Faith Stowers and other Vanderpump Rules and Bravo stars want Jax Taylor fired too

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Yesterday we talked about the fact that Bravo had fired Stassi, Kristen, Brett and Max from Vanderpump Rules for past racist behavior. Stassi and Kristen bragged about calling the cops on Faith Stowers, a black woman who was on a couple seasons of their show, claiming she resembled another woman wanted for crimes. It was racist and awful and they only apologized when they got called out for it, with Kristen issuing a terrible “I’m not racist” apology. Brett and Max were fired because they both tweeted the n word in separate incidents on their personal Twitter accounts in 2012, back when they were both over 18. They had no excuse, although Bravo knew about all of these things for years. Meanwhile everyone has been pointing to Jax Taylor and his wife, Brittany, who have also been openly racist to Faith, with Jax being transphobic and racist in other incidents with cast too.

In a new interview with US, Faith said that LaLa Kent reached out to her and that she apologized, but that she hasn’t spoken to Stassi or Kirsten in years. She said “Kristen reached out to me on DM after she was pressured” and that Jackie Schimmel apologized on her Bible podcast. Faith appreciated that Bravo fired those people and said that she also liked Lisa Vanderpump’s statement about it. However she “doesn’t think it’s fair” that Jax hasn’t been fired.

“I think there are other people that should be educated as well because they’ve made some pretty crazy mistakes and said some crazy — not even mistakes. They just said some terrible things.”

The Challenge alum then mentioned Taylor, 40, by name, referring to fellow TV personalities who have reached out to her about him. “I didn’t even know the depth of the crazy things that they were saying. And so like, I got DMs from other shows, from other females on other shows saying that Mr. Taylor had said some crazy things to them that were racial,” she explained. “So I think he gets a pat on the back a lot. But I think that if you’re going to do it for two people, they should do it for some other people as well.”

[From Us Magazine]

Just Jared has more on some of the awful things Jax has done. Billy Lee tweeted that Jax refused to film with her because she’s trans and she called out him. Ashley Martin on 90 Day Fiance shared a racist Instagram comment that Jax made to her about her fiance. He wrote “Your mans nose is the size of his head.” A lot of fans are pointing out how homophobic Jax is too. I am sorry I don’t have more insight into this, but I’ve only heard bad things about Jax.

Many of you commented on yesterday’s story that Bravo also needs to fire Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm for the horribly racist messages she sent to a radio host, and especially Kim Zolciak of RHOA, for the many racist things she’s said and done, particularly when she denied racism existed and demanded her costars apologize for rightfully calling her racist.

These people look drunk to me:
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Ashley and Jay of 90 Day Fiance:

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6 Responses to “Faith Stowers and other Vanderpump Rules and Bravo stars want Jax Taylor fired too”

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  1. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Faith Stowers is a goddess. She facilitated the best season of that trash Vanderpump show and now she is burning it down while nursing a baby. Black Girl Magic.

  2. lobstah says:

    No one should be surprised by this. They’ve turned ignorant, uneducated, vapid people into “celebrities” and people expect them to be champions of society? I say cancel them all.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Exactly. The vapidity and cruelty is the point of these “reality” shows.

  3. Faye G says:

    I never watched the show because the cast members all seemed so hardened and mean. Not what I call entertainment. Why don’t they just cancel the show if it’s rotten to the core with racists?

  4. guilty pleasures says:

    I have to admit that VPR is one of my guilty pleasures. I watch with a kind of horror, as these people trample all vestiges of human decency. Even by that low bar Jax is horrid. He has no intelligence at all, no self-awareness, he is volatile and violent, a serial cheater, cruel to everyone in his path, never does anything that seems remotely kind. He lost his damn mind when Tom S wanted to talk to him about having a homophobic minister marry him to Britney. He LOST HIS MIND!!! All he had to do was to enter into thoughtful discussion about why he may want to have a horrible person perform his marriage ceremony, but instead he chose rage as his answer.
    I have to admit it was funny when one of the new cast members called him out as ‘middle aged’ and irrelevant for this platform.
    I say goodbye to Jax and his vapid wife.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah, mine too! Yeah, that was hilarious when she was calling him old man. He is so obviously worried about getting older. Which everyone is, I mean I am too, but he’s so vain it’s hilarious. I think I like Beau and Stassi the best.