worried about Harry’s mental faculties because he got mad like a normal human being and wanted to protect his wife and baby. So…freakishly abnormal, right?

    But then William’s wife gets a piece that both praises and criticizes her, and she gets all butthurt about the insinuation that her work ethic isn’t up to snuff, and they sue the papers.

    I mean, I realize they hated Meghan because she’s an American and she didn’t come from blue blood and she isn’t 100% European white, but come ON. The hypocrisy here is astounding. Utterly astounding. Harry’s wife is relentlessly bullied out of the country, and Harry’s a fragile man who needs medical care for suing a paper. William, on the other hand, threatens to sue papers for taking topless photos of Kate, for reporting on the gossip that he had an affair, and now for suggesting that Kate doesn’t work very hard.

    I can’t take it.

    • Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

      At least Harry do not have to deal with Incandescent with rage Will anymore, so there is that :(

    • A says:

      Calling someone crazy and not all there mentally speaking is par for the course with the BRF though. I hate to bring up a Diana comparison, but it’s apt, because they tried to make her seem like a totally loony bin too. They do it because it’s an easy way to discredit someone.

  38. Lizzie says:

    The thing is, is the UK crying out for someone to be keen on early years? I mean, everyone with todlers is involved in early years. But is there some gap that needs to be filled?
    Where is Kate with working to take care of the kids who don’t have enough to eat right now, or families looking at losing their homes? Or maybe the pets people can no longer aford to care for? She doesn’t want to be involved in anything messy or difficult.
    Say what you will about Diana but she took blankets to the homless on cold nights with no paps along. She had a heart. You will never read anything similar about selfish Duchess Dolittle.

    Dump the Dolittles and bring back the Sussex Superstars.

    • MA says:

      +1 Lizzie I think what Brits need is FUNDING for these things. Not some pampered out of touch robot parroting “early years are important”, like no sh*t Sherlock. And I bet they could do with sage advice like “parents should spend time with their kids” and “kids should play in the countryside.”

  39. Jumpingthesnark says:

    So, there is a global pandemic still in full swing, worldwide protests about racial injustice and an economic meltdown on the process of happening ( in GBR, only aided by recent Brexit) and Kathy is suing bc she appeared “dull”??? Bless her heart. And the BRF too, if they think the royal institution will survive this time without a whole lotta changes.

  40. agnes says:

    Is Kate upset enough to be keenly un-lazy starting now?

  41. February Pisces says:

    Tatler have just released another response. There response was that the claim ‘has no merit’. Lol they don’t give AF, they have the receipts and are not afraid to use them. I can’t help but feel that this is personal, also tatler has strong ties to rose. I saw her in one issue only in March where she was pictured as some society event. She has also done some modelling for them. I think kate did rose dirty, and I think they know more about her and the middletons involvement with harry leaving too. That’s two aristo’s screwed over by commoner social climber Kate. They probably are pissed off and want to hit her with the karma bus.

    I’m just living for the drama, i hope they both keep it up.

    • Nic919 says:

      They definitely have receipts on who spoke with Anna Pasternak which is why they are having fun being snarky.

  42. Lizzie says:

    Thank you for the housewives report, maybe the wrong blog though.

  43. JP says:

    I’m surprised more has not been made of the last paragraph or so of the article…is the future head of the church supposed to consult psychics??

    • Mary says:

      I mentioned that in another thread. What is striking is that it is not just any old psychic but one that “channels.” Just with whom is William talking? His dead Mummy?

    • Lowrider says:

      More should be said about the way the entire article shades William!

      • Sid says:

        Even the magazine cover seemed designed to be shady. Why not just use a true solo shot of Kate? Why pick a shot where William looks almost shoved in a corner and insignificant?

      • Feeshalori says:

        That’s an epic allusion to the use of the article’s title Catherine the Great because the real one ruthlessly deposed her husband Tsar Peter III of Russia, imprisoned him and acceded to the throne after forcing him to sign his abdication. That photo shows Kate in the spotlight and William shoved in the shadows for a deliberate reason. Her ruthless climb to the height of the class stratosphere with her family’s machinations while manipulating William in the process. Masterful shade.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Oh it WAS meant to be shady. The cover was a clever way to connect to the equally shady title. Catherine the Great overthrew her husband to take the throne. Tatler couldn’t have utilized and edited a better shot for the cover.

      • Nic919 says:

        Someone mentioned that there was a Catherine the Great exhibit at Houghton Hall recently as well.

  44. Giggles says:

    They thing that made me laugh was that 2020 was always going to be the year she was going to be extra keen! Lol

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I guess this VF piece is the yearly announcement of Kate’s intention to be keen. We have gotten one of those every year since 2011.

      • notasugarhere says:

        When you look at it as a whole, this 10 years of laziness is inexplicable. The ‘heir to the heir’ argument doesn’t hold water. Most of the UK working royals are further down the line of succession from William and work more than he and Kate.

        I know not all married-ins started out with 100s of engagements a year, but several of them were in new countries and with new languages (Maxima, Mary). Most were working professionals who had jobs and careers before marrying a royal. Charlene, Mette-Marit, and Stephanie didn’t really, but for the most part those royal families are lower profile.

        Kate, native to the UK, high-profile royal family, and never had a real job. She couldn’t pull her weight for the last 10 years because why? There’s no good excuse.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate should have let this article go. The challenges are only going to put more of a spotlight on her scheming and that will destroy the image that most of the general public have of her. The laziness has no excuses but since most people don’t pay attention she gets away with it. But right now during a pandemic, she is going to look really bad to be cranky about an article that claims she works hard. The idiot PR team they have do not realize what they are doing. There is a reason why the queen doesn’t go for the spotlight. Kate and William have yet to learn.

  45. aquarius64 says:

    The Cambridges still don’t learn that their press minions’ true loyalties are to the Cartel. I think they troll the royals, conning them the monarchy’s existence relies solely on the press and they believe it. The BM resent the Sussexes because they will not be put on a leash.

  46. MA says:

    It’s easy to disprove being called lazy, you simply have to work. Instead of getting instead, why not just do more engagements?

    Meghan held over 100 meeting with different charities before getting married. Her work with Hubb and Vogue was severely undercounted. I imagine then there were dozens of more engagements not even accounted for including all their secret meetings. You can tell she does this because she cares about her causes even if she doesn’t get numbers credit for it.

    But the Cambs don’t even have to care about their causes. Just pull an Anne and make up for it in quantity. You can’t not do work and then complain for getting called out on it.

  47. Lizzie says:

    I cannot really put myself in Kate’s place but if I was called Duchess Dolittle in the press just one time, let alone for almost a decade, I would increase my work considerably.
    What kind of entitlement lets her just brush it aside. It takes a lot of nerve for her to even say the word duty.
    My favorite saying holds true; People will show you who the are, believe them the first time.

    • A says:

      I mean, she could conceivably even keep her currently existing workload but change the perception of her doing nothing by doing meaningful work. She could show up a little bit more, pencil in a few additional engagements, do her research ahead of time. Even if the worry is that she’s going to overshadow William or become too popular, she could navigate a careful middle road and establish herself in the same vein as Camilla. By being quietly effective and choosing causes with a punch while still making an effort to be low profile.

  48. notasugarhere says:

    Epic side-eye from the girl in that top pic.

  49. yinyang says:

    Good! William and Kate are realizing people are not happy with them, no more burying their heads in the sand.

  50. Cosmo says:

    If you have to keep telling people how hard you work it means that you don’t. Kensington Karen needs to stop this now. Does the media think that if they say it enough it will be true?

  51. Scorpion says:

    That photo of her kneeling 😂😂😂😂. The side eye is very strong..

  52. RoyalBlue says:

    Kate is pleased as punch that she is on the front page and starring once more. it’s a piece that regurgitates talking points and throws in a few new items for discussion as easy distractions that the public grabs onto. even bad press is still press right?

    meanwhile the Yorks escape the scrutiny.

  53. Lowrider says:

    Bill and Karen are doing too much over this article! Good Lord, it’s not that serious!

  54. A says:

    I think, in spite of everything, this is really the first time that such an assertion was spelled out as baldly as it was. And it was in the Tatler no less. Before now, Kate being lazy at her job and not really wanting to put in the effort had only been alluded to somewhat snidely by tabloids and others. It was very rarely said openly in the press.

    And the quotes came from a friend who either knew exactly what they were saying, or was just innocently parroting Kate’s actual state of mind without understanding how awful it made her look. Neither of those things are good.

    FWIW, I do think what they said in the Tatler was the truth. Kate does resent her work and her life, big time. I don’t think it’s the work load in terms of engagements and patronages that she resents, but rather the implicit work that goes into being a royal–things like having to manage palace politics, royal staffers who have their own agendas, the absolutely yawn-inducing life at KP, a husband who doesn’t have the emotional bandwidth for you. I fully imagine it’s the vagaries of the life she has as a royal that she absolutely 100% resents and feels angry about having been left with. And if she resents Harry and Meghan for leaving, it’s not because that has left her unable to do the school run, but because she’s jealous that they have that option and she feels like she doesn’t. She’s stuck with this for life. Even if she wanted to leave, she would lose the only support system that she has, which is her mother, who I actually believe would choose to support William over the daughter who shattered her dreams.

    This is not the life she signed up for, and probably had no clue about before getting into. I imagine she expected that she’d get a lot more respect and some form of acceptance from marrying into the RF, but that didn’t pan out either. She doesn’t have reliable friends to lean on. Her family support is fully conditional because she’s got their hopes and dreams on her shoulders. Harry was probably the one person who kind of cared and wanted to make sure she was seen and supported, but then he got married. She’s alone except for her children, pretty much. It’s this state of affairs that Kate can’t deal with and doesn’t like and feels resentful about, and in addition, she is not equipped to deal with it in her own way.

  55. Carolind says:

    Nic919 I am Scottish and you are talking a load of tripe about our degrees. An MA – the Scottish equivalent of a BA – is very definitely a graduate degree. It takes four years to complete whilst the English equivalent only takes three years. The reason for that is because at Scottish unis the students also get the opportunity to study extra subjects during the first two years. A 2:1 is the second best degree you can get and probably the most common. It is good enough to enable the holder to go on and do a doctorate. St Andrew’s is a very good university so its degrees will be harder.

    As for those who don’t understand the British university system – it is so easy that you really must have problems.

  56. yinyang says:

    The world is in chaos over George Floyd, all over the world people are recognizing racism is rampant, meanwhile Kate’s mind is on this?! how…priviledged. Really if they want to build her up and let her fall, by all means– just leave biracial/black woman out of it!!

  57. Yoyo says:

    The housewife’s shows can use you for their scripts, they don’t deal with reality.