Queen Elizabeth had a Trooping parade in Windsor as London devolved into chaos

The Queen attends a ceremony to mark her Official Birthday

Imagine for a moment that you’re living through an extraordinary moment in time, where the world in flux because of a global recession just moments away from becoming a depression, a global pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, and a global movement to end the oppression, brutality and murder of communities of color. Now imagine that it’s not really your birthday, but you love to pretend that it’s your birthday, and after doing and saying f–k all about any of those huge issues, you demand that taxpayers finance a very special parade for your fake ass birthday at your special castle. And the cherry on top: imagine this ^^ is the face you make when someone tries to take a photo of you as you “enjoy” your special parade.

So it is with Queen Elizabeth II, who authorized a special Trooping the Colour event at Windsor Castle this weekend. Liz’s inability to read the room remains GOAT-level. On Saturday, the same day as the “Pandemic Trooping” event in London, there were mass demonstrations in London and violent clashes between far-right racist fascists, the police and Black Lives Matter activists. But hey, here’s Queeny enjoying her parade, feel better about Britain??

A few reminders – the Queen has only made one speech about the pandemic, and she barely even mentioned the actual VIRUS, it was all vague sentiments about staying strong and resilient and whatever. She made the speech too late, and she hasn’t said anything else about the pandemic since then. Which is remarkable, when you think about it, because this pseudo-Trooping event is probably one of the only times we’ll see her “live” at an event for the next eight months or so. It’s also notable that she was all too happy to celebrate herself, yet she can’t be f–king bothered to say one word about whether she actually believes that black lives matter (hint: she does not). Last thing: this would have been a great opportunity to lead by example and wear a f–king mask. She did not.

The cognitive dissonance between these two videos, my God.

The Queen seen laughing while enjoying a celebration to mark her official birthday

The Queen attends a ceremony to mark her Official Birthday

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Mindy_Dopple says:

    #abolishthemonarchy is all I have to say.

    • Seraphina says:

      ATM!!!!!! 👍🏽

    • VS says:

      I don’t think there is anything else to say………you said it all!!! I am not british so it is really their problem. The RF still exists because they want them to exist; they want them to do useless parades like this, or ride horses or wear tiaras, tights, long hems, they need the RF apparently…….we have bigger problems to worry about in the US; first we need orange man and his crew of distasteful people to be voted out of office!

      • Pink says:

        @vs I agree with you, but as a British person I literally can’t see a scenario where abolition would ever come about. The government (regardless of which one it is at any one time) would never allow people to vote to keep or abolish it a la Brexit and the government themselves would never take it upon themselves to do it. Unless something major happened like…. they all turn out to be serial killers….. I just can’t see it, despite me believing they’re a huge waste of time and money.

    • Kat says:

      Yeah it’s hard for me to get passionate about what they should or shouldn’t do. Even if they made important and helpful speeches everyday and way more volunteering, and never said anything tone deaf, still doesn’t warrant their privilege.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      This… birch. Really. This forking birch. GOAT grifter. Empathy of a robot.

  2. Ruby_Woo says:

    Right at the same time, Nazis were in Central London “protecting” boarded up statues, fighting with the Police when there were no anti-racist protesters to fight with and singing “God Save the Queen”.

    • Tessa says:

      So out of touch.

    • Edna says:

      That was craziness. So explain please. It appeared they were fighting the police and each other. And they seemed to be drunk as well? Glad the BLM protestors canceled their event and let the Brexiteers have center stage. Just unbelievable.

      • sarah says:

        Yep – It was insane. I think these are exactly the same people who are normally at football matches, being super racist. Completely despicable and I am glad BLM were not present because it would have been a disaster, they were just spoiling for a fight. As far as optics go, this was a good w/e for BLM v. the crusties because they can’t now stand around saying that it is BLM that is responsible for bringing unrest and chaos

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        Those racists just wanted to fight BLM protesters. A lot of them came from outside of London. BLM UK called off their march in central (which was a brilliant move) and had several peaceful ones in various a parts of London and the UK instead.

        The racists just ended up getting bored, getting drunk and then fighting with the Police.

        What was shocking is how the British Media completely twisted it.

        Sky News made out that there were clashes between BLM and ‘statue protectors’. An internal memo instructed Sky News staff not to refer to the racists as ‘far right’. They also suggested that the reason for BLM might be because people have been cooped up during the lockdown!

        Metro Newspaper actually refered them as ‘anti anti-fascists’, so facists really.

        People are dumb and racist and hateful, but the way the British Media gaslights and twists things is so unbelievably sinister. And they have no accountability.

      • Jaded says:

        Nothing but soccer yobs spoiling for a fight. The same ones who pour out of pubs late at night in a drunken rampage and beat up innocent people or ruin sports matches. Utter louts.

    • Ardnamurchan says:

      Soccer hooligans – who’ve always been bigoted, white English nationalists, (not British – you won’t find too many Welsh, Scots or Irish amongst them), waving the flag of St George, looking for a fight with anyone they can find.
      So ugly.

      Congrats to BLM for wisely seeing what they wanted and bowing out.

      • Sara says:

        I was going to ask if these drunk Nazis are the same scum bags who stumble out of the pubs after football matches and yell “Show us your t*ts” at any woman in sight. Didn’t have to scroll too far down in the comments to have that confirmed. They’re disgusting wastes of life.

  3. Seraphina says:

    I truly think she believes she should not say one word about what are “current events”. And the reason why is that when you are head of the one of oldest monarchies in the world, one of the oldest institutes in the world, where everything MUST remain the same in order to keep that coveted and very privileged life, it does not behoove her to take a stand. Because, gasp, the masses may then look to the monarchy and decide to do away with it too.
    She and her family are a group that only think of themselves and the sad part that their selfishness is now amplified and the lens is on them. How DARE the masses question her birthright given by God himself.
    I cannot wait time see the monarchy abolished.

    • STRIPE says:

      I think it’s even deeper seeded than that. If you exist with the baseline belief that you and your family are ordained by God to rule over people, there is no way to be really self reflective. You are better than everyone else, point blank period. Of course everything she does is right, she’s the Queen and she’s been raised to have that opinion. People can’t even start eating until she does, and have to stop when she does. Imagine that level of power over everything/everyone in your life- there is no way she is even remotely in touch with the greater reality

      I’m reminded of something I read in an article about VC firms and the people that run them: “they think they’re rich because they’re smart and they’re smart because they’re rich.” She is a product of being born into that kind of thinking but on eugenics steroids. She never had a chance of being in touch.

      • Seraphina says:

        Yes Stripe. Well said. Agree with all you said. And in this current time someone could have come out about BLM, especially with Meagan in the family, but nope. Mouth has stayed closed and actions are no existent.

  4. ziaaa says:

    There were actually no BLM activists during that display of hooliganism by Brit racists for the former had the foresight to actually cancel their campaign for that day in fear of such an event taking place.

    The violent people in the above videos were racists who had come to “protect” the statues from anti-racism protesters, give Nazi salute to the petty betty while chanting “we are racists and we like it” but since their targets (BLM campaign followers) were not there, these racist directed their wrath at the police. In a way, it is such a fitting tribute to the racist old betty.

    • Frida_K says:

      Since I don’t know anything about British police….question, please.

      Do you think that the violent racists were throwing punches at their own kind? In other words, are the police in London racists, generally speaking, so when those protesters started attacking them, they were–in an interesting twist–taking out their frustration on compatriots?

      It must have been really frustrating for them not to have actual Black and persons of color to attack, but when you’re fired up and ready to show your @ss, I guess even your own peeps will do if they’re not flashing the Nazi salutes and shouting slogans right alongside you, I guess.


      Whatever it is–attacking their own or not–it’s a truly horrifying scene to see them en masse.

      And petty Betty should be ashamed of herself.

      • ziaaa says:

        I think the UK police’s relatively soft-handling of these racist protesters is similar to american police not doing anything when covid karens and covid chads came on the roads to partake in armed “protest” against the lockdown for it stopped them from getting their hair and nails done.

        These racist thugs fought each other too because they were not able to choose between the right slogan “White lives matter” or “All lives matter”. Ugh! When they were finally run off by the police they marched towards the parks harassing, terrorizing and spitting on people especially women who were quietly minding their own business.

        While ll this was playing out, one of their channels showcasing royal reporters was propping the young royals up as the beacon of all that is magnifique in this world and dissing Harry and especially Meghan for whining about poor treatment when the world and its aunt knows that Britain has NEVER been racist. Oh the irony!

      • sarah says:

        Yes and no. The Met Police is racist, and was found to be “institutionally racist” by a public inquiry 10 years ago. There are issues with black people being stopped and searched more frequently than white people, being prosecuted for drug possession more often that white people (despite evidence showing drug use to be equally prevalent) and a statistical higher likelihood that there will be use of force/restraint by the police against a black person than a white person. Black people are over-represented in the criminal justice system in the UK (abt 4x the demographic).
        That said, these BNL/EDL fascists also have a terrible relationship with the police (think football hooligans). There has also been quite a lot of establishment support for BLM in London (particularly by the mayor as relates the removal of statues), so these fascists sort of have the view that they (not the police) are the only ones defending “England’s History”.
        Hope that helps!

      • Mara says:

        I would say that the British police as individuals are not more or less racist than their American counterparts.
        Institutional racism and blindness definitely exists but it is mitigated by the fact that the vast majority of British police do not carry guns (so they do less damage) and the public don’t own guns (which means the police are less on edge).
        Stopping racism is hard but stopping racists owning guns is easy.
        I also believe that the UK has better systems of accountability in policing than the USA but happy to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than me.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The main official BLM protest was held the day before (Friday) but there were still smaller BLM protests yesterday in Hyde Park, away from the racists who were in Trafalgar Sq/Whitehall.

      The police lost control of the situation which resulted in fighting between the racists and the BLM supporters who were in central London. At one point about 200 racists got into Hyde Park and went for the BLM protestors who were there.

      I was in central London yesterday and saw them.

    • FHMom says:

      The BBC news said the BLM protests were the day before. For anyone in the US who has cable, there are 2 stations that carry world news. One is BBC news and I don’t know what the other is. However, you will get more that just a 10 second sound byte about what is going on in the rest of the world if you are interested.

      • Frida_K says:

        Thank you, @FHMom. I follow online news in Spanish and Italian. I’m very interested in world news, just not necessarily British news.

  5. Chica1971 says:

    The disconnect is so jarring. The clothes and jewelry too. Everyone ( well most) changed grooming habits to some degree to reflect new reality.. not her. Not sure what I expected but I needed “something” to think she got “it” even superficially.

  6. Becks1 says:

    When I first saw the pics of her at the mini trooping, I assumed they were older pics, like from a parade last year or something. I didn’t think the palace could be that tone deaf. But alas, petty Betty proved me wrong yet again.

    • Tessa says:

      HM’s treatment of Harry and Meghan shows how out of touch she is. She should have reined in William and had a talk with him about his bad attitude. She just allowed him and Kate to trash Harry and snub Meghan.

      • Becks1 says:

        Oh yes, for sure. I’m just saying that I keep thinking there’s a point at which someone will say “ooh that’s not a good look lets not do it”
        And so far there does not seem to be That point. It’s like her advisors are on a mission. To make her look as tone deaf as possible.

    • Nic919 says:

      I saw a clip where BBC broadcasters were excited that she seemed to be tapping her feet to the music. I mean seriously the UK establishment needs to get a grip. They have a major racism problem happening and one of the worst death rates per capita…. watching a bunch of horses and soldiers is not going to help the morale.

      • Molly says:

        Just close your eyes and say “British is Best” morning, noon and night. Traditionalism!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I can really recommend the article “The Context, Performance and Meaning of Ritual: The British Monarchy and the Invention of Tradition, c. 1820-1977 in the anthology The Invention of Tradition edited by Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger.

        It is an article that takes a look at all the ceremonial that surrounds the British monarchy and how it is actually fairly new inventions. The author talks about 3 periods, the last one from 1950 on onward. This is of course mainly focused on royal ceremony in a socio-historical context but I do find it interesting that there hasn’t been much change during QEII’s reign – and that is really emblematic for her whole reign.

        A lot of the way the British monarchy functions was formulated in the beginning is almost a century old and they haven’t been able to change much because weak monarchs and an extremely long-lived and unimaginative monarch. Right now, we are in a period of rapid and substantial change – the British monarch (and her staff) is completely unable to read the room. Because Liz has been so long-lived (and she is so unimaginative + not well educated) things has gone one as usual and they haven’t really adapted to changing times. I doubt Charles will be able to introduce adaptions enough and Will is lazy and stupid.

        Despite this I sincerely doubt that the British monarchy will fall anytime soon (in our lifetime) because there’s no real wish for it to happen among the Establishment and because it will be a time-consuming and expensive process to abolish it, especially since a lot of royal property is entangled with the state. At best, the Brits can hope for a very slimmed down monarchy where they are given a lot less public money.

      • Nic919 says:

        I can see Commonwealth countries who still have the queen as head of state removing this symbolic nonsense once she dies. The tradition of monarchy is purely British. Canadians and Australians and so many other countries don’t receive comfort from the old lady on that tiny island. She is the queen of England to them, not the queen of Canada or Australia which technically she is as well. I know the UK has the monarchy as a crutch to pretend they aren’t a dying empire with little actual power, but when a family can’t protect their biracial duchess, even though she’s as good if not better at the job than the white ones, that will alienate people of all races because ambition is not viewed as a negative thing outside of that backwards family. Inclusion is the goal, not inbred and out of touch. And throw in protecting pedo Andy as Meghan was treated like dirt and it makes it so much worse.

      • Ardnamurchan says:

        Art Historian, I have never seen a post of yours that wasn’t wise, informative and thoughtful. This time you nailed it with ‘unimaginative and not well-educated’.

        The only thing (apart from horses) on which the Queen was educated is the British Constitution, her role in it and her duty to protect it. And in her unimaginative way, she has put protecting the Constitution above all other responsibilities in life, more or less preserving it in aspic throughout her long reign.

        But the British monarchy has only survived for 1000+ years by re-inventing itself whenever necessary (except, of course, when Charles1st refused to and we all know how that ended).

        If he has any brains at all, Charles will have put a lot of thought into this. I don’t know about Britain, (used to live there but too long ago to feel the current mood), but out here in the Antipodes the monarchy remains in place not out of affection but because of the question of how to replace it.

        You can’t just stick a popularly elected President on top of a Westminster democracy and expect nothing to change. A popular election confers immense political power. But our Head of State is expected not to use it. British monarchs don’t use it because it would provoke a constitutional crisis that would likely end the monarchy. The only two instances I can recall are:
        1. a very young Queen VIC defying her PM over his choice of her ladies in waiting. That earned her an assassination attempt, didn’t it?, and
        2. The Australian GG sacking the Whitlam government in 1975 when it couldn’t deliver Supply. (Too long to explain here, but fascinating story, full of egos and deviousness). The anger still lives today and the GG died a disgraced drunkard. So, not a good idea.

        No Australian I know wants a President to exercise US-style power. We want a trusted figure-head who will do nothing unless there’s a genuine constitutional crisis. The whole point of the British monarchy is that it is in nobody’s interest for the monarch to ever exercise that power – and that keeps everyone in line.

        The UK faces the same issues plus they’ve got the whole 1000 years of history thing.

        Like Nic, I reckon Australia will figure out a way forward fairly soon, though, because while the system works well for us, it’s just too ridiculous. And if Charles doesn’t dream up some pretty substantial changes, it will eventually happen in the UK, too. I don’t think William would be sorry ( as long as he got a fabulous golden handshake).

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      TBF I don’t think anyone could have predicted what would have happened yesterday (trouble was expected but things escalated quickly, esp late afternoon) and Trooping is a big deal for the military and veterans.

      Given everything that has been and continues to happen not just in the country but within the RF themselves – TQ has lost the plot and is not fit to lead the country during these times. She either needs to abdicate or steps back with a Charles regency. She’s clearly checked out.

      • porcupette says:

        Betty’s never coming back from this. She’s too old to have her routine, her public and social lives, be so utterly disrupted for so long. To be out of the world for months and months and months, and then to start up again, but back to a world that’s fundamentally changed? She won’t be able to do it. That photo of her and Prince Bernie in front of their castle says it all. Governments are in a panic (my mayor is having a nervous breakdown right there on tv) because they don’t know what to do. They can no longer govern in the old way, and the governed refuse to be ruled in the old way. There is no place for the Queen anywhere here.

      • Nic919 says:

        I’m dying at Prince Bernie…classic film

      • anon says:

        The problems with the neo-nazis brexiteer hooligans were predicted by the British intelligence services. I’m sure the Lizzie, as well as the clown who pretends to be PM, were both briefed on it.
        They just don’t give a fuck.

      • Ardnamurchan says:

        anon, here in Australia, we just learned our own IC are warning about the growth of the online fascist right here.

        I reckon it’s the most alarming issue across all democratic countries right now – even more than the pandemic. That’s not to say I’m rating it as more important than BLM, – on the contrary, it’s inextricably linked with racial equality.

        God, I wish we humans could figure out a way to have the internet and NOT empower the very worst, most destructive aspects of human nature.

    • notasugarhere says:

      That’s why I think she’ll still be going to Balmoral for her usual 2-3 months this summer. It is her habit, her routine, what she feels is her right. She isn’t going to sit in Windsor when she could be out riding horses and causing staff trouble in Scotland.

  7. The Duchess says:

    Is she that self-absorbent and narcissistic that she can’t take a year off from celebrating such a useless and pointless holiday? The monarchy has proved countless times during this pandemic that it is out of touch and completely useless. Especially with her target audience displaying nazi salutes, whilst singing ‘God Save the Queen’. Wake up, your majesty!

  8. Harla says:

    I wonder how history will remember HM’s reign, especially later years? There are still so many who truly believe that Elizabeth has been an impeccable monarch, steadfast, putting duty before self (or her family), etc, etc. But imho, her later years have been problematic as they have shown her unwillingness to change, her lack of empathy and how truly out-of-touch she is with her people, the world at large and especially the people of the Commonwealth. I believe that her actions and those of her family, in the last 3 years especially, will be the ultimate downfall of the British monarchy and the Commonwealth.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It is interesting because Liz’s reaction to the Andrew Scandal really undermines the Edwardian model of the monarchy that was established by George V and continued by George VI and Elizabeth II, best summed up as “private probity and public grandeur”. What Liz’s support and the total bungling of Andrew undermines is the ideal the constitutional monarch as a pillar of personal integrity! The War of the Waleses already undermined this paradigm with the airing of dirty laundry for the world to see. It is probably why William has been so protected to the extent that he never experiences any consequences for his questionable actions. That is also potentially why Sussexit can be damaging if the truth ever comes out of what went down in that family when Meghan entered the fold. Now, the probity of the monarch is under fire with Andrew involved in shady financial dealings as well as a horrific criminal enterprise – precisely because Liz has been supporting him so openly. It is hard to present yourself as a model of personal integrity when you’re shielding your corrupt sex-offender son.

      • Nic919 says:

        The war of the wales was bad, but the actions they committed were not illegal. Andrew is indefensible and criminal. Every day he is protected is another day where the best argument to dismantle the BRF funding exists. There should be no one supported but the monarch, spouse and underage children. The Duchy of Cornwall would provide income for the eldest male but beyond that no one should be funded at all.

      • Ardnamurchan says:

        The War of the Waleses was a sad domestic matter that could happen in any family, (well aside from using a dazzled 19yo as a brood mare).
        Even Edward and Wallis was a scandal about duty more than morality, (the alleged treason stuff wasn’t public until many decades later).

        Andrew, OTOH, is a moral, legal and financial sewer. Sure, he hasn’t been convicted or even charged, thus remaining innocent until proven guilty. But the RF’s inability to ensure he fronts up to the legal system like any other citizen destroys it’s moral credibility.

        I wonder what Charles thinks? Surely he sees the threat to the institution?

        As for TQ, she’s 94. So’s my mother. She’s still got all her marbles but does any 94yo have the energy or adaptability to deal with something like this? Maybe it’s time the British Monarchy embraced the idea of retirement, something they’ve never entertained.

        Nic, if you must have a monarchy, that’s a good funding plan. Tell Charles!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Nic, I think the Danish model is better – the monarch get a certain amount of money each year, as do the heir. They don’t get income from Crown estates – just a yearly allowance of a set amount from the government where a certain percentage is allocated to the spouse/consort.

        Now the Danish government need to get back to the monarch and heir only model. For some reason they decided to give the Queens youngest son an apanage at the time of his first marriage. Plus, Count Ingolf has gotten way too much public money for a long time as a consolation price for not becoming king. He’s a private citizen and the Danish people decided that Margrethe not him should inherit the throne. He shouldn’t be paid millions for his his entire life because the country decided that the King’s daughter should inherit her father and not the King’s nephew.

  9. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    For a person who cares so much about “protocol” and appearing to do the “right thing” at all times, Petty Betty’s actions are tacky AF! She obviously is so small-minded and really this shows an absurd level of narcissism given what’s going on right now. Like who the F cares about her faux birthday in the middle of this sh*t show? Monarchy needs to go. If I were British, I would be LIVID.

  10. lanne says:

    She needs to abdicate. She’s clearly not up to the job anymore. Theres a lot of precedent in Europe now for elderly monarchs to abdicate. It’s selfish of her to stick around now when she’s too old to do the job. She should abdicate today.

    • Mary says:

      @Lanne, from your lips to that cow’s ears…

    • Zappy says:

      Asian too. Japanesse emperor abdicated last year

    • Molly says:

      I think she’ll want to stick it out until 2022. Get her last big celebration and finally stop.

    • Ardnamurchan says:

      British monarchs are supposed to serve for life.
      But given the longevity of the current mob, it’s time they gave abdication some thought.
      What 94year old has the energy, adaptability, nimbleness to do that job properly?

  11. Mindy_Dopple says:

    They can’t say anything! If they dare to even speak again it’s going to blow up in their faces because there is no way it’s going to be the “perfect” message. Everything they’ll say will be wrong and it really is better to say nothing for now. I hope there are boards of protestors any and all future events big or small. It’s time to abolish the monarchy and there is no way they’re going to step down by themselves.

    • Amy Too says:

      Better for who, though? Better for them if they don’t speak up because then they will always have plausible deniability and people can project good intentions on to them. But it’s certainly not better for the POC citizens of the U.K. and the Commonwealth who NEED to hear that their Queen at the very, very least, believes that their black and brown lives matter.

      • Linda says:

        I can assure you that we ( well some of us) in the commonwealth do not give a damn about the queen and we do not need to hear from her.

      • Nic919 says:

        Outside of rabid monarchists the Queen is viewed as English and irrelevant to them. Her words don’t matter to us. Our elected leaders matter so much more.

        But she should have said something for the British.

  12. Noki says:

    If the Crown series reflects any reality, she came into this role already living in a very privelledged bubble and was groomed by the men in grey suits to always put her Duty first,she has been incredibly conditioned ,she simply doesnt see fault in her actions at this point.

    • greenmonster says:

      I do believe that the series is quite accurate about this. But it also means she hasn’t learned anything after that, right? This is a woman who reigns for almost 70 years now and is unable to change her ways. This is not conditioning, this is ignorance.

      • Ardnamurchan says:

        Fair go: do you know any adaptable 94 year olds?

        Which is an argument in favour of abdication, of course.

    • STRIPE says:

      If you believe you are almost a demigod, there’s no real learning and reflection happening.

    • Babz says:

      @Noki, I think you hit on an important point. Those “men in gray suits” exert an enormous amount of power. I honestly believe they are de facto monarchs in their own ways. ERII was groomed by them, educated by them, influenced by them, and, from what I have read, continually acquiesced to their decisions, at least in the early years of her reign. For example, she listened to them about the man her sister loved, causing Margaret years of pain and unhappiness when she was not allowed to marry him. She followed their directions so much that it’s become a lifelong habit to let them seemingly rule her household. It even got so bad that Charles felt the need to turf out one of them a few years ago, although from what has been reported, that gentleman was instrumental in running interference between William and Harry, and between Charles and his sons.

      I think that the “gray men” as Diana termed them, are a huge reason this family has such a hard time modernizing itself, and learning to live in the real world. I also assign a certain amount of blame to them and their control for what happened to Meghan and Harry, and for the fact that William has been allowed to play his nasty games and get away with it. ERII will never change at this point in her life. If there’s been any abdication, it’s been her abdicating her life to those same men.

  13. February Pisces says:

    The white supremacists who turned up to protect the Churchill statue by doing Nazi salutes to it, pretty much disproves the myth of white supremacy in itself. I’m so glad no BLM protesters turned up, let the racists show the world how violent, nasty and stupid they are, even when they aren’t provoked.

    I just can’t get over that they tried to defend Churchill’s statue by doing nazi salutes to it, 😂

    Anyway I hope Betty enjoyed her birthday, while ‘her’ people were off trashing London. These are the supporters the RF were so keen to hold onto.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      There were BLM/anti racist protestors in London yesterday – they were in Hyde Park away from these thugs. I know as I was in central London and saw them.

      There was no official BLM protest – that was the day before on Friday but again there were small groups of BLM protestors there.

    • February Pisces says:

      The press initially tried to insinuate that the nazis were clashing with the BLM protesters as if they were physically fighting each other, so I’m glad they weren’t in the same vicinity as them, so they can’t blame the violence on BLM.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        There were clashes between the groups – fights were reported to have broken out in Trafalgar Sq, Embankment, outside Westminster tube station and there was a minor scuffle in Hyde Park when about 200 racists thugs descended on the BLM protestors there, however the police were able to calm it down.

        The reports I saw all pretty much said the EDL/BNP thugs started the fights with BLM protestors actively trying to stop them.

    • Bettyrose says:

      February Pisces-Nazi salutes to the Churchill statue disprove white supremacy. G-D that’s the funniest thing possible on this very not funny topic. 😂😂😂

  14. TIFFANY says:

    Those men should have been at home and not out here doing this.

    Between this and the West Point graduates this weekend, I am so sick of these old white people putting others in danger for their ego. Being elderly does not equal automatic respect.

    Also, there is no way she and Philip are together.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    I just can’t.

  16. Talie says:

    The imagery is horrible – very Marie Antoinette.

  17. Bettyrose says:

    These two videos look like the same thing to me, upholding a millennium of “this is how it’s always been done” attitudes.

  18. S808 says:

    No comments about how this isn’t the right time or being selfish? ofc not. read the room betty.

  19. Pierre Lecouteur says:


    • AnnaKist says:

      Give me the Royle family any day… (“Put on a brrreew, would ye, loov…”)

      • Pierre Lecouteur says:


      • greenmonster says:

        It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what AnnaKist was referring to – simply by noticing the spelling of ‘Royle’ and then checking it on Google. No need to call her anything when this just went over your head.

      • Pierre Lecouteur says:


      • greenmonster says:

        Pierre Lecourteur No problem ;) I’m sorry for my bitchy tone

      • pierre lecouteur says:


  20. Loretta says:

    This family is so tone deaf and racist.

  21. Pierre Lecouteur says:


    • Desert Lizard says:

      So true. And, sadly, Meghan never stood a chance either. So much unhappiness in Betty’s eyes.

  22. LunaSF says:

    The ultimate Karen…. lives a lavish life off of taxpayers because she was born into it and feels entitled to all this wealth and status. Meghan and Harry were smart to get of this situation. They could tell that public opinion of these lavish royal lifestyles while the people funding them were suffering was not going to play out in their favor. This is not sustainable and with everything going on I would not be surprised to see these institutions destroyed in the near future.

    • Mtec says:

      Agreed. I really hope they don’t go back after the 1 year review. That would be such a mistake

  23. IntheKnow says:

    I imagine it’s hard to come out and support the lives of the people you enslaved and ruled (and continue to ‘rule’) for 400 years. It would mean taking accountability and apologizing and giving back some or most of the stuff you stole to proper up your ‘g-d given right to rule’.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      This right here! How can you denounce racism and the horrors of the British Empire when you (the RF) have been the biggest beneficiaries of it? They would rather eat their own hands than give a single penny (or stolen jewel) back to the rightful owners.

      Even the title ‘Prince of Wales’ is only given to the English heir because they beheaded the last true Welsh Prince.

      Richard Palmer, the Express Royal Rota said something interesting. He was tweeting with glee about how to blame Meghan for something or another (apparently the Sussexes called a Sussexsquad member that the Cambridge stans accused of being racist – gaslighting at the finest), and he said that most of his readership didn’t even have internet access – they are old! And that is the typical Royalist (apart from the racist Meghan trolls), that is their fanbase; old conservatives. Younger people have no time for them.

      In the UK, we have so many BLM supporters of all races (especially young people), the RF are of no thought to them. I wonder what the RF are going to do in the future to keep/ grow support.

      • Nic919 says:

        Palmolive is so pathetic with his gaslighting. He’s one of the worst ones, along with Dickie Arbiter and phil dampier who are racist as well in their coverage and Palmolive in particular interacts with the racist megxits who post disgusting comments under his tweets.
        The sunflower chicks are more dangerous because they are straight up Karens who defend queen Karen but don’t use language as obviously racist. Defending a patriarchal and racist system is never a good look though and they look stupid as well n

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        @Nic919: But he’s so convincing in the way he talks; do you think he genuinely believes in what he says? I feel like if he did, he wouldn’t constantly be trying to make excuses about how the British Media are not racist.

      • Tia says:

        I think this is partly why Megan was treated so badly – the people more likely to support her (i.e. not be racist) didn’t and don’t support the monarchy anyway. The strong monarchists tend to be the sort of people who claim white privilege isn’t a thing because they lost their job once or because they didn’t go to private school and who think if you aren’t actively out assaulting black people, you aren’t racist.

  24. L4frimaire says:

    I didn’t know this trooping took place yesterday. Why do they double down on the tone-deafness? The twilight of aging monarchs are always a time of drift. All I saw on news was a bunch of thugs in London being racist and making a Nazi salutes and fighting with police. BTW, There were a lot of peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in other U.K. cities while the thugs were busy defending whites right to stay racist. They also sang God Save the Queen, when not pissing near monuments and attacking innocent bystanders in parks. What a flaming mess. Yes, you’re racist.

  25. Bichon Lover says:

    Just think.

    This woman, whose uncle was openly a Nazi sympathizer, has a grandson with a half-black wife. Harry and now, Archie, will have the opportunity to have women of color shape their worldview more than the Royal Family (hopefully). That has to chap her ass.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Her uncle? What about her husband?

      • anon says:

        What about her mother?

      • Dinah says:

        What about her making the Nazi salut as a child (instructed by her uncle, the nazi sympathizer and future king of Brittan) (she was captured on picture doing it).

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Well, Liz was a child – one should notice how enthusiastic her mother was making the Nazi salute, and she was a grown woman. Lots of British aristocrats were flirting with fascism in the 30s. Check out the Mitford sisters.

  26. JT says:

    The queen is watching London burn and still there is less vitriol for her than for Meghan on Friday. I guess I expected more outrage in this thread.

  27. blue36 says:

    I saw Stewart Parvin on instagram post highlighting that the queen was wearing his clothes, same with the hat maker – I thought that wasn’t allowed (hence all the commentators going after Stella McCartney for showing a picture of Meghan wearing her coat at the remembrance day festival last year). I wonder if they are changing their policy regarding allowing brands that they wear allowing to advertise using the royals?

  28. blue36 says:


  29. Faye G says:

    I will not miss her when she goes. #AbolishTheMonarchy

  30. RoyalBlue says:

    like Nero, petty Betty is fiddling while Rome burns. useless and clueless.

  31. Coco says:

    It’s strange to me to think that she, or any person, would reach adulthood willing to accept the idea that her family was chosen by God, and that she not only can but should endlessly benefit from that supposed divine right. Now, I don’t know what, if anything, has gone through Liz’s mind during her 9 decades on the planet. She has a reputation for not being particularly intelligent, being deeply incurious, and for allowing her husband to make many decisions for her. However, people want to excuse her as a sweet little old granny (I almost wrote grabby, but that’s what Andrew is) when that’s simply not true. She wouldn’t have lasted this long if she was truly naive. At some point, she must have had a least one moment of introspection. The insidious truth is that she will cling to power and privilege until her dying breath, because it’s convenient for her to choose to believe everyone else is less than.

  32. Nina says:

    She doesn’t care about anyone but herslef, she doesn’t care about the Nazis in London she doesn’t care about black peoples. The only person she cares about beside herself is prince Andrew

  33. Dinah says:

    To sum it up:
    Lizzy’s fan base equals: tory party people, brexiteers, people from the far right, white supremacists/ extremists, nazi-worshippers.

  34. Dinah says:

    You can bet your life gov and the queen/Charles are scared as hell for the anger of the BLM protesters not to turn against the monarchy (for its racism, oppression and colonial past) . Scotland Yard/MI15/16 must be monitoring this very closely, minute by minute.

  35. Busyann says:

    I ask again…..what is the point of the royal family?
    I say again….I doubt it will be around for George to rule.

  36. Awkward symphony says:

    The complete disinterest from international networks is a possible clue to how this archaic institution is on its last leg! I’ve litterly only seen itv news and bbc London reporting this silly ceremony. That tells you how little even pageantry obsessed viewers and networks care about lizzy.
    That maybe why NormalBill sanctioned another pleasing piece where he asks Harry to reconsider his decisions and return home. The keenbridges must be panicking about having to return to “work” after Charles and camilla scheduled to host the French President next week

    • bamaborn says:

      Lol! The “reports” I read it was poor, hapless Harry calling Wills to get advise and lean on big brother. These people can’t make up their useless minds.

    • MA says:

      I had no idea until I saw Kaiser tweet about it lmao

  37. BendyWindy says:

    I haven’t read the comments and I hope no one jumps me, but I mostly stay home. When I do venture out, I social distance 8-10 feet (I’m aware it should be 20). I can’t breathe when I wear a mask. As in, have fainted in public while wearing one. I’ll give Liz a pass on that one. She’s a hell of a lot older than I am.

  38. khaveman says:

    She is out of touch and has stayed in her role FAR too long. Hand it off. And monochromatic outfits are boring.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I don’t know why the British royals do things this way. Lots of older monarchs elsewhere like Spain and Netherlands abdicate for their successors and it’s fine. These people really believe their own hype and thinks the clock stopped in 1952.

  39. Keira Lee says:

    Monarchy is the epitome of tyranny. They are the original oppressors and colonisers. European kings and queens ravaged Africa, kidnapped and enslaved its people and have been exploiting them ever since. Even if you take away monarchy’s unlimited power to conquer and take by force you can’t deny its nature of exclusion, reinforcing classes being above the rest in order to exploit. Monarchy is obsolete and it’s long overdue to be abolished.

  40. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She truly needs to retire and abdicate. She’s useless.

  41. Emily says:

    The monarchy is making a very strong case for their irrelevancy this year.